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  • Benjamin only has special cutscenes for birthdays. Clicking the special cutscene button during any other holiday gives the following message: "Vicious Three is unable to make an appearance due to a schedule packed with gigs and executions. Benjamin will have a message for you on your cursed day."


Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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What does a birthday mean to you? Is it a day of celebration, or is it a day of curses?
If it's the former, then congratulations. Good for you. Enjoy.
If it's the latter, you're still in luck. After all you got to meet Vicious Three.
My guitar will gently weep for your malediction. Don't fear the curse.
But if that's not enough, I can always snuff out your life as your birthday present. You should be thankful.


Justin: Hello. I present to you an admission ticket for tonight's illicit gig.
Benjamin ordered me to make the delivery, so my job is done here.
Why me? Is that what you want to ask?
Unfortunately, Benjamin's thought process is beyond the realm of reason. Don't expect me to understand anything that man does.
Much less attempt to explain his whims in words.
Forcing me to play messenger to a **** like you pisses me right off. I'll beat the **** out of him.
If you're dying to know why you got an invite, then you'll have to use it and come see for yourself.
Catch you at the gig.
Oh, right. One more thing. Happy birthday.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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Behind the Evil (Disc 1)

A young woman named Sheena grows tired of life, spending her days working for local gangsters to pay off her father's debt, only to return home to get yelled at by said father. She's resorted to inflicting self-harm to forget about it all. When Vicious Three shows up in town one day, the drummer Valentin notices the pain she's in and reaches out, awakening something within Sheena.

