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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030278000 01.jpg Krugne (SR)
Age 18 years old
Height 173 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Dice, making rune dice
Likes Simple meals, dice
Dislikes Citrus fruits, people who use slang words such as craps or bones when referring to dice

彼の様子に対しクルーニが「どうしたんだい、そんなに慌てて──」と伺うと、リチャードは 「……説明は後だ、とりあえず一緒に来てくれ!」


そして リチャードに連れていかれた先にはカジノ艇のフロアマネージャー、クリスティーナが……!?
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030278000 01.jpg Krugne (SR)
Age 18歳
Height 173 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies ダイス、ルーンダイス作り
Likes 質素な食べ物、ダイス
Dislikes 柑橘類、ダイスをサイコロや賽の目と呼ぶ奴

彼の様子に対しクルーニが「どうしたんだい、そんなに慌てて──」と伺うと、リチャードは 「……説明は後だ、とりあえず一緒に来てくれ!」


そして リチャードに連れていかれた先にはカジノ艇のフロアマネージャー、クリスティーナが……!?

Source [1]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). So today is the day you were born?
I can't imagine a luckier date to be born on. Hehehe.


Today is your birthday, (Captain). I don't need to roll the dice to know it will be a wonderful day.
However, just for fun... why don't we have a roll anyway?
I'll use my celebration dice. I don't know what will happen, but all outcomes will be good... probably.
Hehehe... No need to be scared. Now give them a shake... Hehehe...


Now that I think about it, much time has passed since I joined your crew... Heh-heh.
I'm sorry for pressing you to use my celebration dice last year...
But... it was pretty exciting, no? How about it? Shall we make it another wonderful day this year?
Heh-heh... I'm just kidding. I thought we could do something different. Would you like to see me do an impression?
On top of creating dice, I'm also quite good at impersonating others. I'm sure it'll make you smile.
Heh-heh. Happy birthday to you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I crafted this custom twelve-sided rune die just for you.
Haha. No need to look so alarmed—I assure you it's safe.
Here, try rolling it.
Isn't that just beautiful?
The differences in the gradation of light for each face is supposed to represent the transitions in a year.
"1" is for January, "2" is for February, and so on... Use this whenever you want to reflect on the past year.
I'll hope we'll be able to continue sharing many great memories from here on out, (Captain)...
For a long time to come.


It's your birthday. Aren't you worried in the least about falling victim to a bad fortune?
Most people don't care to test their luck on what's meant to be the most joyous day of the year. Hahaha. That's natural, I suppose.
But you. You're different. Each and every year, you eagerly await my gift of dice.
Hehe. That makes me indescribably happy.
And there's no need to worry. Luck is with us today—both you and I.
It's that luck which makes me certain today will be perfect—no matter the outcome of your roll.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
Ha-ha-ha. A new year is upon us. Shall we try our luck with a roll of the dice?


Have a roll of the dice, (Captain).
Oh! That's a lucky roll. This year will be a good one.
And that's a fact. The rune dice I made myself are telling you so.
Let's have a good year together, (Captain).


Do I believe in dream divination? What a foolish question, (Captain)...
The only thing I believe in is the rune dice. No matter what I need to predict...
But I've begun to believe in something else since I met you, (Captain)...
Heh-heh... Never mind. It's a little early in the year to be getting sentimental. That's just not me.
But I wish us both luck in the new year. I'll say only that!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Everything okay? Why would you come to me of all people this early in the morning?
You want your fortune told with my rune dice?
Heheh. I hear the New Year's fortune thing they do at the shrines is more popular...
So it's kinda nice to know you'd rather have me tell your fortune.
All right, let's do this.
Here, roll the dice.


