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Official Profile[edit]




  • Parts of Zaja's skill names are German.
    • Iron Panzer consists of the English word "Iron" and the German word "Panzer" (meaning "armor").
    • Lockvogel means "decoy".

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, friend. You came into existence today.
Hehe, I must thank your parents for bringing someone such as you into this world. Have a wonderful day, my friend.


(Captain). Happy... birthday.
You speak to me like a... friend.
Look at me. I'm a hideous, grotesque brute.
I take delight in tearing my enemies apart, bathed in conflict like some demon.
When danger appears, I might go back to my old, violent ways.
But even if that happens, I'll always protect you, (Captain).
I promise. Because I trust you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, friend.
This day of celebration fills me with deep emotions.
I will continue to keep you safe, (Captain).
As I face the sins inside me...
I will be with you on this special day, each and every year.
Don't worry. Because you are who you are, (Captain).


Beloved friend, I wish you a happy birthday. This is the fourth occasion that I've had to celebrate your birth. On our long, shared journey, it seems there are fewer and fewer chances to gaze down at the bottom of the sky. Little by little the world seems to have grown. I hope you'll allow me to continue traveling beside you, (Captain). Next year I believe we'll greet this day in a world that seems even more open than this one.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

The new year begins...
Hehe, refreshing. I used to celebrate this day with my companions, but that was mostly just us beating up each other.
In any case I'll be relying on you again this year, friend.


I would call this feeling in my heart gratefulness. I'm grateful that I can enter a new year with a friend.
You've seen the visages of the company I kept before. It was no doubt frightening.
But even so you gave me a chance. I hope you will keep thinking that way.


The first sunrise of the year is a beautiful thing.
I wonder if my friends at the bottom of the sky are watching it too.
You say they are?
Yes, friend. You're probably right.
Let's have another great year, (Captain).


Nnn... (Captain)... Happy New Yeee—
Mmph... Sorry... There's nothing very wrong with me...
I actually just threw my back out doing heavy lifting as part of year-end cleaning...
And there are so many chores to do as it is... Sorting out weaponry, preparing food...
Hm? You'd like me to take it easy and leave things to the others?
But... Would that really be okay?
Mmph... Got it. When you look me straight in the eyes like that...
Sigh... I guess it may not be so bad to take New Year's off...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So people give sweet things to the ones they care about today. Heh heh. That's why everyone's so happy...
For me too? Yes, this makes me very happy. Thank you, my good friend.


Today's a good day. Yes, a very good day. Love is in the air.
Love and recognition... For my village, that only meant battle...
But today is about peace and rejuvenation. A day worthy of love.
So I will eat every single one of these chocolates you gave me, friend.
Thank you.


Again you give me a sugary delight. I thank you deeply from my heart.
But I also made sweets this year.
They are full of my feelings that I want to give out.
I want you to have some too, friend.
Why wait? It is not a problem if we both want to give something at the same time.
Hehe. Next month is going to be great.


Happy Valentine's.
Sweets for me again this year? Thanks.
You'd like me to eat them now? Why would that be?
Hm... I suppose if you want to know how I like the flavor... Yes, I could have a bite.
The sugary flavor is spreading all through my mouth... You've outdone yourself again.
And on top of that... They're heartwarming..
Heh... I'm going to be eating the rest in my room.
Thank you very much.

White Day Cutscenes
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White Day... This world sure has many different customs.
This is for you, good friend. I'm grateful for every day we spend together.


This is a symbol of my thanks to you, good friend.
Don't forget this look of joy on my face. Heh heh.
I look forward to spending more days with you, my dear friend.


Now is the time to hand you sweets in return for last month, friend.
Today is not just about you but to also thank everyone in the crew.
My friends would be surprised to see how far I've come...
Oh? You're giving me something too? Such integrity...
That is what makes you my beloved friend. Let us continue our friendship, (Captain).


