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Official Profile

Age 32 Height 182 cm Race Human
Hobbies Improving his swordplay, inspecting the castle town incognito
Likes His family, small animals
Dislikes Filth, insolence, disloyalty

Character Release

Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 32歳 Height 182cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣術の修業、お忍びで城下町の様子をうかがうこと
Likes 家族、小動物
Dislikes 穢ないもの、不遜な輩、不忠な行為

Character Release

Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。

Source [1] [2] [3]





  • The names of Aglovale's skills and charge attack are in German
    • "Gestober", or Gestöber, means "flurry", likely in the context of snowy weather
    • "Zweimal" means "twice"
    • "Funkelnde Kalte", or Funkelnde Kälte, means "sparkling cold"
    • "Gefrorene Welt" means "Frozen World"

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

I've heard that today is your birthday, (Captain).
How old are you now?
Haha, I see.
Continue to advance just as you have until now.
If you do, (Captain), a glorious future will surely await.


Happy Birthday, (Captain).
It is an honor to be able to celebrate your birthday again this year.
Time is equal to all.
And each is free to spend it in any way—to make good use of it, or to whittle it away.
It is clear to me that you have spent your time both productively and wisely.
Perhaps this is due to your strong determination and the clear goal you have set for yourself.
I pray that the children of Wales may also grow in your likeness, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday.
Are people innately good or evil? I've always believed it to be the latter, and lived my life refusing to trust in the goodwill of others.
But referring to someone like you as "evil" doesn't seem quite right.
When I lost my mother as a young boy, I was consumed by anger and despair so intense I had to believe others evil to endure it...
If I had met you then, I sometimes wonder if I would have walked a different path.
People change based on their encounters and experiences. And I pray those sparkling, hopeful eyes of yours will remain unclouded by despair.
With that, let us raise our glasses and toast to your continued success. Cheers.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I certainly didn't expect to encounter you at my conference site today. Imagine my surprise when I spotted the Grandcypher.
After all you've done for me, I couldn't very well leave without extending my congratulations on this auspicious day. Thus here I am.
However I'm afraid I have no gift to give you. Forgive me.
Hm? I'm welcome to attend your birthday celebration on the ship in place of a gift?
Well, your crew does house a number of prominent figures. I suppose it would be an ideal opportunity to forge connections.
And as luck would have it, I happen to be available until nightfall. Therefore I shall take you up on your offer.
In order to make the power of Wales known, I vow to go above and beyond for your sake. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), what makes the first dawn of the year so beautiful as this?
(Captain), your measureless journey will continue after this, will it not?
Please share with me any anecdotes about the lands through which you pass.
I will be sure to greet you with a tremendous feast when you do, (Captain).


To seek an audience with me so early in the new year... 'Tis a commendable act of loyalty.
Tell me, what is this gift that you bring, (Captain)?
This bouncy white substance... It is my first time seeing such a thing.
Hm? Yes, this bouncy white...
What are you laughing about? I am asking you for the name of this bouncy white substance.
What did you say! This is called... mochi?
Hahaha! I must say, I did not anticipate such a delectable name!
I like it. I shall buy up all of this delicacy you call mochi. Now, take me to where the mochi are.


Do you recall the gift you gave me last year? The "mochi..."
I have developed quite a taste for it. I even toured the land from whence it came and studied how it may be served.
It is at times steeped in broth and sprinkled over with a powder made of crushed beans. At other times, it is mixed into a sweet red bean stew.
Little thought went into its naming, but I was pleased to learn the same cannot be said for its preparation.
Hm? Have you another gift for me this year?
How courteous of you. Bring it forth.
Is this an ornament? But it is merely two mochi, one stacked atop the other. How quaint!
Hah-hah-hah! I quite like it! I shall display it in my room and so celebrate the coming of the new year.


A year has gone by, and another is upon us. Tell me, (Captain)—what did you gain this past year, and what did you lose?
They say partings exist to usher in new encounters, but I beg to differ.
Loss is loss, no matter how you choose to interpret it. The new may be comforting, but it does not qualify as a resolution.
You appear to be perplexed by my somber tone on such an auspicious day.
My intent was not to lecture you.
I merely wanted you to keep this bit of wisdom in mind. That all you possess now may no longer be with you come next year.
You only get one chance at life. If you believe your feelings, friends, home, and family to be precious, you should cherish them.
Doing so may not eliminate your sorrow, but it will lessen your regret. Be mindful not to take your days for granted—live them well.
I look forward to the coming year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), what's possessed you all of a sudden?
Is this a gift for me? A memento from one of your travels perhaps?
Valentine's chocolates... I see...
I hardly expected to receive such things from you, (Captain).
Heh heh... Bahahahaha! This sort of gesture isn't necessary.
Kindness can leave one vulnerable at times after all. Caution is paramount.
But you came to deliver me these chocolates all the same. I will accept them with gratitude.


