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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. I brought you a gift.
My apologies for the brief greeting. Today is not a day off for me, so I must return with haste to Erste...
From next year onward, I shall use my holiday leave to make sure I can celebrate this special day with you.
I'm extremely interested in what preparations are necessary for birthday parties-
Ah, excuse me for getting carried away. (Captain), I hope you have a wonderful day today.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
On the deck I have prepared a celebration reminiscent of the kind of congratulatory banquets thrown at the palace.
It is not as authentic as I would have liked, but there was a limit to what I could do given the material circumstances. I would say it is palace-esque.
I thought I would gift you the experience of a grand banquet, even if only the atmosphere.
Here is the agenda. Of course, you are the guest of honor, (Captain). I do hope you have a fantastic time.
Now, allow me to escort you to the venue. This way, please.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. I have received orders from the queen to take the end of the year off.
Would it be all right if I spent this occasion among you and your crew?
Your kindness truly knows no bounds.
If there's any work to be done around here, please do not hesitate to assign some to me.
You require assistance to prepare for the New Year's party? Understood.
I shall liven up the space with traditional Erste decorations.


Please accept this, (Captain).
It is a present from the palace elders. New year's money, they call it.
Hm? You cannot accept it?
I had a feeling you would say that, (Captain).
Alas, this is my first task of the new year. I apologize if I have caused you any embarrassment.
That said, I cannot force you to accept it if that is your wish.
As a compromise, I will hold onto this money, and should you ever need it, it will be ready for you. How does that sound?
You are very young with much of life still ahead of you, (Captain).
Money may not be everything, but it can be helpful in dealing with some of life's more unfavorable surprises.
So you approve of my suggestion? Excellent. I suppose now I can consider my first task of the year complete.
Ah yes, and Happy New Year, (Captain). May it be a good one for both of us.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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On the morning of Valentine's Day, a small parcel is delivered to Adam just as he begins his daily duties.
A package for me? Is this...
(Captain), you must have gone out of your way...
Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to give this to me. I shall treasure it dearly.
However, as a golem, I am ashamed that you had to go through so much effort on my behalf.
I shall work hard over the course of this year so that I may take next Valentine's Day off to spend with you.


I apologize for the sudden visit, (Captain).
Since you went through such lengths to deliver Valentine's Day chocolate to me last year, I thought it would be better if I came to—
No... You have already sent your present?
How shortsighted of me... It seems my attempt at being considerate has only caused you more trouble.
Choose: I prepared an extra one just in case!
My... Are you sure? I would rather not take advantage of your generosity by receiving two gifts.
Your original plan was to hand it to me in person? How... very thoughtful.
You have saved me from a moment of embarrassment with your kindness.
I promise I will make time to delight in both of your gifts.

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), good morning.
Yes, Queen Orchis arranged for me to have today off...
As a golem, it pains me to have you and my lady worry on my behalf.
I shall endeavor to finish my work even faster from next year onward...
You would rather I didn't push myself and properly went in for maintenance?
Of course, I understand the importance of such matters, and shall take your concern to heart.
Setting that aside, here is a selection of Erste's most famous confections. I hope you find them to your liking.


(Captain) has received a letter.
Adam's Letter: Dear (Captain), Thank you for showing me such kindness this past Valentine's Day.
I am sending this letter to inform you that I will likely be unable to take leave on White Day.
As an apology, I have prepared an arrangement of confections and popular Agastia fare, the former of which you expressed a fondness for last year.
Please do enjoy them with the rest of the crew. Sincerely—
Adam's Voice: Good morning, (Captain).
Adam: I took advantage of my stamina as a golem and managed to get all of my work done before today.
Ah, I see you have received my package.
Though I imagine this moment would have been much more magical had I the opportunity to hand it to you directly.

Chocolate Biscuits
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain), I have a question I must ask you.
Do you find my reaction... lacking?
I see. So you also desire something different.
Queen Orchis wished to see me surprised as well.
This is quite the conundrum. Clearly, I still have a lot to learn on the matter...
(Captain), I look to you for guidance. Please teach me how one surprises and is surprised by tricks!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), happy holidays.
Apologies for the sudden notice, but would it be possible to borrow an empty room on your ship?
Queen Orchis declared that everyone in the palace must take holiday leave, you see.
I'm afraid I don't know what to do with days of free time available to me...
When I went to ask my lady for advice, she instead directed me to you.
Would you mind teaching me how one should spend the holidays relaxing?


