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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 167 cm Race Human
Hobbies Chigiri-e
Likes Narrow spaces
Dislikes Crowds

Granblue Fantasy Theater
After swearing allegiance to the empire, Rosamia was chosen to become a test subject for the high-tech mask that now covers her face. When she learns of the empire's true intentions behind the project, she flees, taking with her several crucial documents. When Rosamia first encounters you, she gives the impression of being cool and collected due to her inability to express herself openly. However, she often gives in to her negative impulses, surprising those around her with shockingly rash statements.

Character Release

Character Release


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Age 19歳 Height 167cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ちぎり絵
Likes 狭い所
Dislikes 人ごみ

Granblue Fantasy Theater

Character Release

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
How can you be so happy, I haven't even gotten you a present. You're so easy to please.
You know, it's been so long since I last wished someone happy birthday. I wonder who it was…


It's your birthday!
I didn't want to just say happy birthday like everyone else, so I got you a present too.
Hehe, you don't have to act so happy, you know. Geez.


So today's your birthday, huh? Congrats.
It's too bad I couldn't get you a present though.
Come now, don't look so down.
Only kidding. Here you go.
That exaggerated smile I see on your face this day each year is so infectious.
Heh, how silly...


Happy birthday.
Your birthday party seems very lively. Everyone's having a great time.
With this many people celebrating your big day, you hardly need a present from me, do you?
I'll have to refuse the festivities, but, well, I got you a present anyway.
This happens every year... Why does it make you so happy?
Haha... Well, I guess you'll always be a dummy.
I'm fond of your silliness, though, so I'll be sure to give you a present again next year, even if it's just to see your reaction.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I have something to tell you. Is now okay?
Thank you for everything. You're always helping me in some way or another, and I can't say I've minded my time aboard this ship.
I feel like meeting you all was a major turning point in my life.
There you have it. It's okay to be upfront like this once in a while, right?
The real celebration is still to come, so I just wanted to say my piece before then. Now let's get to the party.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Looks like we've entered the new year. Though I hate making a big fuss about it—I prefer to celebrate quietly.
As for my New Year's resolution, I'll be more than content if we can settle the score with the Empire once and for all.


You're up early. Can't wait to start the new year, right?
I made breakfast. Doesn't it look good? Go on, try a bite, (Captain).
(You've always taken care of me. This is the best I can do to show my gratitude.)
Not like it matters. It's just leftovers anyway.
Um, ignore that. I got my thoughts mixed up, that's all.


Fortune cookies...
Humph, how absurd it all is.
Look at them crowding about the storefronts... (Captain), what's with the smirk?
You bought a few in advance? Not like I really care, but I'll have one.
Bad luck, it reads!
Humph, thank you for the cookie nonetheless, (Captain).


You're going out shopping to start the new year? I see...
(Well, there's nothing I want right now, so I'll refrain from joining.)
I would go with you, but I bet it will be crowded, and I was thinking of taking a nap in my room.
Oh you don't have to look so upset that I can't accompany you.
Sigh... Fine, fine. I'll go with you.
But in exchange you have to promise that you won't horse around too much. I would hate if people started to stare.
Ugh, and right as I say it, there you go. I know you're happy right now, but please calm yourself!


Happy New Year. I don't really understand what's so happy about starting another year though.
My New Year's resolution? I don't even need time to think about it. This is the year...
(I will settle things with this mask! And I won't confuse my thoughts and words anymore!)
Act like you didn't hear anything.
Anyway, there you have it. I hope you have a good year. See you later.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Lyria told me it's a Valentine's tradition to eat chocolate, so here I am making some.
Would you like some? Or would you rather have Katalina's chocolate instead?
You know, I used to make Valentine's chocolate for my family as a child...


I made chocolates again this year.
Lyria seemed to like them last time, so I used the same recipe. How about a taste?
(Well, I tried, anyway. I'm a little worried about how they turned out.)
Hah! You ate one. Now you're duty-bound to return the favor!


This here's for you, (Captain).
(Leftovers from what I gave Lyria. Made 'em in a rush.)
Whew, I tried too hard this year... I can't believe I spent all night making them... Huh?
Oh, I don't mean anything by this; I just wanted to thank you for the things you do for us...
(And that's the truth. You are doing so much for me after all.)
Rgh! How unbecoming of me to say something so mellow! I didn't mean to...
...! Never mind me—I'm just feeling a bit stressed out. Back to my room it is.


Without saying a word, Rosamia holds out a small package.
Why didn't I say anything, you ask?
(Does it matter? You should know what I want to express without my having to say it.)
And there I went, staying up all night to make this for you so I wouldn't blurt out anything strange like last year, and—oh!
Cough, cough... Sorry. Something was caught in my throat.
Mm... Yawn...
Aaaah—cough, cough... Maybe I stayed up too late. I'm going to return to my room now and catch some sleep. See you later.


