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Official Profile

Age 33 Height 102 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Go
Likes Going against the odds
Dislikes Trendy things

Character Release

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Age 33歳 Height 102cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 囲碁
Likes 分の悪い賭け
Dislikes 流行りもの

Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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So it's your birthday today. That's great!
If your age allows, we should have a drink together!
You've been able to survive through the years so easily, you should be grateful! Always remember that.
Happy birthday, Captain. Here's to another great year ahead!


(Captain), Happy birthday. I'm really happy for you. I mean it!
Surviving through all your adventures over the last year without a scratch is something to celebrate.
It's a greater feat than you might imagine!
All right, (Captain)! Let's make it through another year and celebrate like this again!


(Captain), your birthday is a wonderful occasion for celebration!
You live each day like it's your last. I have not as of yet found this sort of resolve myself.
On days like this, you owe it to yourself to cut loose.
Haha. Perhaps it is a great interest of mine to see others living their lives to their fullest.


How's the cake, (Captain)?
Haha, glad to hear it. Have as much as you like. I'll give you my piece as well.
Don't hold back! You're allowed to be a little greedy on your birthday.
I can fill my belly just watching you enjoy your birthday cake.
Nothing could make me happier than seeing that carefree smile always on your face.


(Captain), happy birthday.
You're looking more and more distinguished with each passing year.
The young mature so quickly.
Huh? I sound like an old fart?
Haha, I'm not that old! Not like it's all that easy to tell with Harvins anyway.
You'll be well along in years before you realize it, (Captain).
At some point, our bodies start to take a downward spiral, and we can no longer do the things we could when we were younger.
That's why I suggest you strive toward your goals in life so you don't end up looking back in regret one day, (Captain).
Being able to give your undivided attention to one particular thing is your privilege as a young'un. If you mess up, I'm always here to cover for you!
(At least while I'm by your side, (Captain)...)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Hmm... Oh, it's you. So even the master has come to see the first sunrise of the year.
You can get quite a view here on the deck, you know. Seeing the whole thing is rather refreshing.
Though it helps alleviate some pain, there is still some that won't go away that easily. But I guess that's just the way it goes.


(Captain), Happy New Year!
... Ah, sorry...
I was just thinking about how there are so few times for congratulations any more.
I'm kinda surprised to hear myself say that so casually...
Time sure can change a man. For better... and for worse...


Mm? Ah, (Captain)! You're also heading out to see what the first day of the new year has to offer?
Huh? I've got a scary look on my face?
Apologies. The new year brings out my serious side, I'm afraid.
Although I'm not so good at letting go of my worries either, don't fret about me.
Fine, fine. I won't be too hard on myself. That's a promise.


Hey, (Captain). What's with the brush? Ah, preparing for New Year's calligraphy, I see.
You're having trouble getting the ink to show?
Haha, give it here. Let's see how I do.
Seems to work all right. Try holding it like this, (Captain).
Hm? You want me to practice calligraphy with you?
Erm, I think I'll pass. I don't exactly have the best handwriting, you know.
(The feelings I bear in my heart are not meant to be put on paper...)


Hm? (Captain), is that a kite in your hand?
Kite-flying in Phantagrande is a tradition generally found only in the eastern islands, so I'm surprised you're familiar with it, (Captain).
Just talking about it sure brings back memories. We used to play this stuff all the time during New Year's as kids.
My little sister was always dead set on flying it higher than me.
Huh? Ah, right. Of course I'd be glad to join you, (Captain).
It'll be a nice trip through memory lane.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, you got that for me? What, for Valentine's?
... Oh, right! I remember now!
Haha. This reminds me of my sister. I'll savor each and every bite. Thanks, (Captain).


You bought that for me? Ah, for Valentine's Day, I see. You have my gratitude, friend!
When I think of Valentine's, all I think of is how my little sister used to give me chocolate. Haha.
But I shouldn't always dredge up memories from the past. I'm sorry about that.
When you think of others, and when others think of you, it's a sign of respect. I hope never to forget that.
Anyways, thank you, (Captain). I'll be sure to repay this favor. Just you wait.


