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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Boss!
Ain't ya s'pposed ta blow out candles now or somethin'?
You forgot? Never mind, I got some candles for ya here, Boss!


Happy birthday, Boss!
Jirokichi and I scraped up some candles to celebrate!
Blowing out candles is a tradition, right?
Try blowing them all out in one go, Boss!
Nice! I couldn't have done it better!


Ah, you're really growing into your own... I'm very impressed...
I'm gonna follow you for life, Boss! I'll see to it that our crew is the best place to be in the skies!
Let's sing the birthday song!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Happy birthday, dear (Captain)!
Whew! This is so emotional it's almost moving me to tears!


Good timing, Boss!
I made sure to go all out and bake this gigantic cake to commemorate the occasion.
Jirokichi and I wanted to make it so ginormous that it'd knock your socks off, Boss!
You always go out of your way for us... And we just wanted to pay you back a little of that kindness.
Now to just get the candles in place and light them up...
Whoa... A mega whopper of a cake for a boss with a heart bigger than all the skies... I'm still taking in the sight of it.
How 'bout we all get up and sing along for everyone's best boss! Happy birthday, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A happy New Year to you!
I'll work even harder this year as your underling, Boss!


Happy New Year, Boss!
I'm gonna brush up my sword skills this year and be the best candidate there is for your right-hand man!
As for Jirokichi he's doing his best to get some attention from Mr. Lizard.
Hahaha! I can't wait till next year!


Attention, all. I have an announcement to make.
Inside this elegant jujube-shaped case is a hand-crafted figurine—a kind found only in these parts of the skydom!
Hehe, how do you like my sales pitch, Boss?
I'm gonna try something new this year!
Do you think I'd make as fine a merchant as Sierokarte?


Sorry, Boss! I didn't mean to make you wait for our shrine visit...
But Jirokichi was so set on spiffing herself up when she heard Mr. Lizard would be coming along.
She wanted to look her best for her first appearance of the year, and I just couldn't say no... Hope you don't mind too much!
You don't? Good! Your generosity's as big and wide as the skies, Boss.
All righty, I've decided! My New Year's resolution is to become as big of heart as you are!
I know it won't be easy, but today marks the perfect time for me to dream big!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day, Boss! Jirokichi here has something for Mr. Lizard.
Hm? You want to know what it is? Gahahaha! As if you didn't already know.
Speaking of, I have something for you too, Boss! Some good ol' chocolate!


Boss... Today is the day I offer presents to those I hold dear.
Oh gosh, it feels so embarrassing just to say that.
Anyway, Boss, these chocolates are for you. Here, the whole bag's yours.
Heheh, it takes guts to actually hand 'em over.


Gratitude's near impossible to convey without expressing it!
Which is why I've got another present for you this year, Boss!
And hey, this ain't no bribe! I put my heart into this chocolate.
So eat up, Boss! Hope you like it handmade!


I've had the chance to try out so many things this past year, even cooking.
What I'm saying is I'm pretty sure of my chocolates this time.
Making these might look easy as pie, but I learned the hard way that it takes a master chef to really perfect them.
If you're wondering whether a newbie like me would really be up to the task...
Actually, I'm just gonna cut to the chase! I'm ready to do this!
Boss! Have a taste of my homemade chocolate and tell me what you think!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, Boss! Whatcha doin'?
Ah! This... this must be that thing for White Day, right?
For me? Oh, Boss, I don't know what to say...
All right, I've decided! I'm going to follow you not just for life, but in the next life too and for every other time I'm reborn!
Heheh, I must be the happiest woman alive to serve under you, Boss!


Boss, Boss! You gotta hear this! Jirokichi picked up some apples from Mr. Lizard!
Now I'm gonna take a wild guess here...
And say that it's a White Day gift from Vyrn! No, I'm sure of it!
Gyahaha! I hope you'll lend a helping hand in their road to true love, Boss!
Hey, what's with the deadpan look on your face?
Ack! A White Day gift for me?


What's up? You called me, Boss? Ooh, let me guess—it's something important?
I'm the Rabbit Girl after all!
You think I'm acting weird? I'm pretty sure I'm my usual self though. What exactly seems off about me?
(I know this feeling... Wait, isn't today White Day?)
(Just being conscious of it makes me kinda bashful.)
What's that? You have a present for me? Th-thanks!
Didn't have to call me out here for this though, Boss...
Heheh, I guess you like to see me nervous, eh?


