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Official Profile

Age 21
Height 175 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Making bonfires, taking strolls at night
Likes Fires, the smell of burning things, roasted meat
Dislikes Humidity, the smell of people burning, government officials

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Valuing a beautiful flame above all else, Elmott possesses a critical eye for fire that requires him to snuff out lesser-quality flames. He's a gifted fire starter to begin with, and can use magic to regulate and amplify the flames he creates. His insistence on playing with fire at every opportunity during his younger days made things difficult for him growing up, and the resulting empathy makes him kind toward young children. Elmott's difficulties in expressing himself often make him seem rude or unkind, though creating such an impression is certainly not his intention.

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Age 21歳
Height 175cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies たき火、夜の散歩
Likes 炎、モノの焼ける匂い、焼き肉
Dislikes 湿気、人の焼ける匂い、役人

Granblue Fantasy Theater



Character Release



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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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What? Today's your birthday? Hm, good for you. Congratulations.
What? You doubt my sincerity?
Hey, don't sulk. Fine, I get it!
Here! Uh... It's a birthday present.
Humph. I was going to give it to you later at dinner, but you had to go spoil that plan.


Hey, it's your birthday, ain't it? Here. Congrats.
You did well to survive for another year. You're more resourceful than I give you credit for.
Hey, it's your birthday, ain't it? Here. Congrats.
Hm? Yeah, sure, open it now if you want. It's not worth much or anything.
I did put a little thought into it, I guess...
Well, if you don't like it, then boil it or torch it. I don't care.


There you are. Listen, today's your birthday, ain't it?
Y'see... I, uhh, baked a cake for ya. I call it the Blazing Mont Blanc.
W-wait! You can't eat it yet! We gotta light the candles first.
There. Now ain't that the perfect flame for a birthday?
Heh. Have a good one, kid.


Elmott: (Captain), you're like a blazing bonfire that never burns out...
Still though... You should take time off for your birthday at least.
Your health is important, kid, and maintaining it takes work—
(Captain): ...
Elmott: You're not listenin' to me at all, are ya?
All right, all right. You spotted the cake I baked for ya, huh?
I guess you'll listen better on a full stomach, anyhow.
Oops, I almost forgot. Happy birthday, (Captain).


Whoa, the sky sure is blue today. Though I gotta say I prefer a night sky—makes my flames stand out better.
But man, it's so nice I could just keep starin' at it. Think the sky's wishin' you a happy birthday too, (Captain)?
Y'know, I really gotta give you props, leadin' a crew full of punks like me at your age.
That said... If there's ever anything botherin' you, come talk to me.
No reason for you to have to face it alone just 'cause you're the captain.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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You want to stay up past your bedtime tonight?
Fat chance! Run off to bed, kid. And pull the covers tight. You wouldn't want to catch a cold.


Yo, gimme your hand. Huh? Don't be a baby about it.
You did well to survive for another year. You're more resourceful than I give you credit for.
Now don't go getting hurt this year either.


Happy New...
Well, someone looks tired. Guess you stayed up to watch the sunrise last night.
Maybe it's 'cause the air's so clear up here, but that was one beautiful fireball.
Heh heh heh. Man, I hope one day my flames can be as pretty as that.


Hyahaha! They're swelling up nice and big!
Hey, relax. I'll be done roasting these in a jiffy.
Wash your hands, get some drinks ready, and wait for Blazing Elmott to serve 'em up!
You and the rest of the crew had a heck of a time beating the mochi, and now it's my turn to scorch the little munchies to a perfect texture.
Whoa, hands off. Wouldn't wanna burn yourself now.


Tch... Is the shrine always this crowded on New Year's?
Wishin' for sound health is all well and good, but what's the point if you end up catchin' a cold?
I mean look at you, (Captain). Your nose is all red.
If you're cold, come closer. I'll warm you up with my flames.
Huh? Don't worry about all that. It won't be a bonfire or anything. That'd be dangerous with all these people around.
But since we're already here, we're gonna make a wish. Just be sure not to get sick.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What? You want me to start a fire so you can cook something?
Gimme a break... All right, whatever. I ain't your personal lighter, you know.
Huh? What's this... You made me chocolates?
Well, I'll take 'em since you spent time making 'em. So, uh, thanks.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're gonna get burned. What were you thinking?
Chocolate? You're crazy for making it over such a large flame.
Huh? You made it for me?
But why... It's V-Valentine's Day?
N-no, I'm not losing my cool. H-hand it over.
What? You were gonna give it to me anyway, weren't you? No sense in letting it go to waste.