Mm? This is for me? Valentine's candy! I humbly accept.
You've also got such a serene look on your face, I could just fall into it.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, (Captain)!
Haha. Here's hoping we have more opportunities to see each other like this in the future.
But there's always good and bad in life, and no one can read the future. We must appreciate what we have now.


Valentine's chocolates? For me?
I see... Thank you, (Captain).
Good things are bound to happen as long as I'm alive, eh...
Hm? You think I'm looking awfully pensive?
Well... I was just mulling over how frightening death must be.
There was one point when I didn't care if I lived, but I guess I've really changed...
Haha. Yeah, I hear ya. You can take solace that I don't plan on dying to accomplish what I've set out to do—that's a promise.


Is it that time of the year again? I gladly accept your chocolate, (Captain).
These look great. Do you mind if I try one right now?
Mm, so good. Thanks for getting these for me every year, (Captain). Really appreciate it.
(This year too, huh...)
(What might I be doing when the next Valentine's rolls around...)
(It'd be nice if I could still be traveling with (Captain).)
(Guess I'll have to put in the work to make sure that happens.)

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain)! I hear it's White Day around these parts.
It isn't much, but I hope you'll accept this little gift from me!
Consider it my gratitude.
Being in this crew, I feel like I've finally found another place to call home.


(Captain)! There you are!
I wanted to give this to you. You like sweets, don't you?
Haha. I heard it was White Day today and thought I'd return the favor from Valentine's.
Even on days like today, where there's nothing really going on, you can always find a way to show you care.
But I guess it's easy for guys like me to forget that.
That's what makes this kind of tradition so helpful.
So, for now, we can start with this candy!


Oh, there you are, (Captain). Looks like you're keeping busy today.
But, uh, I've got something to give. Just like all the other crew members.
This is to thank you for Valentine's Day. Go ahead. Take it.
You know, choosing a gift wasn't half bad. I rather enjoyed myself.


Take this, (Captain). It's thanks for Valentine's.
Haha, I love seeing that look on your face. Your smile can be pretty infectious, you know.
To be able to laugh without a care in the world is a wonderful thing. Not only for yourself, but for those around you.
I hope you can keep up that smile for a long time to come.
(I'll gladly protect you to make it so... But who knows how long I can keep it up for...)
(I can't have my cake and eat it too... When the time comes, I...)


How did things end up like this?
Ah, (Captain). Sorry you had to hear that.
I tried time and time again to make some chocolates.
I'm not exactly the greatest chef, as I've only helped my sister in the kitchen every now and then.
I enlisted Katalina's help for this endeavor.
The "treats" we made—if they can even be called that—were far from edible. I was at a complete loss.
But in a way, it was also a valuable experience.
I don't have much recourse other than to eat my losses.
Say, (Captain), do you have some time to spare? Come shopping with me, and you'll get your pick of whatever chocolates you'd like!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Uh, happy Halloween? I'm not even familiar with what Halloween really is.
Though I suppose it couldn't hurt for kids to have a little fun.
That reminds me. There was this kid in my family who always used to dress up as a ninja. I wonder how he's been.


This is troubling. I can't tell the costumed revelers apart from the troublemakers.
Just now, some of them tried to play a trick on me, and I ended up drawing my blade on them.
No one was hurt, but I still ended up scaring them half to death.
Hm... I should go offer them another apology, with a little candy to go along with it.
Sigh... A very challenging exercise, this.


This is quite the festive event. Seeing the little ones enjoying themselves brings peace to my soul.
Hmm? Oh, not that I meant to group you in with the children...
Haha! The way you puff up your cheeks like that—perhaps you do belong amongst the children.
But it is no matter. So long as your heart remains young, so too should your actions.


