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Official Profile

Age 22
Height 175 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly history books), trying out food from various places
Likes New experiences, new things
Dislikes Tense atmospheres, saying goodbye
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 22歳
Height 175cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(歴史書)、食べ歩き
Likes 新しいこと、新しいもの
Dislikes 緊迫した空気、別れ
Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's your birthday, right (Captain)? Happy birthday!
Hmm... We should really get everybody together to celebrate.
You've helped out Leo, Reinhardtzar, the sovereign, Bai Ze—everybody, really.
The more people you have for a birthday party the more fun it gets, right? I bet it's the same in every skydom!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Your birthday parties are always so much fun.
Crew members keep popping in here to congratulate you on getting another year older... Abel's birthday parties used to be just like this.
I'm sure you'll turn out as great as he was someday, (Captain)—
No, actually, You might already be greater than he ever was!
I'm looking forward to see how far you go, (Captain).


Happy birthday! Glad to be spending another yearly anniversary with you.
I gotta say your birthday parties always live up to the hype!
It's all thanks to everyone in the crew pitching in, which shows how much they love you.
My brother had the same charisma, you know. You wouldn't believe how many people showed up when he sent out invites.
Just imagine the kind of party you'd have it you'd met my brother.
The whole kingdom would've turned out for the biggest, craziest party in all the skies


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We've been celebrating together like this for a few years now, and that makes me really happy.
To me, it's a reminder of just how long we've been traveling together.
Maybe birthdays are also meant to be celebrations of how long and well you know someone.
Promise you'll continue letting me celebrate with you for many years to come, all right?
Whoops, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. First, there's this year. Happy birthday!
Let's have a great time today! The party's just getting started!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
No matter how much time passes, this never gets old. I love celebrating with you.
How long have we even known each other? We've been through so much together.
You know... Sometimes, I think "what if we never met?" Where would I be then?
What if you never came to Nalhegrande? What if we'd been born in different eras?
I mean, if a single gear in our world had been out of alignment, our paths would've never crossed.
Thinking about it like that, this journey we're on together... it's a miracle.
I hope this miracle never ends.
I don't care how many years go by or how far you travel. I want to be there by your side, celebrating your life.
So let me say it again... Happy birthday, (Captain). Thank you for being a part of this world... a part of my world.
We, uh, we'd better go. The party can't start without you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I've gotta say, when the year flips over so does my mood!
But it's not like I want to go out of my way to make some impossible resolution.
I think it's important to build on and continue the stuff you've already got going for you.
Making new goals is great, but you've got to appreciate the stuff you've already accomplished, you know?
So this year let's just take things as they come and relax a little more!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Even though today's really just like any other day, it comeshow feels refreshing to know that it's a new year.
Some might feel pressed into changing something about themselves, but I don't see much of a need for that.
At the very least, today's a good day to reflect on the path you've treaded up to this point.
Looking back every now and then helps you ensure that you're headed where you really want to go in life.


Good morning, (Captain). You're quite the early bird today.
Oh, and happy New Year. I hope this one treats you well.
Can you believe it's already been a year? Here's to more joy and prosperity!
Yeah, prosperity... We've come a long way from living in the shadows of the past.
When all you can think about is what happened yesterday, it really opens your eyes.
It's good to work toward the future, but we shouldn't be quick to forget about the important things in our past.
I'm sure there are things that you can't allow yourself to forget, (Captain).
It's not a bad idea to face your past, especially at milestones such as today.


Hrnnngh! Whew...
The first morning of the year sure feels nice. Wouldn't you say, (Captain)?
Hey, I was thinking... Would you like to have a spar with me?
Sorry, that was kind of sudden, wasn't it... I just thought it's about time for me to start moving forward.
It's not like everything has to change just because it's a new year.
But I believe that some things have to change in order for other things to remain the same.
But the question is, what are those things? I was hoping you could help me find the answer to that.
You'll do it?
Thanks so much, (Captain)! Then let's get started!


