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Official Profile[edit]

Age 15 years
Height 155cm
Race Human
Hobbies Looking at maps
Likes Adventures, going out and exercise
Dislikes Her parents, staying at home
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  • Her full name is Carren Estapera.
  • She is a descendant of Eugen's second cousin.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hap-py birth-day! Ahaha, did I freak you out?
It's Captain's special day, so we have to throw you a sweet party! C'mon, c'mon, stop acting all embarrassed!


Haaappy birthday! The star of the show is finally here!
Here you go, (Captain). Hope you like it!
I spent such a long time trying to figure out what to get you.
In the end I gave up and asked Eugen for help.
It's a treasure map of Phantagrande!
Apparently it points to something buried away decades ago, but who knows if someone's already dug it up.
I mean it still could be there though. Wanna go check it out?


Gee, I wonder what day it is today, (Captain)?
Ding-ding-ding! It's your birthday!
But before we get to the big feast, take a look over there real quick for me.
Hahaha, surprised? I had a pyrotechnician come in to rig everything up.
I mean, this day only comes once a year, right? Gotta kick it off with a bang!
Who needs rupies when I've got your smiles? Right, now let's make for the food!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How about going with me for a walk today?
The town is so beautiful today, and there are lots of shops to see. Also, I'd like you to pick out your present.
Last year I had a pyrotechnician come and perform, but this year I want to get you something that lasts.
But I can't just ask you what you want. So I'd rather take you out and see what you react to most firsthand.
Hehe... I'm pretty sure I can handle walking, talking, and trying to spot what most catches your eye.
That's what four years of friendship can do!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Haaappy New Year!
What's my resolution? Hmm... To be a better acting captain!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Let the New Year's monster hunting begin! I'm gonna kick some butt!
Don't look at me like that. Where's your sense of adventure?
An adventurer is not made in a day! They must explore, explore, and explore some more! There's no rest for the strong!
Do you feel me? Good! Let's get this year's aventure started!
Follow me, everyone, the stand-in captain!


What do I have planned for today? Let's see... All the missions are done, so pig out and be lazy I guess.
Maybe I'll take a walk at around sunset and find someplace high up to watch the town aglow.
Most people should be at home by then. All those lights make for an epic view.
Hehe, you wanna come with? Sure! Then let's meet in the lobby of the inn after dinner!


Captain! Are you free today?
I heard they were having a festival at a local shrine. Would you like to go check it out with me?
There might be something we can only see if we go! Let's not pass the opportunity up!
Oh? You wanna invite some of the others?
Okay. It'll be more fun that way. I'm liking the start of this new year!
I'm all pumped for whatever may come!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hmm? Your eyes tell me you're expecting something... but what? Is there something going on today?
Ahahaha, just kidding! Here ya go!
Guess I'd better give some to Eugen too... Hey! It's 'cuz he smoothed things over with my parents, all right?


Captain! Hehehe... Guess what this is!
Huh? Burnt toast? Now that's just rude!
Look, it's gateau au chocolat made with dark chocolate! Were you born yesterday, (Captain)?
Humph. I'm not gonna give you any if you keep complaining like that.
Hehe. I guess you've learned your lesson. Here. It's delicious, so I'd better not find a single crumb leftover!


There you are! Sorry for calling you out here like this.
It's that time of year again, so I made Valentine's chocolates!
Say, "Ah."
Why? Because just plopping them in your hand is boring. Get with the program. "Ah."
That's right. Open wide. Wider.
Mmph... Sorry, your face looks so irritated that it's funny.
Ahaha! I'm sorry! Don't get angry! Here, take 'em!


Thanks for waiting, (Captain)! Here's some chocolate just for you!
Ehehe... I'm revving to go this year.
Last year your present on White Day blew me out of the water! So this time, it's my turn...
Calculating? Me? Never! I'm not giving you something amazing to get something even better for White Day this year!
I'm just returning the favor! That's all!
Hehe... But if you did do something really cool for me, I wouldn't mind one bit.
Hahaha! Don't gimme that face! You better get thinking!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
2nd year:
Sweetheart Fudge Cake square.jpg Sweetheart Fudge Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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What? You wanna give me something for White Day?
Aaah, it's no good! Now that it's my turn, I can't stop blushing!
Eugen gave me some sweets, saying they're in return for Valentine's Day. He looks tough on the outside, but he's really kind on the inside!


