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Official Profile[edit]

Age 15 years
Height 155cm
Race Human
Hobbies Looking at maps
Likes Adventures, going out and exercise
Dislikes Her parents, staying at home
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.




  • Her full name is Carren Estapera.
  • She is a descendant of Eugen's second cousin.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Hap-py birth-day! Ahaha, did I freak you out?
It's Captain's special day, so we have to throw you a sweet party! C'mon, c'mon, stop acting all embarrassed!


Haaappy birthday! The star of the show is finally here!
Here you go, (Captain). Hope you like it!
I spent such a long time trying to figure out what to get you.
In the end I gave up and asked Eugen for help.
It's a treasure map of Phantagrande!
Apparently it points to something buried away decades ago, but who knows if someone's already dug it up.
I mean it still could be there though. Wanna go check it out?


Gee, I wonder what day it is today, (Captain)?
Ding-ding-ding! It's your birthday!
But before we get to the big feast, take a look over there real quick for me.
Hahaha, surprised? I had a pyrotechnician come in to rig everything up.
I mean, this day only comes once a year, right? Gotta kick it off with a bang!
Who needs rupies when I've got your smiles? Right, now let's make for the food!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
How about going with me for a walk today?
The town is so beautiful today, and there are lots of shops to see. Also, I'd like you to pick out your present.
Last year I had a pyrotechnician come and perform, but this year I want to get you something that lasts.
But I can't just ask you what you want. So I'd rather take you out and see what you react to most firsthand.
Hehe... I'm pretty sure I can handle walking, talking, and trying to spot what most catches your eye.
That's what four years of friendship can do!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You know, we've known each other for a while now. Is this the fifth time we've celebrated your birthday together?
Back when we first met, I wondered why the captain was someone so young.
But now that I've watched you up close on our travels, I feel like I understand.
It must be that big heart of yours. I can tell how much you care about each and every one of your crewmates.
That's why I've decided to become a skyfarer with a heart as big as the sea of Auguste!
Heheh! If you're not careful, I just might pass you up! I've still got a lot of growing to do!
Anyway, I'll do my best to make you proud, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Haaappy New Year!
What's my resolution? Hmm... To be a better acting captain!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Let the New Year's monster hunting begin! I'm gonna kick some butt!
Don't look at me like that. Where's your sense of adventure?
An adventurer is not made in a day! They must explore, explore, and explore some more! There's no rest for the strong!
Do you feel me? Good! Let's get this year's aventure started!
Follow me, everyone, the stand-in captain!


What do I have planned for today? Let's see... All the missions are done, so pig out and be lazy I guess.
Maybe I'll take a walk at around sunset and find someplace high up to watch the town aglow.
Most people should be at home by then. All those lights make for an epic view.
Hehe, you wanna come with? Sure! Then let's meet in the lobby of the inn after dinner!


Captain! Are you free today?
I heard they were having a festival at a local shrine. Would you like to go check it out with me?
There might be something we can only see if we go! Let's not pass the opportunity up!
Oh? You wanna invite some of the others?
Okay. It'll be more fun that way. I'm liking the start of this new year!
I'm all pumped for whatever may come!


Sigh... This stinks.
Eugen told me to drop in to visit my family once in a while. Even though I just sent them a letter the other day...
Huh? I should spend time with them while I have the chance?
But (Captain)! Oh, um... Actually, you may be right. Sorry.
But... every time I see them, they go on about how I'm "inexperienced" and I "still have a long way to go" and such, and it kinda hurts.
Huh? You'll come with me to tell them I'm doing a great job? Really?
Then make sure to shower me with enough praise to shut them right up! That way I think I'll be able to handle going home!
Hehehe... I wonder what you'll compliment me on? I can't wait!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hmm? Your eyes tell me you're expecting something... but what? Is there something going on today?
Ahahaha, just kidding! Here ya go!
Guess I'd better give some to Eugen too... Hey! It's 'cuz he smoothed things over with my parents, all right?


Captain! Hehehe... Guess what this is!
Huh? Burnt toast? Now that's just rude!
Look, it's gateau au chocolat made with dark chocolate! Were you born yesterday, (Captain)?
Humph. I'm not gonna give you any if you keep complaining like that.
Hehe. I guess you've learned your lesson. Here. It's delicious, so I'd better not find a single crumb leftover!


There you are! Sorry for calling you out here like this.
It's that time of year again, so I made Valentine's chocolates!
Say, "Ah."
Why? Because just plopping them in your hand is boring. Get with the program. "Ah."
That's right. Open wide. Wider.
Mmph... Sorry, your face looks so irritated that it's funny.
Ahaha! I'm sorry! Don't get angry! Here, take 'em!


Thanks for waiting, (Captain)! Here's some chocolate just for you!
Ehehe... I'm revving to go this year.
Last year your present on White Day blew me out of the water! So this time, it's my turn...
Calculating? Me? Never! I'm not giving you something amazing to get something even better for White Day this year!
I'm just returning the favor! That's all!
Hehe... But if you did do something really cool for me, I wouldn't mind one bit.
Hahaha! Don't gimme that face! You better get thinking!


Today's Valentine's Day, right? I remembered! Here, these are for you!
Giving you chocolates has turned into a bit of a Valentine's tradition.
By staying with it every year, I've become a chocolate-making pro! Don't you agree?
But I also know I have a lot to be grateful to you for...
If I really want to express my thanks, I can't give you something I didn't put my heart into. That's why I worked really hard on these!
So go ahead—try one and tell me what you think! I can't wait to hear how much you like them!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
2nd year: Sweetheart Fudge Cake square.jpg Sweetheart Fudge Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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What? You wanna give me something for White Day?
Aaah, it's no good! Now that it's my turn, I can't stop blushing!
Eugen gave me some sweets, saying they're in return for Valentine's Day. He looks tough on the outside, but he's really kind on the inside!


Why'd you call out me here, (Captain)?
Ooh, I love presents! What's this for? Oh yeah, because I gave you those chocolates for Valentine's Day.
Wow, this present is really nice too... Are you trying to tell me something, (Captain)? Heehee...
No, don't answer that. I'm sure my face is already red enough!
Hahaha, but thanks! I can't wait to dig in!


