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Official Profile




  • Lilele's Japanese title is similar to the Japanese subtitle for Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, which is a mobile game that involves time travel.
    • 時空を超える猫 (The Cat Beyond Time and Space)
    • 時空を超えるアイドル (The Idol Beyond Time and Space)


Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Captain, We're gonna celebrate your birthday! Isn't that great?
Guess what? I have a present for you!
Look, look! Isn't this just the most beautiful box you've ever seen?
Hehe, there's nothing inside though!
That's cause the present can't be put in the box!
It's a special song I made just for you.
I call it Happy, Happy Birthday!


Sparkle, sparkle! Happy birthday!
Today's the day I shine my brightest!
Today, and for today only, I'm not the star! You are!
This birthday song is for today's star. I'll sing for you today and forevermore!
I can't keep these feelings in any longer! This is how I feel!
I call it A Lilele Birthday!


Hmm? What happened, (Captain)?
Don't play dumb with me!
You're simply shining today! You stand out even more than me!
That's no fair! You're stealing all the limelight...
Oh! I've got it!
Today's the day you shine brightest: your birthday!
Today's the only day your star outshines mine...
But I won't lose to you.
Lilele on the stage! Happy birthday to you!
This song shines as bright as you do now, (Captain).
Here we go... The Moon Only Shines in the Night.


Three, two, one...
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so glad I got to give you a birthday countdown with just the two of us.
I decided to prioritize your birthday countdown over the New Year's countdown.
It's because I wanted to save my best wishes for you instead.
And what's a better way to say congratulations than with a song?
Oops, I completely forgot how late it is right now!
Shh... Okay, (Captain).
Hehehe. I'm going to bring it down a notch. Come scooch in closer so you can hear me.
Here we go. This Day's For You.


Ahh, so bright!
You're so bright today, (Captain)! It's blinding me!
Could it be that... today's your birthday?
I knew it... You've got that aura of a star. You're sparkling so much it's making even me look dim!
Teehee, I'm just kidding! It's not blinding me.
But you really are the star today!
With that said, let me give you a present! Something special from me to you! Here we go. Celebration Symphony No. 1!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
It's the start of a brand new year! How does that make you feel?
I feel fresh and ready to take on whatever this year has in store!
I'm going to keep aiming to be the sky's top idol this year too!
Hm? Why're my goals the same each year?
Well, what's wrong with that! I'm starting afresh each year!
I'll start anew and sing for you this year too.
Every Day Is a New Year's Day!


Lile-Lilele! Happy New Year!
And you know what that means! Ready?
Lilele on the stage. Only for you, it's a New Year's Lilele song.
A special New Year's performance just for you! I'll sing for you. Now and forevermore.
Even if everything else fades away, I hope this song stays with you.
I call it Snow White Calendar.


It's L-L-Lilele! Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I've been counting down the days to today.
Okay, here we go! Three, two, one...
Lilele on the stage! A special New Year's performance just for you!
Recently I've realized: maybe dreams are better left as dreams.
Even if I can't be like Djeeta and the other idols...
I can still bring my songs to as many people as I can.
(Captain), as long as you're by my side, listening to my voice...
I'm sorry! I shouldn't be saying things like that.
I lost track of the real Lilele for a moment there. Let me get back in the saddle.
This is for you... New Year, Old Me.


It's the start of a bright and sparkly new year!
I haven't forgotten my goal of becoming the number one idol in the skies!
Hm? Aside from that, what's my resolution for this year?
Hmm... Let's see...
I know! For you and I to form a duo!
In other words, let's sing together.
Here, let's start off by practicing with this etude.
It's called Welcome the Sun!


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
I'm already super busy! My schedule's packed with one New Year's performance after another.
Oh, you haven't heard? My songs are magical. Everyone knows that if you listen to them on New Year's day, you'll increase your fortunes.
Teehee. Just kidding!
But you could say that's what my songs stand for.
They're here to usher in a wonderful future with a wonderful beginning.
And... First off, I want to wish you a stupendous new year with a song, (Captain).
Ready? Here's The Year Ahead.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh, I know that face!
You've been hoping for a little something from me, haven't you!
Well, you're going to get it! Take it as thanks for all the kindness you've shown me!
But before that! I have dedicated a song to you...
Operation: Love Chocolate!


Happy, happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
It's that time of the year again when love is in the air.
But in the midst of that sweet fragrance in the air, don't forget that there's always a touch of bitter in the mix.
So before we get to the chocolate, get ready for Lilele on the stage! Sweet Valentine's performance!
I'll never stop singing and never stop bringing smiles to those who listen!
I call this one Chocolate Love Bomb.


Love is in the air! Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Hehe. Can you hear that?
That's right. That's the sound of love!
It's that wonderful time of year when all the lovebirds sing their song.
Now it's time to listen to my song! Lilele on the stage!
I call it... Your Valentine, My Song.


It's Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I just came back from watching all the lovey-dovey couples in town!
But there are still quite a few bashful girls who haven't worked up the courage to express their feelings!
I really want to cheer those girls on!
So here's a song just for them!
It's called Love Plea Harmony.


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's! I made you some chocolates—and I put my whole heart into it!
Oh, wait! Don't eat them yet. 'Cause a big competition's about to start!
Hehehe. That's right. This year, yours truly—Lilele—is going head-to-head with her own chocolate.
And the name of the competition iiis...
Which is Sweeter? My Chocolates or My Songs?
So I'm about to debut a brand new song—and I'm gonna sing it just for you. After you listen to the song, eat the chocolates.
Then, after everything's over, you have to decide which was sweeter and more satisfying.
The good thing about this competition is I win no matter what you choose, (Captain)!
Now, listen up! Here's Chock Full of Chocolates.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hehe, hehehe.
Hehe, hehehe.
Wha... Wh-what is it, (Captain)?
Huh? I've been fidgety since you showed up?
Th-that's not true! I'm acting perfectly normal!
Oh, stop teasing me! You know what I'm waiting for! Hurry up and hand it over already!
You know! It's White Day! The day you return the favor for Valentine's!
But wait. Before I accept your present, I have to... Ahem...
Prepare myself to sing from the heart. I call it...
Your White Little Lie.