Why'd you call out me here, (Captain)?
Ooh, I love presents! What's this for? Oh yeah, because I gave you those chocolates for Valentine's Day.
Wow, this present is really nice too... Are you trying to tell me something, (Captain)? Heehee...
No, don't answer that. I'm sure my face is already red enough!
Hahaha, but thanks! I can't wait to dig in!


Calling me out after sundown... What's on your mind, (Captain)?
Huh? You're taking me on a speedship night cruise? Seriously?
Woo-hoo! Yeees! To be honest with you, I've always wanted to go, but the prices were a smidge too high.
I knew I made the right choice to follow you, (Captain)! Hehe.


(Captain), why do you look so down?
Oh... You didn't have enough time to get me a present...
I... might have put too much pressure on you. I'm sorry... Ahaha...
Um... Can I suggest something?
How about taking me to a restaurant that's just around the corner?
It's a little expensive though...
But that's okay, right? Come on. Let's go together.
Hehe! And we're off!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Tonight our crew plunders all the candy in town! Follow me to sweet glory!


Halloween rocks! I get all fired up just looking at everyone's costumes!
We're all going to be laughing when it starts raining candy!
I've missed out on a lot of fun things because I used to stay at home all the time.
I'd never even been to a Halloween party before I met you guys.
Hehehe. That's why we need to head out right now! You're coming with me to get candy too, (Captain)!


Got it? Today's the day we find out how deep our bonds really go.
Who are we targeting? What's the most efficient way to hit each house? All of this has already been explained to you.
Everyone's costumes on? Candy-carriers know what they're doing?
Good! Okay, scary brigade! Operation Candy Raid is on! Let's roll out!


(Captain), could I ask you something? How do I get Eugen to let his guard down?
Whenever I set up a trick to get him, he sees right through it.
Like when I targeted him from behind with a water gun... He caught wind of it like that!
What? He can feel an enemy's presence and bloodlust? From all those years on the battlefield? Amazing...
What? You wanna borrow my water gun? Okay, but try to get Eugen with it!
Hey! You weren't supposed to come after me! I'm not Eugen!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Haaappy holidays! Hey, (Captain), let's party with the crew!
As acting captain, I made a reservation at a restaurant for us!


(Captain)! You know how good I've been this year?
How 'bout letting a goody-goody like me be captain for a while? You can make it my present!
Just leave everything to me! No one'll even know the difference!
No? Tch. Party pooper!


Heya, (Captain). Big party tonight, huh? While we wait...
Ta-da! Check out this fancy cake I bought!
Hehe, you and I are gonna pig out in luxury. Sometimes you gotta spoil yourself, you know?
Man, tonight can't come fast enough. It's gonna be the bomb!


Carren's Voice: Sure! Come right in!
Carren:(Captain), what's up? You want to go shopping for the party?
Okay. I'll get ready in a jiffy.
It's cold out, right? I'll need to apply some magic to my socks to keep them warm.
Don't call me a wussy! If I don't do this, I might get frost burn!
You know what! Don't make me say I won't go shopping with you!
Hehe. As long as you know.
All right, let's head out!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Longing for Adventure[edit]

One day, an energetic girl named Carren came aboard the Grandcypher. Carren claimed that she had grown bored with her days spent engaged in nothing but research as a mage, and now wanted to become a Skyfarer and travel the world. Eugen was a relative of Carren and could not leave her behind. Thus Carren joined our heroes on their journey.