Beloved friend, I made you a gift to express my thanks. Take it if you would...
Expressing affection for each other in this way... It is a wonderful custom.
I hope you'll let me give you another present next year.
Now then, let's give our little tokens of gratitude out to the crew.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Hand over the candy if you value your life.
Huh? Adults don't get to do this? My bad.


There is so much celebration in the skies. I've lived my life in these very skies myself, but things were so different...
How peaceful it feels to see these children running around so playfully...
You should go out and have a good time yourself, friend. There is no need to worry about me.
Here, have some candy... Hehe...


Help me, friend! My thumb... It's...
My thumb came off!
The ol' thumb trick was a favorite between me and my friends...
If that shocked you... No, it didn't. Never mind. Sorry...
Would you still give me candy? Thank you, friend...
I promise next year's trick will be better...


I'm sorry, (Captain)... I'm at a loss to think of any good pranks...
So instead... I've readied some treats.
One of the three is mouth-puckeringly sour. We'll each take one and eat them simultaneously.
Made your choice? Then let's do this!
Mine wasn't sour, and it doesn't look like yours was either...
The last one, then, must be...
Allow me... I'll take responsibility by eating it...

Letting out a bellow, Zaja runs off somewhere...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays... Kids are supposed to get presents today, right?
Hmm... Does that mean I should give them something too?


(Captain). It's very... calm today. Such calmness never existed for me nor my friends... I won't forget this moment. Thank you, friend.


I'm invited to a winter night's feast?
Thank you. I can barely stand in awe of you.
It is said that a friend of a friend is my friend.
Letting me spend time with your friends is a chance I mustn't waste.
Let us go now.
Hm? I'm not smiling enough?
I will work harder then.


What? You've all assembled with presents in hand?
You surely don't mean... The last person standing will walk away with them all?
Oh, I see... You plan to exchange them... How intriguing...
Now what should I give you?
A traditional decoration from my village? Would that please you?
Ah, thank you. I haven't made one in forever.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Sky Watcher[edit]

As they rested, a huge man named Zaja appeared in front of the party. Zaja told the party that he was searching the bottom of the sky for his missing friends. Zaja told the somewhat suspicious party he was about to leave, and that (Captain) reminded him of an old friend. Zaja said that (Captain) was in the same danger that his friend was once in, and in need of protection, so insisted on joining (Captain)'s party.