Eep! Y-you startled me, Boss!
Of course I'm jittery today. Today's...
(Gah, I'll never get used to it... White Day's always such a handful!)
(But here I am trying to get something back from my Valentine's present like it's a given... How long can I go...)
(But wait... It looks like the boss doesn't have anything on hand...)
(Ah, don't tell me! Have I been reading the situation wrong?)
Ah, Boss! My apologies! I—
Wha... You made me a really nice meal to repay my kindness during Valentine's?
You did that just for me?
Wow, I definitely didn't see this coming! You're the best, Boss!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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A happy Halloween to you!
Boss! I'm here to pick up treats!


Captain! Trick or treat! Make haste with the tasty candy!
Ooh! This is excellent! Much obliged, Captain!
Hehe, your kindness knows no bounds!


Hey, Boss! Doesn't "trick or treat" seem like such a magical expression to you?
I mean, everyone forks over goodies when I say it. Man, the day couldn't get any better!
Can you imagine how peaceful the skies would be if every day was Halloween?


Get a load of this, Boss! I got so much candy from everyone in the crew!
Though I wasn't expecting to be handed treats before even saying the magic words...
Are they that afraid of whatever trick I might pull?
Of course, I'm super grateful for the munchies, but it's just...
Jirokichi and I thought up this crazy, bizarre trick—the kind that only bona-fide ninjas like us could come up with—just for today!
Wha? Really? You want us to test it out on you, Boss?
All right then. I just hope you're ready for the tickle fest that's coming for you!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, Boss!
You must have a great many things to attend to at this time of year, but remember that your health always comes first!


Holidays spent with the crew are the best.
I used to till the fields, back before you picked me up. The fields were always so cold.
But now that I'm surrounded by so much food and gift-giving, I could cry.
Sob... Boss, I've decided—I'm following you for life!


How nice that we get to spend another merry holiday season... You know, it's got me thinking about things...
What do you say to checking out the snow together?
I've always wanted to watch the falling holiday snow with you.
Yes? Really? Woo-hoo! Much appreciated, Boss!
Let's get your lizard friend to come along too! Jirokichi can play with him!


Boss, season's greetings! Jirokichi and me are jumping with joy to spend this holy night with you!
We heard you're taking us out somewhere later?
Ooh! This year's party is gonna be at that super fancy restaurant?
Gyahaha! Our crew's really come into its own to be able to dine at such a nice place!
Just thinking of all we've been through in our travels brings a tear to my eye!
Can we get going already? I'm just dying to go!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Long-eared Girl[edit]

The party accepted the mission and searched for the fugitive. They met one Leonora, who was in the employ of that fugitive as a bodyguard. When Leonora realized that she had been duped by a wanted person, she opened up to (Captain) and company. Leonora’s partner, Jirokichi, became infatuated with Vyrn, so they joined the party.

Our heroes undertook a mission from Sierokarte to hunt down a fugitive with a price on his head.
As soon as our heroes searched in a forest based on several clues...
Girl: Oh oh oh! You were pursuing that guy?!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Vyrn: What's happening? With this little one?
Girl: I’m a little girl! A most excellent name for me would be...
Girl: People call me the Rabbit Girl! I am Leonora!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Leonora: You were the ones looking for this fiend, right?
Vyrn: Mmm? So that person was the fugitive we were pursuing?
Leonora: A fugitive wanted for a bounty... That’s right! I am a bodyguard hired by that person! A profession warrior, and ninja!
Leonora: Bring it on! I was told that person was falsely accused!
Vyrn: What?!? Where did you hear that from?!
Leonora: You can’t lose sight of that! That would be wrong! I will make you face justice!
Leonora: Feel the bite of my ice blade!
Katalina: W-Wait! We have no intention of fighting you!
Katalina produced the wanted poster and showed the written description of the fugitive to Leonora.
Leonora: Bring it on! What is this, a counterfeit wanted poster made to frame her?!
Katalina: No, this is an authentic wanted poster. She’s a fiend who has committed a cornucopia of crimes. And there is a mountain of irrefutable evidence against her.
Leonora: Say what now?! Irrefutable evidence?! What do you mean by that?!
Fugitive: No! I’ve been found!
Vyrn: Hey, I’ve found her! You jackass! So you were hiding out here!
Fugitive: Ugh! No point in trying to hide now!
Vyrn: Why you...! We’ve been waiting for you!
Small Animal: ...
Fugitive: Dammit! Stay away from me!
Vyrn: Wait! You think we’re gonna let you get away?! After her! (Captain)!
Small Animal: ...!
Thanks to the hard work of our heroes, the fugitive was captured.
Fugitive: Damn it! Let go of me!
Leonora: Were you lying to me all along?
Fugitive: Heh! Of course! It’s your fault for falling for it!
Vyrn: What did you say?! How dare you...
Leonora: Ahaha! You’re busted!
Vyrn: Hey... this is no laughing matter...
Leonora: Let’s haul her in and close this case!
Small Animal: Squeak.
Katalina: I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but what’s the deal with that animal you’ve got with you?
Small Animal: Squeak?
Katalina: Oh how cute! Tee hee!
Leonora: This is my partner, Jirokichi! We’ve been together for a long time...
Vyrn: Mmm? Huh? This weasel...
Leonora: Gah! What happened? You partner?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Vyrn: Whahaha! That tickles!
Katalina: What a combo...
Katalina: How adorable!
Leonora: Hey hey... Is my partner smitten with that lizard?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: Ahaha! A weasel falling in love with a lizard... Now that is funny!
Vyrn: Wha...?! You think I wanna get romantically involved with a weasel?
Leonora: Gotcha! I’ve decided! We’re gonna go with you!
Vyrn: Say what!?
Leonora: Ahaha! My partner’s love affair won’t hinder us any!
Leonora: We won’t be a burden!
Leonora: I am a pro when it comes to battles! People call me the Ninja Rabbit Girl!
Vyrn: Say something, (Captain)!
  1. Vyrn here is an ignoramus
  2. Where is the ceremony held?

