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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 128 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Tuning and remodeling her chainsaw
Likes Mechanical things, totally crazy people!
Dislikes Scary people, sticky things

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 19歳 Height 128cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 壊天刃(キルデスソー)のチューニング及び改造
Likes メカメカしい奴、サイコーにクレ~ジ~な奴!
Dislikes 怖い人、ねばねばするもの

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh... Hi there.
I, uh... tried to cut you some cake with my chainsaw.
But it went all over the place. I am so sorry. Are you... mad?
You're not? Oh great! That's fantastic!
Yesss! Time to go bake you another crazy cake! Wait right there! Mwa ha ha ha.


Haaappy birthday, (Captain)! I'm super excited for you. That's why I've got my happy face on.
Your birthday present is... me! I'll be there whenever you need me. You can count on it!
Really, though. Thanks for being my friend, (Captain).


Very, very crazy happy birthday, (Captain)!
You know I feel safest around you, right, (Captain)?
I bet you feel just as secure having me around too!
Well, we'll help each other out forever and ever and ever!
So if anything happens, you just come see me, okay?
I'll help you no matter what! Hehehe.
I love people with birthdays! And I love 'em more when they're (Captain)!


Today's the loveliest, craziest day of the year, 'cause it's your birthday!
And I've got a present for you!
Ta-daaa! It's a super mini Divine Death Saw of Death!
It doesn't got much bite, but if you pull the cord here...
Heeheehee! It roars exactly like the actual thing!
It you're ever in trouble, just pull this cord and I'll come runnin'!
No matter where you are, I'll always make sure you're safe!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Haaappy... New Yeeear!
(Captain)! (Captain)!
We should check out the sunrise!
That'd be crazy to the max! Come on, let's go!
And thanks for last year, Captain. It was super lovely!
Aah! I mean, never mind! We gotta hurry! Come on, come on!


(Captain)! Whatcha gonna do for this year's New Year's?
We went to visit the shrines last year... Are you gonna do that again?
Either way, I'll have fun as long as I'm with you. Let's go celebrate by doing whatever you want to do!


Hey, (Captain)! We have to go to the Rashomon Research Vessel, now! C'mon!
See! Look at this cute fluffy-wuffy puppy coin purse!
It's still a little early, but I thought I'd give a New Year's present to Nicholas and Marie's adorable baby!
I've been saving up forever-ever-ever-ever to buy it—for a whole year, even!
I wonder if the baby will like it. Anyway, I can't wait to meet him. Hehehe.
Oh, one more thing, (Captain)!
While I was saving for the baby's present, I put a little away on the side so we would still be able to hang out a bunch this year!
We'll use my money and have the craziest year ever!


(Captain)! Is that New Year's money for me?
Heehee! Nothing makes me crazier than some awesome loot from you!
Hehehe, this is wild! You really know how to make someone crazy happy! Now the real question is, what do I use it for?
Should we go somewhere together? Or how about buyin' materials for your very own chain saw?
Huh? I should spend the money on myself?
Hehe, guess you don't get it! Where's the fun in celebratin' New Year's by myself?
Besides, I really wanna use it to have some fun with you... Ehehe.
That means that we're stuck together until we spend it all! Let's go, (Captain)!


Take a look at this, (Captain)! It's a New Year's feast that's crazy to the max!
Prawns, kelp, mashed potatoes... Aren't all these colorful dishes just seriously so lovely?
Back when I was by myself, I'd never even seen this kinda food... Not to mention, I never had the chance to eat with other people.
So many nice things've happened since I met everyone here. It's pretty touching...
But, the year's just gettin' started! Hehehe!
Come on, (Captain). Let's chow down so we have enough stamina and good luck for this upcomin' year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Choc-o-late! That's what I made! Heeheee!
Lyria told me to make some yesterday, so I made 'em.
They're crazy beautiful! Look, look! I call 'em Love Suicide Sweets.
They're cool to the max! And don't forget crazy! Now open wide!
Whaddya think? Aren't they delicious? Crazy delicious to the max! Heeheehee!


I made these sweet chocolates for my super, super, super lovely (Captain)!
I couldn't help but start drooling halfway through, so I made a batch for myself too.
Why don't we feed each other? Hehehe...


Choco-choco-chocolate! Crazy happy candy time! A delicious party in your mouth!
I got you chocolate again this year, (Captain)! Here you goooo!
Don't worry—I got enough for everybody aboard both the Grandcypher and the Rashomon Research Vessel too! Hehe!
Everyone makes me feel so safe and secure, so I had to make sure everybody got a present!
But, um... Ehehehe... Your chocolate is crazy to the max, (Captain).
It's because you make me happy to the max! And I love people that do that! Love 'em to bits!
You want to feed each other the chocolates like we did last year? Hehe...


