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Official Profile[edit]

Age 19
Height 92 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Training, doing laundry, cooking
Likes Knightly activities
Dislikes Ghost stories, evil people, children's lunches

背丈は同じくらいだがその落ち着いたどこか色っぽい声のせいで、 一緒に並んでいるだけでブリジールの方が大人っぽく見えてしまうという理由で

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Captain! Here's to a happy birthday!
I'm still a little new at this, so I appreciate all the help you've given me.
But now is my chance to show my thanks and wish you a happy birthday! I'll give it my all! You'll see!
If there's anything at all you want, just let me know! I won't let you down!


A happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
Hehehe! I gave the Grandcypher a thorough cleaning so it's in shipshape!
Now you can have a refreshing, feel-good birthday through and through!
If there's anything else you request, be sure to get it through to me! I'll see it through!


(Captain)! Happy birthday to you!
Heh-heh! I picked out a wonderful restaurant for you today!
The knights of the Lumiel Order are rolling up our sleeves to celebrate your special day!
My duty is to escort you to the restaurant, (Captain)!
I hope you're looking forward to Sevastien's Lumiel gourmet!
This is gonna be one Sacre Blumiel birthday party!
Heh-heh! Please enjoy it through and through!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Today... Well... This isn't going to be a Lumiel Order of Holy Knights's greeting...
It's j-just me!
I wanted to celebrate a-alone with you!
I'll give it my all through and through. The others taught me how to make you a dish and how to throw a party and everything.
I-I'll go the limit to make you the happiest you can be on this special day, (Captain)!
Today is the day I outshine them all! Watch me go! Through and through!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
(Captain), thank you for sticking by me even though I'm still pretty new to all this.
Let's make this another great year through and through!
There's not much I can do for you just yet...
But I'll do my best through and through and be of good use to your crew!
(Captain), you be sure to guide me and I'll never let you down!


Thanks to you, (Captain), I've grown much stronger! Absolutely! Definitely!
I know because I can do 20 push-ups now!
If I keep this up, I know this year will be better than the last! Thanks a bunch!


(Captain)! Happy New Year to you!
My resolution for the new year is to be able to do fifty sword-sweeps in a row!
I'm going to start with one sweep and add one more each day. That way I'll have reached my goal in just fifty days!
I'm going to practice through and through! Just you wait and see! So let's make this year a great one together!


(Captain)! I did it! I really did it! Through and through!
Fifty sword-sweeps! Fifty sword-sweeps in a row!
But... I started doing these in the morning and now it's all dark outside...
N-next year I'll do these even faster and do fifty before the night comes! No breaks! I promise!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day! You know what today's all about, right?
Today to show your appreciation through and through, you give chocolates to the person you're grateful to!
So here's your chocolate! I used all the skills I know through and through to make it!
So, (Captain), I hope you accept my gift! It's full of love!


(Captain)! I made a treat for you again this year!
And I'll keep making them! Next year and the year after that! I'll make them through and through!
So I hope... you'll always stay by my side!
Is that all right?
Thank you so very much and I promise I'll do my—Ow!
I bit my tongue...


(Captain)! I made them again this year, just like I promised!
It's Valentine's chocolates!
Since you always help me train, and praise my cleaning and cooking skills...
I'm happy through and through! So I made this chocolate with all my happy feelings poured in!
I even filled it with love so it would be delicious! So please have a bite!
I'll... m-make some again next year! That's a promise! So look forward to it!


Hehe... I always look forward to this day every year.
I want to make the most delicious chocolate that you've ever eaten, (Captain). That's why I studied my brains out.
I even went to Chocolae Island and had a bunch of chocolatiers teach me all they knew!
A-and now... There's more love in my chocolates than ever before...
I made sure of that through and through...
For next year, I'll put even more of my big special love into them and they'll be delicious.
So for m-many years to come... I'll give you my love!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is for me? As thanks for my hard work?
My goodness! I'm the one who should be offering thanks to you, (Captain)!
You've always done so much for me after all...
Nonetheless I'm overjoyed! I'll treasure this always.
Thank you so much!


A gift for me this year too? Thank you! I'm so happy through and through!
I promise through and through! I'll keep doing my best to be of help to you through and through, (Captain)!
So thank you very much!


