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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain. We're gonna have a party, right?
I'll liven it up with one of my spectacular performances, just for you!
I've been practicing hard every day! There's no way I'm gonna mess this up! No way at all!


Happy birthday! Preparations for today's special guest are all ready to go!
A birthday feast prepared by the crew's best, a sumptuous cake, and a demonstration of spectacular acrobatics from yours truly!
We're gonna celebrate your birthday from the bottom of our hearts, (Captain)!
What do I want in return? Hm... Gimme some big birthday smiles!


(Captain)! Ahh, I'm looking forward to the party.
Happy birthday today!
I've always been by myself during my travels, so being able to gather together and celebrate like this is a real treat!
And it's no coincidence that you're surrounded by all these fun and interesting people! Birds of a feather flock together, after all!
(Captain). I might make a mistake every now and then...
But I hope we'll be together for years to come!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm glad I get to spend this year with you too!
(Captain), you're chasing a big dream on this journey.
And whenever I see you, (Captain), I feel like I need to try harder!
As the greatest performer in the skies, I have to make sure I'm always making someone smile!
Maybe we don't have the same goal...
But you make me happy!
Haha... That was kinda embarrassing...
But on this special day, saying stuff like this is okay, right?


When you're sad, you cry, right? But apparently the reverse is also true, and the act of shedding tears can make you sad.
Which must mean that smiling can make your spirits brighter too, right?
Anytime you feel blue, (Captain), send out the call.
I'll rush to your side and give you the best performance in the skies to put a smile on your face!
I'm sure we'll face all sorts of hardships before we reach Estalucia, but together we can smile through the pain!
And just so you know I mean business, I cooked this show up especially for you!
Now, your attention, please! A special performance in honor of our one and only (Captain)! Don't forget to applaud so loud they can hear you in Estalucia!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)!
It's important to really buckle down at the beginning of a new year.
For example, I'm preparing to make my stunts even more spectacular, and bring even bigger smiles to the world!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! I can't wait to see what kind of islands we go to this year!
My goal's the same wherever we decide to go, of course.
Hm? What goal? Aw, c'mon, (Captain)! Are you seriously asking that?
My goal's to get as many people smiling as I can!
Same as always you say? Haha! That's because it's the grand unifying goal of my life!
I want you to watch too, (Captain). Then you'll never forget to smile! Don'tcha know!


Happy New Year! Here's to another good one, (Captain)!
Just thinking about this whole new year is getting me excited!
You know what this calls for? An epic performance in the streets!
I'll start everyone's year off with a bang!
Won't you come and watch, (Captain)? I've got something very special lined up!


Starting the new year by sleeping in... I mean... I can't be bothered to get out of bed...
That gives me an idea. I'll take the day off!
I'll just stay in my fluffy bed all day long...
Yawn... Haha... It's so warm...
Beds are amazing... They make everyone happy...
I wanna do that... This year, I'll give it my best shot...


So many people visit this shrine on New Year's that I asked for permission to put on a show here...
People have been far more generous with their rupies than I expected!
Huh? It's like my hat is the collection box in front of the shrine? I guess there is a certain resemblance.
But hey, you never know! In a hundred years, people might really be making offerings to my name!
I am, after all, the greatest performer in all the skies!
There might be a whole shrine dedicated to Ulamnuran: the god of street performers! Haha... just kidding.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hm? This present's for me? Not sure what the occasion's for, but thanks, (Captain)!
Huh? It's for... Valentine's?
Holy mackerel, thank you! I'll think of you—and some new tricks—while eating it! Hope you're looking forward to White Day!


Wow! It's really okay for me to have these? Today's Valentine's, right?
Haha, joking, joking! Thanks, (Captain). I happily accept! Seriously.
Sometimes even a star like me has to stop cracking jokes. Special times like this, for example.
Of course nothing will convey that to you better than what I get you for White Day! Haha!


Ah, (Captain). I just got back from a performance.
This is for me? Thank you! I can't tell you how happy this makes me!
Ooh, salted chocolates! A rare treat!
I see; you knew I'd get lots of sweet chocolates, so you wanted to get me something that stood out!
Ahaha! I can tell you've got the makings of an excellent performer, (Captain)!
Thinking of what brings others joy is the very foundation of performance! I can learn a lot from your example!
Thank you. Truly. Look forward to White Day!


Is this for me? Thanks! I'm so happy!
What? Did I get a lot of chocolate today?
No. This is the first batch I've been given!
Hehe... I'm glad my first chocolate of the day comes from you, (Captain)!
Today I decided to take the day off and spend all day in my room!
Expect great things on White Day! I'll make sure everything goes smoothly this year!