Come and take a look, (Captain). I've created more dice that reveal your fortunes for the new year.
I mean to make tossing New Year's dice a custom—at least among members of the crew. It offers a bit more than pulling parchment from a box.
I only need a place to unveil them...
What's that? Are you offering to roll my dice in front of the others?
Hehe. How perfect. The crew is sure to follow in the footsteps of its captain, after all.
Well then, we still have some time before everyone clears out. Let's head to the dining hall and put on a show, shall we?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Is this for me? Ha ha ha. Stop joking! You'd really want to give a gift to... someone like me?
Oh, really? Heheh! I'm glad. Thank you!


Bringing me a gift this year too? You sure are quirky...
Heh-heh, but I'm grateful for it. From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you, (Captain).
Shall we check our chemistry with a roll of the rune dice? I'm sure it won't lie...


(Captain), you sure are conscientious.
I mean, to give chocolates to a guy like me... Thank you so much.
Hm? The chocolates have a citrus scent to them... Are there fruit pieces in the chocolate?
I don't really like citrus... You bought the wrong kind, you say? No worries, ha-ha-ha! Everyone makes a mistake every now and then...
Heh-heh. It's all right. I know that your gift came from the heart. So I won't let these chocolates go to waste!
Mmm... Agh... Th-thank you...


(Captain)... You're too kind.
The fact that you'd give me chocolate and even go out of your way to make sure it tastes great...
Just goes to show you—Hm?
You'd prefer I lay off with all the praise?
But this is just the way I am.
... Then again, I don't mean to belittle your good intentions.
So perhaps I should just accept your gift gracefully...
Thank you, (Captain).


Ah, a present for Valentine's. Thank you, (Captain).
It looks delicious, as usual. You become a better patissier year by year.
This improvement is likely the product of your own unflagging dedication and benevolent nature...
But I'd be quite happy if I were to learn you were working so hard... For my sake alone.
Heh-heh. To think I would say something so narcissistic. It's all your fault, you know.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
Hahaha, I made this for you! I struggled a bit in the process though. Here, it's yours...
I didn't rely on anyone but myself to make it. All the better to convey how I feel about you, I thought!


I hardly cook, but when I thought about seeing the smile on your face when I was all done, it turned into fun!
I think it's much more delicious than what I made last year. Be sure to savor every bite!
Heheh... Thanks for everything you do, (Captain)!


(Captain), do you have a moment? I thought I'd give you your present as thanks for Valentine's.
At first I thought you'd like some handmade dice...
But while I was walking through a town, I saw some candy I thought you'd like even more.
Haven't you been feeling a bit tired lately? I want to you relax a little with something sweet.
Ha-ha-ha. I'm so glad you like it, (Captain).


Happy White Day.
This is to pay you back for Valentine's.
I made them myself this year.
Making them from scratch to suit your tastes wasn't easy...
But seeing that smile on your face makes it all worth it.
I know it would've been easier to just buy them, but my mind was set on making the chocolates by hand.
Because keeping you in my thoughts while baking away in the galley is so entertaining in its own way...
You know, you're the one that's supposed to find joy today, but here I am ranting about what a good mood I'm in. Strange? Perhaps so.


Here you are. I've brought you yet another White Day gift.
I believe they turned out quite well... As conceited as that may sound.
Yes, I did use to struggle quite a bit, didn't I? But I've gotten used to the kitchens now.
All that trial and error, just so I could see you happy.
Heh-heh. Oh no, you can feel self-satisfied... I don't mind.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Die Is Cast[edit]

While visiting the casino liner, Krugne is informed by Richard and Christina that (Captain)'s crew is being restrained in a illegal gambling den. Upon learning that the gamblers there are using rigged dice, Krugne is filled with rage and sets out for the den with Richard in tow.