You mean to say you came all the way to Wales to present these chocolates to me?
To make such a long and hard journey for my sake... You have my respect.
Could it be that... you wish to become my vassal?
Hahaha! No, I suppose it wouldn't be much like you to even consider such a thing.
(Captain), I humbly accept this gift. You have my gratitude.
As a matter of fact, I was feeling quite fatigued just now from formulating new measures for Wales.
As I hear sugar assists in alleviating exhaustion, I look forward to enjoying these chocolates.


As head of the House of Wales, I often receive gifts and offerings.
Their "givers" mean to curry favor with me, hungering for some benefit in return. The greed in their hearts is so apparent, it raises the bile.
(Captain). This is now the third time you have brought me chocolates.
Do you not also desire something from me? If I find that you too have some hidden design, then—
If I say any more, I will not get any chocolates? I see... My standing means nothing to you, does it?
Hah-hah-hah! You pass the test. I see now why Percival has taken such a liking to you.
Yes, I only wished to test your heart. For I find you to be a singular person.
I apologize for any offense I have caused. Should you still wish to give me the gift, I will be sure to treasure it.
Thank you, (Captain).


I see you have come bearing chocolates again this year. I gladly accept your gracious gift.
Now, I must ask—how much time and effort did you put into making these?
I see. You had to procure the ingredients, prepare the chocolates, box and wrap them, and finally deliver them to me...
No, no. There is no problem.
In order to transform Wales into a mighty kingdom, I must understand the public, including the effort and emotion behind their gifts.
But if I were to probe them directly, I feel they would fail to be truthful with me. Thus I have asked you instead.
Heh... Having heard your answer, I am certain these sweets will taste all the more delightful. I look forward to enjoying them later.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), thank you for visiting.
I called you here for a reason: I wish to give you chocolates for White Day.
Haha, the market was overflowing with ware sellers. I procured a variety of goods from all lands.
(Captain), you provided me with the perfect opportunity to conduct a market investigation.
Here, please take this.
Accept my custom selection of White Day presents.


Thank you for accepting my invitation, (Captain). Judging from the time of year, you may have already guessed...
Hahaha! I like the gleam of anticipation in your eyes.
Yes, today is White Day. And I must offer you something in return for your Valentine's gift.
Upon discussing with my vassals, I have prepared something that I am certain will appeal to your tastes.
Come, (Captain). No need to be so demure.
Now, open wide. I shall deliver this enticing sweetness to you myself.


I believe this is the first time I have shown you the castle terrace.
I thought it would make for a nice change of pace. It would be dull, wouldn't it, if I brought you to the same place every White Day?
From here, you can see almost all of Wales... A spectacular sight, isn't it?
Do I seem that much more light-hearted than usual? I had not noticed it myself, but...
Perhaps you are right... We are sitting in the very spot where my mother and I used to have tea when I was young.
You wish to hear more of my mother? Hah... Let us save that for another time, shall we?
It is time I gave you your gift.
It is an item of rarest quality, one that I deemed worthy of you. Take it as a token of my gratitude.


Pardon the intrusion, (Captain).
Heh. Are you surprised to see me here?
I happened to hear your ship was docked nearby, so I decided to pay a visit. I have something to give you, you see.
Here—a White Day gift. I had my chef take care of the finishing touches, but I measured the ingredients and filled the molds myself.
In order to understand the hearts and minds of the public, I decided to pattern my own behavior after theirs.
However, there are those who may not take kindly to me showing preferential treatment to another citizen.
Therefore I have chosen to dedicate this token to someone I owe a great debt—you, (Captain).
Now then, open wide. I am quite proud of how they turned out, so take care to savor every bite.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Who would have thought that children enjoyed this holiday so much?
I must create a festival as lively as this one in my dear Wales.
I implore you, (Captain), to refrain from playing any tricks on me though.
Bahahahaha! There's no need to look at me so seriously.
I simply wish to be the tricker rather than the tricked.


Hahaha! So Halloween has come once again.
It was unfortunate that I could not prepare anything last time, as I was still unfamiliar with the festival.
However, I have come fully prepared this year. After all, I cannot introduce this festival to Wales if I do not experience the true essence of it first.
Haaah! Trick or treat!
What's this? Where is the treat that you should be obliged to offer me? Heh, so that's how it is...
It appears that you wish to test the level at which I can perform my tricks.
I'd expect no less from the crew captain. Your resolve is commendable.
Very well. Prepare yourself!


Say, (Captain). I heard that Percival once donned ears and a tail and frolicked about with the children. Is that true?
Bahaha! I imagine that was truly a sight to behold!
It seems even that spoilsport has managed to develop a sense of humor thanks to you.
But I must say, it's unfortunate. If only I had been present to witness such a proud moment for my dear brother.
Hmm. Now that it's come to this...
I have a rather mischievous proposal. If you are able to coerce Percival to wear a costume again this year, I ask that you contact me.
He wouldn't have the slightest expectation that I'd be visiting.
Heheh. Let us revel in the sight of Percival flailing in shock and panic together!