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
This time it's your turn, isn't it, (Captain)?
I already know my answer.
Before I accept, get ready for Lilele on the stage! I'll take you in with all my heart!
I'll believe and sing. I believe in the (Captain) who believes in me.
I call this one... Just the Two of Us.


Hehe. Are you nervous?
Well, today's White Day. It's only natural.
Say, (Captain), would you like to sing back to me for a change?
I'm always the only one singing...
It can get lonely sometimes.
So sing with me today, (Captain).
Lilele on the stage! Our special duet!
Here we go... The Apron I Dreamed.


Wow! Thank you for the White Day gift, (Captain)!
Hm? You look like you have something to add...
You're saying it's not much of a gift?
Oh, come on! Don't worry about stuff like that!
What matters is what comes from the heart!
That's why you have to be happy before the gift is even opened by someone.
And for me, it's not about what's in the box. It's about your feelings, (Captain).
I want you to listen to this song, and focus on the feelings you have for the important people in your life.
It's called As Long As You're By My Side.


Is this my White Day's gift, (Captain)? It's amazing!
I have to thank you for this. So expect something big next Valentine's, okay?
Ehehe... You think it's weird to thank someone for a thank-you gift?
Well, I think it's great—this entire idea of repaying gratitude with more gratitude.
I mean, that's what White Day is all about, isn't it?
Now, are you ready for a thank-you song? Here's Oh, My Sweetheart!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Ta-daa! I'm the trick and the treat!
Oh, come on. Where's your enthusiasm?
Huh? You're embarrassed? What for? You've got to enjoy the festival!
I'll do it with you, so here. One, two...
Trick or—
Ah! Wait! Wait just a minute!
I have the perfect song for you!
I'll sing it for you, so please listen.
The Shy Little Pumpkin!


Trick or treat! Here I come, (Captain)!
Are you ready for my trick?
Get ready for it!
Lilele on the stage! Halloween special live!
Just like that song that touched me once upon a time, I hope my song makes a difference in your life too.
Here I go... Everyday Love Song.


Trick or treat!
Hello, hello, Halloween, (Captain)!
Hehe, gets your heart pumping, doesn't it?
So? Which do you choose?
Is your heart pounding because you want a trick or a treat?
If you can guess what I have ready, I'll give you a present!
You have three seconds. One... Two... Three...
Time's up! And the answer is...
Lilele on the stage! Halloween special live!
This is what I made for you...
I call it... Catcher in the Pumpkin.


Hello, (Captain). I guess you haven't left for the Halloween party yet.
I'm waiting for this pumpkin cake to finish baking so I can bring it with me.
There aren't any booby traps in the cake, okay? You can have a slice in safety!
Ooor... am I just playing with you?
Teehee! Just kidding!
As long as the cake is still baking, how about a teeny-Halloweeny performance to pass the time?
Time to transform this kitchen into a stage!
For your listening pleasure: Night of the Pumpkin Man!


(Captain)! I'm having a Halloween concert this year!
The dress code is ghost costumes, so you better come dressed as a ghost!
I'm gonna be changing into different costumes for every song, so this concert's a special one!
Aaand that's not all!
We're also gonna play a game where I slip into the audience while in costume, and everyone has to try and find me!
A ghost Lilele among a sea of ghost fans!
Will the audience be able to catch the real Lilele? Find out at the show! That's my trick this Halloween!
Come find me, okay? Promise me, (Captain)!
All right, I think I'll have a rehearsal right here! Get ready!
The Lost Ghost.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I got a present for you! Go ahead! Open it, open it!
Huh? There's nothing inside?
Huhhh? There's so much in there! Why can't you see any of it?
See? It's filled with my feelings! To show the gratitude I have for you every day, I'm gonna sing you a special song...
It's called Don't Forget Santa...


Happy, happy holidays!
It's that special, sacred night again!
Tonight it's just you, me, and this stage!
I'll sing for you. Now and forevermore.
Even if everything else fades away, I hope this song stays with you.
I call it Goodnight, Silent Bell.


Happy, happy holidays, (Captain)!
It's that Lilele season again!
Lilele on the stage! Holiday special live!
Get ready! I'll sing for you, now and forever!
Snowflakes fade, and our time together may end, but the memories of you will always be in my heart.
I'll never forget you... And now Snow White Memories!


I'm baaack!
Phew... The holiday concert went off without a hitch.
I'm glad the fans were enjoying themselves too.
But now it's all about spending tonight with you, (Captain)!
Nope, I'm not tired at all! I'm still bursting with energy. This holiday evening is just getting started!
You get the privilege of hearing an exclusive private performance, starting with...
A song I call Powder Snow Glitter Glow.


Happy holidays! (Captain), you know what today is, don't you?
Yup! So, hang on to your hats, because at the show tonight, I'll be unveiling my stupendous gift to you all.
No, it won't be cake. It won't be gemstones. Aaand it won't be toys...
My special gift to you all is a sparkling, splendid evening!
I hope you're ready, (Captain).
You've done so much for me, so today I'll be singing for you. You are My Holiday Knight.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Space-Time Idol

The crew is in a town they've never visited before, yet Lilele insists this is where she first saw the idols from her childhood. Suddenly she's whisked away to a rift in space-time, as explained by a Vyrn-like creature claiming to be a primal beast. A moment later, Lilele is back at the town's concert hall, where she sees the same idols from her past singing on the stage.