Special delivery for (Captain)! I got you some lovely chocolate this year too!
Feast your eyes on this massive monster! Only a very, very big chocolate is good enough to show how I feel about you!
Plus I've got a little special something I added to the mix...
I bet you don't know what'll happen if I carve this thing in two with my Divine Death Saw of Death!
Whoosh! The insides are gonna spill out into a very, very sweet waterfall of hot chocolate!
So? Doesn't that sound wildly awesome?
Hehehe! Get ready! Carvin' time's about to start!


(Captain)! Were you lookin' forward to some Valentine's chocolate from me?
Yep, I've got something ready this year too! Hope ya like it! Yee-haw!
Since I like you sooo much, (Captain), here's a super amazing and special deluxe chocolate cake just for you! Totally crazy, right?
If you can't finish it, I'll take care of the rest, so just eat however much you want!
You're always lookin' out for me and keeping me safe, so thanks very, very much for that! Yee-haw!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

That's for me? No way...
Aaah! I'm so happy! Crazy happy to the max!
(Captain)! I love, love, love it! Lovely love it! Thank you!
Heeheehee... Hehe. I really am happy. Hehe...


You got me something again this year, (Captain)?
Woo-hoo! Can't let it just end there! You and I are gonna go into the city!
We're gonna have such an insanely good time. It's gonna be crazy to the max!


Hurraaaay! Best day ever! A present from (Captain)!
I love people that give me presents! And I love 'em even more when they're from you! Hurray, hurray!
This makes me feel crazy to the max—no, mega crazy to the max! Hehehe!
Huh? Why am I this happy?
Isn't it obvious? No matter how many times I get a gift from you, it always drives me insane!
And it always makes me remember how important you are to me, (Captain).
Hehe... So thank you. For this year and every year too.


It sure is an insanely happy, super crazy White Day!
Getting a gift from (Captain) this year too is just the best!
But you gotta be nuts to bake this many cookies! I could stuff myself and still wouldn't finish 'em all! Hehe, not that it doesn't sound like a wickedly fun time!
Hey, (Captain)! Why don't you have some fun with me? Let's share!
Ehehe... Thanks.
We'll have a crazy good time munchin' on these cookies together.


Is this a treat for me in return for Valentine's?
Yee-haw! Fantastic! I knew you'd prepare something, (Captain). That's so you!
So here's something in return for your return gift! I have some snacks and tea ready for ya since you're so awesome.
So just sit and relax for a bit! You've got time for a break, right?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happyyy! Halloweeen!
Aww yeeaah! Halloween's here!
Whoo-hoo! Look at my Divine Death Saw of Death go! Just lovely, isn't it?
Sooo... You'd better give me some candy before something totally crazy happens!
Mwahaha! Only kidding! Let's wolf down on some of this candy!


Ngh... Everyone's too intense for Halloween this year, (Captain)...
I went into town to do some trick-or-treating, but I got surrounded by kids and had to give away all my hard-earned yummies...
You'll give me some of yours? Really? Oh, (Captain)...
You... You really are like a security blanket. Hehehe...


Yaaaaa! Crazy to the max!
Oh, (Captain)! You busy right now?
I'm making a sign right now! Lots of pow-pow with a hammer! Hehe!
Should help guide that crazy, pumpkin-headed Lost Jack!
I heard he's cursed to wander forever alone, right?
That kind of loneliness, the feeling you don't belong anywhere... It must hurt really bad.
That's why I'm making him this sign! It'll lead him to me!
Then, when he finds me, we'll have a crazy good time, and I'll make him feel safe and secure!
So, anyway, you want to come hang out with us, (Captain)? It'll be awesome! Hehe!


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! Do you have any candy left over?
I was walkin' around town with my Divine Death Saw of Death revving up for some fun, and a bunch of kids crowded around me...
I didn't have enough candy to give to all of 'em!
But it's driving me nuts just thinkin' about how there's a kid out there who didn't get any treats...
Huh? You're really gonna give me all this candy? For real?
Heehee! You're the best, (Captain)!
We've got enough treats in this basket for a crazy night of hype!
I'm gonna go hand 'em out! Thanks a million, (Captain)!


Haaappy Halloween! Yee-haw!
I prepared a ton of candy this year. With this much, we won't hafta worry 'bout a thing even if there are a billion kids, hahaha!
I'm gonna make sure that tonight'll be a super happy, crazy night for kids and adults and ghosts alike!
Come on, (Captain)! Take this Dazzling, Dripping, Divine Death Saw of Death and let's make this Halloween one to remember!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yeeaaah! Happy holidays!
Let's make this holiday crazy happy! Crazy, crazy happy!
Hey, hey! Did ya ask Santa for anything? I haven't!
I guess I've just been so happy since I met you, I don't even want anything else.
Aaah! That's pretty weak, right? Let's think of something to ask Santa for! Come on, (Captain)!