Heheh... Percival in that costume was a true work of art. Merely picturing him in my mind's eye sends me into a violent fit of laughter.
Allow me to express my gratitude once again for your assistance with my little prank, (Captain).
Oh? Are those fake ears? Surely you're not suggesting that I don the same ones as Percival.
Humph, I don't believe I've ever been so insulted. Did you truly think I would be willing to wear them simply because my brother did?
Bahaha! There's no need to look so disheartened. I was merely jesting, of course.
In fact, Lamorak involved me in this sort of mischief quite often in my younger days. There's no reason for me to hesitate now.
You brought a tail and claws as well? I must say, you certainly came prepared.
Heh, tonight is a night for informality. As an apology for my earlier stunt, I'm willing to clad myself in the full ensemble.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

This night is sacred, and many of the people of Wales are spending it with their kin.
What have you and your crewmates planned?
I see... A banquet to which all members are invited.
Any night spent with one's intimates is sure to be outstanding.
Well then, please accept this present from me.
This wine is the pride of my dear Wales.
Take it back to your vessel and share it with the others.


I have only one matter to discuss with you today, (Captain).
Regarding the holiday feast you hold with your crew every year...
I would like to offer the Wales cathedral as a venue for your celebration this year.
Of course, our best chefs will prepare a scrumptious dinner and various local specialties for your enjoyment.
There is no need to hesitate. I am simply curious...
I'd very much like to know how a captain such as yourself rewards the crew's members for their hard work...
As I will also be in attendance, there is no need for constraint. You are most welcome.


I had never seen the Wales Cathedral so lively as last year, when you held your holiday banquet there.
You travel with sundry folk, (Captain). I recall meeting knights and mercenaries, wide-eyed children and grim-faced lords.
Yet, regardless of age or station, all took part in the merrymaking as equals.
It was a rare sight to behold—and while it surprised me, it also roused a desire to learn more about your crew.
Hold this year's feast at the castle, if you will. I would be glad to have such laughter and good cheer grace our halls.
I have prepared many ornaments to adorn this night. There are wreaths, festoons, and a tree.
You may decorate the place as you wish. And should you need help, I myself shall lend a hand.


I learned from a foreign merchant that on snow-laden islands they craft all manner of sculptures out of snow and ice.
So this year I have taken the liberty of decorating the castle with ice wreaths and trees of my own creation.
Heh. After all, if I am to lend my halls for your banquet, as the Lord of Frost I must spare no effort.
If you wish, I can even transform the cathedral into a winter wonderland for you.
But never fear—your guests will not feel the cold. My ice is not so fragile as to melt when the room is warmed.
Oho? Has my proposal intrigued you? Then stand behind me.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Sweet Crisis in Wales

With Valentine's Day approaching, Wales is experiencing a chocolate shortage due to Aglovale's popularity. Aglovale decides to collect the ingredients from Chocolae Island himself, and the crew offers to help. Intimidated by his mountain of fancy tributes, (Captain) and company find themselves unable to hand over their humble gift.

Aglovale not in crew

Aglovale is the elder brother of Percival and reigning sovereign of Wales.
Once consumed with the pursuit of strengthening his kingdom, he plunged the land into chaos.
Fortunately, Percival and the crew were able to foil Aglovale's dark ambition and put an end to the conflict.
Upon their next visit to Wales, they were astonished by what they found.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's going on here? Anywhere you look, it's packed with people.
Lyria: Do you think it could be a festival, Vyrn?
Percival: There's no need to rush, vassals. Today's no festival.
Vyrn: Huh, are you serious? Then why are there so many people here?
Percival: That is likely the fruit of my brother's statesmanship.
Percival explained that the transformation had likely been brought about by Aglovale's change of heart.
Just then, a chorus of cheers erupted from the direction of the city gate.
It turned out to be a celebration for a procession of returning soldiers.
Soon afterward, Aglovale arrived to commend the returning troops.
Aglovale: Congratulations on your safe return, soldiers.
Aglovale: It is no exaggeration to say that your efforts are the reason that the public of Wales lives in peace.
Aglovale: I look forward to your next display of bravery for this country and its people.
Knights: Yes sir!
Aglovale: But for the remainder of the day, you need not attend to your positions.
Aglovale: Bahahaha, you must rest and recover at your family's side!
Commoners: Wow!
Commoner 1: Leave it to King Aglovale!
Commoner 2: The goodly king!
Commoner 3: He's so cool!
Percival: ...
Vyrn: Hehe, even our chests are swelling with pride!
Together with the common people, (Captain) and the crew sang Aglovale's praises.
Against all odds, he had evolved from a ruler obsessed with power into a true champion of the people.
It was a bright time for the kingdom, indeed.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, (Captain) and company pay a visit to Wales.
It has been quite some time since the crew last laid eyes on the kingdom.
Vyrn: Whoa, looks like this place still has that whole festival vibe goin' on. Check out all the people.
Lyria: Somehow it seems even more crowded than last time. By a lot, actually!
Vyrn: Well, they did change up how they do business around here. And they brought in a bunch of different workers from outside too.
Vyrn: Heh. Guess that means those reforms of his are still havin' an effect!
Lyria: Hehehe. This is Aglovale we're talking about.
(Captain) responds with a bright smile.
The captain then glances down at the neatly wrapped package they've brought with them.
Lyria: I hope he likes the present.
Lyria: Although... it's just some homemade sweets. Nothing rare or fancy.
(Captain) and the crew have come to see Aglovale for one specific reason.
And that is, to give him their Valentine's Day gift.
Vyrn: Why'd you say it like that? It's a present from us, right?
Vyrn: Plus it's handmade! He's gonna love it!
Lyria: Y-you're right. I'm sure he'll be really happy! I can't wait to see him!
(Captain) turns to follow after Vyrn and Lyria as they excitedly make their way toward the castle.
But at that moment, the captain notices a pair of residents in low spirits, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle around them.
Gloomy Citizen 1: Hey, did you manage to get your hands on any?
Gloomy Citizen 2: Nope—everywhere's been totally wiped out. There's not a single smidgen left.
Gloomy Citizen 1: Seriously? Guess that means we'll have to try our luck outside Wales...
Gloomy Citizen 2: Problem is, everyone else already had the same idea. Word has it nearby countries have all run out too.
Gloomy Citizen 1: No way... So we're back where we started. What do we do now?
Lyria: (Captain)... It looks like they're not the only ones.
At Lyria's words, (Captain) scans the marketplace.
Sure enough, there are a number of people in the crowd wearing sullen expressions.
Lyria: Hmm. I wonder what happened to them?
Vyrn: Hey, whatcha standin' around for'? Let's get a move on!
Lyria: Oh! Wait for us, Vyrn!
(Captain) and Lyria hurry off to meet with Aglovale, still curious about the dour mood hanging over the marketplace.
Aglovale: Thank you for making the long journey here. How have you been? I take it all is well?
Vyrn: Y-yeah, we're good...
Lyria: N-nice to see you again...
Aglovale: Hm... Considering how long it's been since we last met, I expected a warmer greeting. Is your bashfulness getting the better of you?
Vyrn: I wouldn't say it's bashfulness. More like, uh... surprise...
Lyria: U-um...
  1. What's that huge pile?
  2. Is that all chocolate?

