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Official Profile[edit]

Age 26
Height 168 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Puzzles
Likes Unintentionally bothering others
Dislikes Laughter
Guard captain for Brillet Desert, a town surrounded by sand, Volenna is a strict taskmaster who speaks with piercing ferocity and holds herself to the same high standards she places on others. Still empathetic, she understands the loneliness Sara endures, but thinks of it as something she can overcome, believing that Sara has the strength to do so. At times, Volenna entertains the thought of giving Sara more freedom, but ultimately decides against it each time. Despite her harsh attitude and manner of speaking, she's a caring and responsible girl with excellent housekeeping abilities.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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So today's your birthday, huh? The fact that you've survived this long is something to be proud of.
Many things are lost over the years. Hopes... Dreams.... Even the lives of others.
The things you took for granted yesterday could disappear tomorrow. Never forget that.
With that being said, I hope this coming year will be another prosperous year for you, (Captain).


Happy birthday. I'm glad I was able to be with you on your special day.
My own and Sara's lives have changed significantly since meeting you—for the better, I believe.
I hope that our presence in your life has changed yours for the better as well.
Who knows what would've become of us if it weren't for... Anyways, we'll make sure you stay happy and healthy until your next birthday.


(Captain), happy birthday.
I'd like to celebrate you completing another year of your perilous journey.
You're always considerate toward the people around you.
That's respectable enough... But that consideration can leave you vulnerable all the same.
Any one person's attentiveness has its limits. Naturally, if you're in trouble I'll help out...
But there will be times when I'm not by your side. I'd be appalled if anything were to happen in my absence.
That's why I have to ask you: Please take care of yourself. There's no better way to take care of others.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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The curtain has been drawn on a new year. We should rekindle our ambitions by aspiring to accomplish something new.
What will I aspire toward? Hmm. Let me think...
I guess I'm hoping to smile a little more.
Hah... You think that's funny? I'm being serious. Very serious.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
My smile? Yeah... It's actually been a New Year's resolution of mine.
You see, it can be kinda... difficult. Smiling naturally doesn't come easy for me.
People tell me it's simple, but they're wrong. That's not the case at all.
Anyways, if you think of any good practice methods, please let me know.
If Sara always sees me looking so serious, she'd probably get worried, you know?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hm... My New Year's resolution? You want to know that right off the bat?
Yes, that's right. I'm resolving again this year to learn how to smile naturally.
I tried again and again last year, but it didn't quite pan out. So this year is going to be the year...
Hm? You mean there's already something less than natural about my way of thinking?
You could just be right, (Captain).
I guess so... Maybe what really matters is where your heart is...
Well now, I thought I'd learned how to control my emotions.... But it seems that might've done more harm than anything.
I'm grateful for your advice. This is going to be the year that I do a bit of hard work to advance.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What? What is it? You want chocolates?
You got some from Sara, didn't you?
I've worked hard to make sure I could always get you chocolate. And I always had to make sure I didn't upset Sara by giving you chocolate first.
Humph. Just take it. I made these, and some of them are kinda blobby, but don't let it bother you.
Thanks for all the help so far, Captain. I owe you one.


Hey, (Captain). Have you been getting enough sleep lately? Here. Take a load off and eat this.
You're just like Sara... The both of you don't realize when you're pushing yourselves too hard.
That's why you need to take a break every now and then.
Valentine's Day can be quite beneficial if you think about it this way.
I must thank you for everything, (Captain). Stay a while and rest.


(Captain), did you already pick up your chocolates from Sara?
If you did, great. Because she worked as hard as ever this year.
Let me give you a few as well. It's my way of saying thanks for everything you do.
Hm? Yeah, they're handmade again this year. Sara and I baked them together but made them different flavors.
This much is really nothing though. Especially when you're always putting yourself out there for the crew and everyone.
Why not take a bite and call it a day? Everybody needs to rest now and then.

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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For me? Ah, you must want me to give this to Sara. Oh, you don't?
I see. This must be for what I gave you on Valentine's Day. I can tell you also have a strong sense of integrity.
If you enjoyed that candy I gave you, I can always make more for you anytime.
I made it a point to memorize the recipe. It's good to do something challenging sometimes. I mean it.
I care about you just as I care about Sara. I'd sooner pass out from exhaustion than give up on doing anything I can for either of you.


A White Day gift for me? Of course... You have my thanks.
I'll make something different for you next year on Valentine's Day too.
S-sorry. I was just surprised at how matter-of-fact I made that promise to you.
I guess people can change after all. In my case, I think it's for the better—all thanks to you.