White Day Cutscenes
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Caaaptain! Happy White Day!
Right, then! You like sweets, don't you? I brought you this!
Oh, and that's not all, of course!
I'll be presenting my new act just for you, (Captain)! The greatest in all the skies!
Cue for applause!


Caaaptain! Happy White Day!
This is for you! A special White Day present from yours truly!
Haha! I bet you like sweets, huh, (Captain)? So I figured hey, I might as well get you some candy to start!
I hope you feel exactly how much I care as you eat it!
It probably doesn't taste as good as it could on its own. So let me show you one of my new tricks!


Ah, (Captain).
There's something I have to tell you...
I tried baking something to give you in return for Valentine's Day, but...
I mistook salt for sugar! Ha...haha...
S-sorry. I really wanted to make you happy with something tasty.
Hm? You don't need the sweets, just my smile and a performance?
You're right, (Captain)! I'm the greatest performer in the world! I should bring joy to all—including myself!
All right! Get ready! I've been saving this one for a special occasion!


Hey, (Captain)... This is my White Day present for you...
This year I didn't mix up the sugar and salt, and the taste is really good!
But I did mess up the amount of each ingredient, so I ended up making tons of chocolate...
(Captain), I hope you like it...
Huh? You wanna eat it together?
Yeah! I guess it would taste better with company!
You're so right, (Captain)!
Good idea! Today's the day we both smile together!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Captain, if you don't give me candy, I have to play a prank on you, right?
You want the prank? Okie dokie! I'll scare you with one of my signature performances!


Costumes, tricks—they're all great inspiration for my acrobatics.
Oh, (Captain)! You're going with the trick part of trick-or-treating today?
I suppose I should get to it too.
Applause always follows the screams! Just watch me in action!


Ah, (Captain). I'm going around the ship posting up fliers.
Tonight I'm holding a very special Halloween show! Do come and see!
Hm? The date on the fliers is wrong?
Ah! You're right; I wrote the date I made them on!
Mmm... What am I going to do...
(Captain), will you help me let everyone know?
Thank you! That would be a huge help! Hmm, but I wouldn't want to keep you from dressing up and enjoying Halloween...
Really? Then let's do the performance together!
We'll both dress up and give everyone a scare they'll never forget!
What're we waiting for! Let's go!
Hm? Forget about calling everyone! If we perform together, the crowd'll come all on its own!


Ooh! There are so many costumes with so much thought put into them! I can really use these ideas.

While walking in town, (Captain) suddenly taps Ulamnuran on the shoulder from behind.

Choose: Boo!

The stuffed animal that was dressed as Ulamnuran suddenly falls down.

Haha... Did I scare you?
(Captain), I didn't think you would try to play a trick on me...
Too bad you've still got lots of room for improvement!
Ahaha! Don't look so down. Try again next year. I like it when you play tricks on me!
There you go! Smile like that! 'Cause you know what? I'm coming for you too!


On Halloween, the towns are always full of people in elaborate costumes, playing such carefully-planned tricks...
It's even tougher than usual for a street performer to gather a crowd and keep them entertained.
As the skies' greatest performer, I have to rise to the occasion! I can feel my audience out there calling to me!
I'm going to premiere a couple new tricks I've been practicing. One makes candy rain from above. In the other, I'll pull a ghost ship-shaped balloon out of thin air.
Why don't you watch my act before you head out trick-or-treating?
Well then...
Ladiiies and gentlemeeen! Step right up and watch the skies' greatest performer in action!
The best tricks deserve the best treats, so I hope you'll be generous with your applause!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Santa Clause is so amazing! He brings smiles to all the children of the skies!
And one day... I'm going to be just as great as him!


Hmm... Oh, hello, (Captain)! I'm just thinking about some possible new stunts.
This time of year, all the kids are obsessed with Santa Claus, right?
I'm not sure I can top Santa's sky-wide feats.
Matching them though? That should bring plenty of smiles to plenty of people!
I'm the greatest performer in all the skies, after all!


Oh! (Captain)! Here's a holiday card for you!
Here, take it. Just take it, trust me.
Now, with a wave of my hands and a few magic words...
Tadaa! The present drawn on the card has jumped out into reality!
Hehe. Surprised? Glad to hear it!
All right, I can't stop now! Smiles and gifts for everyone!


