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Official Profile

Age 55
Height 195cm
Race Human
Hobbies Working out, finding new spicy foods to try
Likes Working out a sweat
Dislikes Sweets, keeping up with trends
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Age 55歳
Height 195cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、激辛グルメの探求
Likes 汗を流すこと
Dislikes 甘いもの、流行
Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I hear that it is your birthday today, (Captain). Happy birthday.
Celebrating this day reminds me that you are still a child.
To think that someone as young as you was able to influence Yngy. He even told you to create a new legend... You are formidable indeed.
No average person would be able to overcome the legend created by the Debonair Daredevils.
But you are smart and resourceful—enough to make me think that perhaps it will be possible for you.
I am looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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(Captain), have you decided on your New Year's resolution already?
Deciding on a resolution can help point you in a certain direction and strengthen your will.
To me, you are still quite young, (Captain). I'm sure you have many things to think about at your age.
It is not a bad thing to be uncertain. But a resolution can prove helpful in clearing your uncertainties.
Your own decisions will never betray you—I believe this to be something important to bear in mind.
In other words, be true to yourself. Keep this sentiment close to your heart.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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A present for me? Ah, that's right. It's Valentine's Day today, isn't it?
It would be improper of me to decline. Although, I must admit that chocolates and sweets are not my cup of tea...
Oho! Are these the extra hot rice crackers from that reputable shop?
I have heard that ninety percent of people lose consciousness after a single bite... So these are the rumored crackers.
I've been interested in trying them for a while, but I haven't found the time to go and buy them myself. I'm surprised you knew of these, (Captain).
I see you went out of your way to cater to my tastes by presenting me with something other than chocolate. I'm impressed, (Captain).
Thank you. I must say, you have excellent taste.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today is White Day. Please accept this as a present in return for Valentine's Day.
I am unfamiliar with the trends of the young, but I bought these from a pastry shop that I have heard to be quite popular these days.
Today's event is quite difficult for me as I don't fare well with sweets...
But I did put in what effort I could for you, (Captain), as a form of gratitude.
Do tell me how you like the sweets when you try them. I will use it as reference for next time.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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The Noble General

Determined to bring the country the late President Jerome had envisioned to reality, Anderson directs his efforts toward the rebuilding of Roanne. When the crew drops by to greet the general, Anderson tells them of his connection with the president and Yngwie. Despite insisting on staying in Roanne, the general promises the crew that he will come to their aid when needed.

