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Official Profile[edit]




  • Mishra is Zehek's master.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oh, happy birthday to you!
Age is but a number.
A person isn't measured by that number, but by the importance of one's accumulated experience.
Take me for example. Have I not transcended the need for trivialities such as age?
The secret to beauty is in one's disposition. And I'm always beautiful.


Your birthday? Isn't that sweet.
This is the day you were given life, and up till this day you have managed to survive.
Don't you think it's good fortune that you've managed to live this long?
Let me offer my advice, little one. There is no need to lead an honorable life.
If you're going to live, do so gleefully and beautifully. Living as you please will enrich your life.
I will not have you lose sight of who you are, do you understand me?
Love yourself and love others who love you. Live each day with beauty and glee. That's all I'm going to say.


Today is your birthday, right? Everyone on the ship is absolutely taken with the celebration. How sweet.
On a day like this, I command you to frolic and enjoy yourself.
To celebrate your own birthday from the bottom of your heart is to love yourself in the most beautiful manner.
No matter what others may try to tell you, always love yourself and realize how beautiful you are.
Accept that you are the fairest of them all. And never forget that.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Wouldn't it be a great way to start the new year by admiring my beauty?
Hehehe, I know that feeling all too well.
It's the feeling of rebirth, of wanting to see something of incredible beauty. That's just the natural order of things.
Thus you may gaze at me to your heart's content.
Have you already had your fill? How humble of you.


Happy New Year... is what I should be saying, but more importantly, what are you wearing?
Your clothes are stained and your hair is absolutely outrageous.
Listen up. Beauty is an art you must work each day to perfect.
That you cannot even arrange yourself properly is a sign that you lack discipline in this art!
What? This year you want to be properly educated in all things beauty?
Well, I never... I must praise you on your efforts to better yourself.
All right... This year I expect you to show me how knowledgeable you become in the art of beauty.
I hope that you will at least learn to find attire that is becoming of the beautiful.


The first day of the new year is the key to what follows. Or so they say.
Gather the other crew members.
In a civilized manner, I need to inspect everyone to see how committed they are to beauty.
If anyone should have less than perfect skin from staying up too late at night, or eating too much, or show any other signs of decay...
Hehe... They will not escape my wrath so easily.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Would you like some fruit? No?
Then how about candy? There's more than enough to go around. Go on.
Oh, don't act so surprised. It's Valentine's Day.
It's not out of place to offer candy on a day when you're supposed to eat candy, now is it?
That's enough modesty. Eat up now.


Here. Receive your Valentine's Day gift.
This is made from a special medicinal her-
Oh nevermind... The devil is in the detail as they say. Haha.
Hmm? Why do you look that way? Do you suspect I am up to no good?
What? What do you mean, "No, thank you."
Hmph... You are a clever one.
Allow me to explain. This chocolate is infused with an herb that will enhance beauty. At least in theory.
So I expect you to eat this, and I will observe what happens to you. For research purposes.
You'll become more beautiful, and I'll further my research. Two birds, one stone, right?


Here. I've prepared yet another gift for you. Take it already.
What? You would like me to stop mixing in medicinal herbs with your chocolate?
You do know that overconsumption of chocolate will ruin your skin, yes?
And you are the brightest star on this ship. Therefore it follows that you will receive a great deal of chocolate.
I was simply trying to provide you a means to prevent your complexion from taking a turn for the worse. But recognizing kindness does not seem to be your forte.
What? I'm just doing it for research? Child, whatever are you talking about?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh my, a gift for little old me? You're such a darling.
Goodness me, it's a book!
And I was just thinking to myself about starting a new one too.
You've certainly saved me some trouble, hahaha! Thank you, (Captain).


Hmm? You wish to repay me with a gift of your own?
I see. Well just because you became more beautiful does not warrant a gift for me.
But... If you absolutely must repay me... I require your body.
I have made an even more powerful recipe for beauty, and I need to know what effects it has on the body...
This will require a considerable amount of time. You or Zehek have a very fast metabolism which is exactly what this experiment calls for.
In the end you'll become more beautiful, so I trust there will be no complaints from you. Hahaha.