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Time for me to make a bang!
Tonight I get the opportunity to put on a special performance for everyone! What a privilege!
I've gotta try my best to give everyone the best present of all—a smile!
Now then... (Captain), go take your seat and wait till the curtains rise!
Hm? What do you mean?
Really? You're going to watch from the stage wing?
That's okay with me, but are you sure?
So... You wanna be as close to me as you can?
Now I've got an even bigger drive! You just watch me give it my all!


I've decided to do another special holiday dinner performance!
Don't worry, though! This is completely new, one hundred percent original material!
The greatest performer in the skies would never bore his audience with a mere rehash of last year's show!
Every performance should bring new experiences, new thrills and chills to delight each viewer!
Feel free to raise those expectations to the rafters,(Captain)! I want to see you front and center, applauding loudest of all!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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An Ambitious Street Performer[edit]

The crew meets the somewhat clumsy performer Ulamnuran through a chance encounter. He wants to one day show the Astrals his skill, so (Captain) and company welcome him with open arms.

While in town for a little shopping, (Captain) and company spot a young Harvin man giving a performance.
Jaw agape, Lyria stares transfixed by his many tricks and claps for him when he finishes.
???: Thank you very much! You know, nothing makes me happier than a satisfied audience.
Lyria: Incredible! How did you know which card they would pick?
???: A good magician never reveals his tricks! Heh-heh... Knowing would spoil the fun anyway.
Lyria: Hmm... I still wonder how you did it. It was so amazing!
Vyrn: Great job, dude! And what a crowd! I can see why they were here though!
???: Would you expect anything less from Ulam, the world's greatest performer?
Vyrn: Whoa! The world's greatest?
???: You heard me! The Ulam's short for Ulamnuran! Remember that name, because one day every skyfarer will recognize it!
Lyria: Wow! You're amazing, Ulam!
Ulamnuran: Hehe... Go on! I've never been one to turn down a compliment!
Vyrn: Hmm... I think we could learn a thing or two from this guy, (Captain).
Vyrn: We are bound for Estalucia, right?
Vyrn: Heh-heh. Well, if we really wanna reach the end of the sky, then we better assemble the greatest crew we can get!
Ulamnuran: Estalucia, huh? Isn't that supposed to be where the Astrals live? They say no one's ever been there before...
Lyria: Yes! And that's where we plan on going.
Ulamnuran: No way! That is too perfect!
Vyrn: Wha?
Ulamnuran: Please! You gotta let me join your crew!
Lyria: Sure thi—wait, what!
Vyrn: Yeah, come again? Gettin' a little head of yourself aren't ya, bub?
Ulamnuran: Well, how can I call myself the world's best performer if the Astrals don't even know who I am?
Ulamnuran: So let's go to Estalucia together! I'll put smiles on their Astral faces!
Vyrn: Hmm... He talks a big game, but what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Sounds fun.
  2. You any good in a fight?

Choose: Sounds fun.
Ulamnuran: I know, right? And the fun won't stop while I'm around!

Choose: You any good in a fight?
Ulamnuran: Hehe. Don't let my looks fool you. I've been on my own for a while now, so I can handle myself better than most.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Well, that settles it! Looking forward to seeing what you can do, Ulam.
Lyria: Me too! Welcome aboard, Ulam!
Ulamnuran: The pleasure's all mine!
Ulamnuran: Now that that's out of the way, let me go and get my stuff from the inn. You just wait he-Ouch!
Ulamnuran: Who the heck put a wall here?
Vyrn: Ouch! You just ran smack into it! You gotta watch where you're going...
Ulamnuran: Yeah, yeah. Just wait right there!
Ulamnuran: Oof!
Vyrn: Oof... That was a nasty fall! You okay, Ulam?
Ulamnuran: I'm fine! Right as rain!
Lyria: Oh! Ulam! Something fell out of your pocket!
Vyrn: Whoops... And there he goes. I guess I'll pick it up and give it back to him later.
Shortly after parting from the crew, Ulamnuran manages to get himself lost, only relocating (Captain) and the others the following afternoon.
Ulamnuran: Heh, I'm back, just like I said I would be! The world's greatest performer, Ulamnuran, at your service!
Ulamnuran, a clumsy young Harvin who claims to be the best of the best when it comes to putting on a show.
Whether he'll actually find fame among the Astrals remains to be seen.

A Smile on Every Face[edit]

Ulamnuran drags the crew to a remote mountain village, but they're attacked by monsters before arriving.

