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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain!
I'm so glad you were brought into this world. Otherwise I would never have met you.


Happy birthday! Everyone's busy getting the party ready. Please wait a little longer.
What am I doing? Ahaha... It's my job to keep you out.
Phew, thank goodness the preparations are turning out well.
Hm? Did I say something just now?
Uh, yeah, I guess I did. Only the living can grow old, you know?
That's why birthday celebrations are so special.
We'll definitely celebrate the next one too, (Captain)! Don't let me down!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's not much, but I hope you like this present I got you.
I bought a book for my sister on her birthday long ago.
I saved up each bit of what little I had. She had such a big smile on her face when I gave her the book.
And I was as happy as she was. We really understood each other that day.
That's how I feel right now with giving your present, (Captain).
Yeah... Happiness... is another birthday spent with you.
I hope we get to do this again next year.
So I'll get stronger and protect you.
I know it won't be trouble free, but I'll make it happen!


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm a little embarrassed to say this but...
I'm really lucky to have met you, (Captain).
You care for me, our crew, and have taught me oh so much.
My sister would be proud of the person that I am today.
Thank you. I hope to always be by your side, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Yeaaawn. Phew. I stayed up all night, and now I can't keep my eyes open.
Wanna take a nap?


Happy New Year! It's not because of any particular change, but the new year always feels refreshing.
What's my New Year's resolution? Hmm, good question.
I suppose I'll try to be less of a burden on you and Lyria.
I'm going to live life to the fullest, and cherish every second of it.
Huh? Yeah, you do have a point. I should already be doing that, not just aiming for it as a resolution...
Ack! You're right, I'm sorry! I won't be reckless in life! I promise!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
This line up of grub to ring in the new year is so good!
Assorted greens, cakes, stew... Oh, and you can't forget the drinks! Already got a full plate, eh?
I know it feels great to loaf around at home, doing nothing but eating and drinking.
But it doesn't do the body good, haha.
Oh, you want to have a mini sports tournament then?
I'm game. Let's take this outside. Don't come crying to me if you lose though.


(Captain), happy New Year!
It's cold outside and because I stayed up, I'm sleepy. These are the perfect conditions for an afternoon nap!
But first I want to eat some osechi. Then after that I'll have some rice cakes boiled with vegetables...
That's the plan!
After that I'll go visit a temple to celebrate the first day of the year!
(Captain), how about you join me on this relaxed New Year's day! It'll be fun!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
C'mon, let's go out and buy some chocolate! I'll even give you one!


Hey, (Captain), I didn't know how to put my gratitude in words, so I want you to have this instead.
Thank you for helping me with my sister as well as picking up my own life. I really owe you one.
I doubt I'd be here right now if I hadn't met you, Lyria, Aster, and everyone else.
Haha, talk about a gloomy valentine, huh? Sorry about that.
But I didn't want to let this chance to express myself escape from me. It might be the only one I get.
Moving on; that bag I gave you is full of candy I handpicked myself! They're all delicious!


Hey, (Captain), I want to give you this. It's Valentine's Day, remember?
Yeah, so I actually made it myself.
Trying to figure out what to buy is such a hassle. Might as well just make something instead!
Haha, I say that, but I'm not really sure if it turned out well.
Anyway, it's the thought that counts, and I put a lot of it into making that for you.
I hope you end up liking it.


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day!
I made sweets this year too. I practiced quite a bit to make sure these are even better than last year.
They're small? Ahaha! You got me.
I did so much taste-testing that I only have the small pieces left...
I-I didn't have a gluttonous moment! Why would I give you something weird like my leftovers?
There might not be many left, but the ones that are there pack a punch of emotion!
Just try them! They're great!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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What have you got there, (Captain)? Oh, is it for me?
Oh yeah, it's White Day... Hm, what did I give you for Valentine's again? Aaah, sorry for making you go through all the trouble for me!
Thank you! I love sweets.
Ahaha, I won't forget this! Just you wait for next year's Valentine's Day!
Now what was it that you liked again? Not to worry, I'll be sure to find something good for you!


How goes it, (Captain)? Huh? A present for me? Well, that sure came out of nowhere.
Oh, right! It's White Day. Yeah, yeah, I get it now. This is great. Thanks!
You know, the whole idea of giving and receiving stuff is a pretty good one.
Okay then! Next Valentine's I'll find something really good for you!