A White Day gift for me? I'm d-deeply touched! I'm moved through and through!
I've still got a lot to learn, so I know I cause you problems more often than not...
But I know I'll get stronger! For purity and righteousness!
It's a long way until I catch up to Captain Charlotta though...
But I'll do my best through and through! So please keep your eye on me!


Y-you're giving me sweets this year too?
(Captain), you really have given me so, so many things through the years.
The giving never stops... Through and through, I really am grateful...
Hehe... I'm as happy as a camper can be. All thanks to you...
This happiness... I'll do my best just to repay even a small portion of how you make me feel!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat, (Captain)! Give me something good to eat!
A trick... Huh? Do I know a scary story, you ask?
Ah! Well! I-I just remembered I have somewhere to be! Goodbye!
I'm lying? Ah, you got me... Humph. The captain's always a tricky step ahead.


(Captain)! Let's go out and get lots of candy!
My costume is ready, and I'm sure you'll agree it's perfect! Ta-da!
It's a special Draph costume! I was up all night making it!
Oh? How'd I make it? Thinking about it now, I really don't have the height to wear it...


Is it me or are everyone's costumes getting better and better each year?
And there are more and more ghost and zombie costumes too... Ugh...
Just take a look at that person standing by the column over there. That costume is as real as it gets!
There's no one standing there?
Q-quit joking... Y-you're joking... right?
You're... not joking!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I guess that means we've got a jolly old man in red coming by with some presents!
I've been really good this year, if I say so myself. Do you think he'll give me a gift?
I know you're a good person, (Captain), so you'll get something for sure!
We'll get our much deserved rewards and make this holiday the best through and through!


Let's have a party, (Captain)!
It's the season for celebration! Where everyone eats and laughs together!
I did my best through and through with the food and decorations! I know you'll love it!
I hope you enjoy it through and through, (Captain)!


(Captain), it's chilly today so be sure to stay warm through and through!
Your holiday break will go to waste if you catch a cold!
So I took some time through and through to make you something warm to eat!
Nothing would make me happier than to see you warm up after a few bites of my hot homemade dish, (Captain)!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Look! And look real good through and through! These are snowmen that I made!
Starting from the right, this is Captain Charlotte, Sevastien, Baotorda, and Cordelia!
Hehe. What do you think? I call them the Lumiel Order of Holy Snowpeople!
Next, I'll make a snow version of you too, (Captain)!
Would you like to help make it?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Whatever It Takes![edit]

(Captain) and crew are about to ask an old lady if she needs help with her heavy bag, when a young Harvin girl offers to help first. She turns out to be a new recruit in the Order of Holy Knights, and though her spirit is more than willing she still has a lot to learn. Seeing (Captain) and the crew fight she asks to join the crew so that she may learn from them. She wins them over with her overpowering enthusiasm.