Choose: Vyrn here is an ignoramus
Leonora: Ahaha! My partner doesn’t sweat the details!

Choose: Where is the ceremony held?
Vyrn: Hmph... Of course in our hometown... No, Auguste is also lovely...
Continue 1
Vyrn: What the... hey! What are you on about, (Captain)!
Leonora: Ahaha! Good for you, Jirokichi!
Leonora: I’m looking forward to traveling with you, boss!
Katalina: Heh heh... You two are going to have an enjoyable future together...
Vyrn: Wait just a minute!
Thus the Grandcypher became livelier than ever.
But how the relationship between Vyrn and Jirokichi would turn out is a story for another time...

Ninjas on the Move[edit]

As (Captain)'s party explored the town, Leonora suddenly announced she will be going to the forest. The party asks her why she was heading into danger by going to the forest, but she simply dodges the question. Suddenly the group is attacked by monsters, and the party is forced to fight back.

As the party explored the town, Leonora suddenly announced she will be going to the forest.
The party learns that the forest is full of monsters, and quickly run after Leonora as she dashes toward the forest.
Vyrn: Whew... we finally caught up...
Leonora: Hmm? You guys came here after me?
Jirokichi: Squeak.
Katalina: Good grief... you had us worried.
Vyrn: Hey now, what's going on? Don't ya know there are monsters in this forest? It's dangerous to go alone!
Leonora: I-I have some things I need to do! I can't drag you all into this, so...
Vyrn: Mmm? Some things that you can't tell us about...?
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Vyrn: What did we tell ya! Here they come!
Leonora: Bring it on! I'll cut down anyone that stands in the way of my partner's romance!
Leonora: Feel the bite of my ice blade!

Ninjas on the Move: Scene 2[edit]

After (Captain)'s party defeats the monsters, they realize there's a bounty on them and return to the place they were earlier. There, scoundrels are attacked by monsters as they try to take the bounty for themselves. Leonora says she owes them a debt, so (Captain)'s party rushes in to help.

Vyrn: Hey, where are we heading?
Katalina: Hmm... it doesn't seem like they have a destination but...
Leonora: I can't tell you now but... I'll explain when we get there!
Vyrn: Ohh...
Leonora: What's wrong? Master Lizard?
Vyrn: Uhh... there's something bugging me about that monster from earlier...
Leonora: Did it remind you of an old girlfriend or something...?
Lyria: Whaaat?! I've never heard about this! Is it true, Vyrn!?
Vyrn: Don't give me that!
Katalina: That was... now I remember. I'm pretty sure there was a bounty out for that monster...
Vyrn: Say what!? That means we could get a reward for it! We've got to head back! (Captain)!
Scoundrel 1: Heheh... it's a good thing we made those skyfarers head this way!
Scoundrel 2: Ahaha! We'll get a handsome reward when we cash in this bounty!
Leonora: Oh! You're the ones that taught me about this forest!
Scoundrel 1: Wha!? They came back!
Vyrn: What the...hey! You guys had us beat the monster so you can take the bounty for yourselves!?
Scoundrel 2: Heh! No point hiding it now!
Leonora: Ahaha! You got us good!
Vyrn: Hey... this is no time to be laughing...
Monster: Guooooooorrrr!!
Scoundrel 1: Ack!?
Scoundrel 2: Help us!
Katalina: What the...! That's the leader of the monster we beat earlier!
Leonora: Boss! Let's help 'em! I owe them!