(Captain) and company are taking a stroll through a new town. To the naked eye, it's no different from the multitude of others they've visited throughout their long journey.
And yet, something about this place feels unsettlingly familiar to Lilele, despite the fact that this is her first time here.
Lilele: ...
Lyria: What's the matter, Lilele? Are you feeling under the weather?
Lilele: No, no. I'm okay. This is going to sound weird, but I could've sworn I heard someone calling my name.
Lyria: You did?
When Lilele was a child, she saw a concert that sparked her ambition to become the sky's top idol.
She swears she saw Lyria and friends from the crew on the stage that day, but they have no recollection of ever having done so.
What was the spectacle Lilele claims to have seen? The aspiring star's journey to find the answer is still ongoing.
Lilele: I don't know how to describe it...
Vyrn: You sure you're okay? Doesn't sound like it to me.
Vira: There's no need to overexert yourself, Lilele. Why don't you go relax at the inn for a bit?
Mary: I can go back with you. How's that sound?
Lilele: I'm... I'm okay. No, really. I have to keep going!
Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you running off to!
Lilele suddenly charges off like a bull, and she doesn't stop until she arrives at a concert hall.
Lilele: ...!
Lyria: What's wrong, Lilele? You're acting kind of strange.
Lilele: This is it. This is where I saw you girls on the stage for the first time!
Vyrn: Say what?
Vira: Are you referring to the dream you once had about us?
Mary: Oh, the one where me and the gals were singing at a concert? What'd you say that song was? Kiwi Toe Boat Mirage?
Lilele: It's called Kimi to Boku no Mirai!
Vyrn: That can't be right. We've never even been to this place until now. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Right...
Vira: The same goes for me.
Mary: Ditto.
Lilele: I know what I saw. I heard a voice reach out to me, and then I saw you all standing on the stage.
Vyrn: So... How it'd play out exactly?
Mary: I was kinda wondering that myself. Didn't you say you were at a lake?
Lilele: Yes, that's true. I was crying to myself by the edge of a lake because my friends had been teasing me.
Lilele: Sob... Sniffle... Why do they have to be so mean?
Lilele: Why do they have to say such hurtful things? Why? Sniffle...
Lilele: That's when I heard the voice...
???: What's wrong? Why are you crying?
???: Come on, don't look so down. Let's sing a song.
???: Don't be embarrassed. Everyone's waiting for you.
Lilele: The next thing I knew, I found myself at this venue, and when I looked up, I saw you all singing on the stage.
Vira: Okay... So first you heard Lyria's voice at the lake...
Mary: Wait, but weren't the four of us on stage, including Lyria?
Lyria: Um... Where was I supposed to be again?
Lilele: ...!
Vyrn: If that's how it really went down, then that means there had to be two Lyrias.
Lilele: Um... Well...
Lilele: (I realized the contradiction early on too...)
Lilele: (Everything that happened after hearing the voice at the lake is actually kind of fuzzy...)
Vira: What I'd like to know is how did you know our names before we even met each other? Or the name of the song we were singing for that matter.
Lilele: That's because Lyria told me...
Vyrn: Then Lyria couldn't have been on stage, right?
Lilele: N-no! I know she was! My eyes captured those four beauties sparkling in all their glory!
Lyria: Gasp! Um... Thank you?
Lilele: You have to believe me! I'm not a liar!
  1. We believe you.
  2. I want to believe...

Choose: We believe you.
Vyrn: Yeah, no one said anything about lying. Especially since you knew everyone's names somehow.
Vira: That is true. We must be connected in some way.

Choose: I want to believe...
Lyria: Hm... You did know our names somehow. There has to be more to the story.
Continue 1
Mary: But you know, I've never done anything related to idol stuff. Like, ever. This is so weird.
Lilele: (Sigh, I'm doing it again... Saying stuff that makes everyone worry about me.)
Lilele: (I have to stop being such a killjoy! I can't get the blues if I want to be the sky's top idol!)
Lilele: Actually, never mind! Don't worry about me! I'll find my answer someday!
Lilele: Huh? Wh-where did everybody go?
Lilele looks around the concert hall and realizes she's suddenly alone.
???: Keeheehee!
Lilele: Wh-who's there?
???: Peekaboo.
Lilele: Eeek! Vyrn? Is that you?
Lilele: Geez, don't scare me like that!
???: Huh?
Lilele: W-wait a minute... There's something different about you...
???: What are you talkin' about? Meh, whatevs.
???: I got a good feelin' about you. Let's play.
Lilele: Huh?
The imposter looks strikingly similar to Vyrn, but it isn't him.
Lilele: (It's almost like I'm talking to a Vyrn doll. His voice sounds different too.)
???: I'm a primal beast. Nice to meetcha.
Lilele: Ack! What could a primal beast possibly want with me?
???: Lots of things! All in the name of fun!
Lilele's world shakes violently, and she collapses to the ground.
But instead of hitting solid flooring, she's thrust into empty space.
Lilele: Aaaah! Wh-what's with this place!
???: This is a rift in the fabric of space-time. Chill out. You won't fall down—because there is no down.
Lilele: A rift in space-time?
???: All righty. Can't wait to see what nifty place you're gonna take me to!
Lilele: What are you talking about!
Lilele: Are the others okay? Why are you doing this! Why are you picking on me!
???: Why this? Why that? You're gonna have to figure things out for yourself.
Lilele: Huh?
Lilele: Ouch!
A jolt of pain ripples through her body. She slowly picks herself up off the ground.
Lilele: Ugh... What was that about? How did I get out here?
Lilele's mind is spinning. She went from chatting with an unknown primal beast to staring at the exterior of the concert hall.
???: Keeheehee! Your eyes went wider than dinner plates!
Lilele: Duh! How did you expect me to react! Now tell me why you brought me back outside!
???: Uh, I think you've got the wrong idea.
???: This ain't the Sky Realm as you know it.
Lilele: You're not making any sense. There's nothing different about the town at all.
Lilele: You're such a strange primal beast! I can't figure out what your deal is, Vyrn B!
Vyrn B: I'm tellin' ya I didn't bring you here. That was all you.
Vyrn B: And what the heck is a Vyrn B?
Lilele: That's your name now. Because you look like Vyrn.
Vyrn B: What's a Vyrn? Eh, doesn't matter.
Lilele: Good! Because I'm done with you! I'm going back inside! Pbbbt!
Vyrn B: Keeheehee!
Lilele: Huh, there are people in the seats. This place was empty a moment ago. When did they get here?
Even so, the venue may as well be empty considering how few people are actually there.
Djeeta and Mary: ...!
Vira and Lyria: ...!
Lilele: Gasp.
Four familiar-looking performers dance across the stage.
Lilele: Oh. My. Goooosh!
Lilele's astonished eyes are glued to the scene in front of her.
It's a recreation of the dream she once saw long ago.

