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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 151 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Chatting with Nightmare
Likes Cats, mushrooms
Dislikes Strangers, sunlight
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 16歳
Height 151cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies カシマールとのお喋り
Likes 猫,きのこ
Dislikes 他人、日の光
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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H-happy birthday...
C-Captain, w-we all got together and prepared a party for you...
I... I mean Nightmare and I... we made some cake.
A-and you know this cake? It's made especially for you, okay?
S-so I really hope you enjoy it.


(Captain)... H-happy birthday!
I just wanted you to know... I... I'm so happy to have met you, (Captain)!
Ever since my grandma passed away, Nightmare and I have been all alone...
But ever since meeting up with you, every day has been so much fun!
So I...
I want to thank your parents for giving birth to you.
Teehee... I wonder if I'll get the chance someday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I-I'll make any of your wishes come true today!
T-tell me your wishes... I'll do my best to please you...
I can give you a shoulder rub, mow the lawn... or anything else you want!
A-anything more off-kilter is perfectly fine too!
So... A-ask away!


Today's your birthday, isn't it?
Happy birthday, (Captain).
Um... I know everyone w-wants to celebrate your birthday, but...
C-can I have you... all to myself for just a bit?
R-really? Hurray!
So what should we do?
I put together some cake and presents for you...
Which do you want first, (Captain)?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Are you... happy that you're growing up?
I-I wasn't very happy about growing up before, you know...
It made me sad to think that I was just going to continue living my life... all by myself...
But then I met you, (Captain)... and made so many new friends. Now I'm really happy!
You gave me hope, (Captain). You're like the sunshine after rain...
I don't really like the sun... But if you're the sun... then maybe I can grow to like it.
Oh, by l-like I don't mean... You know.... A-anyway!
U-um, I hope we can continue traveling together from here on out, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Nightmare: Yo, Captain! You ready to party like there's no tomorrow?
Anna: (Captain)... Um, if you have some time for the New Year's party...
Huh, really? Yay! But wait... I, erm...
Not with everyone... But just you, me, and Nightmare...


(Captain)... My grandma always said that plans for the following year start on New Year's...
So I, umm, I...
I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy New Year!
I... I hope I get to travel with you this year too, (Captain)...


Anna: H-h-happy New Year!
Um... I hope that was the best one you heard today?
Nightmare: Heck, you stayed up all night waitin' to say it! Course it was the best!
Anna: N-Nightmare... Erm, it's not a big deal...
I just wanted to be (Captain)'s best...
Because I want to be with (Captain) this year too!
That's my way of wishing for good luck...
I... I'll be here to give you the best New Year's wish next year too, so...
Here's to another good year!


Mmm... Zzz...
Mmm... (Captain)...
Uh, h-h-how come you're here, (Captain)...
Oh... That's right... I wanted to wish you a happy New Year's...
And I wanted to do it before anyone else, so I stayed up all night...
But I couldn't keep waiting, and I fell asleep...
Mmm... I wanted to be your first...
Huh? You came looking for me because I didn't show up?
Really? I can still be the first to send you New Year's wishes?
I, uh... That makes me so happy!
Thank you, (Captain)...
Um, happy New Year. Hope this year's a great one!


(Captain)... H-happy New Year!
U-um... I decided on my New Year's resolution already!
I'm going to... make everyone I meet smile!
I-I'm not very good at talking, but at least I can help others with magic!
Just like you always help me and make me smile...
I-it might take me a while, but I'll do my best to keep going this year, the year after that, and the year after that!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain)! I... I, umm... I made some chocolate...
Won't you, um... please... have some?
Phew... I'm so glad I was able to say it.


Anna: Th-this is so embarrassing, Nightmare...
Nightmare: Woman up already and hand it to (Captain) before it's too late!
Anna: I-I know, but... Eep!
C-C-C-Captain! I, umm... This is...
Sigh... Here goes. I-I made this chocolate myself!
I think it turned out really well... I hope you like it... Phew... Eheheh, I did it!