(Captain)'s party decided to head to an island famous for its beautiful scenery for a short break.
The party walked to a cliff on the island, an area that was said to have the best scenery.
Lyria: Wha...! Hey look, Katalina! That looks incredible!
Katalina: Yeah. I can get a clear view from here, I can look across the vastness of the sky.
Katalina: But... there's no barriers or anything here if you want to stand at the edge... Nothing to stop you falling off the cliff!
Vyrn: Ahh! Hey, what's he doing?!
???: ......
A surprised Vyrn saw a large man standing at the edge of the cliff.
Katalina: Wha?! What do you think you're doing? You'll fall if you stand there!
Lyria: A-Anyway! We need to stop him! He’s in danger!
Lyria: H-hey!
???: Whew...
???: What... what do you...?!
???: You... you lie... That can't be true...
Lyria: Wh-what are you doing?!
???: Hmm? It's nothing to worry yourselves about. Just tell me what you want...
Katalina: Ah. If you could see yourself you would understand, you're standing dangerously close to the edge. Perhaps you should stand a little further back.
???: That was all?
Lyria: Come again?
???: If that's all you came to tell me, then your business is done. Please leave me alone.
???: I'm busy... I haven't got time to mess around with you...
Katalina: W-Wait! It really is dangerous!
???: I know it's dangerous... I'm not going to do anything stupid like fall off the edge.
Vyrn: Hey, what are you leaning so far over to look at?
???: I'm looking for my friends... who are somewhere at the bottom of the sky... I just want to see their faces once more...
Vyrn: Hm? The bottom of the sky? Can people really travel to the bottom of the sky?
Katalina: No... the bottom of the sky isn't somewhere you can... and they're probably...
Katalina: Well... his friends are probably...
???: I'm sure they're still alive somewhere at the bottom of the sky. Happily living out their lives. That's why I'm searching for them.
Katalina: What? A-alive...? But... there's nothing at the bottom of the sky...
Lyria: Um... Then what exactly...?
???: I'm sorry... I suppose my words must be somewhat confusing for you...
???: They're all mixed up... truths and lies... because I'm trying to run away from my mistake...
???: Or... or maybe it wasn't a mistake... maybe my friends are alive somewhere far below, down at the bottom of the sky...
Vyrn: Huh? This guy... What the hell is he saying?
???: You don't need to understand. I don't need to be understood by you. So just hurry up and go away...
Vyrn: Ah... ok, let's leave him (Captain). Who the hell does this guy think he is anyway? Weirdo...
Katalina: H-hey, Vyrn! You shouldn't say that kind of stuff about people!
Katalina: But... I guess he's asked us to leave him alone anyway... And there's no reason to needlessly bother him...
Lyria: Katalina, wait a minute, We can't just leave this guy like this.
Vyrn: Say what?! Why not?!
Lyria: Well... he might be a little scary... but I don't think he seems like a bad guy.
Katalina: Lyria...
???: What are you planning? Why won't you leave me alone...! Are you trying to make me angry...?!
Lyria: You're wrong!
???: ?? So... why...?
Lyria: Well... you seemed to be really... sad... in pain almost...
Lyria: Uh... um... I really want to help, if there's anything I can do.
Vyrn: Ah... just like Lyria... always wanting to help people...
Vyrn: Alright then! Hey, old man! C'mon, say something! If there's anything we can do to help, we'll do it!
???: That's very kind of you... and you don't seem to be simply nosy...
???: I've got it... you share a lot of qualities... you're very much like... and... seem to be in danger...
Katalina: Hm? What do you mean by that?
???: No need to worry. It's just the ramblings of an old man.
The big man paused for a moment, glancing at each of the party in turn, before turning to stare at (Captain).
???: Hey, kid... you're in charge here, aren't you?
Vyrn: What?!? How come he didn't realize (Captain) was the leader of the order?!
???: You can tell by looking at the eyes. You have the look of someone who's dodged death many times.
???: Just answer one question for me. Why do you fight?
???: One day... everything... you might lose everything you hold dear, you know that, right?
???: Why... fight?
  1. So we don't lose
  2. To reach our goal

Choose: So we don't lose
???: ?? So you fight to protect the things you would lose if you lost a fight...?
Katalina: Indeed. It's a little complicated. We fight so we don't lose the things that matter to us, we fight to protect them.

Choose: To reach our goal
???: Goal...? So you are also prepared to fail in order to reach your goal...?
Katalina: Uh, well... I don't think that's what (Captain) really meant.
???: ?? What do you mean?
Katalina: You do need to be prepared for anything. But it's even more important to protect the things important to us. We fight to protect.
Continue 1
???: ?? To... protect...?
Vyrn: Hey... don't give us such a strange look...
???: To... to protect huh... I wonder if I could have protected my friends if I had thought like that...
???: Ah, I haven't told my name yet. My name is Zaja. Will you introduce yourselves to me?
(Captain) and companions introduced themselves to Zaja, also telling him that they were part of a sky order.
Zaja: I see... those are good names...
Zaja: Particularly because... Anyway, just before you were asking if there was anything you could do to help me.
Zaja: In fact, there is something. Would you allow me to join you... and use my strength to protect you?
Zaja: Skyfarers travel the sky, do they not? As such, it would be possible to get a good view of the bottom of the sky...
  1. Come and guard us
  2. Welcome to the group

Choose: Come and guard us
Vyrn: Sigh... why are you looking so pleased with yourself...?
Zaja: Thank you... I will do everything in my power to protect you...
Vyrn: Hey, mister... you're friendlier than you look...
Zaja: ??
Vyrn: So... why do you have such a mysterious expression...?
Vyrn: Wait, what?! Don’t tell me...!
Zaja: What? What did I do?
Katalina: Haha, it's ok, you didn't do anything.
Zaja: If that's the case... ok then...

