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Official Profile

Age 33
Height 102 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Go
Likes Going against the odds
Dislikes Trendy things
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1][2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 33歳
Height 102cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 囲碁
Likes 分の悪い賭け
Dislikes 流行りもの
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1][2]


Sevilbarra came from a family that practiced sword arts in order to overcome the corruption of the demon blades. His parents passed away when he was still young, leaving his sister — Keralbarra — and their family's demon blade in his care. Deciding that the demon blade in their possession was too dangerous, Sevilbarra and his sister had planned to seal it away with the help of Krelkulkil — Sevilbarra's future brother-in-law. Their demon blade became a dowry that was carried by Keralbarra during her bridal procession, but it was unfortunately stolen by Corwell — a former knight of Lumiel Order of Holy Knights who had been driven mad by demon blades. Keralbarra and everyone with her were murdered in the process except for Sevilbarra, leaving him as the only survivor of the harrowing tragedy. While Krelkulkil searched for his bride's murderer in his own way, Sevilbarra began to travel with the Main Character's crew for the purpose of finding and destroying his family's demon blade.

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After some time had passed, the crew managed to track down and capture Corwell. However, the deranged man was beyond salvation due to the corruption of the demon blades. The crew brought him to Krelkulkil's grandfather for the purpose of removing the demon blade that belonged to Sevilbarra's family without harming him. But while he was being detained in the estate, Krelkulkil broke in and killed the man for his revenge. At this point of time, Krelkulkil had been slowly succumbing to the corruption of his own family's demon blade, which he had been using to chase after Corwell. Krelkulkil took the demon blade that belonged to Sevilbarra's family from Corwell, and claimed that the soul of his beloved bride was trapped inside.

After running away with the demon blade, Krelkulkil tried to free the soul of his beloved from the blade, but he failed. On his second attempt, he killed himself with the blade so that his soul could enter it. But his plan to offer his body as a vessel for his wife was rejected by Keralbarra herself, while Sevilbarra, who had also entered the blade, tried to offer his body as well so that the two of them could continue to live. In the end, Krelkulkil decided to stay with Keralbarra, as Sevilbarra returned with Galanthalus — a boy that had served as the X factor of the demon blade — to fulfill Krelkulkil's last wish. Galanthalus was a name that was given by Krelkulkil and Keralbarra, and his physical form was given to him by reconstructing Krelkulkil's flesh. He has endless gratitude for the Harvin couple and sees them as his parents. And now, Sevilbarra takes it upon himself to care for the boy, as he continues his journey alongside the crew with a renewed purpose.

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

So it's your birthday today. That's great!
If your age allows, we should have a drink together!
You've been able to survive through the years so easily, you should be grateful! Always remember that.
Happy birthday, Captain. Here's to another great year ahead!


(Captain), happy birthday. I'm really happy for you. I mean it!
Surviving through all your adventures over the last year without a scratch is something to celebrate.
It's a greater feat than you might imagine!
All right, (Captain)! Let's make it through another year and celebrate like this again!


(Captain), your birthday is a wonderful occasion for celebration!
You live each day like it's your last. I have not as of yet found this sort of resolve myself.
On days like this, you owe it to yourself to cut loose.
Haha. Perhaps it is a great interest of mine to see others living their lives to their fullest.


How's the cake, (Captain)?
Haha, glad to hear it. Have as much as you like. I'll give you my piece as well.
Don't hold back! You're allowed to be a little greedy on your birthday.
I can fill my belly just watching you enjoy your birthday cake.
Nothing could make me happier than seeing that carefree smile always on your face.


(Captain), happy birthday.
You're looking more and more distinguished with each passing year.
The young mature so quickly.
Huh? I sound like an old fart?
Haha, I'm not that old! Not like it's all that easy to tell with Harvins anyway.
You'll be well along in years before you realize it, (Captain).
At some point, our bodies start to take a downward spiral, and we can no longer do the things we could when we were younger.
That's why I suggest you strive toward your goals in life so you don't end up looking back in regret one day, (Captain).
Being able to give your undivided attention to one particular thing is your privilege as a young'un. If you mess up, I'm always here to cover for you!
(At least while I'm by your side, (Captain)...)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm... Oh, it's you. So even the master has come to see the first sunrise of the year.
You can get quite a view here on the deck, you know. Seeing the whole thing is rather refreshing.
Though it helps alleviate some pain, there is still some that won't go away that easily. But I guess that's just the way it goes.


(Captain), happy New Year!
Ah, sorry...
I was just thinking about how there are so few times for congratulations anymore.
I'm kinda surprised to hear myself say that so casually...
Time sure can change a man. For better... and for worse...


Mm? Ah, (Captain)! You're also heading out to see what the first day of the new year has to offer?
Huh? I've got a scary look on my face?
Apologies. The new year brings out my serious side, I'm afraid.
Although I'm not so good at letting go of my worries either, don't fret about me.
Fine, fine. I won't be too hard on myself. That's a promise.