The crew has fulfilled yet another request and are on their way back to the airship.
As they make their way to the ship the crew comes across an old woman carrying a very heavy-looking bag.
Lyria: (Captain), do you think we should help that little old woman with her bag?
Vyrn: Hmm? Looks like we won't have to.
Lyria looks at Vyrn with a puzzled look. Looking back at the old woman they see a small girl approaching her.
???: Madam! Madam! If you require assistance I would be more than willing to help you with your luggage!
Old Woman: Oh thank you, kind stranger… Huh? Why, you're naught but a little thing, aren't you!
Old Woman: You sound so grown up, I really expected someone a bit older, I must say.
???: Thank you! My size is due to the fact that I am a Harvin, you see!
Old Woman: Thank you for the concern, but I should be fine. Besides, I couldn't ask for someone so small to take such a heavy bag…
???: Worry not! Such a weight is nothing! Please, allow me to assist you!
???: I know very well what I am and am not capable of! This bag is well within my capabilities!
The girl takes the bag from the old woman and starts to pick it up.
???: Heave ho, here I go!
Heave ho, here I go!
Old Woman: Well I never… Heheheh, thank you kindly, little stranger.
Lyria: Wow, what a kind young girl!
Vyrn: Yeah! It looks like the old woman's bag is gonna be safe in her hands!
???: Eeeeek!
Just as the crew members turn to leave they hear the girl's voice cry out.
Vyrn: What was that? Has something happened?
the crew hurry back to the scene, and see a gang of ruffians brandishing their weapons at the two women.
Ruffian 1: Ha harr! We'll be taking that big ol' sack of goodies, if you don't mind!
Ruffian 2: Heheheh, hand it over and we might just spare your lives!
???: U-ugh…
Old Woman: Little miss, save yourself. I'll be fine…
Lyria: Oh no! (Captain), we have to help them!
Just as (Captain) nods in agreement they hear the young girl yell once more.
???: Absolutely not! I refuse! I shall not leave you alone with these curs!
Ruffian 2: Huh? So what, you're gonna try to fight us?
Ruffian 1: Heheheh, you might not sound like a kid, but you're still nothing but a little runt. Come back when you've grown up a bit.
Ruffian 2: Har har har! Right! Now, get the bag! Just try and stop us, little runt!
???: I must object to this as well! I concede that there seems little chance of me winning against the two of you.
Ruffian 1: Huh?
???: However, I cannot leave this poor old woman alone, and I cannot allow you to steal her possessions!
???: So I must object! I have to object! Madam, run! I'll fend off these fiends long enough for you to escape!
Old Woman: I can't let you do that…
Ruffian 1: Well, if that's how it is, we'll have to take you on! Heheheh!
Ruffian: Ungh!
(Captain) jumps into the fray at the last second and strikes at the ruffian while protecting the girl.
Vyrn: He heh! I like your moxie, Bowl Cut! But now leave the rest up to us!
(Captain) makes quick work of the ruffians.
???: Wow, amazing! Truly amazing!
The crew delivers the ruffians to the authorities, then makes sure the old woman gets to where she was going.
???: You were most helpful! You have my most heartfelt thanks!
Vyrn: Heheh, don't mention it! It was your bravery in the face of those ruffians that spurred us to act in the first place!
???: It is true that people often call me brave, noble, or chivalrous!
???: However, I still have much to learn. My abilities are not on a level with my heart…
???: I have a request I must ask of you travelers! Allow me to join you that I might train with you!
Vyrn: What! That's a bit sudden, isn't it? We don't even know your name!
???: Apologies! I have neglected to say…
Bridgette: My name is Bridgette, a new recruit to the Order of Holy Knights. It is a genuine pleasure to meet you.
The party members all introduce themselves, then allow Bridgette to continue.
Bridgette: I joined the Order of Holy Knights so as to be closer to my idol, Charlotta. One day I will be as impressive as her.
Bridgette: But… I am still so weak! So unready for this responsibility!
Bridgette explains that she feels she has taken the responsibility too early, and that she is too weak to be a knight.
Vyrn: Ah, OK. I think I get it now. But, why ask (Captain) to help you train?
Lyria: Couldn't you ask one of the other knights in your order to help you?
Bridgette: …They keep thinking I'm just a squire… They'd never agree to help me train.
Bridgette: So I started training by myself. But… I can't even do ten push ups…
Bridgette: That's why I need (Captain)'s help! I saw how strong you all are in battle, I need you!
Bridgette: It's so obvious to me now! You are here for a reason! You need to train me to be as strong as you are!
Bridgette: So please, I implore you, train me!
Vyrn: Hmm… It's not like we don't feel for you, it's just… We're kinda in the middle of something…
Bridgette: I see… Then I will leave the Order of Holy Knights and join you on your quest!
Lyria: What! W-will that be OK with your superiors?
Bridgette: Captain Charlotta is a generous and gracious person. She'll grant me permission for sure!
Bridgette: Besides, I will still carry the motto of the Order of Holy Knights with me wherever I go! "Purity, Fidelity, Nobility"!
Bridgette: So don't worry about whether I shall be able to join you! Please, take me with you!
Vyrn: Hmm, what do you think, (Captain)?
Bridgette: As soon as I feel ready I shall once again enter into the Order of Holy Knights!
Bridgette: So it won't be permanent! Please, will you do this for me?
  1. Welcome to the crew.
  2. I'm not going to go easy on you.

Choose: Welcome to the crew.
Vyrn: Right! How could we refuse someone who begs that hard!
Bridgette: Are you sure? Thank you so so sooo much! Words cannot express my thanks!