Morning, (Captain). And happy New Year's!
Feels like we just celebrated a New Year's... And yet here comes another one.
Hey, you remember the sparring match we had last year? It got me thinking...
There's all these things I have to change, things I wish would stay the same, and things I never want to forget...
I've been trying to wade through this torrent of feeling that's been building inside me, looking for the right path...
And in the end, I didn't find any answers but... what I did find was direction.
The thinking, the searching for what's good and right... That's what it is to live.
So I'm done with trying to rush to the finish line. Starting from today, I'm taking it one step at a time.
Here's to opening the page on a new chapter in life! And you know that whatever choices I make, I'll always be there for you, right?
We're in this together, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

A present? For me? Um... I see...
I guess I should expect presents on a day like today, huh?
It's just, um... No, I won't ask what this is about! Not that I could anyway...
Anyway, thanks... So what's inside? Chocolate, I bet.
Aaand let's see... Haha. Hey, your cheeks didn't just turn red, did they?
Good. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.


Heya, (Captain)... What's going on?
Ah, right, today's Valentine's...
Thanks, (Captain). Chocolate from you always brightens my day.
Huh? I seem awfully tense?
Er, well... This is different from negotiations, you know? Besides, we're talking about you here...
Anyhow, can you keep my embarassment hush-hush from Leona and the others? We can make it our little secret.


What is it, (Captain)? Huh? You have something for me? Who could've guessed!
Er, chocolates? O-oh! Yeah, because it's Valentine's Day.
Haha! Whoops, totally forgot. Thanks, (Captain)! I'm going to—
Wh-what? Wait, you saw Leo giving me chocolates earlier?
Um, yes, that does imply that I pretended to forget it was Valentine's Day... Uh, the thing about that is...
Sigh... Look, don't laugh, okay? There's nothing lamer than looking a nervous wreck.
And since it's you I'm dealing with, then I gotta play it cool.


Um... Is this for me?
Haha! Thanks, (Captain)! This is great!
Phew... To tell the truth, I was kind of worried I wouldn't get anything this year.
Hey, wait! Don't laugh!
Sigh... The more you look forward to something, the more scared you are of being let down...
You don't know the first thing about how I feel...
No, I didn't say anything. Anyways, thanks for the chocolates!


All right, all right, I'm coming... (Captain)?
Did something happen? Why'd you trek all the way to my room?
Is that chocolate for me?
Oh... Oh, right! It's Valentine's!
Thanks, (Captain). You never forget.
Hey... Mind if I ask you something?
I'm, um... I'm not the only one that gets chocolates, am I?
I know you'd do this only for people you trust but...
There's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there, and... I just want you to be careful, okay?
I don't know if you're a lamb or a wolf myself.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), today's White Day!
And, uh, because of that I've got kind of a strange thing to ask you.
Would you mind spending the day with me?
I've got places to take you, sights to show you, and food to feed you...
There are so many places I want to go with you, (Captain)!
I'll make today your perfect day! Come on, let's go!


(Captain)! Think you can spare some time alone with me?
There's things to see, food to eat, and places to go—stuff that I'd rather do with you.
Every time I think of you, (Captain), all these fun activities we can do together come to mind.
If we can't get to it all today, maybe you can tell me the next time you're free!
I promise to keep you entertained the entire way!


Good morning, (Captain)! I'm here to return the favor for Valentine's Day. Your servant-for-the-day is at your service!
Still sleepy? Hm, it is pretty early I guess...
On the other hand, if I don't take the initiative of taking you out now, someone else might snatch you away.
Sorry, (Captain), but I'm keeping you all to myself today.
I guarantee you won't regret it! We can visit exciting new places or dine at fancy restaurants...
Your wish is my command! I've also got a list of recommendations just in case!
So let's slip away from the ship without anyone noticing!


