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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Peggy pen pen pegu!
Happy happy birthday! Happy happy birthday!
Today's the Captain's birthday, wooohooo!
Pengy will help make today an awesome and happy day!


Happy birthday, Captain!
I'm gonna be doing my Pengy best to make this the happiest day of your life!
Ready? Let's pengapen partaaay!
And a photo for the history books! Three, two, one... smile!
Wow, look at your face! Did you do that on purpose?
Anyway, today's the day to make tons of super fun memories! No worries! Just leave it all to me! Yay!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
Saaay, what were you like when you where little? Not too different from now?
Troublemaker? Model student? Maybe a crybaby?
I just wanna get to know you better!
Hope I can wish you happiness on every birthday to come!


Pegu, pegu!
Happengy birthday, (Captain)!
I came up with this suuuper happy present for you!
I call it...
Super Amazing Remodeled Grandcypher: Birthday Edition!
Step right up and open this room's door.
Indoor fireworks to fill your eyes with shiny-shines!
Whatcha think? Isn't it suuuper happy?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happening news year!
Got a resolution for the new year?
Mine's to be 120% Pengier!


Happy New Year!
Well, (Captain)? Gonna sleep through new year's morning? Sounds good to me!
Yawn... Sleeping through New Year's rules so much...
Peco peco! Pen! Pen! Peno Peno Gwaa!
Pegy pegu pegu...


Nnngh... (Captain)? What? Breakfast?
Say Happy New Year?
Wait, what? When did that happen? I can't believe I missed it!
Last thing I remember is taking an afternoon nap. I didn't think I'd sleep through the rest of the year!
Hey... I guess you could say I'm a time traveler now! Hyahoo!


(Captain)! Haaappy New Year!
See, see? This year I'm an early bird too!
And it's all thanks to your advice!
Getting to see the sun rise made me happy, pegu!
Now that I've got my worm, I suddenly feel all sleepy...
Aren't you sleepy too?
Let's flock together for a nap!
Mm, mm...
Gonna be another good year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's!
(Captain), I'm gonna charge your affection rating to 99%!
Here you go! Chocolates just for you!


Happy, Happy Valentine's!
This is for you!
It's a Mount Beverest Mega Coffeelixir! With extra love!
Target acquired! Initalizing complete global chocofication!
Pegu... Peheh!


Peng-a-zang! (Captain)! You're always looking out for me and caring for me—it's awesome!
Thanks for everything! Huuugs!
And also...
I wanna thank Rackam and Eugen and Vyrn and, and...
And just everyone on the ship! Gonna give y'all all the hugs!


Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's my lovey-dovey chocolate for you!
It's stuffed full of my affection! Yeow!
Of course everyone will get a taste of my love too.
But I saved my best love for (Captain)...
Are you happy?
If you're happy, then I'm happy, pegu!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Wow, you got me something for White Day, (Captain)? Score!
My loyalty's going up and up and up!


Happy White Day!
You're returning the favor this year, too? Score!
My affection meter's heading to the red zone, Cap'n!
Om nom nom... Ooh! This is penguinely divine, (Captain)!
Pewa, pewa...
Fidget, fidget...


(Captain)! Guess what? It's White Day today!
And my heart's wiiide open!


(Captain)! It's White Day, pegu!
What did the captain get me this time?
My chest is thump-thumping! Aim for the bull's-eye of my strike zone...
And blow my heart away with a kapeeew!
Can't wait for the gift of my dreams, pegu!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Minipens one, two and three, I order thee!
Go get me some candy!


Happy Halloween!
Captain sighted dead ahead! No way they're getting any of my candy!
Nope, this bird's all about big tricks! And you've left yourself wide open!
After that, I'll be sure and finish up with my super duper surprise gift!
Trick! Or! Triiiick! Those are your two options, (Captain)! Better choose wisely!