That certainly is a lovingly crafted costume you're wearing, (Captain).
And not only your costume. It seems you've taken great pains with your pranks as well.
How did you make the time, between all your other duties?
What? You're cutting into your sleep time?
... I don't know what to say. Should I scold you? Throw up my hands?
Seeing you that committed to your Halloween preparations makes me want to help out. Make sure you recruit me next year, all right?
Rest is important for both mind and body. I'll do whatever pranking it takes to keep you hale and hearty.


(Captain), is there anything I can help with?
Don't you remember me saying I'd help with Halloween preparations?
Oh? So you want to focus on tricks rather than costumes this year, I see.
You think being tricked might lead to greater laughs?
Haha, you just might be right!
Fine, I'll lend a hand. With both of us brainstorming, we're bound to come up with some neat ideas!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, are the holidays here already? I never really used to celebrate them so I forget when they are.
Most people are gathering around friends and family right about now, aren't they?
Haha. But we don't have to do that, right (Captain)? Huh? You want to do that?
All right, then, all right. Let's spend the holidays together!


Hmm? Oh, (Captain)! The guys in the kitchen just asked me to grab some ingredients from the pantry.
Haha. Have you seen the kitchen? There's so much majestic food in there, it'll barely all fit on the table!
And they look like they aren't even done cooking yet. Skies be darned...
Anyway, they look like they're having a great time, so it's all good in my eyes!
At times like this, it's fun to get yourself wrapped up in all the energy.
... Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about my sister. But this is no time for distractions!


Today's a special day, isn't it? All of the crew members seem filled with joy.
Bringing all of these people with different backgrounds together—(Captain), you have the character of a saint.
Ah-hah-hah! You don't have to be so modest! Celebrate your good points.
But you're already doing enough for everyone. Take care not to overburden yourself. Let us eat at tonight's feast like we've never eaten before!


It's getting chilly. Makes sense with the snowfall.
I know, (Captain). Beautiful, isn't it?
(When I was alone, I could almost feel the snow piercing against my skin...)
(But thankfully things are different now.)
Oh, don't mind me. Everyone's waiting, (Captain). Let's go for dinner.


(Captain), I'll be stepping out for a bit.
What's inside the bag, you ask? Nothing but holiday presents.
You remember the children we met on our last assignment?
They were really down in the dumps during that whole mess.
But now's the perfect time to brighten their days with some holiday cheer.
You want to tag along?
Sure, but... Aren't you really busy, (Captain)?
Sure, if you say so. The more, the merrier—especially for the children!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Lead at Last

Watching Vyrn and Lyria contest each other in a game of Go brings back many heartfelt memories for Sevilbarra. Some time later the crew heads out to Lumiel, where there is word of the man who slew Sevilbarra's little sister.

