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Official Profile

Npc f 3030127000 01.jpg Sen
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030127000 01.jpg Sen
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ

Source [1]

Npc f 3030169000 01.jpg Sen (Holiday)
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places


Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030169000 01.jpg Sen (Holiday)
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ


Source [2]

Npc f 3040204000 01.jpg Sen (SSR)
Age 16 years old
Height 157 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Physical activities
Likes High places, warm places
Dislikes Crowds, cold places
Source [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040204000 01.jpg Sen (SSR)
Age 16歳
Height 157cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 身体を動かすこと
Likes 高いところ、温かいところ
Dislikes 人混み、寒さ
Source [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain!
I'm grateful that I have the chance to wish you a very happy birthday. Thank you.
Hm? You think that's too much? Well, it's because of everything you've done for me, Captain.
It's something that I really wanted to say to you. Have a happy birthday, meowrow!


I'm sorry, (Captain)...
I wanted to get you something for your birthday for always being so nice to me.
But I took too long thinking about what to get you, and I couldn't decide in time.
So I'll get stronger to help you out even more!
(Captain), happy birthday!


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'm always glad for the chance to celebrate such an important day with you.
You know, I'm really glad I met up with you all and got to join your crew.
Being around you, Lyria, and Vyrn fills me with the fuzzies all over.
It's the same feeling I get from catnapping.
You're like the sun to me...
I hope we can be together for a really, really long time to come, (Captain)... Meow.


(Captain), happy birthday.
And, er... Feliz cumpleaños!
And, and! Fuh-lee-see-tay-shons? I offer my heartiest congratulations.
Yeah, I know they all mean the same thing.
But it's your special day, (Captain)... I wanted to wish you happy birthday in as many ways as possible.
Erm... Did I get the message across?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy new year, Captain!
I was so happy when everyone welcomed me aboard the airship last year.
Um, so this year.... Can I still travel with everyone?
Yay! Thank you everyone! I'm going to do my best this year. Please watch over me!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I've already decided on my New Year's goal.
Hehe. I want to learn how to speak cat!
Hehe. After I figure it out, I'll teach you too, (Captain)!


Mng... (Captain)... Happy New Year.
Sorry... I'm still half-asleep...
You know how they say the wish we make to the first sunrise of the year comes true?
So I tried hard to be a morning cat today... Only to fall asleep again.
It's too bad... Maybe next year.
That reminds me—(Captain), care to watch the next New Year's sunrise with me?
I'm absolutely pawsitive that I can get up early if you're the motivation!
Ehehe, it's a promise then?


Yawn... Where are you, Mr. Sun?
This New Year's, for sure... I'll watch the sunrise... Can't fall asleep... Yawn...
Phew... Gotta get a hold of myself. But it's so warm next to you... I'm getting sleepy...
Want to see... a beautiful sky... With (Captain)... And make a wish...
Mmh... It's so bright... Mr. Sun?
He's very round and very orange... So this is what he looks like on the first day of the year...
Uh... Um... My wish... My wish is...
Yawn... Let me sleep... For just a little while...
Zzz... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day, Captain!
I heard that people give gifts of appreciation today, so please accept this, Captain.
I wanted to give you something really big, like a bear, or maybe a boar.
Vyrn said I should stop that, though. It's small, but it would make me very happy if you like that.


Here, (Captain)...
Um... Today's Valentine's Day! And, uh!
T-they're handmade... Lyria and I worked really hard on them.
I hope that you like them... Meow.


(Captain), Happy Valentine's.
I made chocolate this year too. It should be better than last year's—hopefully...
Ah, no, no! Not now! You can open it up when I'm not around!
It's... erm, embarrassing for me...
Hrm? My face is all hot...
Ahem! Well, I'll be off now! Catch ya later!


Come on... Please turn out good...
Wh-what! (Captain)! D-did you see?
Er, uh, um... I was putting my feelings into the chocolates. The ones I'm making for you...
I heard the more feeling you put into food, the better it tastes. So I kept hoping and wishing...
What you heard just now was the final touch! I got worried the chocolates were missing something...
Er... I just wanted them to taste amazing!
I hope you like them, (Captian). Meow.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? Do you need something, Captain?
I was just taking in the sun. It's starting to get warmer.
Gasp. Is this for me? Ooh, thank you! But why are you giving this to me?
White Day? Hm... I don't really know what that is but getting anything from you always makes me happy.
Oh, since you're here, why don't you come join me in the sun?