Kimi to Boku no Mirai

When Lilele speaks with the idols after their concert, she's shocked that they don't recognize her at all, and it becomes clear to Lilele that she's in an alternate Sky Realm. The Lyria, Djeeta, Mary, and Vira of this world are struggling to succeed as an idol crew, so Lilele takes it upon herself to be their manager.

As a child, Lilele witnessed a concert in her hometown that changed her life.
And now, right before her eyes, she's reliving that very same moment.
Lyria: ...!
Lilele: The girls decided to do some singing while I was gone? I wasn't even outside for that long!
Lilele: Not that I'm complaining though! I love this! It's just like the first time I saw them!
As the tears well up in Lilele's eyes, something about the performance sticks out to her.
Lilele: Hm... They seem kind of... off. Did they not have enough time to practice?
Lilele: Say, how long have you been planning on having that concert? I never saw any of you rehearsing.
Lyria: Huh?
Lilele: You could've at least told me you had something in the works!
Lilele: Oh, but don't get me wrong! I was sooo moved by your performance! It was just like the time when I was at the lake!
Lyria: Um, what lake? Well, th-thank you, I guess...
Vira: Do we have a visitor?
Mary: Ooh, is she a fan waiting to ambush us for autographs? Have we finally hit the big time?
Lilele: Huh?
The odd responses of her friends throws Lilele for a loop.
Djeeta: Hi! Did you come to watch our concert?
Lilele: Djeeta!
Djeeta: Yep, that's me! Hahaha. Nice to meet you!
Lyria: Thank you for coming to our show and even camping outside the dressing room. It makes me feel special.
Lilele: Wh-what? Why are you all treating me like a total stranger? It's me, Lilele.
Djeeta: Lilele? I'm sorry, but have we met before?
Lilele: Huh?
The four performers don't seem to know anything about Lilele.
Lilele: What's going on here, Vyrn B? Hello? Vyrn B?
The primal beast is nowhere to be seen, and Lilele can't remember when she last saw the entity.
She does, however, remember the primal's words.
Vyrn B: This ain't the Sky Realm as you know it.
Lilele: That can't be right...
Lilele: H-hey... Could you maybe tell me about yourselves?
Lilele: (There's no such thing as another Sky Realm... That's impossible!)
Djeeta: Sure thing! We wouldn't be idols if we didn't know how to work a crowd!
Djeeta: I'm Djeeta, and I just love going on adventures! I'm on a mission to reach the ends of the skies!
Lyria: I'm Lyria! Djeeta and I have been friends since we were kids, so of course I wouldn't let her go on a journey by herself!
Mary: What's up! Mary here, a treasure hunter extraordinaire who also moonlights as an idol! I've always wanted to own an airship, so I'm hoping for a big score!
Vira: My name is Vira Lillie. I was once a wandering swordswoman, but it seems being an idol is my destiny.
Lilele: Wrong! Everything you just said is flat-out wrong!
Djeeta: Wha?
Lyria: How is it wrong?
Lilele: Oops. S-sorry... That just kind of slipped out...
Lilele: (These people aren't the friends I know.)
Lilele: (Lyria hasn't known Djeeta since they were kids, Mary doesn't hunt treasure in order to buy a ship, and Vira's never been a wandering swordswoman...)
Djeeta: So anyway, we're an idol crew.
Lilele: What's that?
Djeeta: You don't know? An idol crew does jobs like a regular crew while also performing their idol duties.
Mary: This is really the only way I can earn cash since I don't have a ship of my own.
Lyria: First an idol crew performs at a venue, hoping to get a referral from a sponsor.
Vira: Then you take that referral to another island's venue, and your crew is allocated a slot based on what's written.
Lilele: So the better the review, the better the gig? Otherwise you might get stuck with minor events.
Vira: Yes, that is the gist of it.
Mary: Bleh, we'd be lucky just to get a spot at smaller events. Usually we're stuck dancing on a makeshift stage on the side of the road.
Referrals aren't just a summary of the sponsor's impressions. They include attendance numbers and detailed audience demographics.
If a sponsor doesn't see any potential, a group's fate is all but sealed.
In other words, a referral is an idol crew's identity and very existence.
Lilele: What an incredibly efficient system you have in this world! It takes idol culture to another level!
Mary: This world?
Lilele: Oh, don't worry about that...
Djeeta: It's an exciting industry. With so many rival idol groups out there, competition is fierce.
Lyria: We just have to keep trying even harder until someone notices us...
Djeeta: I hate to say this, but if our next concert flops, we can probably kiss any referrals goodbye.
Lilele: You're kidding!
Lyria: This venue's promoter even just said it's not going to get any easier...
Mary: We've been piling up bad shows lately... It's getting to the point where we're practically washed up.
That feeling of despair from dangling over the precipice of failure is the same across any and all worlds. Lilele knows the feeling well.
Lilele: Hah! Hand the reins over to me!
Idols: Huh?
Lilele: I'll whip this crew into tip-top shape! I could already tell your singing and dancing weren't up to snuff!
Vira: How presumptuous of you to barge into our affairs.
Mary: I know, right? You might think you're doing us a favor, but we've got our own ways of doing things.
Lilele: Before you say anymore, I want you to listen to a song. It's called "Lost Little Star."
Lilele: Where are you, little star?

Please don't hide, so far from sight.

