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Official Profile

Npc f 3030153000 01.jpg Pengy
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Human
Hobbies Super amazing upgrades
Likes Champions of justice, helping people
Dislikes Taking a break from her adoring fans
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030153000 01.jpg Pengy
Age 不明
Height 不明
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 超☆絶☆改良
Likes 正義の味方と人助け
Dislikes 子供達諸君からのブレイク状態
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [1]

Npc f 3040282000 01.jpg Pengy (SSR)
Age 18 years old
Height 148 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Super amazing upgrades
Likes Champions of justice, helping people
Dislikes Taking a break from her adoring fans
80px Final Uncap
Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040282000 01.jpg Pengy (SSR)
Age 18歳
Height 148cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 超☆絶☆改良
Likes 正義の味方と人助け
Dislikes 子供達諸君からのブレイク状態
80px Final Uncap
Source [2]




  • In Field Notes, Pengy's name is spelled Pengi on the character list.

Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Peggy pen pen pegu!
Happy birthday. Happy happy birthday!
Today's your birthday, (Captain)! Whoo hoo!
Let's make today your best birthday ever!


Happy birthday, Captain!
I'm gonna be doing my Pengy best to make this the happiest day of your life!
Ready? Let's pengapen partaaay!
And a photo for the history books! Three, two, one... smile!
Wow, look at your face! Did you do that on purpose?
Anyway, today's the day to make tons of super fun memories! No worries! Just leave it all to me! Yay!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
Saaay, what were you like when you where little? Not too different from now?
Troublemaker? Model student? Maybe a crybaby?
I just wanna get to know you better!
Hope I can wish you happiness on every birthday to come!


Pegu, pegu!
Happengy birthday, (Captain)!
I came up with this suuuper happy present for you!
I call it...
Super Amazing Remodeled Grandcypher: Birthday Edition!
Step right up and open this room's door.
Indoor fireworks to fill your eyes with shiny-shines!
Whatcha think? Isn't it suuuper happy?


Pegu, pegu! Peguuu!
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I've been looking forward to this day all year long!
After all, this is the day when we get to have a super happy celebration just for you!
I decorated the party room to be all sparkly so it would help you shine!
I hope seeing it puts a smile on your face, (Captain)!
Okay, let's get going to the party!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happening news year!
Got a resolution for the new year?
Mine's to be 120% Pengier!


Happy New Year!
Well, (Captain)? Gonna sleep through new year's morning? Sounds good to me!
Yawn... Sleeping through New Year's rules so much...
Peco peco! Pen! Pen! Peno Peno Gwaa!
Pegy pegu pegu...


Nnngh... (Captain)? What? Breakfast?
Say Happy New Year?
Wait, what? When did that happen? I can't believe I missed it!
Last thing I remember is taking an afternoon nap. I didn't think I'd sleep through the rest of the year!
Hey... I guess you could say I'm a time traveler now! Hyahoo!


(Captain)! Haaappy New Year!
See, see? This year I'm an early bird too!
And it's all thanks to your advice!
Getting to see the sun rise made me happy, pegu!
Now that I've got my worm, I suddenly feel all sleepy...
Aren't you sleepy too?
Let's flock together for a nap!
Mm, mm...
Gonna be another good year, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Have you been busy?
I wore myself out making a bunch of Super! Amazing! Upgrades! to the Grandcypher, so I'm taking a break today.
Huh? What kind of upgrades, you ask? Heh heh heh... You'll have to wait till after New Year's to find out.
I'll hit you with something so amazing it'll blow you right out of your holiday funk!
This year I'll be coming up with loads of new inventions to bring happiness to everybody in the crew! You can count on it!
Pegu, pegu, pegu!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
(Captain), I'm gonna charge your affection rating to 99%!
Here you go! Chocolates just for you!


Happy, Happy Valentine's!
This is for you!
It's a Mount Beverest Mega Coffeelixir! With extra love!
Target acquired! Initalizing complete global chocofication!
Pegu... Peheh!