Krugne continues on his journey to create true rune dice.
He makes a point of stopping by the casino liner on a regular basis in order to obtain clues and funds for his travels.
Krugne: (Hmm, which table should I visit today...)
As always, Krugne scans the tables for a dice game.
Suddenly he hears a voice from behind.
???: Hey! Hey, you! Krugne, I'm talking to you!
Krugne: ...?
Hearing someone calling his name, Krugne turns around.
There he sees Richard, looking incredibly flustered.
Krugne: Well, if it isn't Richard. What's got you so frazzled?
Richard: Phew, thank goodness I caught you. I'll explain later. For now, come with me!
Krugne: H-huh?
With that, Richard grabs Krugne's hand and takes off running.
Krugne finds himself in front of Christina, the casino manager, who seems to have been expecting him.
Christina: Sorry for calling on you so suddenly. But there's a certain matter I need your assistance with.
Krugne: Me? Judging from Richard's behavior, it must be something serious.
Christina: Yes, I'm afraid it is. I'd like you to look into an illegal gambling den for me.
Krugne: An illegal gambling den?
Krugne appears deeply confused by Christina's words.
Krugne: I'm not sure I'm cut out for such a dangerous job, if I do say so myself.
Krugne: I think there are countless other people you could ask who'd be better suited to the task.
Krugne is a crew member

Go to "Continue 1"

Continue 1
Krugne: Like (Captain)'s crew, for instance.
Christina: Actually, the thing is... I already asked (Captain)'s crew to infiltrate the gambling den as well.
Christina: But it seems they lost all their funds gambling, so now they're being restrained there.
Krugne: Restrained? Are they all right?
Christina: Yes. According to my own undercover agent, their lives don't seem to be in danger.
Christina: But at this rate I don't see them ever being released. We'll have to rescue them ourselves.
Christina: And that's why I had Richard bring you here so I could ask for your help.
Richard: That's right. What we need isn't strength—it's gambling ability.
Richard: You know all the ins and outs of dice gambling, right? That's why we thought you'd be the most qualified.
Richard: I'll lead the way there, but I'd like you to come along and back me up if push comes to shove.
Krugne: I think I have a grasp of the situation. If (Captain) and the crew are in danger, I can't stand idly by.

Continue 2
Krugne: For example... Wasn't there a skilled skyfarer here on the casino liner that you're on good terms with?
Christina: Oh, you must mean (Captain). The thing is, I actually already sent (Captain)'s crew on the same mission.
Christina: But it seems they lost all their funds gambling, so now they're being restrained there.
Krugne: Restrained? That's not good. Are they all right?
Christina: Yes. According to my own undercover agent, their lives don't seem to be in danger.
Christina: But at this rate I don't see them ever being released. We'll have to rescue them ourselves.
Christina: And that's why I had Richard bring you here, so I could ask for your help.
Richard: That's right. What we need isn't strength—it's gambling ability.
Richard: You know all the ins and outs of dice gambling, right? That's why we thought you'd be the most qualified.