Yes, just leave it there. Thanks. That's the last box.
I appreciate you helping me carry them. They're filled with books I need to research this mask. I didn't expect them to be so heavy all together.
Here, take this as a token of my thanks. It's chocolate. I didn't intend to give it to you, but today is Valentine's Day, after all.
(Please accept it in place of payment.) Okay, that was casual enough. It was worth the effort preparing all those boxes...
...! Of all the times!
It's not like that's the only reason I ordered all these books, just so you know.

White Day Cutscenes
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This is in return for Valentine's?
I see. Allow me to give a word of thanks, then.


I didn't think you'd actually return the favor. You have my thanks.
Wait, you don't honestly expect me to eat all this, do you?
You didn't know what I liked so you bought everything in the store? Are you some kind of fool?
Heh... I guess I have no choice but to stuff it all in my face. This is going to be fun. Thank you.


A present for me? Repayment, you say?
For everything I do to help you? I don't exactly recall doing much though...
Oh, just one today? It was neat getting a whole box last year...
Ahah, so you've nailed down my tastes. Mm, you seem very sure of it.
I look forward to seeing the contents within.


This is for me? I must say, you never miss a year.
Oh, you say it's because I've never missed giving you Valentine's chocolate?
Ah, maybe we've been indulging in this practice too much. How about we switch to exchanging gifts only once every two or three years?
Please don't look so disappointed.
It was just a joke. I promise I'll make you chocolates next year too.


Another thank-you gift for Valentine's? You're considerate to a fault.
I can't say I mind though. But I'd like to make something clear.
I don't give you chocolate on Valentine's Day because I'm expecting anything in return.
And just so you know, that wasn't me getting my words and thoughts mixed up. We've been together so long I've become rather attached to you.
Anyway, see you later.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat.
If you don't want to see my magic, kindly hand over the candy.


Ngh! I'm... losing control!
Get away!
Just kidding. It's just a paper cutout.
How about giving me some candy since I tricked you? Yeah, I should probably rethink that trick, huh...


Trick or treat...
Oh, you'll give me candy just like that?
(Pumpkin-flavored chocolate? How gracious of (Captain)...)
Oh, you didn't have to. I was going to play a trick on you with my magic either way.
It's too late to go back now! Get ready for my trick!


Phew... That was terrible. Out in the street, there were all these children.
They thought I was wearing this mask as some kind of costume. I tried to explain myself, but they wouldn't listen.
Then they took me to a park, where they involved me in their bizarre candy celebration.
It was truly a disaster.
Choose: But did you have fun?
(Didn't I just say it was a disaster?)
Well, I have to say I was very lucky for getting free candy... Huh?
Did you make me do that on purpose? I'll pay you back, you know.


Where are you going dressed like that?
Oh, it's Halloween? I forgot that was today.
So you'll be using that costume to scare the townspeople, threaten them with tricks, and cheat them out of treats in exchange.
(Well, I hope you enjoy yourself.) Not that anyone invited me though.
You want me to come? I wasn't planning to participate, but I see no reason to decline free candy. I suppose I can help you out.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Everyone in town is really busy, so you know it must be time for the holidays.
A greeting card? You want me to make one because everyone else is? Hmm… Should I make a collage?


A holiday party? I'm sorry, but I'm not fond of noisy gatherings.
I'll just bring some food and cake to my room and eat it alone.
N-no, you don't have to keep me company. Don't say such useless things.
Well, if you sit quietly, then I guess I don't mind...


And today marks the start of such festivities...
(Everyone's getting carried away in the foolishness of it all...)
I have many fond memories of holiday get-togethers with my family.
Hm? You suggest we all have cake together?
Well, if it's just eating cake, I'll oblige.


Ah yes... I've still yet to decide what to bring to the gift swap.
(Of course, I'm not sure I'm cut out for partying with everyone. Maybe I'll take a pass this time.)
Then again, I've already made this picture with the season's festivities in mind. I wonder if anyone would actually appreciate it.
Sigh... Never mind...

Choose: That sounds like a great present.

Does it?
Well, here. You sign it with your name, and then I'll feel better about giving it away. Good. Glad that's settled.


Heading to bed already, (Captain)? Did all the fun at the holiday party wear you out?
(I see. Then you ought to get some sleep.)
That works out perfectly. I'll sneak this collage into the room once (Captain)'s asleep...
P-pretend you didn't hear that...
A gift for you? I have no such thing. Don't get your hopes up.
Now, good night. And... keep the door unlocked, okay?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A New Mask

(Captain) and company visit Miyasato, where Kyuta treats them to a sushi feast and tells them about a nearby festival. Rosamia is hesitant to go because of her cursed mask, but Kyuta's story gives her encouragement. Moved by Kyuta's words, Rosamia changes into her mother's yukata for the festival, covering the cursed mask with one more festive.