Hm? You've found a White Day present that has effects on my skin? Well I never...
I'm sorry to tell you, but there is no way I would use such common—
Wait... Since you did go through the trouble of choosing this for me, I suppose I cannot completely refuse the thought.
I know... I'll use this as a base for creating an even more powerful medicine which I can actually use.
Of course I'll need a guin—I mean... you will help me as part of your present.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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I thought it was awfully lively today. It must be Halloween.
Are you dressing up this year? I can help you choose a costume if you haven't decided yet.
Why don't I wrap you in bandages? Mysterious, ancient mummies used to be wrapped up in them too.
Hehe. They even had runes woven into the fabric of the bandages.
It's best to conceal your magical prowess. The bandages don't have any significance. I just wanted to indulge in some fun.


Trick or treat? Hahah! You're such a child. How becoming.
Here's what I've prepared. Take whichever you like.
How is it? You love it, right?
What? Bitter? Oh! That was the cookie I had prepared for Zehek. It has some medicinal ingredients mixed in.
That's too bad. I thought making something bitter in the form of something sweet might have helped... Hmm...
Salt and plum vinegar is a difficult flavoring to use. Oh well.
Here, this one I've prepared especially for you. Stuff it in your mouth at once.


What? Trick or treat?
Oh? Have you come to beg me for treats?
Well then... I have prepared just the thing for you.
Of course, they will come at a price.
I need you to tell me how you feel after you've eaten them, gone to bed, and awoken the next day.
What? It's Halloween, so I decided to make candies with all kinds of side-effects.
Worry not, peasant. None of them have poison. They are all splendid effects I need to test.
Now open that mouth and swallow. Show me what becomes of you.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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This holiday night is one full of memories.
It reminds me of a beloved child I once nurtured...
On this day only, that child could finally be happy, as if the pain and suffering had never existed.
As if they had never contracted that loathsome disease. Those joyful memories will always stay me.
So many memories come flooding back tonight. Hehe, what a wonderful time of the year.


The holy night... It really has meaning for me.
I've told you once of a beloved child, do you remember?
Only on this night, which overflows with spiritual energy, was the child's curse lifted. This was the only night when acting like every other child was allowed.
My heart aches every time I recall...
The memories we made will last me a lifetime...
Hehehe... Oh what a life I have lived...


The holy night is one of many wonders...
To the untrained eye, it appears to be nothing more than a normal day's end. But there is so much power...
I used to wish this power would last all year long.
Hehe... To save my beloved child I was so willing to hope for miracles.
But to do what must be done, I must rely only on my own strength.
I hope one day this night, will be one just like any other for my beloved and I...
I hope one day this silly idea will come to fruition.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Beautiful Mage[edit]

In an ancient forest far, far away from the humdrum of everyday life, our heroes paid visit to a mage of great renown who spent her days in solitude.Though they sought the secrets to primal crystals, they found themselves on the receiving end of a symposium on beauty.Though thrown for quite the loop, the party managed to successfully recruit Mishra to their Order.

Somewhere out there is an ancient forest, far removed from the world you and I know. In it lived a magician, a magician who grasped for herself a very special sort of knowledge.
Having heard a rumor, the party found themselves slogging through the waist high grass of a gloomy forest in the hope of learning more about primal crystals.
Vyrn: Hehehe...well they said she’s pretty old. And you don’t want to get her mad...unless you wanna end up a frog or something...
Lyria: Oooooh...
Katalina: Vyrn!

Can’t you see how scared she is?!

You just made all that up, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Sorry and sorry again!
Vyrn: I’m just saying...don’t be shocked if it happens. A wild forest like this...creep central.
Lyria: We’ve been here before...hey, (Captain)... Are you sure we aren’t going in circles?
Katalina: Yeah...I’ve seen that tree, like, ten times...don’t tell me we’re los?
Katalina: Wait?! C-careful now... waugh!
Lyria: Katalina?! Eep?!
Vyrn: Urk?!

H-hey! Lyria!

Let go of my tail...
Vyrn: Ow...you okay, (Captain)?
Katalina: I feel something...
???: Such noise...what is it, Zehek?
Katalina: Lyria! Hide! Now!
Strange Woman: Zehek! Can you hear me?! Where in blazes did that nubbin run off to...hm...
Strange Woman: Oh, dearie me...what have we here! Oh, I’ve not had callers in a donkey’s years!
Strange Woman: I assume you’ve come to unlock the supreme mysteries of beauty? You have, have you not? Mm?
Vyrn: What? Uh, no...we?
Strange Woman: Very well! Don’t be shy, now! I’ve been quite dying of boredom. You’ll get your guidance straight from the source.
Strange Woman: We’ll start with...yes, you! The armored lass!
Katalina: Hmm? M-me?
Strange Woman: You’ve done well with the hair...but take these seeds. Press them and use the oil to go from simply pretty to absolutely enchanting!
Strange Woman: I’ll have you know they’re quite hard to acquire. Consider it a gift! Twice a day. That’s two times and don’t you forget it!
Katalina: Erm...thanks, I guess...
Strange Woman: And next...ah, you don’t see that every day.

