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  • New Generations consists of Npc s 3030052000 01.jpg Mio Honda, Npc s 3030041000 01.jpg Rin Shibuya, and Npc s 3030040000 01.jpg Uzuki Shimamura, who were released as separate SR characters in previous Cinderella Girls collaboration events.
  • New Generations' sprites reuse assets from their SR base versions. Uzuki's pose is modified so she holds her sword closer to her body.
  • Granblue Fantasy uses the anime version of the unit name, compared to the game version "New Generation" which is not plural.[1]
    • However, in the anime, the unit name is written as "new generations" without any capital letters.
  • In the anime, Mio is the leader of New Generations, while in the game there is no clear information who is the leader.
  • New Generations' skills refers to various elements in THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS:
    • Ability m 1153 3.png Peaceful SmileAll allies gain Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar +15%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 15%
      Strength: 15%
      and Status Uplift.png20% Charge Bar Gain UpCharge bar gain is boosted
      Strength: 20%Duration: 1 turn
      At level 55:
      Effect increased to Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
      Strength: 20%
      's icon refers to Cute idol type in Cinderella Girls, which also Uzuki's idol type.
    • Ability m 1154 1.png Iolite Bloom400% Light damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~500,000).
      Inflict Status Coldcage 1.pngColdcageCan't attack
      Base Accuracy: 70%Duration: 1-2 turnsLocal status effect
      's icon refers to Cool idol type in Cinderella Girls, which also Rin's idol type.
    • Ability m 1155 2.png Happiness StarRestore 20% of all allies' HP (Healing cap: 1500) and remove 1 debuff.'s icon refers to Passion idol type in Cinderella Girls, which also Mio's idol type.
    • Ability m 1156 3.png Nagareboshi KisekiGain Status 6854.pngMagical BondsFirst hit of normal attacks boosts all allies' light ATK / Second hit of normal attacks lowers a foe's light DEF / Third hit of normal attacks deals bonus light DMG (Stackable / Can't be removed)
      Duration: 3 turns
      's icon refers to New Generations' unit logo. The skill name is one of their original songs performed in Cinderella Girls.

Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Shining Evermore

An encouraging letter from a circus ringmaster acquaintance inspires the New Generations girls to hold a concert. Hoping to incorporate their experience as skyfarers into the performance, the trio enlists the help of the crew and Sierokarte.