Vyrn: Mm-mmm! Whether it's your first time or hundredth time, roast salmun just never gets old!
Lyria: Munch, munch... And these prawns are extra juicy!
Kyuta: They're all fresh catches of the day, so eat up!
The Grandcypher crew has taken dock at the Auguste Isles for some much needed summer rest and relaxation.
Kyuta, a kappa working at the sushi restaurant Miyasato, has personally invited the crew to take in the delights of their menu.
Vyrn: But is it really all right for us to be here before you guys open?
Sushi Chef: Of course! We'd love to have you come around during dinner hours, but it gets awfully busy this time of year.
Vyrn: Heh, I'd rather take it easy without all that hustle and bustle anyway.
It's been some time since (Captain) and the crew came into acquaintance with Kyuta.
During a previous visit to Auguste, they found the kappa had drifted far from his home of Tono Island, but eventually they were able to reunite him with his family.
However, upon learning that Miyasato was on the verge of going out of business, Kyuta decided to return to help the struggling sushi restaurant.
Ever since, he's continued honing his skills as an expert sushi chef.
Rosamia: Mmm...
(I've never had a kappa roll before... Exquisite.)
Rosamia: It looks rather simple, but it's surprisingly full-bodied and complex.
Yasu: Yeah? 'Spose I'll take that as a compliment, miss.
Yasu: Say... If you liked that one, why not give this new creation a try? It's a hamburger steak roll.
Rosamia: That's quite a ways beyond using cucumbers, but I'm intrigued.
Rosamia: Hmm... It tastes exactly as I thought it would, to be honest—perfectly delicious.
Lyria: A hamburger steak roll... Drool...
Yasu: Haha! If you'd like, I'll whip one up for you too, Lyria!
Lyria: Really? Yaaay! Thank you!
Vyrn: Looks like you guys have kept busy with all these new creations, huh?
Sushi Chef: Ever since Kyuta's joined our ranks, we've innovated all kinds of new sushi—free from any conventional rules or tradition.
Sushi Chef: We're committing more time than ever in the name of sushi research!
Kyuta: We have a whole team of people learning the ways of sushi. Now the restaurant's doing better than ever!
Yasu: If my old man ain't able to work one day... I gotta be ready to do everything I can for the restaurant, right?
Lyria: He's looking pretty spry if you ask me! There's nothing more important than your health.
Sushi Chef: The secret is moderation in everything—whether it's food or work. Always gotta leave a little room, you know? Otherwise you won't be able to give it your all.
Sushi Chef: Speaking of which, it's the first night of the big festival! You boys better be at the top of your game tonight!
Kyuta & Maita: Yessir!
Thanks to a second wind of motivation, Kyuta and the others begin to double down on the sushi preparations.
Vyrn: A festival, huh... I thought I saw a bunch of people in town gettin' ready for a big event tonight.
Kyuta: That's right! This year's supposed to be bigger than ever! There's lots of new stands coming, like, um...
Kyuta: There's gonna be a cotton candy stall by the coast, and they've got Marmok-shaped cotton candy this year! It's supposed to be amazing!
Kyuta: Oh, and another stall's gonna be selling bottled fizzy drinks! There's supposed to be a little marble in the bottle too!
Kyuta: And west from the festival, there's a cliff where you can take in the most beautiful sunset on Tono Island!
Kyuta: Oh! And there's a hidden cove up north—it's the perfect spot to watch the fireworks from!
Maita: Haha! Slow down there, Kyuta...
Kyuta: Kappappa?! I-I just want them to have as much fun as possible, so...
Kyuta: If you want, I can go over it one more time!
Sushi Chef: Here's an idea, Kyuta. Why don't you show 'em around yourself?
Kyuta: Kappa? But what about the restaurant?
Sushi Chef: You came in extra early to help set up shop, so you've done more than your fair share today. 'Sides, you're always working harder than anybody else, so I'd say you've earned it.
Yasu: That's right, Kyuta! We've got this in the bag!
Sushi Chef: On top of that, this'll be a good experience for the greenhorns—there ain't nothing quite like a festival crowd during the dinner rush. They should be able to handle it.
Kyuta: Is it really okay, Boss?
Sushi Chef: You bet! Go have a time and a half out there! And make sure to tell us all about it when you get back. Deal?
