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Official Profile

Age 18 Height 128 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Surprising people
Likes Astonished looks on people's faces
Dislikes Weak responses, having nobody to play with
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳 Height 128cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 人を驚かせること
Likes 人の驚いた顔
Dislikes リアクションの薄い人、いじり甲斐の無い人
Source [1] [2] [3]





  • "Lebhafte Buehne" is German for "lively stage".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! Heeheehee, did I surprise you?
Hehe. Since it's your birthday, I gathered a bunch of friends together, and we prepared an amazing feast!
I hope you don't mind, but I also ended up accepting a few requests along the way... Heehee...


Happy birthday, Taro!
Teehee. Say, (Captain), how do you usually celebrate your birthday?
I'm asking because birthdays are meant to be celebrated with bang!
Not interested? Wrong answer! I'm helping everyone set up, so sit yourself down!
Today is different from any other day. Heheh, I know you want to do something special!
Well, I've got just the thing for you!
Here, my Moon Halo is in need of sharpening... Hehehe, have fun!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You'll let me celebrate with you again, won't you?
Teehee. It's only natural that you be showered with appreciation on a special day like this.
Isn't it wonderful that we can spend our days with friends without underlying motives?
I wish to thank you for that, (Captain).
And so for my great captain, I'm adding another Moon Halo!
I'm gonna need your help later, so I hope you're ready! As for what that is... well, you'll just have to wait and see!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This year I've got something really special in store for you.
Nothing less than the world premiere of my new act!
Actually, I dreamed up this act just to celebrate your birthday in style.
So this is a (Captain) exclusive. You're the only one in the whole of the Sky Realm who'll ever see it.
Whaddya think? Good present?
Haha, I'm glad you like it.
Aaall right, here goes! First I take five Moon Halos...
Hehe, now get ready to have your socks knocked straight into the stratosphere!


(Captain), happy birthday!
This one here's from me! Don't be shy—take it!
Hehe. It's your very own Moon Halo! Now we match.
Course, you aren't used to handlin' Moon Halos yet, so I took off the blades.
Wouldn't want ya hurtin' yourself!
Hehe. Sure be nice if we could put on a show together. You, me, and these Moon Halos. Just sayin'!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! I want to knock the socks off even more people this year!
So how are we going to pull in the first client of the year? Heh heh heh!


Thank you, (Captain), for sticking with me over the year.
The crew's grown since we first met, and I couldn't be luckier.
Everyone who has joined this crew is skilled in their own way.
I bet if everyone focused on learning the arts, they'd quickly find themselves becoming entertainers of the court! Ahaha!


Phew, am I beat! I put on lots of great shows today.
Of course I'm working on New Year's! When people are on vacation, all the performers come out to strut their stuff.
The shows we do are extra extravagant and full of tradition since so many people have come out to watch.
What's my most impressive trick? Hmm... Maybe when I go through a gauntlet of firecrackers?
I think I've showed you them before. You know, the ones that go pop-pop-pop!
Or are you saying you wanna try running through them with me? Pop! Haha...


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Hey! Hey, (Captain)! Do you wanna go to a New Year's festival with me?
The festivities around here are amazing! The sky lights up with fireworks, and all sortsa street performers do their stuff!
When you see it, I know you're gonna wanna put on your own show!
So let's go check it out, okay?


Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Guess what, guess what? I'm about to put on a street show at the town plaza!
Come and check it out, if you got nothin' better to do!
Thanks! It's my first show of the year, so I'm gonna knock it right outta the park!
Hehe. Get ready to have your mind boggled!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

I always get the best crowd reactions on Valentine's Day! Especially from couples!
By the way, I've got something for you! It's chocolate! Thanks for always being there for me!


Heh heh heh... Oh, (Captain)!
Hey, hey, it's Valentine's Day!
Sooo... Ta-da! I've been saving this for you!
Hahah! Is that a smile I see? All right!


Happy Valentine's Day!
Hehe... This valentine happens to be addressed to you, (Captain).
I couldn't help smiling from the wonderful reaction you let out last year, so I knew I had to get you something again.
Ahaha. You're amazing. I just don't know where you find the energy to keep pushing yourself.
Well, I've kept my awesome captain waiting long enough. Here's your chocolate!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Hehe! I made you chocolate again! Feast your eyes on this!
It's a life-sized chocolate replica of my Moon Halo! You can use it as a weapon or eat it!
Are you blown away? You are, aren't you?
Hehe, yay! I love putting that look on your face, (Captain).
It just goes to show, gifts are all about wow factor!
After all, you remember things a lot longer if they knock you on your butt.
Hehe, I'm gonna come up with an even more surprising Valentine next year, so stay on your toes!


Carmelina: (Captain), happy Valentine's!
Made some chocolates for you this year too! Here ya go!
Carved the batch into a life-sized lion! How is it? Bet you're surprised!
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Wait, what the? This isn't chocolate. It's the real thing!
Ahaha... My bad, my bad. I could've sworn it was the chocolate!
I'm just gonna go get the candies now... Hang on tight!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hehehe... I was wondering why there are so many happy girls today. It's because it's White Day!
I just love it when people are having a good time!
And now I'm getting something too? Could this day get any better?