Hey, (Captain). What's with the brush? Ah, preparing for New Year's calligraphy, I see.
You're having trouble getting the ink to show?
Haha, give it here. Let's see how I do.
Seems to work all right. Try holding it like this, (Captain).
Hm? You want me to practice calligraphy with you?
Erm, I think I'll pass. I don't exactly have the best handwriting, you know.
(The feelings I bear in my heart are not meant to be put on paper...)


Hm? (Captain), is that a kite in your hand?
Kite-flying in Phantagrande is a tradition generally found only in the eastern islands, so I'm surprised you're familiar with it, (Captain).
Just talking about it sure brings back memories. We used to play this stuff all the time during New Year's as kids.
My little sister was always dead set on flying it higher than me.
Huh? Ah, right. Of course I'd be glad to join you, (Captain).
It'll be a nice trip through memory lane.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, you got that for me? What, for Valentine's?
Oh, right! I remember now!
Haha. This reminds me of my sister. I'll savor each and every bite. Thanks, (Captain).


You bought that for me? Ah, for Valentine's Day, I see. You have my gratitude, friend!
When I think of Valentine's, all I think of is how my little sister used to give me chocolate. Haha.
But I shouldn't always dredge up memories from the past. I'm sorry about that.
When you think of others, and when others think of you, it's a sign of respect. I hope never to forget that.
Anyways, thank you, (Captain). I'll be sure to repay this favor. Just you wait.


Mm? This is for me? Valentine's candy! I humbly accept.
You've also got such a serene look on your face, I could just fall into it.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you, (Captain)!
Haha. Here's hoping we have more opportunities to see each other like this in the future.
But there's always good and bad in life, and no one can read the future. We must appreciate what we have now.


Valentine's chocolates? For me?
I see... Thank you, (Captain).
Good things are bound to happen as long as I'm alive, eh...
Hm? You think I'm looking awfully pensive?
Well... I was just mulling over how frightening death must be.
There was one point when I didn't care if I lived, but I guess I've really changed...
Haha. Yeah, I hear ya. You can take solace that I don't plan on dying to accomplish what I've set out to do—that's a promise.


Is it that time of the year again? I gladly accept your chocolate, (Captain).
These look great. Do you mind if I try one right now?
Mm, so good. Thanks for getting these for me every year, (Captain). Really appreciate it.
(This year too, huh...)
(What might I be doing when the next Valentine's rolls around...)
(It'd be nice if I could still be traveling with (Captain).)
(Guess I'll have to put in the work to make sure that happens.)

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain)! I hear it's White Day around these parts.
It isn't much, but I hope you'll accept this little gift from me!
Consider it a token of my gratitude.
Being in this crew, I feel like I've finally found another place to call home.


(Captain)! There you are!
I wanted to give this to you. You like sweets, don't you?
Haha. I heard it was White Day today and thought I'd return the favor from Valentine's.
Even on days like today, where there's nothing really going on, you can always find a way to show you care.
But I guess it's easy for guys like me to forget that.
That's what makes this kind of tradition so helpful.
So, for now, we can start with this candy!


Oh, there you are, (Captain). Looks like you're keeping busy today.
But, uh, I've got something to give. Just like all the other crew members.
This is to thank you for Valentine's Day. Go ahead. Take it.
You know, choosing a gift wasn't half bad. I rather enjoyed myself.


Take this, (Captain). It's thanks for Valentine's.
Haha, I love seeing that look on your face. Your smile can be pretty infectious, you know.
To be able to laugh without a care in the world is a wonderful thing. Not only for yourself, but for those around you.
I hope you can keep up that smile for a long time to come.
(I'll gladly protect you to make it so... But who knows how long I can keep it up for...)
(I can't have my cake and eat it too... When the time comes, I...)


How did things end up like this?
Ah, (Captain). Sorry you had to hear that.
I tried time and time again to make some chocolates.
I'm not exactly the greatest chef, as I've only helped my sister in the kitchen every now and then.
I enlisted Katalina's help for this endeavor.
The "treats" we made—if they can even be called that—were far from edible. I was at a complete loss.
But in a way, it was also a valuable experience.
I don't have much recourse other than to eat my losses.
Say, (Captain), do you have some time to spare? Come shopping with me, and you'll get your pick of whatever chocolates you'd like!

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Uh, happy Halloween? I'm not even familiar with what Halloween really is.
Though I suppose it couldn't hurt for kids to have a little fun.
That reminds me. There was this kid in my family who always used to dress up as a ninja. I wonder how he's been.