Peng-a-zang! (Captain)! You're always looking out for me and caring for me—it's awesome!
Thanks for everything! Huuugs!
And also...
I wanna thank Rackam and Eugen and Vyrn and, and...
And just everyone on the ship! Gonna give y'all all the hugs!


Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's my lovey-dovey chocolate for you!
It's stuffed full of my affection! Yeow!
Of course everyone will get a taste of my love too.
But I saved my best love for (Captain)...
Are you happy?
If you're happy, then I'm happy, pegu!


(Captain), (Captain)! Here, this lovey-dovey chocolate is for you!
I wanted to show you just how much I care...
So I made a great, big chocolate!
What do you think? Can you tell how huuuge my love is for you now?
The longer we're together, the bigger my love will grow... and the chocolate too!
One day the chocolate might be big enough to burst through the roof of the ship!
I can't think of anything happier! Even I'm getting excited here!
You can expect some amaaazing chocolate next year too, (Captain)! That's a promise!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wow, you got me something for White Day, (Captain)? Score!
My loyalty's going up and up and up!


Happy White Day!
You're returning the favor this year, too? Score!
My affection meter's heading to the red zone, Cap'n!
Om nom nom... Ooh! This is penguinely divine, (Captain)!
Pewa, pewa...
Fidget, fidget...


(Captain)! Guess what? It's White Day today!
And my heart's wiiide open!


(Captain)! It's White Day, pegu!
What did the captain get me this time?
My chest is thump-thumping! Aim for the bull's-eye of my strike zone...
And blow my heart away with a kapeeew!
Can't wait for the gift of my dreams, pegu!


(Captain), thanks for the White Day gift, pegu!
I'll use your present to measure just how serious you are about me!
Whoa! Super cute heart-shaped cookies! These are worth a lot of points!
Does this mean you're after my heart, (Captain)?
Heh heh heh... How could I refuse such a peng-tastic gift?
I'll accept your love with everything I've got!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Minipens one, two and three, I order thee!
Go get me some candy!


Happy Halloween!
Captain sighted dead ahead! No way they're getting any of my candy!
Nope, this bird's all about big tricks! And you've left yourself wide open!
After that, I'll be sure and finish up with my super duper surprise gift!
Trick! Or! Triiiick! Those are your two options, (Captain)! Better choose wisely!


(Captain)! How's the situation!
I'm doing super great! Got lotsa candy ammo!
Tell me I'm pengtastic!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
Whaaa? You're not gonna wear a costume?
Tsk, tsk... Not on my watch!
It's Halloween, 'kay? It's a pengariffic day spent with everyone!
You know what that means, (Captain)?
You get to wear one of my super-amazing-upgraded costumes!
Slap it on and let's go trick-or-treating! We're the candy collectors out on the hunt!


(Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Check out my new pen-vention! I call it... the Spooky Sweet Pocket Pengy!
It's for all those kids out there who don't want to choose between a trick and a treat!
You load the Pocket Pengy with candy and then push this button here...
And it runs around making suuuper spooky ghost sounds and passing out sweet treats!
Whaddya think? Everybody gets a trick and a treat. What could be better!
I'll give you my backup, so make sure to use it on everybody and let me know what they think!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Hey, mind if I put a Minipen on the tree?


Happy, happy holidays!
I wanna make some Super! Ultra! Giga! Amazing upgrades to the ship this year, too! Holiday edition!
Let's start by making the bridge out to look like the North Pole...
And then I'll finish prep on my Hecka Surprising Pengariffic Surprise Giftbox!
Pegy pegy pegu pegu! (Happy, happy holidays!)


Power! Look, (Captain)! My super awesome Holy Night Grenade!
What's a Holy Night Grenade, you ask? Well, if you just take it out, light it up...
Throw it faaar away and...
Holiday fireworks!
So? So? Whaddaya think?


Happengy holidays, (Captain)!
I put tripwires into everybody's presents this year, yeow!
See that red Santa hat? I gave one to all the crew members.
Watch what happens when I push this button...
Penpower! My custom Snowbomb Santa Hat is a big success!
Isn't it pretty, pretty, pretty? Looks just like real snow falling!
C'mon, (Captain)! Let's go make it snow on people's heads!