Choose: What's that huge pile?
Aglovale: I would have thought that was obvious. These are tributes of chocolate from the good people of Wales.
Vyrn: In other words, they're all Valentine's gifts?
Aglovale: Correct.
Lyria: Wait, do you mean those are all presents... for you?

Choose: Is that all chocolate?
Aglovale: Indeed.
Aglovale: They're all tributes from the people of Wales. For Valentine's Day, that is.
Continue 1
Aglovale: What is there to be so surprised about? Isn't it only natural for a ruler to receive tributes from his populace?
Vyrn: I mean, I guess that's true. But isn't this goin' kinda overboard?
Aglovale: Do you think so? This is actually only a portion of them, in fact.
Vyrn: A-a portion! Are you tellin' me there's way more chocolate where that came from?
Aglovale: I receive gifts from all citizens of Wales, regardless of age or gender, you see.
Lyria: Sounds like you're as popular as ever, Aglovale.
Vyrn: But it's not even Valentine's Day yet. How do you already have so many?
Aglovale: Well... I asked my people to avoid presenting their tributes to me on Valentine's Day proper, if at all possible.
Lyria: Why's that?
  1. Because it'd be chaos otherwise?
  2. Because you're shy?

Choose: Because it'd be chaos otherwise?
Aglovale: Oho, I'm impressed. I must commend you for your keen observation skills, (Captain).

