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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Sup, (Captain). It's your birthday, right?
Let's get the whole crew together and throw a rager! What do you say?
We could do a huge battle royale—sounds like it could be a riot, right?
What's with the stare? All I'm sayin' is entertainment's what you need to get a party started!
Guess you still don't trust me, huh? Shame.
Always with your guard up—I like that part about you.


Hey, (Captain). Today's your birthday, right?
Here's a present for ya—it's good booze. How about a toast?
C'mon, don't be such a party pooper. This is good stuff, you know? Not just anyone gets a chance to taste this stuff.
I bought this just for you—I mean, with rupies I swiped from some punk, but still.
Hey, don't get so worked up. He came at me first, all right? And don't worry, the guy's still alive.
Anyway, enough with that talk. Wouldn't sit well with me if your special day got ruined, heh.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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You Were Once Naive

Ayer has trained himself to keep Bowman, a violent persona born from his own fighting instinct, restrained and locked away. However, Bowman is able to take control of Ayer's body as he sleeps, and enjoys a night on the town while reminiscing about simpler times.

Bowman is a dedicated pugilist who met Ayer when he was still young, training him in the ways of fighting.
Through his influence, Ayer eventually runs from home, making a name for himself earning money in underground fighting rings.
During their time together, Bowman was an invaluable mentor—and rival—for the up-and-coming fighter. However, Ayer would soon uncover the truth about him.
The man known as Bowman doesn't exist. He is merely an imaginary persona born from Ayer's subconscious fighting instinct.
Upon discovering this, Ayer blamed himself for being weak, throwing himself into his training in an attempt to outgrow his reliance on Bowman once and for all.
Bowman: I mean, obviously I don't think anyone's more aware of the story than me.
Bowman: I'm you, and you're me. You really thought that you could reject me with your feelings? Get real, Ayer.
Bowman: Whew, now that's what I call food! Nothing like some actual flavor to put the calories on.
Bowman: I was getting pretty sick of the flavorless crap Ayer was eating, trying to get back into shape or whatever.
Bowman: A man's gotta live a little, right? Oh... Guess you're still conked out.
Bowman has taken control of Ayer's body while asleep.
After winning big at a nearby gambling den, he's treated himself to some new duds and an extravagant meal.
He finds himself in a good mood now that he's found a way to let out his pent-up frustrations.
Bowman: Back then, he'd let me do whatever I wanted with him.
Bowman: Nowadays I'm lucky to get a moment in the spotlight, and I bet he doesn't even realize he's resisting me.
Bowman: He's gotta reach a breaking point eventually—it can't be easy holding me back all day and night, right?
Bowman: I'll give it to you, Ayer. Your efforts have been nothing short of impressive. But you still lack one thing—claws.
Bowman: I guess we could say you've grown up a bit. A shame, really. It was way easier to control you back then.
Rogue: Eat this!
Ayer: Ngh...
Rogue: How ya like me now? You'd better apologize if you know what's good for you!
Ayer: Who'd... apologize to trash... like you!
Rogue: Punk-ass kid... Looks like someone oughta teach you some manners!
Ayer: Urgh!
Bowman: Bahaha! You seriously gonna let this guy make a punching bag out of you?
Bowman: Too much for mommy's little boy to handle, huh?
Ayer: Shut up... This is nothing—Just watch...
Rogue: Who the hell are you talkin' to? If you're thinkin' about apologizing now, it's too late!
Ayer: (Damn... This guy just won't go down!)
Bowman: Get down.
Ayer: Huh?
Bowman: Just do it. No complaints, 'kay?
Ayer: Damn it... Fine!
Ayer ducks under the rogue's attack, grabbing his legs and taking him down.
Rogue: Why, you little...
Ayer: I did it, Bowman! Now what do I do?
Bowman: So now you want my advice? Figure this one out on your own.
Ayer: You can't be serious.
Bowman: Fine, fine. You'll just have to learn another time I suppose, seeing as you're in dire straits.
Bowman: From here on out, just do as I say, got it? On three, now...
Ayer: Pant... Pant...
Bowman: Nice one. Up top, buddy.
Ayer: Screw you. What the hell, Bowman!
Bowman: What? You mad at me? I mean, watching you get your pathetic ass beat like that was just too funny not to laugh at.
Bowman: But hey, I helped out when it counted, right?
Ayer: Not that—I'm talking about the moves you taught me!
Ayer: I just tried using them in a real fight, and they were about as useful as piss!
Bowman: Oh, right... Yeah, I figured that's how it'd play out.
Ayer: You... figured?
Ayer: What's that supposed to mean?
Bowman: What I mean is, a sheltered milksop like you needs to get a taste of some real pain for once.
Bowman: One hell of a first time, am I right? Did you learn anything?
Ayer: I was an idiot to ever listen to you.
Bowman: Now, now, don't be like that. You won, so all's well that end's well.
Ayer: Easy for you to say... I could've gotten killed back there.
Bowman: Hey. You're seeking a whole new world, aren't you?
Bowman: And now you've learned what real pain feels like. The sheltered Ayer from before is gone forever.
Bowman: Feels pretty good, doesn't it?
Ayer: So basically you've been playing me from the very start.
Bowman: See? You get it.
Bowman: Yo, check it out. Looks like our friend here had a bottle of the good stuff on him.
Bowman: And to the victor go the spoils. How about it? A toast to your first real victory.
Ayer: No reason to make a big deal out of it. Besides, you could barely call what happened winning.
Bowman: What, you scared your mommy's gonna find out and give you spankies?
Ayer: Whatever, fine! I'll drink it—watch this!
Ayer takes the bottle of mysterious liquid from the fallen rogue and takes a swig.
Ayer: Cough... Hack! Blergh...
Bowman: Bahahah! I can't believe you actually did it!
Ayer: You're the one who told me to!
Bowman: Oh, wow. You're a riot, man.
Bowman: We're gonna have fun, you and me.
Bowman: The good old days, huh... Looks like Ayer's finally starting to enter his rebellious age.
Bowman: No point in complaining—it is what it is, right?
Bowman: So I say we enjoy the present for what it is.
Bowman: There's still much in store for both of us, Ayer.