Happy, happy holidays! I've got another holiday surprise for you this year!
Without further ado... Ta-da! I call it the Walking Holiday Tree!
Would you believe it? This baby's equipped with legs so it can walk on its own!
And that's not all! There's a stu-peng-us present hidden inside...
The first person to catch the tree gets that oh-so-special gift!
I designed it to be pretty fast, so you might have to go all-out to catch it.
On that note... Let's go!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Penguin's Pride

Pengy has made some changes to the engine room, and Rackam decides to ask her for help with a troublesome repair job. While not a fan of Pengy's Super Amazing Upgrades, Rackam bonds with her after realizing she's a gearhead just like him.

Rackam stands outside the engine room with a troubled look on his face.
Lyria and Vyrn are understandably concerned.
Lyria: Is something wrong, Rackam?
Vyrn: You look like you've got something troubling you!
Rackam: Nothing too serious. Just a little concerned about the ship's internals.
Lyria: Did something break?
Rackam: Nah, just a little problem I should be able to fix with a little tweaking.
Rackam: I might need another helping hand, though.
???: ...
Rackam: Hold on, someone's been watching us this whole time.
???: ...
Rackam: Hey, you!
???: Pegu? Pegu... Pegy!
Pengy (Event) is a crew member

Vyrn: Why, if it isn't Pengy! What's up?
Lyria: It sounds like Pengy wants to help out.
Rackam: Nope, not happening! I don't want or need any of your Super Annoying Upgrades! You can keep 'em!
Pengy: Peeeggy! Pegu pegu pegu pegu!
Rackam: Easy now, Pengy! Listen. It's fine, okay? No need to get mad. I know you know your stuff.
Pengy: Pegy pegy pen!
Pengy (Event) not in crew

Lyria: Oh? What are you doing over there, Pengy?
Rackam: Pengy? What's that?
Lyria: You don't know, Rackam? She's the most popular penguin in the skies! Isn't she just adorable?
Rackam: Sigh... A lot of good a penguin does us at a time like this.
Pengy: Peeegy! Pegu pegu pegu pegu!
Lyria: Well, it seems like she wants to help.
Rackam: In that outfit? You can't be serious.
Rackam: You're not even going to be able to clear the door to the engine room in that thing.
Pengy: Pen pa pennn!
Rackam: Whoa! That's a heck of a costume change!
Pengy: It's super hot in there, y'know!
Pengy: But I'm a little bit different from the usual penguin you know and love! Thanks to a Super! Amazing! Upgrade! Summer Pengy's at your service!
Rackam: I don't really think of penguins as being summer animals... But, whatever.
Rackam: You're not seriously planning on working in that outfit, are you?
Pengy: Which Pengy would you prefer, Racky Rack?
Rackam: H-hold on, now!
Rackam: There she goes on her own. Let's just get started, already!
Pengy: Super! Amazing! Upgrade complete! What do you think, Racky Rack?
Rackam: Hold on, I definitely told you that's not what I wanted!
Pengy: Check it out! I made these gears up to look like flowers! Aren't they cute? Spinny spin!
Rackam: No, they're not! Take all that junk off!
Pengy: Then how about this? The woodgrain pattern on this column looks like a face! And if I add a nose and eyes to this part where the nail is...
Rackam: Uh, could you maybe not deface my Grandcypher, please?
Pengy: In that case...
Rackam: Enough with the makeovers, already!
Pengy: Ahahaha... You're a real funny penguin pal, Racky Rack!
Despite being like two gears that don't quite fit together, there's a change once Rackam and Pengy begin their work in earnest.
Pengy proves to be a quick learner, and dedicated, too. The pair fixes issues one after the other, when finally...
Pengy: Pengariffic! We did it, Rackam!
Rackam: Yeah, and we would've finished sooner without your goofing around.
Pengy: You mean, without my Super! Amazing! Upgrades?
Suddenly, a certain lizard-like voice calls out from the deck of the ship.
Vyrn: How's it going, Rackam? Almost done with repairs?
Rackam: Done and done!
Lyria: That's our Rackam! Dinner's ready, so come on up before it gets cold.
Rackam: Thanks, Lyria. Hey Pengy, let's head back and get some grub!
Rackam heads up the ladder to the ship's deck with Pengy following behind.
On their way back to the mess hall, however, something catches Pengy's eye.
Pengy: What's this? A handcrafted star-shaped emblem? With today's date?
Rackam: Yeah, you really helped me out in there. Figured it was worth commemorating.
Pengy: Wow, Rackam...
Rackam: Don't get the wrong idea, now. I'm still a little ticked off about those unrequested modifications of yours.
Growing impatient with Rackam and Pengy's slow arrival at the dinner table, (Captain) shouts...
  1. The food's almost gone!
  2. Patch everything up?