Hey, (Captain)! What's going on today? Hehe... Did you want to see me perform?
No? Then why—A present?
Hehehe! Awesome! A present like this means I'm gonna follow you to the ends of the skies!
I guess you could say I've become your groupie... Or something like that, haha!


Happy White Day!
Howdy, (Captain). It's one year later, and you know what I'm waiting for, don't you?
Ooh, you've really hit my expectations and lived up to your reputation. Thanks for the sweet gift!
Hehehe... We've got a groove goin'!


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
You're so conscientious about returning your Valentine's Day gifts. Thank you!
Hehe. These gifts from you really do make me happy.
Your choices really show how well you know me.
When I think that you're really paying attention to me, not just my performances... it makes me happy, but it's also kinda embarrassing...


Hey, hey, (Captain). I wanted to talk to you 'bout my White Day gift. You willing to accept a request?
Well, what do you think about putting on a show together? Just the one time's fine!
After all, best way to appreciate a good show is by learning how to produce one!
Come on! Please?
Choose: All right.
Thanks, (Captain). Well, let's get straight to practicin'!
Let's go big! We'll have the crowds oohing and aahing in their seats!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, it's Halloween! Hehehe! There's something special about the outfit I'm wearing just for today!
Look how much candy I can slip into the pockets! People are going to be so amazed!


Trick or treat! Heeheehee... Do you want to see what I have planned for you, (Captain)?
Then let's try flying through the sky in my Moon Halo!
Of course in order to spin round and round in the air we'll have to launch together.
Sorry, you can't get off just because you're scared. You're mine now!
I've got a hold of you, so don't move, okay?
All right, are you ready for this? One, two...
Lift off!


Ahaha! Scared you, scared you!
That was such a cute reaction from my captain that I want to do it again!
What, you thought I'd go easy on you after what happened last year? Nope, sorry!
Hmm... I wonder what horrors are waiting for you tonight? Well, buh-bye!


Carmelina: I've got a special trick planned for you this year, (Captain).
Come on out.
Lion: Groar!
Carmelina: Hahaha, whaddya think? Did he give you a scare?
You really do have the best reactions, (Captain).
That's why I put so much effort into my tricks every year!
This lion? I borrowed him from a nearby circus!
Lion: Grar!
Carmelina: Hahaha, you don't hafta worry—he's really friendly!
Lion: Mrooow!
Carmelina: Well, I'm off to get everyone else's blood pumping.
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: Hehe... Maybe I'll get Lyria next.
Lyria's Voice: Aaahh!
Carmelina's Voice: Ahaha! Lyria, your face is priceless too!


Carmelina: Hey, (Captain)! Trick or tr-
Carmelina's voice sets the plan in motion. (Captain) pulls on a string, which is attached to the lid of a box.
Lion: Grrrrr!
Carmelina: Eek! Golly, that surprised me...
Ahaha! Looks like I'm the one gettin' pranked this year.
But, (Captain), that's the same old thing I did last year. You can do better than this!
Next year, ya better pull out all the stops!
Give me a real good scare!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey there, holiday-goer! I made the crew something special for tonight's dinner!
It's no match for a dinner at the castle though! Heeheehee!


Wow, there's so much food here! Teehee, the castle dinners were nice, but enjoying a carefree meal with everyone is great too!
I mean, think about it. You'd be nervous too if you were sitting at the same table as the lord of the castle, wouldn't you? No one uttered a peep!
But someday I'll become a world-famous acrobat, and everyone in the castle will cheer for me!
Ahaha! I can do it, because Lyria's looking forward to my performance!


Teehee! Happy holidays!
You know what? I went out and prepared something big for tonight.
It wasn't easy, but I had enough connections to get in touch with some royal chefs!
Heehee. Everyone's in for a big surprise. Don't worry about money. I've got it all covered!
So make sure you eat and party hard tonight! Peace!


Oops, did I wake you?
Guess I wasn't moving with the catlike tread I thought.
What am I up to? Being Santa, of course!
I've got a present to leave by everyone's pillow.
How did I get in? Haha! No lock can hold the great Carmelina!
I used to dabble in escape artistry, so this was nothing!
And here's your present! Do you like it?
I'm glad to hear that! Well then, gotta visit the next good kid on my list.
Oh, and before I forget...
Happy holidays, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). Got a bit?
You know, I'm planning to play Santa again this year.
And I was wonderin' if you wanted in.
The two of us'd leave presents by everyone's pillows—and put a big old smile on their faces!
Don't you worry. I'll teach ya how to pick locks and sneak into the rooms like a regular thief.
So, feeling up to it?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Helping Paw

Carmelina receives an invitation to perform in a circus at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner and asks the crew along. There, they meet a very aggressive lion traumatized by his previous owners. Christina, the casino manager, does not know what to do with him. Carmelina offers to take the lion off her hands, and Christina agrees on the condition that the two of them put on a great performance in the circus.