This is troubling. I can't tell the costumed revelers apart from the troublemakers.
Just now, some of them tried to play a trick on me, and I ended up drawing my blade on them.
No one was hurt, but I still ended up scaring them half to death.
Hm... I should go offer them another apology, with a little candy to go along with it.
Sigh... A very challenging exercise, this.


This is quite the festive event. Seeing the little ones enjoying themselves brings peace to my soul.
Hmm? Oh, not that I meant to group you in with the children...
Haha! The way you puff up your cheeks like that—perhaps you do belong amongst the children.
But it is no matter. So long as your heart remains young, so too should your actions.


That certainly is a lovingly crafted costume you're wearing, (Captain).
And not only your costume. It seems you've taken great pains with your pranks as well.
How did you make the time, between all your other duties?
What? You're cutting into your sleep time?
I don't know what to say. Should I scold you? Throw up my hands?
Seeing you that committed to your Halloween preparations makes me want to help out. Make sure you recruit me next year, all right?
Rest is important for both mind and body. I'll do whatever pranking it takes to keep you hale and hearty.


(Captain), is there anything I can help with?
Don't you remember me saying I'd help with Halloween preparations?
Oh? So you want to focus on tricks rather than costumes this year, I see.
You think being tricked might lead to greater laughs?
Haha, you just might be right!
Fine, I'll lend a hand. With both of us brainstorming, we're bound to come up with some neat ideas!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, are the holidays here already? I never really used to celebrate them so I forget when they are.
Most people are gathering around friends and family right about now, aren't they?
Haha. But we don't have to do that, right (Captain)? Huh? You want to do that?
All right, then, all right. Let's spend the holidays together!


Hmm? Oh, (Captain)! The guys in the kitchen just asked me to grab some ingredients from the pantry.
Haha. Have you seen the kitchen? There's so much majestic food in there, it'll barely all fit on the table!
And they look like they aren't even done cooking yet. Skies be darned...
Anyway, they look like they're having a great time, so it's all good in my eyes!
At times like this, it's fun to get yourself wrapped up in all the energy.
Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about my sister. But this is no time for distractions!


Today's a special day, isn't it? All of the crew members seem filled with joy.
Bringing all of these people with different backgrounds together—(Captain), you have the character of a saint.
Ah-hah-hah! You don't have to be so modest! Celebrate your good points.
But you're already doing enough for everyone. Take care not to overburden yourself. Let us eat at tonight's feast like we've never eaten before!


It's getting chilly. Makes sense with the snowfall.
I know, (Captain). Beautiful, isn't it?
(When I was alone, I could almost feel the snow piercing against my skin...)
(But thankfully things are different now.)
Oh, don't mind me. Everyone's waiting, (Captain). Let's go for dinner.


(Captain), I'll be stepping out for a bit.
What's inside the bag, you ask? Nothing but holiday presents.
You remember the children we met on our last assignment?
They were really down in the dumps during that whole mess.
But now's the perfect time to brighten their days with some holiday cheer.
You want to tag along?
Sure, but... Aren't you really busy, (Captain)?
Sure, if you say so. The more, the merrier—especially for the children!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

His Path

Sevilbarra watches Galanthalus play with Osada and the others. The village elder offers to raise the boy but Sevilbarra is unsure what to do. Later that night, the Harvin dreams of Keralbarra and Krelkulkil asking him to take care of Galanthalus.