The New Generations idol group has been with the crew for some time now.
Mio: Morning!
Mio: Huh? Shimamu, Shiburin, whatcha reading?
Uzuki: Mio-chan, good morning! This letter for me just arrived.
Rin: You remember the circus troupe that invited us to perform with them? The letter's from their ringmaster.
Uzuki once crossed paths with an up-and-coming circus troupe.
A savage brute was excoriating their performance and threatening them for not meeting his standards. The members of the troupe lost all faith in themselves.
Uzuki: I thought you were wonderful. You were all shining!
Uzuki: Even when you run into trouble, you can't let it get in the way of your dreams, right?
Uzuki: Because I'm the same as you! I have a dream that I can't give up on, too.
Finding the troupe's situation to be rather relatable, Uzuki sang a song to encourage and cheer them up.
Nervous Magician: That was so moving... Somehow I feel more carefree than before...
Timid Ringmaster: I'm not ready to give up just yet... What do you say, guys? How about we keep going?
Nervous Magician: You're right! I want to shine on stage, just like Uzuki-san does!
The circus troupe went on to gain great fame and has since performed on many islands.
Uzuki: I went to see their show recently. Their ringmaster sent this letter as a way of saying thanks!
Mio: Hm... Sounds like it was a hit! You go, Ringmaster!
Rin: "We look forward to the day we'll get to see another breathtaking performance from you girls," he says...
Uzuki's and Mio's faces light up at the word "performance."
Mio: I like the sound of that! We've being keeping up with the lessons every day, and it's about time we had another chance to showcase our skills!
Uzuki: Mm-hm! With proper preparation, we should be able to get the word out and have lots of people attend!
Rin: So it's on then? Siero mentioned before that she'd be able to help us out if we ever wanted to do another concert.
Mio: I can't wait! What should we sing? We'll need a set list!
Uzuki: There's so much to consider... From hashing out a promotion plan to choosing a venue to—Ooh, it's going to be so much fun!
Rin: Haha... How about we put down the details in a formal proposal and bring it to Siero?
A short while later, the three are clustered around a piece of paper to jot down the ideas that come to mind.
Mio: We'll be singing and dancing of course, but there's gotta be something more we can do...
Rin: Given what we're capable of now, I feel like we should go the extra mile and really try to shake things up.
Uzuki: "Given what we're capable of now," huh? The Sky Realm is starting to feel like a second home, and we've become experienced skyfarers who can fend off monsters with ease...
Rin: If only there were some way to incorporate our skyfaring skills into the performance.
Rin: What do you think of including a fight scene? Especially since we have experience using weapons now.
Mio: A fight scene, eh?
Mio: "Violet Fencer Shiburin! Thy life is mine!" Something like that?
Rin: Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be a period drama. I'm thinking more along the lines of something you might see in a fantasy action movie.
Rin: Since we can use magic in this world, we can wow the crowds with really fancy effects.
Uzuki: But won't it be dangerous for everyone if we start flinging spells onstage?
Rin: I mean, we have fire effects that require caution back in our home world too. I'm sure it'll be okay as long we're careful.
Mio: Great idea! I'm all for it!
Mio: Hey, why don't we have action scenes interspersed with songs, kind of like what they do in musicals?
Mio: Once the scene's reached a climax, we throw a song in there to amp things up even further!
Rin: Sounds good to me. Is there anything else you had in mind, Uzuki?
Uzuki: Um, let's see...
Uzuki: If we'll be putting on a play, then I'd like to have Piña-chan and its friends join us onstage.
Uzuki: We came all the way to an alternate world for this, so it'll be that much merrier if we can do it with people from here!
Mio: Ooh, now we're really getting somewhere! Having beings from another world up there with us would make it seem like a crossover between universes...
Mio: Though if you look at it from the POV of the Sky Realm, we're the outsiders!
Uzuki: Oh, you're right! Hrm, bad idea on my part?
Rin: No, no, I think it's fine. Mio does bring up a good point about outsiders though.
Mio: Huh? What do you mean?
Rin: Piñas aren't exactly your everyday creatures in this world either. They could help us draw interest.
Rin: It'd also be the perfect chance for us to show that piñas aren't as dangerous as some might think. And I'm sure Emily and the townspeople would be happy with that too.
Mio: All right! I'm putting down Shimamu's suggestion!
Uzuki: Great! I'll handle all the interpretation for the piñas!
The framework of this performance starts to take shape as the three jot down their ideas.
Before long, they finish the proposal and eagerly make their trip to the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: Hm, you girls really thought this through, didn't you.
Mio: Please, Siero-san! If the cost is a problem, we'll keep taking on assignments to save up for it!
Sierokarte: Hah hah. You're really set on doing this, aren't you?
Sierokarte: Don't you worry yourselves about the cost. I'll foot the bill and prepare a venue for you.
Rin: Would you really be okay with that? It won't be cheap...
Sierokarte: Considering this wonderful proposal and your reputation around these parts, I'm expecting to see a nice return on tickets. So it works out for me too!
Sierokarte: Besides, I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!
Uzuki: Thank you so much, Siero-san!
Rin: You won't regret this. We'll do everything we can to make you proud.
Lyria: Teehee, I'm happy for you three!
  1. Anything we can help with?
  2. Can we get in on this too?

Choose: Anything we can help with?
Rin: Securing the funds and a venue is going to be our biggest hurdle, so...
Rin: If you could put in a word for us with Siero-san, we'd really appreciate it.
(Captain) gives her a thumbs-up.

Choose: Can we get in on this too?
Uzuki: We'd be glad to have you there! You can dance with us onstage, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Wait up, it's supposed to be your show. We were thinking of helping from behind the scenes.
Uzuki: Oh, that's what you meant. Sorry I misunderstood you...
Mio: There's plenty of prep work to be done. But we could really use a hand setting up the venue and getting the word out, (Captain).
(Captain) gives the girls a thumbs-up.
Continue 1
Mio: All right, let's make this a show to remember!
Everyone: Hip, hip, hooray!
Thanks to Sierokarte's generous assistance, New Generations's plan for a concert makes considerable progress.
The trio move to the next phase of their preparations: choosing the songs and rehearsing their dances.