Carmelina: The Jewel Resort Casino is hosting a circus? That sounds amazing!
Carmelina stands on the deck of the Grandcypher, a freshly-delivered letter in hand. She reads it over, eyes sparkling.
The Jewel Resort Casino is pleased to announce a thrilling new attraction.
We will be hosting a circus, guaranteed to spellbind young and old alike.
We would be honored if you, the renowned acrobat Carmelina, would agree to perform.
Carmelina: There's nothing like the thrill of performing for a crowd.
Carmelina: I just know if I can get them under a spotlight with me, (Captain) and the others'll be hooked, too.
Carmelina: Then we'll be the best performing troupe ever!
Carmelina: All right! Let's see what (Captain) says!
Carmelina: (Captain)!
Lyria: Whoa! What's going on, Carmelina?
Carmelina: You'll never believe it! The Jewel Resort Casino wants me to perform!
Carmelina: You guys have to come with me!
Carmelina is a crew member

Vyrn: You too, Hoops?
Carmelina is a crew member

Go to "Continue 1"

Carmelina not in crew

Vyrn: You too, Hoops?
Carmelina is an acrobat who strives to make each performance more dazzling than the last.
Impressed by the various talents of (Captain)'s crew, she joined in hopes of tempting them to perform with her.
Continue 1
Carmelina: Me... too?
Ulamnuran: That's right! They sent me an invite too!
With a flourish, Ulamnuran produces a letter identical to Carmelina's.
Ulamnuran is a crew member

Ulamnuran: I was just askin' (Captain) if we could swing by the Jewel Resort!
Ulamnuran is a crew member

Go to "Continue 2"

Ulamnuran not in crew

Ulamnuran: I was just askin' (Captain) if we could swing by the Jewel Resort!
Ulamnuran is the world's greatest traveling performer... at least to hear him tell it.
He saw the crew's journey to Estalucia as an opportunity to take his performances all the way to the ends of the skies.
Continue 2
Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

De La Fille: As it happens, I received one as well.
Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

Go to "Continue 3"

No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille: As it happens, I received one as well.
De La Fille is Princess of the Gem Domain.
She joined forces with the crew in order to put a stop to black market circulation of dark essence.
Continue 3
Carmelina: Really? I didn't know you were a performer too, De La Fille!
Carmelina: What kinda show are you gonna put on?
De La Fille: I wasn't invited as a performer.
De La Fille: You see, the Gem Domain is sponsoring this event.
De La Fille: That's why they extended me an invitation.
Carmelina: Aww... And here I was hoping we could team up.
Lyria: Hahaha...
I'm looking forward to this, though! I've never been to a circus.
Vyrn: Me neither.
Carmelina: In that case, you gotta come with! I'll be your guide!
Carmelina: From finding the best seats in the house to wowing the crowds yourselves, you can count on me!
Carmelina: You're all gonna catch the performing bug, I guarantee it!
Lyria: Haha... Um... What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. A circus sounds like fun. Let's go!
  2. I can't say no to you guys.

Choose: A circus sounds like fun. Let's go!
Ulamnuran: Now you're talking!

Choose: I can't say no to you guys.
De La Fille: I'm so glad. And as a sponsor, I was really hoping the two of you would perform.
Continue 4
Carmelina: Great! Not a moment to lose then! Jewel Resort, here we come!
And with that, they set a course for the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
When they arrive, (Captain) and the others head inside to find Christina—the manager—in her office.
Christina will be running the event and has promised to fill them in on the details.
Christina: So that should bring you up to speed about the event program. Do you have anything to add, kittens?
Carmelina: Nope, no problems.
Ulamnuran: Same here.
Christina: Good. Let's move on to setup.
Carmelina: Oh, wait a sec!
Christina: Yes?
Carmelina: (Captain), Lyria, could I talk to Christina alone?
Lyria: Huh? Why?
Carmelina: Well... It'd spoil the surprise if you guys knew about my act in advance!
Carmelina: And I really want you guys to get the full experience! Please?
  1. You got it.
  2. Aww...

Choose: You got it.
Carmelina: Hehe. I'm gonna knock your socks off on opening night, just you wait and see!

