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Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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So it's your birthday today. That's great!
If your age allows, we should have a drink together!
You've been able to survive through the years so easily, you should be grateful! Always remember that.
Happy birthday, Captain. Here's to another great year ahead!


(Captain), Happy birthday. I'm really happy for you. I mean it!
Surviving through all your adventures over the last year without a scratch is something to celebrate.
It's a greater feat than you might imagine!
All right, (Captain)! Let's make it through another year and celebrate like this again!


(Captain), your birthday is a wonderful occasion for celebration!
You live each day like it's your last. I have not as of yet found this sort of resolve myself.
On days like this, you owe it to yourself to cut loose.
Haha. Perhaps it is a great interest of mine to see others living their lives to their fullest.


How's the cake, (Captain)?
Haha, glad to hear it. Have as much as you like. I'll give you my piece as well.
Don't hold back! You're allowed to be a little greedy on your birthday.
I can fill my belly just watching you enjoy your birthday cake.
Nothing could make me happier than seeing that carefree smile always on your face.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Hmm... Oh, it's you. So even the master has come to see the first sunrise of the year.
You can get quite a view here on the deck, you know. Seeing the whole thing is rather refreshing.
Though it helps alleviate some pain, there is still some that won't go away that easily. But I guess that's just the way it goes.


(Captain), Happy New Year!
... Ah, sorry...
I was just thinking about how there are so few times for congratulations any more.
I'm kinda surprised to hear myself say that so casually...
Time sure can change a man. For better... and for worse...


Mm? Ah, (Captain)! You're also heading out to see what the first day of the new year has to offer?
Huh? I've got a scary look on my face?
Apologies. The new year brings out my serious side, I'm afraid.
Although I'm not so good at letting go of my worries either, don't fret about me.
Fine, fine. I won't be too hard on myself. That's a promise.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, you got that for me? What, for Valentine's?
... Oh, right! I remember now!
Haha. This reminds me of my sister. I'll savor each and every bite. Thanks, (Captain).


You bought that for me? Ah, for Valentine's Day, I see. You have my gratitude, friend!
When I think of Valentine's, all I think of is how my little sister used to give me chocolate. Haha.
But I shouldn't always dredge up memories from the past. I'm sorry about that.
When you think of others, and when others think of you, it's a sign of respect. I hope never to forget that.
Anyways, thank you, (Captain). I'll be sure to repay this favor. Just you wait.


Mm? This is for me? Valentine's candy! I humbly accept.
You've also got such a serene look on your face, I could just fall into it.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, (Captain)!
Haha. Here's hoping we have more opportunities to see each other like this in the future.
But there's always good and bad in life, and no one can read the future. We must appreciate what we have now.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain)! I hear it's White Day around these parts.
It isn't much, but I hope you'll accept this little gift from me!
Consider it my gratitude.
Being in this crew, I feel like I've finally found another place to call home.


(Captain)! There you are!
I wanted to give this to you. You like sweets, don't you?
Haha. I heard it was White Day today and thought I'd return the favor from Valentine's.
Even on days like today, where there's nothing really going on, you can always find a way to show you care.
But I guess it's easy for guys like me to forget that.
That's what makes this kind of tradition so helpful.
So, for now, we can start with this candy!


Oh, there you are, (Captain). Looks like you're keeping busy today.
But, uh, I've got something to give. Just like all the other crew members.
This is to thank you for Valentine's Day. Go ahead. Take it.
You know, choosing a gift wasn't half bad. I rather enjoyed myself.


Take this, (Captain). It's thanks for Valentine's.
Haha, I love seeing that look on your face. Your smile can be pretty infectious, you know.
To be able to laugh without a care in the world is a wonderful thing. Not only for yourself, but for those around you.
I hope you can keep up that smile for a long time to come.
(I'll gladly protect you to make it so... But who knows how long I can keep it up for...)
(I can't have my cake and eat it too... When the time comes, I...)