A flying, talking lizard.

Hurm...for you...
Vyrn: Did I stutter?! Listen, lady, I’m not a liz?
Strange Woman: Ah, I’m no longer interested.
Vyrn: What?!
Strange Woman: More importantly...you. I believe they called you (Captain)?
Strange Woman: What is it you’re hiding? A certain je ne sais quoi...a pulse of the soul...
Strange Woman: No need to be afraid.

I don’t bite.

Now come on out.
Lyria: ...
Strange Woman: Oho! This is quite the shocker!
Vyrn: No way... How’d she know Lyria was there. Who the hell are you?
Strange Woman: A silly question to ask. I do believe it was you lot who were searching for me?
Vyrn: Wha? N-nah. We’re looking for a magician. An old lady...
Strange Woman: Oh, be not quick to judge a book by its cover. Hehe. Of course, you’re still wet behind the ears.
Katalina: Don’t tell me you’re...
Mishra: Indeed I am. It is I whom you seek. Mishra, the Sorceress of the Ancient Wood.
Vyrn: Wha...?!
Mishra: Ahaha! Look at those faces! That’s just so deliciously perfect! Ahahahaha!
Mishra: Oh, I haven’t had a chuckle like that in a month of Mondays...
Mishra: Oh, I do suppose you deserve something for giving me a bit of fun.
Mishra: Is there a question you wish to ask? Hmph...and considering the girl’s power, I presume it has something to do with primal crystals.
Vyrn: What? What d’you know about the crystals?!
Mishra: Nothing, I’m afraid.
Vyrn: ...
Mishra: Hahaha! My apologies. My only concerns are beauty and the cultures of antiquity.
Mishra: But you need not worry. I thought this day my come. My preparations for the journey are already in place.
Vyrn: Hm? Journey? What journey?
Mishra: Well you are travelers, aren’t you? And if it’s primal crystals you seek...you must be looking beyond the sky. To Estalucia.
Mishra: Visiting unknown lands, crossing swords with unknown foes...my ken will come in handy, I think.
Mishra: I say that, should you wish it, I would have no problem joining you.
Vyrn: (What do you wanna do, (Captain)? I’m just saying, watch how you phrase it...)
  1. Would you care to join us?
  2. Smells fishy to me...

Choose: Would you care to join us?
Mishra: Hehe. Ah, you are a prudent one. I like you.

Choose: Smells fishy to me...
Vyrn: What?!
Mishra: Hahaha! I like you! Now I’ll definitely be joining you. I do hope you’re ready.
Continue 1
Mishra: That’s that. Let us go.

Hehe...I couldn’t be more excited!

Oh, this is no time to dilly-dally!
Vyrn: Hrm...kinda feels like we walked into a trap here...
Katalina: Well...at least we know she’s a seasoned mage. That’s definitely going to come in handy.
Mishra: One more thing...how do we get out of here?
Vyrn: Wha?
Mishra: I came here decades ago to conduct research on ancient cultures...I quite forgot where the exit was.
Lyria: Hehe! Oh, Mishra! You’re such a kidder!
Katalina: Sigh...at least, I hope she comes in handy...
And so Mishra, seasoned mage and authority on beauty and ancient culture, joined our heroes.
And being an authority on beauty, she had quite the harsh lessons in store for the those of the Order. But that’s a tale for another time...

The Sage's Treasure[edit]

Upon hearing about the treasure of the ancient people, the company descended upon a remote ancient ruin. The ruin had already been trashed from other skyfarers looking for the treasure. It had completely changed from when Mishra last came. The company begin exploring around, but they were stopped from a sudden monster attack.