Vyrn: So, um... Ulam. Where's the village? It's just mountain after mountain here.
Ulamnuran: Hmm... According to the map, it should be a little further ahead.
Lyria: Wait, you got that map while you were performing in town, right?
Ulamnuran: Sure did. From a peddler.
Ulamnuran: He was complaining about how street performers never go to his hometown because it's too deep in the mountains.
Ulamnuran: And I can't ignore a call for help like that. I gotta show them my performance!
Vyrn: Geez... I've heard of dedication to your craft, but this is a little much...
Ulamnuran: Um... Well, all we have to do is go past this boulder and—ouch!
Lyria: Whoa! Are you okay? I saw you hit your head on the tree.
Ulamnuran: D-don't worry! I'm okay!
Vyrn: Are you sure? Your head made a pretty loud bang, and now you're all teary eyed.
Ulamnuran: Never mind me. Just keep your eyes open! I hear there are monsters in these mountains.
Vyrn: Look who's talking... Let's just keep moving. Ulam, watch your step!
Ulamnuran: Yeah, I—Aahh!
Vyrn: What did I just say! You gotta watch out for tree roots or—whoa! Did you really just run right into a monster?

A Smile on Every Face: Scene 2[edit]

The journey to the village ends up being a long one. The crew tries to take a break when Lyria gets fatigued, but monsters interrupt the respite.

Lyria: Pant... Pant...
Ulamnuran: Lyria, are you tired? Well, I guess we have been walking for quite a while now.
Lyria: I... I'm fine, honest. I can keep going!
Vyrn: Don't force yourself. (Captain) is worried about you too.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain). Then I'd like to rest a little.
Ulamnuran: Hmm... According to the map, we should see the village any second now.
Vyrn: Hey! Did you hear that sound?
Ulamnuran: Of course! I hope it's the villagers...
Monster: Grrr...
Ulamnuran: Oh, no you don't! (Captain), we can defeat these guys in no time!
Vyrn: Let's go!

A Smile on Every Face: Scene 3[edit]

Vyrn discovers that Ulamnuran has been reading the map upside down the whole time, but they eventually make it to the village despite the set back. Ulamnuran performs to the delight of the villagers.

Ulamnuran: Gah, with all these monsters about, I can't even look at the map in peace!
Vyrn: It's so weird that we aren't there yet! It seems like it'll be night by the time we make it.
Vyrn: Hey. Ulam, lemme see that map.
Ulamnuran: Here you go.
Ulamnuran: This is the town we were at this morning. If the sun is in this direction, the village should be down this path.
Vyrn: Wait a minute...
Lyria: What's wrong, Vyrn?
Vyrn: I can't believe it! Ulam! You had the map upside down!
Ulamnuran: What?
Vyrn: Geez... No wonder we still haven't reached the village.
Ulamnuran: W-wait! The map! Let me see it again!
Vyrn: I told you... This is the town and this is the village... And...
Ulamnuran: You're right...
Ulamnuran: I'm sorry, everyone!
(Captain) confiscates the map from Ulamnuran before guiding everyone in the actual direction of the village.
Night falls before they reach the village, so Ulamnuran decides to perform in the morning.
Ulamnuran: Step right up! Don't miss the performance of the great Ulam, finest performer in the sky!
Boy: Whoa! How'd you do that?
Girl: Wow! Can I see that again?
Villager: That's wonderful! Wow, I have no idea how he did that magic trick.
Vyrn: Nice! Ulam is killing it!
Lyria: Yeah! Both the adults and the children are having so much fun. Ulam is great!
Vyrn: Yeah... If only he weren't so clumsy...
Despite complaining, Vyrn can't take his eyes off of Ulamnuran's show.
The performer himself smiles broadly, reveling in the joy of a happy audience.

The Narcissist and the Busker[edit]

A wealthy young girl sees Ulamnuran's street performance. She enjoys it so much she offers to make him her personal entertainer. Ulamnuran explains that his true goal is to entertain as many people as possible, and he politely declines her offer, but she orders her guards to take him back to her house by force!

