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Official Profile[edit]

Age 21
Height 132 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training, construction, knitting
Likes Mountains, tall places, passionate people
Dislikes Rivers, love stories, people who put on airs
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! You've accomplished so much at such a young age, from assembling your own crew to leading from the front lines.
You're younger than even me to boot. It's ok to take it easy sometimes. Let me give you a hug like I always do with Io!
Huuug! There! that's my special birthday gift to you!
Now, then... (Captain)? Are you okay? Oh no, (Captain)'s stopped breathing!


Happy birthday! Sorry about last year; didn't think you'd suffocate!
But you've grown so much this year. I'm sure you can handle it now!
All right, you ready? Huuuug! Special birthday--
Hey! Wait! You can't run away! Let me hug you! Get back here!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm happy I get to spend this day with you again!
And guess what? I got Io to help me make you a birthday cake!
Hm? It looks good? Yeah! Just shows you what good ol' hard work can do!
I'm so happy I could just hug you to pieces!
C'mere, yooou!
Uh-oh... I overdid it!
Hey, (Captain)! Wake uuup!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! This is my first time celebrating the new year from the skies! I just love the breeze up here.
It sure is cold, though. Valtz is warm all year round, so I never thought to buy a coat.
You won't find me using a hand warmer though; the Valtz in me won't allow it!
...I sure could use a sweater though, Captain.


Yaaawn...So sleepy...Ah, happy New Year. Hoo boy, was last night a doozy.
We had a girls-only pajama party in Io's room. It was fun and all, but...
Halfway through, the conversation started to shift to me... Then they just kept firing questions at me left and right. Almost felt like an interrogation.
They asked me things... Things I wish they didn't...
Brr! I think I need to go take a bath!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hey, you like chocolate, Captain? You do, right? I knew it!
Here you go! Don't take this the wrong way now! I'm just sharing my snacks!
Gah, what's this jittery feeling? I never get it around the other guys...


S-say, (Captain)... Here... It's... You know... that thing that girls give on... days like this...
What am I talking about? Y-you know what I mean! That.
You still don't get it? J-just open the box, will you! Why do you have to make me say it!
This is harassment! Just you wait! You'll pay for this! Pay for making me say chocolate!


Erh... This day has come again...
Why is it that people all over the world can do something this gross?
(Captain)! Where did you come from!
Right... This... chocolate is for you! Take it!
And you listen here! Just because I'm giving you chocolate doesn't mean I have icky feelings for you!
It's just a way to show my appreciation! Got it?

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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A gift for me, (Captain)? What's the occasion? It's not my birthday or anything.
W-White Day? I-I don't know what to say!
Ugh, how weird... I mean, thank you so much, you weirdo! I mean... Sorry. I just can't think straight!


Eep! Wh-what is it, (Captain)? You shocked me.
Don't tell me you're going to give me something...
Huh? You forgot?
Ha... Hahaha, I figured as much! I mean, it's not like I was hoping you'd get me something or anything—
Whoa! What's that box you're holding? Y-y-you! You tricked me!
Darn it all! Can't believe I fell for a dirty trick like that! You... You weirdo! But th-thanks anyway!


(Captain), to what do I owe the pleasure?
What? White Day chocolate?
Oh! Wow! Thank you! I totally forgot what day it was. Hahaha!
I'll just take this off your hands. Thanks again, okay? See ya!
(Sigh... Since yesterday I've been so nervous, I couldn't sleep. I wasn't too obvious about that, was I?)
(I can't have (Captain) thinking I'm some kind of creeper waiting for presents...)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hiya, Captain! Will it be trick or trick today? Pick one!
No treat, you say? We never had 'em in the coal mines. So it's either trick or trick!
Mwahaha! I'll show you what a real trick is!


So what'll it be this time, (Captain)? Trick or treat? There ain't no treat that can satisfy a Valtz girl though!
Wh-what? You made pumpkin pudding? With extra pumpkin?
H-humph! Tryin' to tempt a Valtz girl with pudding, are ya?
I'll... I'll think about it.


(Captain)! Some of the crew members are fighting! Get over here quick!
This way! This way! Come on!
I gotcha! How d'you like them apples?
You fell right into the hole I dug! But don't worry—it's filled with nothing but candy!
What's that? It's trick-or-treat, not trick-and-treat?
Haha! Oh well! Tell you what, I'll dig in with you!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ahh, this takes me back! I remember leaving stockings on the bed and begging my father for red shoes befitting a princess.
Can you believe he bought me a shovel instead? Gosh, I must have cried that whole morning away!
But I came to love the shovel so much I would celebrate the holidays each year digging away in the coal mines. Proof that I'm a Valtz girl, born and raised!


Ooh! Look at all that snow! Never knew there was so much! I'd heard a lot about it, but seeing it is something else!
I'm gonna try to touch it...
Eep! Ahaha!
Man, that's cold! Startled me for a second there! It's gonna be a white holiday this year!
Say, (Captain)! Do you know how to make a snowman? C'mon! Show me how!


Happy holidays!
Way back when, I pretty much always worked in the mines on the holiest night of them all.
I didn't ever think that I would be here on the Grandcypher and not working.
But you know I do feel a little uneasy not doing anything physical.
Hm... I know! Let me help with the tree!
I'll put the shiniest ore from the mines all over it!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Perv Party[edit]

The crew and Io invite Almeida on a vacation to the beach. For a change of pace, Io makes Almeida change into a swimsuit, but this causes her to become nervous and flee from the prying eyes of the people around her.