Kyuta: Kappa... Deal!
Maita: Haha! Good for you, son. Now go out there and have fun with (Captain)!
Kyuta: Okay, Pappa!
Rosamia: ...
Sushi Chef: Now then. Kyuta won't be here to save you guys tonight—think you got what it takes to run this place on your own?
Yasu: Ain't no sweat, Pops! In fact, I'm already itchin' to get started!
Sushi Chef: That's the spirit. When you were a kid, you used to always freeze up whenever things got a little too hectic.
Yasu: Buh... You're misrememberin' things!
Rosamia: ...
Lyria: Hey... Are you okay?
Rosamia: Sorry... It's nothing.
Rosamia: Could I get a chopped mackerel roll?
Sushi Chef: Now that's an order you don't hear every day. Mind me asking where you learned about that one?
Rosamia: Long ago, my father used to order it.
Sushi Chef: I see... Okay! One chopped mackerel roll, coming right up! Let me know how it is.
Yasu: Say, Pops... I ain't ever heard of that one before.
Sushi Chef: Haha! It's not on the menu, but... Here, lemme show you how it's made. First, take your knife to some mackerel like this...
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: (Father...)
Rosamia nurses her tea while observing the craftsmanship of the two sushi chefs at work.
Soon after, with their bellies full of sushi, (Captain) and the others begin to make their way to the festival.
Kyuta: Okay, I'm heading out now! Thanks, Boss!
Vyrn: We can digest all this sushi while checking out the sights this festival has to offer!
Rosamia: Have fun.
Vyrn: Huh? You're not comin' with us?
Rosamia: I don't think that'd be a good idea. Go have a good time out there.
Lyria: But why? It's a festival!
Rosamia: Yes, but...
Rosamia points to the mask affixed to her face.
Rosamia: I wouldn't want to attend such a joyous event while wearing something like... this.
Kyuta: Y-you can't take it off? Why?
Rosamia: That remains a mystery even to me. Perhaps it's a curse that I must bear.
Kyuta: A c-c-curse?!
Vyrn: I mean... it hasn't really done anything too crazy in a while. Maybe it'll be fine...
Rosamia: I wouldn't be so sure.
As Rosamia puts her hand to her mask, it begins to emanate a mysterious flame.
Kyuta: Kappakappa!
Kyuta: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Kyuta? Oof, look at him... He's curled up into a ball down there.
Rosamia: See? Even if it doesn't do anything now, I never know when it's going to decide to act up again.
Rosamia: I can't risk it... I wouldn't want to ruin the festival for everyone either.
Kyuta: ...
Kyuta: E-even so... I won't let that happen!
Rosamia: Huh?
Kyuta: I've got an idea!
Kyuta scurries out of the restaurant through the back door, returning shortly after with an item in hand.
Kyuta: Tada!
Lyria: Oh, I remember this! It's the mask you wore at the last festival.
Kyuta: That's right! The prized bear mask that Siegfried bought for me!
Kyuta: It was thanks to this mask that I was able to brave the festival for the first time.
Kyuta: If you wear a different mask, I'm sure it'll give you some courage too! Give it a try!
Rosamia: ...
Kyuta: You don't have to be scared, Rosamia! You can cover up your mask with another one!
Vyrn: Huh... That could work. What do you think?
Kyuta: ...!
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: Heh.
(Captain) and the crew head back to their rooms to change into more festival-appropriate clothing.
Vyrn: Rosamia still hasn't come out of her room... Maybe she isn't up for it after all.
Rosamia: No. I'm ready.
Lyria: Oh! Rosamia, you look...
Rosamia: Rather strange, don't I?
Lyria: No, not at all! You look absolutely wonderful!
Vyrn: Whoa... Where'd you find time to buy a breezy lookin' yukata like that?
Rosamia: My mother sent it to me some time ago, even though I didn't ask her to.
Lyria: Hehe... You're wearing it, so that must mean you like it!
Rosamia: Well, I do enjoy festivals.
(I'm sure they would've tried to find me something else to wear if I hadn't put this on anyway.)
Vyrn: Huh. I woulda thought you were the type to avoid crowded places.
Rosamia: ...!
Lyria: Hehe... Well, I'm glad you're coming with us! I will put on a yukata too!
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia has mustered the determination to join (Captain) and the others for a summer festival.
Despite nervously tugging at her sleeves with apprehension, she can't suppress the gleam of excitement in her eyes.