Choose: I'm not going to go easy on you.
Bridgette: You're not? Then I shall have to rise to the challenge and…
Bridgette: Wait, does that mean I'm part of the crew? You're really going to train me?
(Captain) nods and laughs at Bridgette's surprise.
Bridgette: Yay! You have just made me the happiest Harvin in the skies! I cannot thank you enough!
Continue 1
Bridgette: I know! I shall clean the decks for you! I love to do chores, and I want to be of use to the crew!
Bridgette: I'm willing to do anything, for the chance to train with you, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Glad to have you aboard!
And so the inexperienced yet plucky knight Bridgette joins the crew.
The crew, now joined by the enthusiastic Bridgette, makes their way to the airship.

Too Scary[edit]

Whenever she's not sleeping, Bridgette constantly cleans and does the laundry. (Captain)'s crew notices this and tells Bridgette to take a break sometimes, but she says that laundry and cleaning are her hobbies. She tells them that she doesn't know how to have fun, and when she asks them to teach her, they decide to take her into town.

One day, after Bridgette has joined the crew, she is busily cleaning the airship with all of her effort.
Bridgette: There we go! I've managed to get most of the grime off the walls! And now, the floor! I shall get it to thoroughly sparkle!
Thorough cleaning and laundering had become a regular thing with Bridgette, and it had the rest of the crew very impressed.
Lyria: Hee hee! You really love to clean, huh, Bridgette? I mean, you're always doing it!
Vyrn: Yeah! Don't you think you're overworking yourself a bit, Bowl Cut? You're literally always cleaning!
Lyria: Hmm… Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Bridgette not working…
Vyrn: Listen, Bowl Cut, don't you think you oughta take a break every now and then? You don't have to clean so much!
Bridgette: Thanks for your concern, but cleaning happens to be a hobby of mine! Cleanliness of home starts with cleanliness of spirit!
Vyrn: Hmmm… But you know what they say! All work and no play makes one a dull dragon!
At Vyrn's words, Bridgette stops scrubbing the floor and looks up.
Bridgette: Really? Then… then I should play!
Bridgette: Oh, but… I don't know what to do… I've never actually played before…
Vyrn: What? Then… then what did you do on our last day off?
Lyria: Umm… Let me guess… You were cleaning or doing the laundry?
Bridgette: Yes! As I said, cleaning and laundry are hobbies of mine!
Vyrn: Sigh… I don't know if I should be impressed or worried…
Bridgette: Um… I would like to try playing for once! Please, teach me some kind of recreational activity I may play!
Vyrn: Hmm… Now that you've put me on the spot, I can't really think of anything…
Lyria: In that case, why don't we take a little trip into town? There might be something fun to do there!
And so, at Lyria's suggestion, the crew heads to the nearby town.

Too Scary: Scene 2[edit]

When they arrive at the town, the crew finds it to be a strange place full of storytellers. Even on their trip, Bridgette is quick to try to solve everyone's problems. The crew prepares to defeat a group of goblins in order to take back an important item that was stolen from a storyteller.

