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Official Profile[edit]

Height 80 cm
Hobbies Sleeping, chasing butterflies, and eating
Likes Fruit, veggies, and Vania
Dislikes When Vania is sad
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  • Malinda's Japanese name is Beth, which is abbreviation of Elizabeth. The name change for the English version carried over from Rage of Bahamut's English localization.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Happy birthday, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo! Gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Malinda's wishing you a happy birthday too!
Now you'll have double the birthday fun!
Have a great day, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooo!


Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo...
Vania: Wah! What's wrong, Malinda?
Malinda: Gyooo... Gyoo, gyoo.
Vania: Heeheehee. I get it now. This is the second time you get to celebrate (Captain)'s birthday!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo, gyoo! Gyoo?
Vania: Yep! We'll always be together from here on out. Right, (Captain)!


Malinda: Gyoo gyoo! Gyooo!
Vania: Aww! That's great! She has a birthday present for you, Bloodkin!
It's a Malinda-back ride!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Yep, I'll hop on too! So where to, (Captain)? You get to pick today!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo!


Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooryunryun!
Vania: Ehehe. Happy birthday, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoogyogyoryu!
Vania: Aah! You don't know how lucky you are, (Captain)!
Malinda says she wants to be a bed for you!
It's so nice and comfy atop big Malinda!
Aww! I'm almost jealous...
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Huh? I can climb on top too?
Yay! I love you, Malinda!
Haha! Now we get to sleep together, Bloodkin!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyoo gyoo, gyooyoo!
Vania: Happy New Year, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: What's that, Malinda? You say you want a present for New Year's?
Malinda: Gyoo?
Vania: Good idea! I want one too! Pony up, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Gyoo... Gyoo! Gyoo!


Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo, gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Aha! Malinda thinks playing with you on New Year's Day is even more fun than chasing butterflies!
And I think so too! Heeheehee!
Malinda: Gyooo!


Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Wah! You're going to show us the first laugh of the year?
Watch Malinda closely, (Captain)!
Malinda: Gyoo.
Vania: Huh? You bowed? Um, are you pretending to be Feldrac?
Ahahaha! You're sooo cute! We have to go show this to him!
Malinda: Gyoo.
Vania: Ahahaha!


Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Hm? A New Year's prayer?
Wow! How do you even know about such a thing, Malinda?
Malinda: Gyogyoo! Shloop, shloop!
Vania: So you think we'll have a good year if we stick our tongues out? And the better a job we do, the better our fortunes?
Okay then, I'll give it a shot!
C'mon, you too, Bloodkin!
Malinda: Shloop!
Vania: Bleeeegh!
Malinda: Shlooooooop!
Vania: Whoa, we can't stick out our tongues the way you do, Malinda! This is beyond us!
Meh! Hehe, you're the silliest dragon there ever was, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyoo!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Happy Valentine's Day!
Malinda: Gyoo... Gyoo, gyoo.
Vania: Ahaha! Malinda wants to give you her fruits!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Great! You're really special to Malinda, (Captain)!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyooo!
Vania: Ooh, are you giving me some too? Heeheehee! Thanks!


Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Heeheehee! Malinda's giving you chocolate this year instead of fruits and veggies!
I helped of course. Enjoy!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooo!


Vania: Applause, applause for Malinda's best dish! You clap too, (Captain)!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo!
Vania: What did you make today, Chef Malinda?
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo gyoo...
Vania: Ooh! Chocoveggies? As in, veggie-shaped chocolates.
Malinda: Gyooyooyoo...
Vania: Wah! Really? Is that what happens after eating them?
Malinda: Gyoo.
Vania: Ahaha, I see! Eating them is the key to having fun! Hm-hm-hm...


Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Here it is this year too!
Malinda's best cooking!
Let's see what Chef Malinda made us this time!
Malinda: Gyoo Gyoo!
Vania: Veggies dipped in chocolate syrup? Ooh, look at all that chocolatey goodness!
It's filled to the brim!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Ahaha! You've really outdone yourself this time, Malinda!
Bloodkin! We've got some yummy chocolate munching to do!