Hm? What's this, (Captain)?
White Day?
Oh no... Sorry! I didn't get you anything!
What? That's not how White Day works?
It sure is hard to keep track of all these holiday customs...
But I'm really happy you've thought of me. Thank you!


(Captain)? Is this...
Ah! I know! It's for White Day, right?
Ehehe...This is my third time getting a present from you, (Captain).
Thank you!
Why does it suddenly feel all warm and fuzzy around my chest...
No, no, I'm not upset! I'm super happy! Really!
I'm just a bit restless... It's a strange feeling.
I wonder what it is...


A present... For me? Oh, it's White Day...
Ehehe. I'm so happy... Meow.
Your presents feel so warm...
Like a little puddle of sunshine... I want to rub my cheeks against them. And they make me smile.
Sniff, sniff... There's sweets inside, right?
I'll savor them, I promise. One bite a day!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Someone told me to say that whenever I see anyone today.
Where's my costume? I'm ok without one. The atmosphere is enjoyable enough for me.
A cat suit? No, no, I'm not... Ahem, meowrow. Excuse me, something just came up, meowrow!


(Captain), happy Halloween.
The festival when the pumpkin ghost passes out presents to all of the good little children...
Huh? You don't think that's right?
Well as long as I have candy, I should be okay, right?
Here's my candy, so I'm all set!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Since today's Halloween, it's cool if I play tricks on everyone, right?
Okay, then you'd better be ready if you don't have any candy on hand, (Captain)!
Here I go—
I don't have any tricks in mind!
(Captain), let's come up with a neat trick together!


(Captain), happy Halloween!
Choose: Trick or treat!
Eh, what! I don't have any candy right now...
Am I gonna get pranked?
Unnh... Is everything gonna be okay? Will I survive without a scratch?
But, but! I kind of wanna know what tricks you have in store.
Okay, do whatever you want... I'm ready!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, Captain! Um, happy holidays? I've seen it in a picture book!
Yeah! It's a holiday where, if you're good, Stanley Claus will let you ride in his sled, right?
Wrong? Well, anyway, this is my first winter so I'm going to do my best!
Umm... What am I supposed to do, exactly?


Happy holidays!
I decided to be Santa this year. I have a present for you too, (Captain)...
Ah! Oh no... That was supposed to be a secret...
Um... (Captain), make sure you go to sleep early tonight!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Did you hear that just now?
Clarisse and Ladiva were teaching me this holiday tune...
It's still kind of embarrassing for me...
But it's a really fun little melody though. You ought to sing it with me sometime.


Zzz... Zzz...
Sen slumbers at the very tip of a decorated tree, keeping her balance through some kind of cat witchery.
Mmh... Is that you, (Captain)?
Sen descends from the tree in a single leap, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
Yawn... I fell asleep...
Um... I wanted to put the star on top of the tree, so I climbed up.
But the lights from town were so pretty, I got lost in them, and before I knew it...
What? Oh. I'm still holding on to the star. Guess I forgot to set it on top...
You wanna climb back up with me? The way the view glitters—it's breathtaking!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Mountain Girl

(Captain) and company arrive at a remote village to complete a mission. They meet Sen, a girl who displays cat-like mannerisms toward the villagers. Burning with the desire to see the world outside of her village, she asks to join the crew. She lacks common sense, but the crew gladly takes her in.