Shining Evermore: Scene 2

On the day of the concert, Rin is pleased to see familiar faces—they are fans who had attended a previous concert of hers. (Captain) and company, taking Sierokarte's advice, keep their eyes peeled for any monsters during the event. A suspicious man some distance away eyes the stage.

Weeks have passed since Uzuki, Rin, and Mio announced their upcoming show.
Preparations proceed smoothly, thanks in large part to the help of the crew and Sierokarte.
The day of the concert finally arrives.
Mio: Ooh... That's quite the crowd we have.
The trio take a good look at their audience from the wings.
The stage is situated in the town square, and the spectator seats are filled all the way to the back row. Excitement fills the air.
Rin: The endorsement from Siero-san and the circus troupe must've made all the difference. We couldn't have reached this many people with our flyers alone...
Ringmaster: Hey, guys! It's almost time!
Uzuki: Okay! Rin-chan, Mio-chan, let's do this!
Mio: All right, let's start with the usual!
Lined up together backstage, the three give each other a knowing nod.
Mio: Ready, set...
All Three: Roasted Saaalmuuuun!
The three share a long-standing tradition of shouting out one of their favorite foods moments before a concert, as a good luck mantra of sorts.
Hyped and ready to put on a show, the New Generations trio runs up onstage.
The crowd breaks into raucous cheers, excited to see the idols all decked out in their gorgeous outfits.
Uzuki: Hello, everyone! We're New Generations!
Rin: Thank you for coming to see us. We promise to knock your socks off today. I sure hope you're ready for it!
Mio: All right, here goes the first song!
They sing of harmony and solidarity, of working together to create a brighter future where smiles abound.
The song symbolizes the bond and wishes shared between the three, and gives courage to all who listen.
Spectator 1: Whoooo! Uzuki-chan, Rin-chan, Mio-chan, you're the best!
Uzuki: Psst, Rin-chan! That group of fans came to the last concert you planned!
During a pause in the song, Uzuki points to a group clapping to the beat and cheering them on.
Rin: Yeah, they did... It's nice to see them again.
Spectator 2: Man, this is so awesome, my heart's going to burst...
Spectator 1: Dude, you wanna join us? Just clap along and pump it up, bro!
Spectator 2: Clap along... like this?
Spectator 1: Yeah, you got it! Now try cheerin' louder! We want 'em to hear us onstage!
Rin: Haha, they're even showing others how to enjoy the event. This is great.
Mio: Everyone's really getting into it! Let's keep up the pace!
In response to the fervor of their audience, the idols flash enormous grins as they continue to perform.
Some find comfort in Uzuki's smile, some are charmed by Rin's composure, and some are energized by Mio's buoyancy.
New Generations is off to a fantastic start, keeping the audience engaged and captivated.
Lyria: I think the concert started! I can hear people cheering!
Vyrn: All righty! Let's make the rounds and ensure they stay safe, (Captain)!
The captain responds with a firm nod.
Having undertaken security duty for the event, they recall a warning from Sierokarte.
Lyria: Someone suspicious?
Sierokarte: Mm-hm. There haven't exactly been any incidents, but...
Sierokarte: Over the past few days, an abnormally large supply of monster feed has been making its way into this town.
Sierokarte: My instincts as a seasoned merchant tell me something smells fishy.
Sierokarte: I just thought you might want to keep that in mind while you're on watch tomorrow, (Captain).
Vyrn: Considering we ran into land sharks at the last concert Rin planned, it doesn't hurt to be a little extra cautious.
Lyria: They had dangerous monsters with them. We were able to deal with the threat at the time, but...
Lyria: With the crowds here, it could get bad if something similar happens. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled!
Vyrn: Right! Let's get a move on, (Captain)!
As the crew continue their patrol, a man in an alleyway off the beaten path scowls at the feverish concert venue.
???: Humph. Ignored my threat and went ahead with the event anyway, huh?
???: Just you wait... I'm gonna pay you back tenfold for messin' with us back then!
Beside the petulant man, a caged monster quietly growls.
Back onstage, New Generations finish their song and are showered with applause and praise.
Mio: Thank you for being such an awesome audience! Moving on to the next number!
As Mio heartily raises her arms, an ominous tune begins to play.
Thick smoke rises from backstage, shrouding the idols.
Spectator 2: Whoa... What's going on?
Spectator 4: Whatever this is, I'm sure it's gonna be a blast!
The nail-biting intensity of the sudden change in atmosphere leaves the audience intrigued.