Choose: Aww...
Carmelina: It'll be worth it when you see the show! Trust me!
Carmelina: As a performer, I live to surprise my audience!
Carmelina: Won't you humor me?
Continue 5
(Captain) sighs and agrees.
Vyrn: Oh, fine...
But what're we supposed to do in the meantime?
Christina: Hm? Please yourselves.
Lyria: Uh, then, um... I'd like to watch everybody set up for the circus!
Christina: Hm... Generally, that area would be off-limits to anyone except employees.
Christina: But I suppose I can make an exception for you, kitten.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Christy!
Christina: Certainly. Oh, and would you stay, De La Fille? I'd like your input as one of our event sponsors.
De La Fille: My pleasure.
Vyrn: All right! If you need us, we'll be in the big top!
Carmelina: Gotcha. See you guys later!
(Captain) and the others leave Christina's office.
Lyria: Wooow...
Vyrn: Coool...
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn wander around the circus venue, marveling at the preparations underway.
Lyria: Hey, look, (Captain)! A lion!
Sure enough, there is a lion stretched out on the floor of a nearby cage.
Lion: ...
Lyria: W-well... since it's in a cage... it should be safe to take a closer look, right?
Lyria gingerly sidles up to the bars.
Lion: Grrr!
Lyria: Meep!
The moment Lyria gets close, the lion surges to his feet and attempts to charge the crew.
Lion: Gahh! Graar!
Vyrn: Whoa, Lyria, are you okay?
Lyria: Y-yes... That really startled me though...
Lion: Groooar!
Vyrn: Yeesh... This kitty does not play well with others.
Carmelina: Oh! There you guys are!
(Captain) spots Carmelina and Ulamnuran heading toward them.
Lyria: Carmelina! Are you done with your meeting? And is that a new outfit?
Carmelina: These are my circus duds.
Carmelina: Whaddya think? They just scream circus, don't they?
The acrobat does a little twirl to show off her new finery.
Lyria: Um... I'm no circus expert, but I think your costume is gorgeous!
Carmelina: Hehehe, thanks!
Vyrn: Hey, Ulam, how come you didn't get a makeover?
Ulamnuran: Cause this is my battle gear!
Ulamnuran: I made a special request to appear in my usual outfit.
De La Fille: By the way, I could have sworn I heard someone scream earlier. What happened?
Lyria: Ehehe... Um, you see that lion over there?
Lion: Mrr...
The lion is still prowling around his cage, eyeing the crew and emitting a low growl.
Christina: Ah, yes. I should have warned you about him.
Lyria: Warn us?
Christina: Yes, this one's quite the troublemaker. He's badly injured a number of his handlers.
Vyrn: Geez... That's one cantankerous kitty!
Christina: Quite. So you'd do well to give him a wide berth.
Lyria: Okay...
Carmelina: Hi there. Don't be scared...
No sooner has Christina finished her warning than Carmelina is walking up to the cage.
Vyrn: Hey, get back here, Hoops! You heard the lady!
Carmelina: It's fiiine, guys! Just leave it to Carmelina.
Carmelina: Hey, big guy. What's got you all jumpy, huh?
Lion: Grrr! Grar!
Just as before, the lion tries to attack Carmelina through the bars of his cage.
Carmelina: Yep, just like I thought. He's scared of us.
Lyria: Of us?
Carmelina: Mm-hm. He thinks we're gonna hurt him. That's why he's trying to scare us off.
Lion: Grrr...
Vyrn: How can you tell? Do you speak lion?
Carmelina: When I was performing with my jester troupe at court, I often took care of the animal performers.
Carmelina: So I've got sort of a sixth sense when it comes to critters!
Carmelina: Just what happened to this poor guy? He didn't get this scared of people by accident.
Christina: Mm. This lion belonged to a circus performer who I've since fired.
Christina: The lion was so violent he would attack anyone who approached him, including his handlers.
Christina: When I asked his owner, the man said he'd been using the creature to work out his frustrations.
Christina: Withholding food... whipping him without provocation...
Lyria: That's awful...
Christina: Shameful. I couldn't let it pass.
Christina: So when Lady Luck gave him the cold shoulder at the tables, I took that lion to settle his debts.
Christina: Haha... After all, you can't have a circus without one, now can you?
Carmelina: Sigh... That explains why he's so scared of us.
Lion: Grrr...
Lyria: So... what's going to happen to the lion now?
Christina: For the moment, I plan to let him alone. I haven't settled on a long-term plan yet.
Carmelina: Well, in that case... Can I have him?
Christina: Are you serious?
Carmelina: I sure am!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, don't go deciding that on your own! This lion is—
Carmelina: Don't worry! I promise, this big guy'll be putty in my hands in no time.
Carmelina: Just leave eeeverything to me.
Christina: Well, kitten? Do you think Carmelina can make your fellow feline purr?
Christina looks to (Captain) for a verdict.
Carmelina: Pleeease, (Captain)?
  1. Sigh... All right.
  2. Do you promise to take care of him?

Choose: Do you promise to take care of him?
Carmelina: Of course! I'll be a model pet owner!
Choose: Sigh... All right.
With a rueful smile, (Captain) acquiesces.
Carmelina: You're the best, (Captain)!
Christina: If my little kitten here says you're responsible enough, then I'll leave the lion in your care.
Christina: On one condition.
Carmelina: What's that?
Christina: That you take proper care of him, and put on an excellent performance at the circus.
Carmelina: Hehe. I'll make sure everyone is satisfied.
Carmelina: Just wait and see!
Carmelina: I want you to enjoy yourself too, big guy! Okay? Peace!
The lion's responding growl does nothing to dim the confident smile on Carmelina's face.

A Duo Is Born

Every day, Carmelina releases the lion from his cage and plays tag with him. Though he is aggressive at first, Carmelina's kindness gradually brings down his guard. During their visit one day, the lion runs off suddenly and leads the crew to the circus venue, where two intruders have been destroying the equipment.

