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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). So today is the day you were born?
I can't imagine a luckier date to be born on. Hehehe.


Today is your birthday, (Captain). I don't need to roll the dice to know it will be a wonderful day.
However, just for fun... why don't we have a roll anyway?
I'll use my celebration dice. I don't know what will happen, but all outcomes will be good... probably.


Now that I think about it, much time has passed since I joined your crew... Heh-heh.
I'm sorry for pressing you to use my celebration dice last year...
But... it was pretty exciting, no? How about it? Shall we make it another wonderful day this year?
Heh-heh... I'm just kidding. I thought we could do something different. Would you like to see me do an impression?
On top of creating dice, I'm also quite good at impersonating others. I'm sure it'll make you smile.
Heh-heh. Happy birthday to you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I crafted this custom twelve-sided rune die just for you.
Haha. No need to look so alarmed—I assure you it's safe.
Here, try rolling it.
Isn't that just beautiful?
The differences in the gradation of light for each face is supposed to represent the transitions in a year.
"1" is for January, "2" is for February, and so on... Use this whenever you want to reflect on the past year.
I'll hope we'll be able to continue sharing many great memories from here on out, (Captain)...
For a long time to come.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
Ha-ha-ha. A new year is upon us. Shall we try our luck with a roll of the dice?


Have a roll of the dice, (Captain).
Oh! That's a lucky roll. This year will be a good one.
And that's a fact. The rune dice I made myself are telling you so.
Let's have a good year together, (Captain).


Do I believe in dream divination? What a foolish question, (Captain)...
The only thing I believe in is the rune dice. No matter what I need to predict...
But I've begun to believe in something else since I met you, (Captain)...
Heh-heh... Never mind. It's a little early in the year to be getting sentimental. That's just not me.
But I wish us both luck in the new year. I'll say only that!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Everything okay? Why would you come to me of all people this early in the morning?
You want your fortune told with my rune dice?
Heheh. I hear the New Year's fortune thing they do at the shrines is more popular...
So it's kinda nice to know you'd rather have me tell your fortune.
All right, let's do this.
Here, roll the dice.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Is this for me? Ha ha ha. Stop joking! You'd really want to give a gift to... someone like me?
Oh, really? Heheh! I'm glad. Thank you!


Bringing me a gift this year too? You sure are quirky...
Heh-heh, but I'm grateful for it. From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you, (Captain).
Shall we check our chemistry with a roll of the rune dice? I'm sure it won't lie...


(Captain), you sure are conscientious.
I mean, to give chocolates to a guy like me... Thank you so much.
Hm? The chocolates have a citrus scent to them... Are there fruit pieces in the chocolate?
I don't really like citrus... You bought the wrong kind, you say? No worries, ha-ha-ha! Everyone makes a mistake every now and then...
Heh-heh. It's all right. I know that your gift came from the heart. So I won't let these chocolates go to waste!
Mmm... Agh... Th-thank you...


(Captain)... You're too kind.
The fact you'd give me chocolate and even go out of your way to make sure it tastes great...
Just goes to show you—Hm?
You'd prefer if I lay off with all the praise?
But this is just the way I am.
... Then again, I don't mean to belittle your good intentions.
So perhaps I should just accept your gift gracefully...
Thank you, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
Hahaha, I made this for you! I struggled a bit in the process though. Here, it's yours...
I didn't rely on anyone but myself to make it. All the better to convey how I feel about you, I thought!


I hardly cook, but when I thought about seeing the smile on your face when I was all done, it turned into fun!
I think it's much more delicious than what I made last year. Be sure to savor every bite!
Heheh... Thanks for everything you do, (Captain)!


(Captain), do you have a moment? I thought I'd give you your present as thanks for Valentine's.
At first I thought you'd like some handmade dice...
But while I was walking through a town, I saw some candy I thought you'd like even more.
Haven't you been feeling a bit tired lately? I want to you relax a little with something sweet.
Ha-ha-ha. I'm so glad you like it, (Captain).


Happy White Day.
This is to pay you back for Valentine's.
I made them myself this year.
Making them from scratch to suit your tastes wasn't easy...
But seeing that smile on your face makes it all worth it.
I know it would've been easier to just buy them, but my mind was set on making the chocolates by hand.
Because keeping you in my thoughts while baking away in the galley is so entertaining in its own way...
You know, you're the one that's supposed to find joy today, but here I am ranting about what a good mood I'm in. Strange? Perhaps so.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween.
Hahaha. Today is going to be such a treat! No, that wasn't a joke.