(Captain), you're not tired, are you?
You must've had a busy day. The whole crew really loves its captain!
Thank you... for agreeing to spend to spend tonight with me.
I promise you won't be disappointed! I spent forever picking out the perfect place.
The food there will blow you away, but more importantly, the atmosphere's just magical.
As soon as I stepped foot through the door, I knew our special dinner had to be there.
I'm going to make tonight unforgettable. I hope you're looking forward to your White Day's gift as much as I am.


Look, (Captain). Isn't it beautiful? You don't need to be on a ship to feel close to the stars.
This is one of my favorite spots. I've always wanted to bring you here, and now that you are... it feels like a dream.
Thanks for spending the day with me. Did I do all right?
Great. It means a lot to hear you say that.
You know, it's funny. These days, no matter where I go, I wish you were there with me.
This place is no exception. First time I looked out over this view, your face came into my mind.
Every time I find something beautiful, something exciting, something magical, I want to share it with you.
Hey, (Captain)... If you don't mind...
Do you think you could spend more time with me... even when it's not a holiday?
I know I'm being possessive, childish, whatever. But I want to be with you.
You only have to come when you feel like it. But I promise, I'll make it worth your while!

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Everybody's having so much fun together! Halloween is such a great holiday!
It's also the day when dead people come back to this world...
Well, who knows if that's actually true? I sure don't.
But I've got the feeling my brother is out there somewhere enjoying the day too.


I heard about this last year, but...
Apparently the dead come back to life for Halloween.
If that's true, wouldn't it be better for us to go all out and party hard so that they can have a good time too?
Come to think of it, Abel always loved these sorts of festivities...
That's why I'm gonna celebrate in style today!
So here goes... Trick or treat!
Which will it be, (Captain)? Take your pick!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy Halloween!
You can tell from the general atmosphere of the entire town that it's Halloween season.
Snacking while on a stroll is already great, but the decorations and such really adds another layer of flavor!
Then you see the kids in costumes getting candy and everyone's smiling... Really gives you a feeling of peace, doesn't it?
There's nothing better than basking in the ambiance with a candied apple in your hand.
Well, I think I've said enough about that. So... trick or treat, (Captain)!
Let me have some of that candy you've got there! Here, I'll trade you the ones I bought from the candy cart!


Ah, there you are! Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Ahaha! That's a great costume! It really suits you!
I'm about to head out to town with Reinhardtzar. Why don't you come with us, (Captain)?
I always ask Reinhardtzar to go with me, and he never says yes.
But he finally agreed to join me this year!
To be honest, I wanted to dress him up in a costume too, but he was really resistant to that idea...
Oh well. I got to see you all dressed up, so I'm happy!


(Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Huh? What are those funny-looking things you have? Candy?
For me? Thanks! Now, let's see...
Ow! What was that?
Prank candy? Agh, you got me...
Hey, (Captain). You try these out on anyone else yet?
I mean, if you're going to fool someone, it's got to be Reinhardtzar, right?
If I go, he's bound to suspect something... Come on. It'll be funny.
Reinhardtzar lets his guard down around you. This is our chance to crack his tough-guy act!
Then what are we waiting for? Let's go, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, (Captain)! Great timing!
What kinda food do you like? Anything you don't eat?
We're going to make a feast to celebrate the holidays!
You're from Phantagrande, right? From Zinkenstill, yeah?
Then you should experience a holiday feast Nalhegrande-style!
I'll make the dishes with love, so get ready for a little taste of heaven!


You know, every island I go to, I always get the same story about the holidays and Santa Claus.
And of course, Nalhegrande was no exception.
This can only mean Santa can freely traverse across all the skies.
I find it hard to believe he's able to go between skydoms so easily though... Makes me wonder if he might just be a myth.
Wha? You've actually met him in person, (Captain)?
Tell me more! C'mon, I wanna hear all about it while we munch on holiday chow down there!


Hey, (Captain)! If you're not busy, wanna go shopping with me?
What for? Haven't you checked your calendar? We have to stock up on supplies for tonight's holiday party!
Oh yeah, this is probably a good time to mention this too. A lot of food stalls have set up shop for the holidays.
So why not snack on some treats while we're out buying stuff?
We might as well buy as much as we can carry too! Then the others won't get mad at us for missing out if we bring them all something.
Great! Let's not waste anymore time hanging around here! What do you want to eat? I'm sure we'll find some interesting grub between the two of us!