Winter Death Saw of Death! Yee-haw!
Check my baby out! I strung a bunch of lights onto it for a crazy-to-the-max effect!
I made one for you too, (Captain)! Let's go swing these around and give Santa a huge welcome!
Don't worry. I lowered the power and took the teeth off. It's totally safe!


(Captain)! I, I heard that Santa kidnaps bad boys and girls...
The people in town said that when Santa realizes you're a bad kid, instead of giving you a present he stuffs you into his bag.
I think I might be a bad kid. I'm always swinging around my Divine Death Saw of Death and screaming and stuff...
Do... Do you think he'll come kidnap me, (Captain)?
I don't wanna go... I don't wanna be apart from you... Sniffle...

  • Choose: You're a good girl.
    You really think so? So he won't put me in his bag? He won't steal me away for ever and ever?
  • Choose: I'll protect you.
    Oh, (Captain)!
    If you're here to watch over me, then there's no way he'll be able to stuff me into his dumb sack!

But I'm still a little scared. Will you stay with me for tonight?
And maybe, just to be extra sure, you should hold me tight?
It's okay? Hehe. Goodie-woodie, lovey-dovey yay!
Yup, (Captain), I never feel more safe than when I'm with you.


(Captain)! Look at this lovely, outta this world mini tree!
My Divine Death Saw of Death revved up when we saw this beauty of a fir, and before I knew it, we were hack, hack, hackin'!
And those wild, awesome ornaments hanging off it? I made 'em aaalll!
See this Santa right here? Ain't it crazy pretty? Insanely lovely?
Heehee! With a tree like this, our holy night's gonna be merry to the max!
Hehehe! Don't go anywhere yet! Santa Hallessena is gifting this to everyone on the airship!
Ehehe... I hope you guys will like it.


Haaappy holidays! Yee-haw!
Santa Hallessena is comin' to town! I've prepared some lovely presents for y'all this year!
Hehehe. All you crazy people who want presents, follow the beautiful sound of my Divine Death Saw of Death!
With these grand presents, you're sure to have a grand time this winter! Come one, come all!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Carving My Own Halloween

Hallessena bumps into villagers who ask for her help in livening up the Halloween festivities. She changes into her costume and gets planning straight away.