Oh, come on. Not again. I thought I smelled burning chocolate. This gonna be your tradition every year now?
You gotta practice, or at least learn from your mistake last year.
Why can't you just buy 'em in the first place?
What the?
H-hey, don't cry! No, you don't need to be sorry!
This ain't a failure! Look, I'll take a bite. I'm sure it tastes great.
Dang, that's hot! Argh, yeah this is delicious.
Hey! Are you laughing or crying?


Ooh... Looks like you bought the chocolates this time...
I'm gonna take a wild guess here, but... I guess you're still reeling from the past two years worth of burnt chocolates?
Heck, giving up is easy. But sometimes you just gotta keep at it.
And no worries—I'll gladly eat any burnt chocolates you give me.
I never said I wasn't happy about the effort you put in for the last two Valentine's.
So stop worrying, and get to the galley. I'll guide you through every step of the way.


The chocolate's meltin' nicely. You're pretty good at this, (Captain).
Huh? It's all thanks to me? Don't be silly.
All I did was watch. I didn't actually do anything.
Now you just need to pour the chocolate into the mold and let it cool. Careful not to burn yourself...
Wait, are you sure you wanna use that mold? Ain't that a heart?
Hmph, well, whatever. Doesn't matter to me what shape it's in.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). Got a minute?
Nah, it's nothing serious. Come over here.
Take this, all right? It's, you know, thanks for last time!
I think that's how these gift-giving days are supposed to work, right? I made it myself, so it might taste bit burnt...


Yo, (Captain), show your face.
Oops, probably should tone it down... Look, it's nothing serious, I just...
(Man, why do I gotta do this? Ugh. This is so embarrassing.)
What? I ain't embarrassed! Urk, forget I said that. Just... Here!


Hm? What're you grinning about?
White Day? That's today?
Ahh, I forgot. Been pretty busy lately. Afraid I don't have anything for you this year.
Sorry. Maybe next year.
H-hey, don't tear up!
And who are you callin' cold!
I'm kidding! What did you think! Geez, can't a guy make a joke around here?
This is why I hate this time of year.


(Captain), you got a minute?
Whoa, what's with that giant grin on your face? You're embarrassing me.
Aaanyway... Gimme your hand.
This year I baked sweets using chocolate. Fried 'em to a real nice crisp—possibly the crispiest job I've done lately.
Go on, have a bite.
Also... If you like these enough, I'll even teach you the recipe later.
You'll be making handmade chocolates again for next year's Valentine's, right? Wouldn't hurt to start practicing early.


Yo, (Captain). Today's, well...
Hey, calm down and quit standin' there with your hands out. I haven't even said anything yet.
Anyway, yeah. You gave me heart-shaped chocolate for Valentine's Day, remember?
I just thought I'd return the favor... You can hold out your hands now.
I made mine heart-shaped this year too. So take a good, long look before you eat it.
There's no deep meaning behind it or anything, so don't get the wrong idea.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
Oh, you want some candy too, Captain?
I can give you some, but you gotta promise me you'll remember to brush your teeth. Deal?


No candy here. The kiddies have gone and taken it all.
Oh really? You think you can play a trick on me then?
Huh. Let's see what you've got. Go on. Give it a shot!
Then I'll show you what my blaze can do!


Wh-what? You wanna borrow my lantern? For your costume?
No way in heck. This ain't some toy.
Is it expensive?
Course not! Ain't safe for kids to play with is all...
Here... Just settle for this fake one.


Trick or treat, ya little terrors!
Whaddya think, (Captain)? That enough to scare the brats?
What? It's too scary?
Well, that's no good...
The idea is for the grown-ups to let the kids enjoy themselves, not to make 'em cry.
Damn... It's the teeth, isn't it? Guess I got some more practice ahead of me.
Sorry, (Captain), but I'm gonna need your help on this one.


Halloween's finally here. Just you wait—I'll pull it off flawlessly this year.
You taught me all the secrets to scarin' kids without makin' 'em cry, (Captain).
Hah... Who're you callin' excited? You got it all wrong.
I'm not the one who's excited today—it's the kids. That's what all this hard work was for.
Whoa, hang on... What're you gettin' all choked up for?
You're lucky to have such a good student? Nah, you got it backwards. I'm the one who had a good teacher.
Oh, there's one of the kids now. Time to go give 'em a scare. C'mon, Teach!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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What? You want me to make you roast chicken?
You punk... You think I'm going to do it just because it involves fire, don't you!
Humph... Yeah, fine. I'll make it for you since it's a special day.