Vyrn: Huff, puff. Ugh, are we there yet?
Lyria: Ugh... This mountain trail is tough.
(Captain) and company need to make a delivery to a village nestled deep within the mountains.
Vyrn: Haa, are you sure, haa, this is the right way?
The steep trail becomes impassable. The party lets out a deep sigh.
Lyria: Hm? Did you hear something, just now?
Vyrn: Like what?
Vyrn: Ack! There's something over there!
Lyria: Ah! It's coming closer!
Lyria: Ahhh!
???: Huh?
Vyrn: Ahhhhhh!...Huh?
Lyria: Er, it's a girl?
An Erune girl darts out from among the trees.
???: Uhh... Umm...
The bewildered young girl suddenly straightens up and then bows to the group.
???: Ahem. Good day!
Lyria: Hi!
Vyrn: Hey! ...Wait a sec, don't go greeting us like that! You scared the heck out of us!
???: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
Vyrn: What're you doing out in the boonies all by yourself?
???: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sen. I live in the village up ahead.
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Sen. I'm Lyria, and this is (Captain). And that's Vyrn!
Vyrn: Yeah! ...Hey, hold on! Isn't that the village we need to get to?
The crew explain their business to Sen and she agrees to take them to her village.
Sen: It's not too far from here. Please follow me.
Sen: It's just a little further. It's kind of slippery, so please watch your step.
Vyrn: Thanks! You got us out of a jam!
Lyria: Yeah, thanks a lot, Sen!
Sen: Please, don't mention it. Ok, we're here.
Lyria: Huh? We're here but...
A huge cliff towers over the party. There's nothing resembling a road in sight.
Vyrn: Uhh. All I see is a cliff. Am I missing something?
Sen: No, we just need to go up.
Sen non-chalantly points to the cliff.
Vyrn: Come on, there's no way we can climb that!
Lyria: Yeah, I think it's impossible.
Sen: Oh? You don't normally climb cliffs?
Lyria: Sorry to say, but I've never climbed one before.
Vyrn: Well... I can fly, so it's no big deal for me. But it might be tough for these guys.
Sen: I'm sorry, I didn't think about that. Okay, please wait here. I'll be back soon.
Sen apologizes quietly then turns to face the cliffside. Without hesitation, she begins to scale the cliff effortlessly.
Vyrn: That's amazing...
Lyria: Ah, it's because of her long claws. She kind of looks like a cat.
Vyrn: Hah, you got that right. She's so fast!
Sen returns with several rope ladders, and the exhausted, but safe, crew finally arrive at the village.
Vyrn: Phew! Another job in the bag!
Lyria: Hehe, we also have to thank Sen for helping us!
Vyrn: You're right! Let's go find her and thank her.
???: Eeeek!
The sounds of panic and confusion can be heard not far away.
Monster: Growl!
Vyrn: Gah! It's a monster! Okay, (Captain), let's get it!
Just as they are about to run in, a small shadow dances before their eyes.
Sen: Yaaah!
Monster: Urrggh!
Sen: Whew. Is anybody injured?
Villager 1: Oooh, that's our Sen! But something's off about the way you're talking.
Sen: Ngh. Uh, ahem. Looks like I made it just in the nick of time... meow.
Villager 1: Wahaha! That's better! Don't forget, we're counting on you!
Sen: Roger!
Vyrn: Hm, I wonder what they were talking about. Eh, whatever.
Vyrn: You did it, Sen! That was amazing! You took it down in one hit!
Lyria: Yeah, that was great! You're so strong!
Sen: Oh no, it was nothing. I'm used to the monsters around here.
  1. I could've done that.
  2. That was cool!

Vyrn: Oooh, looks like [:nicknames]'s got some competition!
Choose: I could've done that.
Lyria: Hehe. We know you're tough, (Captain), but Sen's tough too!

Choose: That was cool!
Lyria: Yeah! You're amazing!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm totally speechless!
Sen: Umm... Well! I... uhh...
Sen: Umm... Please excuse me!
Vyrn: Ah, she ran away. She was probably embarrassed or something.
Lyria: Hee hee. Sen's strong, and sweet, and soooo cute!
And so, with everything taken care of, the party prepares to leave the village. They run into Sen at the edge of the village.
Sen: Um...
Lyria: Hey, Sen! What's the matter?
Sen: I heard that all of you are skyfarers. Are you traveling on an airship?
Vyrn: Yeah, we're on a journey! (Captain)'s our captain.
Sen: I see. Then, could you take me along on your journey, too?
Lyria: You want to join us, Sen?
Sen: Yes. I like my life in the village, but I also yearn to see the outside world.
Sen: I can use my fighting skills too, so I'll try not to get in your way. So please, let me join your crew!
  1. Welcome aboard.
  2. Are you sure you're ready for this?

Choose: Welcome aboard.
Vyrn: Hehe, if (Captain) says so then I'm all in!
Lyria: Yay, yay! Sen's part of the crew!