Choose: Welcome to the group
Katalina: Hehe... yeah. Just like Lyria said, you don't seem like a bad guy. We don't have any reason to refuse you.
Zaja: Hm... I see... thank you...
Continue 2
Katalina: Ok, well now the talking's done, let's get back to the ship. It's starting to get dark.
Lyria: Hehe... our airship is huge, you know!
Zaja: I look forward to seeing it.
The party returned to the airship, with Zaja trailing along slowly behind, quietly mumbling to himself.
Zaja: This time... I'll protect them...

Reason to Fight[edit]

The party arrives as a peaceful village to restock on some supplies during their journey. Zaja watches the happy villagers with a contented smile, but bandits suddenly appear and raid the village. Burning with rage, Zaja fights the bandits to save the villagers.

As they gathered information on the primal beasts during their journey, the party arrives at an island to restock on some supplies.
They arrive at a nearby village, and everyone there seems to be full of smiles.
Lyria: Hehe! You look happy, Zaja!
Zaja: It just makes me happy... to watch these people live happy lives...
Child: Ahhh!
Villager: Noo! My boy!
Katalina: What's wrong?!
Bandit 1: Heheheh... Give us all the food and valuables you've got!
Bandit 2: You'd better not defy us, or this kid's gonna get it!
Katalina: Bandits?! Those cowards...!
Zaja: You dare disturb the peace of these people... Scum...!
Zaja: Unforgivable...!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Damn! He went off by himself!
Katalina: Ugh...! Let's go after him!

Reason to Fight: Scene 2[edit]

As Zaja fights with the strength of ten men, he gradually shows signs of enjoying the battle. Katalina manages to stop him, but he is clearly disturbed by his own actions.

Vyrn: Look at him go! He's taking on a bunch of them by himself!
Katalina: Something's wrong...
Zaja: Kehe... Hahaha...!
Bandit 2: Aaaahhh! N-No more! I'll let the kid go! Please!
Zaja: Hahaha...! HAHAHAHA!!
Bandit 2: Uwaaaaa!
Bandit 1: Eek! W-What's with you?!
Zaja: Hm...? What are you afraid of? Are those toys in your hands, or weapons...?
Zaja: Those are tools of war... It's for cutting, slicing, and crushing your enemies! They're tools for killing... Am I wrong?
Zaja: Then what does that make us? Warriors. Fighters. Killers!!
Zaja: So do not fear... Laugh... Enjoy it... Feel the joy of parting flesh... The joy of being torn apart...!
Bandit 1: Aaaahhhh!
Katalina: Stop! You're going too far, Zaja! You'll hurt the children!
Zaja: Hahaha...! Children...?
As the child is released by the bandit, Zaja raises his axe and his eyes meet with the child's.
Child: Ah...!
Zaja: ...! W-What...?! I...!
Zaja: What have I... I felt so alive in battle... No... How foolish I've been...
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doing?! You're still in middle of a fight!
Zaja: Y-Yes... I'm sorry... I-I'll pick up my weapon now...
Bandit 1: Ugh... H-Hey! Let's get out of here!!
Katalina: Stop! You won't get away!

Reason to Fight: Scene 3[edit]

Zaza seems shaken by the recent events, even after the bandits are driven away. Seemingly deranged, Zaza runs away from the village. The party becomes worried about Zaza and chases after him, then offers to help. Seeing them reminds him of his friend from his past, and he clutches his head in confusion. He lets out a howl as if to drive away the hallucinations, and strikes down the bandits that were trailing the party.