The crew stops by a village where Halloween festivities are being planned.
Hallessena: Hehe... I'm all ready for another crazy fun time with Jack this year!
Vyrn: Wow, you sure are hyped up! Halloween must totally be your jam.
Lyria: Haha, Hallessena makes sure to keep Lost Jack company every year!
Hallessena: Well, I'm kind of his safety net in a way. It's only fair that we rock out together on this night!
Hallessena puffs out her chest and plunges into the village plaza in a frenzy of excitement.
Because the plaza is especially crowded this year, Hallessena finds herself lost in a sea of people.
She realizes she's been separated from (Captain) and company.
Hallessena: Huh... (Captain)... Lyria... Vyrn...
Hallessena: Sniff... Where'd you all go...
To cope with her loneliness...
Hallessena keeps the Divine Death Saw of Death revving as she trudges along the street.
Hallessena: ...?
She soon comes upon a group of villagers speaking in hushed tones while pointing at her.
Villager 1: That thing she's carrying...
Villager 2: Could it be...
Hallessena: (Whatever they're up to, they're being crazy fishy about it...)
The feeling of solitude still taking hold of her, Hallessena is especially vigilant as she approaches the group.
Hallessena: (C-could they be bad people?)
Hallessena: (What if they're planning on ruining Halloween for everyone...)
Hallessena: (I can't let that happen... I've gotta deal with it before the children of the village or anyone in the crew gets hurt!)
Casting aside her fears, Hallessena raises her death saw of death.
Upon getting closer, she notices a familiar face among the group.
Hallessena: (That man had an assignment for (Captain) once...)
Hallessena: (Erm... I think he might've been in charge of the Halloween festivities? He's probably not a baddie then...)
Hallessena lowers the death saw for the time being.
Villager 2: Why, hello there! Can we bother ya for a minute?
A man in the group calls out to Hallessena.
Hallessena: Eep... S-sure... What is it?
Villager 2: D'ya think you can show us the machine that makes that loud, ripping sound?
Hallessena: Huh?
The man speaks in a polite tone, pointing at Hallessena's chain saw.
Hallessena: You want to see my Divine Death Saw of Death? Hm, okay...
Her eyes widening in surprise at their curiosity, Hallessena reveals her beloved weapon.
Villager 1: That's an interesting name you've given it... I don't think I've ever laid eyes on something so vicious-looking yet having such a sophisticated construction...
Villager 2: The earth-shakin' rumble of that motor is music to mah ears... I've never heard a cooler tune!
Hallessena: Did you say cool? You actually get that it's, like, insanely mind-blowing levels of cool?
Villager 2: Ooh yeah, you could say that again!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Crazy to the max!
Hallessena: You're a pretty swell fellow, aren't ya!
Having her weapon showered with heaps of praise allows Hallessena to gradually loosen up.
Villager 1: We've never seen anything like this in the village before...
Villager 1: Where did you acquire such a machine?
Hallessena: Hehe, this is gonna knock your socks off...
Hallessena: But I put everything I had and then some into making this drop-dead gorgeous thing myself!
Villager 1: Y-you built it yourself?
Villager 2: To be able to think up such a radical creation and then actually build it is pure genius, I tell ya!
Villager 1: She just might be the right person for the job!
Villager 2: No arguments there!
Excitement stirs among the villagers.
They bow their heads to Hallessena in unison.
Villager 1: We have a favor to ask!
Villager 2: Won't you please help us plan an upcoming event for the village?
Hallessena: Huh? What do you mean?
Villager 1: We've plateaued with what we can do for Halloween.
The villagers begin explaining in earnest to a surprised Hallessena.
Villager 1: I suppose you're aware of how we celebrate Halloween in this village every year?
Villager 1: Well, we've been finding it harder and harder to keep up with the increasing demands to liven up the event.
Villager 2: Visitors here for the village's festivities have been on the rise in recent years. We've been thinkin' of ways to breathe new life into Halloween, all while preserving its good ol' tradition.
Villager 2: That's when we thought of startin' a new event... and you just happened to walk by!
Hallessena: Oh, I get it now... So that's why you guys were looking at me all googly-eyed earlier.
Villager 2: That's right! When we heard that killer rumblin' sound of yer Divine Death Saw of Death...
Villager 2: We just knew it had the power to break the sense of stagnation that's been plaguin' our Halloween festivities!
Villager 1: And considering it was you who had the technical prowess and creativity to craft such a masterpiece...
Villager 1: We firmly believe you are the right person to bring an equal level of genius to our Halloween!
Villagers: So please! Won't you help us?
Hallessena: Wha... N-no way...
Hallessena: (These guys seriously need some help. I'd love to lend a hand, but I'm not sure I'm up to it...)
Hallessena strokes her chin in deep thought.
Vyrn: Look, (Captain)! We found her!
Lyria: Hey, Hallessena!
(Captain) and company show up on the other side of the road.
Hallessena: Ah, hello, everyone! Thank goodness... I was looking all over for you!
Vyrn: Likewise... Hope it wasn't too bad for you getting through those massive crowds.
Hallessena: Keeheehee! All gravy on my side!
Vyrn: Yeah? Why's your voice all shaky then...
Lyria: Ah, look at all those villagers! It must've been you who kept Hallessena safe!
Villager 1: Oh, no, no! We didn't do a thing!
Villager 2: It's the other way around. We're the ones bein' helped!
Lyria & Vyrn: ...?
Unable to comprehend the situation, (Captain) and company tilt their heads in puzzlement.
Hallessena suddenly claps her hands together.
Hallessena: I know! (Captain), I have a favor to ask...
Hallessena explains that she's been asked to help liven up Halloween for the village.
Lyria: So you've been asked to come up with a new event?
Vyrn: That's impressive... You thinking of taking up the job?
Hallessena: Mm-hm. It'd be a nice thing for both the people and ghosts of the village.
Hallessena: Problem is, I might be good with machines, but I've never done event planning before...
Hallessena: I'm not sure I can do it alone... But maybe with your help...
The others trade glances before turning back to Hallessena.
  1. Of course!
  2. Anything for you, Hallessena.

Choose: Of course!
Lyria: We're glad you asked, Hallessena!
Vyrn: Doesn't look like it's gonna be a walk in the park, but I'm willing to give it a shot!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Yeah, baby! Now that I've got everyone's help, I'm practically invincible!
Hallessena: Thanks. I'm totally gonna make this happen!