I must thank you for teaching me how to spend the holidays last year. It was a truly invaluable experience.
I had reported what I learned to Queen Orchis, and she sent me to join your skyfaring crew this year as well.
It has come to my attention that now is the time when you are all at your busiest.
Supporting Santa Claus and participating in an assortment of seasonal events and whatnot sounds quite hectic.
Instead of taking a break, as it were, perhaps my time would be better spent assisting you in your winter endeavors?
Pardon? The holiday festivities are more recreation than a series of formal events?
How very curious. I gather what constitutes a vacation is in the eyes of the vacationer...
Thank you for the valuable insight. Please allow me to help you on your "holiday."

Fate Episodes

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A Golem's Duty

Before heading for the Oarlyegrande Skydom, (Captain) and crew drop by the Erste Kingdom to return Lloyd. Orchis suggests everyone take a few days off in Erste before departing, sparking Adam to begin preparations to receive their guests. However, Orchis tells Adam to take some time off as well. The golem only agrees after (Captain) and the others ask him to head into town with them the following day.

Before (Captain) and crew set out for the Oarlyegrande Skydom, they make a stop at the Erste Kingdom.
They arrive to return Lloyd, whom they successfully retrieved after battling Zwei and the Violet Knight.
Lloyd: ...
Adam: I detect no trace of Akasha. It appears that the primal beast has completely left him.
Orchis: (Captain), thank you so much for representing Erste...
At Orchis's grateful bow, (Captain) shyly says, "It was no problem."
Vyrn: Yeah, don't worry about it! It was something we had to do anyway.
Lyria: We couldn't let someone use Akasha for their own gain like that...
Adam: Your kindness certainly knows no bounds... Now that business has concluded, where are you headed to next?
  1. To the Oarlyegrande Skydom.

Choose: To the Oarlyegrande Skydom.
Orchis: The Oarlyegrande Skydom! Where the master of the Seven Luminary Knights awaits...
Adam: So the time has finally come for you to face the True King.
Vyrn: Do you happen to know anything about the guy?
Adam: My apologies, but I'm not acquainted with the man. I only know of the rumors surrounding his imposing rule.
Adam: Based on those rumors, he is not a man to be trifled with.
Adam: But you will press on regardless, I'm sure. I'll be praying for your safety and good fortune on the journey ahead.
Orchis: Whatever happens, never lose faith!
Vyrn: Heheh, we can handle a big baddie or two after all we've been through!
(Captain) and Lyria nod alongside Vyrn's words.
Seeing their determined expressions, Orchis and Adam exchange small smiles.
Orchis: You won't be departing right away, will you?
Orchis: Your trip to Oarlyegrande will most likely take a while...
Orchis: It would be nice if we could find a way to thank you before you leave, especially after everything you've done for us.
Adam: Now that matters in Erste have stabilized, we are able to receive guests.
Adam: Should you find it agreeable, we can provide you with lodgings and anything else you need to rest and recuperate for a few days.
Lyria: Oh, thank you so much! (Captain), we can stay for a little bit, can't we?
  1. It'd be rude to say no, right?