Calling me out after sundown... What's on your mind, (Captain)?
Huh? You're taking me on a speedship night cruise? Seriously?
Woo-hoo! Yeees! To be honest with you, I've always wanted to go, but the prices were a smidge too high.
I knew I made the right choice to follow you, (Captain)! Hehe.


(Captain), why do you look so down?
Oh... You didn't have enough time to get me a present...
I... might have put too much pressure on you. I'm sorry... Ahaha...
Um... Can I suggest something?
How about taking me to a restaurant that's just around the corner?
It's a little expensive though...
But that's okay, right? Come on. Let's go together.
Hehe! And we're off!


For me? Thanks!
Ohh, you know how to make chocolates too? Then let's see what you've got!
Whoa, these are delicious! Actually, they're even better than mine, and I was pretty proud of them! I can't stop eating!
I don't believe it! Did you really make these? They're incredible!
Grr... I can't let you show me up! I'll keep practicing, and next year I'll make you the best chocolates you've ever tasted!
Once I put my mind to something, I do it right! You can count on that!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Tonight our crew plunders all the candy in town! Follow me to sweet glory!


Halloween rocks! I get all fired up just looking at everyone's costumes!
We're all going to be laughing when it starts raining candy!
I've missed out on a lot of fun things because I used to stay at home all the time.
I'd never even been to a Halloween party before I met you guys.
Hehehe. That's why we need to head out right now! You're coming with me to get candy too, (Captain)!


Got it? Today's the day we find out how deep our bonds really go.
Who are we targeting? What's the most efficient way to hit each house? All of this has already been explained to you.
Everyone's costumes on? Candy-carriers know what they're doing?
Good! Okay, scary brigade! Operation Candy Raid is on! Let's roll out!


(Captain), could I ask you something? How do I get Eugen to let his guard down?
Whenever I set up a trick to get him, he sees right through it.
Like when I targeted him from behind with a water gun... He caught wind of it like that!
What? He can feel an enemy's presence and bloodlust? From all those years on the battlefield? Amazing...
What? You wanna borrow my water gun? Okay, but try to get Eugen with it!
Hey! You weren't supposed to come after me! I'm not Eugen!


All right! Time to head into town and plunder some candy!
If we all meet our quotas, we'll have enough to throw an epic candy party!
Hoard all you can so we'll be able to eat candy until our stomachs burst! That's an order from your acting captain!
Whoa! Your costume looks great, (Captain)! You're our ace in the hole, so get out there and make us proud!
Okay, let's move out!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Haaappy holidays! Hey, (Captain), let's party with the crew!
As acting captain, I made a reservation at a restaurant for us!


(Captain)! You know how good I've been this year?
How 'bout letting a goody-goody like me be captain for a while? You can make it my present!
Just leave everything to me! No one'll even know the difference!
No? Tch. Party pooper!


Heya, (Captain). Big party tonight, huh? While we wait...
Ta-da! Check out this fancy cake I bought!
Hehe, you and I are gonna pig out in luxury. Sometimes you gotta spoil yourself, you know?
Man, tonight can't come fast enough. It's gonna be the bomb!


Carren's Voice: Sure! Come right in!
Carren: (Captain), what's up? You want to go shopping for the party?
Okay. I'll get ready in a jiffy.
It's cold out, right? I'll need to apply some magic to my socks to keep them warm.
Don't call me a wussy! If I don't do this, I might get frost burn!
You know what! Don't make me say I won't go shopping with you!
Hehe. As long as you know.
All right, let's head out!


Look, (Captain)! See the ornaments sparkling on the tree? I made them!
Heh! Starting to see me in a new light? I have studied magic, you know. It's easy peasy making things like that!
(Hehehe! If I can keep winning people over, soon I'll be acting captain in name and reality...)
(I made a bunch of other ornaments too! I'll hang them all around the ship and show everyone what I can do!)
Wh-what's that, (Captain)? No, I'm not hiding anything at all! Let's enjoy the holidays with everyone, okay?
Okay, back to decorating! If you have time, feel free to lend a hand!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Special Order Swimwear[edit]

(Captain) and the crew are prepping for their upcoming vacation to the Auguste Isles. Carren, who is impatiently counting down the days until she can swim in the ocean, employs Korwa to design her a beautiful swimsuit.

Carren: Humm, humm, huuum...
The sound of Carren's joyous humming lightly fills the lobby of an inn.
Vyrn: Whoa, you're sure chipper. What's gotten into you?
Carren: Isn't it obvious? The beach—we're going to the beach! I've always wanted a luxury vacation like this!
(Captain) and the crew are in a village making a pit stop before heading to the Auguste Isles for some much deserved rest and relaxation.
A trip to the sea is an extraordinary thing to Carren, so she's become antsy with excitement.
Carren: Hey, Korwa's a famous designer, right? I got her to tailor a new swimsuit for me!
Carren: Oh, of course I'll pay her for her work. After all, an acting captain shouldn't pressure her crew members for a friends and family only discount.
Lyria: Haha. Oh, Carren, I can tell you're ready for this trip.
Carren: You bet I am!
Carren: The point of a trip is to do some helpful assignments, wear some cute clothes, and eat some great food, right?
Korwa steps into the room just as Carren finishes her thought.
Korwa: Carren, sorry I'm late. I finished making my last order, so I'll start on that swimsuit for you.
Carren: It's about time! So, uh, should we go to my room? You know, for measurements and stuff.
Korwa: That works. After you, sugar.
Carren: So, (Captain), I was thinking this swimsuit could be...
The party follows the chattering Carren to her room.
Carren: So we're going to add a skirt—a mini—and the color should be, well, I was thinking of red, but let's go with pink, and...
As the others listen to her ramble, it becomes apparent the girl has been designing her swimsuit over several days.
After thoroughly describing the design concept, it's time to adjust the size and color to Carren's specifications.
Carren: This must've been one long day! Thanks for sticking with me so long, Korwa!
Korwa: Haha. This is nothing. You should see what it's like when my schedule gets really crazy!
Korwa: Next I'll need to get your measurements and start cutting the fabric. It's going to be baggy at first, but we'll get you snug as a bug later.
Carren: Got it! Ooh, I can't believe this day's finally come!
Korwa: I'm happy you're so excited. Shall we get started? Come on—off with those clothes!
Carren: Okay! Thanks again for your help!
A high-spirited Carren giggles as she fumbles to unbuckle the belts on her coat.
Gran is the Main Character