The following presentation depicts scenes of graphic violence and explicit themes. What you are about to see is all real.
This content should not be viewed by minors without proper parental supervision. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
Stay tuned after the conclusion of disc two for special bonus features.
Vicious Three—as far as chronicling the importance of sky concerts is concerned, it would be derelict not to mention this name.
The group came out of nowhere and upended the skies.
But then, just like that, they were gone as suddenly as they had appeared, though not before carving their legend into people's hearts, including mine.
I'll never forget the first time I watched one of their gigs. They were sinister. Malicious.
Absolutely the worst of the worst.
Benjamin: Hunt the strays!
Curious Girl: ...!
Gangster 1: People like this trash?
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Vicious Three: Hunting down strays, hurling sticks and stones.
Vicious Three: This town, a curse decays, all because of the mastermind, the mastermind.
Vicious Three: Screams incite, condemn to silence.
Vicious Three: Who's next to bear the curse? Step up! Step up! Step up!
Vicious Army: Die!
Curious Girl: ...
Gangster 1: They got some nerve playin' on our turf. Gonna have to teach 'em a lesson later.
Gangster 1: Yo, Sheena. Don't just stand there. Get back to work.
Sheena: Sorry...
Stepping outside was the only time I could grab a break.
So imagine my dismay when I finally had some downtime to get fresh air only for this "music" to hit my ears.
"Hunting down strays, hurling sticks and stones"? I didn't want to hear a song that belittles the weak.
Gangster 1: Remember, Sheena, you gotta work in order to help out your old man.
Sheena: ...
Gangster 1: Sorry, just business. We can't pay ya the money you need to pay off his debt if you don't earn it.
Just do the job. Get through your shifts and get paid.
Don't cause a scene and tough it out. That's what I told myself.
On that day, Sheena sees her share of customers.
When all her work is done, she trudges home.
Sheena: I'm back.
Sheena's Dad: ...
Sheena: Here's the money for today.
Sheena's Dad: Tch... I'll never pay off the loan with this pocket change!
Sheena: Sorry, Dad...
Sheena's Dad: If you're really sorry, then why don't you bring in some real cash! This is the thanks I get?
Sheena's Dad: I worked my fingers to the bone for this family, but she still left me!
Sheena's Dad: So what if I borrowed a little money to make some bets? A man needs his hobbies! Who are you to judge me?
Sheena: No, Dad! Please don't hit me!
Sheena's Dad: Don't talk back to me! Do you know who I am!
Sheena: ...!
Yeah. It's all my fault Dad's like this.
Things'll change once the debt is paid off...
While Sheena's dad sleeps in a drunken stupor, the girl slips into bed and lies awake until morning.
In the afternoon, Sheena heads back to work.
She struggles through the day as she always does. Her shift finally ends, and she starts to head home.
Sheena: ...
But as she's walking through an alley, she comes to an abrupt stop.
Sheena: I hate this... I hate being here, and I hate being at home!
She hasn't budged from the spot, as if her feet are rooted to the ground.
Sheena: ...
Unable to stay bottled up any longer, Sheena pulls out a razor blade from her bag.
Sheena: ...!
She finds an inconspicuous spot on her body and slides the blade across her skin.
Sheena: ...
The burst of pain barely distracts her from the oppressive stagnation that's crushing her heart.
Sheena: ...
It's a hopeless situation, one in which she has no one to vent to or even discuss with.
At this point, it seems the only words she can muster are "okay" and "sorry."
Valentin: ...
She finally notices a man covered in wounds staring at her. Who knows how long he's been there.
Sheena: Y-you!
Valentin: How—
Sheena: I saw you. You're with that band.
Benjamin: Hunt the strays!
The man belongs to a roaming band that has been performing on random street corners.
Valentin: No.
Sheena: Huh? You're not? But you look just like him—
Valentin: That's not what I meant. I was trying to say if you want to cut something, how about cutting me?
Sheena: Wha? Wh-why? I don't get it. For one thing, we don't even know each other.
Valentin: I don't get it either.
Valentin: Why hurt yourself?
Sheena: ...!
Valentin: Doesn't it make more sense to cut someone you have zero ties to? I don't mind and neither should you.
Valentin: Go for it.
Sheena: ...!
Sheena stares at the man's outstretched arm with indescribable fear.
Sheena: I...
Sheena: I can't!
Valentin: ...
Valentin: Guess I should've begged on my hands and knees, huh?
Valentin: Hehe... But her feeling of abandonment... Yeah, it could be useful!
A terrified Sheena runs home as fast as she can. Later that night...
Sheena's Dad: Damn it! Who do you think I am!
Sheena: ...!
Aside from what happened to her earlier, the night plays out like any other.
Sheena: (Why...)
Valentin: Why hurt yourself?
Valentin: Doesn't it make more sense to cut someone you have zero ties to? I don't mind and neither should you.
Sheena: (That man was a total stranger...)
Sheena: (But this is my dad. How can he hurt his own kid?)
Sheena's Dad: This is all your fault!
Sheena: (I don't know! I don't know! I don't know!)
The words of the strange man spark something within her.
Sheena: (I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! Why is this happening!)
She feels pain throbbing from the cut she gave herself earlier.
Sheena: (Why me!)
The turbulent emotions bubbling inside of her are beginning to boil over.
Sheena: ...
Sheena's Dad: Wh-why're you lookin' at me like that!
But she doesn't answer, her eyes remaining transfixed on her father, eyes that fill him with fear.
Then comes another shock.
A booming blast erupts outside, illuminating the sky as if the sun has arisen.
The subsequent shock wave shatters the windows of her house.
Sheena: (What was that!)
Having reflexively thrown herself to the floor, Sheena cautiously pokes her head up to peek outside.
Her ears are ringing, though not from the sound she expects.
???: Grrrr...
Sheena's Dad: Was that lightning? But there isn't a cloud in the sky!
???: Grrrr!
Sheena: (Wait... This doesn't sound like thunder.)
???: Graaaah!
After the lightning struck, I heard what sounded like a beast's howl, except it wasn't a beast but a man.
I swear I could hear anger and sadness in his voice.
I know this sounds weird, but hearing his voice made me feel relief—something I haven't felt in a long, long time.

Behind the Evil (Disc 2)

Benjamin is disappointed with the surprise concert his band has just put on in town. Valentin suggests they start hunting strays to be props for their next stage.