Roanne—an island in the Oarlyegrande Skydom where an unprecedented state of affairs is occurring.
In recent years, there has been a continuing struggle in Roanne between the parliament and the anti-government resistance.
After a sudden attack from the resistance, the president, his wife, and members of the parliament had escaped to the government's floating fortress.
(Captain)'s crew was approached because the help of a particular man in their crew—one who had stepped foot into the fortress before—was needed.
The man's name is Yngwie. The former captain of a legendary skyfaring crew, he now travels with (Captain) and company on the Grandcypher.
However, standing in the way of the crew was Anderson—the devoted general of the Roanne government, known to be the strongest in the entire country.
Yngwie and Anderson are old friends who once belonged to the same skyfaring crew.
After many years, a twist of fate had brought them back together—this time, as enemies in a conflict they found themselves dragged into.
But when a threat rose without warning, after much thought and hesitation the two joined forces once more to fight against the menace.
Though the threat was defeated thanks to their efforts, with the death of its president, the land of Roanne underwent great change.
An election was set to be held to determine the president of the new parliament of Roanne.
A few days before the election, Anderson is among the citizens, contributing to the reconstruction of his country.
Anderson: Hrngh!
Anderson: (This is quite tolling. It may be just removing rubble, but I can feel the strain on my body that has yet to fully recover.)
Anderson: (But this, too, is our responsibility toward the country. We survivors must protect the land that the president loved.)
Vyrn: Hey, General. We finished repairin' the houses like you asked!
Anderson: Much appreciated. We were quite short on hands before you came.
(Captain) and company are in Roanne helping out with its restoration, since they, too, were there to witness the uproar that caused the destruction of the country.
Lyria: We brought over some water as well! Please have some, Anderson!
Anderson: Thank you. I was just starting to feel thirsty.
Anderson takes the water Lyria offers him and downs it in a single gulp.
Anderson: Whew... I feel like a new person.
Vyrn: You're covered in sweat... You sure you're okay?
Anderson: Yes, I'm accustomed to it. Working up a sweat feels quite nice.
Anderson: All of our efforts are for the sake of our country. There is no room for complaints.
Vyrn: You sure are workin' hard. I heard you haven't even been sleepin' that much.
Anderson: Working? No, I see this as my calling.
Lyria: Your... calling?
Anderson: Yes, I merely wish to bring the country that President Jerome had imagined to reality.
Anderson: I was prepared to offer up my life for the president. Now, this is the only way I can contribute my efforts toward his dream.
Lyria: Will you tell us more about yourself and the president, Anderson?
Anderson: I'm afraid it is not that interesting... but very well.
Anderson looks into the distance and begins to tell his story.
Anderson: I once had a family. It is here in this country that I met my wife, and eventually, we were blessed with a son.
Anderson: When Yngy—I mean, Yngwie—happened to visit in the middle of his journey across the skies, I was living a peaceful life.
Anderson: However, the federation's circumstances resulted in a severe lack of doctors. My wife's untreated injury led to her death, and my son lost his life in an accident caused by the political turmoil.
Anderson: I was overcome with grief and despair, and could not escape the solitude I felt.
Anderson: That was when the president saw me and shed tears for my sake, as if my burdens were his own.
Anderson: He put aside his own misfortunes and dedicated his everything into bettering the country. I was there beside him, witnessing his every effort.
Anderson: This is when I swore that I would devote myself to this righteous man, both as a soldier, and as a person.
Lyria: I see...
Anderson: What did I tell you? Nothing too interesting to tell.
Lyria: It was a sad story to hear...
Lyria: But I'm glad we were able to understand more about you, Anderson.
Vyrn: Yeah. We only knew you and Yngwie were old friends.
Anderson: Yes... I suppose you could say we have an inseparable bond.
Anderson: Always trying to keep up with his whims... Forget injuries—we've been walking on the line between life and death over and over.
Anderson: But strangely enough, I never despised it. Perhaps I was enjoying it in my own way.
Anderson: I have settled down since, but Yngy's penchant for showing off and dreaming up wild ideas is still going strong, I see.
Anderson: Transforming a shield into a sword? Though that may be attributed to the nature of his shield, still... the man certainly uproots all common sense.
Vyrn: We always knew his shield was special, but boy were we surprised when we saw it happen.
Vyrn: Is your shield the same kind as Yngwie's? Can it transform too?
Anderson: Yes, mine is capable of changing shape as well. However, I have never seen anything like Yngy's.
Anderson: When I had my shield analyzed once, I discovered that it was crafted with techniques from the Astrals.
Anderson: And I only realized from the previous battle that this shield was meant to be a special weapon to fight against Socialis.
Anderson: In any case, it is a mysterious artifact. I can only hope that someday it will reveal its true worth to us as Yngy's shield has done.
Vyrn: Have you ever thought about travelin' again like Yngwie?
Vyrn: Maybe you'll find some hints to awakenin' your shield if you journey with us.
Anderson: A journey, hm? It is true that I may be able to experience many more things while traveling with a crew whom Yngy has shown such respect for.
Anderson: However, while I am grateful for your proposal... I cannot leave this country.
Anderson: As I stated earlier, my calling is to restore this land to its former glory. I have a duty to support both the citizens and the government.
Anderson: My loyalty lies with this land that the president so loved, and where I spent those precious days with my wife and son.
Vyrn: I see. You sound pretty sure about what you want.
Anderson: I cannot sail with you on your ship, but I am indebted to your crew for saving our country.
Anderson: Do call on me should you need my services. I promise I will do my best to come to your aid.
Lyria: Okay! Promise!
Anderson: Now, it's back to work. We still have much to accomplish.
After that, (Captain) and company continue to help with the reconstruction for a while.
The crew devote themselves to their work, glad to have found a new and dependable ally in Roanne.

How Does One Converse?

Aspiring to be able to handle his shield as freely as Yngwie, Anderson attempts to converse with his shield in hopes of developing a deeper connection with it. When he writes a letter asking for advice from Yngwie, his old friend mistakes it as a request for tips on wooing a lady. The general takes the advice at face value and begins to plan.