(Captain)! How's the situation!
I'm doing super great! Got lotsa candy ammo!
Tell me I'm pengtastic!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
Whaaa? You're not gonna wear a costume?
Tsk, tsk... Not on my watch!
It's Halloween, 'kay? It's a pengariffic day spent with everyone!
You know what that means, (Captain)?
You get to wear one of my super-amazing-upgraded costumes!
Slap it on and let's go trick-or-treating! We're the candy collectors out on the hunt!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Hey, mind if I put a Minipen on the tree?


Happy, happy holidays!
I wanna make some Super! Ultra! Giga! Amazing upgrades to the ship this year, too! Holiday edition!
Let's start by making the bridge out to look like the North Pole...
And then I'll finish prep on my Hecka Surprising Pengariffic Surprise Giftbox!
Pegy pegy pegu pegu!
(Happy, happy holidays!)


Power! Look, (Captain)! My super awesome Holy Night Grenade!
What's a Holy Night Grenade, you ask? Well, if you just take it out, light it up...
Throw it faaar away and...
Holiday fireworks!
So? So? Whaddaya think?


Happengy holidays, (Captain)!
I put tripwires into everybody's presents this year, yeow!
See that red Santa hat? I gave one to all the crew members.
Watch what happens when I push this button...
Penpower! My custom Snowbomb Santa Hat is a big success!
Isn't it pretty, pretty, pretty? Looks just like real snow falling!
C'mon, (Captain)! Let's go make it snow on people's heads!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The New and Improved Pengy[edit]

Rackam finds mysterious modifications on the Grandcypher, and then Pengy appears. Her upgrades to the ship impress the crew enough for them to keep her.

After a quick break, (Captain) and the crew prepare to take to the skies once more.
But as the Grandcypher pulls out of the port, something strange occurs.
Rackam: Hold on... What do we have here?
Vyrn: Something up, Rackam? Did something happen on the bridge?
Lyria: Oh no... Was there an accident?
Rackam: Nah, nothing like that. No problems with the ship or anything. Just some strange alterations done to the wheel.
Rackam: Hey, (Captain), you didn't do any craft work on the helm, did you?
  1. I don't know what you're talking about.
  2. I might know something about that...

Choose: I don't know what you're talking about.
Rackam: Hmm, I thought so. Who did this?
Choose: I might know something about that...
???: ...
Rackam: I see... You did say those armor plates magically fixed themselves, didn't you?
Vyrn: It sounds like you're on to something, Rackam.
Rackam: You could say that. Hey, Pengy! Quit hiding and get out here!
Vyrn: Pengy's here? Now that you mention it, she wasn't around when we left that last island...
???: Peh...
Pengy: Gy!
Vyrn: Whoa! She actually showed her face!
Lyria: Gasp... Pengy was on the ship?
Pengy: Pegy! Pegu pegu!
Lyria: Hee hee, I'm glad to see you again too, Pengy!
Rackam: Huh? Lyria, you can understand what Pengy's saying now?
Lyria: Well... I...
Lyria: Yeah! It's because we're friends! Right, Pengy?
Pengy: Pen!
Rackam: Nice! Can you ask her why she did all that weird stuff to the bridge?
Pengy: Peh... Pegy! Pen peh-peh!
Pengy: Peh... Gy.
Lyria: Huh? Really?
Pengy: Pengariffic!
Pengy: If you've got penguin questions, I've got penguin answers! But first! Racky Rack!
Pengy: Don't call my art, "weird stuff"! Those are my Super! Amazing! Upgrades! Now apologize!
Rackam: Hey, you should apologize to me!
Rackam: My Grandcypher isn't your penguin playground, Pengy!
Pengy: Pegu...
Rackam: This ship's important to me, and you messed with it. That's no good.
Pengy: Gr... My pengueatiful work is not a hot mess!
Pengy: I knew the minute I saw that steering wheel that if I choom'd this part and shimmie'd up the rest, the whole thing would fly easier!
Pengy: That's what I call a Super! Amazing! Upgrade! Yay!
Pengy: Whaddaya think, Racky Rack? Way nicer than before, right?
Rackam: Hmm... Well, it does handle a little better, I guess.
Lyria: Wow, Pengy! You're really good at tinkering with machines, aren't you?
Pengy: P-kow! You really know what a penguin likes to hear, Lee-Laa!
Pengy: Which means it's time for more Super... Amazing... Upgrades!
Rackam: Wait a sec... Don't tell me you snuck on the Grandcypher to upgrade it?
Pengy: Pen-no!
Pengy: I figured I could find new parts and other stuff I've never seen before if I tagged along with you guys!
Pengy: So don't worry about me, okay?
Pengy: Pengy-bye!
Vyrn: Does that mean she wants to join the crew? Like, as a real member?
Lyria: We'll get to travel with Pengy? The real Pengy? Oh my gosh!
Pengy: Pegu! Pe-pehn Pen Pen!
Rackam: Hey, wait! Quit remodeling my ship!
Pengy: Pehn Pe-pehn!
Rackam: Great... She's not listening.
Rackam: Granted, her skills aren't half bad, but just thinking about having her on the ship is giving me indigestion.
Pengy: Pe-pehn!
Rackam: I guess making her part of the crew is better than having to kick her off the ship over and over.
Vyrn: What's the problem, Rackam? She seems pretty useful to me!
Pengy: Pegyyy!
Lyria: Let's welcome her aboard, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Haha! (Captain) seems a-okay with it, so I guess you're in, Pengy!
Pengy: Penn! Peggy peggy pegu!
Lyria: That's right, Pengy! We're glad to have you!
And so, Pengy ends up joining (Captain) and the crew on their journey.
In time, Pengy's name will no doubt spread throughout the Grandcypher.