Korwa: Wh-whoa, blockheads! What do you think you're doing in this room!
Vyrn: Eep! We didn't do nothin'! Why are you so mad all of a sudden!
Korwa: No boys allowed! Just wait outside until I'm finished with every last hem!
Korwa pushes (Captain) and Vyrn out the door.
The captain and Vyrn had followed the jabbering Carren all the way up to her room, unsure of when they were supposed to exit the conversation.
Vyrn: Sigh... We didn't do nothin' wrong, (Captain).
With no other option, (Captain) and Vyrn wait outside the room for Korwa to finish the swimsuit.
Eugen: Oh, (Captain). Why're you posted up here of all places?
Vyrn: Carren's getting a swimsuit made, and she threw us out.
Eugen: She got a hold of that designer lass, eh? Korwa's not known to give bargains. Wonder how much this'll set her back.
(Captain) tells Eugen the amount he heard from earlier in the conversation.
Eugen: That much? That's how much a swimsuit costs? You could get a quality weapon and still have change to spare for that price!
Vyrn: That's just how much she's been lookin' forward to the beach, I guess. She's been goin' on and on about it for forever.
Eugen: Well, it's her own piggy bank she's breakin', so I've got no room to lecture her.
While the men are talking outside the room, Carren's delighted voice echoes through the door and into the hall.
Carren: Hahaha! Wow! It's amazing! Korwa, your swimsuits are the best!
A pattering of excited footsteps rushes toward the door.
Carren: Tadaa! How's it look? Isn't it great?
Carren: It's exactly how I envisioned it! Designers are amazing! Korwa is amazing!
Carren: So what do you think, (Captain)? Ah, Eugen's here too. Isn't this swimsuit the best?
Eugen: It certainly looks, uh, expensive... But what's an old man like me know about fashion? What do you think, (Captain)?
Eugen peels his protective glance away from the grinning Carren to give (Captain) a scrutinizing glance.
  1. It looks good on you.
  2. Cute!

Choose: It looks good on you.
Carren: Hahaha! It's all thanks to Korwa!

Choose: Cute!
Carren: Haha. Thanks, (Captain)! I feel like a million rupies!

Djeeta is the Main Character

Korwa: Hmm, let's start with the bust...
Korwa writhes around Carren's body, occasionally holding up swatches of fabric to test colors against the girl's skin tone.
Korwa: Yes, yes... What a beautiful hue. Maybe we could use this as a base color...
Carren: Whoa, that's a dedicated material selection process.
Korwa: Haha. What can I say, Carren? I spare no effort for customers that spare no expense. Just watch—I'll make you an amazing, fashion-forward piece of swimwear!
Carren: (Captain), come help out!
(Captain) cuts cloth according to a pattern of Korwa's making. Then the captain and the designer begin trying this and that to elevate the piece.
Korwa: Hmm... I've thought about this too much. I can't tell what looks good anymore. It's always like this though.
Korwa: That's it! Break time!
Lyria, (Captain), could I get your opinions?
Lyria: Umm... How can I explain it? I get the feeling the base color should be more of a snow white. Maybe...
Korwa: You might be on to something there. How about we go with a cobalt-tinted alabaster? (Captain), where do you think we should go from here?
  1. It's not bad.
  2. Does it really fit, Carren?
  3. Too much cloth!

Choose: It's not bad.
Carren: Yeah, you're right. It's cute, and I'm already in love with it.
Korwa: No! Listen—I'm not shooting for mediocrity here! I promised you an amazing swimsuit, and that's what you're getting!
Carren: Haha. Gotta hand it to you, you know how to make a girl feel special.

Choose: Does it really fit, Carren?
(Captain) feels a pang of regret at the careless statement.
Carren: Yeah... Why?
Lyria: Uh, uh... I don't think you need to lose weight or anything!
A serious look crosses Carren's face, and she pinches her gut.
While Carren is distracted, (Captain) playfully prods her sides.
Carren: Bahaha! Stop, stop! I'm ticklish! Haha!
Korwa: Hah... Lyria's right. You don't need to go on a diet at all. Let's get back to the swimsuit.

Choose: Too much cloth!
Korwa: Yes... If it were a bit shorter...
Carren: Hmm... Okay! What the heck—let's just go half this size!
Lyria: Really? Carren, you're so brave!
Korwa: I see, I see... Bold girls go to bold places. That courage could be the defining characteristic of this piece...
As Korwa cuts the swimsuit to half its original size, everyone's eyes remain transfixed on the dwindling fabric.
Carren: Ahaha! No way, no way! I am not wearing this!
Korwa: Hmm... Nope, this isn't a size issue. It's about finding a contour that flatters the body line after all.
Continue 2
After hearing the opinions of her trusted friends, Korwa spends the next several hours enraptured in an artist's struggle to find the perfect form.
Carren: Just look at it!
Korwa: Whew, I think I've done it. Well, how is it Carren?
Carren: I love it! Thank you so much, Korwa!
(Captain) and the others soon find themselves catching Carren's infectious smile.
Thrilled by her new swimsuit, Carren rushes into the halls to show it off.
Eugen: Oh, your bathing suit's already done? Looks good on ya.
Carren: Haha, I know, right? I can't wait to wear it to the beach!
Carren turns her head, catches sight of (Captain), and grows silent.
Korwa: Carren? What's wrong?
Carren: Nothing. It's just I wonder who would be cuter in a swimsuit, me or (Captain)...
Korwa: Haha. Do you want to go ask the boys?
Carren: Yep! So, Eugen... Who's cuter?
Eugen: Huh? Uh... Both of you... But wait a minute. (Captain)'s not even wearin' a bathing suit, and I don't know the first thing about fashion.
Carren: True enough!
Carren: Haha. Guess we'll just have a flirt-off at the beach, won't we, (Captain)? Whoever gets more compliments wins!
Eugen: What! That's too far, missy!
Eugen takes the joke seriously, causing his blood to run cold. (Captain) and the others get a laugh out of this reaction.
He scratches his head in embarrassment and steals an abashed glance at Carren to tell her his impressions of her swimsuit.
Continue 1
Carren: It's been a long time since I've been this happy with a purchase! I'm so glad I saw this through!
Korwa: Haha. And I'm glad to hear that. To like my work this much, I honestly don't deserve the honor.
Carren: Whoa? Who said anything about liking it? I love, love, love it! I think I might even wear it to sleep tonight!
Eugen: Hey, hey! Not on my watch, missy! That's a bit unbecoming for a lass like you!
Carren's excitement continues to mount as the crew's beach vacation in Auguste creeps ever closer.
The young girl can only imagine the type of trip that awaits her.