One day, after completing a mission, something happened as the the party boarded the Grandcypher and was about to happen.
Rackam: Shall we take off then? Call for us if something happens in the engine room.
Something happened when Rackam headed for the engine room and tried to start the airship’s drive...
Girl's Voice: Waaait!
Eugen: Shut up... What? That girl?
???: Wait! Isn’t there someone called Eugen in this order?!
Eugen: Hm? I am Eugen, but...
???: For real?! I am Carren Estapera!
Eugen: Ho...?! Estapera? A second cousin?
Rackam: Hey hey... You know this girl?
Eugen: Based on her apparent age, I think she might be either the daughter of a second cousin or perhaps their grandchild.
Eugen: What do you want?
Carren: I actually have a favor I would like to ask you, Eugen...
Thus the party would hear of the life story of the girl who called herself Carren.
Carren: I would like to see the world! However, my parents want me to take up the family business...
Carren: My family have been mages for generations, but I feel I have been doing nothing but research forever...
Eugen: I see. So you’re sick of being cooped up inside all the time
Carren: That’s right! I like to be active outdoors! Therefore I definitely think that I am cut out to be skyfarer!
Carren: Hey, my relative is a skyfarer! He does so with this island as his base of operations! I am cut out for skyfaring I’m sure!
Carren: Don’t get me wrong, I also think that magic research is important. But as far as I’m concerned, becoming a skyfarer and visiting various worlds is more important to me!
Carren: And the wealth of knowledge I would gain from this might be useful in my magic research? Nonetheless my parents say tell me to give up on that because it’s too dangerous...
Rackam: I see... Still, it ain’t easy being a skyfarer. Being one puts you in all kinds of dangerous situations...
Carren: I’m fine with that! Swordsmanship is my specialty! With my combination of sword and sorcery, I can take on four or five ruffians at once!
As she said this a vivid red flame swirled around her unsheathed sword, wrapping around the blade like a snake.
Rackam: Whoa. . That’s amazing...
Carren: I can take care of myself... I have what it takes to be a skyfarer, and I think I’m on the right track.
Carren: I will become a skyfarer, and travel to so many places...
Carren: I will complete missions, and eat delicious foods from exotic islands... And maybe buy some cute clothes too, heehee...
Rackam: Hey hey... Have you confused our journey with sightseeing?
Rackam: Ack... Even her parents were opposed...
Eugen: But she won’t listen even if they tell her to stop...
Eugen: Oh well. Time for you to go home, Carren.
Carren: No way! I don’t want to go back!
Leaving the party behind in the Grandcypher, Eugen dragged Carren by the hands to her parents’ house.
A little bit later...
Carren: Hehehe... I’m home!
Rackam: Hm? Didn’t you go back home?
Carren: That’s what you told my parents!
Carren: It’s a good thing my parents were also acquaintances of you! I was somehow able to get permission to go on an adventure!
Eugen: Good grief. Well, on the condition that I look after you.
Rackam: Hey, now! Are you serious?
Eugen: When I look at Carren I am reminded of my own daughter’s rebellious phase.
Eugen: It can’t be helped. It’s obvious if that if I just leave this tomboy go at her age it won’t result in anything good.
Carren: What? Eugen, did you say something?
Eugen: Hm? It’s nothing. Introduce yourself (Captain). He’s our Captain.
Eugen: Do you mind if I take off with Carren afterwards? I can’t just let her go off on her own.
  1. Do what you have to do
  2. First you have to clean up the deck

Choose: Do what you have to do
Carren: Hahaha! Yay! Nice to meet you, Captain!
Eugen: Hey, that went well. Sorry about everything, (Captain). I owe you one.

Choose: First you have to clean up the deck
Carren: What?! You’re going to make me clean all of a sudden, without even a welcoming party?!
Eugen: Hahaha! I got her to do it! Now try to focus on your cleaning!
Continue 1
Carren: So you are the captain? Aren’t you about the same age as me?!
Carren: Since you were in charge of Eugen’s group I figured you would be a more sinister chap!
Eugen: Hm? Say what?! A sinister chap?!
Carren: Yeah, with an eye-patch, scary looking, and brawny! No matter how I look at you, you look like a boss of knaves, Eugen!
Eugen: Aah!
Rackam: Ahahaha! Hey, looking like this serves (Captain) well!
Carren: I’m amazed that you’re a captain at your age... Maybe some day soon it will be my turn to be a captain!
Eugen: Hey hey... It’s a little soon for you to be saying that...
Carren: Yeah... That's right. Right now I should focus on being the captain’s agent!
Eugen: Good grief... You just don’t get it do you...
Thus yet another new member joined (Captain)’s order.
Even while the party was feeling a bit uneasy about the girl calling herself an agent of the captain immediately after joining, the Grandcypher lifted off for the skies.

Duties as Acting Captain[edit]

Carren joins (Captain)'s order of skyfarers, and accepts a mission from the Knickknack Shack as the acting leader for the day. The party set out to find the pirates' airship to get the stolen goods back for the client.