Why'd you call me over here?
Hm? A present? For me?
I see... Today is White Day then. Sorry, it totally slipped my mind.
You're on top of it every year, aren't you? Thanks for your thoughtfulness. I really appreciate it.
Since we're all together, how about we put on some tea and eat these with Sara. What do you say, (Captain)?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Phew, getting Katalina away from the kitchen took a lot out of me.
Now is not the time for silly pranks, (Captain). Proper measurements is of utmost importance when making sweets.
I'll give you and Lyria a handful when I'm done. But for now... Hey!
Who said you could snack on my pumpkin jam!


Oh, there you are, (Captain). I made some sweets with Sara the other day. You should enjoy them with Lyria and the others.
The truth is, Sara's actually got a fever right now. She was so excited about the treats that she wasn't able to sleep well, it seems.
I'm probably gonna stay by her side today. If you have some time later, you should stop by and give her a visit.
Also, take it easy on the pranks today. I know you like to go a little overboard sometimes on Halloween, heh.


T-trick or treat...
Oh, it's you, (Captain)... Did you... just see that?
You did, didn't you?
Sara invited me to have fun together with her on Halloween...
But I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do. So I was holding a little dress rehearsal before heading out...
To be honest, I'm not sure that Sara will be able to have fun with me...
(Captain), if you're going into town, would you mind going along with me?
Really? I'd appreciate that. For Sara's sake and yours, I'll try to make it fun.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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So this is the peace of the holiday season. Sara and I have never really had the chance to experience it before.
From those who survived the floods of Manawydan, she was chosen as Priestess of the Dunes, and I was chosen to protect her.
Though our bond is strong, we've never really had the type of relationship that would allow us to enjoy this season.
Come to think of it, that must have been hard for Sara and all the maidens that came before her.
Can we change that someday? Yes. I very much hope so.


I know I stored it here somewhere...
Oh hey, (Captain). What's up?
Oh, this? I was thinking of putting up the pinecone tree Sara made this year too.
Back when I was guard captain, our policy was to carry as few possessions as possible.
Interestingly enough, since I've joined your crew I've begun to keep more material things.
But that's not a bad thing, I think. At least, I'd like to think...
Whether it's belongings or memories, it's important to not throw away what's precious to us.


It seems that spices are a bit pricy this time of year. Everyone needs some, so there's a little shortage...
Well, we have everything we went shopping for. Let's return to the ship—there are people waiting for us in the kitchen.
That said, the town has really come alive on the eve of the holiday.
Everyone's singing the praises of the holiday... It's a symbol of peace.
No, maybe it would be better to call it a sort of everyday miracle...
I'm sorry... I've gotten a little emotional. Come on, let's hurry back. Sara and the others are waiting for us.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Say Goodbye to the Past[edit]

Acting as nurse for the ill Sara, Volenna revealed her innermost thoughts to (Captain)'s party, who had come to visit Sara. (Captain) and companions reassured Volenna, who was caught up in her past and worried about her inexperience. Volenna said that once Sara was well again, she was thinking about joining (Captain)'s party on their travels.