Arriving at a nearby town, the crew finds it to be a strange place indeed.
Storyteller 1: Ha ha ha! Come one, come all, and listen to the story of a strange man and his strange life!
Storyteller 2: Heh heh heh… Have you heard the legend of the giant fish?
The town is full of storytellers and bards, entertaining the masses with their yarns and tales.
Bridgette: This town seems rather interesting! Come on, (Captain)! Let's explore!
Bridgette bounces around excitedly, and the crew wanders through the town, listening to all the stories.
Bridgette: Listening to other people's lived experiences truly helps enrich one's own life! This town is wonderful!
Townsperson: Oho! Hi there, little lady. I'm glad to hear you've taken a liking to our town!
Bridgette: Indeed I have! This town is so much fun! Umm… are you all right? You seem rather preoccupied with something… Do you want to talk?
Townsperson: Oh, that's very sweet of you! You see… the town's most famous storyteller has been missing for a while.
Townsperson: I don't know if she got lost, or if something bad happened to her…
Lyria: I see… No wonder you're so worried…
Bridgette: In that case, I'll go looking for her! And when I find her, I'll bring her here!
Townsperson: Goodness, you're too kind! I can't possibly ask you to do so for free. I'll prepare a reward for you.
Bridgette: I don't require any reward, no indeed! I'm not doing this to receive gratitude! Besides, karma will repay me!
Bridgette struts off proudly and begins to search for the storyteller outside of the city.
Lyria: Say, (Captain)! Can we help Bridgette search for the storyteller?
(Captain) nods, and off they go after Bridgette.
After walking down the path for some time, the crew encounters a frustrated-looking woman sitting on the side of the road.
Bridgette: What's wrong? Are you hurt?
Female Storyteller: No, I'm not hurt… I'm just… done. Done with all of this…
The frustrated woman turned out to be the missing storyteller. She told them that on her way to town, she was attacked by goblins.
Remorsefully, she told the crew that she wasn't injured, but that the bag containing her book of stories was stolen.
Female Storyteller: Sigh… That book… It had stories from all over the world written in it. It was the only one of its kind.
Female Storyteller: Sniff… I can't do my job without it… and now that it's gone, I just don't know what to do…
Bridgette: I see… In that case, I shall look for those monsters! And when I find them, I'll do everything I can to get that bag back!
Lyria: Yeah! And we'll help, too! Don't you worry, ma'am!
Female Storyteller: Thank you… I would really, truly appreciate it…
Relieved, the woman tells the crew which way the monsters went, and they hurry off in that direction.
The crew soon comes upon a group of goblins gleefully rummaging through a bag.
Bridgette: Aha! Are you the culprits? Hand over that bag quietly, you curs!
Goblin: Geeee, geeee!
Bridgette: EEK!
Bridgette: (Captain)! I don't believe I can fight these things! I do think they'll soundly thrash me!
Bridgette: So… if you would… please help me fight them!
Unable to ignore Bridgette's desperate plea, (Captain) prepares to fight the goblins.

Too Scary: Scene 3[edit]

After safely retrieving the book from the goblins, Bridgette takes one look at its contents and freaks out. As thanks for their efforts, the storyteller offers to tell them a tale, but Bridgette hastily stops her. The crew learns that the book is a collection of ghost stories, which Bridgette hates more than anything. The storyteller tries to corner Bridgette and tell her one anyway, but she runs away as fast as she can.

Having successfully defeated the goblins, the crew checks the contents of the stolen bag and finds a single black book.
Bridgette: I feel bad going through her stuff, but we really should check to make sure nothing in there is damaged!
Bridgette quickly opens the book…
Bridgette: GASP!
All the color instantly drains from her face, and she slams the book shut.
Lyria: Um… is something wrong?
Bridgette: Nope! Nope! Nothing's wrong! The book is clearly absolutely fine! Let's hurry and return it to the nice lady!
Vyrn: Uhhh… Is she okay? She looks like she saw a ghost or something…
Bridgette seems to be in a hurry to get back to the storyteller, so the crew follows after her, somewhat concerned.
They go back to the storyteller, tell her that her things were safe and sound, and give her bag back.
The woman checks the contents of the bag and heaves a huge sigh of relief. Then she turns and bows deeply to the crew.
Female Storyteller: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now I can keep earning a living!
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! As thanks, I'll tell you a story right here and now!
Bridgette: GASP!
Female Storyteller: Hehe… Not to blow my own horn, but my stories are pretty awesome! I bet I'll have you hanging on my every word!
Vyrn: Wow, really? Heheh! Then I'd love to hear m?
Bridgette: A-actually, no thanks! I'm afraid we must regrettably decline!
Lyria: What? What's the matter, Bridgette? What's gotten into?
Bridgette: I… um… I don't mind ghosts… Like, looking at them, or being around them…
Bridgette: But… but… but… I rather can't stand ghost stories! I mean… they're just so… scary…
Lyria: Wait, what? Ghost stories?
Vyrn: Huh? So you specialize in ghost stories, Ms. Storyteller?
Female Storyteller: Yes, that's right. This book contains ghost stories from all over the world…
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! Are you sure you don't want me to tell you one? It'll get your blood pumping! It's scary, yes, but fun too!
Lyria: Nnn… I… I'm not good with scary stuff… but I am curious…
Bridgette: N-No, I say! NO THANK YOU, ACTUALLY!
Female Storyteller: Awww… That's a shame… I'd love to hear you squeal in fright…
Female Storyteller: Hehe! You're so cute… C'mon! I want to thank you for getting my book back for me. Will you let me tell you a story? Pretty please?
With a wolfish grin, the woman cradles her book and slowly steps toward Bridgette, who begins to tremble.
Bridgette: I… d-didn't… do it… for… the th-thanks! D-don't require… gratitude…
Bridgette: Oh, wait! I… I just remembered! I missed a spot when I was cleaning! I… I rather need to leave now!
Female Storyteller: Hehehe! I like her. Maybe I'll put her in one of my stories… A ghost story, of course…
Female Storyteller: Hehehehe! Once I finish writing it, please do come by to hear it, okay? And bring her with you…
Lyria: Hahahaha… I, um, I'll let her know…
The crew bids farewell to the suspiciously giggling woman, before suddenly realizing that Bridgette has run off at full speed.
(Captain) goes after her, all the while weighing the pros and cons of ghost story-based training for her.