Show me what I saw that night.
Djeeta: Whoa!
Lyria: Wow! She's really good!
Mary and Vira: ...!
Lilele: Thank you. I hope you enjoyed that.
Lilele takes a bow, and Djeeta and Lyria burst into applause.
Djeeta: That was not what I expected! Bravo!
Lyria: I got lost in the lyrics. Lilele, are you by any chance an idol too?
Lilele: Um, well... Not really...
Djeeta: But you said you'd whip us into shape, so are you, like... someone who works in the back office?
Lilele: Y-yeah! You got it! I work on the production side! I'm looking for diamonds in the rough!
Mary: D-diamonds?
Lilele: Yep! With a little cut and polish, your talents will shine bright and true! Please let me help!
Vira: You sound like a talent scout. We're nothing special, but with a sales pitch like that, it's almost too good to be true.
Lilele: My motives are genuine! I take pride in my eye for talent! You're all dazzling!
Lilele: But enough talk! It's time to make your idol dreams come true!
The four ladies get a new manager, though it's not as if they had much of a choice.

Kimi to Boku no Mirai: Scene 2

Feeling a lack of personal progress, Mary and Vira lose motivation and don't show up for practice one day. When Lilele goes to look for them, it turns out some troublemakers are giving them a hard time, and Lilele rescues the idols with her singing. Lilele gives an impassioned speech about what an idol means to her, which galvanizes Mary and Vira.

Lilele: One, two! One, two! That's it. Now spin! Big smiles!
Lyria: ...!
Djeeta: ...!
Lilele: No, Mary! Pivot off your left foot!
Mary: Bleugh... I knew that...
Lilele: Vira, you need to pick up the pace! You're falling behind!
Vira: I'm—huff—sorry...
Lilele: Hm... Let's take five.
Despite only implementing half of her normal idol practice regiment, Lilele can see that the four ladies are already exhausted.
Lilele: By the way, did you sing "Kimi to Boku no Mirai"?
Djeeta: Kimi to... Boku no Mirai? What's that?
Lilele: Huh?
A quick glance at the confused expressions on their faces confirms to Lilele that they've never heard this song before.
Lilele: (No way... I thought maybe I just missed hearing it, but I guess that song isn't even written or anything.)
Djeeta: Lilele?
Lilele: Ahem! I know a new song I can teach you! Wanna give it a go?
Lyria: What? You want us to try a new song right now?
Djeeta: That sounds tough...
Part of their hesitation probably stems from the fact that there isn't much time left until their next performance.
Lilele: It'll be tight, but I think we can make it. I mean, as long as everyone's willing to put in the effort, that is...
Vira: How long are you going to keep repeating yourself?
Lilele: Huh?
Mary: I'm gonna come right out and say it: I think you're putting too much pressure on us.
Lilele: I... That's not my intention...
Vira: Being on this journey has shown me that we do not have what it takes to be a viable idol crew.
Mary: Besides, becoming an idol wasn't even at the top of my list. I just wanted my own airship.
Mary: We've got, like, zero fans. Zilch. No one's gonna miss us if we break up.
Lilele: Don't say that! This where you turn it around and shock the idol world!
Vira: Fine, humor me for a moment. What is the point of an idol?
Lilele: Th-the point?
Mary: Even if you do become famous, that doesn't mean you get to relax. It's cutthroat at the top too. Why would anyone want that?
Lilele: Well...
Djeeta: H-hey, come on! We're all a little frazzled. Who's up for some fresh air?
Mary and Vira: ...
The Mary and Vira of this world have hit a wall and lost their motivation.
It doesn't help that Lilele wasn't able to answer their questions either.
The next day brings further turmoil.
Lilele: Mary and Vira didn't show up?
Lyria: No... They left the inn before we did, but we haven't seen them since.
Djeeta: They've both been kind of gloomy lately...
Lilele: I'm so sorry... This is entirely my fault. I was so hyped up about finally meeting you girls that I went overboard.
Lilele: Please keep practicing, you two! The date of the concert is coming up soon, so every second counts!
Djeeta: W-wait!
Troublemaker 1: Hey, what's the big idea? Why'd you have to open your yap and let that guy run off?
Vira: I was merely warning you not to harass innocent pedestrians.
Mary: You should be ashamed of yourself for intentionally bumping into people to extort money!
Troublemaker 2: Hey, I've seen these two before. They're in some no-name idol crew.
Troublemaker 1: Bwahaha! Idols? These two duds? Impossible!
Lilele: No, it's not!
Troublemaker 1: Huh?
Troublemaker 2: Who asked you!
Lilele: Mary and Vira are destined to be fantastic idols! You'll see how wrong you were after becoming some of their biggest fans!
Vira: Lilele!
Troublemaker 1: Now that's funny... I swear you're tryin' to pick a fight with me.
Lilele: Yeep!
Troublemaker 2: Pffhah! Her knees are literally shaking! You sure spooked her good.
Troublemaker 1: Got anything else on your mind, girly? Come say it to my face.
Mary: Are you crazy, Lilele? Don't fall for it! Run!
Lilele: Listen up! This next song is called "Dream-Colored Miracle"!
Lilele: I close my eyes and see your smile,