Bye-Bye, Beach Days[edit]

On the last night of the crew's vacation to the Auguste Isles, a sleepless (Captain) finds Carren walking alone on the beach. Carren sighs as she says she'd like to make one last summer memory, so the pair decides to go for a final dip in the ocean.

After a lovely time in the Auguste Isles, it's the final day of vacation for (Captain) and the crew.
(Captain) wakes up in the middle of the night and, unable to go back to sleep, leaves the beach house.
Rackam: Wha... snore... I've got nothing... snore... against Kata... snore... cooking...
Eugen: Snore... Hey... There are... snore... monsters around...
Eugen and Rackam have been hanging and passing out in the lobby for several nights in a row.
(Captain) creeps by the sleeping duo, trying hard not to interrupt their slumber.
Without any particular aim, (Captain) begins meandering on the beach.
Carren: ...
(Captain) discovers Carren also walking alone across the shoreline.
Carren: Haha. (Captain), what's up? Couldn't sleep?
Carren: Same here. I've been thinking about how today's the last day of vacation...
Carren: Hey, let's go for a walk. Sound good?
(Captain) nods and follows Carren, the early morning surf rhythmically nipping at their ankles the whole way.
Carren: We're really going back tomorrow, huh? We made a lot of good memories, but I feel like something's missing...
Carren: Huh, you too? Was there something you wanted to do?
  1. Let's go swimming one last time!
  2. Let's see your swimsuit one last time!

Choose: Let's go swimming one last time!
Carren: Yeah! Sounds great! I wanted to wear my swimsuit again too!
Carren: Haha! I'm gonna go change. You go change too, (Captain), and then let's meet back here!
(Captain) tries to keep pace with the spirited Carren as she dashes back to the beach house.

Choose: Let's see your swimsuit one last time!
Carren: ...!
Carren: Ahahaha! For cryin' out loud, you idiot!
Carren: Jeez, I never know what's going to come out of your mouth. Haha.
Carren: But, hey, you only live once. Just know I'm not going to put it on for you; I actually wanted to wear it one more time.
Carren: I'll go change and come back here. You too, okay, (Captain)?
(Captain) tries to keep pace with the spirited Carren as she dashes back to the beach house.

Carren: Huh, you too? Was there something you wanted to do?
  1. Let's go swimming one last time!
  2. Let's put on swimsuits one last time!

Choose: Let's go swimming one last time!
Carren: Yeah! Sounds great! I wanted to wear my swimsuit again too!
Carren: Haha! I'm gonna go change. You go change too, (Captain), and then let's meet back here!
(Captain) tries to keep pace with the spirited Carren as she dashes back to the beach house.

Choose: Let's put on swimsuits one last time!
Carren: Ooh! Best idea!
Carren: You helped put the finishing touches on my swimsuit, so of course I want to wear this masterpiece one more time!
Carren: After we change, let's meet back here and swim in this ocean like we've never swum before!
(Captain) agrees, and the pair decides to bask in a lovely swim illuminated by the first cracks of dawn.
Continue 1
They both finish changing and head back down to the beach.
Carren: Aaall right! Let's hit those waves!
Carren: ...?
Carren gets calf-deep in the water before she stops, her face stiffening into a troubled expression.
Carren: Hey, (Captain), is it just me or are there a lot of monsters today?
If Carren had peered closer into the ocean, she would have seen a large, quivering shadow beneath the water.
Carren: I get it. It's too early, so the guards haven't made their rounds yet.
Carren: No one will be able to swim like this. We'd better do something.
Carren: I guess this is like a warm-up before we have to get back to the real world! Let's do it!

Bye-Bye, Beach Days: Scene 2[edit]

After Carren and (Captain) enjoy their swim in the ocean, the pair relaxes on the beach. Carren exclaims that there are yet still more memories to be had, so she proposes they go find sea urkin. (Captain) happily agrees.

Carren: Whew, did we get 'em all? Haha. I worked up a sweat!
Carren turns back and dashes toward the sea.
Carren: Hurry up, (Captain)! Let's dive in together!
(Captain) rushes to the water and immediately launches a preemptive strike against Carren.
Carren: Haha! The water's so cold!
(Captain) and Carren splish and splash and make a raucous.
After they get tired of playing in the water, the pair return to the beach and lay on the sand.
Carren: I'm so glad I could come to Benthic. We did so much; it was so fun.
Carren: When Korwa and I made my swimsuit together, I was so excited...
Carren: Oh, and Sierokarte was completely obsessed too! It took her half a day to decide on a swimsuit!
Carren: I wonder if Izzy had a good time... She didn't look like she was feeling too well before we came here.
Carren continues rambling on, but (Captain) remains content to listen.
Carren: Ugh, I really don't want to leave yet! There's still more memories to be made!
Carren: Oh yeah! Hey, (Captain)!
Carren leaps up off the sand.
Carren: Let's go get urkin! Eugen and Rackam weren't able to eat any, right?
(Captain) agrees that this is a good idea, but both Carren and (Captain) remember something disheartening.
Carren: But I bet they're done laying eggs. There's gotta be at least one left, right?
The pair hurries to a fishing village, where they learn that there is an area with slightly warmer waters—their best bet to find spawning sea urkin.
They leave with a fisherman who has happily offered to help them find this elusive breeding ground.