Inspired by skyfarers, Carren joins (Captain) and company to become one herself.
Hoping to eventually become a leader of skyfarers, she grabs (Captain)'s sleeve one day and starts pestering him.
Eugen: What's going on? What are you bugging the leader for, Carren?
Carren: Ah! Eugen! Help me convince him. I want to be the acting leader of the skyfarers!
Eugen: Huh? Are you troubling the leader with your nonsense again?
Carren: I'm not troubling you, right, (Captain)? I'm pretty trustworthy, right?
Carren: Come on, why not? Pleeease! I can do missions too! I want to do leader things! Come oooon!
Eugen: Oh for crying out loud... Hey, (Captain). She's not gonna give up until you let her do it.
  1. Fine, I'll leave it to you.
  2. Carren can't handle it.

Choose: Fine, I'll leave it to you.
Carren: Yay! Don't worry, you know how good I am! You can leave everything to me!

Choose: Carren can't handle it.
Carren: You don't know that until we try! Why nooot?! I wanna I wanna! Let me let me let meee! *Screech*
Eugen: Good grief... She's not gonna back down until we agree...
Eugen: Hey (Captain). Do you think you could let her try it just this once? Maybe she'll understand how hard it is.
Continue 1
Carren: I'm Carren! As you now know, I've been elected to be the acting leader for the day!
Carren: Oh, there's no time to lose! I need to go get some missions! As the acting leader, that is!
Eugen: All right, we'll leave it up to you! There she goes... I wonder if she can handle it?
Carren headed to the Knickknack Shack and picked up a mission right away.
Carren: And so I, the acting leader, Carren, accepted a mission for us!
Eugen: Oh, not bad. So? What kind of mission?
Carren: Well, the request was made by a merchant that had his merchandise stolen by pirates.
Carren: Our mission is to get those goods back.
Carren: They gave me a description of the pirates' airship! We're gonna head out right away! Follow me, men!

Duties as Acting Captain: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and company successfully cornered the pirates with Carren's help. However, the pirates continue to resist by playing their trump card and releasing monsters on the party.

Carren: Don't think you can get away! Hand over the goods, or we'll bring down your whole airship!
Pirate: Damn that woman! Is that the leader of those skyfarers?!
Carren: ...! Hey, did you hear that? (Captain)! I'm being a leader!
Carren: I knew I could do it! Looks like things are going my way! Alright, let's get this mission over with!
Henchman: Ahhhhh! Hot! It's hot! What's with that flaming sword?! It's too much...
Carren: Have a taste of my magic sword and atone for your crimes!
Carren: Hmph! Now, surrender and hand over the merchandise!
Pirate: We have no choice... Hey, open the cage! Sic the monsters on 'em and let's get out of here!
Carren: Whoa...?! They had a trick up their sleeve?!
Monster: Groooaargh!
Carren: Hmph! Don't underestimate the (acting) leader! You won't get away from me! Let's go, (Captain)!

Duties as Acting Captain: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain)'s party retrieves the merchandise and successfully completes the mission. They even manage to get a bigger reward than normal thanks to Carren's negotiating. The party was surprised by Carren's abilities, and her day as the acting leader ends in a great success.

Carren: Oh good, the merchandise is safe! Now, put your hands where I can see 'em!
Pirate: This isn't over! Next time I see you...
Carren: Hmph. We won't be meeting again. I'm taking you in to the town guards.
And so, (Captain)'s party successfully completed their mission under Carren's leadership.
Carren: ... And here's the reward for completing this mission! Come on Eugen! Hold up the bag!
Eugen: Huh? What? Don't make an old man work like... whoa, that's heavy!
Eugen: What's going on? This is a big reward for just capturing some pirates...
Carren: Well, the client seemed rich, so I thought I'd negotiate for better pay!
Eugen: Hey... don't tell me you threatened them...
Carren: Of course I didn't!
Carren: I only act that way to (Captain) anyway. ... and maybe to Eugen and Rackam.
Carren: Hey, let's all go eat something tasty! It's on me! Okay?
Eugen: Hah! Looks like I underestimated Carren...
Eugen: Haha! She's good with money and has negotiation skills... She might do well with her own order of skyfarers.
Eugen: She did well. I'm impressed! I can't say this to her face because she'll get carried away though.
Carren: Hey! Come on! You're too slow, (Captain)! What are you doing?
Carren: I'm gonna eat till I'm full!
Carren: You're coming too, Eugen! I'll treat you to that drink you've been wanting!
And so, Carren's day as the acting leader ended in a great success.
Through her travels, Carren will surely improve her skills and become a first-class skyfarer.