I made some Halloween dice. They're pretty scary...
I don't know what will happen when I use these...
There are six patterns in all. We're sure to see something bone chilling indeed...
Heh heh heh. I see you shaking. Just give them a roll, (Captain). We'll make this the best Halloween ever...


Trick or treat...
Or dice!
(Captain), you're just in time.
Just in time to try my all-new Halloween rune dice...
Ha-ha. You didn't waste any time to pick treat over trick. Well played...
Ha-ha. I suppose you won't find any fun here... Not with any dice made by a guy like me.
Hm? One time? You'll give them a roll one time?
Heh-heh! Splendid! Thank you!
Now then, what'll we find... Let's take a fateful roll of the dice!


Dice or treat.
Hehe, I tried modifying my Halloween dice.
To make them more shocking yet safer...
Maybe now everyone'll see just how great rune dice can be.
I prepared a few just for you, if you'll hold out your hand.
Now why don't you try using those to surprise everyone and pick up lots of candy along the way.
Let's spread the love for Halloween rune dice together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings.
Ha-ha-ha. They say that this season is magical. Are you sure you want to spend the holidays with a guy like me?
Heheh... I'm glad. Now let's make the most of it!


Ha-ha-ha. I made a present for you.
As it's my specialty, you can guess what it is, but I hope you'll like it.
I made six in all though, so you'll have to roll the dice and see which one you get.
Heheh. Go on and give them a roll!


(Captain), would it make you smile if I baked a cake for you?
Ha-ha-ha. That's nice of you to think that I might look good in an apron!
The truth is that I watched Katalina bake a cake and decided to give it a try myself...
What's with that suspicious look? I can imitate anything after seeing it only once.
You knew that already? Then you should know that my cake is a perfect reproduction of Katalina's unique—
Well, I didn't expect you to run away... Ha-ha-ha. I guess I'll see if Vyrn is interested in having a slice...


(Captain), good timing.
How would you like some cake from me?
Hey, I know I'm not exactly the best patissier around, but can you at least pretend to not be so taken aback?
Haha, just kidding.
The only reason you ran away last year was because I tried to replicate Katalina's cake.
But this year, I tried imitating a few other flavors instead.
Hm, why six, you ask?
Hahaha. Don't you already know?
Anyhow why don't you try rolling this die?
Just be aware that it can land on a critical or fumble as well.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Lucky Roll[edit]

After arriving at the tavern for dinner, the party met a glum-looking man named Krugne. Krugne said that he was on a journey so that he could create true Rune Dice, but now was having trouble finding a place to stay, so (Captain) invited him to join the Order.