Pengy: The Hope of All Kids[edit]

The crew finds a pair of kids who refuse to believe that superheroes exist. Pengy is in the middle of trying to explain to them that she's the real deal when monsters attack.

(Captain) and crew head toward a town in search of parts for Pengy's... Pengy suit.
Since joining the crew, Pengy's exploits have reached the far corners of the sky.
However, there was something different about this town.
Boy in Hat: What's with the dumb getup? You can't beat bad guys and help people dressed like that!
Pengy: P-pegy?
Vyrn: This kid doesn't like Pengy? Have we ever seen this happen before?
Pengy: Pegy...
Boy in Hat: There's someone in there moving this stupid thing around, right? This just in! Your costume's lame and you suck!
Male Erune: Yup, craptacular.
Lyria: Oh no! Pengy's feelings are hurt!
Pengy: Pegupegu! Pegy...
Lyria: Hm, how do I convince that Pengy is really cool...
Pengy: Pennn! Pegy! Pegy!
Male Erune: We were actually Pengy fans up until recently, but now we know the truth.
The boys once loved Pengy and other allies of justice.
But that love turned to hatred after a stage show gone awry.
Vyrn: So you're saying the heroes on stage ran away when they saw real-life monsters?
Boy in Hat: Yeah, and Pengy here's no different! Just another phony!
Pengy: Pegyy! Pen... Pegu pegu!
Lyria: Exactly! Pengy would never run away from monsters! Especially if they showed up here!
Pengy: Pen! Peggyy!
Boy in Hat: Whatever. Those phony losers said the same thing. Why should we believe yo—
Monster: Grooar!
Vyrn: A monster? Now? How convenient!
Boy in Hat: Aah! A m-monster!
Pengy: Pegy! Peh...gyyyy!
Vyrn: Just watch and learn! Pengy and (Captain) are gonna show you what real heroes are made of!

Pengy: The Hope of All Kids: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and Pengy deal with the monster, but the youths still won't believe that she's a real hero. When some new monsters appear, it's up to Pengy to save the day once again.