Richard: I'll lead the way there, but I'd like you to come along and back me up if push comes to shove.
Krugne: I see... If that's all you need me for, I can probably make it work.
Christina: Sorry about all this. I'll make sure you're rewarded handsomely for your efforts.
Krugne: Really? In that case, I'd appreciate it if you'd help me gather information about rune dice.
Christina: Very well. We have a number of guests with impressive connections here in the casino, so I'll try reaching out to them.
Krugne: It's a deal then. I'm concerned about the safety of (Captain)'s crew too, so we ought to depart as soon as we can.
Continue 3
Krugne accepts Christina's request out of concern for the crew's well-being.
But as his gaze falls on the dice in his hand, he suddenly frowns.
Krugne: Hold on... (Captain) and the crew were restrained because they lost at gambling.
Krugne: That means it was a consequence of the game—in other words, their fate was determined by the roll of the dice.
Krugne: In that case, by intervening we'd be opposing the will of the dice... And doesn't that go against reason?
Krugne asks himself the question, but Christina is the one to answer.
Christina: Hm, I see. You make a good point. A person should always take responsibility for the outcome of his or her own match.
Christina: Heh... But that only applies to a fair fight.
Krugne: Are you saying the game (Captain)'s crew participated in was rigged?
Christina: That's right. To put it plainly, the gambling den is not only illegal, but fraudulent as well.
Christina: Foul play, rigged dice, and the like are rampant there.
Krugne: What?
Krugne's expression changes completely at Christina's explanation.
Krugne: Did you just say... rigged dice?
Christina: Yes, that's what I said. Apparently there are a wide range of rigged dice used there.
Krugne: Ha... Hahaha... I see...
Krugne: Dice are not tools to deceive others!
Richard: Whoa, you scared me! Where'd that come from?
Krugne: Isn't it obvious? They've shown contempt for dice everywhere!
Krugne: A polyhedral shape that's pleasing to the touch! An unchanging center of gravity! Pips designed to avoid altering the balance!
Krugne: All of that together brings forth perfect randomness! That is the true glory of dice!
Krugne: And that's precisely what makes them beautiful! They're no less than sublime!
Krugne: To think those fiends would take those magnificent dice and defile them with slovenly tricks...
Krugne: Their actions merit death!
Krugne: Richard! Tell me you agree!
Richard: Huh? Oh, uh... Sure...
Krugne: I accept the mission. Let's leave at once to rescue (Captain)'s crew and punish those swindlers.
Krugne: Richard, you know the location of the gambling den, right?
Richard: Well... Yeah...
Krugne: Good, then there's no time to waste. Let's get going.
Krugne grabs Richard by the scruff of the neck and hurries off.
Richard: Huh? H-hang on!
Krugne: No need to worry. I'll obliterate those deceitful gamblers by my own hand.
Krugne: I refuse to let those villains spread their rigged dice throughout the world!
Richard: Stop, stop! I can't breathe... Wait, that's the part that bothers you?
Richard's protests fall on deaf ears as Krugne continues to drag him along.
Traveling at a breakneck pace, the pair depart from the casino liner in search of the gambling den.