Choose: The food's almost gone!
Pengy: Isn't that a little unfair, Captain? We worked our butts off down there, y'know!
Rackam: No way, they wouldn't do something like that without consulting us first!
Pengy: Better hurry, or I'm gonna leave you behind!
Rackam: Hey, wait for me!

Choose: Patch everything up?
Rackam: We finished with the engine room, but... Wait, are you talking about what I think you're talking about, (Captain)?
Pengy: Hm? Patch what up?
Rackam: Things between you and... Nah, it's nothing. Let's hurry before the soup gets cold!
Pengy: Hold up, Rackam!
Continue 1
The pair bound lightly up the ship's deck.
Once creaky and crumbling, the connection between these two gearheads couldn't be smoother.

Pengy-ese 101

Pengy's popularity has all the kids in town speaking her language, but the adults don't share their enthusiasm. Meanwhile, a band of suspicious individuals prepares to attack.

(Captain) and the crew arrive at a distant island.
News of the skyfarers' arrival spreads across the island like wildfire, eventually making it to the elder of a small village.
Curious about the crew's skills, the elder soon invites (Captain) and company to visit for a job request.
Shortly after arriving there, the crew notice the town's children speaking in strange, coded tongues.
Child 1: Pengy! Pegugu!
(Pengy's here, guys!)
Child 2: Pegy-lu! Pengu!
(Oh my gosh, you're right!)
Child 3: Yahoo! Pegy! Pegy pegu!
(I've been waiting for this moment my whole life!)
Vyrn: I've heard someone speak like that before...
Lyria: You don't mean... It couldn't be!
Pengy: Pegu!
Children: Yay, it's Pengy! Pegupegu! Pegy-gu!
(We love you, Pengy!)
Lyria: You sure are popular, Pengy!
Vyrn: I knew she had fans across the sky. These kids are imitating Pengy-ese!
Lyria: That just goes to show how much everyone here loves her!
The crew pays a visit to the elder's house to talk over job details.
What they find, however, is a brewing divide between young and old.
Elder: Ah yes, the request I had for you. I'd like you to put an end to the strange slang we're hearing in the village as of late.
Pengy: Pegu! Pegy pegy... pen?
Lyria: I agree, Pengy! Why would you want to get rid of Pengy-ese?
Adult 1: It's making a mockery of the town's values! Our very pride is at stake!
Vyrn: Wait, for real?
Adult 2: Yes. Our town may be small, but we've always prided ourselves on proper speech!
Adult 1: We're upright, honest, hardworking people, and it's all thanks to our commitment to speaking with eloquence and grace.
Adult 2: We don't need security patrols or military aid to live peacefully, and we want to keep it that way!
Elder: It pains me to say this, Pengy, but uncouth speech leads to uncouth minds. I... hope you understand.
Pengy: Pegu...
Lyria: What should we do, (Captain)? I feel really bad for Pengy...
With a gentle smile, (Captain) raises a hand to decline the Elder's request, when suddenly...
Pengy: Pegu! Pegy pegy!
Pengy accepts the request, drowning out (Captain) with a fierce statement of determination.
After accepting the request, however, doubts begin to set in. Was this the right thing to do? How would it be accomplished?
A few members of the crew are still undecided.
Shortly after returning to town, the crew finds the group of children from earlier.
Child 1: Oh, pengy-gu!
(Oh, there's our Pengy!)
Child 2: Hey, pegu pegu! Pegy gu-pen?
(Hey, did you talk with the elder? How'd it go?)
Child 3: Aw, pengu pegu! Pegu pegu pen!
(Aw, who cares? I wanna see you-know-what, first!)
Lyria: Oh, that's right! I want to see you-know-what too!
Vyrn: What are you guys talking about?
Lyria: You'll see soon enough. Right, Pengy?
Everyone looks at Pengy with eyes full of expectation.
Almost as if on cue, the tuxedo-clad wonder prepares for her second act...
Pengy: Peh...
Pengy: Pegu pennnngy!
Pengy: Pengariffic! You ask for it, you get it! Summer Pengy, at your service!
Children: Yay, she's here!
After seeing the happy faces of the children, (Captain) and company no longer have any doubts.
Lyria: The children here are all so kind! There's no way they'll become bad people just because they imitate Pengy!
Vyrn: Couldn't agree more. We've had Pengy on the ship for a while, and the Pengy-talk hasn't hurt nobody!
Suddenly, a strange group of ruffians approaches.
Ruffian 1: Bweheh, you were right, brother! This town's totally defenseless! Not a peacekeeper in sight!
Ruffian 2: High time for an all-we-can-eat pillage buffet! Drinks are on me! After we rob these fools blind, of course!
Ruffian 1: Let's start with those dumb looking idiots over there! Get 'em, boys!