It is said that a treasure of the ancient people is kept in ancient ruins somewhere. The company got wind of that rumor.
To verify the rumors... and also by the request of Mishra, the company heads to the rumored island.
Vyrn: Wow... There are holes punched everywhere. It’s completely trashed here.
Katalina: Hmph... It must be thugs who have heard about the rumors of the treasure and turned everything on its head.
Mishra: Hmm... It certainly looks different from when I last visited.
Vyrn: What’s going on? You came here before, Mishra?
Mishra: Yes. The ancient writing that I use was also written on the stone tablet of this ruin.
Mishra: Originally, this was a quiet ruin where people and monsters alike did not come to... And look at it now...
Lyria: Huh? Say, (Captain). Did something...?
Monster: GRRRR...
Katalina: Careful! Monsters!
Rackam: Tch! Over here, too! We’re surrounded.
Mishra: Oh, dear... I didn’t want to cause a commotion... But you leave me no choice.

The Sage's Treasure: Scene 2[edit]

The monsters were sent by a man looking for treasure. The man, being unable to read the ancient writings, wanted to use Mishra to find the whereabouts of the treasure. Being annoyed at the company for not doing as he says, he sent monsters after them again.

Mishra: This is odd. There used to be a spell cast here so that monsters do not come close.
Lyria: Um... I think I saw someone in that building over there...
Lyria: Maybe it’s someone using monsters to chase us away...
???: Hehe... You’re a sharp one, little lady.
Lyria: ...!
Hooligan: Hey! Erune woman! You said something about a spell. Can you read the ancient writing here?
Mishra: What if I can?
Hooligan: Whoo! I’m in luck! If I have you, I can find the treasure.
Hooligan: Hehehe. I found something that looks like a treasure map, but I can’t read the ancient writing on it!
Hooligan: I didn’t know what to do, so I was thinking of destroying the ruins!
Rackam: I see... That sounds ominous...
Hooligan: Hey! You there! If you don’t want to hurt, hand over that woman.
Hooligan: Hehe... Or else...
Monster: GRRRR...
Katalina: Ugh... Our hunch was correct...
Mishra: Haha... Hehehe... Ahahaha!
Vyrn: Mishra... What’s going on?
Mishra: This is perfect. I was incensed by the looting of the ruins.
Mishra: It seems that youngsters nowadays have no respect for the old. It think you need to be taught a lesson!

The Sage's Treasure: Scene 3[edit]

Guided by Mishra, the company arrived to where the treasure was. What they found were a great number of stone tablets. Rackam had half-expected there to be valuables there, but Mishra began immersing herself in her research to decipher the stone tablets.

Hooligan: Damn it...!
Mishra: Is this your treasure map? I see... This is...
Mishra: This is certainly a map to the whereabouts of the treasure. And this is a treasure, yet it is not.
Rackam: Oh... What? What's that supposed to mean?
Mishra: Haha. A picture is worth a thousand words. Follow me.
Vyrn: W-Wow...! This is...
Lyria: Wow...! There are so many stone tablets!
Katalina: This is certainly a grand sight... Every single one of the stone tablets are full to the brim with ancient texts.
Mishra: This is a treasure trove of knowledge. The map you carried was for the location of the treasure for the learned.
Mishra: Hmph... You must have thought it the treasures were gold and other valuables. Ahaha! You fool!
Hooligan: No way...
Mishra: You should be grateful that you didn’t get lost in the ruins and died from exposure.
Mishra: Now that you learned your lesson, don’t ever enter the ruins without respect in your heart.
Rackam: But you know... I was kind of hoping that there were valuable treasure here.
Lyria: Ahaha... But it is treasure to Mishra!
Rackam: I see... So she’s locked herself in her room doing research again...
Rackam: Sigh... Thanks to that, I didn’t have to get lectured about beauty or whatever...
Mishra: Ahh! (Captain)! You came at the right time! Will you hear me out?!
Mishra: I was trying to decipher the writing on the stone tablets we found in the ruins the other day. Surprisingly, the knowledge of that age...
Mishra: When I compare it with the blending technique of the herbs I was researching before, it shows that it can tighten the skin and keep it moisturized...
Rackam: Blegh...! G-Give me a break!
The treasure that sleeps in the ancient ruins. This is truly a treasure for Mishra, the explorer of beauty and ancient texts.
Who would leave this behind? Her adventurous mind will become the map to the truth as well as the key.

Just Like a Child[edit]

Zehek put some distance between himself and Mishra in order to get away from her uninhibited behavior. Mishra slumped down, pained by that cold and distant behavior. Zehek had a change of heart when he saw Mishra in that condition, and went to see her so that they could locate the phantom herb sought by Mishra and to clear up any misunderstandings.