Sevilbarra: My story begins not too long ago. I was a swordsman wandering across the skies in search of answers.
Sevilbarra: My little sister, Keralbarra, was the only remaining family member I had left. One day, celebration turned into tragedy, and I was thrown into an endless chase after her killer.
Sevilbarra: Amid my sad and twisted fate, I met (Captain) and the crew through a stroke of luck and made great progress in my mission.
Sevilbarra: We tracked down my sister's killer, Corwell. He was corrupted beyond imagination by the demon sword's powers.
Sevilbarra: Somehow, we were able to put an end to Corwell's reign of terror... But the tragedy didn't end there.
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil, my sister's husband and brother-in-law, was also chasing after Corwell.
Sevilbarra: His path for vengeance made him vulnerable to the demon blade's powers as it sunk its fangs into him. He disappeared without a trace.
Sevilbarra: Some time had passed after his disappearance. I settled my score with Corwell and Krelkulkil reappeared.
Sevilbarra: But by this time, the corruption had progressed through his body so much that he was barely conscious of the world around him.
Sevilbarra: In order to save him, I teamed up with (Captain) and the crew and exhausted all of our resources.
Sevilbarra: However, he was ready to give up everything to save Keralbarra, including offering his own body as a vessel for her resurrection.
Sevilbarra: She refused, for there was no joy in going down that path. Instead, she suggested a different plan—release the soul trapped inside the sword.
Sevilbarra: We extracted the X factor and put an end to its many years of living in a hellscape. The X factor was given a new body and a chance to experience the outside world.
Sevilbarra: As their parting gift, Krelkulkil and Keralbarra gave the X factor a name.
Sevilbarra: And thus Galanthalus was born—a young, naive boy curious about the world. I've come to take care of him as my nephew.
Sevilbarra: One day, after all the commotion had finally settled down...
Osada: Come, come! Dinner's ready!
Vyrn: Perfect timing! I'm starving!
Galanthalus: Dinner? What's for dinner?
Lyria: Lake water soup with mud balls and some freshly picked wild greens for our salad.
Sevilbarra: A soup and a salad, huh. Pretty luxurious for a pretend meal.
Vyrn: Hey, Straw Hat Guy! Aren't ya gonna play with us?
Sevilbarra: Nah, I'm fine watching from here. I've already been playing house for decades.
Several days have passed since Galanthalus's "birth." Sevilbarra and the others are paying a visit to Krelkulkil's hometown.
Galanthalus: Okay. Let's dig in.
Vyrn: Yup!
Vyrn: Wait, whaaat!
Galanthalus: Nom... Nom nom.
Osada: Galan! That's a mud ball! You're not actually supposed to eat it!
Vyrn: Hey! Spit it out! Go rinse your mouth!
Lyria quickly helps Galanthalus to rinse out his mouth as he looks at everyone in confusion.
Galanthalus: Why? But dinner is food.
Osada: You're right, but we're playing house, which means we're pretending!
Sevilbarra: (It took a bit of time, but I think I'm starting to understand the kid.)
Sevilbarra: (He lacks common sense and basic knowledge about the world around him, which explains why he acted the way he did.)
Sevilbarra: (At best, we could pass it off as innocence. But sometimes he's a handful.)
Galanthalus: Playing house is hard. What should a "husband" do?
Osada: Huh? Umm...
Lyria: Hmmm... (Captain), what do you think?
  1. I'd protect my family!
  2. I'd earn lots of money!

Choose: I'd protect my family!
Galanthalus: Okay. But from what?
Lyria: I guess from monsters and other dangerous things.
Galanthalus: But there are no monsters here, so there's nothing to do.

Choose: I'd earn lots of money!
Galanthalus: Money? How do you earn it?
Vyrn: You can take on jobs or go on adventures. There's lots of options out there.
Galanthalus: Jobs... Adventures... How do you do those?
Continue 1
Osada: We're playing pretend, so you don't have to think so deeply.
Galanthalus: But I want to learn more about what the "husband" does...
Vyrn: How about lookin' at it from a different angle? What do you think a husband should do?
Lyria: That's a good idea. Try thinking about this person as if they're your dad!
Galanthalus: My dad? Dad is... warm. Kind.
Vyrn: Yup. What else?
Galanthalus: Maybe he'll teach me how to exorcise things?
Lyria: Exorcise things?
Galanthalus: Yeah. That mister... My dad gave me this body.
Galanthalus: This body remembers how to exorcise things.
Galanthalus: But I might not be able to do it, since it became my vessel now.
Vyrn: Okay?
Osada: I'm not familiar with exorcising but...
Osada: If there's one thing I can say, it's to not follow in my pops's footsteps!
Sevilbarra: Haha, for a lost cause like Garoza, his daughter's sure got her act together.
Elder: Exactly. She's smart and attentive—considerably mature for her age.
Elder: But Sevilbarra, tell me... How is that child doing?
Sevilbarra: No problems so far. Everything's been peaceful.
Elder: I see. I pray that this peace continues.
Sevilbarra: What's wrong? Looks like something's on your mind.
Elder: You're right. Let me get straight to the point then. What do you think about Galanthalus joining my family?
Sevilbarra: ...!
Elder: You're still young. Think about all the time you lost from chasing revenge. You have a chance to enjoy your life now.
Sevilbarra: And that's why I should leave the kid with you?
Elder: It's not a bad thing to live for yourself.
Sevilbarra: ...
Sevilbarra: Sorry, but I can't give you an answer right now.
Elder: ...
Later that evening...
???: Mom... Dad!
Sevilbarra: (This voice...)
Young Sevilbarra: Where are you? Tell me, Keralbarra!
Young Keralbarra: Mom's gone... And Dad too!
Young Sevilbarra: Keralbarra! There you are!
Young Keralbarra: Brother... Mom and Dad are...
Young Sevilbarra: It's okay, Keralbarra. I'm here, even if our parents aren't!
Young Sevilbarra: Big brother will handle this!
Young Sevilbarra: So please... Don't cry...
Keralbarra: Brother...
Keralbarra: Thank you for being with me... Even though Mom and Dad are gone...
Keralbarra: My life has been full of happiness because of you.
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra...
Keralbarra: I'm okay, really. I promise.
Keralbarra: So please look after Galan for me.
Keralbarra: Not only did he help me, but he's our precious child...
Sevilbarra: I will... I'll make sure I protect him with my life.
Keralbarra: Thank you, Brother. That's all I wanted to tell you.
Keralbarra turns her back to Sevilbarra and walks down a path toward the warm light where Krelkulkil is waiting.
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra... Krelkulkil...
Krelkulkil: Sevilbarra, I leave Galanthalus to you.
Keralbarra: Take care, Brother.
Sevilbarra watches as the two fade away into the light.
Sevilbarra: ...!
Sevilbarra: ...!
Sevilbarra: Just a dream, huh...
Sevilbarra: I can't let them go, can I...
As he looks around the room, his eyes stop on the empty futon next to him where Galanthalus laid earlier.
Spurred on by the dream, Sevilbarra stands and searches for the boy.
Osada: Yup, that's how you rinse the soap off your face...
Galanthalus: Phew!
Osada: Ahh! You're splashing water everywhere!
Galanthalus: Is splashing bad?
Osada: Well, it's not good manners...
Sevilbarra: There you are, Galanthalus. I didn't know you were with Osada.
Osada: I was just trying to teach Galan how to wash his face, but...
Galanthalus: Everything got wet.
Sevilbarra: Sigh... How'd you manage to even get your shoulders wet?
Galanthalus: Nngh...
Sevilbarra: Here. Use this towel. Judging from this scene, it looks like we've got lots to teach you.
Galanthalus: Lots to teach me?
Sevilbarra: Yup. Lots.
Galanthalus: You'll teach me everything?
Sevilbarra: Yeah, just leave it to me. I'm your uncle after all.
Sevilbarra: There's no way I'd leave you behind.
Osada: Me too! I can't wait to teach you everything, Galan!
Osada: Today, I'm going to show you how to play hide-and-seek!
Galanthalus: Hide-and-seek?
Sevilbarra: Sounds like a great idea. We'll go all out with some serious hide-and-seek.
As if responding to the two he saw in his dream...
Sevilbarra's voice fills with firm commitment toward the boy.