Lion: Grrr...
The lion seems as wary as ever of the crew, growling low in his throat whenever they approach.
Vyrn: Hey, Hoops, how are we supposed to make friends with this guy?
Carmelina: Just like you would with anyone! By having fun together!
Carmelina: Oh, but just in case, you guys should take cover.
Lyria: Did you say, "take cover"?
Carmelina: Yep. 'Cause I'm gonna let him out of his cage.
Vyrn: What! Hey, wait a minute!
Ignoring Vyrn's protest, Carmelina unlocks the door to the lion's cage.
Lion: Grah!
The lion leaps out of the cage and makes a lunge at the nearest person: Carmelina.
Carmelina: Hahaha! I'm glad to see you so energetic!
Carmelina dances out of his way, seeming to read his intentions perfectly.
Carmelina: How about a game of tag, then? Think you can catch me?
Lion: Grrr...
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: Hahaha! Missed me! Better luck next time!
Lion: Rargh!
Carmelina: Whoops!
Carmelina: You got close that time!
Carmelina dodges some swipes of the lion's claws and blocks others with her Moon Halo.
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Good boy! Let's go another round, since you're feeling rambunctious!
Lion: ...
Carmelina: Starting to slow down? How about a break and a snack then?
Carmelina offers the lion some food and water.
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Easy, big guy. I wouldn't poison you or anything. It's good, I promise!
Lion: ...
The beast's appetite seems to win out over his trepidation, because he cautiously begins to eat.
Carmelina reaches out to stroke his mane.
Lion: Grrr!
Carmelina: Ahaha... Sorry about that.
Carmelina: We should get to know each other better before I go taking liberties, right?
The next day, Carmelina once again opens the lion's cage.
Carmelina: Let's play, big guy!
Lion: Rowr!
Once again, the acrobat nimbly evades the lion's attacks.
Carmelina: You've got energy to burn! Looks like another game of tag for us.
Vyrn: Wow... She makes running away into an art form!
Lyria: Yeah!
Ulamnuran: Urgh... Gotta show 'em I'm no slouch either.
Ulamnuran wanders off, muttering to himself.
Vyrn: Hey, where ya goin'?
Ulamnuran: To practice, of course! I'm not gonna be outshone on the big day!
De La Fille: Haha. Looks like this is turning into a bit of a competition.
Vyrn: Sure does!
De La Fille: I can't wait for opening night.
Carmelina: You've been such a good boy today. Time for lunch!
Lion: Mrowr!
Carmelina: I got you something special today... Filet mignon!
Carmelina sets out the tender, raw meat.
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: Whoa! What a healthy appetite!
Carmelina: Hehe. Enjoy, big guy.
Lion: Mrroww!
Carmelina beams at the beast as he happily tucks into his meal.
Carmelina: How's it taste?
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: Hehe. I'll bring you more next time.
Carmelina: Good mooorning! I wanna play a different game today, using this hoop.
Carmelina: If you joooin me, I'll give you something juuuicy!
Lion: Rrow!
Carmelina: Today's special is fish.
Lion: Mrrr...
Carmelina: What, don't you like fish?
Lion: Grrar!
Carmelina: That's no good! If you're a fussy eater, you won't grow up big and strong!
Lion: Grrr...
Carmelina: Don't whine at me like that!
Carmelina: C'mon, say it with me now! Peace! Peeeace!
Every day, Carmelina releases the lion from his cage to play.
Little by little, her kindness seems to be easing the beast's mistrust, at least towards her.
Carmelina: I'm back, big guy! Ready for some fun?
Lion: Mrow!
Carmelina: What shall we play today?
Lion: ...!
Lion: Grrr! Graaar!
Suddenly, the lion roars and runs off.
Carmelina: Whoa! Where are you off to?
Carmelina: Waaait!
Vyrn: What's the matter, Hoops? What're you shouting about?
Carmelina: Nice timing, you guys! I need your help!
Lyria: Huh? What do you need our help with?
Carmelina: Well, y'see... The lion got away.
Vyrn: What!
De La Fille: What did you say? This is terrible... Someone could get hurt.
Lyria: Oh no! We have to find him fast!
???: Gyaaah!
Vyrn: Uh... Don't tell me that scream just now was...
Carmelina: It came from that way! Let's go, (Captain)!
Lion: Grrr...
Shady Seamus: Eek! H-hey! What is he doing on the loose?
Crooked Cavendish: Aaah! How the hell should I know! Let's just get outta here before he eats us alive!
Lion: Graarr!
The lion snarls through bared fangs, then roars and bounds toward the two men.
Crooked Cavendish: Yaaaah!
Carmelina: Stop!
Carmelina cracks her whip, and the lion stops in his tracks.
Shady Seamus: Damn, we've been made! Let's beat it!
Crooked Cavendish: Crap! Let's go!
The moment the lion hesitates, the men flee as fast as their legs can carry them.
Lion: Grooar!
Carmelina: Nooope. Don't even think about chasing them!
Lion: Grrr...
Seemingly out of sorts at losing his prey, the lion bares his fangs at Carmelina.
Carmelina: Don't make that face at me!
Carmelina: We're supposed to be having fun! Peace!
Carmelina starts to pet the lion, regardless of his temper.
Lion: Mrrr...
The lion growls, but doesn't throw off Carmelina's hand.
Carmelina: Good boy, good boy! I'm starting to grow on you, huh?
De La Fille: Huff... huff...
Oh, thank goodness. It looks like no one was hurt.
De La Fille: Phew... Carmelina, please be careful not to let him escape again, all right?
Carmelina: Okay!
De La Fille: Sigh...
Wait. What were those two men doing in here anyway?
Ulamnuran: Huh? Aaah!
Vyrn: Gyah! What're you screaming about all of a sudden!
Ulamnuran: That... Over there...
Vyrn: What? Oh no...
The equipment so carefully assembled for the circus by Christina's staff lies in ruins before the crew's horrified eyes.
Vyrn: Wait, was it those two guys?
De La Fille: At any rate, we need to inform Christy.
(Captain) and the others head to the manager's office to give her the bad news.