Dice Will Roll[edit]

The pair arrive at the gambling den to find it guarded by a bouncer who challenges Krugne to a game. Enraged to discover that the man is cheating, Krugne knocks him unconscious with his rune dice. After entering the den, Krugne sees through the gamblers' tricks one after another until he finally snaps and attacks.

Richard and Krugne arrive at the illegal gambling den where (Captain) and the crew are being confined.
As they walk along the narrow path to the cave where it's located, Richard explains the details to Krugne.
Krugne: I see... So a dice game known as Cee-lo is the main form of gambling there.
Richard: Right. The players roll three dice, and whoever rolls the best combination is the winner.
Krugne: Hmm... I'm happy to hear that a dice game is the main attraction...
Krugne: But if they're using deceptive methods, that's another story. Let's head inside.
Richard: Oh, come on! What kind of idiot just barges in through the front door!
Seething with anger, Krugne marches toward the entrance.
Guarding the door is a burly bouncer.
Bouncer: Hey! Who're you? Don't remember seein' your face around... You a new gambler?
Krugne: I'm a rune dice craftsman. I'm rather fond of gambling, but I didn't come here to place any bets.
Krugne: I've come to retrieve (Captain)'s crew, in fact. They're currently being detained here.
Bouncer: Huh? I don't have a clue what you're goin' on about.
Bouncer: Boy, I'm sure sorry I can't help you out. Only people who plan to gamble are allowed to enter, y'see.
Bouncer: If you wanna get in, you gotta play against me first.
Richard: (I see... So that's how it is.)
Krugne: ((Captain)'s crew must've lost to this doorman.)
Krugne and Richard exchange glances.
Krugne: Very well. If playing against you will give us access, then I accept your challenge.
Bouncer: Heh heh... Good stuff. Then lemme go over the rules.
The bouncer pulls out a set of three six-sided dice and sets them on a nearby table.
Bouncer: See these three dice? The banker rolls 'em first, and if two faces are matchin', the one remainin' is the banker's score.
Bouncer: Once the banker's turn is over, the player rolls the dice, and whoever has the best combination wins.
Krugne: I see. If there are no matching dice, you don't get any points. So that means the maximum score is six?
Bouncer: Yep. And the banker wins automatically if they roll either three sixes or a four, five, and six.
Krugne: Well, I imagine you'll be the banker. Which means I need to focus on getting the highest score I can.
Bouncer: Yep, that's what it boils down to. All right, I'm rollin' the dice.
The bouncer grips the dice tightly in his hand, attempting to hide them as he moves to make his roll.
But Krugne manages to catch a glimpse of the dice faces and notices something peculiar.
Krugne: Hold on. Let me have a look at those dice.
Bouncer: Huh? N-no! Why should I have to show them to you?
Krugne: Shut up and let me see them!
With surprising strength, Krugne wrenches open the bouncer's hand and inspects the dice concealed inside.
Krugne: I knew it. The faces are all fours, fives, and sixes... These are rigged dice.
Bouncer: Dammit... I can't believe you noticed!
Richard: (Pathetic... What a sloppy trick. Does he really expect to fool people with that?)
Richard: (Don't tell me (Captain)'s crew fell for it. They're always way too trusting...)
Richard is appalled by the bouncer's poor excuse for a trick.