Breaking Swords

While (Captain) and the others explain to Galanthalus what a festival is, Garoza mentions an impossible sword-pulling event at a nearby festival. Sevilbarra suspects that it's a demon sword, and the crew set sail to uncover the mystery.

One afternoon...
Galanthalus: Are festivals really that fun?
Osada: Of course! No matter where you look, it's full of action!
Lyria: There are tons of sparkly lights strung up, along with shops of every kind!
Vyrn: Yup, yup! The excitement is unreal!
Galanthalus: I see... I want to go.
Garoza: Speaking of festivals, I heard there's a fun one happening on the island next to us.
Garoza: Apparently one of the main events is a contest to see who can pull a sword out of a giant tree.
Sevilbarra: Anyone can pull it out as long as you know how to handle swords. They aren't tricky.
Garoza: So you say! Except I heard that strong folks from all walks of life have tried to pull that thing out...
Garoza: And none have succeeded. Not a single one.
Sevilbarra: ...
  1. I wonder if it's rigged.
  2. That's strange.

Choose: I wonder if it's rigged.
Garoza: Are you saying it's bolted down with nails or something? As far as I know, nothing of that sort is happening.
Garoza: You'd think with all those contestants looking around, someone would find something. But so far it's all clear.
Sevilbarra: Good point. It'd ruin the whole fun of the festival anyway.
Sevilbarra: And cheap tricks like that don't stand a chance against real strength.

Choose: That's strange.
Garoza: It doesn't even seem like it's a matter of strength anymore.
Garoza: It's like the sword practically grew roots and anchored itself down into the tree.
Sevilbarra: But that's impossible... Anyways, it's so bizarre.
Continue 1
Sevilbarra: Where'd you even hear about this?
Garoza: I caught wind of it while I was looking for demon swords for Mister Krelkulkil.
Garoza: I didn't think much of it at the time, but I gotta say, it sure sounds suspicious. Reminds me of a demon sword.
Sevilbarra: A demon sword, huh...
Sevilbarra's face darkens as he considers the possibility of the public facing the threat of yet another murderous weapon.
Galanthalus: It's lost, isn't it?
Sevilbarra: Kid? What do you mean it's lost?
Galanthalus: I think it lost its goal... Or maybe purpose? That's why it's sleeping.
Osada: What're you talking about, Galan? You've lost me...
Garoza: The sword's sleeping, you say? Sounds kinda poetic if you ask me.
Sevilbarra: (I don't think the kid's talking in metaphors. His language hasn't developed that much yet.)
Sevilbarra: No goal, no purpose... When it comes to sword, they only have one job.
Sevilbarra: And that's to cut down a certain something, right?
Galanthalus: Yes. I think so.
Sevilbarra: I see...
Memories of past victims affected by demon swords come flooding into Sevilbarra's mind. He recalls the face of his former enemy...
And his brother-in-law, who gave up his body for the boy standing in front of him.
Sevilbarra: If it's still asleep, then its demon sword powers aren't lost yet...
Sevilbarra: We should get rid of it before someone else pulls it out.
Garoza: So I guess we're going to the festival then?
Osada: Yay, festival time! Isn't that great, Galan?
Galanthalus: Yeah. I wanna go.
Sevilbarra: My job is to destroy the sword. That'll be enough for me.
Sevilbarra: Sorry, (Captain), but can you guys tag along too? I don’t know what'll happen and it'll be good to have extra help.
And so, (Captain) and the crew set course for the festival.
Is it just a rumor that awaits them, or perhaps something more sinister?