Lessons from a Veteran Knight[edit]

One day, Baotorda is giving Bridgette some sword training, but she soon gives up. During a break, he prepares a children's lunch for her, but she announces she cannot eat it. Baotorda questions the prudence of admitting defeat before even attempting a challenge, causing Bridgette to reflect on her habits. She eats the children's lunch before re-attempting the sword practice in order to surpass her limits.

Bridgette: Pant… pant… Here I… come!
Bridgette: Yah! Huff… pant…
Baotorda: That won't do. Your strokes are crooked.
Bridgette is receiving sword training under Baotorda.
Both are in the Order of Holy Knights, but they had only just met each other in person a short while ago…
Catching sight of a certain person as she cleans the deck, Bridgette's eyes open wide and she drops the cloth she's been holding.
Bridgette: Oh, my! Y-you're… th-the commanding officer, Baotorda?
Baotorda: Yes… and you are?
Bridgette: I'm Bridgette, I used to be a rookie in the Order of Holy Knights, but had to resign under certain circumstances!
As Baotorda is taken aback by this rather abrupt self-introduction, Bridgette explains her situation in detail.
After he has understood, Baotorda seems persuaded by her story, and gives his own in turn.
Bridgette: I can scarcely believe it. To think that you, the commanding officer, would be forced to withdraw from the order also…
Baotorda: Yes. I do not regret the decision. I have maintained my conviction and principles to the end.
Bridgette: Goodness! J-Just as one would expect from the commanding officer. Yes, indeed!
Bridgette: Um! I'm rather ashamed to ask this of you in such a forthright manner, but… I'd like to receive training from you, if I could?
Baotorda thus gave his consent to Bridgette's request, and in this way, the training begun…
Bridgette: Urgh… I feel I've reached my limit… I can't go any further…
Baotorda: Hmm… You do realize you've only made five sword strokes so far? You should aim for at least 100…
Bridgette: Guh? A h-hundred? I could never manage that! Impossible!
Seeing Bridgette tremble as if in terror, Baotorda lets out a small sigh.
Baotorda: Honestly… very well, then. Let's take a break.
Vyrn: Jeez… Your limits aren't exactly the highest, are they?
Bridgette: Oooh… I know, I'm such a disappointment, aren't I? But limits are limits. I am but a poor weak thing…
Lyria: Don't worry about it. Come on, let's look forward to the meal Baotorda's preparing for us!
Vyrn: Well, you're right there. No point in lookin' back in regret when we can look forward… to food!
As the party waits in expectation, Baotorda appears, bringing the meal to the party.
Lyria: Wow! It looks delicious!
Bridgette: Huh? Wait… Is it just me, or is mine a little… different to everyone else's?
Baotorda: It certainly is. For you, I've prepared a special children's meal.
Bridgette: Umm… a… a "children's meal," you say?
Lyria: Oh? Don't you like children's meals, Bridgette?
Bridgette: Erm… well, no, but more to the point, I'm… I'm already 19 years old…
Bridgette: This is rather embarrassing… in fact, it's too embarrassing… I c-can't bring myself to eat it… Impossible…
Baotorda: Hah… nothing to be embarrassed about! This dish is Captain Charlotta's favorite, I'll have you know!
Bridgette: Huh? Captain Charlotta's favorite, you say? But… the captain is younger than myself, so…
Baotorda: That's true. But a person is free to eat whatever they please. Just as you're free to decline this dish.
Baotorda: However… I'd question the person who calls a challenge "impossible" before even attempting it, wouldn't you?
Bridgette: !
Baotorda: …Through admirable hard work and perseverance, Captain Charlotta overcame the disadvantages presented by her short stature.
Baotorda: I'm sure there were many around her who mocked her, called her efforts "impossible"… Yet she was able to take the seat of captain.
Baotorda: Therein lies the result of effort… being told of the impossible… attempting the impossible… conquering the impossible.
Baotorda: That is the kind of person we aspire to be… and the kind of person you seek to fight alongside.
Bridgette: Yes, I… yes, that's right.
Baotorda: You yourself understand the extent of your own efforts more than everyone. That is precisely how you can say what is impossible.
Baotorda: That is a wise decision. But you are wont to label something as impossible before you even exert any effort, like just now.
Bridgette: That's… that's certainly true. I shall… I shall have to reconsider my actions…
Baotorda: Heh heh. The ability to recognize your own habits is the first step toward improvement.
Baotorda: And by the way, I didn't just make this lunch for the sole purpose of lecturing you.
Baotorda: This stuff is full of nutrients, and it's perfect for building up your basic strength.
Baotorda: And for someone of small stature like yourself, the children's lunch provides just the right quantity. It's the logical choice.
Bridgette: I understand! Then I shall take on this culinary challenge! And I most certainly won't utter the word "impossible"!
Bridgette appears to ready herself, and begins to sample the children's lunch.
Bridgette: …Oh my goodness! This is impossibly deli? I mean, it's thoroughly delicious! Absolutely…delectable!
Baotorda: Heh heh… then we'll take a short break after eating, and get back to training.
Baotorda: The same rigorous training you've been calling "impossible" until now, that is.
Bridgette: Oh, absolutely! Yes sir!
Om nom nom… Delicious… (munch)…
Smiling gently, Baotorda watches over Bridgette until she finishes the children's lunch.
Afterwards, the two train together, and Bridgette is finally able to surpass her limits…
Bridgette: I've done it! Seven strokes! Seven sword strokes in a row!
Vyrn: Really? That's amaz?
Vyrn: …Hold on, just seven? What the heck!
It seems like the future in which Bridgette can fight alongside the captain she so admires is still just a little way off…