Choose: Anything for you, Hallessena.
Lyria: That's right! If it's something you really want to do, we're willing to go all in with you.
Vyrn: What she said!
Hallessena: Th-this is a bit embarrassing to admit, but it makes me insanely happy to hear that!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! Just you watch! I'm gonna give this job some crazy effort!
Continue 1
With encouragement from her fellow crew members, Hallessena is all pumped up about helping out for Halloween.
Hallessena: I'll show you I've got what it takes to liven up an event for an entire village!
Hallessena: Wait for me, (Captain)! I've got some preparations to make first!
Hallessena returns to the Grandcypher ahead of the others.
Hallessena: Ta-da! What do you think, (Captain)? Am I mega-crazy drop-dead gorgeous or what!
On the next day, the sprightly Draph appears before the crew in a new costume.
Lyria: Wow! You look incredible in that, Hallessena!
Vyrn: Whoa, you whipped that up overnight? I knew you were handy with that sorta stuff, but this is really something else...
Hallessena: Hehe, you can say that again! Thought I'd start out with an insanely lovely costume to hype myself up!
Hallessena: I even got some advice from Cagliostro and Chloe on the design.
Hallessena: And it was Pengy who painted my Divine Death Saw of Death! Aren't these some of the most wicked cool patterns you've ever seen!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Now I'm ready to start thinking about what to do for the actual event!
Hallessena: It's gonna be downright crazy!
Clad in her new costume, Hallessena is determined to make Halloween a success.
She heads out to town with the crew for inspiration and ideas.

Crazy Halloween

Hallessena asks Sierokarte and the village children for ideas on a new Halloween event. Realizing that many visitors to the island are unaware of what Halloween even is, she decides to hold a grand costume show.

Hallessena has been asked to host a new Halloween event for the village.
The crew goes to the Knickknack Shack, hopeful that a visit to Siero will spark some ideas.
Sierokarte: So you're brainstorming ideas for an event, I see!
Hallessena: Uh-huh! I want to start something that'll make all the people and ghosts of the village happy.
Hallessena: It's gotta be crazy to the max!
Sierokarte: In that case, maybe you can think about similar events held on other islands...
Sierokarte: But more important than anything else is that you ask the locals what they think.
Vyrn: Good point... Asking the ones who are actually gonna be participating might be the best way to figure this thing out!
Hallessena: Keh-heh-heh! Time for some crazy chitchat with everyone! Let's go!
They mingle with the crowds, paying particular attention to the opinions of bored children.
Most of them are visiting the island for the first time in their lives.
And they had come under the notion that Halloween is simply a day to play dress-up.
Lyria: It seems like a lot of them can't really comment because they don't even know what Halloween is...
Hallessena: A real shame, considering I came out here looking lovely to the max in my new duds.
Hallessena: Halloween can be such a bore if you don't know how to play with ghosts.
Vyrn: Not to mention there's too many outsiders for the locals to explain the nitty-gritty to each and every one of them.
All Three: Hm...
Though they realize the problem, coming up with a solution is another issue altogether.
Just then, Hallessena speaks up as if an idea has suddenly struck her.
Hallessena: Hey, (Captain), if I say "an event where large crowds gather together for a lively good time," what's the first thing that comes to mind?
A few things spring up in (Captain)'s mind.
  1. A circus, maybe?
  2. A play.

Choose: A circus, maybe?
Lyria: Yeah, children are always so happy at the circus!
Hallessena: A circus, huh? Something like a show then...

Choose: A play.
Vyrn: Yeah, plays can draw some pretty big crowds when it's a famous troupe that'll be performing.
Hallessena: A play, huh? Something like a show then...
Continue 1
Hallessena: And of course, the children would be dressed up in their crazy, lovely costumes...
Hallessena: I've got it—an idea so insane you might not believe it!
Lyria: Yeah? Tell us, Hallessena!
Vyrn: What kinda event is it gonna be?
With all eyes trained on her, Hallessena presents her idea with full confidence.
Hallessena: So you know how the kiddies think Halloween's nothing more than a day to show off their costumes?
Hallessena: Well, we'll just have to turn that into the truth and add a little extra something!
Hallessena: In other words...
Hallessena: We'll have a crazy, intense Halloween show where we put the spotlight on each other's costumes!
Hallessena has made up her mind on what the event should be.
Eager to set things in motion, she has already moved on to the next step.

Crazy Halloween: Scene 2

Hallessena enlists the help of Pengy, Cagliostro, and Chloe to assist her with the costume show. Using material from a nearby scrapyard, Hallessena and Pengy get to work on an illumination device, unaware of the mysterious figures watching them from behind.