(Captain) and crew made quick work of the monster. They hope that this display changes the youth's hearts, but...
Pengy: Peggyyyy!
Vyrn: So? Betcha think Pengy's the real deal now, huh?
Boy in Hat: You're not gonna trick us that easily! You faked that monster attack!
Vyrn: Good grief, these kids are a bunch of Pengy conspiracy theorists...
Lyria: Hmm, this is bad. How are we going to get them to trust Pengy again?
Pengy: Pen...
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Uh oh. I think that monster from before brought some friends!
Boy in Hat: Whatever! I'm not scared of some fake monsters! Bring it on!
Vyrn: W-what do you think you're doing! Throwing stones at monsters is dangerous!
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Now you've made them mad!
Boy in Hat: But it's... just another guy in a suit...
Monster: Groooar!
The angry monsters charge toward the boys.
Male Erune: Waaaaah!
Vyrn: Pengy's trying to protect the kids!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to help her, (Captain)!

Pengy: The Hope of All Kids: Scene 3[edit]

The boys finally realize that Pengy is a true superhero as she fends off the horde of monsters. With their faith in heroism restored, Pengy heads off once again to protect the skies from evildoers.

(Captain) and crew manage to protect the boys from the horde of marauding monsters.
Pengy reaches her physical limits just as the boys finally realize the monsters were real.
Pengy: P-Pegu!
Vyrn: Whoa! You okay, Pengy?
Pengy: Pegu... At least we managed to beat those monsters!
Boy in Hat: What the?
Pengy: Well, this is penguinely embarrassing.
Pengy: I finally prove those monsters weren't fake, and then I pop out my suit and ruin everything.
Boy in Hat: ...
Pengy: I... hope I didn't crush your dreams of what a superhero is.
Male Erune: ...
Pengy: It's okay, kids! I wasn't trying to deceive you, I—
Pengy: Ow...
Male Erune: Are you okay?
Lyria: Oh no, Pengy's hurt! We have to help her!
Vyrn: This is no time to worry about the kids! You need medical attention!
Pengy: Pegugu... No worries, this penguin just has a few scrapes, that's all.
Pengy: What matters most are the dreams of these kids here!
Boy in Hat: ...
Pengy: You must be... pretty mad at me, huh?
Boy in Hat: Nuh uh! We just can't believe how totally rad you were, Pengy!
Pengy: Peh?
Male Erune: Thanks for saving us, Pengy. We're sorry for ever doubting you.
Boy in Hat: You were so... freakin'... cool!
Pengy: Peg your pardon? Did you just say I was cool?
Boy in Hat: Yeah! The coolest penguin around!
Boy in Hat: And... listen, we gotta apologize. You got beat up because of us.
Male Erune: Sorry, Pengy. It's all our fault.
Pengy: Penga... riffic!
Pengy: No worries, kids! Bumps and bruises will heal, but kids telling me how cool I am will stick around in my heart forever!
Lyria: Hooray! You made them see the truth, Pengy!
Boy in Hat: When I grow up, I'm gonna be a cool protector of the innocent just like you, Pengy!
Pengy: Aw, shucks! I'm sure you'll be a great hero!
Pengy: I'm gonna do my best to make sure I live up to your expectations, kids!
Pengy: Just remember... I can't do it without your support! Pengy out!
With the boys' love of heroes rekindled in their hearts, Pengy and the rest of the crew set off on another great adventure.

Pengy Thief[edit]

One day, in a unique series of events, Ceylan ends up trapped in Pengy's costume, and is taken back to the ship as the crew mistakes him for the real thing. Waiting at the airship is the real Pengy, who seems to think that the crew has stolen the costume. After calming her down, she helps Ceylan out of the penguin costume.