Something up, (Captain)?
This is... Oh, yeah. White Day.
Thanks for the present! Feels great to be thought of!
Wow, there are so many different kinds of candies to choose from...
Hm? You had a feeling I'd like variety?
Ahaha. You're good, (Captain).
You've encouraged me to pull out all the stops for next year's Valentine's Day. You better look forward to it!


You wanna go around the village of food stalls? And you want me to go with you?
Oh! Would this be my White Day present?
Even though I only gave you a little chocolate for Valentine's Day... You're so kind, (Captain).
Thanks! I'd be happy to go!
Next year I'll be sure to make you a ton of chocolates! You just wait!
Oh? Today you just want me to enjoy myself and the food?
Ahaha. You really are sweet.
Well then, that I will! To get our hungry on, why don't we run there!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! They say this is a holiday to remember those who have passed away.
I think such a cheerful remembrance is a good idea.


When I was young, I always loved Halloween. The tricks were so fun, and the candy was so sweet and delicious...
Ah, to be so innocent. No concerns. No worries.
But then I got older. I lost my sister.
And now it suddenly occurs to me... what if she comes back to visit? It's Halloween, after all.
What if I get another chance to walk the streets in costume with her?
Haha... No costume this year, though.
Right. I'll keep a smile on my face as usual. Just in case my sister's watching.


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Oh, that's a lot of candy you got there. Thanks for letting me help myself to some.
Ah, you see, I did get treats from the costumed townspeople.
But then I got swarmed by kids, and I had to give away my stash to get them to leave. It was crazy.
Oh well. I remember trying to get as much candy as I could too when I was a kid.
It was fun back then, going around town with my sister while in costume.
You know what? Let's dress up and walk around town together.
Of course it'll be our chance to score lots of goodies!


Hey, look at this! When I woke up someone had taken my spear and replaced with this candy stick.
It must have been a prank by the children, right?
Ahaha. They really tried to make this look like a spear.
Okay... I'm off to go get the real thing from the kids.
I'll just bring the candy I prepared and...
My candy is gone! I left it right here!
Did the children take that too... So they want to ambush me with a trick! I'm prepared!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Let's celebrate by getting stuffed on roast chicken and pie! Yum!


Hey, (Captain)! Shhh!
Take a look at this spread!
All the crew members with culinary skills came out to shine for tonight's dinner!
How can you not pig out when it's right in front of you? All this tension is bad for the body.
The only cure is to snatch a few secret bites, but they've put up a strong defense...
All right, that's it. You and I are going in. Time to form a strategy!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I was about to head into the woods to do some chopping.
No, not for firewood. I'm getting us a tree for the big day.
Hm, but now that I think about it, I probably can't carry it alone.
I guess I didn't think it all the way through...
I was so focused on getting a huge tree so I could see the smiles of all the kids in the crew that I—
Oh, you'll help me lug it back? Thanks, (Captain)! You're a lifesaver!
What, are you accusing me of wanting to rope you in from the beginning?
No way. I totally didn't plot anything... Hahaha...


Oh, (Captain). Happy holidays!
Thanks for helping me carry the tree again this year!
We bagged ourselves an even bigger one than before! The kids will love this.
Huh? How are we going to decorate this?
Ahaha! It's obvious. We're going to climb the tree! We'll make it so it doesn't wobble. No worries.
I'm good at climbing. You just watch. I'll be at the top in a flash!
I have an idea. Let's see which one of us can get to the top first, okay? We'll decorate after that!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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At that village, the party was reunited with Mariah, a warrior who wielded a spear when she fought alongside the party before in the past. The party had been worried about Mariah, as she had put herself in danger while looking for a way to compensate for the past. They called on Mariah to join their Order. Mariah wished to become useful to others. Thus she decided to join the party on their journey.