Choose: It'd be rude to say no, right?
Lyria: Yay! I have so much I want to talk with you about, Orchis!
Orchis: And I, you. I want to hear all about your journey so far.
Lyria: Of course, I'd love to share! We just have to let Katalina and the others know we're staying first!
Adam: Well then, I shall see to the necessary arrangements for your stay. Please, enjoy yourselves.
At Adam's command, the soldiers standing by scatter to carry out his orders.
Vyrn: Thanks, Adam! Orchis! We'll be back real quick!
Adam: I cannot recall the last time we were able to receive guests in our home.
Adam: I shall make sure their rooms and meals are properly arranged.
Orchis: Why don't you leave those tasks to someone else? You should also take the occasional break.
Orchis: Besides, this is a rare opportunity to spend some time with (Captain) and the others.
Adam: I'm afraid not. As prime minister, it is my duty to personally take care of such esteemed guests.
Orchis: Not this again...
Adam: Hmm? What is it?
Orchis: You never spare an ounce of consideration for yourself.
Adam: Whatever do you mean? If you find I am lacking in some manner, please let me know.
Orchis: You're very insistent that our friends get some rest, but have you ever taken some time off for yourself?
Adam: I... am a golem. I don't feel exhaustion and therefore do not require rest.
Adam: As long as I undergo periodic maintenance, you have nothing to worry about.
Orchis: Really now? The other day, I actually heard one of the researchers grumbling about a certain prime minister not stopping by often enough for inspections.
Orchis: I understand you can handle minor external repairs, but what about internal ones?
Adam: Any outstanding issues that do not interfere with day-to-day activities can be delayed for another day. Other matters of attention take priority.
Orchis: I know more than anyone else that I still have a long way to go before I can handle more responsibilities, but still, you—
Adam: ...!
At Adam's surprised glance, three sheepish figures peek their heads in.
Lyria: S-sorry for eavesdropping...
Vyrn: After we finished chattin' with everyone, a buncha soldiers came up and said they'd take care of fixing up the ship...
Lyria: They told us we could choose any room to stay in, but we weren't sure which...
Adam: As they said, you are free to select any room to your liking.
Vyrn: S-seriously? But some of those rooms are way too big for one person...
Adam: You may use even a large room for just yourself, if that is what you wish.
Vyrn: Someone pinch me... Oh, but I'll still be turning in for the night with you, (Captain)!
Adam: Well, Your Majesty, I shall take my leave and handle our meal preparations.
Adam: I will also adjust your schedule accordingly, so you may enjoy your time with everyone free of worry—
  1. But we want to talk with you too.

Choose: But we want to talk with you too.
Adam: With... me?
Lyria: Yeah! We've never had a chance to sit down and talk with you, Adam!
Vyrn: Now that you mention it... All our time together was spent fighting against Akasha and the Holy Erste Empire and stuff...
Adam: While that is true, I still have business to attend to today—
Orchis: Will you be free tomorrow?
Adam: I'm afraid I already have—
Orchis: I can take over for you tomorrow. I might not be perfect at handling things yet, but I can always ask Freesia for help.
Orchis: Besides, it's the duty of the prime minister to entertain his esteemed guests, isn't it?
Orchis: As a golem too, your top priority is to put a smile on everyone's faces.
Adam: You speak the truth... However, are you certain I'm up to the task?
Adam: I'm not equipped with any functions for providing stimulating conversation...
(Captain) assures Adam that he is more than up for the task, then suggests that they spend tomorrow walking through town.
Adam: Ah, I see. If it is a guide you wish for, then I can introduce you to a more suitable candidate—
Orchis: Adam.
Adam: Very well... Let us head into town together, then.
Orchis: (Thank you.)
Adam nods his head, resigned to his fate. Behind him, Orchis subtly winks at the crew.
Returning the wink with a smile, (Captain) thinks that tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Good Morning

The next day, (Captain) and crew go into town with Adam and use the opportunity to take him in for maintenance, which he had been putting off. They travel to Erste's main golem research facility and are greeted by one of its senior engineers, who has Adam temporarily shut down for his checkup.

Now that they have returned Lloyd to the Erste Kingdom, (Captain) and crew set their sights on the Oarlyegrande Skydom.
But before they resume their journey, they accept Orchis and Adam's offer to stay for a few days on Ravi Island as esteemed guests.
Today marks the second day of their stay, which they plan on spending with Adam in town.
Adam: ...
Lyria: A-Adam...
Adam: I wonder what the matter could be. Is there a suspicious person about?
Vyrn: Er, I'm pretty sure they're being wary of you.
  1. You're glaring daggers everywhere.
  2. Mephorash is safe, isn't it?

Choose: You're glaring daggers everywhere.
Adam: Based on previous experiences, one can never be too careful.
Adam: I simply cannot risk any of you being subjected to harm.