Choose: Because you're shy?
Aglovale: I'm afraid your guess is far off the mark. I am not so weak-minded that I would tremble at the mere prospect of receiving a gift.
Aglovale: The answer is simple—it was to avoid throwing Wales into chaos.
Continue 2
Aglovale: I received an abundance of tributes last year, as well as the year before.
Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that a good thing though?
Aglovale: Certainly, the large number of tributes indicates that the public's loyalty runs deep.
Aglovale: A citizenry that reveres its leader is vital to the creation of a powerful state. So naturally, I am pleased with the outcome. However...
Aglovale: Such fervent devotion can also have a harmful effect.
Aglovale: Just imagine if everyone was to rush the castle to present their tributes, in even greater numbers than what you see here.
Vyrn: Oh...
Aglovale: Can you picture the mayhem that would unfold if so many were to gather at once?
Lyria: I see... That would definitely be a disaster.
Aglovale: And it doesn't stop there. Every year, delivery services here in Wales experience their own share of issues.
Aglovale: On Valentine's Day, the number of deliveries addressed to me increases drastically, leading to delays across the board.
Aglovale: Many other problems have arisen as well.
Vyrn: Never heard of a whole kingdom fallin' apart because of a bunch of gifts before...
Vyrn: Must be tough bein' so popular. So that's why you asked 'em to avoid sendin' gifts on Valentine's Day, huh?
Aglovale: Indeed. However, it goes without saying that by solving one problem, you unwillingly create another.
Lyria: Did something happen?
Aglovale: Yes. The situation is quite dire, in fact.
Vyrn: D-dire?
Aglovale: My dear Wales is currently experiencing...
Vyrn: Gulp...
Aglovale: A severe chocolate shortage.
Vyrn: A chocolate shortage? The heck?
Aglovale: Last year, a portion of the populace chose not to send me a tribute in order to avoid a national crisis.
Aglovale: But it seems those same people have not hesitated to offer tribute this year, likely due to the preventative measures I've put in place.
Aglovale: Compared to previous years, the number of tributes has increased significantly.
Aglovale: As a result, suppliers here in Wales were unable to keep up with the demand, and chocolate has since disappeared from the shelves.
Aglovale: Not only that, but I hear the problem has extended to our neighbors as well.
Aglovale: You see, after being unable to buy chocolate here in Wales, the people decided to go elsewhere in search of it.
Hearing Aglovale's explanation, (Captain) and Lyria think back to the despondent citizens they had encountered in the marketplace.
Gloomy Citizen 1: Hey, did you manage to get your hands on any?
Gloomy Citizen 2: Nope—everywhere's been totally wiped out. There's not a single smidgen left.
Lyria: Oh, so those people were upset because they couldn't find any chocolate to buy...
Vyrn: But, uh, is it really that big of a deal?
Aglovale: Of course it is. Valentine's Day is by no means a festival to celebrate me and me alone.
Aglovale: My citizens ought to be giving chocolate to their loved ones as well, wouldn't you agree?
Aglovale: At this rate, the people will be unable to fully enjoy this event that only comes around once a year.
Aglovale: Such a tragedy must be avoided at all costs.
Vyrn: But what exactly are you gonna do? If it's sold out everywhere, that means you can't import it, right?
Aglovale: Bahahaha! I simply need to replenish our chocolate supply without relying on other nations.
Aglovale: Therefore, I intend to journey to Chocolae Island and collect the materials myself!
Lyria: You're going? By yourself?
Aglovale: Naturally. Who else would go?
Aglovale: Wales is facing a crisis. As its ruler, I cannot very well stand by and do nothing.
Aglovale: I am not some ornamental king to be paraded around on the shoulders of my people.
Aglovale: A true leader must be willing to take the initiative. That much is absolutely necessary for a powerful state!
Vyrn: Guess that makes sense...
Vyrn: Heh. After all's said and done, you really do care about your people, huh?
Lyria: Hehehe. If you'd like, we'd be happy to help.
Aglovale: Sticking your noses into the problems of a sovereign land? I see you all haven't changed.
Aglovale: Humph... Very well. As you wish.
Lyria: Okay! We'll do everything we can!
Aglovale: But allow me to correct your previous misguided statement.
Lyria: Huh?
Aglovale: My actions are not for the sake of the public.
Aglovale: Everything I do is to ensure that Wales becomes a powerful state.
Aglovale: I merely aim to bolster the might of the kingdom by raising the people's morale.
Aglovale: Don't misinterpret my intentions.
Vyrn: Ahaha, whatever you say...
Vyrn: It's definitely for the people...
Lyria: Yeah. Definitely...
Aglovale: By the way, why have you come to Wales?
Aglovale: For you to travel such a vast distance, it must be a matter of great importance. What is it?
  1. Er...
  2. We just wanted to say hi.

Choose: Er...
Lyria: Um...
Aglovale: ...?

Choose: We just wanted to say hi.
Aglovale: Hi?
Aglovale: Bahahaha! I'm honored that you would come all this way for something so trivial.
Continue 3
(Captain) and the crew scan the enormous stack of Valentine's Day gifts.
Their present pales in comparison to the many fancy and rare offerings piled up before them.
After all, their chocolates are no more than simple handmade sweets.
Intimidated, (Captain) quickly tucks away the package out of sight.
Vyrn: Oh... (Captain)...
Vyrn: Um... Uh...
Vyrn: Y-yeah! We just wanted to drop by and see how you were doin'!
Lyria: That's right! We hadn't seen you in so long, after all!
Aglovale: Hm... I see. Very well then.
Despite their best intentions, (Captain) and the crew find themselves deceiving Aglovale.
Ultimately, they end up heading for Chocolae Island without mentioning the gift.

Ruler of Chocolae Island

Aglovale and the crew pay a visit to Chocolae Island, but there's not a single monster to be found. It turns out an argument between two chocolatiers laying claim to the land is scaring them all away. Aglovale intervenes to declare that the pair should compromise, but instead, they attack.