Choose: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Sen: Yes! I'll do my best!
Vyrn: Aww, let her come. Don't worry, Sen, (Captain) wants you to come too!
Continue 2
Sen: Thank you, everyone!
Sen bows quickly. At the same time, a villager places his hand lightly on her shoulder.
Villager 2: So you've finally decided to go on a journey, eh, Sen?
Sen: Yes. I will follow these skyfarers.
Villager 2: Sigh. I understand. It'll be lonely, but you really want to see the world, don't you? Take care of yourself.
Sen: Thank you. I will.
Villager 2: Oh, one last thing. Can you do that thing for me before you go?
Sen: Um... That thing? Right now?
Villager 2: I won't be able to hear it anymore, you know. Come on, Sen.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that thing?
Lyria: I wonder what it is...
Sen: Ngh... fine. Ahem. I'll be on my way... meow.
Villager 2: Bwahaha! Safe travels, Sen!
With a final pat on Sen's shoulder, the villager walks away. Her face is flushed with embarassment.
Vyrn: Hey, hey. What was that? You also said that after you beat up that monster.
Sen: Well... in the past, they kept saying that I was very cat-like, so I spoke like a cat for them.
Sen: But it's so embarrassing...
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. Yeah, I can see a bit of cat in you.
Sen: Do you really think I resemble a cat? Am I really that ferocious?
Lyria: Ferocious? What do you mean?
Hearing Sen's explanation, it seems that she's only familiar with the wildcats in the mountains.
Lyria: Hrm... the cats we're thinking of are smaller and cuter. There are lots of them!
Sen: Oh, really?
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah! You'll probably see some on our journey!
Vyrn: By the way, Sen, I think you agree to things way too quickly...
The return trip goes more smoothly thanks to Sen's knowledge of the area.
Sen: We'll reach the base of the mountain soon.
Vyrn: Really? You'd better not be taking us to another cliff.
Sen: Don't worry, I remember. Normal people can't go up and down cliffs like I can.
Sen: Wait.
Vyrn: Hm? What's up? Why did you suddenly stop?
Sen: Shh! Please be quiet.
Sen scans the area with a serious look on her face.
Lyria: What's wrong? Is it a monster?
Sen: Ah ha, found you!
Following Sen's gaze, the crew sees a big boar by a grove of trees.
Sen: I'm going to grab it!
Vyrn: Hold on! Ah, she's gone.
Lyria: Yeah, she's long gone. You know, from the back, she really does look a cat.
The abandoned and dumbfounded crew watches Sen disappear into the trees.
Vyrn: Anyway, it'd be bad if we got ourselves lost, so let's just wait here for now.
Soon enough, Sen reappears.
Lyria: There you are!
Sen: I'm back! Look what I brought, everyone!
Sen drags back the boar from before. She has a triumphant look on her face.
Vyrn: Woah...
Sen: Boars are especially delicious this time of year.
Vyrn: Mm-hm. Now I know why Sen's so strong.
Sen: Hm? Is something wrong? Gasp! Don't tell me you hate boar meat!
Lyria: No no, that's not it!
Vyrn: Nod. Thanks for the boar but we get worried when someone runs off alone like that, you know?
Sen: That makes sense. Sorry. I'll be more careful.
Sen joins the crew. She's polite, but she definitely lacks common sense.
The crew knows that she has spent all her life living in the mountains, and will surely need time to adjust.

One Cool Cat

Lyria and Vyrn worry about Sen, who is napping outside on a cold day. Luckily, Sen is skilled at finding warm spots to rest in, and shows Lyria her technique. Vyrn and Lyria's discussion about Sen's resemblance to a cat is cut short by a monster attack.

It's a particularly chilly day.
Vyrn: Yo, Sen! What are you doing out there? Hello?
Sen: Zzz... zzz...
Lyria: I think she's taking a cat nap. She's going to catch a cold, though.
Vyrn: Leave it to me. Yo! Wake up!
Sen: Grumble... Ngh... Oh, it's you Vyrn. Hey, Lyria.
Vyrn: Are you up?
Sen: Yawn. Yes, good morning. I must've dozed off...
Lyria: You shouldn't sleep out here, especially on a cold day like this. You're going to get sick.
Sen: I know, but it's nice and warm.
Sen pulls her knees in tightly and sits in the sunlight. Lyria tries it too.
Lyria: You're right, it really is warm! You sure are good at discovering these things.
Vyrn: Ha ha, yeah, Sen. This is another thing that makes you cat-like.
Vyrn: Hey, do that thing you did for the villagers! You know, where you go meow.
Sen: Er... Uh... Well...
Vyrn: Pretty please?
Sen: Ungh... Okay, meow. How's this, meow?
Lyria: Aww, that's so cute, Sen! You sound just like a cat!
Sen: Ugh, it's so embarrassing.
Vyrn: Hahaha! It fits you perfectly!
Their laughter is interrupted when the Grandcypher suddenly begins shaking violently.
Lyria: Woah! What's going on?
Vyrn: Look! Monsters!
Sen: Let's go, (Captain)!