A Duo Is Born: Scene 2

Set on sabotaging the circus, the two intruders return, this time intent on kidnapping the lion. The beast will not go quietly, so the two miscreants resort to a whip. Carmelina throws herself between them and takes the lash in the lion's place. Carmelina and the crew decide to teach the two saboteurs—who are the lion's former owners—a lesson for their animal abuse.

Christina: I see.
The crew fills Christina in about the intruders and the broken equipment.
Christina: I didn't think they had the backbone for such open aggression.
De La Fille: You make it sound as if this has happened before.
Christina: Yes... Although it was little more than an annoyance up till now.
Christina: They're getting too bold to ignore.
De La Fille: You're right. If we don't handle this properly, we may not be able to hold the circus at all.
Christina: And I will not allow that to happen.
Vyrn: But what're we gonna do?
Christina: Ha. What do you think? Ferret out the culprits and punish them.
  1. I'll help you catch them.

Choose: I'll help you catch them.
Christina: Haha. Thank you, kitten.
Carmelina: Thanks, (Captain)! I couldn't stand to disappoint our audience!
Carmelina: We're here to make 'em smile!
Christina: Heh. Well said.
Christina: You kittens can patrol the perimeter with the big cat.
Christina: Destroying our equipment is the most efficient way to sabotage this event.
Christina: So I'm sure we'll get a repeat visit from our sneaky friends. And when we do...
Carmelina: We'll nab 'em!
Christina: Precisely. Don't disappoint me.
Christina: Just to be certain, I'll station my underlings all around the area.
(Captain) and the crew head out of the office to suit the action to the word.
De La Fille: Well then, let's head back to the big top.
Lyria: Right!
Lion's Voice: Groaaar...
From a distance, the crew hears the lion's voice. He sounds like he's in pain.
Carmelina: !
In the next moment, Carmelina is tearing off in the direction of that distressed roar.
Vyrn: H-hey! Wait up, Hoops!
Lyria: !
Let's go after her!
Lyria, (Captain), and the others hurry after Carmelina.
Shady Seamus: Hey! Hurry it up!
Crooked Cavendish: Easy for you to say! He isn't a house cat, ya know!
Lion: Grooar!
The two intruders have returned with reinforcements and are trying to rope the lion.
The feline, however, is putting up a valiant fight.
Shady Seamus: Stop struggling, you!
Unable to get the better of the beast, one of the men raises a whip.
Carmelina: No!
Carmelina throws herself in front of the lion, shielding him with her own body.
Carmelina: !
Lion: Grrr?
The lion makes a confused sound, clearly surprised at Carmelina's intervention.
Carmelina smiles and gently pets his mane.
Lion: Mrrr...
Carmelina: Hahaha, I'm fine! What matters is that you're safe!
Carmelina: Yowch. That does sting though.
Shady Seamus: You think you can stop us?
Carmelina: Geez, why are you so tense!
Carmelina: You gotta lighten up! Peace!
Shady Seamus: Shut it!
The hired thug raises his whip once more, preparing to lash Carmelina and her furry friend.
Lion: Groaar!
???: No you don't!
With a masterful twirl, Ulamnuran wraps the tip of the whip around his baton, shielding Carmelina and the lion.
Carmelina: Whoa!
Shady Seamus: No way! How did you block that?
Ulamnuran: Haha. This is nothing to the greatest performer in all the skies!
Vyrn: Hey! Are you okay, Hoops?
Lyria: Oh no! Carmelina, you're hurt...
Carmelina: Ahaha... I'm fiiine. It's just a scratch.
Carmelina: Thanks for saving my skin, Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Hey, that's what friends are for!
Carmelina: Hehehe...
De La Fille: Just who are you people? Why would you do all this?
Ulamnuran: Hey! Look at their hands!
Ulamnuran points beyond the two men trying to wrangle the lion, where their conspirators are frozen in place, still clutching bits of broken circus paraphernalia.
De La Fille: So you're the saboteurs.
Shady Seamus: Damn...
Crooked Cavendish: Say... that Draph and that Harvin are pretty big-time street performers, aren't they?
Shady Seamus: What! Really?
Crooked Cavendish: Yeah... They must be the main attraction of this event...
Shady Seamus: All right, guys—get those two!
Shady Seamus: Won't be much of a circus without their two star performers, now, will it? Nyahaha.
The saboteurs turn toward (Captain) and the crew and ready themselves to attack.
Carmelina: Trying to ruin our circus... Trying to rob all those people of their entertainment... I'll never let you get away with it!
Carmelina: Especially since you bullied my friend here!