On one pleasant afternoon...
(Captain) and company are resting up at an inn after completing a mission, each whiling away the time until dinner is served.
Vyrn and Lyria are facing off in Go—a board game that Sevilbarra taught them how to play.
Sevilbarra and (Captain) quietly watch as the two players waver between hope and despair with every move made.
Lyria: Hmm...
Sevilbarra: (Vyrn got her good... But she's still got options.)
Vyrn: Hehehe... How 'bout it, Lyria? Ready to call it quits yet?
Lyria: Grr...
Being pushed further into a corner with every action Vyrn takes, Lyria stares at the Go board with intense concentration.
However, seeing that nothing short of miraculous intervention could possibly save her from the bottomless quagmire, Lyria is now ready to throw in the towel.
Lyria: Sigh... looks like this is it for me. I give up.
Vyrn: Booyah! You know, I think I might be able to go places with this Go thing if I keep at it!
Sevilbarra: Perhaps so, Vyrn. You play with the finesse of a true master.
Sevilbarra: You did well too, Lyria. There is no need to feel discouraged. Practice makes perfect as they say.
Sevilbarra demonstrates a possible countermove Lyria could have made for a dramatic comeback.
Lyria: Aah, why didn't I think of that!
Lyria: Vyrn, play me again!
Vyrn: Whoa, now... The next one would be our tenth match...
Lyria: I don't want to stay a loser! That'd be no fun!
Lyria: Please, Vyrn!
Sevilbarra: Haha, Lyria hates losing a lot more than I thought.
Seeing Lyria plead to Vyrn for a rematch, Sevilbarra recalls a nostalgic memory.
Sevilbarra: (Keralbarra... You never liked losing either, Little Sis...)
On one bright, sunny day, Sevilbarra and Keralbarra are playing Go on a dojo bench.
No matter how many times they go at it, Keralbarra loses every time and is pouting over the fact.
Keralbarra: Aww... Not again!
Sevilbarra: You've got a lot to learn before you can even stand a chance against me.
Not one to take provocation lightly, Keralbarra quips while clearing the board.
Keralbarra: One more game, Brother!
Sevilbarra: Really now, how many more times are we gonna go through this? I'm ready to take a break...
Keralbarra: Please, just once more!
Keralbarra: If you can beat me again, I'll make you anything you want for lunch tomorrow!
Sevilbarra: Fine, fine. But this'll be the last one for the day!
Keralbarra: Yay! Love you, Brother!
Sevilbarra: ...
A curious (Captain) questions the meaning of Sevilbarra's grin.
  1. Everything okay?
  2. Wanna take Vyrn's place?

Choose: Everything okay?
Sevilbarra: Ah, it's nothing... Watching Lyria and Vyrn got me thinking about my little sister.

Choose: Wanna take Vyrn's place?
Sevilbarra: Haha, I think I'll pass. After all, this could turn into an infinite loop where Lyria won't stop till she's won.
Vyrn: Gah, tell me that ain't true!
Lyria: Mm-hm, he's right! We're doing this until I win!
Vyrn: Bwuh, I hate my life...
Sevilbarra: Haha... Watching you two reminds me of my little sister.
Continue 1
A gentle expression plays on Sevilbarra's countenance.
Vyrn: Say, Straw Hat Guy, what kind of a person was your lil' sis anyway?
Sevilbarra: Hm... I'd say she was really strong-minded... and hated losing more than anything else.
Sevilbarra: Be it Go, sword fighting, or whatever activity you threw at her, she wouldn't give until she came out on top. It was always exhausting to be on the receiving end of her competitive nature.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah, yeah. I know that feeling.
Lyria: Vyrn!
Sevilbarra: She was a fast learner though.
Sevilbarra: She was still really young when our mom passed away. Ever since then, she took it upon herself to see that everything in the house was in order.
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra handled the everyday chores, from cooking to laundry, to knitting, to tidying up the dojo...
Sevilbarra: I'd even say it's thanks to her that the dojo lasted as long as it did.
Sevilbarra: If you asked my sis, she'd say she was just doing her best to take care of me. You don't know how much I looked up to her...
Vyrn: Heh, I wouldn't have taken you for the type to let someone else wear the pants in the house, Straw Hat Guy.
Sevilbarra: Hahah, a doting little sister's always going to win out in the end.
The nostalgic Sevilbarra calls to mind her precious, carefree smile.
Keralbarra: Brother!
Sevilbarra: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong?
Sevilbarra: Nah, don't worry about it.
Sevilbarra's expression grows stern as he turns his back to the crew, leaving no trace of the softness he showed earlier.
Sevilbarra: (Keralbarra...)
Lyria: ...
Seeing their Harvin friend overcome with grief, (Captain) and company choose to let the silence sink in.
Sevilbarra notices their thoughtfulness and returns the favor with a smile.
Sevilbarra: Sorry about that. Didn't mean to worry you.
Lyria: Erm... We're the ones who should be sorry for asking you all these questions without even considering your feelings...
Sevilbarra: Nothing to be sorry about. I just tend to get sentimental easily.
Sevilbarra lightens the mood with a softening of his expression.
Although Lyria ends up relinquishing her request for a rematch with Vyrn, she takes the opportunity to talk Go strategy with Sevilbarra.
Some time later...
Sevilbarra: The Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, eh...
The crew sets out to meet Sevastien of the holy knights.
Sevilbarra: Ah, (Captain). Sorry, I was lost in thought.
Sevilbarra: I really appreciate you going out of your way to consult the Lumiel...
Sevilbarra: All so that I can have my justice...
Sevilbarra: Your kindness truly knows no bounds, (Captain)!
  1. You sure you're not trying too hard?