Bye-Bye, Beach Days: Scene 3[edit]

Carren and (Captain) head back to the beach house with the sea urkin, where they find an envious Lyria waiting for them. In response, Eugen suggests the crew stretch out their vacation ever so slightly. After one last swim, everyone is completely satisfied with their vacation.

Carren: Everyone! We brought freshly-harvested sea urkin!
Eugen: Huh? You went fishing this early in the morning? Filled with energy, aren'tcha?
Carren: You bet we did! After all, you and Rackam didn't get a chance to try any, did you?
Eugen: Sheesh, you're just as perceptive as ever. Thanks, missy.
Carren: No problem! We talked about leaving right after lunch, so while we were busy making one last memory—
Lyria: What! You two snuck off to have one last swim? That's not fair!
Carren: Oh, sorry Lyria... We didn't mean to exclude you. It was so early, and we didn't want to wake anyone up...
Eugen: Haha. Would it be fair if everyone went for one last swim? You're not on vacation every day, you know.
Lyria: Are you sure? We're have to leave after lunch though...
Eugen: That's just for the rooms. After we check out, our time is ours to do whatever we want with! Right, Rackam?
Eugen throws a look at the helmsman.
Rackam: Wh-what? Ah, right... I was up late last night, so I could do with a little more rest before taking the wheel again.
Vyrn: Hah! It sounded like you were havin' a crazy time last night!
Eugen: Yeah, sorry about that. Been a while since I've had a free night. Maybe a little too free... This headache is killin' me...
Carren: So... Um...
Lyria: Okay! Everyone, let's go make one last memory together!
Carren: Right! After we've eaten lunch, let's all get changed into our swimsuits and go have some fun!
(Captain) and the crew finish their sea urkin lunch, prepare for the beach, and head to the ocean for some final vacation revelry.
Satisfied with their trip, they head back to the Grandcypher where they prepare to return to everyday life.
But they have all already begun daydreaming of next year's summer getaway.

Let's Go for a Swim![edit]

Carren: Hey, (Captain), you have a moment?
Carren: Hehe, I was just thinking about how tough it must be for you to take on new assignments every day...
Carren: So I thought I'd take the opportunity to join you for some fun and games and maybe help you relax today!
Carren: I heard about some really cool things we can check out at the beach! Why don't we go take a look?
Carren brings (Captain) to the coastline.
Carren: ...
Carren looks around as if a bit puzzled.
Carren: I do wanna go for a swim, but...
  1. Ask her to go first.
  2. Lead her by the arm.
  3. Plunge her into the water.

Choose: Ask her to go first.
Carren: Oh, umm... I do want to go in for a dip, but there's this special place I'm looking for...
Carren: Let's hold off until we find it.

Choose: Lead her by the arm.
(Captain) extends an arm to the hesitant Carren.
Carren: It won't be so scary if we hold hands? Erm, well, that's not what's bothering me actually...
Carren: Hehe, I'm cool with holding hands though. Let's go into the water together.
Carren bashfully takes (Captain)'s hand. Yet she continues to glance around as if searching for something.

Choose: Plunge her into the water.
Carren has left herself wide open. Not one to let such an opportunity slip past, (Captain) grabs on to her.
Carren: Huh? (Captain), what the—
(Captain) lifts Carren's entire body up high before plunging her into the water.
Carren: Eeeek!
Carren: Good grief, (Captain)! What was that all about?
Carren gets behind (Captain) and puts the captain in a headlock.
Carren: Heheh! This is payback!
(Captain) loses balance, and they both fall into the water. A friendly grappling match ensues.
The two nearly forget that they had come here for a swim as they continue their tug-of-war of sorts.
Carren: Huff... Huff... I'm... looking for something. Cut it out until I find it, will ya?
Carren is quick to bounce back, darting her eyes all over the beach again.
(Captain) apologizes and simply goes along with Carren.
Continue 1
Carren: Ah, found it! Let's swim over to that place! Hehe, I won't spoil the surprise till we get there!
(Captain) follows Carren through the waters to the designated location.
Carren: ...!
What they find is a vast expanse of what appears to be shiny snowflakes of glittering gold.
A closer look reveals that they are not snowflakes, but rather a cluster of tiny creatures each the size of a fingertip.
Carren: You see that, (Captain)? They're like tiny little golden insects!
Carren: Those are newly hatched sea urkins. When I heard how beautiful they are swimming in the water, I just knew I had to show you!
Carren: Hehe. How 'bout that, (Captain)? Impressed yet?
  1. Swimming with you is so much fun!
  2. They're beautiful.
  3. Isn't there anything better we can do?

Choose: Swimming with you is so much fun!
Carren: Huh? You're impressed by that?
Carren: Then again all that counts is you're having fun!
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: They're beautiful.
Carren: Right? When I saw for myself how pretty they were, I told myself, "Oh yeah! I'm definitely bringing (Captain) here!"
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: Isn't there anything better we can do?
Carren: Way to go, spoilsport! You could at least let me know what you think, you know...
Carren: But well... I'll just take it as a sign that you're enjoying my company.
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!
Continue 2
Carren: All right, moving on! Haha, c'mon (Captain)! We're only getting started here!

The Fish of Benthic Island[edit]

Carren: Ah. Is that your stomach rumbling, (Captain)?
Carren begins prepping a fishing rod, but (Captain) reminds her that there are few fish on the island.
Carren: Very true, but this is also the only season for catching fish. So we might just get lucky.
Carren: The fish on the island actually gather together in hopes of preying on those baby sea urkins we saw earlier.
Carren: All right, question time: what kind of bait should we use to lure these fish?
Carren has already finished attaching the bait to the hook, but she waits for (Captain)'s answer nonetheless.
  1. Any ol' insect will do.
  2. The fake kind.
  3. Can't you just tell me the answer?