Huh? What's so special about today? Humph. I see.
It's cold and it's dark. How can anyone call this festive?
Light up the night and make it warmer for you?
Yeah, I think you got me confused for a fireplace.
Tch. Persistent brat. Fine, come closer.


Gyahaha! Burn baby burn! Ohh yeah, there's a good girl.
Huh? Oh, (Captain), it's you. I was just getting the stove ready for tonight's dinner.
I'm thinkin' a nice juicy turkey cooked to perfection. Mmm, roastin' that baby is gonna feel so good.
And somehow my flames seem to be getting into a jolly mood as well. Ohh man, am I gonna enjoy this.


Whoa, what's this? Lemme guess: you tried to make a giant snowman and messed up?
Wha? This is supposed to be an igloo?
And you want me to get in there and help you start a fire?
We do that, and your igloo's gonna melt away.
Huh? You sure about this? All right, just don't blame me when the snow comes tumbling down on us.
Heh, I'm surprised your little snow hut is actually still standing.
(Captain), might as well come closer to the fire if you're feeling that cold. Relax—I like you too much to turn you into cinders.


Hey, (Captain). What're you doin' outside in the freezing cold snow?
A snowball fight with the kids? Here we are on this special night, and you're up to the same antics as always.
Huh? Hey, don't take off your coat just 'cause you're hot. That goes for you kids over there too.
If you're all sweaty, maybe it's about time to call it quits. There's chicken fresh outta the oven waiting for you.
Seems like a good time to start the party. I'll get some hot drinks ready while you change.

Fate Episodes

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The Blazing Teacher

Elmott is serving as a special guest teacher at Mysteria Academy. On the last day of his week-long tenure, however, a student attempts to take his own life. Elmott manages to stop the boy, but senses there is more to the incident than meets the eye.

Elmott: Anyway... don't go thinkin' you can get by with a shy flame.
Elmott: Go all-out first, then adjust from there.
Elmott: Like how you light a stove. Only you are the stove.
Elmott: Y'know what, I'll just show ya.
Elmott: Blazing Prison!
Female Student 1: Wow! It's beautiful!
Male Student 1: Now I know why they call him the Blazing Teach!
Elmott: Quit it. This ain't some circus show.
Elmott: And cut that Blazing Teach stuff out while you're at it! I'm just a temp here!
His brash demeanor, however, does nothing to deter the students from admiring him.
For this is Mysteria Academy, leading institute of the arcane arts, where magical aptitude speaks louder than words.
Elmott: Sigh... What've I gotten myself into.
Elmott: I ain't cut out for this teacher stuff. Shoulda turned this job down the second they mentioned it.
Any version of Elmott is a crew member

Elmott has separated from the crew for a time to lecture at Mysteria Academy.
The story begins several days prior, when the crew receives an unexpected visit from a stranger.
No version of Elmott in crew

Elmott, a young man with a natural affinity for fire and a passion for all its intricacies.
In the past he had been wrongly accused of arson. To help him escape, (Captain) and the crew brought him into their ranks.
But the story of how Elmott came to lecture at Mysteria Academy begins several days prior, when the crew receives an unexpected visit from a stranger.
Elmott: What? You're from Mysteria Academy?
Academy Staff: Yes! The academy would be honored if you could share your knowledge of pyromancy with our—
Elmott: Back up. This the same academy I'm thinking about? The famous one?
Elmott: And how's a big-shot sorcerer like you know about me anyway?
Academy Staff: Mm? Why, Mr. Elmott, are you not aware?
Academy Staff: Your name's quite known among the practitioners of magic. The young and talented skyfaring pyromancer with a tongue as sharp as his flames are superb!
Elmott: Oh? That so? Guess a guy's name gets around with all that island hopping.
Academy Staff: Yes, and after looking into the rumors, we can say without a doubt, your flames truly are a sight to behold!
Elmott: Humph. That so?
Elmott: ...
Elmott: Quite a thing to hear my little party tricks get such high praise.
Elmott: So, what do you want from me anyway?
Academy Staff: The academy would like to formally invite you to the campus as a special guest teacher!
Elmott: Me? A teacher?
Elmott: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Elmott: Are you serious?
Academy Staff: Indeed we are! We hope for a one-week course where you will instruct students in—
Elmott: Heh heh heh...
Elmott: Gya-ha-ha!
Academy Staff: S-sir, is... everything all right?
Elmott: Listen, guy. Being a teach ain't just about having good magic. You gotta have character, personality. Y'know, be likeable.
Elmott: Look at me. I'm shady as heck. Call me if you want to scare those kids instead.
Elmott: Am I right or am I right, (Captain)?
  1. Goodbye shade, hello sunshine!
  2. He's actually really good with kids.