Anna: Look, Nightmare... (Captain)'s so popular...
Anna looks ahead to see a great big haul of chocolate in (Captain)'s arms.
Anna: Okay... I guess I'll leave mine in (Captain)'s room this year...
Maybe over here...
Nightmare: You seriously not gonna hand it over in person after how pumped up you were?
Anna: My feelings might be better conveyed if put on paper...
Hehe... I wonder what kind of face (Captain) will read it with...
I'd be so happy if I could get a response... Okay, let's head out before anyone comes—
...! (Captain)! I-I-I... Please don't get the wrong idea!
I-I definitely wasn't th-thinking that I wanted a response to my letter!
The dumbfounded captain is left behind as Anna storms out of the room.
(Captain) breaks into a smile at the sight of the small package and letter placed on the table.


Anna: (Captain)...
Um... Do you have a second now?
Th-these are... Valentine's ch-chocolates.
They're... sweeter than I th-thought, so uh...
I figured it would be b-better if you had tea, and...
Nightmare: You should get together with Anna for a cup of tea!
Anna: Nightmare!
N-no! Th-that's wrong... Er, I uh, mean that...
R-really, I wanted to be the one to say it.
So, uh...
Wanna have tea with me?


Anna: U-um, (Captain)!
Would you like some... Valentine's chocolate?
I just, um... made too many, so if you don't mind...
There are lots of different kinds too! So, if it's not too much trouble, could you try each one... and let me know what you think?
Nightmare: We'll get some tea ready too, so it'll be a tea party!
Anna: I want to learn more about the kinds of things you like.
Tell me which ones taste good, okay? I'll make lots of those ones next year!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Anna: Gasp! Wh-what is this, Captain? Huh? Th-this is... for me?
I-in return for Valentine's?
O-oh my goodness... I-I'm so happy, but the words just won't come...
Nightmare: Yer a real stickler for the details, Cap'n!
Anna: A-are you doing this for everyone? I-I see. Of course, right...
B-but I don't suppose there's um... anything wrong with me thinking this one's especially just for me, is there?


(Captain)? Wh-what's this?
This is in return f-f-for Valentine's?
Aaah! Th-thank you...
Eeep! You're making me so happy, (Captain)!
Ah! I need to lock this up with my magic and keep it safe!
Hm? Ahaha... I guess it's meant to be eaten after all...
O-okay then. I'll savor every little bite!


Anna: Hey, Nightmare... Do you think I might be a bit too selfish?
I can't stop thinking about wanting (Captain)'s response to my letter...
Nightmare: Best to keep your urges in check!
Anna: I thought so too... Huh?
Anna looks down to find a small package and a letter.
Anna: What's this package?
And a message for me?
Anna flips the letter around to find (Captain)'s name scribbled on it.
Anna: Huh?
Eeeep! I-it's a letter from (Captain)!
Wh-what? Why? When did (Captain) put it here?
Anna opens up the letter in a passionate frenzy to find a message that brings her endless joy. It reads, "Always love seeing you around, Anna. Thanks for sticking with us."
Anna: "Dug the chocolates too."
Nightmare... I... I'm so happy to have met up with our captain...
(Captain), I'll keep doing my best to help you and the crew!


Anna: (Captain)? Wh-what's with the tea set?
Today's White Day? Aah, I guess so. Everyone's having a tea party then, huh...
Huuuh? It's just gonna be you and m-me alone?
I'm way too happy, and I d-d-don't know what to do...
Nightmare: Anna's so happy she's frozen up! Hold on just one minute!
Anna: I-I'm gonna have a seat now. Let's have tea...


Hmm... Is that you, (Captain)? And is that... a present for me?
Th-thank you, (Captain)!
Wait... Why are there three treats?
For me... and Nightmare? But what about the last one?
Huh? You want to eat them together?
I-is that really okay? I know you're busy, so I don't want to waste your time...
N-no, I'm not saying I don't want to! It's the opposite! I'd love to!
Um... I'll be right back with something to drink, so d-don't go anywhere, okay?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Nightmare: Cap'n! Gimme candy!
Anna: Hehe... If you don't give us treats, then we'll give you tricks. Got it?


Trick or t-treat!
Make your choice!
Oh, d-don't worry if you don't have candy.
Just pay attention to me and I'll be nice, (Captain).