Choose: Any ol' insect will do.
(Captain) finds a long, slithery, multi-legged insect and picks it up.
Carren: Eww! Why would you even touch that?
Carren appears to have a strong distaste for such creatures. (Captain), on the other hand, wants her to give it a proper inspection.
Carren: Eep! Yuck, yuck, yuck! Stop that! Get it away from me, (Captain)!
While Carren's reaction is most entertaining to watch, (Captain) lays off so as not to incur her wrath.
Carren: Truth is you don't even need insects of any kind. Fake bait works just as well. I can't stand insects anyway.

Choose: The fake kind.
(Captain) picks up a bird feather lying around.
Carren: Bingo! You're one step ahead as usual, (Captain)!

Choose: Can't you just tell me the answer?
Carren: Aww, it wouldn't be much of a question then, would it?
(Captain) pays no heed to her protest and tries to snatch the fishing hook.
Carren: Rgh! Not... so... fast... (Captain)!
Carren does not give in so easily.
She rebuffs (Captain) with open-palm slams of fury until the captain meekly concedes to having no clue.
Carren: Ahaha. You should've said that first. The correct answer iiis... fake bait.
Carren shows (Captain) the fishing hook with a feather-like object attached to it.
Continue 1
Carren: It's said that the fish who come here are so set on feasting on the sea urkin babies that they'll put anything in their mouths.
Carren: Any type of bait will work really, so I mean, why waste time thinking about which bait to use during a feeding frenzy?
Carren: I learned it all from the fishermen! Bet you didn't know most of this stuff, huh?
  1. Of course I did!
  2. Nope, you got me.
  3. All hail Acting Captain Carren!

Choose: Of course I did!
Carren: Really? You did?
Carren: I'm learning so much as I go along, but I guess you already knew it all, huh? Super impressive, (Captain)!
Carren: Hehe, but I'm not calling it quits yet! I've got so much more to show you—there's bound to be something you don't know!
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Nope, you got me.
Carren: Really? Booyah! Then surely you agree that it's such a thrill coming across things you never knew before!
Carren: Hehe, aren't I just the greatest?
Carren: As acting captain I need to make sure I've got your back after all!
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: All hail Acting Captain Carren!
Carren: Eh?
Carren: Oh, ahaha... I'm really glad to know you acknowledge me as the acting captain.
Carren: Hehe, you just made my day, (Captain)! I'm really looking forward to spending the rest of this summer vacation with you!
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!
Continue 2
Carren: Why don't we start fishing then? I'll set up your fishing rod too!
Carren: Bird feather on the hook and...
Carren: There! All done! C'mon, (Captain)—it's a race to see who catches more fish!

Meal Time at the Beach[edit]

(Captain) and Carren drop their fishing lines into the sea, immediately drawing the attention of nearby fish.
Though the fish were purportedly low in number, the two manage to reel up a mountain of fish in no time.
Carren: This is a nice haul we have here. Let's get to roasting these fishies. I'll get everything set up!
Carren takes out a kitchen knife and a chopping board from her basket and begins gutting the fish.
Now empty-handed, (Captain) looks for something to do.
  1. Start a fire.
  2. Help Carren.

Choose: Start a fire.
A fire is essential for roasting fish. (Captain) is, of course, no stranger to that fact and considers how to go about this.
(Captain) grabs a suitable wood plank from a pile of kindling and carves out a small pit, placing the sharpened end of a branch into the pit.
(Captain) rubs the two pieces of wood together until smoking embers appear. Rope fibers are then scattered onto the embers, producing a flame.
Carren: I'm all done! Phew, handling the fish was harder than I thought!
Carren: Ah, (Captain)! You've got the fire started already...
Carren: Without even using magic!
Carren: Heh, I love how you pay attention to the little details.
Carren skewers the gutted fish and lines them up along the fire.

Choose: Help Carren.
Carren: Hm? What is it, (Captain)?
With kitchen knife in hand, (Captain) stands next to Carren.
Carren: You'll help me clean the fish? Teehee, thanks.
The two insert their knives in the stomachs of the fish, carve out their organs, and sprinkle on some salt after a thorough wash.
It seems a simple enough process, but due to the volume of fish they are dealing with, it takes a considerable amount of time.
Carren: Hehe, I think we got caught up in the excitement and ended up reeling in too many.
Carren: Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you cook for the crew.
Carren: Ahaha. It sure is refreshing to see how you might go about that though.
The two stand shoulder-to-shoulder as they continue to prep the fish.
When they finally complete this step, Carren uses her magic on the firewood (Captain) collected earlier to start a fire, and they begin roasting the fish.
Continue 1
The two make small talk as they wait for the fish to cook.
Carren: Ooh! I think they might be ready to eat now!
Carren: Let's dig in!
Carren: Chomp! Nom, nom... Hehe, this is really good!
Carren: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. It's delicious.
  2. This is so much fun.
  3. Meh, wasn't worth the trouble.

Choose: It's delicious.
Carren: Right? There might not be that many fish on this island, but they sure are tasty!
Carren: Aww, you're making me blush. I'm really glad I invited you, (Captain)!
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: This is so much fun.
Carren: Yeah, making your own food is always such a blast.
Carren: But knowing you're having a good time makes me happy too! Good to know I'm on the right track!
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Meh, wasn't worth the trouble.
Carren: Ahaha... You think so, huh... I guess you're not a big fan of making your own food, (Captain)?
Carren: Hmm... I probably should've come with packed lunches... Maybe next time.
Carren's sole concern is making sure (Captain) has a good time. Thankfully there is ample opportunity left as their vacation has only just begun.
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!
Continue 2
Carren: Whew... A big meal like that after a long, hard swim makes me feel drowsy.
Carren: Okay! Let's just sit back and relax for now!

A Reprieve[edit]

By Carren's suggestion, she and (Captain) lie down on a nearby bench.
Carren: Ah, this feels sooo good...
Carren: ...
Carren: Are you enjoying yourself, (Captain)?
Carren: Actually, knowing how kind you are, I bet you'd say yes even if you're not.
Carren: You know, I've always wanted to go on an adventure. But my parents were against it at every turn.
Carren: Back then I thought I'd just live out the rest of my life in that house...
Carren: I mean, I knew we had skyfarers for
relatives—people like Eugen—but I was just jealous the whole time and never acted on anything, you know?
Carren: But when I heard Eugen and his buddies were gonna pay a visit to my island, I knew I had to do something.
Carren: I basically just ran up to you out of the blue and asked you to take me in. I still remember how happy I was when you said yes.
Carren: That's why I've always wanted to thank you properly.
Carren: Do you think I'll be able to pay back the favor in full on this beach, (Captain)?
  1. You already have.
  2. You have a long way to go.
  3. That's up to you.