Choose: Goodbye shade, hello sunshine!
Elmott: Hey!
Elmott: Whose side are you on here!

Choose: He's actually really good with kids.
Elmott: Wait, what?
Elmott: What're you talking about! I hate kids! Hate 'em!

Continue 1
Academy Staff: Oho! It seems your captain approves!
Academy Staff: Thank you, Captain! Well then, Mr. Elmott, there's not a moment to lose! If we leave now, we might still catch the express liner to Mysteria!
Elmott: H-hey, wait!
Elmott: Get your hands off me! Where's my say in this!
Elmott: I ain't no teacher, ya hear me! Ain't no—
Thus Elmott was spirited away to Mysteria.
And in but a blink of an eye, the week-long course had passed.
Elmott: Whew... Finally. It's over.
Academy Staff: Mr. Elmott! Congratulations on concluding the course! I must say that was a wonderful finale!
Elmott: Humph. Now all that's left is to write a report and bid this straitjacket good riddance.
Academy Staff: Oho, but I hear your class is receiving such high praises from the students! You're the most requested lecturer in the academy!
Elmott: They must have really liked the lightshow.
Academy Staff: Oh no, it wasn't just that. Your evaluation as a teacher is also among the highest in the academy! The other lecturers are asking for you to be given a full-time position here!
Elmott: Me? A real teacher? You're joking.
Academy Staff: Nothing but the truth, Mr. Elmott! Incidentally, I'm to be set for promotion on the merit of finding you!
Elmott: Humph. There are some crazy people in this world.
Elmott: But I'll admit this sure beats being called an arsonist.
Elmott: ...
Academy Staff: So what do you say? If it's all right with you, we can go inform the others now.
Elmott: Yeah right. I'm a skyfarer, all right? I ain't interested in none of this teachy stuff.
Female Student 1: Aaahh!
Male Student 1: Up there! Someone's on the roof!
Elmott: Huh? What's goin' on over there.
A commotion rises up outside.
Students gather around to look at the figure standing atop one of the buildings.
Male Student 2: It's over... It's all over! I don't want to live anymore!
Male Student 2: Damn it! Damn it all!
Academy Staff: No! He's going to...
D-don't do it! It's not worth it!
Elmott: Say. You know the story behind this?
Academy Staff: The other day he... he was caught stealing. Shoplifting, I believe. As a result he's to be suspended from the academy.
Female Student 2: No! You're wrong! Tommy would never do something like that!
Academy Staff: Hm? Ah, you're his friend, aren't you. But the investigation concluded that he was guilty.
Female Student 2: But... but still!
Academy Staff: At any rate, I need you to call for aid from the staff room. Mr. Elmott and I will talk to the boy and buy some time.
Academy Staff: Hm? Mr. Elmott? Where'd he go?
Tommy: Sob... Goodbye, Yulia. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Elmott: Hey there, Tommy. Your friend told me you were up here. I'm assuming she's that Yulia you mentioned.
Tommy: Wha! Y-you're that special teacher.
Elmott: I remember seeing you the first day I got here. Right in the front row. Your eyes were sparklin' like some puppy dog about to get a belly rub.
Elmott: But come on, kid. It's just a suspension. Ain't exactly the end of the world.
Tommy: What's it to you? You're not even a teacher here anymore!
Elmott: Wrong. Still a teacher till sunset.
Elmott: Hup!
Tommy: Wha!
Elmott's punch lands Tommy right in the gut.
He then catches the student as he loses consciousness and brings him to the infirmary.
Elmott: Oof... There you go.
He'll be fine. Should wake up in an hour or so.
Academy Staff: Thank you for saving him.
Elmott: So, what is it you're not telling me?
Elmott: From the look I saw on his face, there's gotta be more to this.
Academy Staff: Hmm, I do agree. However, I don't know much more than what I've already told you.
Yulia: Excuse me... Might I speak with you, sir?
Elmott: Ah, good timing. I got some questions for you myself.
Delinquent 1: Hahaha! Oi, oi, y' heard? The little runt's got the whole school in a fuss!
Delinquent 2: Pfft! Haha! Tried to jump off the roof, did he? Like he had the guts!
Delinquent Boss: Heh heh... Save it for later, boys. Show's just getting started.
Shadows lurk and snicker in the dark recesses of the academy grounds.
Little do they know that the Blazing Teacher's lesson is about to begin.