Ninjas on the Move: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain)'s party saves the scoundrels. The scoundrels told Leonora where to find good apples. Leonora's partner Jirokichi gifted Vyrn an apple as a token of love. And so Vyrn and Jirokichi's relationship takes a baby step forward.

And so (Captain)'s party saves the scoundrels.
The scoundrels swear never to try and take someone else's reward again, and run off.
Vyrn: Hey, so why did we come here anyway?
Vyrn: Mmm? What's that you brought?
Vyrn: An apple? It is! This is for me?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: She told me she really wanted to get you a gift...
Leonora: Then I remembered that you like apples so...
Leonora: We were looking for a nice apple, then those guys from earlier told us about this place!
Vyrn: Whahaha! This is tasty alright!
Leonora: Oh! Master Lizard likes it! Good for you, Jirokichi!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: Aww! I'm so happy! My partner got a boyfriend!
Vyrn: Say what!? Boyfriend... are you talking about me!?
Leonora: Ahaha! That present was a confession of love!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: My friend, I'm so happy he accepted your feelings!
Lyria: Wow! Congratulations! Vyrn!
Katalina: Heh heh... I'm excited for your future together...
Vyrn: Wait just a minute!
And so Vyrn and Jirokichi's relationship takes a baby step forward.
What happens to those two is a story for another time...

Ninja vs Samurai[edit]

Jin had received a letter of challenge. The party went with Jin to the site of the supposed duel. Leonora came to greet him. Only a meeting of swords could settle things between the samurai and the ninja, she said. Jin was nonplussed, to say the least. With the party’s help, he managed to turn the battle into one of words rather than weapons. But suddenly Leonora had no interest in battles of any sort. All she had was a word of advice. Somehow, both of them had gotten their message across. They exchanged a vow to become better.

One day on the Grandcypher. Having received a letter from a unknown sender, Jin sat with his head in his hands, perplexed.
Jin: Hrm... who would do such a thing...
Vyrn: Hm? Er, Jin? What kind of face is that?
Jin: Ah, Vyrn... I... I’ve received a letter of challenge and I’ve no idea who it could have come from.
Lyria: What?! A letter of challenge?
Jin: Indeed we have...
On it, in a childish scrawl, was a single line: “We shall wager our pride in a fight to the death!”
Vyrn: C’mon... this is a bunch of chicken scratch. You sure some kid didn’t write this?
Jin: But... it seems such a serious letter. There must be some meaning in it. I musn’t be careless.
Lyria: W-wait, Jin... are you going to go to this, um, dueling site?
Jin: Don't worry. All I need to do is clear up a little misunderstanding. Nothing bad will happen.
Lyria: B-but Jin! You can’t know that for sure!
Vyrn: Yeah! It could be a trap or something. We’ll come with you, just to be safe!
Jin: I would be grateful... perhaps you and your friends should come along, (Captain).
And so the party made their way to the site written in the letter.
Jin: Hrm... it seems we’ve arrived ahead of this writer.
Vyrn: Yeesh... it was probably just some kid playing a prank, right?
Lyria: Hehe. But still... it’s good that nothing happened.
Jin: Hehehe. Lyria’s got the right of it. Shall we get back to the ship?
But just as the party prepared to make their leave.
Leonora: Why hullo there! If it isn’t dear Master Jin! Oh, how long I’ve waited for this day!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: What?! Leonora... it was you who wrote the letter?
Leonora: Oh, for the love of... I could’ve sworn Jirokichi and I’d signed that darned thing...
Lyria: Um... oh... there they are! It looks like two names, I think? But yup! They’re right there!
Vyrn: Oh, jeez... didn’t anyone ever teach you how to write?
Leonora: No need to worry! I’ve no need of a letter now that Master Jin has arrived!
Leonora: But wait... dear fellows! There must be a reason for you to have come with him...
Leonora: Perhaps you could bear witness to our battle?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: Gah... w-wait just one minute! Would you care to explain why we’re fighting in the first place?
Leonora: Oh? I’ve my pride as a ninja and you’ve your own as a samurai, Master Jin... we must prove once and for all which is the strongest!
Jin: What?! You wish to fight me for that?! We need prove nothing... there’s no need for our pride to turn to bloodshed. Am I right?
Leonora: What’s all this, then?! I’ll not hear it! This is a pretty big deal to me, I’ll have you know! Now unsheathe your sword and be quick about it!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Jin: Oh, this is vexing... (Is there no way I can get out of this?)
Lyria: Oh, this is bad... what should we do, (Captain)...
  1. A good thump ought to do it
  2. How about you shout it out?