Choose: You already have.
Carren: Ehehe... Glad to hear it. I haven't had my share of fun yet to be honest, but it's all good if you're feelin' it.
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: You have a long way to go.
Carren: Ahaha, you think so? I actually have a ton more fun stuff planned. So maybe you'll change your tune later.
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: That's up to you.
Carren: Hm... Okay! Truth is I've got a ton of other fun stuff planned.
Carren: Let's enjoy this beach to the fullest!
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!
Continue 1
Carren: Ah, it's getting late... (Captain), why don't we watch the sunset together for a while?
(Captain) and Carren remain seated on the bench as they gaze at the setting sun.

Fireworks Show[edit]

The curtain of night falls upon the beach.
Carren has now guided (Captain) to a more crowded location.
Carren: Wow, this place is packed! Stick close to me so we don't lose each other, (Captain).
Carren: A pyrotechnician is supposed to come by today to... What's it called... Make sparks fly, or something like that.
Being true masters of their craft, pyrotechnicians are known for launching gunpowder into the air.
Their gunpowder explodes into a gorgeous display of light, wowing all who take in the spectacle.
People have gathered from all over in hopes of catching a glimpse of a pyrotechnician at work.
Carren: I heard this is a great place to get a view of the action. Except the huge crowds here could pose a problem...
Carren: Hey, (Captain). Is it okay if we just watch from here?
  1. Let's get to higher ground.
  2. Let's keep our distance.
  3. We're fine right where we are.

Choose: Let's get to higher ground.
(Captain) points at the cliff high above them.
Carren: Over there? Hm, I guess we could make it up there...
They climb their way up the steep, rocky terrain and arrive at the top of the cliff.
Just then the sounds of clamor from afar become audible. It appears the fireworks are about to go off.
Carren: Huff... Huff... We made it!
Carren: This is perfect! It's like we've got VIP seats!
Carren's face is beaming as the sound of the fireworks being launched rings aloud.
Carren: Oh, here it comes—I just love the way it explodes into all those sparkly lights.
Carren: Hey, how high do you think those things go before they pop? Because I've got a bad feeling about this...
The next round of fireworks comes dangerously close to their faces, losing speed as it approaches.
Carren: Not good, (Captain)! We need to get away from here!
As the two quickly get behind cover, some of the fireworks go off on the cliff, setting it ablaze.
Carren: Oh crap! What do we do now?
The two huddle together behind cover until the lightworks die off.

Choose: Let's keep our distance.
Carren: Hm? You'd rather go to a place with no one around?
Carren: Okay. Let's watch the fireworks show from somewhere else.
Carren: It's just the two of us here. Hehe, you'll love it—I'm telling you!
After sitting down and waiting for a while, they hear an announcement signaling the start of the show along with enthusiastic cheers.
Carren: Here it comes! Over there! Don't blink, or you'll miss it!
The fireworks launch high into the night sky, leaving behind a trail of vibrant flame.
They explode into dazzling flowers of light before fading away.
Carren: Wow... They're beautiful, (Captain)...
The lovely display has certainly made this quiet night a much more entertaining one, putting the two at ease with each other.
Carren: ...
A sideways glance at Carren reveals a gentle smile and a reflection of the fireworks off her big, beautiful eyes.
Carren: I thought this might be too far away at first, but I'm really glad to watch it all in peace.
Her eyes, her lips—every part of her seems to be smiling at (Captain).

Choose: We're fine right where we are.
Carren: Okay! Let's just wait until it starts then!
The venue gradually becomes more crowded as they wait.
Keeping up with the bubbling anticipation, (Captain) and Carren are also in an upbeat mood.
Carren: Ah, sounds like they're making an announcement.
Carren: It's gonna start soon! Right around there...
The rampant cheers drown out Carren's voice. An array of white flame can be seen being launched into the night sky.
They blossom into flowers of light in the air as cheers of joy continue to fill the venue.
Carren: Wow! Check out that one, (Captain)! It's the biggest one so far! Ahahaha!
Carren and (Captain) join in on the fun, cheering with everyone else.
The fireworks continue to light up the sky, a feast for their eyes.
Carren: Wow... It almost feels like I've been transported to another world...
Continue 1
Carren: Haha! Wasn't that just amazing, (Captain)?
  1. It was beautiful.
  2. I'm glad I got to see it with you.
  3. I've seen it before actually.

Choose: It was beautiful.
Carren: Yeah! I've been wanting to see this fireworks show ever since a local pyrotechnician told me about it!
Carren: It makes my day to know you loved it too, (Captain)! I sure hope we get to see it again sometime. Teehee...
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: I'm glad I got to see it with you.
Carren: Oh... That's what you liked about it?
Carren: Ahaha... Well, it's kinda the same for me too to be honest. I hope this is something we'll look back on fondly.
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: I've seen it before actually.
Carren: Huh, what? No way! Hey, no fair—why didn't you tell me earlier?
Carren: Then again, if you saw it before I joined the crew, that's another story...
Carren: Hm... You really have been through a lot, haven't you? Impressive as always, (Captain).
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!
Continue 2
Carren: I'll never forget how pretty it all was...
Carren: Hm? You wanna know what's next?
Actually, is it okay if we stay here a bit longer?
Carren: Yeah? Hehe, thanks.

A Night at Benthic Island[edit]

After the crowds who've come to see the show scamper off, Carren stands at the beach gazing far at the shore opposite of them.
Carren: Hm? You want to know what I'm looking at?
Carren: Well... just the night sky.
Carren: I love watching city lights from afar. It's a bit of a hobby of mine.
Carren: Every city is beautiful, but my favorite has to be Port Breeze. I love looking down at it from the Grandcypher.
Carren: The breathtaking view just reminds me that I'm on an adventure.
Carren: ...
Sorry, does that seem weird? But don't you think it's beautiful though?
  1. Sounds just like you to say that.
  2. Not as beautiful as you.
  3. Invite me again sometime.