Pengy-ese 101: Scene 2

The gang of bandits has attacked the town and taken hostages at the elder's house. The only way to defuse this situation is... Pengy-ese.

(Captain) and company restrain the ruffians.
Ruffian 2: Whatever, dweebs! It's already too late! Our pals are heading to the elder's house as we speak!
Ruffian 2: Bwahaha! Nothing you can do, pal! Even if you left now, you won't make it in time!
Pengy: Oh no! Oh no, oh no! We gotta hurry, Captain!
The crew leaves the ruffians to the local villagers, and hurries to the elder's house.
By the time the crew reaches the elder's house, the ruffians' pals have already taken the elder and children hostage.
A crowd of helpless, terrified bystanders has gathered in front of the house. The ruffian leader makes his demands known.
Big Bad: Gimme a wagon, or everybody here gets it!
Adult 1: Oh no, there's nothing we can do...
Adult 2: Who could have imagined our lack of peacekeepers coming back to haunt us like this?
Suddenly, Pengy and her friends burst onto the scene.
Pengy: Pengariffic! Everyone's favorite penguin of justice has arrived! Everyone okay?
Adult 1: Pengy, we beseech you! Save them!
Vyrn: Talk about fair-weather fans! These guys said Pengy was a public menace the last time we saw them!
Pengy: It's fine! Like water off a penguin's back!
Pengy: But, but, but! Gotta know what's going on in there if I want to keep the dangerousness to a minimum!
Vyrn: Yeah, good point. What should we do, (Captain)?
Lyria: Did you... hear something just now?
Vyrn: Huh? Like what?
Elder: Cough cough... Pegu. Pegu pegu. Pegy-pegu.
Vyrn: Was that Pengy-ese coming from inside the house just now?
Lyria: Now I get it! Bad guys don't understand Pengy-ese! This is your chance to figure out what the situation is inside the house, Pengy!
Pengy: Right! Just leave it to me, Lee-lee!
Pengy: So, um... What should I ask first?
Vyrn: Hm... How about asking how many bad guys there are?
Pengy: Okay, then...
Pengy: Pegy, pegu pegu. Pengoo?
(How many bad guys are over there?)
Elder: Ah. Pen... Pegu... You see!
(Two's company... You see!)
Pengy: Two's company? So... two?
Vyrn: There's only a pair of bad guys in there?
Lyria: What about weapons? We'll have to be careful if they both have scary weapons!
Pengy: Pegy, pennpen?
(Are they armed?)
Elder: Huh? Their arms? Well, uh...
Pehn penguu!
(Their arms... are as thick as umbrellas!)
Pengy: Whoa! They're armed with extra-wide umbrellas? Both of them?
Pengy: Pen pen, peggy peggy pen?
(Where are they in the room?)
Elder: Pen? Wait no, that's not the right word. Ahem... Pe-pengy, penngh, uh... Oh, I give up!
(They're in the bathroom!)
Pengy: You're joking! How'd they get in there? Wowie wow wow, things are getting super interesting!
Vyrn: So what's going on in there?
Pengy: Okay, so there're two ruffians, and they're guarding the bathroom with umbrellas thiiis big!
Vyrn: Are you sure? That sounds a little hard to believe!
Big Bad: All right, enough messing around! Do as I say, or the hostages are dead meat!
Pengy: Whoa ho, this is bad! Got no time to dawdle, Captain! I'm gonna suit up and commence the sneaking mission!
Pengy: Super! Amazing! Suit Up! Time for some pengular fun in the sun!
Vyrn: Those are some serious sunglasses! Wait, don't tell me you're planning to—
Pengy: Peh pe-pennnnn! Pegy!
Vyrn: You're planning to sneak in there in that thing? You couldn't stick out more if you tried!
Pengy leads the unlikely charge, with (Captain) following in hot pursuit.