(Captain) and company visit Chocolae Island in order to bring an end to Wales's chocolate shortage.
Upon their arrival, they immediately set out to hunt chocolate monsters for the ingredients, but there's only one problem...
Vyrn: What's goin' on? There's not a single monster anywhere!
Lyria: It really is strange. Last time we were here, there were so many of them...
Aglovale: I imagine that must be the cause.
Lyria: What?
(Captain) and the crew turn to follow Aglovale's gaze.
Chocolatier 1: Hyaaah! How many times do I have to hammer it into your thick skull? This is my hunting ground!
Chocolatier 2: On whose authority? It's not true just because you say it is. Henceforth, this hunting ground belongs to me.
Chocolatier 1: You just did the exact same thing! Guess there's no other way—I'll have to settle this with force!
Chocolatier 2: You've been swinging around a weapon this whole time... Oh well, this will speed things up. Eat dirt, you third-rate chocolatier.
Chocolatier 3: Come on, you two! Enough already! You should be fighting the monsters, not each other!
Chocolate Monster: ...!
Chocolatier 3: L-look what you did! You two keep yelling so much, you're scaring away all our prey!
Vyrn: With them makin' such a huge racket, it's no wonder the monsters are steerin' clear.
Aglovale: Humph...
Hey, you there.
Chocolatier 3: Oh, uh... Y-yes?
Aglovale: Isn't this an uninhabited island? With no specific individual or nation laying claim to it?
Chocolatier 3: That's right. It's supposed to be a place where chocolatiers and skyfarers alike can all hunt together. And yet...
Chocolatier 1: This is my hunting ground! Beat it!
Chocolatier 2: No, it's mine. Therefore, the only one who should beat it is you.
Chocolatier 3: There's just no end to it. I'd leave them be, but with them making so much noise...
Aglovale: Hunting would be next to impossible. It seems there's only one course of action.
Aglovale: You two, stay your hand! This place belongs to no one man! You must be willing to compromise.
Chocolatier 1: Hah! Compromise?
Chocolatier 1: No thanks! This is my hunting ground! I'll stake my claim on this place so my chocolate will be the best in the business!
Chocolatier 1: I dunno who you think you are, but if you've got a problem, I'll start by showin' you who's boss!
Lyria: Eek! Th-they're coming this way!
Aglovale: Fools. They've become so blinded by rage, they're no longer capable of sound judgment.
Aglovale: I'd rather not resort to force, but that seems to be our only option. I shall cool their heads with my icy blade. Follow me, (Captain)!

Ruler of Chocolae Island: Scene 2

With both chocolatiers refusing to back down, Aglovale claims Chocolae Island as his territory, vowing to make it place where everyone can hunt freely. The chocolatiers agree to Aglovale's proposal, causing (Captain) and company to be blown away by his handling of the situation.

Chocolatier 1: Urgh...
Aglovale: Now then. Have you managed to calm down?
Chocolatier 1: D-don't think this is over... I'll take this hunting ground for myself if it's the last thing I do...
Chocolatier 2: Humph... Same here...
Chocolatier 3: You're still going on about that?
Lyria: What do we do now? We got them to put down their weapons, but still...
Vyrn: Yeah. At this rate, they'll just start fightin' again the second they recover.
  1. What to do...
  2. Aglovale...

Choose: What to do...
Aglovale: If we allow them to fly into a frenzy again, there's no doubt it will hinder our hunting.
Aglovale: Hm... It seems I'll have to settle this myself.

Choose: Aglovale...
Aglovale: Bahahaha! There's no need to sound so hopeless. You can be sure I will resolve this matter.
Vyrn: Do you have some sorta idea?
Aglovale: Something came to me just now, actually. Quite an ingenious plan, if I do say so myself.
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Aglovale: I hereby declare this land—Chocolae Island—to be under my domain!
Chocolatiers: What!
Aglovale: I presume there are no objections.
Chocolatier 1: You bet I object! What kinda nonsense are you spouting?
Chocolatier 2: What a ridiculous claim. In other words, you were intending to take this land for yourself all along.
Aglovale: Humph, set your minds at ease. I have no such frivolous thoughts of monopolizing this land.
Chocolatier 3: B-but you mentioned your "domain"... Just who are you?
Aglovale: I am none other than Aglovale—Lord of Frost and the current ruler of Wales.
Chocolatier 1: Wales? Feels like I've heard that name before...
Chocolatier 2: Isn't that the kingdom with a free market and a booming economy to boot?
Aglovale: Oho, I am pleased to know that the mighty name of Wales has spread to even a remote land such as this.
Chocolatier 3: S-so you're an actual king?
Vyrn: Heh, that's right! This guy's all that and a bag of chips!
Chocolatier 1: O-okay, fine, so you're a king or whatever!
Chocolatier 1: You say you're making this place your territory, but you're not gonna hog it. What in the skies does that mean?
Aglovale: It's simple. I will bear responsibility for the oversight of this island and ensure that all can hunt here freely.
Aglovale: However, any and all staking of claims is prohibited. Everything else will proceed as before.
Aglovale: I pledge to pass along all profits generated to the hunters themselves.
Aglovale: Only in cases where one party is attempting to monopolize the area will Wales intervene.
Chocolatier 3: Um... So in other words, you're just volunteering to handle the problems?
Chocolatier 1: Now you've totally lost me. You don't get any benefit out of a deal like that.
Aglovale: Oh, but I do. Doesn't this resolve the dispute? Meaning we, too, can hunt in peace.
Vyrn: Yeah, but are you sure about all this? Wales'll have to manage this place, right? Seems like a pretty big decision to make on the fly...
Aglovale: Bahahaha, it matters not. Weren't people only fighting over this territory because no one controls it?
Aglovale: Wales will continue to make use of this island in the future. I'm merely making the most of an opportunity.
Aglovale: If someone later comes along claiming this land as their domain, you can be sure they will be dealt with swiftly.
Aglovale: Wales will in no way attempt to benefit unilaterally from this arrangement.
Aglovale: No one man will be able to dominate the land, but everyone will be able hunt in peace and on equal footing. You have my word.
Aglovale: Now then. What say you all?
Chocolatier 2: It's true we couldn't claim it for ourselves anymore, but at the same time...
Chocolatier 1: Every time I have a run-in with somebody, all the fighting keeps me from hunting anyway. Might be nice if we could all hunt fairly...
Chocolatier 2: Besides, if someone of your status gives their word... we can't very well refuse.
Chocolatier 3: O-oh! Sounds like I'll finally be able to collect my chocolate!
Chocolatier 3: Thank you, King Aglovale!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! No need to thank me! I applaud you for being willing to accept my abrupt proposal.
Lyria: Thank goodness... It was all a bit sudden, but I'm glad things were settled so quickly. Aglovale always manages to come through!
Vyrn: Heh, makes me proud he's our bud!
Once again, (Captain) and the crew find themselves blown away by Aglovale's expert handling of the situation.