Almeida not in crew

Duty has called the crew to the Valtz Duchy.
Almeida: Hey! Io! Io!
Io: Hm? Oh hey, Almeida!
It is there that the crew encounter Io's friend, the lively miner named Almeida.
Almeida is infatuated with a masked man who once helped her, and works tirelessly day and night to make the perfect weapon for him.
Almeida: A primal beast! A primal beast is the thing! I'm going to infuse a weapon with a primal's power. I don't know how, but...
Almeida: I know that the people of Valtz have done it before. I just need to learn more about primal beasts, and I'll be able to use their power...
Almeida: Hey, (Captain)! You're always fighting with primal beasts, right? Would you take me along with you?
And so Almeida, searching for a way to make the perfect weapon, joins the crew on their journey.
One day while aboard the Grandcypher, Io disturbs Almeida who is working.
Io: Hey! Almeida! How about you, me, and the crew go take a vacation?
Almeida: Take a vacation? Me?
Io: Yeah! It'd be fun to go with everyone! I just know it!
Almeida: Um... I appreciate the sentiment, but I have work here. You go have fun.
Io: What! If you don't take a breather once in a while, you're not gonna get any new ideas, you know?
Almeida: So you say, but I've never been on a vacation, and I don't mean to start now.
Almeida: But just so I know, what exactly do you do on a vacation anyways?
Io: Uh... We eat tasty food at beach stalls and have fun with everyone all while forgetting about work!
  1. Let's go on a vacation!
  2. If you don't go, we cancel the trip...

Choose: Let's go on a vacation!
Vyrn: Yeah! The more the merrier!
Almeida: Ahaha! (Captain), Vyrn, you two are really gung ho about this!

Choose: If you don't go, we cancel the trip...
Lyria: That would be so sad.
Almeida: Wait a sec! Why would you do that!
Continue 1
Almeida: Well if you all insist, then I guess it couldn't hurt to give it a shot!
Io: Great! Pinky promise, okay?
Almeida: Cross my heart!
So begins the vacation starring Io and Almeida.
Days pass.
On the shores of Auguste, the crew rendezvous with Almeida.
Lyria: Look! She's here!
Almeida: Hi, everybody! Sorry for the wait! Let's get this show started!
Io: But... Almeida, you don't have a swimsuit on.
Almeida: Is that a bad thing?
Io: Well... It's not bad, but it's also not different...
Almeida: Who cares! I feel most comfortable wearing this!
Vyrn: It just doesn't have the vacation vibe though.
Almeida: What the heck is a vacation vibe? What do you want from me?
Lyria: I know! How about you try on a swimsuit?
Almeida: A s-s-swimsuit!
Vyrn: Yeah! That would hit the vacation-vibe spot!
Io: I got this! Let's take you shopping for a suit right now!
Almeida: W-wait! I didn't agree to put on a swimsuit!
Io: Don't worry about it! It's not much skimpier than the clothes you're wearing now anyways!
Almeida: What? Really? Well...
The crew heads to a shop nearby to buy Almeida new attire.
There Io gives fervent directions on what Almeida should choose.
Io: Hm... This should do.
Almeida: Whaaat! H-h-how dare you! This is so perverted!
Io: Oh? Then how about this one?
Almeida: Aaah! A-a-absolutely not! How indecent!
Io: Oh geez. Keep this up and you're gonna be walking around naked.
Almeida: N-n-naked! But why...
Io: Yup, you heard me. Naked! You wouldn't want that, right? So how about this?
Almeida: O-o-okay... I'll let you pick...
After waiting for some time, Io finally emerges from the shop.
Io: Ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes on the brand new Almeida!
Almeida: Sorry... for keeping you all waiting...
Almeida comes out of the shop looking slightly defeated.
Vyrn: Wow!
Lyria: Ooh!
Almeida: Urgh! Why the faces!
Almeida: Do I really look that weird to everyone!
Vyrn: No way! It works really well for you!
Lyria: I think so too! You look great in a swimsuit!
Almeida: Wha?
Io: Ha! I chose that with her, so of course she looks great!
Almeida: I look great? Me?
  1. You look really cute!
  2. Can't wait to show the masked man!

Choose: You look really cute!
Almeida: C-c-cute?
Almeida: (Captain), you creep! You big pervert!
Almeida: Y-you're so dirty-minded!

Choose: Can't wait to show the masked man!
Almeida: Bwaak! The m-m-masked man!
Almeida: W-w-why would you say that! Don't be such a weirdo!
Continue 2
Almeida: Pant... Pant... I'm so t-tired...
Io: Hey! Let's get to the beach already!
With Almeida now also in a swimsuit, the entire crew set a course for the beach.
Io: Yay! What should we do for fun?
Lyria: Hmm... How about beach volleyball?
Vyrn: Haha! That sounds like fun!
Almeida: Erh... I don't feel right...
The gaze of some beachgoing tourists falls on the awkward Almeida.
Tourist 1: Whoa! That woman is hot!
Almeida: Ergh...
Tourist 2: Hey! Did ya see that? She looked at me!
Almeida: No... I didn't...
Tourist 3: All right! Let's invite her out!
Almeida: D-don't...
Tourist 1: Scuse me, little missy. Would you like to go grab a coffee?
Almeida: Perv...
Tourist 2: Hm? Did you say something? It's on us if you're down...
Almeida: W-who invites a complete stranger out so suddenly! You pervert!
Almeida: Aaahh!
Vyrn: Uh... Hey! Where ya going?
Almeida: This vacation is just a perv party!
Almeida runs like the wind while covering her face with both hands.
Io: Don't just leave! Almeida!
Vyrn: I got a bad feeling about this...
Lyria: Sigh... And I feel like we did something bad...
Io: Grr! I won't rest until Almeida has had the time of her life on this vacation!
Almeida is not able to enjoy her new outfit or her circumstances.
Will she ever be able to enjoy her vacation with the crew?


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