Malinda's Veggies square.jpg Malinda's Veggies

White Day Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyooo! Gyoo!
Vania: Something wrong, Malinda? What are all those vegetables for?
Malinda: Gyooo!
Vania: Oh, I get it! You want to give them to Bloodkin!
Isn't that nice, Bloodkin? Don't forget to finish everything!
Malinda: Gyoo!


Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo, gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Oooh! These veggies all look tasty!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Heeheehee! Malinda's giving it all to both of us! Thanks, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyooo!


Malinda: Gyooo!
Vania: Vania: Look, look, Bloodkin. Malinda got you fresh veggies.
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo. Gyoo!
Vania: Wah! Seriously? That's a surprise...
She says these veggies are super delicious when shared with everyone.
Malinda: Gyoo. Gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Ahaha. Okay, let's eat them all together, (Captain).


Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Gulp... Look at Chef Malinda go at it!
Let's see what kind of veggies we have this time...
Malinda: Gyoo-gii!
Vania: Cookies! Malinda, you made us cookies? No veggies this time?
How'd you do it, Malinda? Your paws can handle an oven?
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Aww! Secrets are no fun!
Even our bloodkin captain's dying to know! Please, please, pretty please! Let us in on the secret, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!

Malinda's Veggies square.jpg Malinda's Veggies
4th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Wah! Help! Bloodkin! Malinda is trying to scare me! Let’s both act scared! It’ll be fun, come on!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!


Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Gyoo! Gyoo! Hey, bloodkin! Me and Malinda are going to scare everyone! You should help out!
Malinda: Gyooo! Gyooo!


Malinda: Gyoo gyoo gyooo!
Vania: Oooh, you sure are full of energy today, Malinda.
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Wh-wha? A tickle attack out of nowhere! Ahaha, bad girl!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Shloop, shloop.
Vania: Ahaha. Coochie-coo! Quick, feed her some candy, (Captain), before she gets out of control!


Malinda: ...!
Vania: Ta-da! Look how big Malinda's gotten!
Ehehe, surprised? Surprised? I know you are, (Captain)! So now you have to give me lots and lots of candy!
And not just a few pieces either! I mean, just look at Malinda's size!
We'll need enough candy to fill up the Grandcypher!
Right, Malinda?
Malinda: ...!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo gyoo gyoo!
Vania: Malinda wished you a happy holiday! I think you understood it too!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooyoo... grurgh...
Vania: Hmm... I don't know what she's saying now...
Malinda: Grurgh...
Vania: Maybe she's hungry?
Then let's have some cake! Come on, Bloodkin, cut us a slice!


Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Wah! Why do you have such huge bag, Malinda?
Malinda: Gyoo... Gyoo, gyoo.
Vania: Ahaha! You want to play Santa Claus! Okay, count me in!
We didn't forget about you either, Bloodkin. Come help me with the presents! Heeheehee!


Malinda: Gyoo, gyooo!
Vania: Heeheehee! Malinda and I were the bestest girls this year, (Captain)!
Malinda: Gyoo gyoo gyooo!
Vania: Oh yeah! You want some too, don't you, Malinda? Hey, Bloodkin!
We need presents! Preseeeents!
Deliver a mountain of them at our feet! Heeheehee.
Malinda: Gyooo!


Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Yay! Malinda makes for the best Santa! Which present's mine, Malinda?
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooo!
Vania: Aw, you don't have one for me? That's not nice!
Malinda: Gyauu!
Vania: Ah, so those presents are for all the children in town?
Ahaha, sounds like a busy year for you! Getting all the way to town won't be easy! Good on you, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania: Ahaha! Let's get going then! You too, Bloodkin!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Dreaming of Days Past[edit]

Malinda dreams about her time on Medvecia, when Feldrac confided in her about his personal thoughts. She and Vania are the hope of the future, but for now, she happily eats lunch with the crew.