One Cool Cat: Scene 2

Having been raised in the wilderness, Sen is not used to being around large crowds. As the crew walks down a busy street, a thief grabs a purse and the crew gives chase. Thinking quickly, Sen climbs up to the rooftops to cut off the thief while the crew traps him from behind.

Sen: Phew, looks like we beat them.
Vyrn: Thank goodness! You're reliable as always, Sen. Oh, perfect timing. I can see the next island!
The party docks the Grandcypher and heads into the city to resupply.
Sen: Wow, what a big street! There's so many people here.
The street teems with people coming and going. Sen's eyes dart around restlessly.
Vyrn: Oh yeah... You're not used to being around so many people, are you?
Sen: Yes, there's no place like this in the mountains. Ah, can you please wait a minute, (Captain)?
Sen clutches the back of (Captain)'s clothes and follows closely behind, as if trying to hide.
Vyrn: I guess you could say the cat's out of the bag!
Lyria: Er, what do you mean, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Well, what I mean is...
???: Aieeee! Help! Someone stop him! He stole my purse!
The woman's scream echoes through the street.
Vyrn: A purse snatcher?
Lyria: Where... where... Ah-ha! I think it's him, over there!
Sen: Come on, (Captain), we have to catch him!
The party chases after the fleeing criminal.
Vyrn: Shoot! He's getting away!
Lyria: Yeah, he's gonna try to lose us in that narrow alleyway!
Sen: I got it! Let's do a pincer attack, (Captain)!
Vyrn: What? But how...
Sen: I'll go around!
Sen scales the wall in an instant and goes around to cut off the thief.
Vyrn: Well, there she goes. Doing something cool, as usual. Okay you guys, charge!

One Cool Cat: Scene 3

The purse snatcher is apprehended. The people in the streets who witnessed Sen's incredible movements heap praise upon an embarrassed Sen, who hastily escapes from the adulation back to the Grandcypher. When the crew returns, she snuggles up to the warmth of Lyria and (Captain), warming everyone's hearts.

The party catches the purse snatcher and returns the stolen purse to the local police.
Woman: Thank goodness you stopped him. You really helped me out.
Vyrn: Don't mention it!
Sen: We're glad you and your belongings are safe and sound.
Woman: I can't thank you enough.
Passerby 1: Hey, you! You were crazy awesome back there!
Sen: Huh? You mean me?
Passerby 2: Oh yeah, I saw it too! You were all like, zoom! Straight up the wall!
Passerby 1: Man, you were gone in the blink of an eye. I couldn't believe it.
Little Kid: That was soooo cool! How did you do that?
Sen: Um, well, I...
A large crowd of people suddenly swarm around Sen. She recoils from the overwhelming attention.
Vyrn: This isn't good. At this rate, she's going to freak out.
Sen: Um, sorry, but I'll be leaving now!
Passerby 2: Oooh! She did it again!
Sen turns and scampers up the wall she'd been backed into, escaping to the rooftops.
Little Kid: Woo! I wanna do that, too!
Vyrn: Yup, there she goes again. I guess I can't blame her when she gets suddenly surrounded like that.
The crew returns to the Grandcypher. Sen timidly pokes her head out to greet the crew.
Sen: Welcome back.
Lyria: It's good to be home! I'm glad you made it back too, Sen.
Sen: Sorry, I went off on my own again—achoo!
Lyria: Uh oh, are you all right, Sen?
Vyrn: You okay? It's gotten colder now that the sun's gone down.
Sen: Mmhmm, I'm not good with cold weather, so...
Sen snuggles herself in tightly between Lyria and (Captain).
Lyria: Hey, what are you doing?
Sen: Hehe, it's so warm right here, meow.
Sen's face is aglow with happiness, wrapped in the warm, gentle embrace of her crew.

To Be A Cat

Sen is on the deck with one of Dante's cats. She tries befriending the feline, which to her astonishment replies with encouraging words. After a short conversation, Sen then falls asleep. Dante explains to Vyrn that he had been speaking the cat's thoughts for Sen.