Extra Credit

Elmott learns of a gang that is harassing the boy for attempting to leave them. When the boy goes missing, Elmott heads straight to the gang to find him.

After preventing a student from jumping off a roof, Elmott senses that there's more to this story than meets the eye.
His hunch is proven right when the student's close friend, Yulia, tells him of what she knows.
The girl begins to talk about a band of delinquents in the slums she once lived in.
Elmott: The Axes?
Elmott: Which genius came up with that piece of originality.
Elmott: So? What of 'em?
Yulia: Well, Tommy got involved with them to pay back some sort of debt, and after he did, he left the gang with a dream of becoming a great sorcerer.
Yulia: But they wouldn't let him go. They pretended to, sure, but that wasn't the last he saw of them.
Yulia: Sob... Sob... I'm sorry; I know crying doesn't help...
Elmott: It's fine. I get the gist.
Elmott: Basically after he tried to quit, the gang got back at him by framing him for stealing. Made sure to do it at the worst time possible too.
Elmott: Those punks...
You told the principal about this?
Yulia: I did. The principal looked into the matter again but still couldn't find any evidence that Tommy was framed.
Elmott: Can't say I'm surprised. The Axes sound like brats, but they sure don't sound stupid. They must have been thorough.
Elmott: Tsk. Now what do we do...
Yulia: I'm sorry for bothering you with this, Mr. Elmott.
Elmott: Hm? What do you mean? If you can't turn to a teacher about this, then who can you turn to?
Elmott: Let's head back to the infirmary for now. We'll see how to deal with this when Tommy wakes up.
Academy Staff: Something's happened! Tommy's disappeared!
Elmott: What? Weren't you keeping an eye on him?
Academy Staff: I'm sorry... I was only away for a moment to go to the bathroom, and on my way back the guardsmen stopped to ask me what happened.
Yulia and Elmott turn pale at the news.
Yulia: Oh, Tommy! What's gotten into you!
Elmott: Tsk!
Yulia, do you know where those Axe guys are?
Academy Staff: What're you talking about? We need to tell the other lecturers about this!
Elmott: There's no time! A kid's future is on the line here!
Yulia: I can take you there! But The Axes have a lot of members. Are you sure you—
Elmott: Doesn't matter. We'll kick down the front door and anyone standing in our way.
Elmott: Try and stop me, Axe-faces!

Extra Credit: Scene 2

The gang tries to persuade the boy to rejoin them, but he instead tries to stab the gang leader to end things once and for all. However, Elmott arrives just in time to prevent that. When the gang refuses to leave the boy alone, the blazing teacher deals with the delinquents himself.

Tommy: Sigh... So you're still not going to leave me alone after this?
Delinquent Boss: Don't say it like that, Tommy. It hurts, really does. We did it all for you, man.
Tommy: What?
Delinquent 1: Yeaaah, that's right. School don't suit ya! The Axes is where ya belong!
Tommy: ...
Delinquent 2: Aww, come on. Admit it. You don't fit in at that school and you know it.
Tommy's jaw clenches.
He laughs, then steps quietly toward the gang's boss.
Tommy: Heh heh... I get it. You win.
Delinquent 1: Hey, hey! He's finally come around!
Delinquent 2: There's my Tommy! I knew you was one of us!
Tommy: You're right. Who needs school anyway. Bores the heck outta me.
Delinquent Boss: Right you are, right you are. Ordinary life, followin' the rules, workin' hard?
Delinquent Boss: Humph. Don't you worry. We'll make sure you stay far away from all that crud.
Tommy: Yeah...
Not happening!
Boss: What the! He's got a knife!
Tommy: Raaagh!
Elmott: Looks like we're just in time.
In a flash Elmott whips up a firestorm and grabs the stunned Tommy's arm, knocking the blade from his hand.
Tommy: Wha! How'd you find me!
Elmott: You trying to get yourself expelled, kid?
Elmott: Got guts though—I'll give you that.
Yulia: What were you thinking, Tommy!
Tommy: Y-Yulia? What're you doing here!
Boss: A teacher from Mysteria? What's the big idea! This is our turf!
Elmott: Shut up. I ain't here for you.
Elmott: The kid's coming with me.
Elmott: Go on and play your turf games and whatnot, but I don't wanna see you near him again, got it?
Delinquent 1: You ain't the boss of us!
Delinquent 2: Heh heh heh! You can't do nothing to stop us! We can keep this up all the way till he's expelled!
Academy Staff: You're sorely mistaken if you think you can get away with that!
Delinquent Boss: Haha. Don't kid yourself. We got our ways.
Delinquent Boss: There's always a way out for us somewhere. You live by the rules, you lose out. Always.
Elmott: ...
Tommy: Why you! You guys are scum!
Delinquent 1: Hahah! Yo, Teach, give it up. Leave 'im here and get lost.
Delinquent 1: Bwaagh!
Elmott: That's it. I thought about going easy on you guys, but now I see you brats are beggin' for it.
Delinquent 2: B-but you're a teacher! You can't hit a—
Delinquent 2: Oof!
Elmott: Sorry. Don't care.
Academy Staff: M-Mr. Elmott! You can't! They may be delinquents, but they're still minors!
Academy Staff: If the academy gets wind of this, your full-time position will go up in smoke!
Tommy: What! He's going to be a full-time teacher?
Yulia: Oh no... Mr. Elmott...
Elmott: Already told you. Ain't interested.
Elmott: Besides, what kinda teacher abandons a kid just to save his own skin?
Academy Staff: But!
Boss: Enough yappin'! Get 'em, boys!
Elmott: Now we're talking.
Pay attention, kids, Pain 101's in session.