Breaking Swords: Scene 2

After investigating the sword, Sevilbarra and company warn the village chief that it needs to be destroyed. The chief refuses, explaining that it's a crucial part of the village's revitalization efforts. Later that night, Galanthalus disappears from the lodge. Sevilbarra worries he might've been drawn to the sword and begins searching.

A while later, the crew arrives at the island.
The thick veil of night has descended upon the village, and the fervor of the festival has reached a new high.
Osada: Wow! It's so lively here!
Vyrn: Dang, this place is packed with shops!
Lyria: I see some briny-bites over there. Ooh, they have crepes too!
Galanthalus: So this is a festival...
Sevilbarra: Hey, kid. How are you feeling about your first festival?
Galanthalus: It's kind of loud.
Garoza: Hahaha! It's not fair to spring that question all of a sudden on a first-time visitor!
Garoza: But you're in good hands tonight, Galan! I'll teach you all about a festival's charm!
Osada: You sure about that? I can't say you're the most dependable person in the group...
Garoza: Aww, come on now. Don't be a downer. I know how to party better than anyone else here.
Vyrn: Is that something to brag about?
Lyria: I-I suppose you know a lot of different things then!
Galanthalus: Is it okay, Uncle?
Sevilbarra: Yeah, it's fine by me. Go ahead and enjoy the sights and sounds.
Galanthalus: Okay. Thank you, Osada's pops.
Garoza: You got it! Just follow me!
Garoza: From food to fun, I'll show you how to savor everything!
Osada: Oh boy. I better keep a close eye on Pops before things get outta hand...
Garoza disappears into the crowd with his entourage in tow.
Meanwhile, Sevilbarra and the crew head off to their tackle their own objective.
Sevilbarra: That must be the sword. It's stuck in the tree, just like they said.
Vyrn: I don't see anyone around here either. Guess the event hasn't started yet.
Sevilbarra: Perfect time for us to look around and see what we can find out about this sword.
Lyria: Umm... I can sense something ominous from the sword. It's really faint, but it's definitely there...
Lyria: Galan was right—the sword's asleep.
Lyria: The feeling that I'm getting from makes sense if it's inactive.
Sevilbarra: I guess our premonition was right for better or worse...
Village Chief: Wait a moment. Are you really going to break the sword off from the tree?
Sevilbarra: I can tell if something spells danger. You could say it's a specialty of mine.
Sevilbarra: We wanted to let you know that it's better to destroy it and hold a memorial for it before things get bad.
Lyria: We could be dealing with something potentially deadly. Demon swords have caused many tragedies to happen already...
Vyrn: It won't be a pretty ending for the folks livin' on this island.
Village Chief: But still... I don't know if you people are telling the truth or not.
Village Chief: It would be unthinkable to destroy a sword with such a long history.
Village Chief: And it's played a crucial role in our village's revitalization efforts.
Vyrn: That didn't go well. Even though we told him that it'd be too late if something happened, he didn't bat an eye.
Sevilbarra: I'm not surprised. People don't understand the destruction a demon sword can bring until they've experienced it firsthand.
Sevilbarra: Regardless, we can't leave it just sitting there. We need to do something...
Galanthalus: Um, Uncle.
Sevilbarra: Kid? And Garoza too...
Garoza: That's where you went. We were searching all over!
Osada: Me and Pops nearly ran ourselves to the ground looking for you...
Lyria: How was the festival, everyone?
Galanthalus: I saw lots of things. There were lots of nice smells and pretty light. It was fun!
Sevilbarra: Good. I'm glad you had a great time.
Sevilbarra: But we're just getting started—there's lots of cool stuff to show you.
Galanthalus: Okay!
Garoza: How about you guys? Judging the looks on your faces, doesn't seem like things went well.
Vyrn: Even though the sword is obviously suspicious, the chief doesn't want us touching it.
Sevilbarra: But we're not gonna give up. We'll find another way.
After an eventful day, the group head back to their lodge. Later, in the middle of the night...
Sevilbarra: The longer this demon sword hangs around people, the greater the risk becomes.
Sevilbarra: But then again, it's been a crucial part of the townspeople's livelihoods... Just thinking about this gives me a headache.
Osada: Oh! There you are, Sevilbarra!
Sevilbarra: Osada? What's the matter? Did something happen?
Osada: Big trouble! Galan is...
Sevilbarra: What happened to him?
Osada: One second he was sleeping next to me, the next second he's gone!
Sevilbarra: (At this time of night? Did the demon sword call out to him?)
Osada: Wh-what should we do?
Sevilbarra: Calm down. Go wake the others and start looking.
Sevilbarra: I'm going to head out first. If you can't find him, come to the sword tree.
Osada: Got it!
Sevilbarra: Damn, does he have a habit of sleepwalking or something? That kid!
Where could have Galanthalus possibly gone in the middle of the night?