Our heroes decided to have a meal at a tavern in a certain town.
Suddenly, after opening the door of the tavern and entering it, the angry shout of a man could be heard.
Customer with Bad Attitude: What?! What do you mean, it’s good to never work a day?
???: Hahaha. It’s likely hard to believe a divination from a dour and gloomy man like me.
???: However, the results were a fumble. These Rune Dice are telling me that you will be in a shipwreck.
???: Don’t say anything bad. I haven’t gone out all day... It’s best if I don’t move from here if I can avoid it.
Customer with Bad Attitude: Do you even know about that? Talking such gibberish...
Customer with Bad Attitude: Damn you...!!! I ain't paying!
???: I don’t mind. Be careful about water.
Customer with Bad Attitude: What? Don't you know?
After the man with the bad attitude left the shop, a man’s cry could be heard.
Customer with Bad Attitude: Ahhhh! Ugh, it’s too cold! Why is there water dripping?
Customer with Bad Attitude: Eek! What’s with the bucket?!
Afterwards, as the use had divined, the cry of a man and the sound of splashing water could be heard for a moment.
Lyria: Hahaha... He was right on the money!
Vyrn: Yeah. His prediction using those dice was amazing!
???: D-dice?
Lyria: Um...? What is it?
???: Hahaha. It’s nothing.
???: Don't lay it on so thick. This is just an act. It’s nothing worthy of praise.
???: This is my real job, and I’m just pretending to be a fortuneteller... It’s disrespectful to real fortunetellers.
Vyrn: But c'mon! But didn't you just perform divination using dice? Dice boy, did you really...
???: Hahaha, that was the third time. The third time, lizard!
Vyrn: What?!? What do you mean? Besides...
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard!
???: I ain't no lizard? Hahaha.
???: Dice are just dice.
Vyrn: Wha?!
???: I guess you got mad when were called a lizard because you don’t like being called a lizard?
???: If that’s the case then I am the same. I can't abide people who call dice by a clumsy term like “pair of dice”.
???: Listen. Try calling “dice” a “pair of dice”.
???: So you have to pull out a spine to make Rune Dice?
Vyrn: Eeek! What are you talking about?!
???: Hahaha, your answer...?
Vyrn: I get it... That was bad.
???: I’m just glad you understand. Hahaha.
Lyria: You said your real occupation was something different, but what did you mean by that?
Krugne: Hahaha. I am Krugne. I am a humble Rune Dice crafter.
Lyria: What are these Rune Dice of which you speak?
Krugne: There’s nothing unreasonable about your not knowing. I’m an outmoded relic from the past, after all.
Krugne: I think it would be better to see the real thing then hear me explain it poorly. Look.
Krugne tossed some dice onto the table. The moment the dice stopped rolling, tiny snowflakes appeared.
Lyria: So pretty!
Krugne picked up the dice and tossed them onto the table again. This time, sparks appeared.
Vyrn: Amazing What’s going on?!
Krugne: These are Rune Dice. They are a tool that allows even non--mages to easily use magic.
Krugne: The effect differs depending on the dice. Right now I am just having fun with them, but they can also be used for divination, rituals, and many other applications.
Krugne: The bones of magic-using monsters are used to make them. In particular, the spine is desirable.
Lyria: I see... Therefore, a while ago, Vyrn...
Vyrn: Don't even try it.
Vyrn: Enough already! If are not a fortune teller, then why were you performing divination a while ago?
Krugne: Hahaha. I am now on a journey to create true Rune Dice.
Krugne: In order to raise money for the journey, I use Rune Dice To tell fortunes or to gamble.
Vyrn: I see... But what do you mean by “true” Rune Dice?
Krugne: True Rune Dice Our miraculous dice that really do determine fate by the results that come up when you roll them.
Vyrn: Wow, something like that actually exists...
Krugne: Probably. I certainly hope they do.
Vyrn: What the...c’mon! Maybe that’s just wishful thinking?
Lyria: These “true” Rune Dice...
Krugne: Hahaha. I just used my imagination to come up with that name.
Vyrn: So there really is nothing like the “true” Rune Dice then?
Krugne: Ah... However... No matter what the case, I must make them...
Krugne: And not just a simulation of them... And with my own skills!
Lyria: You said you were impersonating a while ago, but what did you mean by that?
Krugne: Haha... I’m sorry. Nothing at all! From now on let’s just talk about constructive things.
Krugne: Would you like for me to tell your fortune? Or gamble with you?
Krugne: I didn’t collect my fee from that last guy. I don’t have any money for a place to stay tonight. Hahaha, I’m really in a bind.
  1. Then come with us
  2. Sorry, but we can’t help you

Choose: Then come with us
Krugne: Huh?
Vyrn: Say what?! What are you talking about?! Are you in trouble, dice boy?
Krugne: I appreciate your good will, but being helped out by children...
Lyria: Hehe! We are no mere children!
(Captain) revealed that he and his friends were Skyfarers.

Choose: Sorry, but we can’t help you
Lyria: (Captain)... You are always so cold...
Lyria: Wha... Would you like to come with us?
Krugne: Huh?
(Captain) revealed that he and his friends were Skyfarers.
Continue 1
Krugne listen with astonishment as our heroes introduce themselves and told of their adventures.
Krugne: It’s amazing that kids like you would go on such a journey...
Krugne: If I go with you on your journey I certainly won’t have trouble finding lodging, and it will be easy to find materials for Rune Dice.
Krugne: And I might find clues about true Rune Dice...
Vyrn: But c'mon! You’ll be fighting a lot of different guys. Isn’t that dangerous? Will you be okay? Dice boy...
Krugne: It’s true I am kind of a nobody. But I can find just as well as anybody else. Shall we be going?
When the party and the youth left the tavern, he took out a pair of dice and threw them toward the heavens.
When the twirling dice fell to the ground, a great magical force was emitted.
Krugne: I can’t do any more than that.
Vyrn: That's amazing though! Don’t be so humble! That is more than enough! If you can do that, then don’t worry about it!
Lyria: Yes! You and your Rune Dice are both amazing, Krugne!
Vyrn: Yeah! It’s amazing that you can make dice like that, dice boy!
Krugne: Hahaha, thank you.
Lyria: Huh? Krugne, just now, you laughed...?
Vyrn: Mmm? You laughed just now, dice boy. Right? Though it was kind of a dry laugh...
Lyria: No, it sounded like a laugh full of genuine feeling...
Vyrn: Mmm?
Krugne: Hahaha.
Vyrn: Umm...
Krugne: Hahaha.
Vyrn: (Captain)... Let’s show him around the ship soon...
At Vyrn’s suggestion, our heroes began going back to the ship so that they could give Krugne a tour of it.
While following the party at a leisurely pace, Krugne rolled some dice.
Krugne: Oh... Double sixes. Critical?
Krugne: This looks like it’s going to be a good trip!
Rather than smile dryly, Krugne’s smile was filled with genuine feeling, if only for an instant.