Hey, (Captain)! There you are. What're you doing?
Decorating for the party? Oh yeah, today is a pretty big day, huh...
I guess you're busy then...
Hm? Oh, it's nothing important.
I was just thinking, it'd be nice if we could take a walk around town together since it's the holy night...
But that was a bit selfish of me, since everyone else is busy with preparations.
Huh? You're going into town later to grab some stuff?
Really now! Would it be all right if I tagged along? You could use some hands, right?
Let's hurry up and finish decorating then! Here, I'll help too!


Hey! It's not as crowded as rumors say. Good thing we left early, right?
I mean, the crew's really grown. We're going to have to buy more this year than any other year.
Yeah... Listen, I really am committed to throwing a great party but...
The truth is, I just wanted to spend more time with you. Alone.
I didn't drag you out early to get the best cake or whatever. I did it so I could have you to myself.
Honestly, I didn't even think you were going to go along with it. So when you said yes, you had me over the moon.
For the holidays at least, I want it to be just the two of us.
Cause, well... It's the season of love.
Today, I'm not going to let anything or anyone come between us.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Brothers' Conviction

Cain, (Captain), and the others are gathering mountain herbs in response to an apparently selfish request from Pholia. They run into some refugees from the Rhem Kingdom who lost their right to practice medicine there. Some thugs then show up who kidnapped some of the refugees' friends.

Vyrn: Hey! Isn't this it? This must be the herb Pholia mentioned!
Lyria: Hmm... All of them are starting to look the same to me...
  1. That's definitely the one.
  2. Let's just assume that's the right one.

Choose: That's definitely the one.
Vyrn: Yep! Hehe... Looks like we finally scored one!

Choose: Let's just assume that's the right one.
Lyria: Hey, you can't just take any old herb! Pholia will get mad!
Continue 1
Cain: Hey! How's it going? You find any of those herbs?
Cain: Check this out—I already found a bunch! How'd you do, Reinhardtzar?
Reinhardtzar sighs heavily in response to the carefree Cain.
Reinhardtzar: Um... You know, you really don't have to take this so seri—
Leona: Found you!
Leona: Hey, Cain! Look! This is the herb, right?
Leona: Yep... I knew the trick to finding these herbs was to bend down and keep your eyes nice and close to the ground.
Reinhardtzar: ...
Cain: Leo! There's no need for you to waste all that energy on something so pointless!
Leona: Huh?
Reinhardtzar: Sigh...
Reinhardtzar's sigh fades into the idyllic forest.
Cain, (Captain), and the others have received a royal decree directly from Pholia, the sovereign of Idelva.
They've been commanded to go get some herbs deep in the mountains.
Vyrn: Still, a general gettin' sent to the mountains for some fancy weeds...
Vyrn: Doesn't it seem like sort of a gigantic waste?
  1. Yeah, what's with this monkey work?
  2. Well, work is work.

Choose: Yeah, what's with this monkey work?
Cain: Now, now... I know I didn't explain before, but this is actually an important job.
Cain starts to explain the nature of his position to the doubtful (Captain) and company.

Choose: Well, work is work.
Cain: Yep! That's the spirit! No matter what kind of work you're given, you just gotta give it your all.
Cain starts to explain the nature of his position to the doubtful (Captain) and company.
Continue 2
Cain: I'm certainly a general and all, but my role's just a bit different than those of other Idelva generals.
Cain tells the crew that he belongs to what is essentially a raid unit that directly answers to the sovereign.
Cain: And that means we do as the sovereign wishes, no matter how unreasonable or capricious the wishes might be.
Vyrn: So... um... you basically specialize in doing monkey work for the sovereign?
Leona: Hmm... We can't really deny that.
Reinhardtzar: But still...
Reinhardtzar takes the herbs from (Captain) and company and has a good look at them.
Reinhardtzar: These aren't exactly rare herbs. You can buy them at any market.
Cain: Hey, I didn't expect you to know so much about herbs. You into cooking or something?
Reinhardtzar: Sheesh... Can we at least try to stay on topic?
Reinhardtzar: There's no way the sovereign sent us all the way to the mountains just to pick some herbs.
  1. So we're here for something else?
  2. So the sovereign has another purpose?