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Uh, Happy Halloween? I'm not even familiar with what Halloween really is.
Though I suppose it couldn't hurt for kids to have a little fun.
That reminds me. There was this kid in my family that always used to dress up as a ninja. I wonder how he's been.


This is troubling. I can't tell the costumed revellers apart from the troublemakers.
Just now, someone tried to play a trick on me, and I ended up drawing my blade on them.
No one was hurt, but I still ended up scaring them half to death.
Hm... I should go offer them another apology. With a little candy to go along with it.
Sigh... A very challenging exercise, this.


This is quite the festive event. Seeing the little ones enjoying themselves brings peace to my soul.
Hmm? As our captain, you have no reason to play amongst the children.
Haha! The way you puff up your cheeks like that—perhaps you do belong amongst the children.
But it is no matter. So long as your heart remains young, so too should your actions.


That certainly is a lovingly crafted costume you're wearing, (Captain).
And not only your costume. It seems you've taken great pains with your pranks as well.
How did you make the time, between all your other duties?
What? You're cutting into your sleep time?
I don't know what to say. Should I scold you? Throw up my hands?
Seeing you that committed to your Halloween preparations makes me want to help out. Make sure you recruit me next year, all right?
Rest is important for both mind and body. I'll do whatever pranking it takes to keep you hale and hearty.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Oh, are the holidays here already? I never really used to celebrate them so I forget when they are.
Most people are gathering around friends and family right about now, aren't they?
Haha. But we don't have to do that, right (Captain)? Huh? You want to do that?
All right, then, all right. Let's spend the holidays together!


Hmm? Oh, (Captain)! The guys in the kitchen just asked me to grab some ingredients from the pantry.
Haha. Have you seen the kitchen? There's so much majestic food in there, it'll barely all fit on the table!
And they look like they aren't even done cooking yet. Skies be darned...
Anyway, they look like they're having a great time, so it's all good in my eyes!
At times like this, it's fun to get yourself wrapped up in all the energy.
... Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about my sister. But this is no time for distractions!


Today's a special day, isn't it? All of the crew members seem filled with joy.
Bringing all of these people with different backgrounds together—(Captain), you have the character of a saint.
Ah-hah-hah! You don't have to be so modest! Celebrate your good points.
But you're already doing enough for everyone. Take care not to overburden yourself. Let us eat at tonight's feast like we've never eaten before!

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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The Reckless Ronin[edit source]

(Captain) and the crew have been asked by a village to clear a mountain of bandits, and there they meet a man named Sevilbarra sharing their objective. After they have dealt with the bandits together, they return to the damaged village, but (Captain) refuses the reward. Taking an interest, Sevilbarra asks to join the crew.

The party pushes into the mountains to rescue a village from the bandits that have been plaguing it.
Searching deep in the mountains for their stronghold, (Captain) and the others discover a Harvin man confronting some bandits.
???: Hey there! Have you heard of a long sword called a Demon Blade?
Bandit: Who are you to ask us questions? You got this backwards, idiot! Get him, guys!
???: Sigh...
Lyria: Oh, no! They've got that man surrounded—we have to help him!
(Captain) and the others rush forward to save the man from the bandits.
Bandit: You're going down!
???: Hah! One of us is going down, but it won’t be me!
Bandit: Argh! ...I'm outta here!
Sword drawn, the man takes out one bandit after another, until finally they start to flee.
Vyrn: That was awesome! That straw hat guy is crazy strong!
???: Hm? And who are you? You don’t look like bandits...
(Captain) and the others explain that they are skyfarers who came to catch the bandits at the request of the villagers.
Lyria: So you shouldn't wander around here by yourself. There are lots of bandits in these mountains.
???: Haha, I see, I see. So you’re bounty hunters, too!
???: Looks like these bandits are just causing trouble everywhere.
The man says that another town, aside from the one that hired (Captain), has offered a reward for capturing the bandits, and he has his eyes on it.
Vyrn: Really? Then if we're after the same thing, why not work together?
???: No, there's something I need to do on my own... Sorry, but I’ll be going on without you.
Almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth, the Harvin man disappears further into the mountains.
Lyria: ...! That man...he was smiling...but his eyes were very cold.
Lyria: ...Let's go after him, (Captain)! He could get into serious hot water without back-up!
The party arrives at the cave where the bandits are hiding out.
???: Take that!
The Harvin man is already involved in a scuffle with the bandits.
???: Whew... Not them, either. You just can’t rely on rumors.
Bandit: Why you little—!
A bandit attempts to attack the man from his blind spot.
Lyria: Look out!
(Captain) take down the bandit in the nick of time, thereby avoiding what could have been a deadly blow to the stranger.
???: Hey, you’re... Thanks. You’re a lifesaver!
???: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some butt-kicking to do!
The man and the party work together to take down the bandits one by one.
The Harvin raises his sword to deal a finishing blow to a fallen bandit.
Bandit: Nooo!
  1. That's enough!
  2. What are you doing!