Choose: Mephorash is safe, isn't it?
Adam: Generally speaking, it is... But there's no telling what hidden dangers lurk, as our experience with the Holy Erste Empire has taught us.
Adam: I simply cannot risk inconveniencing you due to a problem caused by Erste.
Continue 1
Vyrn: You got nothing to worry about! (Captain)'s gotten super strong, y'know!
Lyria: Us too. We can handle a decent amount of danger on our own!
Confidently flexing, (Captain) nods along.
Adam: (I suppose that they do seem different compared to when we first met...)
Adam: On behalf of the proud history of Erste, please grant me this request.
Adam: Please... I implore you to bring an end to Erste's existence.
Adam: (There is a confidence there now, stemming from the challenges they've overcome.)
Adam: I... acknowledge your point.
Adam: Truly, your growth has been nothing short of astonishing.
Vyrn: That's my partner for you! (Captain)'ll get even stronger too, just you watch!
Lyria: We've still got a ways to go before the end of the skies, after all!
Watching over the crew, Adam finds himself smiling.
Lyria: Hehe, you finally cracked a smile, Adam.
Adam: I must admit, I'm moved by your trust in one another.
Adam: Ah, but my apologies... My smile must have seemed condescending.
Vyrn: Nah, not at all! This is the kinda easygoing chat we were hoping for when we invited you out.
Lyria: We should also have you go in for maintenance while we're at it.
Adam: You overheard that part as well?
Lyria: Ahaha... Sorry, we ended up catching a lot of your conversation.
Vyrn: I don't blame Orchis for being worried. What if you stopped moving all of a sudden, like what happened before?
Adam: I don't detect any issues with my motor functions...
Lyria: Just because everything seems fine outside doesn't mean it's the same inside. People can be sick while looking healthy.
Vyrn: You can never be too careful, right? Rackam's always checking every nook and cranny of the Grandcypher.
Adam: Sound examples, for both man and machine...
Adam: Very well. Let us stop at the research facility.
Adam leads the way to a heavily guarded building near the palace.
Adam: This is the main facility Erste has established for golem research.
Lyria: Everyone looks super busy...
Man's Voice: Yeah, well, we're all in a rush because someone finally decided to come in for a checkup after skipping out for so long!
Adam: I... am terribly embarrassed. My apologies for visiting on such short notice.
Engineer: H'okay, I don't need the prime minister bowing his head to me.
Engineer: Just glad you had a change of heart. Now come on, it's maintenance time! Take a seat!
The man points to a chair hooked up to various devices, which Adam sits on without a fuss.
Vyrn: That guy's pretty chipper, huh? Is he someone important here?
Adam: He is one of our most senior golem engineers. He was in charge of my repairs when I was damaged in Agastia.
Vyrn: Say what now? He's the guy who saved you from becoming a scrap heap?
Engineer: Sure am. Nearly had a heart attack when Queen Orchis busted in asking me to help though.
Engineer: Y'see, our prime minister might be Erste's best golem yet, but he was made a long, long time ago.
Adam: As much as it pains me to admit, I don't possess any memories of when I was made.
Adam: Not a single person alive understands the full extent of my body's functions, including me.
Vyrn: Not even you? That's...
Adam: Inconvenient, yes. I'm terribly sorry for the trouble.
Adam: I heard it was quite the ordeal to perform the repairs that saved me before.
Engineer: Had to use every trick in the book, but I managed somehow.
Adam: You more than managed. My current performance is equal to what it was before the damage I sustained.
Engineer: From your perspective, sure. But everything I did was more of a temporary fix. No telling when any of it will break down.
Engineer: That's why I keep begging the queen to get you in here more often...
Lyria: That's no good, Adam! You're going to worry everyone sick!
Adam: My... sincerest apologies.
Engineer: Keep the nagging coming. He may be a golem, but he definitely doesn't listen to orders.
Engineer: Which is one reason why he's one of our greatest golems ever, but...
Engineer: Eh, enough chatter. It's time to get down to business. Sorry to get in your personal bubble, but mind letting me have a gander at your insides?
Adam: You are more than welcome to. Please, take your time as well.
Engineer: Don't worry, I'll make this quick. I know you were having a nice walk with your guests here before you stopped by.
Vyrn: Wait, you wanna take a look inside? Are you gonna split him open?
Engineer: Haha, if I did that, there's nobody in these skies that could put him back together!
Engineer: Just gonna have him pause his operating functions and take a peek inside. See if anything needs tweaking—nothing big.
Adam: Would you like to watch, everyone?
Adam: I understand the intricacies of golem engineering is a subject of much interest.
As the chair tilts back to raise Adam up, the engineer begins to set up a few pieces of machinery.
Adam: I shall see you all later. Excuse me.
Without further fanfare, Adam closes his eyes as if he is about to take a nap.