Benjamin: ...
Vicious Three—the most depraved mercs the skies have ever seen—has set up camp in a cave on the outskirts of town.
Justin: Why the frown, Benjamin?
Benjamin: I'm bored. Our gigs are snoozefests.
Justin: Oh, like the last one? What do you expect from ad-libbing in the streets?
A previous street gig replays over and over in Benjamin's head.
Benjamin: Hunt the strays!
Sheena: ...!
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Justin: I thought it rocked to be honest. Your vocals and fingerings were out of this world.
Benjamin: Aah? If you want me to kill you, just come out and say it.
Justin: Hehe... There's that angry face I love to see. I know exactly what makes baby tick.
Justin: You're disappointed that you couldn't do more than just give the audience a perfect performance, am I right?
Benjamin: My sound is always perfect. Singing and shredding is easy.
Benjamin: In other words, playing a gig comes as naturally as breathing.
Justin: It's also a shame the weather's so nice.
Benjamin: Yeah. Who needs sunlight? All the light does is serve as a distraction.
Justin: I know, man. Sad part is, people don't seem too bothered by it.
Benjamin: If someone feeds you slop, you don't know if it's good or not until after it's gone down.
Justin: Feeling sick for half a day, then puking for all of tomorrow. That's when you know something's wrong.
Benjamin: Yeah. Which is why I want to stuff them full of tasty slop while they're none the wiser.
Valentin: Benjamin, can I say something?
Justin: Chairs can't talk.
Valentin: Guh! Sorry! Please kick me again!
Benjamin: Don't mind if I do. Now, what does my chair have to say?
Valentin: Heh... Heheh... I found a stray dog.
Benjamin: Uh-huh. And?
Justin: He means this town has the pieces we need to build the stage for your dream gig.
Benjamin: Oh? Tell me something, Justin. If you knew about this, why didn't you let my chair speak?
Justin: I wanted to see your angry face, Benjamin.
Benjamin: I should've known. And now you die.
Justin: Don't wanna. I still haven't pissed you off enough yet.
Valentin: Wait, don't break up the band! Take your stabs out on me instead!
Benjamin & Justin: Die!
Valentin: Awagh!
After a final scream of ecstasy from Valentin, the cave goes quiet.
It's time for them to devise a plan on how to get the materials they'll need to build their stage.
Even the sky itself seems anxious.
Storm clouds are beginning to gather, with thunder rumbling in the distance.

Behind the Evil (Disc 2): Scene 2

One stormy night after a chance encounter with Valentin, Sheena realizes something isn't quite right with her life situation and storms out of her house. She makes for the gangsters' hideout and sees them under attack by Vicious Three. When the gangsters show up at the band's cave hideout for revenge the next day, Sheena is present too.