A Duo Is Born: Scene 3

Just when the crew thinks the intruders are safely tied up, the two men escape and attack Carmelina. This time, the lion defends her. The saboteurs are recaptured, and the bonds between Carmelina and the lion—whom she names Happy—cemented. On the day of the circus, Carmelina and Happy put on a show to remember.

(Captain) and the others defeat the saboteurs and tie them up.
Vyrn: All right! Now to hand these jerks over to the dealer...
But the men manage to squirm free of their bonds and attempt once again to attack Carmelina.
Vyrn: Huh?
Lyria: Wha!
Surprised by their swift escape, (Captain)'s response is a hair too late.
Shady Seamus: Daaaah! All we need to do is get rid of you!
The man cocks his whip, aiming for Carmelina.
Lion: Graaah!
The lion pushes Carmelina aside, taking the blow in her place.
Shady Seamus: Outta the way, fleabag!
Lion: Grrroooaar!
As the man brandishes his whip, the lion roars and leaps toward him.
Shady Seamus: Aaah! R-run for it!
Crooked Cavendish: Waaaah!
Vyrn: Hey, they're gettin' away!
De La Fille: We can't allow them to escape! After them!
???: Don't worry. They're not going anywhere.
Christina and her guards appear, blocking the intruders' escape route.
Christina: Don't let them get away!
Guard: Yes, Lady Christy!
In no time at all, the guards have rounded up the saboteurs once more.
Shady Seamus: Damn it! Let us go!
Crooked Cavendish: Get your filthy mitts off us!
Christina: You really don't know when to quit.
Get these disgraces out of my sight!
Carmelina: Ah—wait, wait!
Christina: Yes?
Carmelina: I wanna ask them something.
Carmelina: Hey, you guys. How come you're so set on ruining our circus? Everyone's really looking forward to it, you know.
Shady Seamus: Hah, why else? 'Cause we hate the Jewel Resort!
Crooked Cavendish: We were supposed to perform in that circus...
Shady Seamus: Yeah... But then the manager just fired us outta the blue!
Carmelina: Why did she fire you?
Shady Seamus: All we did was put the hurt on some of the staff who didn't know how to listen properly...
De La Fille: Sigh... What else would you expect?
Vyrn: Yeah, that'd do it.
Shady Seamus: What do you know! And to add insult to injury, when we tried to forget our troubles at the tables, we lost our shirts—and they took our lion!
Vyrn: Wait, you're the former owners?
Carmelina: Ohh! Now I get it! So that's why the big guy lost his cool when he saw you.
Shady Seamus: So we decided to ruin the circus before it ever got the chance to open... But then you wouldn't even let us do that!
Vyrn: Ugh... You're a real pair of brats...
Shady Seamus: Shaddap! You have no idea what we've been through!
Carmelina: Geez, you guys really need to de-stress!
Carmelina: If you're always wound up like that, you'll never enjoy life!
Carmelina: This circus should be fun for everyone, and you're missing out on the enjoyment! C'mon, say it with me now: peace!
Shady Seamus: Hah! Like we could enjoy that lousy circus after we got the axe! I hope it's the biggest flop in history!
Carmelina: What a shame... I was hoping I could show you how fun a circus can really be.
Christina: You're wasting your breath reasoning with these lackwits. Are you satisfied?
Carmelina: Yep. That was all I wanted to ask.
Christina nods and orders her guards to haul away the intruders.
Lion: Grrr!
Shady Seamus: Yeek!
Christina: !
But before they can, the lion gives a low growl and again tries to attack his former owners.
Carmelina: Ah-ah-ah!
Lion: Mrrr...
At Carmelina's rebuke, the lion whines but immediately calms down.
Carmelina: If people think you're a bad kitty who scratches, they won't let you perform with me. So be good, okay?
Lion: Mrr...
Carmelina: I'm glad you understand.
Ngh, ouch.
Carmelina grimaces, feeling the sting of the whip wound.
The lion leans in and gently licks the spot.
Carmelina: Meep! H-hey! That tickles!
Christina: Haha... I didn't think that lion could be brought to heel.
Christina: Things are looking up for our circus.
Having said that, Christina marches off her prisoners.
De La Fille: Well, I suppose that's an end to that.
Vyrn: Yeah... But what are we gonna do about the broken equipment?
Carmelina: Hahaha. We can always get new equipment.
Carmelina: And even without it, we could still put on a great show!
Carmelina: Right, Ulam?
Ulamnuran: Sure could. We don't need props to wow our audiences!
Ulamnuran: That's what it means to be a first class street performer!