Anderson: Hm...
Several days have passed since the presidential election that took place in Roanne following the crew's departure.
As repairs to the island continue, Anderson sits by himself in his room, lost in thought.
Anderson: (Reconstruction has been going well, and the island is slowly returning to how it looked before.)
Anderson: (As expected, there are those who anticipate change in this country, and those who are voicing their concerns.)
Anderson: (I have witnessed the hard work that goes into running a country, but from the eyes of the citizens, change has been slow in the past twenty years or more.)
Anderson: (The reputation of the current government depends on our work from here on out.)
Anderson: (I, too, must devote myself to serving this land. But I am beginning to think the training I've done up until now will not be sufficient.)
Anderson: What should I do? Or rather... what is something that only I can do?
Anderson's gaze falls naturally on his peculiar shield.
Anderson: In the end, it comes down to this shield.
Anderson: (During battle, Yngy had perfect control of his shield and used it to save us from the crisis.)
Anderson: (I should have been able to do just as much as Yngy.)
Anderson: (After all, this land is my home. And I, too, possess a shield...)
Anderson: (If only I was able to draw out its true power, then I could have reduced the damage to a minimum.)
Anderson: Which means that what I need to do now is to learn to control this shield.
Anderson: Yngy was able to do it. So logically speaking, I should be able to as well.
Anderson: Think, Anderson... Think back to how Yngy was able to transform his shield into a large sword.
Anderson: That's right... It looked as if the shield was answering to Yngy's will.
Anderson: In that moment, the two of them were one. It was as though they understood each other.
Anderson: But what about me? Can I really say that I understand my shield just as well?
Anderson: No, I cannot. What I lack is the knowledge of my shield's true nature...
Anderson contemplates to himself. Suddenly, his eyes widen.
Anderson: I know... What we need is conversation!
Anderson: It's the same as with people. In order to understand someone, we must learn more about them. The same can be said for my shield.
Anderson: But the problem is... how? I have never been good with conversation.
Anderson: In the past, while we were traveling together, I would always leave the negotiating to Yngy. He has a way with words that I don't.
Anderson: ...
Anderson: I suppose there is no way around it. No other person suitable for the role comes to mind.
Anderson: What should I say... Should I ask him honestly?
Anderson: No. I, too, have my own dignity to uphold. I cannot let him know my true intention...
After much thought on the matter, Anderson picks up a pen and begins to write.
A few days later, a letter from Anderson arrives for Yngwie.
Yngwie: A letter from Andy? Who would've thought that'd ever happen.
Yngwie: Let's see...
"I have someone I would like to get to know better. What would you do, Yngy?"
Yngwie: What's this? Is there a lady he's after? Didn't know the man could be so bold!
Yngwie: He went as far as to send me a letter. I should give him worthwhile advice.
Days later.
Anderson: Ah, finally, a reply. Let's see, what did he say...
Anderson: "Make sure to give special treatment."
"Compliments are a must."
Anderson: "Find a place to be alone with just the two of you and have a good talk."
Anderson: I see... He's giving plenty of ideas I couldn't come up with myself.
Anderson: I guess I have only to try. My trials begin tomorrow.
And with that, Anderson follows Yngwie's advice in the letter and maps out a plan.

How Does One Converse?: Scene 2

Anderson follows Yngwie's advice and continues to converse with his shield. He explains how the shield has a special place in his heart, proceeding to train together with it and even renting out the sauna facility for the both of them. Though his behavior causes concern from his subordinates, the general puts his everything into spending time with his shield.