Good Morning: Scene 2

With his thought processors still running during shutdown, Adam recalls the memory of when he was severely damaged while protecting the Grandcypher. Orchis had him brought to the golem research facility, but between the complicated ancient technology that had built him and his own unwillingness to live, his chances of recovery were slim. Only when Orchis poured her heart out by his side did Adam finally choose to boot up again.

Adam: Though my consciousness fades, my thoughts persist...
Adam: This may be what people would refer to as a dream.
Adam: But I shouldn't be capable of dreaming, for I am a golem.
In the halls of Adam's mind, a memory surfaces.
Adam: Of course... I would recall that moment.
Adam: I... wish I could stay longer, to guide you till the end of the path...
Adam: But... it seems my time is coming to a close...
Black Knight: Adam. What's wrong?
Adam: Her... it's all... for her... I...
Adam: My mind and body failed at that time.
Adam: After which, Orchis's mind returned to her body, and she wasted not a moment bringing me to the engineers.
Orchis: Please, you have to save him!
Engineer: Your Majesty... You understand that Adam was the product of Erste's best technology—technology that was lost with time.
Engineer: Maybe we could fix around fifty percent of him with our knowledge now... Ah, who am I trying to kid. Even with our best efforts, we could only manage twenty percent.
Orchis: No...
Adam: Perhaps out of kindness, the estimates that the engineer gave were inflated. The true odds were closer to zero.
Adam: He had already noticed my true state.
Adam: So long as my consciousness was there, I could have been reactivated.
Adam: However... I had given into despair...
Adam: Tormented by what I had done for the Erste Empire.
Adam: I couldn't stop any of the atrocities committed, despite my position as general.
Adam: I decided to turn my back against the empire far too late. And the way I went about it...
Adam: This is everyone assigned to this area?
Imperial Soldier 1: Yes sir! All soldiers have gathered on your command, and we await your orders to attack!
Adam: Very good. You are all hereby placed on brief administrative leave.
Imperial Soldier 1: Ye—
Sir? Could you repea—
Imperial Soldier 1: Gah!
Adam: They were part of the empire, but also citizens of Erste itself.
Adam: I should have protected them. Instead, I raised my blade against them.
Adam: I had gone against my very reason for existence. This took a toll on me, inside and out...
Adam: I wished to slip into slumber for an eternity—a false death to serve as punishment and redemption.
Adam: Surely, with Akasha defeated, there was no longer any need for a flawed golem such as myself.
Adam: The Erste Empire was no more, and Orchis was made queen. A new dawn had come.
Orchis: The odds may be low... But I would like you to try anyway.
Orchis: Despite everything that happened with the empire, I believe in the golem technology and research you have all been working on.
Orchis: Erste needs Adam more than ever before. Please, do what you can to save him.
Engineer: Well, when you put it that way... Who am I to refuse?
Engineer: All right, first things first. We gotta scrounge up every scrap of material we got and patch him up!
Engineer: As for the insides... Hey, you over there! The short one! Come help me with this!
Adam: She believed Erste needed me, more than ever before... A part of me stirred at her words.
Adam: But it was not enough to convince me of my own worth. I remained confined to my slumber.
The engineers work day and night, giving everything they have to repair Adam.
Occasionally, Orchis stops by to check on their progress.
Engineer: We managed to get his main power system up and running. Hooked up all we could and adjusted everything we knew how to handle...
Engineer: By our calculations, he should be moving already...
Orchis: But?
Engineer: I'm sorry. Our best wasn't good enough—
Orchis: It's all right. Thank you for trying. I know how much effort you and everyone else put in.
Orchis: Let everyone take a break for now. I'll keep watch in the meantime.
Engineer: Thank you, Your Majesty.
Orchis: Adam...
Orchis: I never had the chance to thank you for saving Orchid and I.
Orchis: You must have seen so much over the years... So much of Erste's history...
Orchis: All the good and the bad. Now it's my turn to take the reins. I'll make our country a wonderful place to live.
Orchis: And I want you to watch over me as I do it. Please...
Orchis: Erste needs you. I need you!
Adam: Her weeping reached me, even in the depths of my mind.
Orchis: Adam?
Orchis: Your arm is burning up... Can you... hear me?
Orchis: Adam! I heard all about what you did! You never got to properly say goodbye to (Captain), you know!
Orchis: Get back here, and wish them well on their journey! You don't want them to leave with tears in their eyes, do you?
Adam: A golem lives to see others smile.
Adam: Yet I had only witnessed (Captain) and the others in the midst of battle, their expressions fierce and grim.
Adam: In the end, I...
Adam: Her... it's all... for her... I...
Adam's failing faculties at the time left him with fragmented memories of that moment.
Though he could have easily imagined it, Adam now recalls the sorrow on everyone's faces as he faded.
Adam: It is... as you say, my lady...
Orchis: ...!
Adam: Neural system connected... Power systems activated... No abnormalities detected within sensory functions.
It seems I have been safely restored.
Orchis: Thank goodness...
Orchis: Good morning, sleepyhead!
A hint of warmth fills Adam's chest as he recalls the sight that greeted him when he awoke that day.
That warmth stays with him as a familiar white light washes over his consciousness.