Trick or treat... B-better fork over those treats if you want to play it safe!
Erm... Everyone was having so much fun last year, so I thought I'd try it out too...
I'm a witch, so maybe I'd be good with witchy pranks...
You want to know what kind of pranks I might pull? Um, well...
I'd turn you into a puppet so that you, me, and Nightmare can have stimulating conversation.
Hehe, come to think of it, a puppet of you would be real nice...
I'm surprised I never thought of it before...
Eep! (Captain)! Your face is all pale...
So... do you like my idea of a prank?


(Captain), do you...
Do you think my clothes are festive?
I'm a w-witch, so I don't really need to dress up for Halloween, but...
Everyone is wearing special outfits. S-so I want a costume of my own...
Huh? You'll pick one out for me?
That makes me sooo happy! Can I choose yours too, (Captain)?


Anna: T-trick or treat, (Captain)!
Oh... U-um, I scared you there, didn't I?
Well... Here, you can have this stuffed toy I made... Sorry for scaring you.
I-inside the toy is some candy... Pretty cool, right?
The toy can keep you company even after you finish all the candy...
Nightmare: You better not throw it out!
Anna: S-so... I hope you'll keep it with you and treasure it!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Oh, um, (Captain)? Isn't the holiday season wonderful?
Listen, um, every year I usually celebrate with just Nightmare and I...
B-but this year, I was wondering if maybe... (Captain), would you like to spend the holidays with us?


Anna: It's the holiday season, so...
I, umm, have a gift for you!
Because... it's been really cold lately. A-and I thought you might like to feel warm...
Nightmare: You better not go catchin' a cold now!
Anna: I... I knit this sweater for you... I hope you like it...
You do? Yay! Aaah...
Eep! Sorry, that made me so happy...


Ah, (Captain)! That's the sweater I gave you last year!
You're wearing it!
Th-this makes me so happy!
I'll knit you a nice hat to go along with the sweater!
I hope it helps you keep warm, (Captain)...


(Captain), happy holidays.
I-I'm so happy you're wearing the present I gave you.
Th-this year I... uh...
Uh, uh... I-if we stay close, we'll be warmer...
You told me that it's toasty when you're near somebody, (Captain)...
Are you warm? G-good...
It's, um, cold out, so... Let's heat each other up.


Anna: Um... (Captain)? What's that bag in your hands?
Huh? I-it's a present for me?
Wow... A sweater and a hat! They match the ones I made you!
You made these for me? Th-thank yoouuu!
Nightmare: Now that's an awesome gift!
Anna: I-I'll treasure this forever and ever! Hehe...

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Remembering Grandmother

Today marks the death of Anna's grandmother, so she has returned home with the crew to pray at the grave. Her grandmother was often strict, but they find a letter indicating that she only wanted Anna to become an independent woman. Deeply impressed, Anna returns to the ship in the clothes left to her by her grandmother.