Hallessena is planning a large-scale costume show to really capture everyone's attention for Halloween.
For ideas on how exactly she should go about accomplishing that, she approaches the girls who helped out with her costume.
Pengy: Pegu? Pegu pegu?
Hallessena: Absolutely! I wanna make it the craziest thing this village has ever seen!
Pengy: Peguuu...
Pengy: I say we use lots of fireworks and pretty decorations to really light the night up!
Pengy: The stage being all nice and shiny alone is bound to liven things up!
Pengy: You know, I wouldn't mind helping you set up a device that makes the stage all sparkly!
Hallessena: Really? You're insanely cool, Pengy!
Pengy: Of course I am! Now let's get to making this sparkly machine!
Cagliostro: A costume show? First thing you want is guests on stage. If you can do that, the rest is a cakewalk!
Cagliostro: Problem is getting newbies without a flair for the theatrical up there in the first place...
Cagliostro: Actually, if I'm the one calling them to come up onstage, they won't hesitate for a second.
Hallessena: Really? You'll help out with the event too, Cagliostro?
Cagliostro: Well, it sounds like the town's festivities could really use a boost. So the more of us lovelies to lend a hand, the better!
Cagliostro: I say we oughta do whatever it takes to liven up the venue, even if it means staging a few things.
Cagliostro: Besides, I bet the villagers would get a kick outta seeing a bunch of us in the crew chipping in!
Hallessena: Great idea! I'll ask the others to see if they can help out!
Chloe: So you wanna pump up the vibes for some Halloween shindig? Sweet! Let's see...
Chloe: To start with, I bet there's kiddies galore who still get the jitters at the thought of ghosts.
Chloe: Maybe you can keep those munchkins in mind, so you don't end up making it, like, too spooktacular.
Hallessena: Haha... True. I guess ghosts can be kinda creepy if you don't know what Halloween's all about.
Chloe: Gotta say though, keeping the tradition alive's just as important.
Chloe: Even if it's just everyone trying to outshine each other with their costumes, the event's gonna be lit!
Chloe: If you need a hand hyping things up, I'm your girl.
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Ooh yeah... Everything's fallin' into place! This event's gonna be wicked crazy!
Thanks to the advice from her fellow crew members, Hallessena now sees how the festivities might play out.
Hallessena next heads to a scrapyard in the corner of the village, with Pengy by her side.
Pengy: Wow, look at that mountain of treasure! So we're gonna use the materials here to build that device, right?
Hallessena: That's the idea! We'll need it to make the stage all sparkly and glittery!
Pengy: Go, go, penpower! This is gonna be so much fun!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! Let's get to it!
Making clever use of the scrap material, the two proceed at a frantic pace.
Hallessena: Heh... Keeheehee!
Hallessena: And next is...
All righty! It's already looking uber crazy!
Pengy: Crazy to the max!
The two are moving so rapidly that (Captain) and company, who had come by to check on them, could not help even if they wanted to.
Vyrn: Looks like they might actually finish earlier if we just leave them alone...
Lyria: Ahaha... They're so focused right now.
Lyria: And Hallessena looks like she's having a good time too! I'm so glad!
Vyrn: She sure does! She had us pretty worried for a second there, so it's nice to see things are panning out!
(Captain) and company delightedly watch the two at work...
Unaware of the figures eyeing the crew from behind.
???: ...
The mysterious shadows watch intently as Hallessena and Pengy go about their task.

Crazy Halloween: Scene 3

The costume show begins with Hallessena and various children taking center stage, while Chloe and Cagliostro help to hype up the crowd. When ghosts show up to join in the fun, Hallessena entertains them by revving her Divine Death Saw of Death.