Beside him, Krugne stares at the bouncer with a threatening look on his face.
Bouncer: All right, I'm sorry! Calm down, man! It was just a joke!
Krugne: Haha... Hahaha... And what a fun little joke it was...
Krugne: How could you... How dare you use such a cheap trick...
Krugne: You thought you could violate the sanctity of the dice and get away with it, did you!
Bouncer: Eek! P-please, have mercy!
Krugne: Groveling will do you no good! I'll deliver the judgment of the dice upon you!
Krugne unleashes his rune dice magic at full power against the bouncer.
Bouncer: Aaahh!
Fueled by his own explosive rage, Krugne's magic causes the bouncer to fall unconscious.
Krugne: Hmph. I hope that teaches you the true power of dice.
Krugne: Richard, let's head inside. When I think of this sort of thing being widespread in there, it enrages me to my very core.
Richard: Well, er... We're just here to investigate, so maybe we should try handling things a little more peacefully...
Krugne: Did you say something?
Richard: No... Never mind...
With the bouncer silenced, Krugne and Richard all but force their way into the gambling den.
Inside they are approached by a crowd of gamblers who see them as easy prey. But Krugne quickly proves them wrong.
Krugne: The balance of that die is slightly off, isn't it? It'll only roll sixes!
Krugne: You... When you rolled those dice, you moved them so they'd only turn horizontally! That doesn't count as rolling!
Krugne: You just turned that die over after the roll was finished, didn't you! I bet you thought no one would see you move your hand!
Krugne sees through all the gamblers' tricks in an instant.
As he exposes their deceptive methods one after another, his voice becomes as piercing and cold as a blizzard.
Krugne: You fools... I think I'll divide your spines into four sections and use them to craft some seasonal rune dice.
Krugne: You'll pay for what you've done... I'll purge each and every one of you cheats in here!
Richard: Sigh... If that'll satisfy you, then fine by me.
Richard: Guess I don't really have a choice here. I'll back you up!

Dice Will Roll: Scene 2[edit]

Having conquered the gambling den, Krugne and Richard make their way to the boss's room. The boss challenges them to a game, offering to release (Captain)'s crew if they win. Krugne is unable to see through the boss's trick at first, but he finally figures it out thanks to a comment from Richard.

Krugne defeats every last deceitful gambler with his rune dice, eventually conquering the entire gambling den.
He watches as the gamblers dash toward the back of the cave, their breaths haggard.
Gambler 1's Voice: D-dammit! Boss! We've got an emergency on our hands!
Gambler 2's Voice: You gotta help us! Some crazy guy is muscling in on our turf!
Richard: Oh, please... Sounds like they've run off to call the manager of this place.
Krugne: How convenient. Let's pay a visit to that precious boss of theirs and rescue (Captain)'s crew.
Krugne and Richard follow the gamblers to a room so luxurious it's hard to believe they're inside a cave.
Inside they see a dignified-looking man, and behind him, a captured (Captain) and crew.
Krugne: (Captain)! I'm glad you're all right.
Vyrn: Heeey! You two came to save us, right?
Lyria: Thank goodness... We're saved...
  1. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Thanks for coming to our rescue.