After arriving at a village, our heroes went to a Knickknack Shack to receive a mission.
Riffraff: Hahaha... Why don’t you play with us?
Woman: Oh, stop it! I have things to do... Let me through!
Vulgar Man: Huh? Hey girlie... Didn’t I say we were gonna play? Why are you heading back?!
Woman: Ah! Let go! What are you doing?!
Vyrn: This is bad! That woman is trouble! She needs to be taken to task for that!
Vyrn: Hey, dummies! Wait, what?
???: Wait, boy. You’re upsetting her! Let her go.
Vulgar Man: Wha?! Don't mess with us!
Lyria: Huh? You... Aren’t you Mariah? Hey, you defeated a primal beast before...
Mariah the spear wielding warrior had fought alongside the party before and helped defeat some thoughts.
Mariah had been led astray by the power of a sealed primal beast, and ended up killing her sisters.
Afterwards, her hatred for that primal beast backfired on her. She opened the seal on that primal beast so that she could defeat it with her own hands.
However, Mariah realized that this action unleashed a calamity on other people, and she would do her part in cooperating to reseal that primal beast.
Mariah: Aren’t you the ones who were getting in the way? Weren’t you taught to not meddle with others affairs?
Vulgar Man: Oh shut up! Aaaaahhhh! Your arm! Your arm is coming off!
Mariah: I have an errand to run. Leave this to me and get out of here!
Woman: Eh... Y-yes! Thank you!
Riffraff: Damn you! Do what you want! Surround her!
Lyria: Ahh! There’s too many of them! We must help Mariah
Vyrn: Look at who's running away! You cowards!
Our heroes joined forces with Mariah to defeat the men.
Mariah: Wow, I can’t believe you are in this town! It’s been a while, (Captain)!
Lyria: Indeed! Miss Mariah! There were too many of those men! It would have been too dangerous for you to fight them alone!
Mariah: Yeah, but, that lady was in trouble. If I hadn’t helped her...
Lyria: That is true...
Mariah: Anyway, you all came along, and everything turned out fine! Right?
Mariah: Anyway, why are you and your friends in this town, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We decided to go to the Knickknack Shack to undertake a mission.
Mariah: Really? That’s what I was doing. My travel funds have finally bottomed out.
Lyria: Huh? Weren’t you protecting some scholars at a history research Institute, Mariah?
Mariah: Yeah... After that upheaval when I met you, I quit my job as a guard.
Mariah: Although it is true that I was influenced by the power of the primal beast, that doesn’t change the fact that I fought with my sister and robbed her of her life...
Mariah: Great care has been taken to seal up that primal beast, but I unleashed it and created a great disturbance for the people of Cizierma. I am searching for a way to indemnify for this.
Lyria: I see... That sounds scary...
Lyria: The people of Cizierma Island were not angry with Miss Mariah. Please do not trouble yourself too much with that thought.
Mariah: Hahaha, both Lyria and the people of that island are so very... Kind.
Mariah: Oh, sorry, sorry. I got a little melancholy there somehow, didn’t I. Let’s go to the Knickknack Shack, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey! Wait, Mariah!
Sierokarte: Hello, everyone!!! You came along at just the right time!
Lyria: Miss Siero?! What happened?
Sierokarte: A gaggle of violent monsters has built a nest close to the town.
Sierokarte: Please and thanks! Would you be willing to go on a mission to eliminate those monsters?
Lyria: I see... That’s a very dire matter! (Captain), this mission...
Mariah: Monster extermination, right? Understood. I accept!
Lyria: What? Miss Mariah! W-wait! There is a whole bunch of them! It’s too dangerous to go on your own!
Mariah: It’s okay, it’s okay! I had experience with being attacked by groups of monsters when I was guarding the scholars.
Lyria: B-but! That mission wasn’t necessarily the same as this one will be!
Lyria: It looks like you are deliberately putting yourself in danger, Miss Mariah...
Sierokarte: Yes, it’s just as Miss Lyria says. I can’t send who deliberately seek out danger on my missions!
Mariah: Um, uh... That was not my intent. ... Is that how I look?
  1. You should take better care of yourself.
  2. I feel concerned just from looking at you

Choose: You should take better care of yourself.
Mariah: To myself...? Yeah, but, I ran rampant and unleashed a disturbance...
Mariah: Therefore, at the very least I should try to help out others.
Mariah: Oh? Would you be uneasy if I were to get hurt, (Captain)? If you’re worried, should I just join your order...?!