Extra Credit: Scene 3

The next day Elmott manages to leave the school right on schedule. As he walks off into the distance, students wave and wish him well, thanking him for all he's done. His time at the academy may have been short, but the memories he's gained will last him a lifetime.

Elmott has dealt with the delinquent gang and handed them over to the city guards.
The gang admits to their framing of Tommy, and the academy soon redacts his suspension.
The next morning, Elmott hefts his luggage bag and is about to set off.
Elmott: What's with the face? The deal was for me to be here a week and it's been a week. Nothin' sad about that.
Academy Staff: But how could they take away your full-time position... It doesn't seem fair in the least.
Academy Staff: While it's true we can't endorse violence, what you did was in the name of protecting a student!
Elmott: How many times I gotta tell you? Was never interested in being a teacher anyway.
Elmott: Besides, I went a little overboard burning down the whole street last night. Can't be a teacher with that on my record.
Academy Staff: Sigh... If only that hadn't happened, perhaps the other teachers might have been able to overlook everything else.
Elmott: Humph. I'm surprised though. You turning down your promotion and all.
Academy Staff: Well, it just wouldn't do to be the only one benefitting from the situation.
Elmott: Heh heh.
Elmott: Oh, looks like the Grandcypher's here. Finally.
Academy Staff: Travel safe, my friend. But do promise you'll visit again someday!
Elmott: No promises, bud. See ya around.
Tommy: Mr. Elmott!
Elmott: Hm? What do those kids think they're doing?
As Elmott begins to leave, heads and waving hands of students pop out of the windows of the academy.
All the boys and girls of Mysteria have put their classes on hold to shout words of thanks and wish Elmott well on his travels.
Tommy: Thank you for everything, Mr. Elmott! We'll never forget you!
Yulia: Be sure to come back to visit! We'll be waiting for you!
Elmott: Hah... Look at these kids.
Elmott: Quit it and get back to class! You can wait for me if you want, but you better pass your finals!
Elmott: Gyahaha!
Thus Elmott's time as a teacher comes to an end.
Though it was but a short time, the experience will leave a lasting impression on him for a long time to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔すンじゃねェ Outta the way.
ククク、燃え尽きろォ! Burn! Burn! Burn!
復讐は何も生まねェが、復習は余裕を生むぞォ? Life goin' up in smoke? Burn that midnight oil.
敵は焼いても、世話は焼かねェよ! Sssmokin'!
まさか俺の炎が、注目されるとはなァ… Never thought my flames would get so famous.
文句があンなら、職員室で聞いてやるよ! You got a problem? Take it to the staff room!
あいつら今頃、サボってねェだろうな… Those kids better not be playing hooky again.
遠足に連れてってやる…行き先は地獄だがなァ! I'm takin' you on a field trip... to hell!
(主人公)は、ガッコに通ってたのか? Ever been to school, (Captain)?
(主人公)の方が、俺より教師に向いてるぜ You'd probably make a better teacher than me, (Captain).


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