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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 159 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Gathering ores, drawing blueprints
Likes Her family (including big sis Silva!), Santa Claus, her mom's mushroom cooking
Dislikes Standing by as people suffer, centipedes

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 18歳
Height 159cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鉱石拾い、図面引き
Likes 家族(シルヴァ姉も!)、サンタクロースさん、お母ちゃんが作ってくれるキノコ料理
Dislikes 人が落ち込んでいるのを黙って見ていること、ゲジゲジ

Character Release


Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Y'know... When you're a baby, you don't have a lot of choices over what happens in your life.
Camieux, for example, got separated from her parents right after birth.
Still, there's something pure and unfettered about a birthday.
So (Captain)... Always make sure you choose your own destiny. You. Not anyone else.
Sometimes that means doing things you don't like. Things you regret, too.
But if you're ever feeling down, ol' Cucouroux here will be there to cheer you up!
Sorry, I'm not great at this kind of thing. But the point is, you've gotta have fun and live in the moment!


(Captain), happy birthday! You did well this year.
I mean it! It's hard to smile every single day.
Things get hard and sometimes even sad too. And sometimes things don't go your way.
The thing is, you don't let that get to you. I really admire that.
Just make sure not to hold anything in if things do get tough.
I'm always here to listen to anything you need to vent about.
I might only be able to offer an open ear, but...
I'll always be by your side. So make sure you live a life full of fun, okay?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so glad you made it another year. This might sound weird, but I'm kinda relieved.
'Cause living is hard, you know? There are so many little things to worry about.
You gotta eat, you gotta work, and you gotta take care of monsters... All the time...
But you always do all these little things. And even big things too. I really respect that about you!
(Captain), you might think that goes without saying, but all the things that go without saying are tough.
I just want you to remember that you don't have to do anything alone!
Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. So let me help you out when you need me to!
I want nothing more than to help you lighten your load. It'd really make me happy.
So let me help you make it to another year, okay! You just call my name, and I'll be there!
I pinky promise, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Dad and Mom told me to say hi for them.
Oh, Camieux said that was holding onto a present from Uncle Dan for you... She already gave it to you? Great!
Ahaha, Uncle Dan thinks every young person likes candy, so it's probably candy...
Hehe. I don't know how this came about, but you're practically like family now, (Captain).
Somehow, we were able to meet each other, travel together... and now we're here.
You know, there were a lot of things I struggled with and didn't understand before that I do now.
So... I hope I can help you understand the things that you're struggling with too.
Well, I probably can't do much but listen to you complain from time to time... But I really do want to help you in whatever way I can. You can count on me.


Life is pretty hard, isn't it? There're so many decisions you have to make, and problems just keep coming at you.
Even if you try to do just the things you want to do, there are so many other things you have to think about in order to do those things.
For instance, I'm a gunsmith, so I'm responsible for all the guns I make. The people who use them are also responsible, of course...
But if someone using a gun I made gets really hurt, or if there are people who die as a result, I feel a level of responsibility there too.
Sure, I can just put the responsibility on whoever uses the guns... but it's hard for me to just leave it at that.
You're the same, right, (Captain)? You have things you can't just push onto someone else, but that you shouldn't keep to yourself either...
Thinking carefully about your decisions is very important. But thinking too much about something by yourself isn't good either, is it?
So just for today, why don't you leave everything to me? Forget about your worries and relax once in a while!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Why are your ears beet red? Did you go out in the cold to watch the sunrise?
Wow, they're freezing! Let ol' Cucouroux here warm 'em up for you, okay?
It's bad luck to catch a cold on the first day of the new year, y'know!
Hm? You're cold all over? What to do... What to do...
How about this, then? Huuuug!


Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to another year with you, (Captain).
Huh? What's my resolution this year? Hmm...
I want to do my best as a crew member and have fun with everyone. Yeah!
I can hope and wish for fun, but first I need to make sure I'm the best that I can be.
(Captain), whenever I see you frown, I'll be there to turn it all the way upside down!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Are you cold? Your face is so red. Have you been on deck this whole time?
You can't go catching a cold just as the new year begins!
I'm making my mother's secret soup right now, so I'll give you some to warm up!
Why am I making soup? I was thinking of having Silva drink it when she gets back to warm up.
Silva thinks that beginning the year on the right foot is critical to having the rest of the year be just as fruitful, so she went out to practice.
It's pretty cold out which means she should come back before nightfall, but...
Knowing Silva, she might say that harsher environments produce better training results and not come back no matter how dark it gets...
She is a professional though... I want to believe she knows her limits and will come back at a reasonable hour...
It's Silva after all... For the most part she's always got everything together, but she does do silly things sometimes...
I've just gotta be here to support her no matter what she chooses to do!
And the same goes for you, (Captain)! I'll always have your back, okay?


Happy New Year! You came at a good time! Sit down!
Hehe! These cushions are really soft, right? I specifically picked them out!
We've also got some hot tea, sweet snacks and a fluffy blanket.
I prepped the perfect kit for a bit of New Year's relaxation, so let's kick back and relax!
Why did I do all this? Well, that's because you're always busy and never take it easy.
You're going to keel over if you don't take a day off sometimes. Trust me, I've got plenty of experience with this since Silva's the same way.
That's why we're going to take the day off and relax to the max!
If there aren't enough cushions then how about using my lap? I'll clean your ears too while we're at it!


Oh, (Captain). Are you awake?
Hm? Why am I here, you ask? Hehe, still half-asleep, aren't you?
Remember? I wanted you and Silva to spend a nice and relaxing New Year's...
So I warmed up the room and prepared some fluffy cushions. You were here snacking on some treats when you started nodding off...
You looked like you were going to topple over at any second, so I let you rest your head on my lap!
It's okay, you're not heavy at all! I might not look it but I'm pretty strong, you know.
You look like you could use a little more rest. Why don't you stay where you are and go back to sleep? I'll wake you up when it's time for dinner.
There, there. Just relax... Don't forget you need to take it easy sometimes too, okay, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), (Captain)! I got you some chocolates! Here you go. Eat up!
Well? How do you feel? Warm and fuzzy inside?
Whew... Thank goodness! If you told me you didn't want them, I don't know what I'd do!
Yup, I'm scared of things too, y'know. I try to look stoic for others, but it's tough.
Seeing your smile makes me feel like I can do anything, though! It's all the thanks I need!


(Captain)! Here's your Valentine's Day chocolate!
Phew... I'm so glad you accepted it.
Sometimes even I get nervous giving this to you. I'm just a beautiful flower still in bloom!
Hey! Stop laughing at me! I won't give you chocolate next year!
Just kidding! I love your smile, so there's no way I wouldn't give you chocolate.


All righty! It's that time of the year again! It's Valentine's Day!
Here ya go!
(Captain)! Here it is! The chocolate you've been waiting all your life for!
What I mean by "so" is... Um...
Are you happy?
Really! I'm so glad!
'Cause you know. Some people think this kind of gift-receiving is a pain in the booty! You've heard people complain before, right?
But... I'm happy you're not one of those people. Hahaha. I'm just so relieved!
I love you a lot, (Captain)! As long as you're happy, I'm happy too!


(Captain)! Hug attack!
Ahaha! You're not getting away, you know? Today's Valentine's after all!
I don't care how popular you are, I'm not letting go until you give me some chocolate!
Huh? Then you're definitely not giving me any?
Ahaha! Guess I'm going to keep hugging you forever!
Oh hey, your hair's looking pretty soft! Noogie time!
Hehehe, what are you being all stiff for? You can hug me back too!


Here ya go, (Captain)—Valentine's Day chocolate from ol' Cucouroux!
Heh. Your smile is thanks enough, so don't you worry about getting me anything in return!
Y-you still want to anyway? Well, if that's what you really want. Hmm...

To Gran only: Oh! You could always help us out at the gun workshop! I'm sure we could make room for an intern.
To Djeeta only: Oh! You could always help us out at the gun workshop! I'm sure you'd make an amazing poster girl for us! How about it?

That way, you'd truly become a part of the family! Oh... I never thought I'd see the day... Heh.
Uh, hey! You're supposed to laugh here—I was just joking, sorry!
B-but if you actually did want to join, I wouldn't be opposed in the least...