While trying to get to Estalucia, (Captain) recruits the street performer Ulamnuran into the crew.
He always entertains those around him with his clever tricks, and he performs as they travel and take on missions.
Ulamnuran: Roll up, roll up, for the best show in the sky! Ulam's amazing street performance is about to begin!
Ulamnuran: First, some juggling! One club, two clubs, three, four, five clubs!
Man: Wow, that's amazing! I can't believe he can do that!
Ulamnuran: And now… Here we go!
While continuing to juggle several items at once, Ulamnuran steps onto a rolling ball.
Ulamnuran: Tada!
Millionaire's Daughter: Fantastic!
Ulamnuran's amazing performance captures the attention of many people who were passing by, who applaud his skill.
One girl is especially enamored with his exciting tricks.
Ulamnuran: Thank you, thank you! You've been a wonderful audience!
Ulamnuran finishes his performance amid applause from the audience, and the girl comes over to talk to him.
Millionaire's Daughter: Oooh! What are you gonna show us next?
Ulamnuran: Sorry, but today's show is over now! I've got to get back to the ship.
Millionaire's Daughter: No! You can't stop now! Show me more!
Millionaire's Daughter: I have a brilliant idea. You can come back to my house and become my own personal jester!
Ulamnuran: I'm sorry, but my aim is to make the whole world smile!
Ulamnuran: I can't be staying in one place forever.
Ulamnuran: But I'm so happy that you enjoyed my little show so much!
Millionaire's Daughter: What did you just say? You dare refuse my request?
Ulamnuran: Sorry, I'll come back to this town and perform again some day!
Millionaire's Daughter: No… You can't do that! To me, servants!
The girl, angry at her request being declined, turns to the bodyguards following behind her.
Millionaire's Daughter: Heeheehee… In that case, I'll take you home by force!
Ulamnuran: Wha? Wait, you can't do that! Stop!
Vyrn: Hey, Ulam! We thought you'd be finishing up your show, so we came to see you!
Ulamnuran: Ah! Great timing! (Captain), help me!
Lyria: Huh? Ulam, what's going on?
Ulamnuran: I'll explain later! Help me deal with these guards first!

The Narcissist and the Busker: Scene 2[edit]

Some thugs sneak onto the Grandcypher while (Captain) and the crew are asleep, and attempt to kidnap Ulamnuran! The millionaire's daughter is trying to take him away again to be her own personal entertainer! The crew leap into battle against the thugs to save their friend.

(Captain) and the crew defeat the girl's guards and return to the ship.
Vyrn: Man… Ulam, you had some pretty rotten luck back there.
Ulamnuran: Yeesh… it was quite the situation!
Ulamnuran: I'm happy that she enjoyed the performance, but to think she could turn so violent all of a sudden!
Lyria: Yeah… Anyway, it's getting late, we should be getting to bed!
Ulamnuran: (Captain), thank you so much for saving me!
Ulamnuran: Good night!
Lyria: Good night, Ulam!
Late at night, after (Captain) and the crew have fallen asleep, they are suddenly awoken by the sound of Ulamnuran yelling.
Ulamnuran: Aaargh! Wh-what are you doing? Let go of meeeeee!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's going on? Ulam? Are you OK?
(Captain) and the crew rush toward the noise, finding a group of thugs trying to take Ulamnuran away!
Vyrn: Stop right there, scumbags! What are you trying to do with Ulam?
Millionaire's Daughter: I already told you, lizard! He's going to become my own personal jester, just for me!
Ulamnuran: What? It's the girl from earlier!
Ulamnuran: What are you trying to do? You can't just kidnap people!
Millionaire's Daughter: Grr… stop resisting! Father hardly ever lets me out of the house to see entertainers!
The crying girl tells the crew about her strict life within her mansion.
Ulamnuran: Ah… that's very unfortunate…
Ulamnuran: That's why you were so excited to see my performance…
Vyrn: Whoa, Ulam, you can't seriously be sympathetic to this girl! She tried to kidnap you!
Ulamnuran: You're right, Vyrn. I'm travelling throughout the sky, bringing smiles to everyone I meet.
Ulamnuran: One day I'm going to bring a smile to the faces of the Astrals themselves! I can't stay here with you.
Millionaire's Daughter: Why, you… Just come quietly! You're not getting away!

The Narcissist and the Busker: Scene 3[edit]

The rich man apologizes to (Captain) and Ulamnuran for his daughter's actions, and reprimands her for causing trouble. Ulamnuran explains to the man that he is worried about the girl's lack of freedom. As they return to the ship, Ulamnuran is lost in thought, and he explains that he is forming a plan, and that he will tell (Captain) when he has worked it out further.