The Grandcypher sailed peacefully through the sky, until one day...
Zehek: ...
Vyrn: What's the deal, Zehek? You playing hide and seek or something?
Lyria: That means she might not be feeling too well herself! We need to go talk to her!
Vyrn: Hey... what's with the hiding? You hurt or something?
Zehek: No... no need to worry yourself over me.
Mishra's Voice: Zehek? Zehek, where are you?!
Lyria: ...hm? Zehek? It sounds like Mishra's calling you!
Vyrn: Hmm? Don't tell me you aren't gonna go?
Zehek: Er...
Mishra: Zehek! What in the blazes are you doing here? I've been searching up and down for you.
Mishra: What's the matter with you, Zehek? Is your arrhythmia acting up again? Let's take a look at you.
Zehek: Save it... You're my master, not my doctor.
Mishra: Oh, brr. Chilly as ever. And here I thought you a friend of mine.
Vyrn: Uh-huh. Just think of it! The old master and student back together again. No need to be shy!
Zehek: Shy? What in d'you mea?*cough*!
Mishra: You were quite the sickly young sprite when I took you in...
Mishra: You'd not even be gallivanting around with this lot if it weren't for my efforts!
Mishra: Quit your brooding! You've been in my care before, haven't you?!
Zehek: Ah... made to quaff strange potions and playing the laboratory rat?*cough*! Ack!
Mishra: Oh... is that how it was? My memory seems to have failed me.
Zehek: Master... I am not some toy for you to play with!
Zehek: *cough*... all that time I spent with you, master. You think I haven't caught on yet?
Mishra: Oh, my... to hear my dearest student speak so...
Mishra: Forgive me... I've always meddled a bit too much, I know. I must mend my ways...
Zehek: ...
Vyrn: H- Hey! Are you okay with that? Your master just, y'know, left and all?
Lyria: She looked so broken up...
Zehek: ...
Zehek: *cough*!
Vyrn: Whoa, now! You haven't been sleeping with your windows open, have you?
Zehek: It's nothing... did you require something?
Vyrn: Well, if you're asking... I was kind of wondering about things between you and Mishra.
Zehek: Ah...
Zehek: It's not what you think! We never...
Zehek: I... I never even...
Lyria: Huh? So if Zehek has those herbs... and Mishra is looking for them...
Zehek: That... it's pure coincidence!
Vyrn: Haha... well if that's the case, what the hell are we doing standing around, (Captain)?
Pressed by (Captain), Zehek went off in search of Mishra, dragging his feet with each step.
Mishra: Hoho! This is quite the shocker! Such rare herbs, all for little old me...
Lyria: Oh, that is so good to hear! You seem pretty happy, Mishra!
Zehek: *cough*
Vyrn: Wait a minute! Somebody turn off that lamp. Oh, wait. It's Zehek.
Mishra: Oh, Zehek... you haven't changed since you were a boy.
Mishra: Hehe. For all the running he did from my treatments, guess who came slinking back because he was too scared to sleep alone...
Lyria: Wow! We're learning all sorts of things about you, Zehek!
Zehek: Gah! When did I ever? You don't need to go telling them about that!
Mishra: Ohohoho! What's wrong, my dear? Is that a thumpity-thump-thump I hear?
Mishra: Oh, this is too perfect! You are just too, too adorable!
Zehek: Master! I with you would stop! How many times must I tell you I am not your playthi?*cough*!
Mishra: Ahahaha! Oh, fine.
Mishra: Now that Zehek has given me what I needed, I can start working on the potion.
Mishra: Hmph... Lyria! Vyrn! Bring these to my lab and be quick about it.
Vyrn: Whoa! Where's the fire?!
Lyria: Wow! I-is this it? What? Over here?
Zehek: This is bad! We can't be here! Run, (Captain)!
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean? What d'you mean, run?
Mishra: Ohoho... this is too, too exciting! These herbs contain a very special ingredient, you see...
Mishra: Oh, yes... crossbreed them using a special technique...no, that's not quite right. They need to be further purified...mhmm, mhmm.
Mishra: What are you doing standing around?! Zehek, prepare that for me. And you, (Captain)! You need to be over here!
Surround by Zehek, (Captain), and the others, Mishra found herself getting more than a little carried away in her endless pursuit of beauty.
And finally our heroes learned the extent of Zehek's affliction.