Choose: That's enough!
???: ...You think a bandit deserves compassion?
???: Heh... That’s the face of someone who stands their ground. Have it your way, then.

Choose: What are you doing!
Without thinking(Captain) cries out, and the man stops.
???: ...You don’t want me to dirty my hands with murder? They’re not even your hands. ...Interesting. I like that look in your eyes.
???: All right then! For you, I’ll keep my blade in check.
Continue 1
(Captain)’s crew works with the stranger to capture the bandits and turn them in to the authorities.
The man goes off to town to claim his reward. The party sees him off, then heads back to the village.
Village Chief: Thank you so much! Now we'll be able to make it through the winter.
Village Chief: But this is all we can offer you for all your hard work. I couldn’t be more ashamed...
The Village Chief offers the party some money, but (Captain) won’t accept it.
Village Chief: What! We can thank you after we’ve rebuilt the village? But...but that would be...!
Vyrn: Heh heh, we really don’t mind! And we'll be back again once the place is fixed up!
The tearful Chief and villagers hate to see them go, but the party heads back to the airship.
???: I can’t believe what a bunch of saps you are.
Lyria: Huh? It's y-you again!
Sevilbarra: Right, I haven’t introduced myself. The name’s Sevilbarra.
Lyria: Oh! And we...uh...I'm Lyria. This is (Captain). And that's Vyrn!
Lyria: Do you need something, Mr. Sevilbarra?
Sevilbarra: Well, I’ve always been a might curious about skyfaring...I just haven't been able to find a good crew.
Sevilbarra: That is, until now. You guys seem like a good bunch!
Sevilbarra: I don’t suppose you’d let me be one of your crew?
Vyrn: Haha! We saw how strong you are! Of course you're welcome!
Sevilbarra: I owe you one! And if you can travel long distances, I think I can finish a personal goal of mine, too.
Sevilbarra: (A goal of revenge, that is...)
Thus Sevilbarra joins the crew, receiving a warm welcome from(Captain) and the others. That night...
Bandit: Dammit... Thanks to them all my buddies got caught! I gotta teach ‘em a lesson... They’re gonna pay!
A resentful bandit sneaks toward the airship while everyone is asleep.
Bandit: Guh!
Sevilbarra: For cryin’ out loud... I knew the Captain was too soft. There’s always one.
Sevilbarra: ...Well, it’s the grown-ups’ job to do the dirty work.
Wiping the blood from his sword, Sevilbarra smiles quietly and returns to the ship.
Little do (Captain) and the others know about the darkness hidden behind this roaming soldier’s cheer, or what he intends to use his blade for.

Fate in the Demon Blade[edit source]

After airships carrying goods for the Knickknack Shack are attacked by a powerful gang of thieves, (Captain) and the crew agree to take the goods instead, and capture the thieves if possible. When Sevilbarra hears that the thieves' leader carries an unusual sword, he seems to know something.