Priestess of the Dunes Sara and her escort Volenna had previously attempted to seal a primal beast that had been causing floods on Sable Island.
On their way to the shrine to seal the primal beast, the two met (Captain)'s party, and together they succeeded in sealing the primal beast.
The two set out on a journey, but Sara fell ill and they were forced to return to Sable Island for her to recuperate.
Worried about Sara, (Captain) and companions went to visit her during her long period of recovery.
Sara: Thank you for coming to see me... It was really good to see Lyria and (Captain)... Cough...
Lyria: Yeah! I really wanted to see her too! When we heard she'd been ill for a long time, we were really worried...
Sara: Ah, s-sorry... sorry for worrying you...
Sara: Hehe... seeing you guys has really cheered me up... I'm sure I'll be better soon... Cough.
Volenna: Sara. Please rest. I know you're excited about your friends coming to visit, but you'll make yourself worse if you get too excited.
Volenna: (Captain) and the others will still be around for a while yet. You can talk again once you wake up.
Sara: Yes... Cough. Sorry Lyria. I'm just going to go and lie down again for a while...
Lyria: Oh, please don't worry about it! Let's talk again another time. Have a good rest, Sara.
Sara went to lie down, and (Captain) and companions left the room with Volenna.
Volenna: ...
Lyria: Are you alright, Volenna? You don't look so good...
Volenna: Ah, no, it's nothing. I'm just thinking is all.
Lyria: Um... I know you're really worried about Sara.
Lyria: But, you've got to take care of yourself too, you won't be any good to anyone if you get ill too.
Volenna: Yes... You're right. Burning myself out wouldn't do anyone any good...
Volenna: But... I feel like I can't take proper care of Sara. I'm just useless.
Vyrn: Hey, stop being so down on yourself! You're doing your very best to care of Sara!
Volenna: This is the least I can do to atone for my past sins.
Volenna: I met Sara just after the previous Priestess of the Dunes passed away... back when she was still just a young child.
Volenna: That child... had to take up a heavy duty. She was chosen as the next Priestess of the Dunes.
Volenna: It was cruel, but I, like everyone else, thought it was necessary for the protection of Sable Island.
Lyria: ...
Volenna: Parting is painful if you know someone well. And as she was destined to die anyway, it would have caused her even further pain if she had any regrets.
Volenna: With that in mind, I distanced myself from Sara...
Volenna: Up until then she had restrained herself and refused to rely on other people.
Lyria: But...! That sounds so lonely...
Volenna: Yes. Now, released from her mission, Sara was free to act more like a child, to be a bit more selfish.
Volenna: But Sara... even though she was ill, still refused rely on anyone, even me. She carried on alone.
Volenna: I know she's not used to relying on anyone... or is it because I'm not reliable?
Vyrn: No, of course not! Jeez, Volenna, you've probably just gotten down because all you've been doing is nursing.
Volenna: Perhaps... It's not really like me to be like this...
Volenna: But when I saw Sara talking to Lyria and (Captain) so freely...
Volenna: I thought that if I was more like (Captain), Sara and I might be closer.
  1. It was because of the bad environment
  2. That's good

Choose: It was because of the bad environment
Lyria: Yes! Sara and Volenna both have bad memories of Sable Island...
Lyria: So, being here brings back bad memories and you're just getting stuck in a vicious cycle.
Lyria: It's not good. With your mind being trapped here...
Volenna: My mind... trapped?
Volenna: I... I think you're right.

Choose: That's good
Volenna: Wha?!
Vyrn: Yup, that might be it!
Volenna: Vyrn... even you agree?!
Vyrn: Hehe... You're right down at the bottom of that hole right now, so there's no way to go but up!
Vyrn: So right now you might be nursing Sara and worrying, but it's not going to get any worse!
Vyrn: Anyway... well I don't really understand it but, it's better to think that way, isn't it?
Volenna: I suppose what you say might be true...
Continue 1
Volenna: In the past I've felt depressed and guilty, but from now on, I'm going to start thinking more positively!
Volenna: You guys have really helped me feel better. Thank you.
Lyria: Hehe... it was nothing, really.
Volenna: Well, you might say that, but it's the kind of thing that can really help someone like me make a change.
Volenna: When Sara is better... it might be good to join you on your travels.
Volenna: I certainly don't think we'd be bored.
Lyria: Wow... That sounds good! I think that sounds like a great idea!
Volenna: I think having that to look forward to will help Sara get better...
Vyrn: Yeah! It's easy to get down when you're ill for a long time. If you've got nothing to look forward to that is!
Volenna: I'll talk to you about this properly when the time comes (Captain).
Volenna: Uh... I need to give Sara her medicine when she wakes up... I just need to go and get some water. Wait here.
Vyrn: Haha! Sara's escort... She's really changed. She seemed really worried about Sara.
Lyria: Maybe... but maybe rather than saying she's changed, maybe she was always a kind person.
Lyria: Mmm... well Volenna was the one who was originally assigned to that mission for the Priestess of the Dunes too.
Lyria: I hope Sara gets better soon.
Despite her tough appearance, Volenna had begun to truly want to protect Sara, beyond what duty required of her.
She had been trying to help Sara ever since she was struck down by her illness.

Intertwined Fate[edit]

As the party volunteers to slay the monsters in the mountains, a young boy requests that they take him along. He explains that he wants to avenge his dog that was killed by the monsters. However, Volenna dismisses his request and Lyria convinces him to stay at the village.