Family Matters[edit]

Feeling a mite bored, she began to pester him with questions about his daughter Apollonia. Not quite willing to go into detail, Eugen tried to ask Carren how she was getting along with her parents. But it was no use. Carren wouldn’t be satisfied until she knew how things were going with him and his daughter. But Carren took Eugen’s advice to heart. She’d try to meet her parents halfway. But things weren’t quite hunky-dory with Eugen and his daughter, either. He grimaced as his own advice rang hard in his ears.

It had been some time since Carren had taken advantage of her uncle Eugen’s kindness to barge her way onto the Grandcypher.
Eugen was sure Carren would give up sooner or later. If he could just stall for a bit longer...
She was definitely persistent. Eugen wasn’t quite able to hide what he was feeling.
Eugen: Hey, I’m pretty shocked to be one myself... started out transporting freight and ended up here.
Carren: Hehe! Why didn’t you tell me where we’re going? I would’ve picked up a little more work!
Carren: Yeah... there’s just not much to do, you know? C’mon. Not a cloud in the sky? No monsters? Boring.
Eugen: Hey, now... don’t go getting too relaxed. You don’t always get a warning...
Carren: Yeesh, I got it. Nothing’s gonna catch me off guard!
The Grandcypher sailed peacefully, still a ways from its destination.
The two stood on the deck, sharing the silence and the view of an endless blue sky.
Carren remembered something that she just had to share.
Carren: ... actually. How’s Apollonia doing?
Eugen: Hm? ... you mean Polly?
Carren: Yeah, Polly. You know? Your kid? Not that I know much about her.
Eugen: Wait... how the hell d’you know about Apollonia? You sure as hell didn’t hear it from me...
Carren: I dunno... something about your face made reminded me...
Carren: I mean, I met you when I was a kid, right?
Carren: And I’m pretty sure I saw a Polly... Can’t remember if it was a person or a picture, though.
Eugen: Oh? I met you, eh? ... that had to be 10, maybe 15 years ago. Went back to see the family and all...
Eugen: Wait a second?! You weren’t more than a baby back then! What were you? One? Two? That’s some memory you got there!
Carren: Hah! I knew it! So how’s she doing? Good?
Eugen: Er... well... probably, I guess...
Eugen: Hmm... what about you? Are you keeping in touch with your folks? You must’ve written ‘em a few times by now?
Carren: Nah, not really. Why would I? They’re just gonna tell me to bring my butt back home.
Eugen: Yeah... they were always pretty worried about you. And if they hear you’re here with me...
Carren: Hmph! They worry way too much! They nag and nag and nag! It really ticks me off!
Carren: Hehe! I’m glad you’re a Skyfarer! No way you’d chew me out unless it was something really big.
Carren: So, uh... is Polly a Skyfarer, too? Or is she doing something else?
Eugen: Er... well, hm... I wonder...
Carren: She’s probably out there living free and easy. Must be nice to have cool parents.
Eugen: Hm... y-yeah...
Carren: What? What’s with the face?
Eugen: Nothing... I got something in my eye, is all...
Carren: Like, even if I told my parents I was the best Skyfarer ever, they’d just be like, “Sure, wait ‘til you get into some REAL trouble... ”
Carren: So, Eugen... how do I get them to come around?
Eugen: Haha. Don’t ask me. I ain’t your dad, kid.
Carren: Hrm...
Eugen: To be honest, I kind of get how they feel.
Eugen: It’s one of those things, eh? They live their whole live on the ground, and their daughter’s running off doing who knows what. They’re worried, I bet.
Carren: I guess you could say that... but it’s not like they don’t know anything, right? I mean, aren’t you a pretty good Skyfarer?
Eugen: Haha! How about that. So you wanna make it as a Skyfarer and your parents should just accept it, right?
Eugen: Well how’re they going to do that if you never actually reach out to them?
Carren: Hm... you have a point...
Eugen: Right? You keep that connection open and you’ll both reach some kind of understanding. One day, at least.
Eugen: (I’m one to talk... )
Carren: Hrm. Keep it open, huh...
Carren: ...I got it! I’ll just go ahead and write ‘em back!
Eugen: y-yeah...
Carren: Wha? You’re making that face. Is it your eye again?
Eugen: ... nah. It’s nothing. Just a little headache, is all...
Eugen’s life had been one spent running away. Carren had no idea how much pain it caused him.
The old soldier and the girl would continue to travel together, but they trouble they carried with them would still be their to rear its ugly head.


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