Looking for work, the party visits the Knickknack Shack.
There they find Sierokarte in a very somber mood.
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong Knickknack Lady? You look really serious...
Sierokarte: Well...a crew of thieves is infesting the sky. They go after my goods, and I just want to cry.
Sierokarte: My supplies are stolen, and people are hurt. The other merchants and I are all left in the lurch.
Sevilbarra: That sounds just terrible. I bet they have guards, too, if they’re carrying precious cargo.
Sierokarte: I hear the thieves’ leader has an unusual sword—it makes him strong enough to fight back a horde.
Sevilbarra: ...An unusual sword? What kind of sword?
Sierokarte: That’s all I know, I’m sorry to say... Try asking again, on some other day.
Sevilbarra: ...I see...
Sierokarte: Those goods should have gone to my clients, you see. I have new ones here—would you take them for me?
Vyrn: Leave it to us! We can deliver ‘em, no problem!
Sierokarte: Oh, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much! I knew I could count on you in a clutch!
Sierokarte: But...if you run into those air thieves, please do take care. Not that I’d mind if you got them out of my hair...
Lyria: Yes, of course we'll be safe, I promise! Let’s go, (Captain)!
Sevilbarra: ...... ......
Vyrn: What's wrong, Straw Hat Guy? If you keep sitting there you'll get left behind!
Sevilbarra: Uh, right! Sorry, sorry. I’m coming!
Sevilbarra: (A man with an unusual sword... Is it really him this time?)
The party accepts the goods from Sierokarte, and sets off aboard the airship.

Fate in the Demon Blade: Scene 2[edit source]

Sevilbarra reveals to (Captain) that the man with the unusual sword may be the foe he has been chasing. Just as Sevilbarra is about to explain himself, another airship crashes into them from behind, and thieves rush aboard. (Captain) and the crew fight back against the thieves, who plan to commandeer the ship.

Everything seems to be going well as (Captain) and the crew get closer to their destination.
Keeping a watch out for monsters from the deck, (Captain) comes across Sevilbarra standing off to one side by himself.
Sevilbarra: Hm? ...Oh, it's you.
Sevilbarra: ...Oh, not, I have nothing to report.
Sevilbarra: Acting strange? Me? Heh heh, Maybe I am.
Sevilbarra: Ever since I heard about the man with the unusual sword? Ah, so you noticed.
Sevilbarra: ...That man... He just might be the man I’ve been searching for.
(Captain) gets ready to listen quietly as Sevilbarra opens up about his past.
But before Sevilbarra can say another word, an airship rushes toward them from behind.
Sevilbarra: Wha—! We're gonna crash!
The airships collide, and the impact sends (Captain) tumbling to the floor.
Sevilbarra: Are you all right, (Captain)? Tch... What's going on here?
As Sevilbarra helps (Captain) to his feet, men from the other ship pile onboard.
Thief Crew Member: Dammit... What is wrong with that guy? We’ll just have to commandeer THIS ship!
Sevilbarra: Commandeer? That doesn’t sound very nice. I think it's time to put your feet to the fire.
Thief Crew Member: Shut up! We got no other choice... Men! Take these guys out already and make this ship ours!
Sevilbarra: Sigh... Looks like this “man with an unusual sword” isn't with this bunch...
Sevilbarra: Well, no one can protect one better than oneself! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Fate in the Demon Blade: Scene 3[edit source]

After an emergency landing, a young Harvin named Krelkulkil emerges from the theives' airship. He was engaged to Sevilbarra's sister, and both men now seek the man who took her life. When Krelkulkil has left, Sevilbarra reveals his past to (Captain) and the crew, explaining that he seeks revenge for his sister's murder, and that he wishes to destroy the stolen sword that caused her death.