Sheena: Aaah!
Gangster 1: Damn... It's really stormin' tonight.
Sheena: Mm-hm. Lightning even broke all our windows at home.
Gangster 1: Ah... Is that why you're loitering in the streets in the dark 'stead of bein' at home?
Sheena: Yeah...
That's only half the reason why Sheena has left her house.
Sheena: (Why me!)
Right before the lightning struck and shattered the windows, she had been staring straight into her father's eyes. What were the emotions stirring inside of her?
Sheena herself doesn't know.
Sheena's Dad: Wh-why're you lookin' at me like that!
As for her father, what was racing through his mind about his daughter? About himself?
Whatever the case may be, Sheena didn't feel like sticking around to find out.
Gangster 1: Man, it's a good thing you ran into me.
Gangster 1: This is our turf, but it's still dangerous at night. Can't have our valued moneymaker gettin' dinged up, now can we?
Sheena: ...
Cleaning up the pieces of the broken windows will have to wait until tomorrow.
Tonight she'll try to grab some sleep at the gangsters' hideout.
Man's Voice: You sons of—aaaaugh!
Gangster 1: That sounded like the boss! Damn! Is it a raid?
Tension fills the air, brought on by anguished shouts coming from inside the building.
Gangster 1: The hell's goin' on in here? Where's the boss?
Gangster 2: Three punks came barging in like they owned the place! Grab a knife!
Valentin: Huff... Huff...
Gangster 1: Go to hell!
Gangster 2: Take this, you brute!
Valentin: Gwah! More! Stop trying to stab me and stab me!
Gangster 2: He's not feeling anything!
Gangster Boss: ...!
Justin: Hah, sucks for you. As long as Valentin's blocking the door, no one's coming to your rescue.
Gangster Boss: Do you bastards have any idea who you're messin' with? What do you want?
Benjamin: What does it matter when you're just going to die here anyway?
Gangster Boss: Tch! You think you can just waltz on outta here after taking my head? I got a thousand men who'll hunt you down—
Benjamin: Aah?
Benjamin: I changed my mind. I won't kill you, but I will take a leg, so shut your mouth.
Gangster Boss: Gaaah!
Benjamin: Speak only when spoken to. What's this about a thousand men?
Gangster Boss: I ain't bluffin'! Even my boys on other islands'll rally to me if I give the word! You three are dead men walking!
Benjamin: Sure, come and get us. I dare you. We're holed up in a cave not far from here.
Justin: It's over by the, uh...
Justin: Hang on, I'll draw you a map.
Gangster Boss: S-stay the hell away from me! What are you doing!
Justin: I just told you. I'm going to draw you a map.
Justin: Right on that repulsive face of yours using my trusty sword. That way you'll never have to worry about losing it.
Gangster Boss: Stop!
Justin: I wouldn't move if I were you. Swords don't have erasers, you know.
Gangster Boss: Aaaargh!
The next day.
Gangster 1: Everyone here? Let's waste those fools!
Gangster 2: We'll rip those dirtbags limb from limb and put 'em on display for anyone else stupid enough to screw with us!
Sheena: ...
Sheena: Um... About my work today...
Gangster 1: I don't have time for that! Go home!
Sheena: O-okay...
I wondered what had riled them up. Last night's storm must've caused more damage than I thought.
The scariest thing was, I think there was a fight right outside where I was staying, but I was too scared to peek outside the room to check.
Sheena: I might as well go home.
Sheena: I'm home.
Sheena's Dad: Where were you last night, Sheena!
Sheena: I was at the usual place. I think there was a nighttime raid—
Sheena's Dad: I don't care about that! This place is a mess! Get cleaning!
Sheena: ...
Sheena's Dad: No, wait. First I need you to run down to the liquor store.
Sheena: Can't you do it yourself?
Sheena's Dad: Wha... What did you say to me!
Sheena: I don't know.
Sheena's Dad: Now you're leaving me too? Let's talk about this! Don't you abandon me!
Sheena's Dad: I supported this family! Why does enjoying a lil' gambling make me the bad guy! Anybody woulda done the same!
Sheena's Dad: It's just a small loan! Would it kill you to help me a little?
Sheena: ...
Sheena's Dad: Come back, Sheena!
The lightning destroyed a lot of things. It might've even snapped something inside of me.
I don't have to wait for anyone anymore. That's what I came to believe.
Sheena aimlessly wanders through the streets.
There's always been a dormant side to her, which now resonates with an unknown sound.
Sheena: ...
She's drawn to it, following the noise back to the source.
As the sound gets louder and louder, a cave comes into view.

Behind the Evil (Disc 2): Scene 3

Vicious Three mercilessly slaughter every last one of the thousand gangsters who've come to their cave hideout, setting the scene for a bloody stage. Sheena, who is wearing a mask just like all the other fans who've come to watch the spectacle, reaches the conclusion that Vicious Three serves as a voice for those unable to speak out.