Ruler of Chocolae Island: Scene 3

As they hunt, Aglovale asks the crew why they came to Wales. (Captain) and company consider giving him his gift, but worry it won't live up to the other tributes he's received. They end up hiding the real reason for their visit, but their behavior doesn't escape Aglovale's notice.

Thanks to Aglovale's efforts, (Captain) and the crew have finally been able to start gathering chocolate.
Vyrn: Whew. We've already got a bunch, but I guess this still ain't enough yet.
Lyria: Yeah, let's make sure we gather plenty, so everyone in Wales can have access to it!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! Your willingness to labor of your own accord in the name of my dear Wales is commendable!
Aglovale: (Captain), your unwavering fealty is truly magnificent. Not to mention, you also possess an impressive aptitude for battle.
Aglovale: I have a proposition—if it pleases you, I would like you to continue working on behalf of Wales.
  1. It would be an honor.
  2. We're actually Percival's vassals...

Choose: It would be an honor.
Aglovale: Hah.
Aglovale: But aren't you my little brother's beloved vassal? Surely your loyalty to Percival amounts to more than this.
Vyrn: H-hey! You're the one who asked!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! It is true that part of the fault lies with me. I apologize for my error in judgment.
Aglovale: You are simply such an exceptional talent, I found myself unable to resist.

Choose: We're actually Percival's vassals...
Aglovale: Bahahaha! Certainly, I almost forgot. You have already pledged yourselves as my little brother's vassals.
Aglovale: I wouldn't be able to show my face in front of Percival if I were to force you to serve a second master.
Aglovale: Heh. I must applaud you for your unshakeable loyalty, even in response to my invitation. It makes me want you on my side even more.
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Aglovale: But if Percival were to return to Wales...
Aglovale: Then you would officially be faithful retainers in service to my kingdom.
Aglovale: Bahahaha! If that were to happen, Wales would become even more powerful! I look forward to when that day comes!
Lyria: Hehehe. You're always thinking about what's best for the kingdom, aren't you, Aglovale?
Aglovale: As its king, that is only natural.
Oh, it seems we've gotten distracted. Let us resume our chocolate gathering.
Aglovale: Actually, wait. There is still one thing on my mind.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that?
Aglovale: The reason you all came to Wales. May I ask what it is?
Lyria: Oh. Um, well...
(Captain) and Lyria shift uneasily in response to Aglovale's question.
Seeing the captain's reaction, Vyrn whispers to the others in a quiet voice.
Vyrn: Hey... Wouldn't this be a good time to give him his gift?
Lyria: Y-you're probably right... Otherwise, it's just going to get harder and harder to bring it up...
Lyria: But...
Lyria and (Captain) are filled with apprehension.
Will Aglovale be pleased with their humble offering after receiving such a wealth of extravagant tributes?
Aglovale: ...
  1. We just wanted to say hi...
  2. ...

Choose: We just wanted to say hi...
Aglovale: That is what you all said before, isn't it?
Aglovale: Hm...

Choose: ...
Aglovale: No matter. You need not force yourself to answer.
Aglovale: If I recall correctly, you said you came to see me. That is all the reason I need.
Continue 2
Aglovale: Well, that's enough discussion. Let us continue our efforts for the people of Wales.
Aglovale: Oh, but we must take the utmost care not to overhunt the area. Understood?
(Captain) nods and sets to work gathering chocolate once again.
But Aglovale's gentle gaze, clouded with worry, does not escape the captain's notice.

Ruler of Chocolae Island: Scene 4

(Captain) and company return to Wales with the ingredients, bringing the chocolate shortage to an end. Aglovale confronts the crew about their present to him, reminding them it's the feeling behind the gift that counts. Relieved, (Captain) and the crew join Aglovale for a feast that lasts well into the night.