(Captain) and the crew fight off the thugs, and take the girl back to her house.
Rich Man: I'm dreadfully sorry. I had no idea my daughter had caused such a ruckus. Apologize to these people, now!
Millionaire's Daughter: (sniff) I… I'm sorry…
Ulamnuran: As long as you don't do something like this again, I'll be happy.
Ulamnuran: You should give your daughter a little more freedom. It was her frustration at being kept inside that built up and let to this.
Millionaire's Daughter: Wha?
Rich Man: Th-thank you for your kind words. It's admirable that you care so much about my daughter.
Rich Man: By way of apology, if there's anything that I can do for you, I'd be happy to help.
(Captain) and the crew say their farewells to the man and his daughter, and leave the mansion.
Vyrn: Huh, what's up? Why are you all quiet? Oh, are you tired?
Ulamnuran: Huh? Oh no, I'm fine. I am slightly tired, but…
Ulamnuran: I've got an idea. I'll tell you when I've worked it out a little more, (Captain).
Ulamnuran: Heehee, just you wait! Stay tuned and you'll find out!
Ulamnuran seems unexpectedly confident, it seems that the recent problems have given him a new source of inspiration…
A plan hatched by the greatest performer in the sky is sure to surprise and delight (Captain) and the crew.
But first, they will have to wait for the plan to be revealed…

It's Showtime![edit]

Ulamnuran assembles the whole crew, and explains his plan to start his own circus to perform to as many people as possible. His plan is to assemble many different performers from across the sky, and perform in a town square. (Captain) and the crew like the idea, and agree to help him carry out his plan.

One day, Ulamnuran tells (Captain) that he has something to announce, and they assemble the crew.
Lyria: What's wrong, Ulam? Has something happened?
Ulamnuran: Well… I told (Captain) a while ago that I had an idea, didn't I?
Ulamnuran: I've worked out the details, so now I'd like to announce it to you all!
Ulamnuran begins to talk, a serious look on his face.
Ulamnuran: Street performances are things that people see while they're going somewhere, or in the middle of doing something.
Ulamnuran: The viewers have other aims and intentions. So it's a coincidence that I, the performer, have met them.
Ulamnuran: Now, I personally just think of it as an interesting quirk of the business, but…
Ulamnuran: But that means that children who can't go into town freely, or people who live in faraway towns can't come to see the show!
Ulamnuran: Isn't that a shame? So I was wondering if I could do something to bring the show to more people…
Vyrn: Ahhh, so that's why you've been so quiet over the last few days!
Ulamnuran: You're right! And… now I've thought of a way to do it!
Lyria: Ooh! What's the plan?
Ulamnuran: We need to reverse the way people think about street performers! They need to come to town specifically to see a performance!
Ulamnuran: If we advertise that we're doing it a while in advance, we can get people to come!
Ulamnuran: We'll use a town square, and we'll recruit other performers to join the show!
Ulamnuran: It'll be flashy and lively, just like a fantastic circus!
The crew, hearing Ulamnuran talk so excitedly about his plan, are caught up in the moment.
Carmelina is a crew member

Carmelina: Wow! It sounds so fantastic!
Carmelina: Would it be OK if I performed too?
Ulamnuran: Of course! Let's put on a great circus show, Carmelina!
Carmelina: Woohoo! I'm so excited!
Ulamnuran: Oh, (Captain). I have a special request for you.
Ulamnuran: I want to contact other performers! I was wondering, could I borrow your ship to travel to see them?
Vyrn: Ah, I see! Let's help him out, (Captain)!
Ulamnuran: Thank you so much! I'll make sure you all get front-row seats!
Lyria: Ooh! I'm so excited to see the circus!
And so, (Captain) and the crew set out on a journey to recruit performers from all over the sky to take part in their show.

It's Showtime!: Scene 2[edit]

Unfortunately, the famous animal tamer who Ulamnuran intended to recruit to appear in his circus has retired, saying she is too old to perform. Ulamnuran is saddened, but the animal tamer offers to teach him her performance, which he enthusiastically accepts. (Captain) and the crew, seeing Ulamnuran's excitement, decide to join in the animal taming training.

On the advice of Ulamnuran, (Captain) and the crew visit a famous animal tamer. However…
Ulamnuran: Oh… So you're retired from show business now?
Animal Tamer: I'm dreadfully sorry… I'm just too old to be performing anymore. I hope your circus goes well!
Ulamnuran: Thank you, ma'am. It's a shame, though… You were such a fantastic animal tamer!
Animal Tamer: Ah, you're flattering me! It's so nice for a fellow performer to pay me such a nice compliment. Wait! I know!
The old woman exclaims that she could teach Ulamnuran how to be an animal tamer.
Ulamnuran: No way! That would be amazing!
Animal Tamer: I warn you, I'm a strict teacher! Can you cope with it, Ulamnuran?
Ulamnuran: Hahaha! Never underestimate the strength of the greatest performer the sky has ever seen!
Ulamnuran: I'll carry on your art and bring it to a whole new generation of fans!
And so, Ulamnuran begins to learn the ways of the animal tamer.
(Captain) and the crew decide to tag along, thinking it would be a handy skill to have on their adventures.