the memory of its radiance undimmed

all this long while.
Troublemaker 1: ...!
Troublemaker 2: Why is she singing? This girl's got issues... Right, hon?
Troublemaker 1: L! O! V! E! Lovely Lilele! Yeeeaaah!
Troublemaker 2: Excuse me! Knock it off! Stop cheering for her!
Troublemaker 1: Argh! What was I... Why did I...
For a brief moment, the man was put under Lilele's mysterious hypnotic spell.
Lilele: Y-you want an encore? I've got a whole playlist under my belt!
Troublemaker 1: Tch... This runt uses some messed up tricks! C'mon! We're outta here!
Mary: That was amazing...
Lilele: Are you two okay?
Vira: Y-yes... We're fine. We were on our way to rehearsal when we unwittingly became embroiled in a quarrel.
Lilele: Oh, is that so? Phew... I thought—
Mary: Let me guess: you thought we flaked out?
Lilele: Sorry... I know I made practices unbearable.
Vira: No, you did nothing wrong. We simply don't have the talent for greatness nor the confidence.
Lilele: ...
These are words Lilele has never heard from the friends in her world.
Lilele: You might think I have confidence, but I actually don't.
Mary: C'mon, enough with the modesty already.
Lilele: No, it's true.
Lilele: When I look at (Captain)—ah, you wouldn't know them. Let's just say I know someone who's incredibly brave, and I admire them greatly.
Lilele: They're the reason I can get things done. They're the reason I had the confidence to become your manager.
Lilele: If they were here right now, they'd say don't be embarrassed. Be yourself.
Lilele: But even when they're not around, I still draw inspiration from them.
Lilele: So to answer your question from yesterday, I think that's what an idol brings to the table.
Vira: Fine, humor me for a moment. What is the point of an idol?
Vira: Do you truly believe an idol can provide someone with that much encouragement?
Lilele: Idols can't physically be there for their fans every waking hour, especially not when they're on stage.
Lilele: But they linger in one's heart, fueling that person's fire. That's what being an idol means to me.
Mary: That's exactly the kind of person you are, Lilele...
Lilele: Why can't that be you too? Or Vira, or Lyria, or Djeeta? You all can make a difference in someone's life.
Lilele: Ehehe! Just like how you've already touched mine! Your performance is forever etched in my heart!
Mary & Vira: ...
Vira: I apologize for showing up late.
Lyria: Yay! It's Vira and Mary! We've been waiting for you!
Mary: Haha, our bad! Let's get this rehearsal on the road!
Lyria: Okay! I've got a good feeling about today!
Lilele: Hahaha...
Djeeta: I don't know what you did, but thanks, Lilele. It's good to see them smiling again.
Lilele: Oh, I didn't do anything. Those two don't know the meaning of giving up!
Thankfully, the four idols are able to practice as a whole again. Their talents will soon be put to the test.

Kimi to Boku no Mirai: Scene 3

On the day of the concert, the idol crew is relegated to being the opening act—a performance slot that draws low attendance—which will probably end the group's future prospects. Lilele hits the streets and pours her heart into a song that attracts a big crowd to watch the idols. Thanks to her efforts, the idol crew is a huge hit, earning a glowing endorsement from the venue's promoter.

Today is the day that will make or break Djeeta's idol crew.
Djeeta: What! You're making us the warm-up act?
Promoter: Yep. Good luck.
Djeeta: But you told us we were going to be the headliners...
Promoter: Yeah, I did, but there's this other crew, and they're kind of a big deal, and... Look, I'll level with you: your group is killing me.
Promoter: At least you still get stage time, right? Go get 'em!
Mary: Man, demoted to second fiddle... So it's finally come to this...
Lilele: How can he do that to us! Everyone worked so hard to get this far.
Vira: We couldn't have done it without you, Lilele. We wanted to honor you during the concert, but since we're only the warm-up act...
Lyria: No one's going to hear it...
Lilele: H-how can you be sure?
Djeeta: A lot of idols are performing today, and their fans will generally come to see them exclusively.
Mary: Most people don't have the energy to watch every idol crew from the very start.
Vira: Sponsors don't care about what the reasons are. At the end of the day, they only see the attendance numbers.
Lilele: That's so unfair! As your manager, I'm gonna go have a chat with the organizers!
Djeeta: Y-you can't! Our crew doesn't have enough clout for that!
Mary: Thanks for sticking up for us, but trying to negotiate with them is gonna backfire.
Lilele: Fine.
Lilele: While you girls do walkthroughs, I'll go wrangle up an audience!
Vira: You can't be serious. There's no time...
Lilele: I'll get it done! Trust me!
Lilele: Today is the day you put everything on the line! An idol is capable of anything! You're gonna leave the crowd wanting more!
Vira: I appreciate her sentiment, but I just can't picture anyone being interested in listening to a warm-up act.
Mary: People in this town hit the concert hall all the time. They've got discerning ears that are hard to please.
Djeeta: Hmm... We have to trust Lilele! She'll do her thing, and we'll do ours! C'mon, girls, we've got a hit to produce!
Lyria: That's right! Let's do it!
Lilele: Hi, everyone! May I have a moment of your time please? The concert is about to start!
Passerby 1: Shoot, already? I thought it didn't start until this evening?
Lilele: Yes, well... The first group is about to take the stage! You're going to love them!
Passerby 1: Oh... You meant the opening act. Sorry, I'm only interested in seeing my idols.
Only a handful of people stop to listen to Lilele, and of those few, none end up entering the venue.
Lilele: All right. I guess we'll have to do this the hard way.
Lilele: Next up is "Sway Your Heart."
Lilele: Four sparkling stars dancing in the rippling water,
the dream I had that day refusing to fade.
Pedestrians who'd once ignored Lilele suddenly take notice as soon as they hear her singing, especially the men.
Men: Woooo! Aww yeaaah!
Troublemaker 2: Hey! What's gotten into you! Snap out of it!
Passerby 3: Wh-what's with those guys?
Lilele: (I got the attention of the boys, but the girls just keep walking by.)
Lilele: (I want Djeeta and the others to get the referral they deserve! C'mon, Lilele, you have to do better than this!)
Lilele: (My song has to reach more hearts... More minds... I have to make them realize what they're missing out on!)
Images of Djeeta, Lyria, Mary, and Vira flash through her head, and her song surges with emotion.
Lilele: Those stars still dance deep in my heart,

shaking with the rhythm of our future.