Choose: I feel concerned just from looking at you
Mariah: Is that so... I was getting ahead of myself, wasn’t I.
Mariah: Even though I was trying to make up for what I had done, I ended up instead causing others worry.
Mariah: Wha!? So you’re saying you want me to join your Order so that you can keep me out of trouble?
Continue 1
Lyria: That’s right, (Captain)! I would also like for Miss Mariah to be allowed into our order!
Lyria: However, if you keep overdoing things, Miss Mariah, you are liable to pass out somewhere.
Mariah: Won’t I get in the way, (Captain)? Or is it the case that leaving me behind all alone with trouble you more? Oh, nothing...
Mariah: Don’t throw your life away... Aster told me the same thing in Cizierma.
Mariah: That was never my intent... But I may have come to think lightly of my own life.
Mariah: If I stay like that it definitely won’t make up for what I have done. It would also dishonor my sister, who put her life on the line to save me...
Mariah: I’m sorry for making you worry. And thank you!
Mariah: Your order... Tell you what, if I join together with you in successfully completing this mission and you decided I would be useful, let me join your Order.
Mariah: I’m sorry for being so much of a bother. I had better show you what I am made of!
Vyrn: We already know how strong you are. Anyway, if Mariah says that that it’s okay with (Captain) too, right?
Sierokarte: Then please, exterminate the monsters! Here’s a map you’ll need.
Vyrn: Ahh! It’s right next to the town! If we don’t do something fast, people are gonna get hurt!
Mariah: (My sister... All I ever did was worry my sister. And at the very end, she thought of me...)
Mariah: (I wonder if she is still worrying about me where she is? I’m sorry...)
Mariah: (Although it seems that I’ve been able to make some very brave friends. I think they will set me straight if I should ever take the wrong path again. )
Mariah: (Look after me so I can do my best to do the right thing...)
Mariah: Now let's go! We better clean up this mess and put the townsfolk at ease!
Lyria: Yeah! We must do our best to help the townsfolk!
Mariah was still affected by the death of her sister. It troubled her greatly and put her on a path toward redemption.
Would her anguish dissipate at the end of the path she walked with (Captain) and company?
This spear-wielding regretful warrior was led by her friends into taking the first steps into a new life.

Thinking of You, Sis[edit]

(Captain)'s party arrived at a town, and runs into a woman leaving in a hurry. The woman was searching for her younger sister, who ran away from home after they had an argument. According to the woman, her sister may be in the forest where monsters are known to appear. The party quickly sets off to find her.

(Captain)'s party arrived at a town, and runs into a woman leaving in a hurry.
As the woman tripped, Mariah caught her before she hit the ground.
Woman: Ah!
Mariah: ...Whoa! That was close. Are you okay? You should watch where you're going.
Woman: I'm sorry, I'm just in a hurry. Oh, I need to go...!
Mariah: It's okay, calm down. Here, take a deep breath.
Mariah: Now, why don't you tell me what happened?
Woman: Um... I have a younger sister, but I got in an argument with her... she got upset and ran away from home.
Woman: And... she still hasn't come back so I asked around if anyone's seen her, and someone saw her leave the town...
Mariah: What? She left the town!? That doesn't bode well... There are monsters in the forest... we need to do something!
Woman: Yes... that's why I need to find her quickly!
Lyria: W-wait! If you go to the forest, you'll be in danger too! Besides, you might miss each other on the way.
Mariah: Yeah, you should stay here and wait. ...Hey, (Captain). Why don't we go search for her instead?
Woman: Thank you so much... I'm so sorry to ask this of a stranger, but please...
Lyria: Leave it to us! We are skyfarers. We'll bring your sister back safely!
Mariah: We don't have time to be searching for her blindly... do you have any idea where she might be?
Woman: Yes... she's a bit of a tomboy and loves to climb trees... she should be at the tallest tree she can find!
Mariah: Tree climbing, huh. I used to do it a lot too... a-anyways! She might be able to avoid monsters if she's high up in a tree.
Mariah: But she's still not safe. We need to find her quickly! Let's go, (Captain)!

Thinking of You, Sis: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain)'s party arrives at the forest and finds the young girl they were searching for. The girl was searching for berries as a token of apology for her sister. Mariah couldn't help but be reminded of herself when she was younger, and decided to help her in her search.