Anderson: Do you remember the day we first met?
Anderson: When my gaze fell upon you in that dark basement where you were quietly concealed, I felt something within me for the first time in my life.
Anderson: I knew immediately that it was the beginning of a long journey with you.
Anderson: And I was right. I am certain that our encounter with each other was fate.
Anderson's Shield: ...
In the middle of the courtyard at the military base, Anderson talks across a table to his shield.
Anderson: It was the same during the battle against Socialis. There were countless times where I would have met my demise if it weren't for you.
Anderson: You are an irreplaceable partner to whom I owe my life.
Anderson: I know you have a power within you equivalent to Yngy's shield! I know it!
Anderson's Shield: ...
Roanne Soldier 1: Hey... What's General Anderson doing over there?
Roanne Soldier 2: No clue. Looks to me like he's desperately trying to talk to his shield... but that can't be right.
Roanne Soldier 2: Then again, it's General Anderson. I'm sure what he's doing is something advanced and beyond our comprehension.
Roanne Soldier 1: R-right... I guess it'd be pointless for us to try to understand...
Anderson: Hrng! Hup! Hah!
Anderson's Shield: ...
Anderson: Heh, tough as I expected. My fist is incapable of leaving even the smallest dent.
Anderson: This pain emitting from my fist... It tells me of the immense strength you harbor.
Anderson: Very well. Next, we shall go for a training run!
Anderson: This overbearing weight! Weight is security!
Anderson: I can feel the dependability radiating from you as I carry you on my back!
Anderson: Now, let us go, my dear partner! To the very top of the mountain!
The Two: ...
Roanne Soldier 1: Did you... see that?
Roanne Soldier 2: He was just training with something heavy on his back, right? We do that too.
Roanne Soldier 1: Not that... He was talking to it passionately. And didn't he call it... his partner?
Roanne Soldier 2: I'm sure we... imagined that. Let's just forget what we saw.
Anderson: Whew... There's something special about getting into the sauna after some exercise.
Anderson: Moving and sweating certainly refreshes both the mind and body. Wouldn't you agree?
Anderson's Shield: ...
Anderson: I rented out the sauna today so we could talk with just the two of us. Let's enjoy our time together.
Anderson leans back and relaxes for a while before speaking up again.
Anderson: The reason why I wanted you to come with me today was because I wanted you to see how I am usually.
Anderson: We've never truly spent time with each other outside of the battleground, though I suppose that is only natural.
Anderson: Still, I regret the fact that I did not see you as anything other than a weapon.
Anderson: I owe you an apology. I want to be able to connect with you better—to see you not as a weapon, but a partner.
Anderson: I was a fool. You can put the blame on me all you want.
Anderson's Shield: ...
Anderson: You are truly kind. To think, after what I did, you refuse to speak even one ill word of me.
Anderson: Heh, I know. I meant that even if you were able to converse, you would never choose to speak ill of me.
Anderson: In any case, we've stayed quite long. I must return to my duties in the afternoon.
Anderson stands up to exit the sauna and turns to pick up the shield.
Anderson: Ouch!
Anderson: I've made a grave mistake! I cannot touch something this hot with my bare hands!
Anderson: Excuse me! Does anyone have gloves I may borrow?
However, there is no response to Anderson's call.
Anderson: Ah, that's right! I rented out the entire facility...
Anderson: I'll have to go find help from outside... But wait. I am almost entirely unclothed.
Anderson: I cannot let my subordinates see me running about in such a disgraceful manner!
Anderson: What should I do... What should I dooo!
Anderson's Shield: ...
As Anderson frantically wracks his brain for a solution, his shield sits quietly beside him, getting increasingly hotter by the moment.

How Does One Converse?: Scene 3

One week into conversing with his shield, the general finally hears a voice from it and collapses from joy and exhaustion. He wakes up to find Yngwie at his bedside. When he asks his shield to speak again, however, it remains silent. Convinced that Anderson had simply been hallucinating, Yngwie confesses that even he doesn't know why his shield changed form during the battle. He tells Anderson the only thing he can do is to continue walking down the path together with his shield.