(Captain)'s party manages to drive away the bandits that invaded the village, but Zaza seems bewildered by the whole ordeal.
Zaja: Why... Why won't these impulses go away...? I know what happens when I... Agh!
Katalina: W-Wait! Where are you going, Zaza?
Zaja: Ah... Those wretched emotions are coming back... I... What should I do...?
Zaja: My friends! Did you not die because of these same emotions...?
Zaja: Ahh, no... It's my fault... I...! No... My friends... They live... No!!
Vyrn: What's going on? Is he all right?!
Zaja: (Captain), everyone... You came for me... But... I can no longer be with you...
Katalina: Why? Does this have to do with your reaction to the battle earlier?
Zaja: This is my own problem...
Lyria: Why... Why won't you tell us anything?
Zaja: Because... This burden is my own...
Katalina: No, you're wrong Zaza.
Zaja: ...? What... do you mean...?
Katalina: We don't know what kind of demons you face.
Katalina: But we can see you suffering from the weight of your burdens!
Zaja: ...!
Lyria: U-Um! If you feel like your troubles are too much, I'll share the load with you!
Zaja: ... What?
Katalina: Heh... Not just Lyria. Right, (Captain)?
Zaja: Why...? Why would you do this for me...?
  1. Because we're your friends.
  2. Isn't it obvious?

Choose: Because we're your friends.
Zaja: ...! Friend... You're... my friends...!

Choose: Isn't it obvious?
Vyrn: Yeah! You should know this by now!
Lyria: Exactly! We're all your friends!
Zaja: I'm... your friends...?
Continue 1
Katalina: That's right, Zaza. So you can trust us. We want to be there for you.
Zaja: For me...? My... friends...?
Zaja: Ah, agh... Aaahh... Aaargh!
Friend: "My friend, if you're ever suffering... I want you to tell me. I will always be there for you. "
Friend: "Why? Why do you stop the fighting?! Without battle, we are nothing! My friend, don't deny your love of combat!"
Friend: "My friend... No, chief. If a peaceful, boring life is what you seek... We will be leaving the village!"
Zaja: ...! No!!
Katalina: Wha...?!
Lyria: Katalina! Stop him, please!
Friend: "... Haha... Chief... We all lost... But still... Nothing is more fun than battle... "
Friend: "Why do you cry... My friend... You may not have fought by our side... But that... was not... a mistake... "
Zaja: Aaaaahhhhh!!
Katalina: Agh!
His swing did not hit Katalina, but instead...
Bandit: Ack...!
The bandit that was sneaking up behind (Captain) and company is struck.
Katalina: Wha...! Where did they come from?!
Zaja: Huff... Huff... This time... I will fight by your side. But not for the joy of battle...
Katalina: I'm glad to see you've calmed down.
Vyrn: You had us worried for a minute!
Zaja: (Captain), I'm sorry... I can't tell you everything yet. I'm not ready to face the truth...
Zaja: I don't know what will happen from here on out...
Zaja: But... I know what I must do right now...!
Bandit: Damn! Don't just stand there, fight back! Attack!!
Zaja: Foolish bandits. I have a message for you to deliver.
Zaja: When you see my dear friend that's peacefully resting beyond the distant skies... Tell him I will fight on, to protect those I care about...!

Reason to Fight: Scene 4[edit]

Although they drive away the bandits, Zaja wallows in self-loathing and remorse for enjoying the battle. The party tells him he can change slowly, but Zaja claims he won't be able to protect anyone that way. They reply that he's already saved them and the village, then the villagers express their gratitude as well. With those words, Zaja finally realizes he was able to save someone.

Zaja: As I thought... It's not so easy to change... a man's love of battle...
Katalina: There's no need to rush. You can change little by little.
Zaja: But... How can I protect anyone like this...?
Vyrn: Mmm? What are you talking about? You saved us just a little while ago.
Katalina: That's right. If you hadn't noticed the enemy earlier... we would have been taken by surprise.
Katalina: Thank you. You saved us, Zaja.
Zaja: I did...?
As Zaja struggled with how to respond, the villagers appear from the forest.
Villager: Ah, there you are! Thank you so much for your help earlier!
Villager: We wanted to properly thank you and welcome you as our guests.
Katalina: But... are you sure?
Villager: Of course! Please, come to the village. Everyone is waiting.
Lyria: Yay! Thank you! Let's go! Come on Zaja, you too!
Zaja: N-No... I...
As Zaja hesitates, a child appears from among the villagers.
Zaja: You're... the child from before...
Child: I'm sorry for getting scared earlier... You saved me...
Child: Um, I'll be waiting for you at the village! I helped make some food, so please come eat!
With that, the child blushes and returns to the village with the others.
Zaja: I protected him...? Me...?
Katalina: Yes, you protected that child and the whole village. No one can deny that. Not even you.
Zaja: I see... I see...
Lyria: Hehe, come on Zaja!
Zaja: Yes...!
The warrior struggles to find answers through ghosts of his past. However, he now has trusted friends by his side.
His journey with his friends is sure to help him grow and lead him on the right path.