Shining Evermore: Scene 3

With the help of the townspeople, circus friends, and Piña, New Generations successfully interjects a play into their concert. (Captain) and company go after a familiar land shark who tries to sabotage the event. He unleashes a monster onto the stage, but New Generations is able to play it off as part of the performance.

Mio: (Heheh... Just as I planned! Yay!)
Mio flashes a peace sign at the staff members in the wings who are blowing smoke onto the stage.
Tavern Regular: Sniff... Mio-chan's singing is the best...
Scowling Woman: Some things never change. This song lifts my spirits every time I hear it.
The two staff members shed tears of joy, their voices tinged with emotion.
Mio: Lend us your ears—you won't regret it! Now, it's time for this evening's special live performance... Let's go!
Tavern Regular: We were so caught up in our busy lives that we forgot how to be happy. Mio-chan gave us something we thought we'd lost for good.
Scowling Woman: I've been a fan ever since.
Tavern Regular: Thanks for calling us here to help out today. You don't know how happy it makes us.
Mio: (Thanks, guys! I think that should just about do it!)
Scowling Woman: So we're all set then? Okay, time to blow away the smoke!
The smoke clears to reveal Rin and Uzuki standing onstage with swords raised.
All eyes are drawn to the pair. Mio, standing at one corner of the stage, begins narrating.
Mio: Once upon a time, in the garden of the spirits deep in a sacred forest...
Careful to time its appearance with Mio's narration, Piña comes onto the stage.
Piña: Piña! Piñaa!
Spectator 3: Is that supposed to be a spirit? Haha, what a funny-looking face.
Uzuki: Oh. So the garden of the spirits is in danger, and you need our help. I see!
Rin: There's nothing to worry about. I swear by our blades to keep you safe.
Piña: Piña, piña!
Uzuki: Let's go! To save the garden of the spirits!
Mio: And so begins the journey of Uzuki and Rin, our warriors of light!
The sword-wielding duo fells the monsters attacking the garden of the spirits.
The circus ringmaster coordinates the monsters' movements to better showcase the idols' skill and coordination.
Rin: Violet Blade, give me strength!
Ringmaster: (Now! Take a nap!)
Troupe's Monster: ...!
The monsters lie sprawled out on the ground, pretending to be defeated. The crowd goes wild.
Spectator 3: They're so cool!
Spectator 4: You girls are the best!
Meanwhile, outside the venue, (Captain) and crew find someone awfully suspicious.
???: Ergh! What's your problem!
Vyrn: Stop tryin' to play dumb! You couldn't be any shadier the way you were eyein' the stage! Just spill it already!
???: Geez, I'm just checking out what all the commotion's about. Lay off the baseless accusations, will ya!
Lyria: Hm? I think I've seen you somewhere before...
???: Psh, you've got the wrong person. I try not to associate with flying lizards or brats like... you...
???: Wait. Aah! I do remember you guys!
Lyria: I thought so. You're one of those land sharks we fought off before!
Land Shark: Shoot... Here to stop me again? Just when I had planned out all the details to absolutely wreck that concert!