Anna not in crew

(Captain) and company find themselves deep in a forest of twisted trees.
There they visit a witch rumored to know just about everything.
Nightmare: Welcome! Glad you're here!
Vyrn: Eek! A talking stuffed animal? Is this the witch?
Lyria: Wow! Talk about an adorable witch!
Anna: Um...
Anna: You guys are real, right?
Vyrn: Say what?
The shy witch, whose name is Anna, listens with wide-eyed fascination as (Captain) and company talk about their journey.
Anna: A different... island? You... crossed the sky to get here?
Lyria: Yes! We're traveling around on an airship! It's tough, but we're having tons of fun!
Anna: Oh... I've just been here, in this forest, for as long as I can remember...
Anna: Hearing your stories makes me a bit... jealous.
Anna: Nightmare and I have been living quietly in this forest ever since my grandma, who looked after me, passed away...
After hearing how she longs to travel the skies, (Captain) and company invite her to join their crew, and she nods timidly in response.
Anna: Thank you... (Captain), this means so much to me.
Anna: I've never been in an airship before... I promise to do my best.
Thus Anna joins the crew in its journey across the sky.
One day, the crew returned to the island where they first met Anna. It was a somber day, the anniversary of her grandma's death.
Anna prays quietly in front of her grandmother's grave.
Anna: I'm home, Grandma... I'm doing fine.
Anna: ...
Anna: Thank you, everyone. Thank you for bringing me here today.
Lyria: No problem. Are you done already?
Anna: Yes... Besides, Grandma hated it when people got all sad and gloomy.
Anna: She was smiling even when she passed away. It looked as if she had fallen asleep...
Vyrn: I hope you don't mind me asking, but what was your grandma like?
Anna: Well... She was a very distinguished witch.
Anna: She could cast so many spells and grant so many wishes... Everyone counted on her.
Anna: And... she raised me after I was abandoned in the forest.
Lyria: Oh... So her magic had quite an effect on yours!
Anna: Sure... But I'll never come anywhere close to her...
Anna: ...
Anna: Grandma's probably so disappointed in me right now.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Anna: Well... Thanks to my personality, I just couldn't take over for her.
Lyria: Huh? You couldn't take over?
Anna: Everyone said I'm not reliable like her, so they stopped showing up with requests.
Anna: I'm no use to anyone... even though she taught me all her magic...
Vyrn: Hmm... You're probably overthinking this! She wouldn't be disappointed in you for something so silly!
Anna: No... She once told me that I need to be stronger.
Anna: She was probably worried to have me following in her footsteps.
Lyria: Of course not! Your magic has saved us so many times!
Lyria: So you don't have to think like that.
Anna: Ugh...
Nightmare: Hey! Watch it! You'll make us cry!
Lyria: Oh, Anna...
Anna: Thank you, Lyria. But I'm really okay.
Anna: Let's go over to my old house. I'd like to tidy it up a bit.
The crew decides to go with Anna to the house and help her with the cleaning.
Anna: Right, let's move on to the next room! Oh... I'm sorry to make you help me with the cleaning.
Lyria: No problem! We'll make this old house sparkle!
Vyrn: Yep! Leave these shelves to me!
Anna: Okay...
Nightmare: Don't you dare break anything!
Lyria: Ha-ha! Don't worry! We'll be careful!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! I can even fly up and get those hard-to-reach places!
Vyrn: Whoa! My wing's caught on the handle!
Lyria: Are you okay, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Ugh... I was so surprised that I knocked everything around...
Anna: It's okay. We can just put everything back...
Nightmare: What did I tell you!
Vyrn: My bad... I'll try to be more careful.
Vyrn: Huh? What's this giant box?
Anna: I'm not sure. I wonder what's in it...
Anna: Ah!
Lyria: Wow! These clothes are gorgeous! Are they your grandma's?
Anna: No... They were a present. She gave them to me back then...
Anna: She went and bought them in town, and she said they were suitable for a young woman like me.
Vyrn: Then why were they hidden on that shelf?
Anna: I was embarrassed. Clothes this flashy don't suit me at all...
Lyria: Anna! There's a letter at the bottom of this box!
Anna: What? This is my grandma's handwriting!
Vyrn: Really? What does it say?
Anna: It says... "Dear Anna..."
"Apparently you've matured into a woman, and you've finally taken the clothes from the box."
"I bet I was a bit of a nag in my old age."
"For that, I apologize."
"But I'm a witch, so I know that I'm not long for this world. That's why I want you to become your own woman."
"But just because I raised you as a witch, doesn't mean I want you to inherit my life. I hope you can lead a normal life."
"I'm always with you. If you're still sad about me, maybe you just haven't realized this."
Anna: Grandma...
Lyria: Sniff... She really cared about you.
Vyrn: Yeah... Turns out she wasn't looking for someone to continue her legacy after all.
Anna: A normal life...
Anna: Sniff... Sniff... Sob... Grandma! I'm sorry!
The crew leaves Anna in privacy and returns to the Grandcypher. She returns slightly later...
Anna: Sorry to keep you waiting!
Lyria: Wow! You look fantastic! Those clothes really suit you!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! The old lady certainly had great fashion sense!
Anna: Er... Well...
Nightmare: Thank you! I feel like we've been upgraded!
Anna: I've made my decision. I may not be powerful enough yet, but I'm going to become an amazing witch!
Anna: A witch who everyone can rely on... just like Grandma.
Lyria: If anyone can do it, it's you, Anna!
Vyrn: That's right! We already rely on you, you know!
Anna: Thanks! This outfit is making my arms chilly though...
Thus Anna returns to the sky with the crew, motivated by an even stronger desire to become a legendary witch.

Golden Days

While in Port Breeze shopping, the crew run into a girl and her nanny. The girl wants to buy a rare staff before they're all sold out and is trying to get her nanny, who has a bad back, to hurry up. Anna offers to buy a staff instead, so the crew heads for the staff shop.