Choose: So we're here for something else?
Choose: So the sovereign has another purpose?
Cain: Very perceptive of you. But requests like this are yet another part of what I do.
Cain: Still, when the sovereign hides her true purpose, it usually means trouble for—
???: Freeze!
Vyrn: ...!
Surprised by the voice, (Captain) and company look around and find themselves surrounded by an armed mob.
???: What's your business here?
No, actually we don't care about that. Just get out of this forest. Now!
Reinhardtzar: ...
Cain and the others don't seem especially bothered by the weapons directed at them.
Reinhardtzar: You guys probably shouldn't be playing with those things. You don't pick up weapons often, do you?
???: ...!
Cain: We're here under the direct orders of the sovereign as members of Idelva's standing army.
Cain: We didn't come into these woods to cause trouble for anyone.
Cain: So why don't you just tell us what's going on?
???: ...
Though the people don't at first seem sure how to respond to Cain's words, they lower their weapons one by one.
The crew is invited to the citizens' settlement deep in the woods.
There the citizens reveal that they fled from the Rhem Kingdom.
Cain: You fled?
Rhem Doctor: Yes... We once belonged to a house that was distantly related to the royal family and specialized in medicine.
Rhem Doctor: But one day I accidentally splashed a bit of hot disinfecting water on the sovereign, inflicting a minor injury.
Rhem Doctor: The result? I lost my right to serve as a doctor for the court and was stripped of my title.
Rhem Doctor: To make matters worse, the royal army started harassing us.
Rhem Doctor: So my family and I fled here to Idelva, bringing whichever retainers were willing to come with us.
Leona: I can't believe the Rhem Kingdom would do something like that...
Cain: It is indeed strange. I heard that Rhem took care of anyone with royal blood.
Reinhardtzar: Still, you guys seem awfully cautious considering all you're trying to do is lie low.
Rhem Doctor: Well...
Rhem Citizen 1: About that... W-we've actually got a bit of a request for you...
Thug 1: Oho... I can't believe you guys were dumb enough to stay here.
Thug 2: The losers we kidnapped must mean a lot to you, huh?
Vyrn: Whoa! Who are these guys?
Rhem Citizen 2: Th-these guys... They came after some of the people we fled with.
Rhem Citizen 2: They took advantage of the fact that we're outcasts to kidnap our friends!
Rhem Citizen 1: I know we might be barking up the wrong tree, but please!
Rhem Citizen 1: You gotta help us here!
  1. No problem.
  2. Of course we'll help.

Choose: No problem.
Choose: Of course we'll help.
Cain: Yeah, I'm sure these thugs will assume we're with the rest of these guys anyway.
Thug 1: Huh? Looks like this lot found some new friends.
Thug 2: Not that it makes a difference. Let's grab as many of these guys as we can!

Brothers' Conviction: Scene 2

(Captain) and company repel the thugs, but the older brother of a young refugee has already been kidnapped. The crew tracks the kidnappers to a cave and finds members of Rhem's standing army talking about selling the victims. Cain readies his weapon to face the cruel soldiers.

Thug 1: Oof!
Thug 2: Wh-who in the world are these guys? They clearly know how to use their weapons!
Thug 3: Damn! Retreat, boys! We need to report this! Fighting can wait!
The thugs flee into the woods, scattering as they go.
Cain: Phew... Kidnappers going after refugees, huh? What a nasty bunch.
  1. They're despicable!
  2. Let's annihilate 'em.