Gangsters: ...
Benjamin: Hm... This is what a crowd of a thousand looks like, Justin?
Justin: Don't expect me to count every single piece of trash that comes in.
Valentin: That's too bad. I was hoping for a bigger turnout.
Gangster Boss: We'll see who's laughin' after my men get done with you!
*His scars are far too unsightly to show.
Gangster Boss: You invaded my turf! Cut up my face! Now it's time to pay!
Justin: What a way to show your gratitude. You guys wouldn't be here without the map I gave you.
Justin: Besides, it's not my fault you wouldn't stop fidgeting under the blade. I had no choice but to cut and cut and cut.
Gangster Boss: ...!
Gangster Boss: I don't know who you creeps are or where you crawled out from, but we're gonna make sure you suffer! Get 'em!
A thousand voices rise in unison and descend on the threesome.
Valentin: Benjamin, we still haven't introduced ourselves yet.
Benjamin: Shut up.
Valentin: Ugh! Sorry!
Benjamin: I decide if we need to do intros.
Valentin: I'm so sorry! I deserve to be kicked again!
Benjamin: Fine by me.
Benjamin rushes at Valentin and drop kicks him in the chest.
Valentin: Sorry!
Valentin is sent flying into a group of gangsters, who quickly start pummeling the man.
Valentin: Agh... Geh... Urrgh...
Valentin: I! Need! More! Pain!
Gangster 2: Aaaah!
Gangster 1: H-he's a monster!
Valentin: On drums, Valentin.
Justin: On bass, Justin.
Benjamin: As for me...
Benjamin: Guitar and vocals. Benjamin.
Gangster Boss: Gulp!
Benjamin: We're Vicious Three, and you've been picked to witness our opening act.
Gangster Boss: What! As in, that vile group of mercs—
Benjamin: The one and only.
Gangster Boss: Agh!
Benjamin: We kill the ones who won't be missed.
Gangster Boss: Ergh!
Benjamin: Someone gave us the okay for your heads.
Benjamin: You're nothing but rats marked for extermination.
Benjamin: And that someone is... Don't remember.
Gangster 3: H-he's carvin' up the boss like a holiday ham!
Gangster 4: That's disgusting!
Benjamin: Kahaha...
Justin: Guess we know who's next.
Valentin: Is it me? Please say it's me!
Gangsters: Aaagh!
A thousand hardened fighters don't stand a chance. They panic, becoming easy pickings for the trio.
Gangster 1: R-run!
The gangsters desperately try to save themselves.
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Gangster 1: Get out of my way! Move it!
Benjamin: Kahaha...
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
A once gray cave morphs into a chamber of red. Vicious Three take to their new stage, built on the fleshy backs of the dead.
The air is so saturated with blood that the crimson clouds can no longer hold their iron-enriched contents.
Raindrops keep falling on the heads of the band members as they revel in twisted delight.
Sheena: ...
Nameless Strummer: Found what you're lookin' for yet?
Sheena: Who are you?
Nameless Strummer: It doesn't matter.
Nameless Strummer: But things are about to get even crazier. Don't look. Just put this on.
Sheena: ...!
Sheena accepts the stranger's gift and immediately covers herself.
Sheena: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Benjamin: The stage is set, and the weather is just right.
Benjamin: Everything's ready. But before we kick off this gig, I have a few words for all the rain-soaked strays out there.
Benjamin: It's okay to resent the curse that afflicts you. It's okay to detest those who curse you.
Benjamin: Bare your fangs! Disseminate your grudge! I am your voice!
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Sheena: Viiiicious!
Vicious Three: Hunting down strays, hurling sticks and stones.
Vicious Three: This town, a curse decays, all because of the mastermind, the mastermind.
Vicious Three: Screams incite, condemn to silence.
Vicious Three: Who's next to bear the curse? Step up! Step up! Step up!
Vicious Three: W-A-R, wailing in ecstasy.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, the curse's source, no one realizes but me.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, sprawled in a cesspool.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, a broken dog doesn't bark, yet bares its teeth.
Vicious Three: Graaaaah!
At that moment, I realized why Vicious Three drives people into a frenzy.
Between the lines of those despicable lyrics is a message of extreme sorrow.
Benjamin: Let's open the hunt for the next stray.
Benjamin: Bring out the abandoned, the scorned, the masses yearning to breathe free... Where are you filthy mongrels?
Benjamin: Graaaah!
The legend of Vicious Three will live in eternal infamy.
But future observers will never know what it was like to attend a Vicious Three gig in person.
What those people felt as they watched the band perform was pure happiness.
Behind the Evil: Pathos of the Past
The End

Behind the Evil (Disc 2): Scene 4

Behind the Evil: Pathos of the Past contains two bonus features. The first is the Grudge of the Scapedog Trailer: Vicious Edition, while the second is an Interview with Vicious Three. Check them out here!