Thief Crew Member: Eyaaarrrgh! What the hell! These guys are crazy strong...too...
Sevilbarra: ...What do you mean "too"? There was someone else?
Sevilbarra: ...Agh! Because of that crash, we’re losing altitude!
Sevilbarra: Ignore these thieves for now—we need to make an emegency landing!
Urged by Sevilbarra, (Captain) rushes to the ship's bridge.
They make an emergency landing on a nearby island, followed by the other ship.
Lyria: Whew...we made it down safely. Is everyone okay?
Vyrn: Yeah, but...what the heck was going on with that other ship?
The moment Vyrn voices his concerns, a new figure emerges from the other ship.
???: ...... ......
A young Harvin man holds a long sword too big for his body in one hand, drags out a large, bedraggled man behind him with the other.
Thief Crew Member: Ack! B-boss! No... Even his sword's broken!
Krelkulkil: ...That wasn't him, either...
Muttering in annoyance, the younger man pulls the large man forward and throws him on the ground.
(Captain) eyes the young man warily. Sevilbarra steps between them.
Sevilbarra: ...Krelkulkil.
Krelkulkil: ......! Sevilbarra!
Krelkulkil: ...So you’ve been looking for him, too.
Sevilbarra: Yeah... Unfortunately, it looks like that was another miss...
Sevilbarra tries to continue speaking to Krelkulkil, but the young man turns his back to him.
Krelkulkil: ...The rare flower has not yet bloomed. But some day I shall see it's barren petals fall by my own hand!
Spitting out the words like venom, Krelkulkil vanishes from sight.
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil... There's nothing I can say to him now...
Seeing the self-derision in Sevilbarra’s profiled features,(Captain) and the others hesitate to speak.
Sevilbarra: ...I'm sorry. I’ve gotten you mixed up in all of this, and I haven’t even told you what “this” is.
Lyria: Um...Sevilbarra? Who WAS that man?
Sevilbarra: His name is Krelkulkil. We're both after the same man.
Lyria: ......! After...the same man?
Sevilbarra: ...I'm the heir to an ancient school of swordfighting.
Sevilbarra: There is a magic sword handed down in our school. It holds great power, but drives those who wield it to madness.
Sevilbarra: With the proper physical and mental training, one can wield the Demon Blade safely. This training was the goal of our school.
Vyrn: Gulp...Demon Blade? Like the one that guy had earlier?
Sevilbarra: Yes. That was the Demon Blade that was kept by Krelkulkil’s family.
Sevilbarra: Special sorcery has been handed down through the Krelkulkil Family—sorcery that seals the power of the Demon Blade. That’s how they kept their sword through the generations.
Sevilbarra: Over the years our school has started dwindling in number. We weren’t sure if we would find a successor.
Sevilbarra: So my younger sister was betrothed to Krelkulkil, and our Demon Blade would have been entrusted to his family.
Vyrn: Huh? Betrothal? As in, marriage? ...So that guy was your brother-in-law!
Sevilbarra: Yes... Well, he was supposed to be, anyway.
Sevilbarra: Until a man attacked my sister's bridal procession. He was after the blade. Everyone in my family was killed.
Sevilbarra: Even my sister... She had looked so happy until that morning...until her bridal gown was stained with blood!
Lyria: That's terrible... It’s just too cruel!
Sevilbarra: Shamefully, I got badly hurt in the attack, and he stole the Demon Blade right out from under me.
Sevilbarra: ...Krelkulkil lifted the seal on his family’s Demon Blade and took it to chase after the man—my sworn enemy.
Sevilbarra: Once I was all healed up, I left my hometown in search of the man, just like Krelkulkil.
(Captain) and the others are at a loss for words after hearing the gruesome story of Sevilbarra's past.
Sevilbarra: If it weren't for that Demon Blade, none of this would've happened...
Sevilbarra: That's why I’ve made it my mission to break the sword in two.
Sevilbarra: Then I can finally stand before my clan’s grave!
Sevilbarra's resolve is unshakable—the result of firm determination hardened by anger and hatred.
Two men, bereft of the ones they love, walk the path of revenge. To what conclusion will it lead them?
For now, all (Captain) can do is watch as the fate of their new ally unfolds...

References[edit | edit source]