Hallessena and Pengy start out engrossed with creating a lighting device for the costume show.
But before long, they have a finished set laid out in the village plaza.
Lyria: Wow... They did that so fast...
Lyria: So you'll be using this space to teach children to say trick or treat while the show is going on, right?
It was an impromptu idea that Hallessena had come up with while working on the set.
Hallessena: Mm-hm! I'll play the ghost and get onstage...
Hallessena: The little kiddies in their costumes come up to me and say trick or treat!
Hallessena: When everyone watching sees it happen, it should catch on fast. Definitely a lot faster than teaching them one by one...
Vyrn: Hehe, sounds solid to me!
Lyria: Agreed! Now if we just had a reliable way to get people to come by...
Hallessena: Oh, that won't be a problem! Everyone in the crew's agreed to help out with that!
Various costumed crew members can be seen out and about.
They are leading the children to the village plaza.
Hallessena: All right... It's almost time for the main event... Now to take a deep breath...
Hallessena: Hyaahaaa! It's showtime, baby!
Hallessena stands in the center of the village plaza.
It begins.
Hallessena: Hehehe! I'm your lovely neighborhood ghost!
Hallessena: I'll love, love, love to bits anyone that'll play with me!
Hallessena: Any nice little kiddies wanna keep me company? I'll give you a really sweet treat in return!
Hallessena: Naughty boys and girls, on the other hand, are gonna be tricked like crazy! No worries though—you'll be safe and sound with a friendly ghost like me!
Hallessena: Actually, every one of you wearing a wicked cool costume is welcome to come hang out with me!
As Hallessena finishes her introduction, Cagliostro enters the stage with a spring in her step.
Cagliostro: Looky here, Miss Boo! What do you think of my super cute Halloween costume?
Hallessena: Hehehe! You're lookin' lovely to the max!
Cagliostro: Thanks, Miss Boo! Can I get some candy now?
Cagliostro: Trick or treat!
Hallessena: Okay! You get treats for playing with me!
Hallessena makes sure to prominently display the large bag of candy as she hands it to Cagliostro.
Cagliostro: Hooray! I got yummy goodies from a Halloween ghost!
Cagliostro: Who wants to play with Miss Boo next?
Chloe: I'm game.
Chloe: Trick or treat!
Hallessena: Hehehe! Here's some nice treats!
Chloe: Whoo! Bonbons for the win!
Chloe: Show of hands if anyone else is cray-cray for some candy!
( *´∀`)ノ
With the help of fellow crew members, Hallessena gives a demonstration on the trick-or-treating tradition.
The children are hesitant to participate at first, but their tune quickly changes.
Trick-or-Treater 1: Wow... Look at all that candy they're getting!
Hallessena: Hehehe! So you want some of my tasty treats, huh?
Hallessena: Then get over here and show everyone how insanely cool your costume is!
Hallessena: Be a good trick-or-treater, and you'll get some mega delicious munchies!
Trick-or-Treater 1: Okay! I wanna try!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! That's the spirit!
Hallessena gently takes the child by the arm and guides him to the center of the plaza.
Once there, the child very timidly puts out his hand.
Trick-or-Treater 1: Um... Trick or treat!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! You did great!
Hallessena: And your costume is super cool! You get a present for that!
Hallessena pats the child's head and hands him a bag of treats.
Trick-or-Treater 1: Wowie! Look at all this candy!
Hallessena: And next is... you!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Huh? But I...
Hallessena: Feeling shy? Ooh, bad girl! Keeheehee!
Hallessena: I guess you're better off with a crazy trick instead!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Wow! It's beautiful!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! How's that for a surprise!
Hallessena: Psst, now's your chance—everyone's watching the fireworks! Say trick or treat!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Okay!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Trick or treat!
Hallessena: Hyahaa! I'm not the biggest fan of tricks, so I'll give you treats instead!
With the brilliant display of fireworks and the incessant revving of her chain saw contributing to the atmosphere, the hype is palpable.
Halloween Ghosts: ...
Large swarms of ghosts suddenly manifest and approach the plaza.
Vyrn: Whoa, those spooky spooks look pretty fired up.
Lyria: They were watching earlier too when Hallessena was working...
Lyria: They probably saw how much fun everyone was having and wanted to join in.
Vyrn: But with this many of them...
Trick-or-Treater 1: Eep! There's ghosts everywhere!
Trick-or-Treater 2: Aiee... I'm scared...
Hallessena: (I'm sure they just want to play. At least, I hope that's what it is...)
Hallessena: (Problem is, this many ghosts coming out of the woodwork at once to play tricks is just going to scare everybody...)
Hallessena: (I'll have to do something...)
Shielding the children behind her, Hallessena readies her Divine Death Saw of Death to confront the ghosts.
The Draph puts on a bold, fearless smile, pointing her weapon toward the spooks.
Hallessena: Keeheehee... I know you bogeys just wanna boogie with me...
Hallessena: But putting the scare in children is such a naughty thing to do!
Hallessena: This calls for a splatter party! Of course, safety comes first, so I'm gonna make sure things don't get too carried away!
Hallessena: Hyahaaa! Time to creep it real—you better not squeal!

Crazy Halloween: Scene 4

Hallessena's heroic display allays the fears of the children, who become comfortable frolicking with the ghosts. The event proves to be a smashing success, and may even pave the way for more festive Halloweens elsewhere.