Choose: They're despicable!
Vyrn: Yeah! How dare they prey on people who are already so down on their luck?

Choose: Let's annihilate 'em.
Reinhardtzar: Yeah... It's not like anyone would ever voluntarily give up their home.
Reinhardtzar: Going after outcasts is just unforgivable.
Continue 1
Cain: Well, at least we managed to protect everyone from the kidnappers' attack.
Cain: Still, if they already kidnapped someone,
???: Aahh!
Leona: ...!
A scream? I think it came from beyond those bushes!
(Captain) and company dash over and find a young boy weeping with his head down.
Young Boy: Ugh... Big Bro... I'm so sorry.
Lyria: What happened? Are you okay?
Young Boy: I'm fine... but my brother...
Young Boy: He tried to protect me, and they hit him. They knocked him out, and then they... they...
Reinhardtzar: So they dragged him off, huh?
The young boy nods weakly in response.
Young Boy: Sob... I'm sorry! Forgive me, Big Bro! This is all my fault...
Cain: ...
Cain bites his lower lip as he looks at the sobbing young boy.
Cain: It's not over yet.
Young Boy: Huh?
Cain: Your brother. He might still be okay, so don't give up.
  1. Let's go help him.

Choose: Let's go help him.
Cain: Yeah... It's not too late. Now's not the time to stand around and mope...
Cain: But if we don't do something fast, we really will have something to cry over.
Cain bends down and looks the shocked young boy in the eye.
Cain: We'll bring your brother home to you. That I can promise you.
Young Boy: Really?
Cain: Really. So you head on back to your friends and wait for us to return with your brother.
Young Man: W-wait! I'll go too!
Reinhardtzar: No, you just stay here. That's your only job right now.
After promising the young boy to bring his brother back, the crew goes back to the settlement and finds out where the thugs' hideout is.
(Captain) and company soon find themselves outside a silent cave that's dark even during the day.
Thug 4: ...
Thug 4: Ugh...
Leona: Phew... Looks like he was the only one guarding the entrance.
Cain: Yeah, but we have no way of knowing how many more are inside. You see anything, (Captain)?
  1. No, it's too dark.
  2. I think I hear someone.

Choose: No, it's too dark.
Choose: I think I hear someone.
The crew stares hard into the gloomy cave and can just make out the kidnappers talking to another group.
Thug 1: And that concludes my report on how the plan's gone so far.
???: Well done. Now what about the ones who met with resistance earlier?
Thug 2: Based on what we heard from the ones who were attacked, the enemies were probably with the Idelva military, sir.
???: The Idelva military, huh? Their queen must have noticed what we're up to.
???: But no matter. Let's worry about dealing with the people we've snatched first.
???: We can't just keep them locked up forever. You guys have the ship ready, right?
Thug 1: Yes, sir! The buyers are waiting on their ship at the outer edge of the island.
Reinhardtzar: Looks like these guys plan to sell the people they kidnapped.
Lyria: That's horrible. We have to stop them.
As (Captain) and company continue to spy on the evildoers, they suddenly hear a familiar voice.
Young Boy: Let me go! Damn you... Get your hands off me!
???: What do we have here?
Thug 3: After our meeting with the buyer, we came back and found him lurking around here, sir.
Young Boy: Give back my brother! I know he's here!
???: You've got spirit, boy, but we don't need that pesky rebellious streak. How about we take care of you right—
  1. Wait!

Choose: Wait!
Thug 1: Hey! Where'd you come from?
Rhem Soldier: Huh? Is this kid with Idelva?
Cain: You! That armor... So you're a member of Rhem's standing army, huh? Why would you do this?
Rhem Soldier: I see the intruder brought some friends.
Rhem Soldier: Too bad we can't let any witnesses leave here alive!
Cain: And we can't leave here without dealing with you!
Cain: I'm not sure what's going on, but these guys are clearly behind the trouble.
Cain: Let's put an end to this now!