Vyrn: Why would you wanna do that? Oh, don't tell me you're still holding a grudge 'cause we kicked your butt for trying to rip people off!
Land Shark: Urk!
Land Shark: Tch... If I've been found out, then I've got no choice!
The man at first takes a fighting stance before immediately abandoning the notion and taking off, perhaps realizing that he doesn't stand a chance.
Vyrn: You're not getting away! Let's go, (Captain)!
The crew doesn't waste a second and catches up to the land shark immediately.
Land Shark: Screw this... It's feeding time. Go get 'em!
Monster: Gwaaar!
The man wriggles about, his fingertips extending to unlock the cage and unleashing the monster within.
Lyria: Oh no! It's headed straight for the stage!
Vyrn: Crud! We'd better hurry, (Captain)!
Back onstage, the ringmaster has just let out one of his larger monsters.
Mio: Our warriors make their way to the monster nest and now stand before a most dreadful abomination!
Mio: Yes! This is the monster leading the attack against the spirits!
Uzuki: This is the final battle. Let's do this, Rin-chan!
Rin: Yeah!
Rin: Hyaaah!
The two move in unison to fight off the basilisk.
Uzuki: This calls for some happy magic! Fullbloom Starsmile!
Rin: From the ends of the skies... Heaven on Earth!
Troupe's Big Mons.: ...!
Mio: They did it! Brandishing their swords in all their glory, they struck down evil where it stood!
Spectator 3: Hooray! They saved the day!
The defeat of the basilisk playing the role of boss monster draws tremendous applause from the crowd.
Uzuki and Rin hold their swords high in triumph.
Rin: No matter how many times evil might rise up... We'll be there to face it!
Uzuki: As long as our swords continue to shine!
Mio: (This couldn't be going any better! Now to top it off with a beautiful ending!)
Mio: And thus our brave heroes preserve the peace in the garden of the spir—
Monster: Groaaar!
Uzuki & Rin: !
Before Mio can announce a formal end to this play, a monster suddenly swoops onto the stage.
The three stand dumbfounded at the appearance of another monster, this one being genuinely hostile.
Rin: (We didn't plan for this! Where did the wyvern come from!)
Spectator 4: Wha? I thought that basilisk was supposed to be the last of the monsters?
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Oh no... The wyvern's already onstage!
The unexpected turn of events creates a stir among the audience.
Uzuki: ((Captain) and the others look restless too... Something must have gone wrong!)
Spectator 3: You can do it! Cut down those monsters!
The young man's powerful voice cuts through the stale air.
Following his lead, the rest of the crowd begins cheering for the girls.
Mio: (They think this is part of the program! In that case...)
The Three: ...!
The three give each other a knowing look, after which Mio shouts at the top of her voice.
Mio: Whoa! Just when we thought peace had been restored to the forest, the true mastermind shows itself!
Mio: The odds aren't looking too good for our heroes, but...
Mio: Warrior of Light Mio-chan enters the fray!
Spectator 3: Whoooo! Didn't see that one comin'! Yeah! You go, girl!
Uzuki: (Nice save, Mio-chan!)
Mio: Feast your eyes on the true final battle, everyone! Here we go!