Breaking Swords: Scene 3

The group finds Galanthalus safe and sound by the tree. Garoza reaches for the sword and becomes possessed. After Galanthalus saves Garoza by extracting the X-factor sliver, he explains the demon swords were created to kill Astrals. Hearing the revelation, Sevilbarra and company decide to destroy the sword.

After Sevilbarra sends Osada off to gather everyone, he rushes off to his destination.
A few moments later, the Harvin finds himself facing the big tree again.
Sevilbarra: If my gut's right, then the kid should be around here.
Sevilbarra: Kid! Are you there?
Galanthalus: ...!
Sevilbarra: (Looks like I was right. But why though? Did the demon sword tell him to come here?)
Galanthalus: Uncle? What's wrong? Why do you look worried?
Sevilbarra: Kid, you...
Sevilbarra: (I was right on the money. Dang...)
Sevilbarra: I should be the one asking you that. Everyone's looking for you.
Galanthalus: Me? Why?
Sevilbarra: Heh. Looks like it's time for a lesson.
Sevilbarra inspects the boy to make sure he didn't get injured.
Soon afterward, (Captain) and the crew come running up.
Galanthalus: Okay. Now I know that walking alone at night is bad. I'll remember it.
Sevilbarra: It's especially because you're just a kid. What are you gonna do by yourself if you get attacked by monsters or bandits?
Galanthalus: I got it. I promise I'll only go out at night with Uncle.
Sevilbarra: Good. Do that next time.
Vyrn: But still, why'd you come all the way out here, Galan?
Galanthalus: Well, I was curious about that.
Lyria: The sword in the tree, huh. Galan can probably sense something from it.
Garoza: Man, I don't know... What's with this thing anyway?
Garoza inadvertently reaches his hand out for the sword.
Sevilbarra: Hey, stop! Don't touch it!
Garoza: Huh?
Garoza: Whoa!
Vyrn: You... pulled out the sword!
Lyria: How! It wouldn't even budge until now!
Sevilbarra: Garoza! Drop it, now!
Garoza: Ugh...
Garoza: Gaaah!
Galanthalus: ...!
Osada: Galan! Watch out!
Osada: Pops! What're you doing!
Garoza: Ahhh!
Vyrn: Dang it! He's losing himself already!
Lyria: What should we do!
Garoza: Ahh... Guh!
Osada: Pops!
Sevilbarra: Geez, what a troublesome guy... Is everyone okay?
In a flash, Sevilbarra circles around Garoza and knocks him out.
Galanthalus quietly approaches Garoza's crumpled body.
Galanthalus: This is it.
Sevilbarra: H-hey kid! What're you doing?
Sevilbarra: (What the... He's taking something out of Garoza!)
Garoza: U-ungh...
Osada: Pops... Are you okay?
Garoza: S-somehow, yeah. Sorry about that, Osada. Thanks for whacking some sense back into me, Sevilbarra...
Sevilbarra: I hope you learned your lesson. Never touch things that look suspicious.
Galanthalus: Uncle. Look at this...
Sevilbarra: Is this the thing you just pulled out of Garoza? Wait a second, it's the same thing from Krelkulkil... An X-factor sliver!
Galanthalus: There's a really strong feeling coming from it...
Lyria: Galan's right. It's giving off an immensely strong sense of resentment!
Galanthalus: I think it reacted to half of me.
Sevilbarra: Half of you? What do you mean?
Galanthalus: It's because I'm mixed...
Vyrn: I've no idea what you're talkin' about. You're mixed with what?
Galanthalus: Stars.
Sevilbarra: Stars... Kid, are you saying you're part Astral?
Galanthalus: ...
Galanthalus: This demon sword was probably made to kill Astrals. That's why it reacted to me.
Sevilbarra: A sword specifically designed to kill Astrals, huh...
Sevilbarra: (If the kid's right, then this sword's purpose no longer exists in this world.)
Sevilbarra: (Regardless, it'll still try to corrupt anyone who handles it. We need to destroy it!)
Vyrn: Either way, we know it's bad news. We can't just leave it sitting around here.
Lyria: I feel a bit bad going against the chief's wishes, but this is for the best.
(Captain) nods in strong agreement with everyone.
Sevilbarra: Then it's settled! Let's not waste any more time. We're doing it.
Garoza: Roger! No holdin' back now!
Sevilbarra: Inhale... Now!