Choose: You sure you're not trying too hard?
Sevilbarra: No worries, I'm definitely not forcing this smile. I just feel... strangely relaxed somehow.
Sevilbarra: You can rest assured that I won't go all murdery after hearing what Sevastien has to say.
Sevilbarra: (The calm before a storm maybe...)
Sevilbarra: It's getting chilly. Looks like it might snow.
Standing beside each other on deck, Sevilbarra and (Captain) look to the vast blue horizon before them.
The Harvin samurai gets a vague sensation that his tale may very well come to an end somewhere beyond the snowy clouds billowing in sight.

Awaiting Easterly Winds

At the elder's estate, Sevilbarra inquires about possible methods for saving Keralbarra's soul from the demon blade, but the elder explains that it is no easy feat. As for Krelkulkil, there's no coming back from what the blade has turned him into.

After a fierce battle with the crew, Krelkulkil goes into hiding again after getting his hands on a certain demon blade.
It is from this point on that Sevilbarra makes it his life's goal to purge the world of the vile blades, which serve only to plunge the world into misfortune.
The crew once again makes for the elder's estate to report on this turn of events.
Elder: So I see Krelkulkil has made himself scarce...
Sevilbarra: Forgive me for being so powerless.
Elder: It's not your fault, Sevilbarra. No one could have stopped him.
Elder: If there ever was a chance to, it would have been when he took off with just a single demon blade in hand...
Sevilbarra: I have to ask...
Sevilbarra: Was the blade that Krelkulkil made off with... the one passed down in my family?
Sevilbarra: The one known for a killing edge that gets sharper with every soul it cuts down, condemning its victims to an eternity of anguish...
Elder: That is correct. A few generations back it was kept in this home for some time, giving my family a chance to confirm its nature.
Vyrn: What I don't get is how Straw Hat Guy didn't know that.
Elder: The mere knowledge of the fact wouldn't help matters much.
Elder: Considering that Sevilbarra's generation only had to keep it safe, simply knowing that it was a dangerous artifact was sufficient.
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil mentioned that if we can apply the extraction technique to the demon blade...
Sevilbarra: It may be possible to rescue Keralbarra's soul from within.
Elder: ...
Sevilbarra: Do you think that's really possible?
Sevilbarra: And supposing we do pull it off, what happens to the freed soul?
Any version of Cagliostro is a crew member