Shining Evermore: Scene 4

With the monster defeated, New Generations ends the concert on a high note. That night, while perusing a pile of fan mail, the three bask in the warm glow of their success. Ready and eager to reach even greater heights, they are already planning their next concert.

New Generations moves in perfect harmony, dispatching the monster with relative ease.
They then go backstage, where (Captain) and company await with the land shark restrained.
  1. Sorry for putting you in danger.
  2. Good thing you're quick on your feet.

Choose: Sorry for putting you in danger.
Vyrn: This baddie managed to free his monster while we were teaching him a lesson... You girls okay?
Mio: Mm-hm, we're perfectly fine! Right, Shimamu?
Uzuki: I was definitely surprised, but I'm glad it resulted in a better show for everyone!

Choose: Good thing you're quick on your feet.
Vyrn: Yeah, you girls didn't look the least bit surprised. You've got guts!
Rin: Well, we couldn't very well have the audience panicking. Teamwork is what got us through it.
Continue 1
Lyria: You were incredible! You all handled that so calmly, and the play went as planned!
Mio: With all the skyfaring we have under our belts, an unexpected monster or two is nothing we can't handle!
Rin: Oh, I think we need to get ready for the next song. Uzuki, Mio, let's go.
Mio: All righty! Let's finish up the rest of this concert and show our fans a good time!
The trio is welcomed onto the stage once more by raucous cheers.
They exchange smiles, then begin singing as one.
Lyria: I love their singing voices so much!
Vyrn: Looks like you're really getting into it too, (Captain)! I see your feet moving to the beat!
Lyria: That's not surprising; this is so much fun! Even I'm itching to dance!
Back on patrol duty, (Captain) and company turn toward the stage for a spell.
The idols shine onstage with all the splendor of shooting stars.
The concert is a tremendous success. Later that night...
The New Generations trio cools off on the Grandcypher's deck.
Uzuki: You need to see this, Rin-chan! This letter goes on and on about how awesome your swordfighting was!
Rin: This one's for Mio. Says your energetic singing and dancing really cheered her up.
Mio: And the one I'm looking at says Uzuki's smile alone was worth the price of admission, and he can't wait for our next performance!
The idols are going through a pile of fan mail.
They exchange their own compliments in between reading those in the letters.
Uzuki: Oh, here's one asking the secret to staying composed in front of such a large audience.
Rin: I wouldn't say there's any one trick to it... The important thing's to enjoy yourself.
Mio: It comes naturally to us now, but it definitely wasn't always like that for us. I felt like an absolute wreck inside for my first concert.
Uzuki: That's when you suggested that saying my favorite food before getting onstage would help with stage fright!
Rin: And we've been doing it ever since, as if it's part of our routine.
Rin: Today though...
The Three: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Mio: Heheh! I win!
Uzuki: I guess that means we're going with fried chicken today!
Mio: Actually, I'd like to go with something else! Something you can only find in this world—to match the occasion!
Rin: Sure, that could work. What do you have in mind?
Mio: Nyehehe! You're gonna love this...
Uzuki: We had some grilled salmun sushi when we last went to the Miyasato restaurant!
Mio: Yeah, that stuff was so good! I'd love to drop by there again sometime, and maybe do a concert in Auguste while we're at it.
Rin: Yeah, let's totally do that. And not just in Auguste—I say we hold concerts all over.
Uzuki: That wonderful feeling we get when we're onstage... I'd love to experience it more in this world!
Mio: We might be living as skyfarers now, but we're still idols at heart. And we're gonna keep working to get better!
Rin: Yeah, let's see how far we can get. Today was a high point for us.
Gazing at the starry sky, Rin shares her ambitions with the others.
Rin: Because I'm definitely not done yet. There's so much more we can accomplish.
Rin: It doesn't matter if it's this world or our home world. You two feel the same, right?
Uzuki: Definitely! I want to bring a smile to as many people as I can!
Mio: And I want to spread positive vibes across worlds with my Mio-chan power!
Mio: Hey, when we get back home, we need to tell the producer about all the incredible things we did here!
Mio: That way, we'll have grounds to ask to do a much grander concert sometime! What do you think?
Uzuki: I like the sound of that! It's only fair that we make demands of Producer-san sometimes too!
Rin: Agreed. We can start working towards that right now by planning the details of our next performance.
Mio & Uzuki: I'm ready!
Same here!
And so the idols begin working on their next proposal.
Their voices, filled with hope for the future, rise high into the sky before fading into a sea of stars.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
私、この世界でもキラキラしたいです! I want to shine in this world too!
しまむー、今の技キマってたよ! Nice one, Shimamu!
小さな依頼でも全力でやらなきゃね No matter how small the assignment, we have to give it our best shot!
(主人公)さん、次は何をすればいいですか? What should do we do next, (Captain)?
ん~! 思いっきり駆けだしたい気分っ! Phew! Sometimes I just want to run with the wind!
(主人公)、騎空士についてもっと教えてよ Tell us more about skyfarers, (Captain).
凛ちゃんの剣技、かっこいいです! Rin-chan's sword techniques are so cool!
未央ちゃんたちの大活躍をご覧あれ、(主人公)! Watch how we get this done, (Captain)!
未央はどこにいても変わらないね Mio's always so chirpy no matter what we're up against.
ニュージェネレーションズ、ファイトー……おー! New Generations, ready for action! Whoo!


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