Brothers' Conviction: Scene 3

(Captain) and company free the captured refugees and interrogate the restrained Rhem soldiers. The soldiers reveal that they were acting on royal orders and set a golem on the crew. Cain protects the young refugee as (Captain) and company face the golem.

(Captain) and company cut down the Rhem soldiers and thugs in the cave.
They then find the kidnapped people deep within and free them.
Cain: Hey... I distinctly remember telling you to wait, so why'd you come here?
Young Boy: Sorry...
Cain: ...
Cain gently places his hand on the dejected young boy's head.
Cain: Still, I understand how you feel. You wanted to help your brother, right?
Young Boy: Yeah...
Cain: Of course you did! I guess if I were in the same situation, I'd probably...
Cain: Well, the thing about my big brother is that...
Young Boy: ...?
Cain: Oh, forget it. Just keep taking good care of your big brother!
Young Boy: Thanks!
The young boy nods and then races to his older brother's side.
Cain: Thank goodness. Seriously.
Leona: Cain...
Cain: Huh? Oh, I'm fine. You don't have to say anything.
Cain turns to the restrained Rhem soldiers next.
Cain: All right, why exactly were you guys doing this?
Cain: You do realize that your victims fled from Rhem to come here, correct?
Cain: Why were you trying to sell them instead of just extraditing them back to Rhem?
Rhem Soldier: ...
Reinhardtzar: These guys have definitely been listening, but they don't look like they plan to respond.
Cain: That's too bad... I guess we'll just have to bring them back to the palace and—
Vyrn: Whoa! The whole cave just shook!
Lyria: Oh! (Captain)! Look!
Golem: ...
Leona: A golem! But why's it here?
Rhem Soldier: Why? Well, nothing could be simpler.
Rhem Soldier: It's because we're acting based on the direct orders of the sovereign of the Rhem Kingdom!
Rhem Soldier: And we were told to dispose of every last citizen who fled if we run into any trouble!
Rhem Soldier: Crush 'em, golem!
Golem: ...
The golem prepares to bring its fist down on the former prisoners.
The two reunited brothers happen to be right in the path of destruction.
Golem: ...!
Young Boy: Eek!
Cain: ...!
Cain leaps in, bracing himself to take the hit aimed at the young boy.
But the golem's unyielding arm never comes down on them.
Cain: ...?
  1. You okay?

Choose: You okay?
Cain: ...!
Vyrn: Hehe! Nice one, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah! But if that golem starts throwing its weight around, this cave could collapse!
Lyria: We need to stop that golem!

Brothers' Conviction: Scene 4

After the refugees are saved, Leona criticizes Cain for putting his life at risk, and Reinhardtzar asks him why he's so reckless, but Cain doesn't respond. Cain later laments the loss of his brother and resolves to continue working with (Captain) and the others to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Golem: ...
(Captain) and company stop Rhem's golem.
Once the dust settles, they hand the Rhem soldiers and their lackeys over to the authorities in Luxurios for questioning.
The refugees from Rhem are officially welcomed to the Idelva Kingdom to start new lives.
(Captain) and company bid farewell to the refugees, young boy, and his brother, and they finally start heading back.
Cain: I can't believe the Rhem Kingdom was pulling the strings this time.
  1. Is it really that surprising?
  2. What's bothering you exactly?

Choose: Is it really that surprising?
Cain: Of course. I've never heard of such a thing before.

Choose: What's bothering you exactly?
Cain: Huh? Oh, right... You guys don't know much about the Rhem Kingdom, do you?
Continue 1
Cain: Rhem has valued bloodlines and family status more highly than anyone else since the time of the duchies.
Cain: I mean, that's why Rhem's royal family went easy on the Violet Knight. The knight's a relative.
Cain: I just can't believe they came down so hard on a house of relatives, even if the relation was distant.
Leona: More importantly, Cain... Why would you do something so reckless?
Leona: I know everything happened pretty fast, but to risk yourself for some kid...
Leona: I'm not saying that wasn't impressive, but you could have died if (Captain) weren't there.
Leona: Saving people is good and all, but you have to take care of yourself.
Cain: Yeah, yeah... But at least everyone was all right in the end. Thanks a lot, (Captain).
  1. It was no big deal.
  2. Don't worry about it.