Dream Big[edit]

Sevastien invites a downhearted Bridgette to help search for ingredients to prepare supper with. When they are attacked by monsters, Bridgette musters all of her courage to save him. After they return, Sevastien prepares a scrumptious meal with the ingredients she found—proof of her efforts and bravery.

Bridgette: Mmm...
Sevastien: Ah, Bridgette, is that you?
Sevastien is patrolling the halls when he stumbles upon Bridgette deep in thought.
Sevastien: Is something on your mind, Bridgette?
Bridgette: Oh, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Oh dear, I didn't mean to startle you.
Sevastien: A thousand apologies. You don't look like your usual self today... Is something the matter?
Sevastien: If you wish to talk about it, I'd be happy to lend an ear.
Unable to say no to Sevastien's warm smile, Bridgette decides to open up about her doubts.
Bridgette: I enlisted into the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights because I so admired Captain Charlotta...
Bridgette: Each and every day, I've been giving it my all to be more like her, but...
Bridgette: But I still haven't even grasped the basics of being a knight yet... I'm pathetic.
Bridgette: I wonder if I'll ever even get close to being like Charlotta...
Sevastien: Hmm, I see... Quite the quandary indeed.
Sevastien ponders for a moment before an idea crosses his mind.
Sevastien: A change of pace may be good for you, Bridgette—what do you say?
Bridgette: A change of pace?
Sevastien: That's right. Mulling over one thing for too long isn't good for your health.
Sevastien: It seems that I'm actually short on ingredients for supper tonight.
Sevastien: In fact, I was just thinking of finding someone to help me gather ingredients.
Sevastien: What say you? Won't you be a dear and lend me a hand?
Bridgette: I... I see! If there's any way I can be of assistance, I'll do everything I can!
Sevastien: Hehehe, excellent. Well then, let's not waste any more time.
The two head into the forest to gather ingredients while enjoying each other's company.
Bridgette: Hahaha! Feast your eyes on all these vegetables I've gathered, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Splendid! I knew you were the right person for the job.
Bridgette: Hehe... It's an honor to receive your praise!
Bridgette: I can find even more! I'll go take a look over there!
Sevastien: Try not to wander away too far now, Bridgette!
Bridgette: Don't worry about me—just wait and see!
Bridgette: All right! I'm gonna find all the vegetables and show Sevastien what I'm really capable of!
Bridgette: Oooh! This one looks tasty!
Bridgette: Hehe, this is kind of fun! I've gotta make sure to thank him later.
Humming along as she picks more ingredients, she barely notices a sound emerging from a nearby brush.
Bridgette: ...!
What was that sound just now?
Monster: Groooar!
Bridgette: Gaaah!
Hearing Bridgette's scream, Sevestien arrives at the scene just moments later.
Sevastien: Bridgette! Is everything all right?
Bridgette: M-monster! There's a monster!
Bridgette: Oof... It's a real tough one! I can't seem to get a good hit in. We'd best let this one go and make a run for—
Monster: Groooar!
Sevastien: Bridgette, look out!
Bridgette: Huh?
The monster lunges toward Bridgette but is stopped just in time as Sevastien jumps in front of her to take the hit.