Pengy-ese 101: Scene 3

In an ironic twist, the elder who urged a ban on Pengy-ese must now rely on it to save the day. Realizing the error of his ways, the elder apologizes and takes a victory photo with Pengy.

Thanks to the swift actions of (Captain), Pengy, and company, the ruffians are arrested without incident, and the hostages released.
Elder: I never imagined we'd be rescued by the language I set out to eradicate.
Vyrn: Hey, it didn't look like you were rescued by...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! You were the one talking Pengy-ese earlier, right?
Vyrn: Whew... No wonder the messages were so confusing.
Elder: Actually using it proved to be a revelation. I was the one who needed to have my assumptions re-examined all along.
Elder: To you skyfarers, I say...
Pengu Penga'd.
(Allow me to apologuys.)
Child 1: Sigh... You're still not saying it right! Do I gotta teach you again?
Elder: Terribly sorry. I still have much to learn, I'm afraid!
Pengy: Super! Amazing! Awesomeness! Just seeing you guys having fun is enough to make me happy!
Vyrn: Hold on a sec, what's with your getup now?
Pengy: I don't sweat the details! Whether inside or out, this penguin's ready for some serious summer fun!
Pengy: Now then, everyone ready for a victory photo? Say cheese!
Pengy: Whew, being the most popular penguin in the sky really takes it out of a bird! Or something like that!
Vyrn: You may not make a lot of sense, Pengy, but you're a lot of fun to be around!
Pengy: Wow, you really know how to make this penguin blush!
Armed with an attitude that's super amazing, and just a little bit strange, Pengy continues her journey to make the world a brighter place.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ペンギー!子供だーい好き☆ Pengy! The forever hero of children everywhere!
熱は夏いねぇ……なんちってって☆ Sure is summer this hot... Flip that around.
ねえ、来年の夏はどこ改良して欲しい? What should I upgrade for next summer?
ぴっかー☆ミステリー発見! P-kow! Mystery detected!
ねえ、(主人公)☆一緒に写メっとく? Wanna get a selfie together, (Captain)?
めんごめんご☆遅れちったった! Sorry for the spontaneous late-ification!
ちびペン達も、ほら、だらだらりーんって☆ Time to get rolling, Minipens!
ペンギー匂いしない!換気、空調、超絶なの! The air freshener I installed has everything smelling great in here!
いぇいいぇい☆正義の味方、参上~ Hip hip hooray! The ally of justice has arrived!
ほら、(主人公)☆扇風機あるよ~ I've got a cooling fan installed too, (Captain)!