Choose: Sorry for the trouble.
Krugne: No need to apologize. They're the ones who should be apologizing for disrespecting the dice.

Choose: Thanks for coming to our rescue.
Krugne: Heh... Your thanks are unnecessary. It was worth it to be able to eradicate these fools for desecrating the dice.
Continue 1
Krugne: Now then... You must be the boss of this place. It seems you've been having your underlings perform some fun little tricks.
At Krugne's words, the boss's face breaks out into a sneer.
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... Word has it you've been showing my gamblers a good time.
Gambling Den Boss: Ain't that right? Heard you saw through all their tricks. Not bad—I'm impressed.
Krugne: Enough pointless babble. We're here to rescue that crew and punish you for your dirty deeds, so prepare yourself.
Gambling Den Boss: Come on, you don't expect me to release them just like that, do you?
Gambling Den Boss: Let's see... How about we play a game, and if you can manage to see through my trick, I'll let them go.
Krugne: Sigh... There's no real reason for us to play along...
The other gamblers move to surround (Captain) and the crew, and Krugne breathes an exasperated sigh.
Krugne: But in this situation, I guess it'd be hard to break them free otherwise.
Krugne: Very well. We'll play your little game.
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... Glad to hear it. Then whichever one of you wants to play can step up to the table.
Krugne takes a step forward.
Richard: No, wait. I'll go first.
Richard moves to block Krugne's path with a grim look on his face.
Krugne: Richard? Why'd you stop me?
Richard: There's something about that guy... He's completely different from all the others.
Richard: I'll go first and feel things out. For better or worse, today's been an awful day, so Lady Luck ought to be on my side now.
Gambling Den Boss: Oh, so you're my first opponent? Fine by me. Let's see what you've got.
The boss watches Richard approach the table and places three dice between them.
Gambling Den Boss: Now then, we'll rotate between being the banker and the player. The first person to run out of chips loses.
Richard: Okay, sounds good! Let's do this!
Richard: All right, another win for me!
Gambling Den Boss: Ugh... I lost again.
Exhibiting his phenomenal gambling luck, Richard continues to win against the boss.
Meanwhile Krugne stands in a corner of the room, observing the game intently.
Krugne: (That's strange... I haven't seen anything unusual yet, and Richard's been winning this whole time...)
Krugne: (But I find it hard to believe that guy would fail to use any sort of trick...)
As Krugne looks on suspiciously, Richard continues to win round after round.
Just as Richard is on the clear path to victory, the boss suddenly puts all his remaining chips on the table.
Gambling Den Boss: Phew... Things aren't looking good for me. I'll wager everything on this next round.
Richard: Huh... You sure you want to do that? There'll be no turning back.
Gambling Den Boss: Yep, that's what gambling's all about. So what'll you do? I just bet all my chips, you know.
Richard's eyebrows twitch in response to the boss's taunting words.
In the next moment, Richard follows suit and thrusts all his chips onto the table.
Richard: Heh... As a gambler, I can't very well shy away from a challenge. I'll bet all my chips too!
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... That's what I like to hear.
The final round begins, and the boss assumes the role of banker and rolls the dice.
As the dice come to a stop, the two men's voices echo throughout the room.
Gambling Den Boss: All right! I win!
Richard: Whaaat! You've got to be kidding me!
Vyrn: Huh? What just happened?
Following a moment of silence, Richard reads out the numbers on the dice in a trembling voice.
Richard: No way... Three sixes... An instant win?
Krugne: What! Impossible...
Gambling Den Boss: You there, stand back! I can't have you bumping the table and invalidating my roll!
As Krugne instinctively starts to rush over to the table, the boss stops him in his tracks.
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... Either way, the outcome should be clear from your buddy's reaction.
Richard: Huff... Huff...
And I was so sure I'd win...
Having lost all his chips to the boss, Richard staggers away from the table.
Richard: Sorry... I was hoping to expose his trick one way or another...
Richard: Be careful. There's something off about him. He was watching me and mumbling under his breath...
Richard: And that spirit of his is fearsome... It's enough to make you dizzy...
The next moment, Richard collapses onto the ground.
Gambling Den Boss: So... Ready to throw in the towel? I should warn you though—even if you do give up, you two still won't be getting out of here.
Krugne: No thanks. I can't very well back down without exposing your trick.
Krugne boldly walks up to the table.
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... Then let's get started!
Krugne concentrates on the dice, struggling to identify the boss's trick.
But as the rounds pass by without him discovering the secret, his chips continue to disappear steadily.
Eventually he only has enough chips left for a single bet.
Krugne: (Ugh... I can't seem to spot any trick with the dice... At this rate...)
Gambling Den Boss: Hahaha! Looks like you've reached the end of the line.
Krugne: Haha. We'll see about that. This game isn't over yet.
Krugne: (That being said, I still don't even have so much as a clue. I have to figure something out in this last round...)
Krugne: (Hahaha. The situation is so hopeless, I'm feeling dizzy all of a sudden.)
Finding himself up against the wall, a wry smile appears on Krugne's face.
But at that moment, Richard's earlier words echo in his mind.
Richard: Be careful. There's something off about him. He was watching me and mumbling under his breath...
Richard: And that spirit of his is fearsome... It's enough to make you dizzy...
Krugne: (Wait... I'm dizzy? Now that I think of it, Richard mentioned feeling dizzy too...)
Krugne wracks his brain for the answer, desperate to put all the pieces together.
Krugne: Dizziness... Muttering under his breath... A strange obsession with keeping other people away from the table...
Krugne: And there are no tricks to the dice themselves...
Krugne: That's it!
He raises his head and points his finger at the boss.
Krugne: I've figured it out... I know your trick!