Wish upon the Wind

The crew find themselves at a die-cutting stall, where Rosamia wins prize after prize with her newfound talent. They try their hand at a lottery stall after, but to no avail. Rosamia soon sees through the trick much to the dismay of the stallkeeper, who gives them the prize Kyuta had his eyes on as compensation.

Having now covered her mask with another mask, Rosamia resolves to join (Captain) and the others on their trip to the festival.
There they meet up with Kyuta and eventually find themselves at a die-cutting stall.
Lyria: ...
Kyuta: ...
Rosamia: Finished. How does it look?
Die-cutting Stallkeep: Already done?! And not just one—an apple, a star, and a flower... all cut to perfection!
Vyrn: Who woulda thought you'd be so good at this? No way this is your first time, right?
Rosamia: (I've never done this before... Anyone could do it if they're careful enough.)
Rosamia: Creating collages also requires quite a bit of precision, so this wasn't too differen—oh! I...
Die-cutting Stallkeep: Makes sense to me. Suppose you'd need some fine handiwork for that too...
Die-cutting Stallkeep: Oops, almost forgot your prize! A floral hairpin for the talented young lady!
Lyria: Wow, it's so beautiful!
Rosamia: You can have it if you want.
The stallkeep fixes his gaze on Rosamia, who shows no interest in the prize she just won.
Die-cutting Stallkeep: You've got your eyes on something else, don't you? Say no more, miss.
Rosamia: So you have something else?
Die-cutting Stallkeep: Yeah... I've been runnin' this stand for twenty years. I never thought I'd see the day I brought out this baby.
Rosamia: Hmm... This certainly is on a different level than the others.
Die-cutting Stallkeep: The extra-large dragonslayer challenge! It's a real doozy... Think you've got what it takes to handle it?
Rosamia: I suppose we'll just have to see.
Rosamia begins skillfully cutting away with pinpoint precision on the newly presented die-cut dragon.
Rosamia: Whew... There.
Die-cutting Stallkeep: I-impossible! Already?! Even I couldn't finish this one!
Rosamia: It did present quite the challenge, but once you get in the zone it isn't too bad.
Die-cutting Stallkeep: B-beautiful... It's beautiful! It's only right that you take this prize worthy of a true dragonslayer!
Die-cutting Stallkeep: This bear plushie has seen a lot of die-cutting... It's finally time I let it go to a new owner. Here you are, miss.
Rosamia: I appreciate it. See you then.
Die-cutting Stallkeep: I'll have an even bigger challenge for you next time—you won't wanna miss it!
After an impressive display at the die-cutting stall, (Captain) and the others find their way to a lottery stall.
Kyuta: Aw... Another blank.
Vyrn: Oof... Same here.
Kyuta has his eyes on one of the prizes on display—a cucumber pen.
(Captain) and the others try their luck as well in an attempt to win the pen for Kyuta.
Rosamia: We've drawn nothing but duds... If you ask me, this lottery's more of a lossery.
Rosamia: Are there even any winning draws? Surely there's nothing but duds inside.
Lottery Stallkeeper: Keh-heh! Of course we've got winning draws. See for yourself!
The stallkeeper puts his hand in the box and pulls out a winning ticket on his first try.
Lottery Stallkeeper: See? You just need to get lucky.
Rosamia: Well, that certainly is a winning draw... I suppose you're right.
Kyuta: Grrr... That's it! I'm gonna keep trying until I win!
Lyria: Me too! Let's go for it, everyone!
Lottery Stallkeeper: Keh-heh!
Lyria and Kyuta pool their remaining pocket money together to try their luck again.
But in the end, they find themselves with empty pockets and still without a single successful pull.
Kyuta: The money I got from Pappa... It's all gone...
Lyria: Sorry, Kyuta... I couldn't get anything either.
Lottery Stallkeeper: Aw... Too bad, so sad! But unfortunately my hands are tied—I can't give out my prizes without a winning ticket. You understand, yes?
Rosamia: How curious... You pulled off a winning draw on your very first try. Yet we weren't able to get a single one despite our countless efforts.
Rosamia: I'd wager this box is filled with nothing but duds, and you merely had a winning ticket hidden in your hand this entire time.
Lottery Stallkeeper: You callin' me a liar, missy? Prove it then! You ain't got nothing on me!
Rosamia: Of course. I suppose I'll just have to draw every last ticket you have in the box.
Rosamia: Not for free, of course. Here. You can take this bear plushie as collateral.
Rosamia hands over the stuffed bear she won at the die-cutting stall to the lottery stallkeeper.
Lottery Stallkeeper: Ha! You think this children's toy is supposed to cover the cost of anything?
Rosamia: Children's toy? This is the mark of the dragonslayer. I imagine it would fetch a fair price if you were to sell it.
Lottery Stallkeeper: D-dragonslayer?!
Rosamia: You can go ask the man at the die-cutting stall yourself if you don't believe me. Well?
Rosamia takes off her outer mask and reveals her inner mask, emitting a light as if it were a manifestation of her anger.
Lottery Stallkeeper: (This girl's a tenacious one... She's probably on to me! Not to mention that whole dragonslayer thing sounds like trouble...)
Lottery Stallkeeper: Tch... Here! Go on and take your pen!
Kyuta: Kappa? But we didn't pull a winning ticket!
Lottery Stallkeeper: I'm just feeling, uh, generous, so go on and take it already—before I change my mind!
Rosamia: So you really did fill the box with duds, didn't you? How do you even sleep at night knowing you trick children out of their money?
Lottery Stallkeeper: I said I'm sorry, lady—get off my case already! Here, look. I'll give you back the money too! All's well that ends well, right?
Rosamia: Just promise me you won't swindle people ever again.
Lottery Stallkeeper: Yeah, yeah... Here. Happy?
The disgruntled stallkeeper puts winning tickets into the box with the other blanks so that Rosamia can see.
Rosamia: Very well, then. This had better be the last time you try to pull something like this off.
And with those words, (Captain) and the others leave the stall.
Vyrn: I can't believe that jerk was tryin' to swindle us the whole time!
Kyuta: It's okay. Thanks to Rosamia, we got him to apologize and change his ways! I'm not mad at him.
Kyuta: And I even got the pen too! Hehe... I can't wait to show Pappa and everyone else when we get back!
Kyuta takes his bear mask off, showing off a big smile underneath.
Lyria: Even after all that, you still managed to win so many prizes!
Rosamia: (She's right... I guess I was quite lucky today to win all these prizes.)
Rosamia: Huh... I suppose festivals can be surprisingly lucrative, if you think about it.
Vyrn: Lucrative? I mean... I guess you did win a lot of prizes for less than their actual value.
(Captain) and the others are tickled pink by Rosamia's surprisingly candid remark.