Choose: It was no big deal.
Vyrn: Yeah! (Captain)'s always quick to act when stuff goes down!

Choose: Don't worry about it.
Leona: Hey! Stop spoiling Cain, (Captain)! He needs to be more careful!
Continue 2
Lyria: But I really am glad that neither of you got hurt.
Reinhardtzar: Maybe, but that might not be true next time.
Lyria: Oh?
Reinhardtzar: There's no guarantee that every battle will end without someone getting hurt.
Reinhardtzar: That's the nature of battle, so try to be a bit more careful from now on.
Cain: Ha-ha... But still...
Cain: My life would have been a small price to pay to save a young boy like him.
Cain speaks in as carefree a manner as ever.
Reinhardtzar frowns in response, glaring suspiciously at Cain.
Reinhardtzar: Cain, why...
Reinhardtzar: Why are you in such a hurry to die?
Reinhardtzar: Have you really found something so unforgivable within yourself?
Cain: ...
Reinhardtzar stares searchingly at Cain.
But Reinhardtzar's words leave Cain speechless.
Cain stands near the edge of a certain island in Nalhegrande Skydom, a place that affords a good view of the sky.
He places the bouquet he's carrying right on the edge, and a few of the flowers sway as if they're playing with the wind.
Cain: It's been too long, bro. Sorry I haven't been able to visit lately.
Cain: I'm doing about the same as ever, but some pretty interesting people are visiting right now.
Cain: They apparently came from Phantagrande, which is on the other side of the Grim Basin.
Cain stares absently at the sky as he rambles on at his departed brother.
Cain: And they aren't the only ones with me right now.
Cain: I wonder if you remember Reinhardtzar. He apparently met you once.
Cain: ...
Cain: He actually asked me why I'm in such a hurry to die.
Cain's expression betrays a mixture of resignation and relief.
Cain: And that reminds me of something...
Cain: I still often wish that it had been you who'd survived the fall of the Torhid Kingdom instead of me.
Cain: If you were still around, Leona would probably be more...
Cain can't bring himself to finish his sentence.
Cain: I just can't seem to move forward from here.
Cain mutters these words and then shakes his head as if trying to force himself to change the topic.
Cain: Lately I'm starting to see a lot of signs that something bad is on its way. Almost like there's some kind of gear slowly working itself out of place...
Cain: I'm starting to think that the same sort of chaos as before will once again plague our skies.
Cain: I need to do more to make sure no one else loses anyone as important as you are to me.
Cain: And I'll have Reinhardtzar, Leona, (Captain), and the others right there with me when I do it.
Cain: Cain takes a step back, his demeanor somehow more cheerful than before.
Cain: I think I'll be going now. See you later, Bro.
Without speaking another word, Cain turns his back on the sky and starts walking off.
He still has no idea that his destiny will ultimately affect the entirety of Nalhegrande Skydom.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
よぅし! んじゃ、張り切っていこうぜ! All right! Let's give 'em hell!
んー……どっかに近道でもないかな Man... I wonder if there's a shortcut anywhere.
こう見えて、俺もそこそこ戦えるんだぜ I know what you're thinking, but I've been in a fight or two myself.
悪くない景色だな! Nice view!
任せとけって!これでも一応、軍人だぜ? Just leave it to me! I am a soldier after all.
同じことの繰り返しでも学べるものはあるもんだぜ Even repeating something can teach you a thing or two.
このくらい訓練代わりに丁度いいぜ This is just right as a training exercise.
魔物相手でも手加減は出来ねぇな Monsters have to be taken as seriously as any other threat.
(主人公)!そっちは大丈夫か? (Captain)! You okay over there?
ったく……末恐ろしいな(主人公)は You know, you really scare me sometimes, (Captain).


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