A Relentless Shadow

Bowman finds an outlet for his frustrations by taking on skyfarer requests to apprehend violent criminals without the captain's knowledge. As if to send a message to Ayer about his true nature, he savagely assaults the wanted criminals without mercy.

Bowman: Hyaaah!
Foul Thug: Guh!
Shady Thug: Wh-who the hell are you supposed to be?
Bowman: Tapping out already? I'm just getting warmed up here!
Bowman: But man, who would've guessed skyfaring meant getting paid to beat up scum like you?
Shady Thug: No way... You're a skyfarer? Th-that's rich, kid!
Bowman: I'm for real, believe it or not. I've got the request form and everything too if you wanna see.
Bowman: (Let's just hope (Captain) doesn't find it, heh.)
Bowman has taken notice of the various job requests that come to the Grandcypher.
He takes it upon himself to accept jobs that deal with ruffians and petty criminals—without (Captain)'s knowledge.
It's the perfect way for him to blow off steam, make money, and awaken Ayer's fighting instinct all at the same time.
Bowman: Says here you're wanted for robbery? And assault too, on top of that.
Bowman: I guess I'm supposed to turn you into the authorities so you can get your sentence or whatever... What a pain in the ass.
Shady Thug: A pain in the—then why are you even doing this kind of work in the first place!
Bowman: Don't get the wrong idea. Putting scum like you through the system is just a waste of time for everybody, right?
Bowman: If it were up to me, I'd just have you killed. Way easier, right?
Shady Thug: Kill? Y-you're not seriously gonna...
Bowman: What's the matter? A big strong guy like you can't be unfamiliar with a bit of brutality.
Bowman: Welp, don't piss your pants on me now—see, I don't get paid squat if I turn in a body bag.
Bowman: But by the time we're done here, you might as well be in one!
Shady Thug: Gwaugh!
Bowman floors the thug with a sucker punch to the face.
Bowman: Heh, you're pretty tough, aren'tcha? Looks like I won't have to worry about accidentally killing you after all.
Shady Thug: W-wait! I'll cooperate! I'll turn myself into the authorities, so please! Have mercy!
Bowman: Did you know? The physical body is incredibly resilient when it comes to survival.
Bowman: I'll show you just how far so you can see for yourself. You ready?
Shady Thug: Please... No!
Bowman: What's that? You're gonna have to speak up.
Bowman: Hah! Oragh!
Bowman: (Feel that, Ayer? This is the real you!)
Bowman: (The skyfarer life might've chosen you somehow, but I know it isn't easy fitting in with those stand-up crewmates of yours.)
Bowman: (You're gonna slip up one of these days, and I'll be there to take over!)
Bowman: I'm gonna bring back the old you, just wait! Ahahaha!
Shady Thug: ...
As if to drive in the point and send Ayer a message, Bowman continues to beat the unconscious thug.