Wish upon the Wind: Scene 2

Rosamia shares with the crew a memory she has of going to a summer festival with her family, reminiscing about a certain glass ornament from back then. She tells Kyuta to value his time with family while he can.

Vyrn: I didn't think you'd be the type to be into festivals and stuff, to be honest.
Rosamia: I came to a festival in Auguste with my parents once when I was younger.
Rosamia: I suppose that's the reason I feel quite comfortable here, despite my usual aversion to crowded places.
Lyria: So that's why! I bet it was a lot of fun, wasn't it?
Rosamia: Yes... It's nothing but a distant memory for me now, but I do remember how much I enjoyed it.
Rosamia: We went together as a family, all dressed in our summer yukatas.
Rosamia: The one I'm wearing right now is the same one my mother wore to the festival when we went together, actually.
Kyuta: So it's a hand-me-down from your mom?
Rosamia: That's right.
Rosamia: She always wanted me to grow into it so she could see me wear it someday... I suppose that's why she spared no expense.
Rosamia: It fits me quite well, and the design isn't half bad either. It doesn't really feel like an old hand-me-down, to be honest.
Kyuta: I know just what you mean!
Kyuta: The first time I cut a fish, I used Pappa's knife to do it!
Kyuta: It was my first time using one, so I was kinda scared... But since it was Pappa's, I felt right at home using it.
Rosamia: I see... I'm sure he'd be happy to hear that.
Rosamia's lips curl into a smile upon hearing Kyuta's story.
Lyria: What did you do the last time you came here with your parents?
Rosamia: Nothing out of the ordinary, really. Goldfish scooping, trying out the local cuisine... Typical things most tourists do when they come here.
Rosamia: But there was something in particular I remember begging my parents for.
Lyria: What was it?
Rosamia: I don't know what it's called. It was a round, glass ornament with some kind of paper attached to it.
Vyrn: A glass ornament? I don't remember any stalls selling anything like that today.
Rosamia: There was back then. I'll never forget the clear sound that rang from it whenever the ocean breeze brushed past.
Rosamia: I was hoping all of you might know, since you come here quite often for festivals.
Rosamia: But judging by the looks on your faces, I imagine you haven't seen it. I did keep my eyes open for any stalls selling them today... to no avail, unfortunately.
(Captain) is also unable to come up with anything that matches Rosamia's description.
Rosamia: Don't look so down about it—it was just wishful thinking on my part.
Rosamia: But how nostalgic... Just being here at this festival seems to have awakened so many of my old memories.
Rosamia takes in the lively backdrop of the festival, as if to reflect on her own memories.
Rosamia: Back then, I never even imagined that my parents and I would be separated one day.
Rosamia: Nor that I would be able to enjoy another festival, much less while wearing my mother's yukata.
Rosamia: When she sent it to me, I was actually worried that it would be too long.
Rosamia: But once I put it on, I realized that I'd grown so much. It was a perfect fit.
Kyuta: Why haven't you seen your parents in so long?
Rosamia: The mask. Until I discover how to free myself from its curse, there's no way I could return home.
Kyuta: Kyuu... It must be hard, not being able to see them...
Kyuta: When I left Miyasato, I felt more lonely and afraid than I'd ever been before.
Kyuta: I thought that... that maybe I'd never see Pappa ever again...
Rosamia: ...
Maita: Haha! Good for you, son. Now go out there and have fun with (Captain)!
Kyuta: Okay, Pappa!
Rosamia: If you love your family, it's important to treasure your time together with them. Every moment is precious.
Rosamia: You never know when you won't be able to see them anymore.
Kyuta: If you love your family...
Kyuta: You're right! I'm gonna treasure every moment I have with Pappa!
Rosamia: That's what I like to hear.
They continue to wax nostalgic, enveloped by the gentle sound of azure waves combing the shore.

Wish upon the Wind: Scene 3

Rosamia notices someone who looks like her mother, and Kyuta runs after the stranger. Just when they find out it isn't Rosamia's mother after all, a gentle sound in the distance catches the crew's attention.