Good Morning: Scene 3

After waking from his completed maintenance, Adam resumes touring the town with the crew, his demeanor more at ease than before. A few days later, the crew finally departs, prompting Orchis to remark that she would like Adam to one day be able to journey as well, once Erste is stable enough. Adam, though hesitant to part with the country he holds dear, is heartened by the thought of a prosperous and flourishing Erste waiting for them in the future.

As Adam slowly rises from the chair, a familiar face pops into view.
  1. Good morning, Adam!

Choose: Good morning, Adam!
Adam: Good morning. How long were my functions paused for?
Engineer: Around two hours, give or take. Could've just been an hour if you came here on the regular though.
Engineer: I gotta say, we did a pretty bang-up job with those initial repairs. You're still moving, and your insides looked fine just now.
Adam: The current technology we have is fairly advanced, after all. I have been having no performance issues.
Adam: Which is why I do not believe it necessary to undergo regular maintenance of such a large scale—
Vyrn: Hey, listen to the pro! He said you gotta come in anyway!
Vyrn: Besides, you can spare an hour out of your day, can't ya!
Lyria: Yeah! You don't want to make Orchis worry, right? Be a good golem, and get your checkups done!
Adam: Your point is acknowledged, but other matters take higher priority...
The crew approach Adam with puffed cheeks and stern eyes.
Adam: Very well... I will arrange periodic maintenance visits from now on.
Lyria: You better! You're irreplaceable to Orchis and everyone in Erste!
Vyrn: It can't hurt to take a breather every once in a while either!
  1. Even golems get tired.
  2. You have to play hard to work hard!

Choose: Even golems get tired.
Adam: Tired, hm? I suppose golems do erode over time, especially after going through the motions of daily activities.