Breaking Swords: Scene 4

Sevilbarra comes up with a ploy to convince the village chief that the sword was originally broken. After the event, Galanthalus wonders what happens to X factors after demon swords are broken. Sevilbarra explains that the best they can do is to continue to destroy and hold memorials for them.

After destroying the demon sword before it caused further tragedy, Sevilbarra holds a small memorial service for it.
But even though catastrophe was averted, the crew knows they destroyed a vital part of the village's revitalization efforts.
Vyrn: I wonder what the chief's gonna do when he finds out...
Osada: He'll probably feel disappointed from losing the village's main attraction.
Garoza: Nah, I bet he'll blow his top off. Poor guy'll start yelling stuff like, "What have you done!"
Osada: And whose fault is that exactly?
Garoza: It's my fault... I'm sorry!
Galanthalus: Everyone is troubled. What are we going to do, Uncle?
Sevilbarra: Hmm... I've got an idea to get us out of this pickle. Leave it to me.
A sly grin forms across Sevilbarra's face.
The next day.
A crowd gathers around for the sword event.
Village Chief: Come one, come all! Who wishes to put their strength to the test?
Sevilbarra: Oyyy! I, Sevilbarra, accept your challenge!
Among the clamor of shouts, Sevilbarra's booming voice cuts through the noise.
The other contestants quiet down, stunned by his forceful declaration.
Sevilbarra: Let me show you all how it's done!
Village Chief: Hahaha. One moment you talk about breaking the sword, the next you're trying to pull it out. What a strange person you are.
Sevilbarra: Well, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least give it a go!
Sevilbarra reaches his hands out and firmly grips the hilt.
Garoza: I don't think they'll see through his trick, but I'm getting worried.
Osada: It's not like you're up there doing it, Pops. He won't fail... I hope...
Sevilbarra: All right! Here I go!
Contestant 1: Yeahhh!
Contestant 2: Do it!
Sevilbarra: On three! One, two, three!
Sevilbarra: Graagh!
Village Chief: You pulled it out! Wait, what is this?
Sevilbarra: Wh... Whaaat! The sword snapped!
Contestant 1: Wh-what the heck!
Contestant 2: Whoa, whoa, what's goin' on?
Village Chief: H-how could this happen?
Sevilbarra: Hmm... It must've snapped a long time ago.
Sevilbarra: The broken blades inside probably got caught on each other and made it difficult to extract.
After the main event comes to a close, the crowd disperses.
The village chief accepts reality after witnessing the sword snap before his own eyes.
Fortunately, he doesn't ask Sevilbarra for any compensation and the situation is resolved peacefully.
Galanthalus: Uncle!
Osada: You did it!
Garoza: Dang, Mister! You pulled off that cheap trick really well!
Sevilbarra: Sometimes that's what we need to get the job done.
All that remains in front of the crew is the broken demon sword.
Galanthalus fixes his gaze on the sword, as if wanting to say something.
Sevilbarra: What's wrong, kid?
Galanthalus: I wonder what kind of X factor was inside it.
Galanthalus: Where does the X factor go after the sword breaks?
Sevilbarra: ...
Galanthalus: There's so much I don't know...
Sevilbarra: Yeah. You and me both, kid. There's lots of things I don't know either.
Sevilbarra: But if that demon sword had a soul like yours trapped inside it...
Sevilbarra: Then all we can do is pray that it's gone to heaven.
Galanthalus: I guess you're right.
Feeling uneasy, Galanthalus mumbles in response.
Sevilbarra gently places his hand on top of the boy's head and continues speaking.
Sevilbarra: In any case, demon swords don't belong in this world.
Sevilbarra: When we find them, we break them. The only thing we can do is to hold a service in its honor.
Directing his words toward both the boy and himself...
The Harvin verbalizes his mission, determined to carry it out come what may.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
急ぐ旅でもあるまいしのんびり行くとしようや Why don't we just take our time going to our next destination?
ああ、よか……よか一時ぜよ Ah... I'm having a good time.
妖刀はそこら中にあるもんじゃないぜよ Demon swords aren't things that you'd find anywhere.
逃げるもんは追わんでよかろうよ No point in chasing after it.
坊にもこの景色を見せてやりたいぜよ I want to show this scenery to the kid.
わしに出来ることはこのくらいしかないぜよ There's only so much that I can do.
土産話にするには少々物足りんか Not much to say about my travels.
飯でも食うて腹ごしらえするか Why don't we go grab a meal?
(主人公)一休みしていかんか? Want to take a break, (Captain)?
先走りすぎるなよ(主人公) Don't jump the gun now, (Captain).