Bravery or Bravado[edit]

One day, Stan learns of how Zaja's friends died valiantly in battle. As if to make up for his blunt remark about the fact, Stan confesses how weak he truly feels. Startled by his honesty, Zaja promises to protect him. However, he also senses danger in Stan's heart, and prays he never turns reckless in his pursuit of strength.

One day, Stan comes out to the deck to find a most peculiar sight.
Zaja: ...
Stan: Hmm, is that Zaja? What's he doing out here?
Curious as to why Zaja is standing so close to the edge of the deck while looking down, Stan approaches him.
Stan: Hey, Zaja. What are you doing over there?
Zaja: Hm? Ah, Stan...
Zaja: I was searching for my friends... forever lost to the depths of the skies...
Stan: Heh, you can actually see that far down?
Stan joins Zaja and leans forward, but sees nothing but the vast blue sky.
Zaja: My friends live on... happily below the skies...
Stan: Umm, I don't see anything...
Zaja: Forgive me... My words... are filled with irony...
Stan: Uhh, what do you mean?
Zaja: My friends fought fearlessly... And passed on to the other side, to the bottom of the sky...
Stan: ...
Zaja: And now... They live happily down there...
Stan tries to make sense of what Zaja is saying.
Stan: I see what you mean now. They fought without fear of death, and died honorably... I can respect that...
Zaja: ...
Stan: Sorry, I mean they're still alive! Right below the skies!
Zaja: Yes... But no... My friends are no longer...
Stan: U-um, I'm so... I... I wish I knew what to say...
Zaja: Forgive me... As I try to forget my sin... Truths and untruths overlap...
Stan: ...
Zaja: You need not concern yourself... I do not seek to be understood.
Although Zaja speaks little of his past, Stan can feel the weight behind each of his words.
Stan: (Uh oh, did I make him angry? Maybe I hurt his feelings...)
Stan: (I might've pried too much into his past...)
Stan often resorts to bravado, but this turn of events with Zaja help him come to a realization.
Stan: I'm a coward. I shake inside every time I fight a monster. That's why I've always admired the fearless and daring...
Stan: I'm sorry, Zaja... That just slipped...
Zaja: ...
Stan: Heh... I'm too afraid to even tell others that I'm afraid of monsters...
Zaja: You're afraid...? To go down in battle...
Stan: Yea, I'll admit it...
Zaja: Then I will protect you, my friend... You have nothing to fear...
Stan: P-protect me? Hey, I'm no dainty little princess, alright!
Zaja: That is not the issue... I am here... to protect my friends...
Stan: Argh! Everyone always looks down on me! Always!
Stan: I'll get stronger! I'll train harder than ever! I'll show you that I don't need any protecting!
And with that, Stan turns on his heel and leaves.
Zaja: ...
Zaja: Please, do not fret, my friend... Do not be like my friends who rushed off into battle...
Zaja: When you have gained true strength... I pray that you may never come to enjoy the pursuit of war...
Zaja looks on worriedly as Stan walks away.
Although Zaja's tribe always favored bravery and courage, Stan's attitude presents a different kind of peril. With his thoughts still on Stan, Zaja tightly grips the handle of his axe.

Laughter Echoing Down[edit]

Ludmila stops by a village where her unstoppable laughter incites resentment. Zaja then tries to come up with a way to help her stop laughing. In return, Ludmila tells Zaja that perhaps his missing friends are the ones looking for him, so he should laugh as loudly as possible to let them know he's okay.