Having gathered a sufficient amount of ingredients, (Captain) and company return to Wales.
The market vendors are thrilled when Aglovale arrives to personally provide them with a large supply of chocolate.
Citizen 1: To think King Aglovale himself gathered this chocolate for us!
Citizen 2: I can't thank you enough! Now I'll be able to give some to my special someone!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! It goes without saying that a king should work on behalf of his kingdom!
Aglovale: And besides—at the end of the day, I was the cause behind the entire issue.
Aglovale: If I hadn't resolved things, who would have?
Citizen 1: King Aglovale!
Aglovale: Now then, make sure to enjoy this Valentine's Day to your heart's content! It is no less than your right!
Citizen 2: Thank you so much again! We're lucky to have you as our king!
Lyria: Hehehe. That solves the chocolate shortage!
Aglovale: Indeed. This issue is resolved, at least.
Vyrn: That makes it sound like you've still got other problems to deal with.
Aglovale: Heh. I do, in fact. One major issue remains.
Lyria: Huh? Wh-what is it?
Aglovale: Let us return to the castle. I will expand upon the matter there.
Aglovale: Come, everyone! Follow me!
Lyria: O-okay...
Aglovale shows the crew into one of the castle rooms.
After confirming that everyone is inside, he then locks the door behind them.
Vyrn: Huh? Why'd you lock it?
Aglovale: Bahahaha. To prevent you from fleeing, of course.
Lyria: F-fleeing?
Aglovale: I must thank you for all for your hard work. You deserve a reward.
Aglovale: Or so I'd like to say...
Aglovale: What you truly deserve might be punishment instead.
Vyrn: P-punishment?
Vyrn: You're gonna punish us? But we didn't do anything wrong!
Aglovale: No—but you have deceived me. Or perhaps I should say... you've been hiding something from me, have you not?
Lyria: Oh! U-urgh...
Aglovale: I was curious why you were being so secretive... but to think you were hiding my own tribute from me.
Saying this, Aglovale holds up the gift that the crew had brought for him.
Lyria: Huh? But when did you...
Aglovale: Bahahaha... I managed to procure it while you were all distracted during our hunting session.
Aglovale: Your vigilance is severely lacking. It seems you'll need to train harder, (Captain).
Aglovale: You came to Wales in order to give this to me, correct?
Lyria: Yes...
Lyria and (Captain) look down at the floor in embarrassment.
With a gentle smile on his face, Aglovale pats their heads in turn.
Aglovale: What surprised me most... was having my own thoughts measured and decided for me.
Vyrn: Y-yeah, sorry 'bout that. But (Captain) and Lyria didn't mean anything by it.
Aglovale: I believe I know why you were unable to give me your gift. But I will have you know, I am not such a small man.
Aglovale: What need was there for you to hide it? The monetary value of a tribute is not what matters. The important thing is... the feeling behind it.
Aglovale: Considering you have worked closely with my little brother, I am sure you understand.
Lyria: Aglovale...
Aglovale: I would never make light of your feelings.
Aglovale: And as such, I gladly accept this gift.
  1. Thank you.
  2. We're sorry.

Choose: Thank you.
Aglovale: Heh, you truly are amusing. Shouldn't I be the one thanking you?
Aglovale: I appreciate the gift, (Captain).

Choose: We're sorry.
Aglovale: Well... I know you must have felt conflicted.
Aglovale: I'm delighted that you would think to prepare such a fine tribute for me.
Saying this, Aglovale pats Lyria and (Captain) on the head once again.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Whew... Glad you were willin' to accept the gift.
Lyria: You really are kind, Aglovale.
Aglovale: Bahahaha! Please don't misunderstand.
Aglovale: The ruler of a powerful state can under no circumstances refuse the goodwill of his people or his vassals.
Aglovale: That is all.
Vyrn: A-ahaha... Is that so...
Aglovale: Now then. The time has come to proceed with your punishment.
Vyrn: Wait, huh? I thought you forgave us!
Aglovale: Those are two separate matters. Though you had no ill intentions, you deceived me nonetheless.
Aglovale: To answer for your actions, you will spend the remainder of the day... with me!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! I shall ready some of our finest Wales champagne and a feast fit for a king!
Aglovale: It will be a celebration for the ages!
Vyrn: Heh, what the heck? That's not a punishment at all.
Lyria: Sounds more like a reward to me! Let's make the most of it—together!
(Captain) nods happily, and together they enjoy the festivities until well into the night.
During the banquet, the captain senses that their bond with Aglovale has grown even stronger.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
氷皇たる力、その身に刻んでやろう I will show you the true power of the Lord of Frost.
チョコレートの供給をもっと増やさねばな We must further increase our chocolate supply.
我に貢ぎ物か?フッ……殊勝な心掛けだな A tribute for me? Heh... I admire your dedication.
幼い頃は三兄弟でもらえる菓子の数を競ったものだ When my brothers and I were young, Valentine's Day was always a competition.
我は甘味も苦味も好んで食すぞ Be it bitter or sweet, I will gladly partake.
昔、バレンタインデーには母上が菓子を作ってくれた Mother used to make us sweets every Valentine's Day.
我が貢ぎ物の数は国の強さの証であるぞ These many tributes represent the might of Wales.
(主人公)も一粒食していくが良い Do have a bite, (Captain).
椅子が気になるか?座ってみても良いぞ Interested in my throne, are you? Feel free to take a seat.
(主人公)の貢ぎ物は我がひとりで食すつもりだ I intend to personally enjoy your gift, (Captain).