Choose: A good thump ought to do it
Jin: (Captain)... how could you say that?! This is no time for japery!
Vyrn: Yeah! Why don’t you just... um... give proclamations or something?
Jin: ...! Proclamations... that could be just the thing to pique Leonora’s interest!

Choose: How about you shout it out?
Jin: ... and neither of us would need to suffer any injury!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Alright! We’ll take care of this!
Leonora: What’s all this, then?! I do hope you’re prepared, Master Jin!
Vyrn: Hold up! Jin’ll give you a battle... but it’ll be a battle of words. How ‘bout it? I think Jirokichi here knows what I’m talking about. Right?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: Oh? A battle of proclamations, is it?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: What’s that, Jirokichi? You approve of Master Lizard’s proposal?
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: I see... then we shall wield our proclamations! The ninja versus the samurai!
Jin: Whew... (Vyrn... Jirokichi... I am in your debt!)
Leonora: And you lot... you shall serve as the judges!
And so the battle began, words flying like so many arrows.
Leonora: Hear, hear! Be prepared to feel the bite of Hail’s Blade!
Leonora: I am Leonora... though I am known to some as Sister Rabbit! Now, dear Master Jin! What say you?!
Jin: Hrm... I seem to be at a loss for words. I am Jin... the Patriotic Wave! ... does that sound about right, (Captain)?
Leonora: Oh, crimeny... what in blazes is that supposed to mean?! And you could stand to look a bit more into it!
Jin: Apologies... I can’t say I’ve ever given any thought to something like this, let alone done it...
Leonora: I see... I suppose we’ve gone and put the cart before the horse.
Jin: If you’d just give me a bit of time... I promise I’ll work hard to become a worthy opponent...
Leonora: Hear, hear! In that case, I’ll take you under mine own wing!
Jin: Thank you... I would be honored, Lady Leonora!
Leonora: You’re in good hands, Master Jin! First thing’s first! We must find a proclamation fit for you!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
And in a moment, a battle of words had turned into a rather odd apprenticeship.
Jin: Jin... my name is Jin. By justice shall I live and by justice shall I die... a ronin wandering this transient world.
Jin: ... though poor in gold, I am rich in spirit. For the sake of the world, for the sake of the people, I pledge to live a life of honor.
Leonora: Hear, hear! Be prepared to feel the bite of Hail’s Blade!
Leonora: I am Leonora... though I am known to some as Sister Rabbit!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Lyria: You're amazing! Now you both have a proclamation! That’s so cool!
Vyrn: Yeah! Hard to say which is better. Leonora’s is feisty and Jin’s is damned smooth!
Leonora: Well done, Master Jin! I’ve nothing left to teach you!
Jin: Hehe. It was all thanks to you, Lady Leonora.
Leonora: And that’s that! Hrm... I feel as though I’m forgetting something...
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Leonora: What?! The battle...
Jin: Ahaha! Dear Lady Leonora... do you really think all of this is necessary?
Leonora: Urk... b-but...
Jin: It seems to me it would be better to strive to improve oneself for the respect of an esteemed peer than to engage in needless posturing. Don’t you think so?
Leonora: My dear man... what you say makes a fair bit of sense...
Jin: Hehe. And perhaps next time I could repay the favor... what would you say to a lesson in swordowrk?
Leonora: Kyahahaha! A fine proposal! I’ll be looking forward to it, Master Jin!
Jirokichi: Squeak!
Vyrn: Welp... looks like things worked out without anyone getting cut.
Lyria: Yeah! Jin and Leonora make such a good match!
And so Jin and Leonora began to meet up regularly, each sharing their skills with the other.
Samurai and ninja united. Perhaps it wouldn’t take long for the strange duo to be known all over the sky.