Hallessena: Hyahaa! I'm gonna trick you naughty ghosts into oblivion!
Hallessena: Come get some!
Pengy: Now for some pyrotechnics to really make Hallie sparkle...
Pengy: Peeegu!
Hallessena: Keeheeheehee! This is more like it!
Furiously swinging her death saw around, Hallessena faces off against the ghosts, a gorgeous display of fireworks serving as the backdrop.
Among the audience are Cagliostro and Chloe, doing their best to build up excitement.
Cagliostro: Eep! I think those ghosts are coming to play a trick on me!
Cagliostro: Hallessena, save me!
Chloe: Listen up, guys and gals! Hallie needs you to cheer her on so she can, like, totally power up her Divine Death Saw of Death!
Chloe: We've just gotta raise the roof with, "Go Hallie, go Hallie, go!" and she'll be ready to jam in no time at all!
The children break into raucous cheers at the spectacle unfolding before them.
Hallessena: Time to say sayonara-bye-bye!
Hallessena's weapon rumbles louder than ever as she welcomes the trick of the last ghost.
Halloween Ghosts: ...!
Once the last ghost has vanished from the stage, the children scramble as they rush to Hallessena.
Trick-or-Treater 1: I can't believe you took out so many ghosts by yourself! You're amazing, miss!
Trick-or-Treater 1: Hey, can you try making that loud "grrnngrrnnnn" sound with your weapon again?
Trick-or-Treater 2: I want a costume just like yours, Miss Boo...
Trick-or-Treater 2: The way the hem of your skirt flutters around when you're fighting is so cute!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Nice to know you see how insanely awesome my costume is!
Hallessena: Thanks a megaton! Hope you enjoy the rest of the night!
The show continues on even after the ghosts have been driven off.
Before long, it somehow turns into a dance party for the children in costumes.
Lyria: They're all having so much fun with Hallessena!
Vyrn: Thanks to Pengy's constant fireworks, this is starting to feel like a different holiday...
Vyrn: Almost like it's not Halloween anymore...
The others reflect on Vyrn's words.
Lyria: Now that you mention it, what they're doing now is a bit different from playing with ghosts...
Vyrn: Right? I don't see how you can call it Halloween anymore if it's just people dancin' with each other...
Cagliostro: Aw c'mon, cut 'em some slack.
Cagliostro breaks free of the crowd around her to join in on this conversation.
Cagliostro: I mean, it's true they're just partying it up like any ol' festival.
Cagliostro: But hey, nothing wrong with that if you ask me.
Cagliostro points to the group behind them.
Halloween Ghost 1: ...
Halloween Ghost 2: ...
Other ghosts have surfaced anew, contributing to the buzz of excitement.
Lyria: Wow, more of them are coming!
Vyrn: Hope this doesn't get out of hand...
Vyrn: Actually, look at how much fun they're all having. The kids don't even look the least bit frightened.
Lyria: I guess the ghosts must have really calmed down after getting a chance to play with Hallessena.
Cagliostro: Could be. Either way, I'm just glad both people and ghosts are having a blast right now.
Trick-or-Treater 2: Trick or treat!
Halloween Ghost 1: ...
Cagliostro: Besides, Hallessena already showed them the true spirit of Halloween.
Cagliostro: Meaning the main problem of so many people not even knowing what Halloween's all about has already been solved.
Vyrn: You've got a point there...
  1. All's well that ends well, I guess...
  2. This can be the new Halloween.

Choose: All's well that ends well, I guess...
Lyria: Everyone's having a lot of fun, and that's what counts!
Pengy: We're all happy and pentastic!

Choose: This can be the new Halloween.
Vyrn: Sure, whatever works for the village! They'll probably have more visitors in the years to come anyway.
Chloe: As long as peeps get to vibe out together, I'm all for it!
Continue 1
The crew considers the possibility that the day's events may one day take shape as the de facto way to celebrate Halloween.
Just then, Hallessena leaves the crowds to join (Captain) and company.
Hallessena: Hey, (Captain)! Was the event, like, world-shifting levels of crazy or what!
  1. You bet!

Choose: You bet!
The others nod in unison, causing the Draph's cheeks to flush bright red.
Hallessena: Ehehe... I managed to pull off this crazy event after all!
Hallessena: It'd be way cool if we could do something like this again next year!
Behind them, children and ghosts alike continue to bask in the excitement of Halloween.
The wondrous sight is indelibly etched in Hallessena's memory.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
(主人公)、ボクの衣装ラブリィ~だろ? (Captain), is my costume lovely to the max or what?
衣装考えるカリオストロ、まぢ真剣だったな…… Cagliostro gets crazy serious when she's thinking up new costumes...
(主人公)はどんなイタズラをするんだ? You have a trick in mind, (Captain)?
クロエって、イベントにも詳しいんだな! Chloe sure knows a lot about Halloween!
(主人公)にあげる分のお菓子も持ってるぜ! I've got plenty of treats for you too, (Captain)!
お菓子はちゃーんと持ってるぜぇ! Check out this massive heap of candy I've got!
ペンギーのペイント、まぢクールだな! Pengy's face paint is wicked cool!
クレ~ジ~に遊びつくそうぜ! I'm ready for an insanely good time!
あんぜんあんしんなイタズラをするぜぇ! I like my tricks crazy but safe!
えへへ、ハロウィンって楽しいなあ…… Ehehe, Halloween's so much fun...