Do you remember me?
It seems to work.
Townspeople: Woooo! Aww yeaaah!
Lilele has managed to captivate people from all walks of life—men and women, young and old.
Lilele: Um, hi, there! I could really use everyone's help!
Troublemaker 1: Argh! Did I fall for her singing again?
Troublemaker 2: Wasn't just you this time. Her song trapped me too.
Lilele: (This is the moment of truth. I can't rely on my songs to convince these people—I have to speak from the heart!)
Lilele: My dear friends have worked so hard to put on a show! Won't you please give them a chance?
Passerby 2: They're about to go on now? Wouldn't that make them the warm-up act?
Passerby 3: Erm... I've still got groceries and stuff to pick up, so...
Lilele: You'll regret missing this chance! If you thought I was good, wait until you hear these ladies!
Passerby 1: Hmm... I mean, if they really are as good as advertised...
Passerby 2: Guess I could pop in real quick...
Passerby 3: Not like everything'll be sold out if I shop a little later.
Troublemaker 1: Heh... If this show sucks, I'm gonna have some choice words for the manager!
Troublemaker 2: That'll give us an excuse to trash the stage, haha.
Lilele: Th-thank you for your time, everyone! Thank you!
Idols: ...!
Passerby 1: Yoooo!
Passerby 2: Woohoo!
Passerby 3: Over here! Look at me! I love you!
Troublemaker 1: L! O! V! E! Lovely Djeeta!
L! O! V! E! Lovely Mary!
Troublemaker 2: L! O! V! E! Lovely Vira!
L! O! V! E! Lovely Lyria!
Promoter: Ah, there you are, Ms. Manager! I was looking for you!
Lilele: Well, if it isn't the promoter!
Promoter: This show is... It's absolutely transcendent! Those girls are out of this world!
Promoter: I sincerely apologize for the scheduling mishap! Those four are the stars of the show!
Lilele: Hehe, you bet they are! No one can beat them!
Promoter: To show you how deeply sorry I am, I'm going to prepare a world-class referral! Their careers are going to take off!
Lilele: Heehee... Thank you very much! I'm sure they'll be ecstatic.
An overwhelming wave of relief washes over Lilele as she watches the rapturous crowd cheer the idols she helped coach.

Kimi to Boku no Mirai: Scene 4

During the concert, Lilele comforts a crying girl in the audience, and upon closer inspection, realizes the girl is her when she was younger. Suddenly, Lilele is back in the space-time rift, speaking with a Djeeta from the future, who'd used a space-time altering primal beast to find Lilele in order to thank her. Lilele and the alternate Djeeta express mutual gratitude before parting. Back in her world again, Lilele has a new dream: to turn Lyria and the others into idols.