Behind the Evil: Pathos of the Past
Bonus Feature One
Grudge of the Scapedog Trailer
Vicious Edition
Benjamin: Grrrr...
Benjamin: Grrrr!
Benjamin: Graaaah!
Vicious Three: Hunting down strays, hurling sticks and stones.
Vicious Three: This town, a curse decays, all because of the mastermind, the mastermind.
Vicious Three: Screams incite, condemn to silence.
Vicious Three: Who's next to bear the curse? Step up! Step up! Step up!
Vicious Three: W-A-R, wailing in ecstasy.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, the curse's source, no one realizes but me.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, sprawled in a cesspool.
Vicious Three: W-A-R, a broken dog doesn't bark, yet bares its teeth.
Vicious Three: Graaaaah!
Vicious Army: Vi-cious! Vi-cious! Vi-cious!
Sheena: Viiiicious!
Behind the Evil: Pathos of the Past
Bonus Feature Two
Interview with Vicious Three
Where did the idea for Behind the Evil come from?
Justin: Benjamin's the idea man.
Justin: I don't know whose life it's supposed to be based on. Or maybe it's his own experiences. Don't ask me.
Valentin: Yeah... This is just my guess, but...
Valentin: Fans of Vicious Three were looking for a certain "something," and Benjamin thought to bring whatever "that" is to life.
Benjamin: Aah? I came, I imagined, I created. Simple as that.
Is there a story behind your hit song, Grudge of the Scapedog?
Benjamin: None. I serve it up, and you choke it down.
Justin: That song is so Benjamin. First time I heard the intro riff, it was like taking a sledgehammer to the gut.
Justin: Why couldn't I have been born as Benjamin? That's what I used to think, but I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet there.
Valentin: That song is pure Benjamin? Yeah, I can see that.
Valentin: It's not all about violence. There's this subtle empty sadness to it.
Valentin: I think it's a song that truly expresses his initial impulse. That's the impression I get.
Any advice for cover bands on the amateur scene who cover Vicious Three?
Benjamin: Imitators disgust me.
Benjamin: I will personally kill any incompetent wannabes. Don't forget that.
Benjamin: On the other hand, maybe they're already dead inside. In that case, keep struggling.
Justin: Hahaha... It's tough, isn't it?
Justin: Your average joe could play for a hundred years and never come within the same realm as Benjamin.
Valentin: Hm... I'd actually be impressed if any group were good enough to cover our stuff by ear.
Valentin: It doesn't have to match note for note. Try to nail down the mood first.
Valentin: I wouldn't recommend anyone copy my style though. Hehe... It's a real... pain, if you know what I mean.
Benjamin: Are we done with these stupid questions yet? Don't you have enough material to work with?
Benjamin: I've got nothing else to say. My gigs speak for themselves.
Benjamin: What do you mean you still have questions? I don't care.
Benjamin: If you want to keep me here longer, it'll cost you.
Benjamin: Your life.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
殺していい奴はどこだ? Who else do I have permission to kill?
アァ? Aah?
死にたい奴は殺す I'll grant anyone's death wish.
退屈な天気だ What boring weather.
残酷な檻を喰い破れ Chew through the cage that imprisons you.
血が足りない…… More blood... More...
カッカッカ…… Kahaha...
Grrraaahh! Graaaah!
(主人公)。呪いをよこせ Curse me, (Captain).
世界を呪うなら呪え、(主人公) If you want to condemn the world, then go for it, (Captain).