Mariah: This must be the tree the woman was talking about. Hey! Is anyone up there!? We're here to get you!
(Captain) and company called out for the girl and heard someone crying up in the tree.
Little Girl: Waah... sob...
Mariah: Ouch! That must be her. I'll climb up and get her. Wait here!
Lyria: Okay! I'll stay here and look out for monsters.
Mariah: Whew! It's been a while since I climbed trees. Good, looks like you're not hurt.
Little Girl: Um... thank you. I was scared of the monsters...
Mariah: I know you got in an argument with your sister, but that was really reckless of you. Come on, let's go back!
Little Girl: ...
Vyrn: Hm, what's wrong? You don't need to worry about monsters when we're with you!
Little Girl: But... um...
Mariah: ...! Oh I get it, you don't want to go home because your sister might be mad at you!
Little Girl: But... but...
Mariah: Look, I get that it's hard to go back after an argument. I was the same way.
Little Girl: What? You too...?
Mariah: Yeah. My older sister was smart, strong, and just an amazing person.
Mariah: So I'd get jealous and argue with her sometimes...then it would get really hard to talk to her afterwards.
Mariah: ...But I found out that if I didn't try to make peace with her, I'm the one who really suffered. Don't you think so too?
Little Girl: Yeah...
Mariah: Let's make up with your sister. Don't worry, I'll go with you!
Little Girl: But... my sister was so mad... I don't know what to say to her...
Mariah: Hmm... I see... What should we do...
Mariah: I know! You just need a little something to help you with your apology.
Mariah: Hmm... ah! What about a present? Everyone likes presents, right?
Little Girl: A present... I know! I'll bring her back some of the berries she likes!
Mariah: Oh? Can you get those berries here?
Little Girl: Yeah, I came here with dad and picked some before! They're over here!
Mariah: Hey! Wait, don't run off alone! It's dangerous!
Mariah: Sorry but... do you mind if we help her, (Captain)?
Mariah: She...she reminds me of myself when I was young. I can't just leave her.
Vyrn: Alright then! Let's go with her, (Captain)!

Thinking of You, Sis: Scene 3[edit]

After collecting the berries, (Captain)'s party takes the little girl back to town. The girl's older sister scolded her for running off into danger, then embraced her. Seeing the two reminded Mariah of her own deceased sister. She realized the bitter memories locked up deep in her mind had become something precious to her.

Little Girl:
Little Girl: Yay! I got the berries!
Mariah: Alright! Let's start heading back. Your sister is worried about you.
Mariah: Whew, we're here. ...Oh, she's waiting for you at the village entrance.
Woman: Skyfarers...! You found her... thank you so much. I'm so relieved...
Mariah: Don't worry, she's safe! ...Here, don't you have something to tell her?
Little Girl: Um... I'm back...
Little Girl: Um. . H-here! These berries are your favorite, right? They're for you, so... um...
Woman: ...You...! That was so stupid of you!!
The woman scolded her sister, then hugged her tightly.
Woman: Oh... do you have any idea how worried I was...? That was so, so stupid...!
Woman: Don't you get it? I don't care if I can never eat berries again as long as you're safe!
Little Girl: I'm so sorry... don't cry, I'm sorry... *sob*... waaaah!
The sisters thanked (Captain)'s party profusely, and returned home, hand in hand.
Mariah: Whew... I'm glad the girl was safe and they made up!
Mariah: They'll probably fight again some day, but I'm sure they'll be okay.
Mariah: ...It's been a while, but it brought back memories of me and my sister when I was younger.
Mariah: Maybe I was unconsciously trying not to think about my sister...
Mariah: Ahh! I have a feeling I'll have some pleasant dreams tonight! Come on, (Captain)! Let's get back to the airship!
Mariah kept the memories of her sister deep in the back of her mind.
However, as she spent time with her friends, she began to think back on those memories and face them with renewed heart.
For Mariah, the bitter memories and the sweet ones alike were sure to become something precious to her.

Affection Is Beyond Time[edit]

A letter is found in one of the books from Mariah's sister's collection that was donated to the Hall of Knowledge. Mariah can't bring herself to read the letter from her late sister, so Arusha reads it aloud for her. The letter describes Mariah's sister's love for her younger sibling. Mariah is able to connect with her sister, despite having lost her long before.