Choose: You have to play hard to work hard!
Adam: Hm. I suppose if I treat rest as required preparation for my next set of tasks, I may be able to commit to it.
Continue 1
Adam: I shall take your advice to heart.
Engineer: If you're about done chatting, it's time to scram! My work's piling up today thanks to your impromptu visit.
Adam: My apologies... We won't take up any more of your valuable time.
Adam: Thank you for your help today. Until next time.
Vyrn: See you around!
Lyria: Thanks for helping Adam!
Engineer: I'm the one who owes you for finally dragging him through our doors.
Engineer: But I'd expect nothing less from the skyfarers who saved Erste. Thanks!
With the engineer's jovial voice bidding them farewell, (Captain) and company depart the facility.
The group resume their walk throughout town afterward.
Lyria: Orchis told me all about this eatery here! Their bread is extremely good...
Vyrn: Honestly, most food places on Ravi Island are pretty awesome.
Adam: As a golem of Erste, hearing you say that fills me with joy.
Adam: (I should take walks like this more often. Seeing others light up with happiness... It's not the same while on patrol.)
Adam: (Perhaps my being able to think this way is an indication that choosing to live again was the right choice.)
Vyrn: Something up, Adam? You just spaced out all of a sudden.
Adam: Did I now? Is that how I appeared...
Lyria: A-are you okay? Should you not be moving so soon after waking up?
Adam: No, I'm perfectly fine. Better than fine, actually.
Adam: Would you show me other places that Her Majesty introduced you to?
Lyria: I'd love to! But... why only those places?
Adam: Scouting them out ahead of time will allow me to devise suitable security—
Vyrn: Are you serious?
Adam: I'm not. It was a joke to facilitate entertaining conversation.
Adam: I do hope my practice with improvisation has paid off.
Lyria: Um... I'm honestly not sure how to respond to that one...
"Me neither," (Captain) agrees with an awkward laugh.
Adam: My apologies. I shall work even harder to improve my conversation skills in the future.
Adam's earnest promise has the crew looking at one another in amusement.
Their leisurely walk through town continues after, lasting until the sun sets over the horizon.
The crew's stay on Ravi Island passes by in the blink of an eye, and the day of departure arrives.
Orchis: (Captain)! Lyria! Vyrn!
Orchis: I, and everyone else in Erste, will be cheering you on!
Orchis: If you ever need a helping hand, we'll always be here for you!
Orchis waves with all her might as the Grandcypher takes off for new skies.
As the airship disappears over the horizon, Adam speaks up from beside her.
Adam: I was able to bid them farewell with a smile this time.
Adam: Allow me to thank you once again for having me repaired, my lady.
Orchis: Haha, it was everyone at the research facility who did the work. All I did was ask.
Orchis: Did you enjoy hosting guests again after going so long without?
Adam: I did. I believe I experienced what people call "a good time."
Orchis: That's good to hear. I'm very thankful to (Captain) and the others then, especially since they managed to have you go in for a checkup too.
Orchis: It really is... good to hear...
Adam: Is... something the matter?
Orchis: I just had a thought after hearing about Lyria and everyone's journey together.
Orchis: Instead of protecting me, you should be protecting them instead.
Adam: That, I cannot do. My duty is to keep Erste safe, which includes guarding over you.
Orchis: I know. Both Erste and I still need you, in the end.
Orchis: It feels terribly selfish to say these things when they've already left...
Orchis: But one day, when Erste can manage to stand on its own...
Orchis: I hope you can take a long, long vacation like our skyfaring friends.
Adam: No matter what changes Erste went through, I never left this country behind...
Adam: Both by my own choice and the request of others.
Adam: But if there ever comes a day where I'm able to depart Erste's borders because the country can safely function without me...
Adam: Well, that would be a wonderful day indeed.
Orchis: That day will definitely come. As queen, I swear I'll make it happen.
Adam: If that is your wish, then I shall do my utmost to make it come true.
Orchis: Thank you, Adam. While your utmost efforts are appreciated...
Orchis: You better go in for maintenance and take breaks on a more frequent basis!
Adam: Maintenance... in addition to breaks?
Orchis: Yes. Yesterday, the engineers, Apollo, Freesia, and even the visiting Pommern all told me the same thing.
Orchis: They said that you seemed to be in very good spirits after spending time with (Captain) and the others.
Orchis: If you ask me, that's proof that even golems need to relax every so often.
Adam: Given objective reasoning like that, I am in no position to refute.
Adam: However, I would like to define quantifiable values in order to determine more concrete data regarding the effects of—
Orchis: Nope, that's enough of that! We're done talking about this today, so you should take a walk through town now!
Orchis: A casual walk, to be clear—not a patrol! There are plenty of other wonderful places besides the ones Lyria and the others showed you!
Orchis: As a proud golem of Erste, it's your duty to know them all!
Adam: Understood.
Like a skyfarer barreling through the skies, the young queen paves her own way forward...
A stalwart, weathered golem among her crew, ready to journey together into the new dawn on the horizon.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
メンテナンスのことは忘れておりません I haven't forgotten my maintenance visits.
オルキス様は日々成長しておられます Queen Orchis grows by leaps and bounds every day.
オルキス様より土産を預かっております I come bearing gifts from the queen.
アガスティアのオデンをご存じでしょうか? Do you know of Agastia's oden?
戦闘、雑務……なんでも申しつけください Combat, desk duty... Assign me whatever task you wish.
(主人公)さんも本当に立派になられました You have grown much as well, (Captain).
前線に出ることもよいものです I'm prepared to battle in the vanguard at any time.
団の皆様との交流は大変刺激になります Spending time with (Captain)'s crew is always a good learning experience.
戦闘技能について日々改善を図っております I'm constantly improving my battle functions day by day.
他の観光スポットの調査も任務のひとつです Seeking other good spots to visit is one of my duties.