Carmelina: Yeah! Besides, I used to deal with pranks like these on the daily.
Ulamnuran: Huh?
Vyrn: On the daily? Whaddya mean?
Carmelina: When I was performing at court, worse than this was always happening.
Carmelina: I'd find nails mixed into my food... Or one time someone slipped a poisoned needle into my juice...
Carmelina: That was a close one—the stuff on it would've made me pretty sick.
Carmelina: Luckily I noticed it in time, so all's well that ends well! Hahaha...
Vyrn: How can you laugh about that?
Ulamnuran: Even I never had to put up with anything like that...
Vyrn: Do you think they left you behind because they couldn't get you to quit, no matter what kinda crazy stunts they pulled on you?
Lyria: Ahaha... That's kinda...
(Captain) grimaces at Vyrn's supposition.
Lion: Mrrr...
The lion makes a soft sound and nuzzles up against Carmelina's side.
Carmelina: Yeek! Here now, you. I told you that tickles!
Vyrn: He's really warmed up to you, huh? Just a little while ago he was tryin' to use you as a chew toy!
Lyria: Hehe. I think he realized that Carmelina is looking out for him.
Lion: Row!
As if agreeing with Lyria, the lion makes another sweet sound and cuddles up to the acrobat.
Carmelina: Hahaha! You're just a big softy on the inside, aren't you!
Lion: Purr...
Vyrn: Haha, when he acts like that he just looks like a huge pussycat.
Carmelina: Hehe. He does, kinda.
Carmelina ruffles the lion's mane, happily returning the big feline's affection.
Lion: Row!
Carmelina: Hehe, it really makes me happy to hear you so upbeat, big guy.
Carmelina: Y'know, we really need to give you a name! I can't just keep calling you "big guy."
Carmelina: Hm... Let me see...
Carmelina: What about Happy?
Vyrn: Happy? Why Happy?
Carmelina: Because he's gonna help me put smiles on our audience's faces!
Carmelina: You like it, don't you, Happy?
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: You do, don't you? Then that's your name from now on, Happy!
Lion: Mrowr!
Carmelina: So, Happy. You're gonna help us mount the best circus ever, right?
Lion: Rrrowr!
The lion definitely sounds like he's agreeing.
On the day of the circus, Carmelina and Happy put on their performance together.
Carmelina: Here goes, Happy!
Lion: Rooowr!
Carmelibros: Whooo! Carmeliiinaaa!
Carmelina: Time for our big finish, Happy!
Lion: Mrow-row!
The pair swoop in on a flying trapeze.
Carmelina: I'll throw my Moon Halo, and you jump through!
At her instruction, Happy launches himself from the trapeze.
He sails through the air, passing expertly through the center of Carmelina's Moon Halo.
Carmelina: Right behind you!
On the lion's heels, Carmelina jumps from the trapeze, describing a perfect arc through the metal hoop.
Lyria: Waah, I hope they don't fall!
Vyrn: Uh, um, hey! Hoops!
Carmelina: Happy!
Lion: Mrooow!
Happy rights himself in midair, and Carmelina lands on his back. The lion lands gracefully on his paws with his passenger safe and sound.
Carmelina: Great job!
Carmelibros: Yeeaah! Carmelinaaa!
Vyrn: That was amazing!
Lyria: Waaaah, you two were incredible!
Carmelina: Hehe. Look, Happy. Look at all the smiles on their faces.
Lion: Rowr!
Carmelina: Mmm... No matter how much I perform, this is still the ultimate high.
Carmelina: Ahh... It's the best!
Carmelina is transported by the adulation of the crowd and the adrenaline of the performance.
Carmelina: I wonder if (Captain) and the others'll be tempted now.
Carmelina: I reeeally hope so.
Carmelina: Then Happy and I, (Captain), Lyria, and the whole crew can put on a circus together!
Carmelina beams with happiness as she imagines the crew's future as a traveling circus troupe.
She believes she can bring that dream to fruition.
And so Carmelina vows to try even harder to awaken her friends to the glamor and excitement of the performing arts.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さぁ、芸をするよ☆ It's showtime!
瞬きしてたら、見逃しちゃうよ☆ Keep those eyes peeled or you'll miss it!
練習はしっかりしないとね Rehearsal is so important!
芸、楽しんでくれると嬉しいな I hope you enjoy my performance!
ハッピーを散歩に連れてかないと Next time I'll bring Happy along!
また、王宮のご飯が食べたいな…… I miss the food at court...
みんなで芸ができればなぁー We'd make such a great troupe...
新技? ふふっ、秘密だよ。 My new technique? That's a secret!
(主人公)、私と一緒に芸をしようよ! (Captain), come perform with me!
ねぇねぇ(主人公)!私の芸はどう? (Captain), (Captain)! What'd you think?


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