The sun shines down on another glorious day aboard the Grandcypher.
Malinda: Zzz... Zzz...
Malinda sleeps soundly in all her pink glory.
Rackam: Hehe. She hasn't got a care in the world.
Malinda: Zzz... Gyoo...
Lyria: Teehee. She looks so happy. I wonder what she's dreaming about.
Malinda: Zzz...
Vania: Hey, Malinda! Stick your tongue out again!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo! Bleh!
Vania: Ahaha! So cute!
Veight: Hey, Vania.
Veight: How long are you planning on caring for that accursed dragon?
Vania: Not this again! Forever and ever!
Veight: Listen. That dragon is heresy, and heresy must be expelled. You realize you can't keep it forever, right?
Veight: So hurry up and leave it in a field, or kick it off the island already.
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Grrr! Absolutely not!
Vania: I have to take care of Malinda!
Vania: And you know what else? Feldrac says it's okay!
Vania: He's like the law, right? Are you going to break the law? That's bad, you know!
Veight: Urgh! The only time you talk about the laws is when they work in your favor!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: It's okay, Malinda!
Vania: Whatever happens, I'll always be with you!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Veight: Give me a break.
While the two vampires are talking, a white-haired man makes his entrance.
Feldrac: How is the little one?
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Vania: Heehee! She says she's great!
Veight: Why, Feldrac? Why did you give her permission to harbor this accursed creature?
Feldrac: Do not raise your voice at me. I can hear you perfectly well.
Veight: I didn't mean... My apologies.
Feldrac: It matters not. I granted Vania permission for one reason.
Feldrac: I believe Vania's growth is tied to this dragon.
Feldrac: Caring for an animal bears great responsibility.
Feldrac: Vania will one day rule this island as the princess. I want her to understand the meaning of responsibility.
Veight: I see. So that's why...
Veight: But heresy isn't allowed on the island. So it is decreed by our laws and customs.
Feldrac: Hm.
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo?
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Veight: How irritating. Be quiet.
Vania: Hey! You don't have to say it like that!
Vania: First, you tell Malinda to calm down, like this.
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Shh, shh. That's a good girl!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania softly strokes Malinda with a smile on her face.
Vania: Heeheehee! She's so soft and squishy!
Vania: Come over here and pet her, Feldrac!
Feldrac: Oh? Let's see...
Feldrac rubs his chin thoughtfully, approaches Malinda, and pets her gently.
Veight: Huh? Feldrac?
Vania: So? Isn't she soft and squishy?
Malinda: Gyooo?
Feldrac: I see, I see. This is quite pleasant.
Veight: ...
Vania: Hm? What's wrong, Veight? Did you want to give it a try?
Veight: Hah. I think not.
Vania: Come on, stop acting all tough! Get your butt over here!
Veight: Ah! Stop pulling me, Vania!
Vania tugs on Veight's arm and forces his hand on top of Malinda's head.
Malinda: Gyoo?
Vania: Well? It feels good, doesn't it?
Veight: Yes, it certainly is a nice feeling, I suppose—
Veight: Ngh!
Veight becomes flustered at his own remark while Vania looks at him with a sly smile.
Vania: See? It's great! Come on, pet her some more!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Veight: N-no, it doesn't feel good at all! I'm done with this!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vania: Hey! You made Malinda sad! Apologize to her now!
Veight: But I didn't do anything!
Malinda: Gyoo. Gyoo...
Feldrac: Ahem. If you two have time to fight...
Feldrac: Then why don't you go gather food for her? I believe she's hungry.
Vania: Wah! Really? Then we'd better hurry! You're coming too, Veight!
Veight: What? Why do I have to—
Veight: Yeow! Stop pinching me!
Vania: See what happens when you don't come?
Veight: Okay, okay, I get it! I said, I get it! Stop already!
Malinda: Gyoo?
Feldrac: Be at ease. Those two will return shortly.
Feldrac gives her a gentle pat.
Feldrac: The others speak of heresy, but you and Vania are different.
Feldrac: If the both of you can become the winds of change, then maybe there's still hope for us...
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo, gyoo?
Feldrac: Heh. It's nothing. Don't worry.
Feldrac smiles and continues to pet her gently.
Malinda: Gyoo... gyoo...
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo!
Vyrn: Oh, you're up! What were you dreaming about? It must've been good.
Just at the moment, Malinda's stomach let's out a growl.
Malinda: Gyoo... gyoo.
Vyrn: Sigh. Her stomach woke her up. You sure have it easy!
Rackam: Hahaha! I'd say she's got perfect timing! Let's eat!
Lyria: Woo-hoo! Food! Food!
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyoo!
Malinda enjoys her lunch with the crew while reminiscing about the old days.
She doesn't realize it, but the feelings Feldrac imparted on her remain in her heart.