Lilele: Djeeta, Lyria, Mary, Vira... You girls are rocking it.
Lilele: I'm overcome by everyone's cuteness and brilliance.
Lilele: Oh, how long I've waited... to witness this moment...
The crowd's jubilation moves Lilele to tears.
Yet through the joyous interplay of screams, music, and singing, Lilele hears the distinctive sound of a teardrop hitting water.
Lilele spins around and spies a small figure cowering in the corner behind the last row of seats.
Girl in Shadows: Sob... Sniffle... Why do they have to be so mean?
Lilele: ...?
As Lilele gets closer to this mysterious person, she realizes it's a crying girl.
Girl in Shadows: Why do they have to say such hurtful things? Why? Sniffle...
Lilele: What's wrong? Why are you crying?
Girl in Shadows: Who are you?
Lilele: Come on, don't look so down. Let's sing a song.
Girl in Shadows: S-sing? No, I couldn't. I'd be too embarrassed.
Lilele: Don't be. Everyone's waiting for you.
The unknown girl stands up. She appears to be a Harvin as well, but it's too dark to make out her face.
Lilele: Take a good look at the idols on the stage.
Lilele: Do you see the one with the blue ribbon in her hair? That's the crew's fearless leader Djeeta!
Lilele: The one wearing the hat is Mary. She's a cute tomboy, so bright and cheerful!
Lilele: Vira is the one wearing the checkered ribbons. Isn't she elegant? I wanna be just like her!
Lilele: And last but certainly not least is Lyria! You can't miss her with her long, blue hair. She'll always support you, and nothing gets her down!
Girl in Shadows: Lyria?
Lilele: Ah, so you've taken a shine to Lyria, huh? Wanna go take a closer look?
Lilele: Here! Give me your hand!
Girl in Shadows: Okay...
As the pair get closer to the stage, Lilele turns to look back at the unknown girl. Under the flashing spotlights, Lilele is finally able to clearly see the girl's face.
Girl in Shadows: Thank you...
Lilele: Huh?
Lilele: Wh-wha!
The moment Lilele hears those words of gratitude, her world is thrown into disarray.
Lilele: Huh? Wait a minute! This is that rift place again!
Lilele: But never mind that...
There's only one thing on Lilele's mind right now, and it's the image of the unknown girl's face.
Lilele: Gaaaah! Th-that was... That was totally me!
Lilele: That time when I crying because my friends made fun of my weight... I was the one who reached out to myself!
Lilele: How could I have forgotten that it was me this entire time!
While Lilele is having her epiphany, elsewhere the idols have finished their set.
Djeeta: Huff... Huff...
Djeeta: Nice work, girls! What a show!
Mary: I can't believe we pulled it off. You hear how crazy they're going?
Vira: The audience really got into our performance. I've never seen such a lively crowd before...
Lyria: Yay! We did it! That was so much fun!
Djeeta: Come on, we gotta go find Lilele! She's the one who brought the crowd in!
Vira: Yes, she deserves much praise. Let's find her at once.
The idols set aside their desire to shower and eagerly search backstage for their manager.
However, Lilele is no longer in their world.
Lilele: I knew their names because I was the one who told it to my younger self.
Lilele: I kicked everything into motion...
Lilele: Vyrn B? You're still lurking around here, aren't you?
Vyrn B: You rang? Keeheehee. Thanks for the delightful show.
Lilele: Vyrn B... Or should I call you Djeeta?
The Vyrn replicant dissipates and gradually reforms into a human-like presence.
Djeeta: You're really perceptive, Lilele. I'm sorry I didn't show myself sooner.
Lilele: I'm like your biggest fan! Of course I'd know your voice anywhere!
Djeeta: Hahaha, thanks. It's been a long time since we last saw each other, hasn't it?
Lilele: Wait, are you not the same Djeeta I was just with?
Djeeta: Actually, I am—just from the not-too-distant future. During my travels, I discovered a primal beast that can transcend space-time.
Lilele: Is that really possible? What about this place? How is it different from the one I'm from?
Djeeta: There are many worlds—or universes—out there that branch off into parallel timelines.
Djeeta: In lots of universes, the four of us became idols, but there are also plenty of universes where we never did.
Lilele: Like the universe I'm from?
Djeeta: Seems like it.
Lilele: Why was I brought here?
Djeeta: You disappeared without a trace after the concert. We were beside ourselves with worry.
Djeeta: But after we ran into the space-time primal beast, it dawned on us that you were probably from a different timeline.
Lilele: W-wait... Why was the childhood version of me there too?
Djeeta: We found her by accident in the rift of space-time.
Djeeta: She looked so sad crying by herself. We couldn't just leave her, you know? So we thought bringing her to the concert might cheer her up.
Lilele: Ugh, you should've told me! What the heck!
Djeeta: I'm sorry! I don't have a lot of control over how it works...
Lilele: Haha, I forgive you. I'm not actually angry or anything. In fact, I'm over the moon!
Djeeta: Same here! I'm so glad I finally got to see you again!
Djeeta: You don't know how much I wanted to say thanks. We can continue our journey because of you!
Lilele: I'm the one who should be thanking you!
Lilele: Watching the four of you sing and dance changed my life forever!
Lilele: I don't know where I'd be if I never got the chance to meet you girls!
Djeeta: We may be from different universes, but that didn't stop us from having an important impact on each other's lives.
Lilele: Oh, by the way... What's the deal with Vyrn B?
Djeeta: What, this? I just felt like making a dragon puppet. Some people think it's a lizard though.
Lilele: I-I see... It looks a lot like a someone I know.
Lilele: Anyway, it's sad to say goodbye, but all good things must come to end.
Lilele: It's too bad the girls in my universe don't know anything about "Kimi to Boku no Mirai."
Djeeta: Haha. Not with that attitude. You could, like, force them to sing it. This is only the beginning for the versions of us in your universe.
Lilele: Huh? The beginning of what?
Djeeta: Don't you remember that you're the one who taught us how to perform that song?
Lilele: So I did...
Djeeta: Right. It's never too late to start singing. Let's show all versions of ourselves that we can become idols.
Lilele: ...!
Djeeta: Idols are capable of anything, remember? Even bending the fabric of space-time.
Djeeta: No matter which timeline you're in, there's always going to be a future, and it's about more than teaching someone how to sing!
Djeeta: We were able to reach out to each other across universes. You, I, and the rest of the girls... We made a miracle happen.
Djeeta: Whatever you do, don't give up. We'll be rooting for you on our journey.
Lilele: And I'll be rooting for you girls too!
Djeeta: Goodbye, Lilele. Thanks again...
Lilele: Djeeta! Tell everyone I said bye! Take good care of yourselves!
A blinding light envelops Lilele and Djeeta.
When Lilele opens her eyes, she sees anxious faces looking down at her.
Lyria: She's awake!
Vyrn: You okay, Lilele?
According to her friends, she suddenly went missing and was later found collapsed on the floor inside the concert hall.
Lilele: Wow, is that how I got here?
Vira: All that matters is that you're okay.
Mary: Yeah. I kinda panicked when I saw you lying motionless.
Vyrn: Do you remember what happened? Did you trip?
Lilele: No... I just... became a fan.
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: A... fan?
Lilele: My mind's made up!
Vyrn: Whoa! What're you yellin' for?
Lilele: Starting today, I'm on a mission to transform everyone here into an idol! We've got a lot of work to do for your debut!
Lyria: Wh-what? Are you talking about... us?
Mary: Hold up, hold up. I already told you I've never done idol stuff before.
Lilele: Exactly! Today marks the beginning of your future idol selves!
Lilele: Mary, your bright smile outshines the sun itself! It's the perfect idol smile!
Mary: Um, you really think so?
Lilele: Vira, your beauty is the jewel of the group! I know Katalina would agree!
Vira: She would? I... I don't know about that...
Lilele: I'm sure of it! Take it from my managerial experience! You're all gems waiting to be polished!
If something isn't there, then you just have to make it happen.
That's the type of forward-thinking that Lilele has decided to embrace.
Lilele: But now that I think about it, where did "Kimi to Boku no Mirai" come from in the first place?
Lilele: I heard it first from Djeeta and the others... who supposedly learned it from me...
Perhaps the song was born from the rift in space-time when the two universes intersected.
Lilele: Oh well. Thinking about it isn't going to solve anything! But I have a feeling I'll get my answer as my journey continues!
Lilele: From now on I will live for the future!
Clutching her newfound dream to her chest, Lilele embarks on a path that will take her forward.
Someday, the skies will get to experience the same feeling of unbridled joy she once felt as a child on that momentous occasion.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
リルルはミライへ駆け抜けるんです! The future is mine to grab!
ジータちゃん達に恥ずかしくない歌を! I'm gonna make the girls proud with my singing!
リルル、入りま~す! Presenting... Lilele!
(主人公)さん!リクエストをどうぞ! Got any song requests for me, (Captain)?
ラーメンはちょっと控えてます…… I'd better lay off the ramen for a bit...
さあ、(主人公)さん!一緒に歌いましょ? Grab a mic, (Captain), and sing along!
ラーメンもたまにならOKです……たまになら! Ramen is okay once in a while...
るんるんリルルん♪リルルんるん♪ Lile-Lilele! Lah-dee-doo!
さあ、行きましょう!空の果てへ! Let's go, everyone! To the ends of the skies!
2階席~!アリーナ~! All my balcony people! Floor people! Let me hear you shout!