Sevilbarra: Would it be a situation similar to that alchemist in our crew...
Sevilbarra: Where if an alchemic bodily vessel is prepared beforehand, resurrection would be possible?
The elder grows silent, a solemn expression covering his face.
Sevilbarra: ...
Elder: Come with me.
The crew curiously follows behind the elder.
(Captain) and company arrive at a cellar located on the premises.
Lying inside are experimental apparatuses, along with various types of demon blades, all neatly arranged.
Elder: The blades in here each possess a different attribute.
Elder: By employing a special technique, we can extract a portion of that attribute.
Lyria: You mean like that monster we fought in the garden?
Elder: Indeed. But bear in mind that it can be drawn out only because it governs a part of the demon blade's inner nature.
Elder: By attribute, I am referring to the captive soul that lies within.
Elder: Even if we're able to draw it out, whether the soul is strong enough to survive the process...
Elder: Remains an unknown factor.
Sevilbarra: Unknown, eh...
Elder: Which is why I wouldn't get my hopes too high. The extraction technique was born out of an inordinate amount of trial and error.
Elder: Even if that demon blade were in our possession this very moment, successfully pulling off the technique immediately would be no easy feat.
(Captain) and company droop their shoulders in disappointment.
Sevilbarra: I see. We appreciate the explanation, Elder.
Elder: Keralbarra was a sweet young lady... 'Tis a real shame what happened to her.
Sevilbarra: Elder... what can I do to save Krelkulkil?
Sevilbarra: The only way I can atone now is to at least pull him out of the mess...
Elder: I'm sorry to say it's too late for Krelkulkil... He's used the demon blade far too much.
Elder: He's reached a state where we can no longer do anything for him.
Vyrn: Now that's just straight-up coldhearted! We're talking about your grandson here, for goodness sake!
Vyrn: You're not even gonna try to keep up with the research on demon blades?
Elder: ...
Sevilbarra: Vyrn. Cool it, will you?
Sevilbarra: The elder has spent much of his life studying the sealing technique. He sees things that we don't.
Sevilbarra: It's not our place to blame him.
Sevilbarra admonishes Vyrn for coming down so hard on the elder.
Yet the feeling of helplessness that overcomes everyone lingers on.
The elder suggests that the exhausted crew members stay the night, then shuffles off.

Awaiting Easterly Winds: Scene 2

Sevilbarra dreams of a swordsmanship lesson with Krelkulkil. It quickly turns into a nightmare, with a blood-drenched, resentful Keralbarra lying on the ground and Krelkulkil—demon blade in hand—rushing in to attack.

Krelkulkil: Yah! Haaah!
Sevilbarra: Nuh-uh-uh! Strike harder, faster!
At the dojo's garden, Krelkulkil is receiving sword training from Sevilbarra.
He desperately throws his weight into every wooden sword swing as per Sevilbarra's instructions.
However, it is all but clear that Krelkulkil is completely devoid of talent with a sword.
Krelkulkil: Urgh!
Krelkulkil: Taah! Hyaaah!
Sevilbarra: You leave too many openings!
Krelkulkil: Augh...
Taking a single blow from Sevilbarra, Krelkulkil collapses to the ground while clutching his side.
Sevilbarra: Ready to give up?
Krelkulkil: Far from it!
Sevilbarra: Haha, that's what I like to hear!
The two ready their swords again.
But a voice calls out just before the bout can continue.
Keralbarra: Geez, Brother, take it easy on him!
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra! Don't get in the way of our training!
Keralbarra: You're taking it too far! Have you forgotten Krel's still new to all this?
Sevilbarra: If I let up, he's never gonna get any better!
Keralbarra: Krel, you hanging in there okay? Show me where you're hurt.
Krelkulkil: Ah... I'm okay...
Keralbarra pays her protesting brother no attention as she helps prop up a staggering Krelkulkil.
Keralbarra: Maybe you're just not cut out for swordsmanship. No need to push yourself so hard, okay?
Krelkulkil: I need to become stronger to protect you...
Keralbarra: Krelkulkil...
Keralbarra: ...
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra?
Keralbarra: That wouldn't make a difference. As strong as my brother was, he failed to protect me.
Sevilbarra: ...!
Keralbarra: Why didn't you save me, Brother...
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra!
Still reeling from his little sister's scorn, the surrounding environment suddenly transforms into a sea of blood.
Sevilbarra: What... is this...
Keralbarra: It hurts so much...
Keralbarra: I never... wanted to die...
Keralbarra: Why... didn't you... save me... Brother...
Sevilbarra freezes at the sight of his sister's blood-drenched body and resentful eyes.
Sevilbarra: ...
Krelkulkil: ...
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil...
Krelkulkil is now brandishing a demon blade and glares hatefully at Sevilbarra.
Krelkulkil: ...
Keralbarra: Ugh, the pain... I'm so scared... I can't take it...
Krelkulkil: Sevilbarra...
Krelkulkil: Why! How did it come to this? You were right there!
Krelkulkil: What the heck were you doing when the blood was draining from her body!
Krelkulkil: Why did Keralbarra have to die!
Sevilbarra: I...
Krelkulkil: Why, why, why!
Demon blade drawn, Krelkulkil rushes at his mentor.