A Contest for Apples[edit]

To try to make up for eating Vyrn's apple that he'd packed for lunch, Malinda leads the crew to an apple tree surrounded by monsters. Since no apples remain, she brings back apples from a different part of the forest, and Vyrn is finally able to finish his lunch.

Vyrn: Aaah!
(Captain) and company are walking through the forest in search of monsters that had destroyed a field of crops.
Vyrn's sudden shriek stills echoes off the trees.
Lyria: What happened?
Malinda: Burp.
Vyrn: This stinkin' dragon just ate the apple I packed for lunch!
Malinda: Gyoo.
Lyria: Oh, is that it? Thank goodness.
Vyrn: What do you mean, is that it? This is important, Lyria!
Malinda: Gyooo... Gyoo, gyoo.
Vyrn: Huh? I don't care if you were hungry!
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vyrn: Yeah, right! I'm not forgiving you!
Lyria: Now, now, I still have one apple left.
Lyria pulls out an apple from her bag.
Vyrn: Oooh! That's my Lyria!
Malinda: Gyoo! Slurp!
Lyria: Eek!
Before she can hand Vyrn the apple, Malinda's tongue darts out and snatches it away.
Malinda: Gulp.
Vyrn: Argh! You little! You stinkin'!
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo, gyoo!
Vyrn: That was no accident! Aaah! Lyria!
Lyria: I'm sorry, Vyrn. That was the last one.
Vyrn: No! This is an emergency! We're heading into town right now to buy some apples!
Lyria: But the townspeople can't pick any apples because of the monsters.
Vyrn: Agh! That's right! Darn it! I need apples...
Malinda: Gyoo. Gyoo, gyoo! Gyoo!
Vyrn: Hm? Really?
Lyria: What did she say?
Vyrn: She smells apples over there, so there's probably an apple tree.
Malinda: Gyoo! Gyooo!
Vyrn: Well, why don't we go take a look. We might find those monsters on the way too.
They keep walking through the forest, and sure enough, an apple tree grows before them.
Vyrn: Aaaah!
Unfortunately, a large group of monsters swarm around the tree.
Vyrn: Why is this happening? My poor apples!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Lyria: Calm down, Vyrn! They don't belong to you yet!
Vyrn: Who cares about that! Let's go beat up those monsters, (Captain)!
Malinda: Gyooo!
The monsters don't stand a chance against (Captain) and two enraged dragons.
Monster: Gragh...
But the truth is they're too late. The apple tree has been stripped clean.
Vyrn: Ah! Aaaah!
Lyria: Oh, those were the monsters we were supposed to get rid of, weren't they?
Vyrn: Sob... So what? My apples are gone...
Malinda: Gyoo... Gyoo!
Vyrn: Huh? You smell more apples? Where?
Malinda: Gyoo...
Vyrn: Aww...
Lyria: Huh? What's wrong? Aren't there any apples?
Vyrn: She can smell them, but they're really far away. She doesn't know where they are for sure.
Malinda: Gyoo. Groawr!
Malinda lets out a deafening roar and transforms into her adult form.
Malinda: ...!
Without another word, she launches herself high into the air and flies off.
Lyria: What is it? Malinda?
Malinda returns after a short while.
Vyrn: Oh! That's...
A branch with several apples growing from it hangs from Malinda's mouth.
Vyrn: Did you fly over the forest to find these for me?
Malinda: ...
Malinda nods silently.
Vyrn: Hehe, thank you!
Lyria: Heehee! See? It all worked out, Vyrn!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Lyria: Hm? You want me to have some too? Thank you, Malinda!
Vyrn: Oh! There's enough for (Captain) too! Nice! Let's chow down and head back to town!
Malinda: Gyoo!
The crew make their way back to the main road, munching on apples along the way.
As they head back to town to report their triumph, their mouths are full with the sweet taste of success.