One day, as (Captain) and crew were continuing on their journey, they were tasked with taking Pengy to a kindergarten.
On their way to the island with the kindergarten, a strange event occurred.
Vyrn: Humph. We're almost there, so where did Pengy get to?
Ceylan: I think I saw her heading over that way!
Vyrn: What is she up to… She'd better not be secretly upgrading the ship again.
Ceylan: She didn't look like she was up to anything suspicious, but I suppose I'd better check it out.
Ceylan: Umm… I could have sworn I saw her go this way… Pengy!
Ceylan: Ah, Pengy! I knew I saw you come this way. (Captain)'s looking for you.
Ceylan: Huh? Maybe she didn't hear me. Hey, Peng?
Ceylan: Whoa!
Ceylan: Ouch…
Ceylan: Pengy, I'm sorry! I just tripped, I didn't mean to hit you like that…
Ceylan: Wait… Huh?
Vyrn: Hey, Pengy! There you are! We've been looking all over for you!
Ceylan: Squawk! (Vyrn!)
Ceylan: Sq-squawk? (Wh-what's going on?)
Vyrn: Floppy-ears went off looking for you earlier, you haven't seen him?
Ceylan: Sq-sq-squawk! (B-b-but I'm Ceylan!)
Ceylan: Squa-squawk, squaaawk… (I got knocked out, and came to in this stupid costume)
Vyrn: Hmm… Nope, didn't catch a word of that.
Ceylan: Squaw… Squawk squawk squawk… (Humph, what do I do now? It seems they can't understand what I'm saying…)
Vyrn: Anyway, let's get going! Everyone must be getting impatient to leave!
And so Ceylan, trapped in the Pengy costume by some unknown incident, was taken to the ship.
Ceylan: (This is bad. I need to get out of this thing…)
Ceylan: (But I have to say, it is pretty comfortable in here…)
Ceylan: (It's so easy to wear. Whichever way I move, it just seems to move with me…)
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Pengy! What're you doing just staring off into space like that?
Ceylan: (Of course! If they all think that I'm actually Pengy, then this would be a great chance to…)
Ceylan: Squ-squaaawk! (I can't disappoint those kids!)
Vyrn: Heheh! Now that's the Pengy we know and love!
Child 1: Yay! It's Pengy! It's really Pengy!
Child 2: Hahaha! It's so cute!
Child 3: Hey, Pengy! Let's play!
The children started to crowd around, and Ceylan was soon completely surrounded.
Ceylan did his best to emulate the movements of the real Pengy and engage with the children.
Vyrn: Heheh, the kids seem to be having fun with Pengy. I'm glad we decided to take on this job.
(Captain), Ceylan and the crew had managed to complete the quest, or so it seemed.
When the crew returned to the Grandcypher, they had quite the surprise waiting for them.
Pengy: So there you are. I'd hoped that you'd come this way! Now give me back my Pengy costume, thieves!
Vyrn: Wait, what's going on here? If you're here, then who's in the costume?
Ceylan: Squawk! Squ-squawk! (Pengy! Tell me how to get out of this thing!)
Pengy: Now come on, hand it over! No one gets between me and my costume.
Pengy: I warned you! Pen…gy… Attack!
Ceylan: Unggh…
Ceylan: I… I’m free…
Vyrn: Wha! Ceylan, what were you doing in the Pengy costume?
Pengy: So this is what you were up to! Befriending me just to steal my costume?
Pengy: I can't believe it, that's squawkally unacceptable! Now you're really squawked, here I come!
Ceylan: Wh-what? No you got…
Ceylan: Hold on! Let me explain!
Vyrn: H-hey, Pengy! Let's just calm down and listen to what Ceylan has to say, OK?
Pengy: Squawk…
After a lengthy explanation, Ceylan made Pengy understand that he was not the one who stole her costume.
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Wait up, Pengy!
Ceylan: I've seen a lot of strange things in my time, but this…
Ceylan: I've never met anyone or anything quite like Pengy! What material is the costume made out of? How is it put together?
Ceylan: Pengy, please! Let me study it just a little longer!
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Pengy, wait!
Ceylan was left with more questions about Pengy than answers.
From that day forth the Grandcypher benefited from the martial prowess of both Pengy and Ceylan.