A Relentless Shadow: Scene 2

Jessica is worried Ayer may be involved with suspicious activity when she sees someone resembling him leave the Grandcypher one night, and asks (Captain) to look into it. Upon finding Ayer about to brawl with a group of ruffians, they discover that Bowman has been taking control of Ayer while he sleeps.

Jessica: Sorry to bother you like this, (Captain).
A few days have passed since Bowman's last bender.
Jessica approaches the captain, worried about Ayer's recent behavior.
Jessica: This could all be just my imagination playing tricks on me, so I'd like for you to keep this between us for now.
Jessica: I feel like... Ayer's been sleeping in a lot more than usual lately.
Jessica: I thought it could be the weather, or maybe he just wasn't eating well, but...
Jessica: There's another thing. Just the other day, I saw someone resembling him leave the Grandcypher in the middle of the night.
Jessica: He was dressed in a rather garish outfit, so I figured I'd just mistaken someone else for him.
Jessica: I'm worried that he's going off on his own at night for a reason he can't share with us.
Jessica: And I might be being a bit overprotective here, but... as his older sister, I can't let it go. Something's up.
Jessica: Do you think you could help me get to the bottom of this, (Captain)?
  1. Yeah, I'm worried too.
  2. Of course—we're all family, right?

Choose: Yeah, I'm worried too.
Jessica: Thanks so much! I knew I could count on you.

Choose: Of course—we're all family, right?
Jessica: Hehe... That's the kind of thing Ayer needs to hear more of.
Continue 1
After speaking with Jessica, (Captain) begins patrolling the Grandcypher deck every night.
Bowman: Hmm, hmm...
A few nights later, they spot Ayer leaving the ship.
Jessica: I knew it.
Jessica: Let's go, (Captain). Something's fishy here, and I'm gonna find out what.
Bowman: Well, well, well... It looks like I finally found out where the lowlifes of this city hang out.
Bowman: Come out already. I can smell the stench of your rotten cores from here.
Rotten Thug: Got a good nose on you, don'tcha? Welp, it's too late for you to run from us now.
Bowman: Run from you? It sounds almost like you've been expecting me.
Vile Thug: Ha! Expecting you? We were the ones who put out the request!
Vile Thug: You've made fine work of some of our boys, so we put out a request we knew you'd fall for—hook, line, and sinker!
Bowman: So you're saying this whole thing was a setup just for me? Aw, you shouldn't have.
Rotten Thug: All I had to do was put out the word. Turns out a whole bunch of people were more than willing to beat the crap out of you.
Rotten Thug: You've had your share of fun... but now it's time for you to meet your maker!
Bowman: Uh-oh... This doesn't look good. Good thing Ayer isn't here to see.
Bowman: But with this many of them, I can't guarantee we'll make it out...
Jessica: Ayer!
Bowman: Huh? What are you doing here?
Jessica: Are you hurt? What those people said... Is it—
Rotten Thug: The hell did you come from, lady? We're in the middle of something!
Rotten Thug: Everyone here knows someone that's been hospitalized by this piece of work—we're just giving him his due recompense!
Jessica: Huh? Ayer... What's this all about?
Jessica: ...
Jessica: Ayer... Is that really you?
Bowman: Oops. Looks like the jig is up, huh?
  1. Bowman!