A week passes, but Anderson is still unable to evoke a response from his shield despite his continuous efforts.
Anderson: Wh-why... Why does it not answer me...
Anderson: Despite all the time and conversations we've shared, will you still not open up your heart to me?
Anderson's Shield: ...
Anderson: (I've followed Yngy's advice and done everything I can do to connect with my shield!)
Anderson: (What am I missing? I don't know... I don't understand!)
Roanne Soldier 1: Hey, General Anderson's holding his head in his hands and looking really stressed...
Roanne Soldier 2: I didn't know what to think when I heard that he actually took his shield with him into the sauna...
Roanne Soldier 1: Do you think the battle before pushed him too hard?
Anderson: I am ashamed... Is it impossible for me to develop a sense of trust with my shield after all?
Anderson: This humiliation must be the consequence of foolishly trying to engage in conversation—a matter I've never prided myself in. Haha... ha...
Anderson's Shield: I'm... also grateful... that you are my wielder.
Anderson: ...
Anderson: Did you... Did you just speak?
Anderson's Shield: Yes...
Anderson: Wow... We... We're finally conversing!
Anderson: Did you two hear that? My partner answered me!
Roanne Soldier 2: D-did it?
Roanne Soldier 1: General Anderson... Are you all right? Perhaps it's time you took a break...
Anderson: Haha, I did it, Yngy... Finally...
Roanne Soldier 1: General Anderson!
Anderson: Hngh...
Anderson: Is this... the doctor's office? How did I get here?
Yngwie: So you've finally awoken.
Anderson: ...!
Yngy! Why are you here?
Yngwie: Good morning to you too. Took you long enough—I was left all alone with the task of giving you a wake-up call...
Anderson: What do you mean?
Yngwie: Your subordinates reached out. They said you called out for me before you collapsed.
Yngwie: They heard your cry and thought I'd know something about what you've been up to lately.
Yngwie: Left without a choice, I came here and found you conked out on the bed. That's the story.
Anderson: I see... What a shameful sight.
Yngwie: Oh yeah, I heard you've been acting strange recently.
Yngwie: Talking to your shield all day, every day—even getting in the sauna together. Is that true?
Anderson: Yes... It's true.
Yngwie: Heh... Haha...
Anderson: S-stop laughing! You're the one who gave me the advice!
Yngwie: Well, I didn't think you were writing about your shield. Anyone'd misunderstand if you explained it like that.
Yngwie: Although I did have my doubts, since I didn't think a stubborn man like you would forget about his family that quick for a new lover.
Yngwie: But now the mystery's solved. I'm glad you're as straightlaced and healthy as always.
Anderson: Heh.
Anderson: I am well aware of my own stubborness. That's why I took your advice to converse very seriously.
Anderson: I never wanted you to realize my true objective...
Yngwie: So how is it? Were you able to make a connection?
Anderson: Ah! Yes, that's right! I was finally able to hear my shield's voice!
Yngwie: Really? I have the same shield, but even I've never heard a voice from mine.
Anderson: Oh? Then allow me to demonstrate the new bond between myself and my shield.
Anderson: Were you listening, dear shield? Let us hear your voice!
Anderson's Shield: ...
Anderson: ...
Yngwie: ...
Anderson: Hey, what's the matter? Are you feeling nervous? Shy?
Yngwie: Uh, Andy, I'm not sure how far you plan to take this joke...
Anderson: I-I'm being serious! I heard its voice with my very own ears!
Yngwie: I'm going to be honest with you. I think you were hallucinating.
Anderson: Wha!
Yngwie: Nobody but you heard the voice, right? You were exhausted enough to collapse onto the ground.
Yngwie: It's obvious what happened. Just admit it, Andy.
Anderson: That can't be. Then tell me... What is it that I lack?
Yngwie: ...
Yngwie: Andy, it seems you feel a rivalry against me in terms of our shields...
Yngwie: To be honest, I don't know how my shield was able to transform into a sword in the battle against Socialis.
Anderson: What? Truly?
Yngwie: As you know, the shields we have are full of mysteries.
Yngwie: When there is a mystery to be solved, you just can't ignore it. So you use your own knowledge and experiences to try to analyze it.
Yngwie: By doing that, you feel as if you've come to understand it a bit more. But that is a lie.
Yngwie: In the end, you will find out the hard way that it was all your own conceit.
Anderson: Oho. You're trying to say something big there.
Yngwie: Maybe.
Anderson: In any case... I suppose it was the same for you then. It seems this was all a misunderstanding on my part.
Yngwie: Simply continue down the path together. There's nothing wrong with that.
Yngwie: Well, now that that's cleared up... how about you treat me to a drink? I did come all the way here just for you.
Anderson: Is that an invitation to the pub? Not something you should be saying to someone on their sickbed.
Yngwie: Since when did you come to say such lame words? Did you forget how to be a debonair daredevil?
Anderson: Heh, never. Very well, then we shall drink the night away.
Yngwie: That's what I'd like to hear.
Anderson brightens up, encouraged by Yngwie's subtle but uplifting words.
Together, the two head out to town, where they converse merrily into the night, drinks in hand.

Side-scrolling Quotes

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