In a remote village terrible things are happening one after the other.
Child: Waaaah! The present my grandma bought me just broke!
The precious toy the boy often played with lies before him in pieces as he cries.
Young Woman: But... why... Why did he leave me... and run off with that other woman...
Sadness consumes the woman as she reads a letter from her lover that has arrived to inform her that their relationship has reached its end.
Boat Engineer: Blast it all... That boat construction deal was all but mine...
Sadly the job that the engineer should have received was stolen by a rival.
Then they hear a devilish sound...
???: Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: Hm?
A woman with a gun appears, laughing uncontrollably. She stops in front of the unfortunate three.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Is there a weapon shop around here? I need bullets... Hehe...
Poisoned by a mushroom she ingested long ago, Ludmila is cursed with laughter that will never end.
Boat Engineer: Are you a traveler?
Ludmila: Hehehe... Yeah. Ahaha! I've come with my crew to get some shopping done. Hehe.
Boat Engineer: Why are you laughing at us? I'm not in the mood to be ridiculed by anyone.
Ludmila: Ahahaha! Right... I don't mean to do that... Tehe... Sorry... I don't mean any disrespect... Hehehe! Gahaha!
Boat Engineer: Why you! You think what happened to me is funny? Is what happened really a laughing matter?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! S-sorry... I can't control the laughing... Hehe! But I'll try!
Ludmila: ...!
Ludmila forces her stomach to contract, causing the air in her body to stop flowing and ceasing the laughter.
Ludmila: I can't... I'm really sorry! Bahaha!
Young Woman: Are you laughing at me as well? Do you think less of me for being thrown aside by my love!
Ludmila: Hehehehe! I really don't! I just can't help it! Gahaha!
Child: Then you're laughing at me! Because my very special toy broke, aren't you!
Ludmila: Hehehe! I'm not! Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: How dare you! Get outta here! We won't stand for garbage like you laughing at us in our misery! Don't show your face here again!
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I'm sorry!
Ludmila's condition creates a terrible impression of her.
On a cliff some distance from the village, a large figure stands.
Zaja: My friends...
Zaja gazes past the clouds below in hopes of one day finding his missing friends.
He hears strange laughter and turns his head to see a small person cradling themselves.
Ludmila: Oh man... Hehe... Sigh... Why does this happen to me... Ahaha...
Zaja: What's wrong, Ludmila?
Ludmila: Gasp!
Oh, it's just you. Why aren't you with (Captain)?
Although the two are part of the same crew, they seldom exchange words.
Zaja: The others said they would be heading into a cramped cave, and as you can see I am quite large, so I would only get in the way.
Ludmila: Pahaha!
Zaja: Did I say something strange?
Ludmila: Hehe! Giggle! No... I couldn't go with them for a similar reason.
Ludmila: Haha! There are monsters they need to get rid of that are sensitive to sound... And since I laugh so much...
Ludmila: Ahaha! I decided it's best to stay behind! I'd do much worse than just get in the way! Hehe! The monster would have a field day with me!
Zaja: Then... why not stop laughing?
Ludmila: Tehe! I would if I could... It's a long story...
Ludmila goes into detail about eating a new species of mushroom, and how it's plagued her with unstoppable laughter ever since.
Zaja: I see. I always thought your ability to find everything so funny was a bit strange, but I never would have guessed a mushroom was behind it...
Zaja: But that you laugh so much always makes you seem like you're enjoying yourself.
Ludmila: Heehee! It does cause me trouble though... A second ago I was laughing when it really wasn't appropriate, and I made some people really angry... Ahaha!
Zaja: That does sound difficult...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... At least you get it...
Zaja: What's happened now? You seem in pain...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Hahaha! I... can't breathe... from all... the laughter... Hehe!
Ludmila: Sigh... Hehe... I wish I could be as relaxed as you are, Zaja. What can I do... Hehe!