(Captain) and the others continue to enjoy the festival, taking part in goldfish-scooping games and stuffing their faces with cotton candy.
Lyria: You were so good at scooping goldfish, Rosamia! I can't believe you got so many!
Rosamia: My parents taught me how to do it when I was younger... It all came back to me the moment I picked up the scoop.
Kyuta: Thanks to your teaching, I was able to catch a real big one myself!
Rosamia: It's nothing worth mentioning, really...
Rosamia: ...!
Catching sight of a woman walking in the distance, Rosamia stops dead in her tracks.
Lyria: Rosamia? What's wrong?
Rosamia: (It's nothing. Don't worry about it.)
Rosamia: Mother...
Lyria: Your mother?
Rosamia: Oops... I didn't mean to say that aloud.
Vyrn: What's going on? Was that lady your mom or something?
Rosamia: No... It can't be. My mother—she should still be back at her hometown.
Rosamia: But she did say in her last letter that there was no longer a need to hide from the empire, so perhaps...
Vyrn: You think she came here to check up on you in secret?
Kyuta: What are we waiting for? We have to find her!
Kyuta grabs Rosamia's hand and begins to make a run for it, but the young woman doesn't budge.
Rosamia: No, wait! I already told you—I won't see my parents until I've freed myself from this curse!
Kyuta: But you told me yourself! You have to treasure every moment you have with your family if you love them!
Rosamia: ...!
Kyuta: I mean, you look so happy whenever you bring up your mom...
Kyuta: You don't need to tell me! I know just how much you love your mother!
Kyuta: I know that if you don't go after her here, you're gonna regret it forever!
Rosamia: But... I can't! I just can't!
As the two continue to argue, the woman turns a corner and disappears into the crowd.
Kyuta: No, wait!
Vyrn: Hey! Don't run off on your own like that!
Lyria: Oh no! We can't have them getting lost here!
Lyria: Are you coming with us, Rosamia?
Rosamia: How ironic that my own words would come back to haunt me so soon.
Rosamia: I'm not completely oblivious... I understand that as long as my mask is under control, it would be safe to meet with her for a bit.
Rosamia: But if I were to do so... I don't know if I'd be able to hold myself back from putting them in danger any longer.
Rosamia: That's why I resolved to keep my distance. At least until I've freed myself from this mask.
Rosamia puts her hand to her mask, feeling her inner turmoil reveal itself on her face.
Lyria: Rosamia... You've been so strong all this time for your parents.
Lyria: But you don't have to struggle alone. We're all in this fight together, remember?
Lyria: Let's go see your mother together! I'm sure she'd really want to see how much you've grown into her yukata!
Rosamia: Lyria...
  1. If anything goes wrong, we'll be there.
  2. Still hesitant?

Choose: If anything goes wrong, we'll be there.
Rosamia: I won't let that happen. Not in front of my mother, at least.
Rosamia: But thank you. Hearing that is reassuring all the same.

Choose: Still hesitant?
Rosamia: Somewhat. How hypocritical of me... after everything I said to Kyuta too.
Rosamia: But it would be a real hassle to put this all on again, so I might as well show her while I'm wearing it, right?
Rosamia: I'm sure she'll be overjoyed to see it.
Continue 1
Alongside (Captain) and the others, Rosamia cuts a path through the crowds in search of the woman resembling her mother.
Kyuta: There she is! She's stopped to buy some food!
Rosamia: Pant... Pant... I appreciate you keeping an eye on her.
Vyrn: Yeah, we definitely woulda lost her if it weren't for Kyuta dashing after her like that... But here's your chance to say something!
Rosamia: Right.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia takes a deep breath and gingerly approaches the woman.
Rosamia: Um... Mother?
Woman: Can I help you?
Rosamia: Oh, um...
Rosamia: It wasn't her.
Kyuta: Oh no... I thought she was the one for sure.
Kyuta: I'm sorry. I just really wanted to reunite you with your mom...
Rosamia: No, it's fine. I mean, I was the one who mistook her for my mother in the first place.
Despite her words, the disappointment is clear in her voice as she lets a sigh escape.
Rosamia: I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have roped you all into this.
Rosamia: My own mother—my very own flesh and blood. How could I have mistaken a complete stranger for her?
Rosamia: Has it been so long that I've forgotten my own mother's face? Pathetic, isn't it...
Lyria: Don't be so hard on yourself!
Lyria: I'm sure you saw your mother's face because you wanted to see her again that badly.
Lyria: You only saw what your heart desired... I don't think that's pathetic at all!
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: You're right, Lyria. Thank you.
Having calmed down, Rosamia takes a moment to compose herself and straighten out her unruly hair.
Rosamia: Let's get back to the festival, shall we? We won't be able to see everything if we keep dawdling here.
Vyrn: Hey... You guys hear something?
Just as (Captain) and the crew are about to return to the festival, they hear a gentle ringing in the distance.
Rosamia: Could it be...
Vyrn: H-hey! What is it this time?!
But Vyrn's words are left unheard as Rosamia quickly makes her way toward the source of the familiar sound.

Wish upon the Wind: Scene 4

(Captain) and company follow the sound to a stall selling glass wind chimes called furin. The stallkeeper explains that the furin acts as a kind of protective amulet. Rosamia decides to buy a furin, and makes a wish to someday free herself from her curse before returning to her family.