The crew has stopped into Port Breeze to purchase provisions.
On return leg of the journey, the crew is resting while Anna is practicing her magic.
Anna: Okay... Swoosh!
Lyria: Wow! You're getting good at that, Anna!
Vyrn: Yeah... But what's with the swoosh?
Anna: Well... I've been experiencing a lot as I travel with you guys, so I've been trying things out to see what works...
Anna: And it seems to help if I yell a word with some force behind it...
Vyrn: Yeah, but what does swoosh even—ouch! What's the big idea, Lyria!
Lyria: I think your grandma would be surprised at your magic powers as well!
Anna: Heh-heh... You really think so?
Elderly Woman: Excuse me...
Anna: Eek! Can we help you?
Elderly Woman: I'm very sorry. We've gotten lost... Do you know which way the town is?
Anna: Let's see... The town is... um...
Vyrn: It's that way! But will you be okay finding your way there? It's quite far.
Elderly Woman: But if I don't get there soon, my charge will—
Young Woman: I say, Nanny! Have you found out the way yet?
Elderly Woman: Yes, but it seems it's a little far...
Young Woman: What? Give me a break!
Young Woman: Now what are you going to do? All the staves will sell out!
Elderly Woman: I'm sorry...
Lyria: Um... What seems to be the problem here?
The nanny explains that she has come from a different island with her charge, the daughter of a wealthy family.
They have come to Port Breeze so that the girl can buy a rare staff, but there's a bit of a problem...
Young Woman: Silly Nanny got us lost!
Elderly Woman: I do apologize...
Anna: ...
Young Woman: Now let's go! Stop dawdling please, Nanny!
Elderly Woman: Yes of course... It's just that my back...
Young Woman: Like I care! What about my staff? I simply must complete my collection!
Elderly Woman: Of course...
Anna: Hey, hold on a moment!
Young Woman: You talking to me?
Anna: Um... I can go for you! All I have to do is buy a staff, right?
Young Woman: Huh? I suppose that's true...
Elderly Woman: Are you sure it wouldn't be too much trouble, young lady?
Anna: Of course not! The rest of you guys wait here. I won't be long...
Lyria: Hee-hee! Nonsense! We're going with you, Anna!
Vyrn: Yep! I'm sure we can help! Right, (Captain)?
Anna: Everyone... you're all so kind...
Anna: Okay... You just rest that back of yours, Grandma. We'll do the rest!

Golden Days: Scene 2

The crew reaches the shop and is about to buy the last rare staff there, but an imperial soldier suddenly shows up and tries to take it. Anna responds by attacking the bully.

The crew heads to the market in town to buy a rare staff.
Anna: Let's see... Do you think this staff would work?
Lyria: Hmm... It seems about right.
Shopkeep: Hello there! You're interested in that staff?
Anna: Eek! Um... Yes.
Shopkeep: You have a very discerning eye. That staff is particularly rare. It's also the last one we have in stock.
Imperial Mage: Hey, kid... Hand that staff over. I spotted it before you.
Vyrn: I don't think so! It's first come, first served!
Imperial Mage: Huh? Like I care. That staff is perfect for me.
Anna: But we were first...
Imperial Mage: Now look... Let's not make a scene here. I happen to be one of the empire's most distinguished magicians.
Imperial Mage: So hand it over at once. Little girls like you are better off with twigs.
Anna: But...
Lyria: Hold it! That's just not fair!
Vyrn: That's right! And Anna's magic is off the scale! She could jinx your butt no mistake!
Anna: Thank you, everyone...
Anna: The young heiress will be annoyed if we return without this staff...
Anna: So there's no way I'll hand it over!
Imperial Mage: Ha-ha! You're pretty brave for such a little girl.
Imperial Mage: Very well. Let's see these supposed magic powers of yours then. But don't blame me if you get hurt!
Lyria: The townsfolk are coming over to watch!
Anna: May the best magician win!
Nightmare: Swoosh!

Golden Days: Scene 3

The crew defeats the soldier and delivers the staff to the nanny and girl. But the girl throws the staff away due to a scratch, which leads to an argument between her and her nanny. Anna scolds the girl, which results in her treating her nanny with more respect, and the crew sees them off.