Choose: Bowman!
Bowman: Bingo. Been a minute, hasn't it, (Captain)?
Jessica: Why have you returned? Give us Ayer back!
Bowman: Simmer down. I'll explain later.
Bowman: Let's make a deal. I'll tell you everything if you help me handle these losers.
Jessica: Do you seriously think I'll trust you?
Bowman: You don't gotta believe me if you don't wanna. It's not like you're gonna let 'em kill Ayer, right?
Jessica: ...!
You're the worst.
Jessica: Sorry to get you wrapped up in all this, (Captain), but I'm gonna need backup!
Bowman: One more thing. These guys are hardened criminals, so don't hold back.
Bowman: We'll show 'em what happens to criminal scum when they mess with the wrong crew!

A Relentless Shadow: Scene 3

When asked for an explanation for his own behavior, Bowman points out Jessica's overprotectiveness as a catalyst for Ayer's unstable personality. Jessica responds by embracing him, causing Ayer to regain control—vowing to rid himself of Bowman once and for all.

Rotten Thug: Ngh... But how... They were outnumbered...
Jessica: Pant... Pant... I think that took care of them.
Bowman: Daaamn! Way to bring on the pain, you two.
Jessica: I don't need your praise. Now talk.
Bowman: Eep. All right, all right, relax.
Bowman reveals the truth to (Captain) and Jessica.
For some time as of late, he had been using Ayer to let loose and take on missions on the crew's behalf.
Jessica: I can't believe you... What if he never comes back?
Bowman: Take it easy, I'm just blowin' off some steam—he's going through a rebellious phase, you know?
Bowman: And there's no way Ayer'd break so easily. I'm the one who trained him, after all.
Jessica: Break? He isn't a toy for you to play with!
Bowman: Someone's touchy. But don't you think you're being a bit hypocritical?
Bowman: Ayer might not be "mine," but he isn't entirely yours either, Jessica.
Bowman: You just couldn't let your little brother grow up, could you? It was your overprotectiveness that made him this way.
Jessica: ...!
No, I...
Bowman: Nothing to say? Because deep down inside, you know that I'm right.
Jessica: ...
Bowman: Can't find the words, huh? Gonna cry now?
Bowman: Maybe a punch will make you feel better. Oh, wait... then you'd just end up hurting Ayer. Oops.
Jessica embraces Bowman.
Jessica: I'm sorry... I'm always just causing you trouble, aren't I?
Jessica: But that's fine... As long as you're safe, I'm fine with that.
Bowman: Jessica... Hey...
Bowman: (Damn... Time's up already?)
Bowman?: Damnit!
Ayer suddenly pushes Jessica off, violently shedding the outfit he was wearing a moment earlier.
Jessica: ...!
What kind of stunt are you trying to pull—
Ayer: Jessica.
Jessica: Is it you?
Ayer: Yeah... I could hear that bastard Bowman's voice up until just a moment ago.
Ayer: But at some point his voice started to fade, and I started to hear your voice instead. That's when I realized what was happening and woke up.
Ayer: I didn't mean to lash out at you like that just now. I just...
Ayer: I didn't want Bowman's stench on me for another second.
Jessica: So that's what you were doing... Don't worry about it.
Ayer: ...
Jessica: ...
Ayer: And, um... I'm sorry. About everything. You two must've been pretty worried about me.
Ayer: It's my fault for letting Bowman take control again. If only I weren't so weak...
Jessica: Don't blame yourself. I should've realized what was happening sooner.
Ayer: No. This is my own problem to deal with.
Ayer: I won't let him do as he wants from now on. I'll train so hard that he'll tuck tail and run the next time he ever tries it again.
Jessica: Ayer...
Jessica: You've got this. I believe in you.
Bowman: Yaaawn. What a boring ending. After all that work I put in too.
Bowman: Whatever. This wouldn't be any fun without a challenge, right?
Bowman: Enjoy your peaceful days for now. But one of these days, I'll crush it all—and we'll show the world who you really are.
Bowman: I'm you... and you're me. And that's the cold, hard truth.
Bowman: Heh-heh... Ahahaha!

Side-scrolling Quotes

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