Rosamia: Pant... Pant...
Rosamia: I knew it... There's no mistaking this sound.
Before her is a festival stall adorned with countless hanging glass ornaments.
The colorful papers dangling from the orbicular ornaments flutter in the wind, moving the clapper inside to give off a gentle, soothing sound.
Without a doubt, this is the same ornament that Rosamia had encountered so many years ago.
Stallkeeper: Welcome, welcome! You like what you hear?
Rosamia: What... What is this called?
Stallkeeper: These here are furin. A type of wind chime made on an island far east of here.
Rosamia: A furin...
Rosamia: I finally found it.
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... Looks like we... managed to catch up... somehow...
Lyria: Glass ornaments... Oh! This must be what you've been looking for!
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia closes her eyes, taking in the sound of the chimes as another breeze causes them to ring.
Rosamia: This calming sound...
Rosamia: And this familiar floral pattern...
Rosamia takes a moment to touch one of the furin and puts her hand on its perfectly round design.
Stallkeeper: The round shape is supposed to represent harmony and tranquility.
Stallkeeper: In other words, it's a reminder to take a break and cherish every new day, and the time spent with your loved ones.
Rosamia: Cherish every new day... I see.
Stallkeeper: I can tell you more about 'em if you'd like.
Stallkeeper: Long, long ago on an island far to the east, the wind itself was thought to carry fortune.
Stallkeeper: The people there believed the sound made by these furin had magical properties that would protect them from disease—almost like an amulet of sorts.
Rosamia: An amulet... So it's more than just a trinket.
Rosamia: How much for this one?
Rosamia points at the furin with the familiar floral pattern and pays the stallkeeper.
Stallkeeper: Thank you kindly. Now let me just take it down for you here...
Kyuta: There's a fish-patterned one... It looks like they're swimming in the air.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: Excuse me. Could I also get that fish-patterned one? And the blue one next to it as well.
Stallkeeper: Sure thing, miss. Your patronage is much appreciated!
Rosamia hands the fish-patterned furin to Kyuta.
Kyuta: Kyuu?
Rosamia: This is for you. As thanks for everything today.
Kyuta: Why? I wasn't able to reunite you with your mom...
Rosamia: If you hadn't convinced me to put on your mask, I never would've come to this festival in the first place.
Rosamia: And if you hadn't chased after that woman all the way here, I don't think I ever would've found this stall.
Rosamia: I'm beyond grateful for everything you've done for me today... This is the least I can do.
Kyuta: Rosamia...
Kyuta: Thank you so much! I know the perfect spot to hang this in the restaurant!
Rosamia: And here, (Captain). This one's for you.
Rosamia: I didn't have enough to get one for each of you, but perhaps we could put this one on the Grandcypher deck to share with everyone.
Lyria: Wow... It's so pretty! We'll find the perfect spot for it!
Vyrn: You're a lot more open today than usual, Rosamia. Guess we've got Kyuta to thank for this nice change of pace!
Having handed out the other furin, Rosamia takes a moment to look at her own.
Rosamia: (An amulet, huh? Just a superstition, of course... Yet the sound strangely puts me at ease.)
Rosamia: If it really was a magical amulet, I wish it would rid me of this curse so I could see my family once again...
Rosamia: Oh! Sorry... Forget I said that. It's not like I believe in those kinds of superstitions or anything.
(Captain) can't help but smile at Rosamia's flustered expression.
  1. You never know.
  2. We'll make your wish come true.

Choose: You never know.
Rosamia: Heh... You're surprisingly sentimental, you know that?
Rosamia: I'm sure it's just a children's story. But if you say so... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to believe.

Choose: We'll make your wish come true.
Rosamia: Pfft... That was pretty cheesy, (Captain). What's next, a declaration of love?
Rosamia: But it wouldn't be the first time I got you involved with my problems... I know you mean what you say. Thank you for that.
Rosamia: How poetic would it be if the same people who took down the empire were to also free me from this curse? Hehe.
Continue 1
As if to answer Rosamia's question, a sudden gust of wind causes the furin in her hand to ring. Its gentle sound resonates through the air.
Rosamia: I'm tired of living my life under this mask.
Rosamia: One day I will free myself from this curse, and I will return to my family.
Rosamia: I just hope that I can count on you for help until that day comes.
Vyrn: You know it! There ain't nothing more important than family, so just say the word!
Kyuta: And someday you can bring your family to Miyasato, and I'll treat everyone to a big sushi dinner!
Rosamia: Thank you.
Among the lively ambience of the festival, Rosamia quietly reflects on her precious memories with her family.
Perhaps the wind will carry a little fortune her way, someday in the future.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お面姿でも、仮面の力は健在よ The mask beneath still breathes.
風鈴の音って涼しげでいいわよね Nothing quite as soothing as the sound of a furin.
術式解放!受けなさいッ! Feel the wrath of my fury!
型抜き、はまったかも I might just get hooked on die-cutting...
ユカタヴィラって結構涼しいのね This yukata feels quite breezy, actually.
キュウタは家族想いでいい子ね Kyuta really loves his family.
裾を踏まないように気をつけないと…… I hope I don't trip on my yukata...
(主人公)もお面つけてみない? Would you like to try on a mask too, (Captain)?
お面のデザインが怖い?私にはお似合いでしょ? You think the mask's scary? It rather suits me.
(主人公)、綿あめひと口くれないかな…… Could I have some of your cotton candy, (Captain)?


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