Imperial Mage: Eek! What kind of a monster is this girl?
Anna: Phew... I did it?
Shopkeep: Wow! That was magnificent, young lady! That was some wild magic!
Citizen: Thank you! That soldier has been such a pain in the past, throwing his weight around like that.
The townsfolk gathers around the crew to praise Anna's magic.
Lyria: You did it! Everyone's so delighted!
Vyrn: Yep! Anna's the boss!
Anna: So... um... My magic helped?
Anna: Heh-heh... Grandma, I did it... My magic made someone happy!
Vyrn: All right then! Let's get back to Nanny and her charge!
The crew returns to the plateau and hands the rare staff over to the young heiress.
Young Woman: So you really did go and buy it for me.
Elderly Woman: Thank you so much! You really were a great help!
Anna: Um... It was no big deal...
Young Woman: I'm sorry, but this won't do at all. Look at this! The finish is scratched.
Anna: Huh? It's scratched?
Vyrn: Maybe it got scratched during that battle?
Lyria: Hmm... But you can hardly see it...
Young Woman: Hey! Don't you realize that I'm a collector? It's worthless to me damaged!
Young Woman: Aw... I got my hopes up just to have them dashed. I don't need this garbage.
Anna: Eek!
Vyrn: No! There was no need to break it!
Lyria: Yeah! Anna went through so much for that!
Young Woman: Did she now?
Come on, Nanny. We're done here.
Elderly Woman: ...
Young Woman: Don't just stand there, Nanny!
Elderly Woman: Apologize to them.
Young Woman: I beg your pardon! Are you... giving me an order? But you're just a nan—
Elderly Woman: Apologize at once! To the young lady and everyone else!
Anna: Pardon me, but...
Young Woman: How dare you! Just who do you think you are?
Young Woman: You shriveled, wrinkled... I wish I had never met you!
Anna: Silence!
Young Woman: What the? Where did that come from?
Anna: No! You can't speak to people like that! Especially not the person who raised you!
Anna: You have to treasure her! And cherish her! And love her!
Anna: If you don't, you'll regret it... Because the day will come when she's no longer there...
Nightmare: That's right. You'll regret it, but it'll be too late!
Elderly Woman: Thank you, young lady...
Young Woman: Ugh... What is everyone's problem?
Anna: Do you get it now?
Young Woman: Sigh... Enough already. Nanny, we're leaving!
Young Woman: Come on... Take my hand. Your eyes aren't so good in the dark, right?
Elderly Woman: Right you are, miss.
The elderly nanny thanks the crew, then the girl holds her hand as the two depart.
Anna: How lucky they are...
Lyria: Oh, Anna...
Vyrn: Hey, cheer up!
Anna: Yeah... I'm okay I guess. After all...
Nightmare: We're not lonely, 'cause we have friends!
Lyria: Hee-hee! Yeah, and we'll always be together!
Anna: Heh-heh...
With a smile on her face and memories of her grandmother in her heart, Anna strives ever harder to improve her magic.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
や、役に立ててる…? Am... Am I helping?
ボ、ボクの魔法…ちょっとは効いた…? Did... Did my magic help at all?
あ、あの…えと…オレサマニマカセロ! Um... Ah... Leave it to me!
も、もっと色々、魔法が使えればなぁ… If... If only I could use more kinds of magic...
(主人公)は…尊敬してる人はいる? (Captain)... Who do you look up to?
こ、ここはボクが…! I've... I've got this one!
あ、新しい魔法…試させてもらう、よ… I'll... I'll try a new s-spell...
え、えと…その…ドケドケ、ジャマダ! Here... Here it goes... Move! Move! You goof!
お婆さまのような、立派な魔女になる…! I'll become a brilliant witch like Grandma was.
(主人公)って…か、家族と仲いい…? (Captain)... Are you c-close to your family?

Other Appearances


SV Black Witch Anna.png SV Black Witch Anna E.png
Click to reveal card data

Last Words: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower.

"Howdy! Pleasure to meetcha!"
"You guys are real... Right?"


Last Words: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy follower.

"I'm not sure if I'll ever be as good as her... But one day I want to be a great witch, just like Grandmother."
"That's the spirit, Anna!"
"But then again... it's too bright to go outside..."

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Black Witch Anna
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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