It's Showtime!: Scene 3[edit]

Ulamnuran's circus finally has its first performance. There are many spectators, excited to see the delights that the circus has to offer. But Ulamnuran isn't satisfied with just one performance, saying he needs to practice more for the next one.

Ulamnuran has learned the ways of the animal tamer, and has assembled a group of performers from all over the sky.
They rent a square to perform in, advertise the event, and finally the day of the circus's first performance arrives.
Ulamnuran: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to the show!
Ulamnuran: We've got magicians, acrobats, all kinds of wonderful performances for you to enjoy!
The opening performers take the stage and demonstrate their skills, and the crowd gets more and more excited.
Ulamnuran: Next! It's the star performer of the imperial court, the wonderful Carmelina!
Carmelina: Good evening, everyone! How are you enjoying the show?
Carmelina not in crew

The crowd can't keep their eyes off of Carmelina's breathtaking acrobatic stunts.
Carmelina is a crew member

They are speechless at her daring tricks, and applaud uproariously.
Carmelina: Tada! Next up, it's our greatest performer, Ulamnuran!
Ulamnuran steps onto the stage after Carmelina's introduction is finished.
He juggles multiple balls while simultaneously walking a tightrope.
Ulamnuran: Woohoo! And now, for my next trick…
He adds knives to his daring juggling performance, and the crowd gasp with fright!
Ulamnuran: It's time for the grand finale! Are you ready? …I can't hear you!
He throws the knives out, severing the ropes that are holding back the animals.
He demonstrates many fantastic tricks involving the animals, including jumping through fire hoops, and the crowd goes wild!
Lyria: Wow, Ulam, that's amazing!
Vyrn: Haha, his performance is even better than usual!
Ulamnuran: Thank you, thank you!
The crowd go crazy for his amazing stunts, and the circus performance is over in what seems like no time at all.
Ulamnuran: I'm sad to have to go, but alas, the curtain must fall on our little show!
Ulamnuran: But save your farewells! We'll be back before you know it!
Carmelina: Seeya soon, everybody!
And so, the curtain falls on Ulamnuran's much-loved circus.
Lyria: Ah, what a great show! Well done, Ulam!
Ulamnuran: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Ulamnuran: But I'm not finished yet!
Ulamnuran: I've got to keep practicing for next time!
Ulamnuran, the legendary performer, seeks to bring smiles to the world through his performances.
For him, the success of his circus is just a stepping stone on the way to his dreams.
Maybe one day he will be able to bring a smile to the faces of the Astrals, too…

Live and Let Laugh[edit]

Ulamnuran learns of Ludmila's inability to stop laughing and takes it upon himself to cure her. Although he ultimately fails for the time being, his efforts have opened up new avenues for his street performances.