Dice Will Roll: Scene 3[edit]

The boss reveals that he, too, has been conducting research on the creation of rune dice, and he challenges Krugne to a fair game wagering their own spines. Krugne accepts the bet to everyone's surprise and proceeds to win with a perfect roll.

Krugne: We were wrong to assume there was some sort of trick to the dice themselves.
Krugne: His trick didn't affect the dice at all. It only affected our vision.
Richard: What! Our... vision?
Krugne: In other words, he placed us under some sort of spell.
Krugne: And he made us see completely different numbers on the dice faces!
Richard: Hold on! How could something that crazy possibly work...
Richard rushes over to the table to inspect the dice.
Upon seeing the faces of the dice on the table, his eyes widen in shock.
Richard: It's true... The dice faces are completely different from the ones that were called out!
Krugne: I'd wager that spell isn't powerful enough to affect everyone in the room.
Krugne: That's why he made everyone else stay back, and only he and his opponent could approach the table and verify the rolls.
Krugne: It was a daring scheme to say the least, but in the end it was no more than a silly trick of the eyes.
The boss laughs fearlessly as Krugne glares in his direction.
Gambling Den Boss: Hahaha! I'm surprised you managed to see through my trick... You're a real gambler.
Krugne: No, I'm not a gambler. I'm a craftsman in search of true rune dice.
Krugne: I just couldn't allow you to desecrate the dice any further, that's all.
Gambling Den Boss: Wh-what? Did you say rune dice?
The boss's eyes suddenly light up at Krugne's words.
He approaches Krugne, gesturing wildly.
Gambling Den Boss: Oh... I see! You're trying to unravel the mysteries of rune dice too!
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... Then I might as well tell you about my goal!
Krugne: Huh? What do you mean?
Gambling Den Boss: The truth is... I'm hooked on making rune dice myself!
The boss begins to give a passionate account of his own rune dice journey.
He explains that he used the spines of various monsters in an attempt to create rune dice capable of powerful magic.
But eventually he began to feel that the magical ability of monster spines was inherently limited.
Gambling Den Boss: That's when I realized something. If I wanted power that surpassed monsters, I needed the spines of those who hunt them.
Krugne: So that's why you captured (Captain)'s crew... You were going to use them as ingredients...
Richard: You gotta be kidding me... That is not okay!
Krugne: I see... That makes sense. If you're looking to obtain powerful magic, that might be the most convenient way.
Richard: What! Don't tell me you agree with him!
Gambling Den Boss: Hahaha! I knew you'd understand!
Gambling Den Boss: Oh, I know! What do you say we play another game? This time we'll do it fair and square. No tricks.
Gambling Den Boss: And we'll wager our own spines... What do you say?
The boss challenges Krugne with a broad grin on his face.
Vyrn: Oh, come on... There's no way he'll say yes to a game like that!
Richard: Yeah! And you can't expect us to believe the words of some shady fraud!
(Captain) and company voice their dissent in unison, but Krugne calmly walks over to the boss.
Krugne: Sure, count me in. As long as it's a fair game that doesn't disrespect the dice.
Krugne: Who will the dice smile upon—you or me? I'm interested to find out.
Gambling Den Boss: Hahaha! Just the answer I was hoping for!
Gambling Den Boss: All right, the rules are simple. We'll each roll the dice, and whoever has the highest roll wins.
Krugne: One round means there's no need for a distinction between banker and player. It'll be a simple battle of dice.
Gambling Den Boss: Yep, that's right. Now then... Do you mind if I roll first?
Krugne: Be my guest. No matter who goes first, the dice will be the ones to determine our fates.
Gambling Den Boss: Heh heh... I can't wait to see the glorious moment when that composure of yours crumbles.
The boss licks his lips and rolls the dice with a powerful flourish.
Gambling Den Boss: All right! The faces are... five, five, and six!
Richard: What! He got that high of a score without even using any tricks?
Lyria: Urgh... Will Krugne be okay?
(Captain) and company watch Krugne, their faces clouded with worry.
But Krugne merely smiles calmly.
Krugne: Hahaha... I've definitely got my back against the wall here.
Krugne: But my goal is to create true rune dice. To do that, I'll have to understand the dice and garner their favor.
Krugne: So if it all ends here, that just means I wasn't good enough.
With that declaration, Krugne gently rolls the dice.
They rattle around the tray with a refreshing sound.
Krugne: Heheh... Looks like I'm the one the dice have chosen to smile upon.
Finally the dice come to a stop with the three highest values facing upward.
Lyria: Phew... I'm so happy we made it out of there okay.
Richard: Yeah, I'm glad you're all safe and sound! And we were able to file a report against the illegal gambling den too.
(Captain) and company leisurely make their way back, celebrating their escape from the gambling den.
Vyrn: Y'know, you scared me back there, Dice Boy! I thought you were really gonna take out that guy's spine!
  1. You'd never do that... right?
  2. Did you really plan to remove it?

Choose: You'd never do that... right?
Lyria: Of course he wouldn't! Even Krugne wouldn't go that far...
Krugne: Well, I can't say I didn't consider actually extracting his spine.

Choose: Did you really plan to remove it?
Krugne: Yes. I can't say I didn't consider actually extracting his spine if the situation allowed.
Continue 1
Krugne: But as soon as the bet was over, you all reported the illegal gambling den to the Crew of Enforcers, right?
Krugne: If I'd taken his spine, I would've been apprehended too. That's why I decided to hold back this time.
Vyrn: Haha! Your jokes are as scary as ever, Dice Boy!
Richard: (No... I can tell. He's being completely serious!)
As (Captain) and the crew laugh at Krugne's words, Richard breaks into a cold sweat, thinking back on the day's events.
But in the end, only Krugne himself can truly say whether he had been joking or not.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

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