Sen: Ah, nice and toasty!
Sen stretches out on the deck of the Grandcypher, squinting up into the limpid blue sky.
Sen: A perfect day for... Huh?
Cat: ...
Sen: Oh, you must be one of Dante's.
Sen finds a cat curled up where she'd hoped to lay. After a moment's thought, she steps back and sits, knees pulled to her chest.
Dante's Cat: ...
The cat glances up at Sen, who fixes her posture ever so slightly.
Sen: Um, er... Hello! Mind if I sit here?
Dante's Cat: ...
The feline responds with a yawn and buries its head.
Sen: Hm...
Sen: (Lyria always pets you and talks to you, doesn't she? Her and everyone else...)
Sen: (Maybe you and me can be friends, too. Guess I've just gotta talk.)
Sen: So, uh... Sure is warm here.
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: I'm Sen!
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: People always tell me I'm like a cat. Honestly, I don't get it.
Sen: I thought, y'know, maybe if I hung out with a cat...
Dante's Cat: ...
Sen: Back in the woods where I'm from, there aren't any cats. Just the big, wild ones.
Sen: It's good to be here on the ship with a cat like you.
Sen: Meow.
Sen smiles at the reactionless cat and blushes slightly.
Sen: Heh... I'm being a chatterbox. Sorry to bother you while you're sunbathing.
Dante's Cat: No, not at all. You're bothering no one.
Sen: Whoa! Was that really you, Kitty?
Dante's Cat: Yes, and what of it?
Sen: Wow! Uh... Mukuta?
Dante's Cat: As a matter of fact, I am Rivera.
Sen: Oops! Sorry, Rivera.
Rivera: Think nothing of it.
Sen: This is just—I mean, a tiny little cat like you, talking!
Sen: That's it! That's got to be why they say I'm like a cat.
Rivera: It's weighing heavily on you, isn't it?
Sen: I'm just like, how am I like a cat? They're always saying I am.
Rivera: It's truly nothing to concern yourself with.
Sen: Really? You think so?
Rivera: I do indeed. Your friends adore your most catlike feature—your free spirit.
Sen: Hmm... My free spirit.
Rivera: More than whiskers or love of the hunt, it's what makes a cat, a cat.
Sen: This free spirit stuff sounds cool. Guess I've got a lot to learn.
Rivera: As I said, you needn't worry. Simply be yourself.
Sen: Y'know, maybe you're right. Thanks a bunch, Rivera!
Rivera: But of course.
Sen: Aaaah, I feel sleepy. It's so nice and warm...
Sen: Rivera, I... I uh...
Rivera: ...
Lying on her side, Sen curls into a ball. Off to her side, Rivera blinks and yawns.
Dante: Hrm.
Vyrn: What're you doing, old man?
Dante: Oh, it's you, Vyrn.
Vyrn: What's with the cat act? You had Sen thinking the furball could talk!
Vyrn: You oughta just chat with her—no pretending you're a cat!
Dante: I didn't pretend to be anything.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Then what was that?
Dante: The speech was mine, but the words were Lord Rivera's.
Vyrn: Sounds like the same thing to me!
Vyrn: And either way, Sen still fell asleep talking to a cat!
Sen: Hmm... Urmph...
Vyrn: Sure, she looks like she's got it together. But she's pretty quirky!
Dante: Yes, her heart is gentle and free.
Dante: She and Rivera have much in common.
Vyrn: Hehehe! No one would know better than you, old man. I guess she really is like a cat!
As the two converse, a patch of sun advances past the sleeping Sen.
Rivera: Meow...
Rivera stands and stretches deeply, then returns to Sen's side.
Rivera: Meow.
The cat sidles up beside Sen, and curls back into a ball.
Dante: Yes, Lord Rivera seems to feel a sense of kinship with her.
Sen: Ha... So toasty... So furry... So...
Vyrn: Well, isn't everyone nice and happy!
From that day forward, Sen began sunbathing alongside Dante's cats.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
私、役に立ててますか? Am I helping?
(主人公)さんとルリアちゃん、あったかい Lyria and (Captain) are so warm.
ビィくんは色んなこと教えてくれます I learn so much from Vyrn.
やっぱり、世界は広いですね The world is so vast.
村の皆は元気かな…… How's everyone back home?
さっき、あっちに大きな猪が……! I just saw a huge boar!
寒いのは苦手です…… Brr, it's too cold.
空を飛ぶのってわくわくしますね Flying is so exciting!
(主人公)さん、次はどこへ行くんですか? Where to next, (Captain)?
人が多いところ……まだ慣れません I'm still not used to crowds.