Ulamnuran: Good, good. This new technique'll do just fine! I'm a genius if I do say so myself.
Ulamnuran is practicing his craft on the deck of the airship.
Ludmila: Hahaha, new mushrooms! Huh? Mmpftt... What's with that hat... Snort.
And who else should pass by but Ludmila.
Ulamnuran: (Oh? A spectator?)
Ulamnuran: (Well, I can't let her leave disappointed! Time to put on a show!)
Ludmila: His hat... All it reminds me of is that mushroom. Hahaha.
Sensing Ludmila's gaze on him, Ulamnuran beautifully performs difficult tumble after difficult tumble.
Ulamnuran: Ta-da! What do you think?
Ludmila: Heh heh. It was great! You're a street performer? Haha...
Ulamnuran: Hiyah! I can do things like this too!
Ludmila: Well, isn't that something? Hahah... Ahaha...
Ulamnuran: Dun-dun! This spectacle featuring the great Ulam is just getting started!
Ludmila: Ahaha! P-please continue! Hehe.
Ulamnuran: (Um... I think she's enjoying it, but...)
Ulamnuran: (Something doesn't seem quite right about this girl.)
Ulamnuran: ...
Ludmila: Hahaha-huh? Is it over already? Pfft...
Ludmila's abnormal way of laughing throws the tumbler off his game, and he stops his practice session.
He approaches the overenthusiastic girl to have a word.
Ulamnuran: Um, thanks for watching my performance!
Ulamnuran: The name's Ulamnuran, greatest street performer in all the wild blue yonder!
Ulamnuran: Wowzers. You're a regular laugh machine, but can I ask you something? Are you actually enjoying yourself?
Ludmila: Y-yeah, I am. Hehehe... I'm sorry—Ahaha!
Ludmila apologizes through bouts of laughter, which only throws Ulamnuran into further confusion.
Ulamnuran: Huh? I don't get it. What are you apologizing for?
Ludmila: Basically I ate a weird mushroom, and now
I—yuk, yuk—can't stop laughing!
Ulamnuran: Ah, so that's the story. Guess it wasn't because my tricks were actually interesting to watch.
Ludmila: Hahaha. No, no! It definitely was! Snort.
Ulamnuran: Hehe... Well, good then. Thank you! Er...
Ludmila: I'm Ludmila. Ahaha. Nice to meet ya-ha-ha.
Ulamnuran: Same to you, Ludmila!
Ludmila: The pleasure's all—Pffft!
Ludmila: Sorry. Haha. Didn't mean to laugh.
Ulamnuran: (I can see she doesn't mean to laugh, but it comes out anyway. That's no fun at all.)
Ulamnuran: Aha!
Ludmila: Mmpff... What is it? Hehe...
Ulamnuran: I said I was the greatest street performer in the skies, didn't I?
Ulamnuran: I'll cure you of your laughing fits.
Ulamnuran: That way you can smile for reals when you get a load of my act!
Ludmila: Hoohoohoo. That would be fantastic!
Ludmila: Please—hehehe—give it your best shot.
Ulamnuran: You betcha. I got this!
Ulamnuran: Hm... Wonder if scaring the laughter out of her like you'd do with hiccups would work.
Ulamnuran: Behold! I have in my hand a deck of plain ol' cards. Would the lady kindly choose one?
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Okay, this one—
The instant Ludmila pulls a card from the deck, a bird comes flying out at her from Ulamnuran's hands.
He looks at the startled Ludmila with a victorious smile.
Ulamnuran: Bam! Spooked the laughter right out of you, didn't I? What works for hiccups surely works for the giggles too.
Ulamnuran: See? I don't hear any—
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Ahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Darn. Spoke too soon. Well, how about an awe-inspiring magic trick?
Ulamnuran: Just an ordinary wand, right? A one! A two! And a three!
Ludmila: Mmph... Hnngh... Ahahaha!
Ludmila's laughter shows no signs of stopping but neither does the great Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Nope, that won't do it either. I'm not done yet though!
Ulamnuran: I have here three colored balls. Watch as I toss them high into the air. Hah!
Ludmila: Amazing! Hahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Holy moly! Laughing so hard you're literally shaking! Shoot, this isn't a comedy act.
The street performer grumbles in melancholy.
For all of his talents, the sound of laughter will not abate.
Ulamnuran: Hrrm... All that's left is to intentionally bomb the set with a dad joke.
Ulamnuran takes a deep breath to steel himself. Flames of determination ignite in his eyes.
He casts off his pride and screams out to the world.
Ulamnuran: Ever had toadstool? It stinks!
Ludmila: Huh? Uh, bwuh?
Ulamnuran: Yes! Did it work?
Ludmila: ...
Ludmila: Mmmpph... Hnnk... Huff...
Ulamnuran: Are you kidding me? Ludmila! She laughed all the air out of her lungs!
Ulamnuran: (Captain)! Someone! Help!
Thanks to Ulamnuran's quick response, Ludmila is fine.
He has time to reflect when all is said and done.
Finally the Harvin comes to a decision.
Ulamnuran: I'll do it. I'll come up with a fantastic act to end Ludmila's laughing fits once and for all!
With renewed zeal, Ulamnuran tackles many challenges to expand his repertoire.
Meanwhile, Ludmila searches for a mushroom shaped like Ulamnuran's hat.
Ludmila: Hehehe. I found it! Hahaha!
She intends to turn it into a dish for Ulamnuran as thanks for his help.
But that is a tale for another time.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さあ!ウラっちの出番だよ! Here's my chance in the spotlight!
身軽は大道芸人の信条、ってね A street performer is nothing without their agility!
ふぎゃっ!足ひねった~!! Ouch! I might've sprained an ankle.
いや、戦いでドジったりしないよ! Fear not, I never trip and fall in battle!
街に着いたら、奇術を披露するね I'll show you my tricks when we get to town!
攻撃を避けるのなんて曲芸より簡単さ! Dodging attacks is cake compared to acrobatics!
イスタルシアってどんなとこかな? What kind of a place is Estalucia?
あっ! 新しい手品のタネ思いついた I just thought of a new trick!
(主人公)と組めば新しい芸ができるかも I bet (Captain) and I could do a great act together.
もー(主人公)、心配そうな顔しないで Come on, stop worrying already, (Captain)!