One day, Mariah decided to pass on her late sister's book collection to Arusha.
Arusha: In- incredible! It's just one rare and valuable tome after another! I'm particularly fascinated by this book on history.
Arusha: But Mariah, these are all mementos of your sister. Are you really sure you want me to have them?
Mariah: It's fine. My parents study a different field entirely, so they've no use for them. It'd be a shame to leave them gathering dust.
Mariah: Besides, I know my sister would be happy to know that her books were helpful to someone else.
Arusha: Well, if you're sure, then I'll gladly send them to the Hall of Knowledge. They'll be well looked after there.
Mariah: I appreciate it. It's a weight off my mind to know my sister's books are going to a good home.
Thus, through Arusha's kind donation, Mariah's sister's book collection found its way to the Hall of Knowledge.
A short time later…
Arusha: Ah, Mariah! Do you have a minute?
Mariah: Sure, what's up? You seem kind of flustered.
Arusha: So you know I donated your sister's books to the Hall of Knowledge? Well, they said they found an envelope in one of the books.
Mariah: Really?
Arusha: Yes, but that's not all. There was a name written on the envelope. Your name, Mariah.
Mariah: It's for me?!
Arusha: Yep! Anyway, here's the envelope.
Mariah: Sorry, I… I can't take this.
Arusha: Huh? Why not?
Mariah: Because I was the one who killed her! We… we tried to kill each other and…
Arusha: But that wasn't your fault! It was the effect of a primal beast; there was nothing you could have done!
Mariah: Even so, primal beasts can't make feelings out of nothing. That anger toward my sister came from within me to start with.
Mariah: I… I was always jealous of her. She was so smart and kind. The primal beast just amplified that jealousy.
Mariah: So, if that's what it did to me, then the same must have happened to my sister. She must have resented me for some reason, too.
Mariah: Maybe that's what's inside the envelope. All her bottled up resentment for me poured out for me to read.
Mariah: I'm sorry, I just can't. I'm too afraid of what I might find.
Arusha: But…
Arusha was left speechless by Mariah's emotional speech.
She soon regained her composure however, and, with a look of determination, she tore open the envelope.
Mariah: Arusha, what are you doing?!
Ignoring Mariah's outburst, Arusha cast her eyes over the letter.
Arusha: "To my dearest Mariah…"
Mariah: Arusha, stop! I'm begging you, don't read it!
Arusha: Just listen, OK?
Arusha: "I'm so sorry, Mariah. I know I've always caused you worry."
Arusha: "I've always been so obsessed with my research, everything else has fallen to you. I know how much it must irritate you."
Mariah: Sis… That's not true at all…
Arusha: "You're such a kind person, so you always just let it go. I wanted to apologize, and tell you how much I always appreciated it."
Arusha: "But I'm not strong enough to say it myself. That's why I'm writing this now; to say I'm sorry, and to thank you for everything."
Various small, everyday events and other memories were jotted down, as if it was still a work in progress. Arusha read on.
Mariah, who had initially been covering her ears so as not to hear, gradually began to listen.
Arusha: "There is one thing I want you to always remember; I love you, and no matter what happens, I always will."
Arusha: "I think I'll stop here. After all, this is a letter, not a novel!
All my love,
Your big sis."
Mariah: S-sis… She never was any good at letters. (Sniff)
Mariah: Even with her fellow scholars, it always got her in trouble. Always "too" something. Too abrupt, too casual, too much chit-chat…
Arusha: Haha, really? I'm exactly the same! I can't stand writing stuffy old reports.
Mariah: Yeah…
Mariah: Thank you, Arusha. For reading the letter, I mean.
Arusha: Not at all. Sorry I opened it without asking. I just…
Mariah: No need to apologize. I'm glad you did. Otherwise I would've never opened it, and I'd have spent forever being scared of it.
Mariah: I… I thought it would be full of anger, that she must have resented me for something. I was so afraid…
Mariah: So really, thank you.
Mariah: I love you too, sis. I always have, and I always will.
A single, unexpected letter written long ago helped Mariah finally understood how her sister had felt while she lived.
The pain of her sister's loss stayed with her, but thanks to the help of a friend, Mariah's wounds could finally start to heal.