During their journey, (Captain) and company came across a village suffering from repeated invasions by monsters.
The party decides to save the village by slaying the monsters in the mountain.
Lyria: Now, let's go save those villagers!
Volenna: It's good that you have enthusiasm, but I hope you're ready for this.
Volenna: A battle's outcome is mostly determined by the preparation... Hm?
Boy: ...
Volenna: Hey, kid. What do you want?
Boy: Um... Please take me with you to beat those monsters!
Lyria: Wha?! It's dangerous!
Boy: But I want to get revenge! My dog died trying to save me from the boss of those monsters...!
Volenna: No.
Boy: Please, lady! He was like a brother to me!
Volenna: No. You'll only be a burden.
Boy: But... I'll do my best not to get in the way! So please...
Volenna: Hmph...
Vyrn: Oh! Ah... He's gone. You didn't have to be so cold!
Lyria: But she's right about it being dangerous for a child.
Lyria: Um... We promise to take care of those monsters. So wait for us in the village, okay?
Boy: ...

Intertwined Fate: Scene 2[edit]

Volenna dismisses the idea of getting revenge for the dog that died protecting his young master. She explains that risking the boy's life after it was saved by the dog would be an insult to the dog's efforts.

Vyrn: Ugh... There's no end to these monsters... We can't keep this up forever!
Volenna: The problem isn't their numbers... Their strength must be in their boss' leadership.
Volenna: Once we take out the leader, they should be easy to take care of.
Vyrn: I see! Let's go find that boss then!
Volenna: If the boss is the cautious type, it should be in the depths of the mountains protected by its minions.
Volenna: Remember not to let your guard down, (Captain).
Lyria: Earlier... That boy said his dog was killed by the boss of those monsters, didn't he?
Vyrn: Yeah... Let's take out that boss and get revenge for him!
Volenna: How foolish.
Vyrn: Wha?! Why would you say that?!
Volenna: The idea of going to get revenge is foolish in itself.
Volenna: That boy's dog gave his life to protect him.
Volenna: Throwing his life away in an attempt to get revenge would make that death meaningless.
Volenna: Why should we let him to do that?
Lyria: I see... I didn't think of it that way...
Vyrn: Tch! There are nicer ways to say that, you know?
Volenna: Hmph.
Volenna: Wait... (Captain). Look at these footprints... They're bigger than the other monsters.
Volenna: Hmph, you can hide all you want but I know you're there...!
Monster: Grrrr...
Volenna: There it is...! That's a lot of confidence. (Captain), let's go!

Intertwined Fate: Scene 3[edit]

Volenna speaks to the young boy in front of his dog's grave. As a bodyguard herself, she expresses her pride in the dog for protecting the boy with his life. Next next day, the boy sees the party off and tells them that he would also like to protect someone when he grows up.

(Captain) and company successfully defeat the boss and the remaining monsters.
When they report back to the village, the villagers are elated. Not only do they offer a reward, but they ask the party to stay and rest.
Vyrn: Hey! They said they're gonna give us food at the dining hall!
Lyria: Yay! I'm starving! Let's go, (Captain)! You too, Volenna... Aren't you coming?
Volenna: Sorry, but there's something I want to talk to a villager about. Go ahead without me.
Lyria: Sure! You must be tired, so don't overwork yourself, Volenna.
Volenna: Yes, I know. I'll see you later.
Boy: ...
Volenna: There you are.
Boy: It's you...
Volenna: This is for your dog.
Boy: Huh? ... Flowers...? Thank you...
Volenna: Your dog was a loyal bodyguard. He protected you from harm in the face of danger. As someone who shares the same duty, I'm proud of him.
Boy: T-Thanks...
Boy: But... But you know. I wanted him to... Be alive, with me...
Boy: Waah... sob...
Volenna: This dog is fortunate. Not only did he fulfill his duty, but he has someone who cares enough to cry for him.
Volenna: Give him your farewells, and cry as much as you'd like.
Boy: Waaaaahhh!
Volenna softly pats the boy's head as he cries over his dog's grave.
The next day, the party is fully rested and ready to leave the village.
Vyrn: Well, it's time to go! Hm? That's...
Boy: Pant... Pant...! W-Wait!
The boy calls to (Captain) and company with eyes that are red and puffy from crying.
Lyria: What's wrong? Do you need something?
Boy: Um... Miss?
Volenna: What is it?
Boy: When I grow up... I'm gonna be someone who will protect others, like my dog. No matter what.
Volenna: Hm... Good.
Volenna: You look like a new person today. Don't forget those words.
Boy: I won't!
Volenna's bluntness can be seen as cold by some.
However, the young boy was touched by the kind intentions behind her stern words.


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