Zaja: Hmm... I wish I could help.
Zaja: But all I ever do is search for my friends at the bottom of the sky. What use could I be to you...
Ludmila: Hehe! Huh? Bottom of the sky? What are you talking about?
Zaja tells Ludmila about his quest for his friends and about his delusions.
Zaja: My friends are alive... At the bottom of the sky... I just want to see their happy faces at least once...
Typically anyone who listens to Zaja's tragic tale of his departed comrades is lost for words.
Ludmila: Hehe! I'm sorry! Haha! I don't mean to laugh...
Zaja: I understand. My past is what it is. But I want to help you with your present.
Zaja: If I understand correctly, you can't control the laughter. When I was a leader...
Zaja: I learned that a person in charge must always remain calm. That is why I do not often seem moved.
Ludmila: Wheeze! Hehe! You might not believe this, but at the moment, I'm pretty relaxed.
Zaja: Hmm... What if you try to recall painful memories? It may make you sad, but perhaps the pain will help.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Just a second ago... Haha! Was a pretty painful experience... but no tamale!
Zaja: Right... What if I pinch your arm?
Ludmila: Gaha! I've tried everything. I can't even stop laughing when I'm fighting! Ahaha!
Ludmila: Cough! Hehe! Thanks for thinking of so many ideas just for me.
Zaja: But of course. We're a part of the same crew. Helping each other is the obvious course of action.
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... You're a good guy, Zaja...
Zaja: I just want to help my comrades. Wouldn't you do the same?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I would. But I'm just so annoying. I'd think people would stay away from me... Haha!
Zaja: I don't think that's the case. None of our comrades would say such a thing.
Ludmila: Hehe! Yeah... You're probably right... Hehehe!
Zaja: Hm... Still can't get that laughter under control...
Ludmila: Ahaha!
Zaja: Right...
Ludmila: Bahaha!
Zaja: Hmm...
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh!
Ludmila: Hehe... Huh? What's wrong?
Zaja: I'm sorry... Hearing your laughter for so long... It's infectious...
Zaja: Heh heh heh!
Ludmila: Ahaha! What's with that laugh! Bahaha! Hahahahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh heh! Your laughter continues to escalate...
Ludmila: Hehehe! But this is a real laugh! The sounds you make are just too funny!
Zaja: Heh heh heh... Who would have thought I could make you laugh even more... Heh... Or that you would think my laughter is strange...
Ludmila: Hehehe! You make a good point! Hehe! Hahaha! I'm so sorry!
Ludmila: Hehe... Zaja... I thought of something after hearing your story...
Zaja: Hm?
Ludmila: Giggle... If you think your friends are happily living at the bottom of the sky, then maybe they're the ones searching for you...
Zaja: What do you mean?
Ludmila: Hehe! If you try this hard to help me, your friends must love you.
Ludmila: Haha! So who would want to leave you behind? I bet they're trying to find you too.
Zaja: ...
Zaja recalls, for a just a moment, the time he spent with his friends.
Ludmila: Hehe! Zaja... Laugh a little now and then... To let them know you're okay, got it?
Zaja: What?
Ludmila: Ahaha! I bet your laughter could reach all the way to the bottom of the sky. Just let them know where you are! Hehe!
Ludmila: Hehe! I want to help you...
Ludmila: Haha! But my laughter isn't really that useful... so... Haha!
Zaja: Heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe... Laughable, ain't it?
Zaja: Heh heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe!
Zaja: Hahaha!
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Bahaha!
Ludmila: Gahahaha!
Ludmila and Zaja pass their time laughing into the great blue.
Little do they know that they are being watched.
Vyrn: What the heck? A long day's work, and then we find these two laughing their heads off...
Lyria: I wonder what happened...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Haha! Who knows. But looking at 'em makes me laugh too!
Lyria: Hehehe! It does! I feel like all my funny bones are being tickled.
Zaja & Ludmila: Bahahaha!
Anyone who hears those two laughing is drawn in to laugh themselves.
Even (Captain) and the others are not immune. Together, their laughter echoes even to the bottom of the skies.