Sevastien: Huff... Puff... Are you unharmed, Bridgette?
Bridgette: I'm sorry... I... I let my guard down...
Sevastien: Urk!
Bridgette: Sevastien? Are you hurt?
Sevastien: My apologies... My arm seems to have been wounded...
Bridgette: Oh no! Will you be okay?
Sevastien: I'd like to think so, but... I'm afraid the wound is deeper than I thought.
Sevastien: At this rate, it seems that monsters will do the both of us in...
Sevastien: I'm sorry, Bridgette. Just leave me here and save yourself...
Bridgette: No!
Bridgette: ...
Bridgette: No way! There's no way I'll abandon you here, Sevastien!
Bridgette: We haven't lost yet—I still haven't given it my all!
Monster: Groooar!
Bridgette: Yaaah!
Bridgette: Hehe, I sure can't wait!
Sevastien: Hohoho... Patience is a virtue, dear Bridgette.
Thanks to Bridgette's bravery, the two have managed to safely bring back the ingredients.
As thanks for assisting him, Sevastien prepares a scrumptious meal for Bridgette.
Bridgette: I was really worried about what was gonna happen back there...
Sevastien: Hohoho... Indeed. It's fortunate that we were both able to make it back safely.
Sevastien: When the monster attacked, you were able to avoid its attacks and take it out yourself with practiced hands. Brilliant swordsmanship, I must say.
Sevastien: Simply put, you were marvelous... And you saved me.
Bridgette: Hehe... I'm gonna blush if you keep that up!
Sevastien: Well then, it looks like it's ready. A Lumiel specialty, with plenty of freshly picked ingredients.
Bridgette: Wow... This looks amazing!
Bridgette: Wait a second... Sevastien, what happened to your injury?
Sevastien: Hmm, whatever could it have been... I suppose it must've been a sudden bellyache.
Bridgette: Oh? I-I see. My apologies.
Sevastien: Hehe... Now then—you'd better get started on your food before it gets cold.
Bridgette: Oh, you're right! Time to dig in!
The instant the food touches her mouth, Bridgette's face melts into a smile.
Bridgette: It's deeelish! Your cuisine really is sublime, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Hohoho, you speak too highly of me.
Sevastien: The flavor you taste—that's the flavor of your efforts and bravery.
Bridgette: My efforts and bravery...
Sevastien: Indeed. The flavor of your triumph today, when you mustered the courage to stand up against the monster in a dire situation.
Sevastien: You were saying earlier that you wished to become like Captain Charlotta someday, yes?
Sevastien: Of course, I understand why you may feel doubtful or anxious at times.
Sevastien: However, behind the spectacle of Charlotta's splendor is simply her hard work and effort that often goes overlooked.
Sevastien: Charlotta may still seem like a distant goal. However, I know that you'll be able to catch up some day, Bridgette.
Sevastien: They say those with the biggest dreams never lose sight of their ambition. I'll always be cheering for you behind the scenes as well.
Bridgette: Thank you, Sevastien! I'm gonna keep doing everything I can and catch up to her one day!
Sevastien: Hohoho, now that's the spirit! Truly a radiant sight for this old dog's eyes.
Thanks to Sevastien's help and encouragement, Bridgette's resolve has been reinvigorated.
As such, another small step has brought her closer to realizing her dream of becoming like Charlotta.


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