Sour Decision[edit]

Hearing about this Rune Dice crafter, (Captain) and company set out to visit the village he lives in. Krugne is thrilled as he watches people playing with Rune Dice, but he spots one young man using a loaded die. Upset, Krugne makes the young man tell him where the crafter who made the loaded die lives and sets out immediately.

One day, (Captain) and company hear about a very skilled Rune Dice crafter.
Krugne had gotten interest in the story. The party heard him out and decided they would go visit this village that the crafter lived in.
Child: Okay! Ready? Dice roll!
Young Man: Muahaha. You think you can win against me?
Krugne: Oooh! Oooohhh!!!
Krugne was thrilled as he watched the children and young men play with Rune Dice.
Krugne: It’s been a long forgotten relic of the past! But people actually still play with them in this village! This is wonderful!
Lyria: Haha, look at Krugne. I’ve never seen him so happy.
Vyrn: Hey, Krugne. Why don’t people play with the Rune Dice anymore? I mean, it seems pretty popular around here.
Krugne: The effects are too random. And because they’re random, it’s inconvenient. But that’s the beauty of it...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong?
Krugne walks up to one of the young men with a serious expression on his face.
After staring closely at him as he rolled the dice, Krugne speaks up.
Krugne: That die... It’s loaded, isn’t it?
Young Man: Wow! Amazing! You’re absolutely right!
Young Man: But just because it’s loaded doesn’t mean anyone can control the outcome. I’ve spend months and years honing my skills...
Krugne: Whatever.
With a look of disgust, Krugne takes out ten Rune Dice and tosses them into the air.
When the spinning dice fall to the floor, surprisingly, they all land showing the same face.
Young Man: Wha?! How did you...?!
Lyria: Wow...! That’s amazing!
Young Man: Let me guess... Do you have tricks on your dice too?
Young Man: No, wait. You have to have more than just that. You practice cheating too?
Krugne: Hahah. I may have done some stupid things but I would never practice to defile the sanctity of Rune Dice.
Krugne: I learned it just now. From watching you.
Vyrn: Say what?! You can do that?
Krugne: It’s a skill I’ve always had. I can copy any move if I see it once.
Krugne: I can’t help but be able to...
Lyria: Err... Krugne?
Krugne: Hey, you. Tell me. Who and where is this guy who made you that die?
Young Man: Huh? Oh, uh... Just past the forest to the north.
Krugne: ...
Vyrn: Hey, wait! Don’t leave us behind, Krugne! Let's go! (Captain)!
Krugne: (That die he was using... I’ve seen that shape before. Could it be...?)
Vyrn: H-Hey! Krugne! There’s a monster behind you!
Monster: Grrrr...
Krugne: Hahaha... Now’s not the best time to bother me!
Krugne: I’ll rip your backbone out and turn it into Rune Dice!

Sour Decision: Scene 2[edit]

The crafter who had loaded the die was Krugne’s best friend. He bashes Krugne, saying all he could do was copy others. He then summons a monster with his crafted dice and attacks them.

Krugne and the party get through the forest and find a small house. There seems to be a man living there.
The man is making dice in front of the house. Krugne looks at him and takes a breath.
Krugne: It really is you...
???: Hm...? Well, this is a face that brings back memories. Hey, Krugne.
Lyria: Huh? You guys know each other? Krugne...?
Krugne: He... was once my best friend.
Vyrn: Wait... what?! Really?! Which means...
Lyria: So it was your best friend who made those loaded dice?
Krugne’s Friend: Ah! So you saw it! The Rune Dice I crafted using the greatest of my skills!
Krugne: How can you be so proud...? Don’t you realize? You’re actually defiling the art of the dice!
Krugne’s Friend: Woah now. Look who’s talking. All you can do is copy others.
Krugne: ...!
Krugne’s Friend: Fortune telling, gambling... All of it! That was all my craft!
Vyrn: Huh? What does he mean?
Krugne: Almost all of the skills I have now are originally his... I copied his moves and...
Krugne’s Friend: Yeah! That’s right! He stole all of my skills and did it better than me...! Ugh!
Krugne’s Friend: Never mind... Forget it. I have this craft now...! You won’t be able to steal this one! Never!
Krugne’s friend takes out several dice and throws them into the air.
When all of the dice stop spinning and land on the highest face, a monster appears.
Vyrn: Unbelievable...! He landed them all on the same face... and summoned a monster!
Krugne: The reason why he started making loaded dice is all my fault.
Krugne: I want to talk to him. Can you please lend me a hand? (Captain)...
Krugne’s Friend: Hahaha! You must be joking! Take a look at my craft!
Krugne: Here it comes... (Captain)!