Choose: Sounds just like you to say that.
Carren: You think? Figured you would've said the opposite for some reason.
Carren: You've been taking notes on me, (Captain). Teehee...
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!

Choose: Not as beautiful as you.
Carren: ...!
Carren's eyes open up wide to reveal an expression she's never shown before.
Carren: ...
Carren: Pfft! Ahahaha! What are you even saying, (Captain)? Don't startle me like that!
Carren: I will say I had a good laugh though!
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Invite me again sometime.
Carren: Mm-hm, you can count on it. An outing like this is good fun every now and then, wouldn't you say?
Carren: Phew. Well, that's a relief. I was afraid you might say it was boring.
Carren: I'm glad you secretly share some of my interests, (Captain)!
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!
Continue 1
Carren: It's getting cold out here. That's our cue to start heading back.
Carren: I know I said this was all for you, but in a way I kinda made you come along, didn't I? Sorry.
Carren: But more than anything, thanks for going along with my selfishness, (Captain).
Carren: All righty then! Enough talk! Let's get back to the inn!

Secret Attraction Revealed[edit]

Carren: I kinda got the feeling you haven't had your share of fun yet...
Carren: So I saved this last one just for you! Ta-da!
The day after the fireworks show, (Captain) comes out to the beach again with Carren.
???: ...!
(Captain) goes on the defensive upon sighting the Odajumoki goon.
Carren: Hey, relax!
Carren: This one's had a change of heart.
Carren: He thought about what he could do to turn over a new leaf, and he's since turned his Ultra Dog-On-Wheel Battleship Jenkins into a tourist attraction.
The goon came up with the idea for this pleasure cruise from a type of punishment the Odajumoki used to dish out back when they hid out in North Vast.
It's become so popular that it's spread all over Benthic Island, earning the common name of extreme waterskiing.
Carren: So the idea is the battleship pulls on these boards crazy hard, and all we have to do is hang on for dear life.
Two boards the size of (Captain)'s torso are attached to a rope tied to the battleship.
(Captain) feels a bit uneasy at first but gladly rises to the challenge. The two head out to sea with the battleship.
Carren: All good? Hold on tight!
Carren: Okay, we're ready!
Odajumoki: Hyaa-haa!
The battleship accelerates at a breakneck pace, splashing against the water as it blazes across the sea.
Carren: Whoa-whoa-whoa! This is waaay too fast!
The two desperately cling to their boards.
Carren: Ah!
One of Carren's hands loses its grip; she is barely hanging on.
Carren: (Captain)! H-help!
  1. Give her your hand.
  2. Cheer her on.

Choose: Give her your hand.
(Captain), too, is clinging for dear life, but the safety of dear friends comes first.
Carren: Almost...
Carren: Got you... Woah!
The force of Carren's pull ends up dragging (Captain) down.

Choose: Cheer her on.
Carren: Huh? Ah, right! I can beat this!
As much as (Captain) wishes to help her, the risk is too great considering the speed they are traveling at.
The best (Captain) can do at the moment is to root for her.
Carren: Rgh!
Carren: A... Aaagh!
Carren loses her grip and is nearly swept away, but she manages to latch on to something.
That something just so happens to be (Captain)'s foot.
Carren: Ah! Erm, s-sorry—
Unable to support their combined weight, (Captain), too, loses grip and they fall into the water.
Continue 1
Carren: ...
The two trade glances as they watch the Battleship Jenkins fade into the distance.
Carren: Pfft... Hahahahaha! There's no way we could possibly hang on to that!
The two wallow about in the water with gut-wrenching laughter, greatly amused at what had just transpired.
They attempt the challenge time and time again until the end of the day, enjoying themselves to the fullest.
Carren: Whew, I had so much fun! How about you, (Captain)? Did you enjoy coming out with me to the beach?
  1. Definitely.
  2. Yeah, it was all right.
  3. Everything's a thrill with you, Carren.

Choose: Definitely.
Carren: Yeah? I'm so glad to hear that! It's times like this when we get to just kick back and relax that we're able to go all out on our usual missions!
Carren: Haha, your smile makes me smile, (Captain)!
Carren's loyalty increased by 100!

Choose: Yeah, it was all right.
Carren: Whew, that's a relief to hear. You looked pretty tired every now and then.
Carren: I mean, I'm glad I invited you, but the whole time I was worried you might be pushing yourself too hard.
Carren: Well, thanks for coming along, (Captain)!
Carren's loyalty increased by 75!

Choose: Everything's a thrill with you, Carren.
Carren: ...!
Wh... What's that supposed to mean?
Carren: Ergh... Never mind! I'm just glad we got to hang out together!
Carren: And that's more than I could ever ask for! Yeah!
Carren's loyalty increased by 125!
Continue 2
Carren: And that wraps up all the fun stuff I had planned for us to do on the beach!
Carren: I'm still itching for something more though... Hm...
Carren: So, (Captain), we're gonna have another playdate on the beach next year, right? C'mon, you know you want to!
As if she's forgotten that she's supposed to be the acting captain of the crew, Carren is beaming as she begs (Captain) for another fun-filled adventure the following year.
(Captain) happily agrees, and they continue on with the rest of their vacation.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
バカンス、バカンス♪ Vacation, vacation!
この水着、特注!いいでしょ? This swimsuit was made just for me! You love it, right?
海ってすっごい綺麗! The ocean's so pretty!
海の食べ物全部たべたーい! I want to eat aaall the seafood!
バカンスの邪魔はさせないっ! You better not interrupt our vacation!
泳いで光華見て、それから…… We'll swim, watch fireworks, eat urkin...
普段頑張ってるぶん遊ぼうね♪ Work hard, play harder!
海の思い出いっぱい作るよ! Making so many beach memories!
ねえ(主人公)、泳ぎに行こうよ! (Captain), let's go swimming!
(主人公)は何して遊びたい? (Captain), what do you wanna do next?


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