Awaiting Easterly Winds: Scene 3

Awoken from the terrifying dream by his own bloodcurdling scream, Sevilbarra recalls his conversation with the elder. The next morning he keeps his gloomy thoughts to himself, readying his heart for the eventual confrontation with Krelkulkil.

Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil! Keralbarra!
Having awoken to his own agonizing screams, Sevilbarra realizes that it was all a nightmare.
Sevilbarra: (What a dream...)
The sensation of having cut down Krelkulkil still fresh in his arms, Sevilbarra clutches his head in anguish.
Sevilbarra: (Where are you, Krelkulkil... And what could you possibly be doing now...)
Sevilbarra: Elder... What can I do to save Krelkulkil?
Sevilbarra: The only way I can atone now is to at least pull him out of the mess...
Elder: I'm sorry to say it's too late for Krelkulkil... He's used the demon blade far too much.
Elder: He's reached a state where we can no longer do anything for him.
Sevilbarra: (The demon blade continues to drain Krelkulkil of his life force.)
Sevilbarra: (Even with the sealing technique... I am not sure how long he can remain himself...)
Sevilbarra: (Rationality lost, heart broken, memory wiped—perhaps it won't be much longer until he begins thrashing about, catering only to his most basic and savage instincts.)
Sevilbarra: (Like Corwell...)
Sevilbarra: (When that time comes... what is there that I could possibly do for him?)
Sevilbarra clenches his fists and gazes up at the ceiling through the darkness.
The next morning (Captain) and company say their goodbyes to the elder and depart from the island.
Sevilbarra stands quietly on deck, his hair fluttering wildly against the strong winds.
Sevilbarra: ...
(Captain) calls to the Harvin out of concern.
  1. Are you okay?
  2. You're not alone.

Choose: Are you okay?
Sevilbarra: Oh, I'll be fine. Sorry if I made you worry.
Sevilbarra: I was just... thinking about the answer to something.
Sevilbarra: Which is silly considering the answer's already right in front of me in a way...

Choose: You're not alone.
Sevilbarra: You're right... I have all of you in the crew.
Sevilbarra: (Mm-hm... I'm not alone, but...)
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The Harvin samurai shelves his concerns in his heart and flashes (Captain) a faint smile.
Sevilbarra: Your kindness knows no bounds, (Captain), but perhaps that's why you're our captain.
Sevilbarra: I pray that part of you never changes.
Sevilbarra: (But kindness is not an option for me.)
Sevilbarra: (Krelkulkil... If you should ever fall to depravity, I swear to take you down by my own hand...)
Sevilbarra continues the adventure with (Captain) and company in hopes of one day tracking down Krelkulkil.
Only time will tell of what may come of that final confrontation.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
家宝の妖刀…必ず折らねば…! I must destroy my family's demon blade at all costs!
カラクラキル……覚悟を決めねばな… Krelkulkil... I'm ready for you...
世の中、思うようにはいかないもんだ… Things don't go so smoothly in this world...
許せ、クラーバラ… Forgive me, Keralbarra...
やるべきことは決まっちょる…! It's obvious what I need to do!
妖刀は不幸を撒き散らす… Demon blades spread misfortune...
露払いは任せておくぜよ! I'll let you clear the path!
気を遣わせてすまんな、(主人公) Always appreciate you looking out for me, (Captain).
仕事の最中ぜよ、集中せねばな We're in the middle of a job. Got to focus.
(主人公)の優しさを歪めたくないもんだ Wouldn't want to take advantage of (Captain)'s kindness.