Sour Decision: Scene 3[edit]

Krugne defeats the monster and then begins to speak passionately about dice, trying to convince his friend. His friend gives him a gift as a sign of reconciliation. Krugne and the crew return to the airship and opens the box. Krugne screams. Krugne, who hates citrus, eats the cake with tears in his eyes. His friend is probably laughing at the thought of this. With each bite, Krugne swears to himself again that he will one day create the true Rune Dice.

Krugne’s Friend: No... That can’t be...
With his monster defeated, Krugne’s friend collapses to his knees.
Krugne: To be able to roll the dice to your favor? You call that your masterpiece?
Krugne: The magical effects that activate from the Rune Dice are random. Of course it’s inconvenient.
Krugne: That’s why the Rune Dice died out.
Krugne’s Friend: ...
Krugne: But, that’s what’s great! The randomness is what makes the dice so amazing!
Krugne: If you want a sure result, then just use magic! You don’t need Rune Dice for that!
Krugne: But I... You and me both! We use Rune Dice! Why?
Krugne: Because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. We feel excitement from it!
Krugne’s Friend: Shut up. I know that... I know!
Krugne’s Friend: But I couldn’t help it... You could copy everything and would do it all better than me. I was envious...
Krugne’s Friend: So I wanted to learn a craft I was sure even you couldn’t copy. I wanted you to acknowledge me...
Krugne: ...?!
Krugne: Haha... That was unexpected. Because that’s what I always thought. I wanted you to acknowledge me.
Krugne’s Friend: What...?
Krugne: I’m trying to create the true Rune Dice, one that I don’t even know if it exists yet.
Krugne: I don’t want to be a copy. I want to create it on my own... so that I can have confidence in my own abilities.
Krugne: So that... I could prove myself to you.
Krugne’s Friend: Hahaha! Look at us fools, both of us.
Krugne’s Friend: *Sigh* To think we both just wanted to prove ourselves to each other...
Krugne: Haha, seriously.
Krugne’s Friend: So? Are you close to making it? This “true” Rune Dice...
Krugne: Hahaha. I’m embarrassed to say this... But... No... But I will. I swear to you, I will.
Krugne’s Friend: Heh. If you say so. Make it, and show it to me. I’m cheering for you.
Krugne’s friend reaches out his hand. Krugne shakes it firmly.
Lyria: Oh, I’m so glad... *Sniffle* So happy you could be friends again...
Vyrn: Eesh... I don’t get why you’re the one crying.
Later, Krugne’s friend swore to never craft loaded dice again and gave Krugne a gift to express his apology.
After a while, the party returns to the airship. After several moments, they hear Krugne scream.
Vyrn: Eeek! Don’t scream so loud all of a sudden! What’s wrong?
Krugne: Tha-that little... stupid little... Ugh! He just had to give me what I hate most...!
Lyria: Hm? What is it that you hate?
Lyria peered into the box. There were several pieces of cake, all with lots of citrus fruits on it.
Lyria: Uhh... So, you don’t like fruits?
Krugne: I’m fine with fruits! Just n-not citrus! Damn it! I know he did this on purpose!
With tears in his eyes, Krugne grabs a cake and bites into it.
Krugne: Arg... Bleh...! Ack...!
Vyrn: Wha-ah... Hey! If you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it!
Krugne: Urg... Ugh... No. He gave these to me. Even if it were a prank, I have to eat it...
  1. I’ll help you eat some.
  2. Yeah, they’re all for you.

Choose: I’ll help you eat some.
Lyria: Haha, you’ve got the right idea! Share with us! They look really good!
Krugne: Ngh... *Sob*... Th-thanks...
Krugne continues to eat the fruit cake while tears rolled down his face.

Choose: Yeah, they’re all for you.
Krugne: Ngh... Gah... Khh... *Sob*... Grh...
Vyrn: Uh, hey? This just looks painful. Why don’t we help him eat some?
Lyria: Hahaha... Yeah, you’re right.
Krugne continues to eat the fruit cake while tears rolled down his face.
Continue 1
Sure that his friend was laughing at him right around now, he swears he will create the true Rune Dice, while still suffering from the sour citrus.