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? Is this... for me?
You shouldn't have! I told you your smile was enough, didn't I?
No, no, I'm happy to have them! Seriously!
Ahem. Sorry about that. I shouldn't have given you a hard time about it.
Thanks so much for the present! You've really made my day.
Honestly though, your feelings matter to me more than any present. Remember that, okay?


What? A White Day present for me!
Are you serious? But if I take it, you can't ask for it back, okay?
I'm just so happy. What should I say...
You're just so good at making me smile!
I wish I could do something to make you just as happy as you've made me. I'll do something good for you next year!


Is this for me?
Thanks, (Captain)! I'm so, so happy!
You went through all the trouble of picking chocolate just for me, right!
I just can't believe it! This is the best day ever!
I'm so happy that I'm gonna give you a big huuug!
Wait! Stop squirming! Huuug!


You really don't know why I'm running away? Isn't it obviously because you're trying to hug me!
Huh? But I squeezed the stuffing out of you on Valentine's Day? W-well, that was a different situation!
It's not nerve-racking if I'm the one initiating so that's fine!
But getting one from you, (Captain)... Well, that's a different story!
Wait! Aaah!
Wh-whoa! You're pretty warm! And my heart's definitely getting a rush!
No, don't let go! You're not allowed to! It's too late to take it back!
So hold me just a little longer, okay?


Oh, don't stare at me like that, (Captain)... I know what you're up to. It's already embarrassing for me...
D-don't get it wrong! I'm really, really happy you brought me something for White Day! It's just... when you stare at me like that, I...
Geez, (Captain), you meanie...
Getting me all flustered like that... My heart can't take much more of this, you know?
It isn't nice to mess with a girl's heart—especially one who's falling in love with you!
Eep! Y-you want me to repeat myself? Hmph... When did you become such a bully?
Fine, I said it! Love, love love!
Th-this is where you're supposed to say something back, right? I-it's rude to keep a lady waiting!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Heh heh, surprised? Trick: successful!
Hm, it's kind of unfair to scare you before you even get a chance to pick between the two, though.
Okay then!
Trick me if you can, (Captain)!
Eep! Haha, no fair! Tickles are off-limits! Eek! Ahahaha!


And done! I am done, right? (Captain), look! It's a pumpkin lantern!
Hehe! Sorry. I just remembered something funny.
When we were little, Cammy was always afraid of pumpkins with faces. She'd start crying.
But, whenever Mom made pumpkin pie, she'd eat it right up and smile.
She was just so cute... She's probably the cutest thing in the skies.
She's even cute on days that aren't Halloween!
Maybe I'll ask her to help me make a pumpkin pie later! I'll give you a piece when it's ready!


Hahahaha! Halloween is the best!
Who woulda thought that (Captain), Silva, and Cammy would work together to pull one over on me!
I completely let my guard down! They got me good, real good!
So exactly who thought of this plan by the way? Was it you, (Captain)?
It was? Hehe... I was a little surprised by how far they went.
I mean, I loved how far they went! Don't get me wrong! Thank you so much for helping them do that, (Captain)!
So how about next year you team up with me to pull a trick on them?
Just kidding!


(Captain)! Sorry, can you give me a hand with something?
Here, put this headband on for me. I want to see how it looks when it's being worn.
The horns on the headband are made to look like Draph horns.
I was thinking that if I'm going to put on a costume, I might as well make it match Camieux. That way it'd be more fun!
Okay, I'm just gonna put this over your head... There, it looks great! They look exactly like Draph horns. Thanks, (Captain)!
Now to add the accessory that Mom made... And the costume's complete!
Hm? What's that? You want to wear Draph horns on Halloween too?
You most certainly can! I made one for Silva and some extras too, so I'll give you one!
Now you, Silva, Camieux, and I all have matching horns!


(Captain)! Can I ask you to help me with something? It's kind of urgent...
Thank you! I need another person to help me carry this box. It's not that heavy since they're just handmade flowers, but there's a lot of them...
I need to take these to Tweyen's room. Hehe, I'm going to put them all around the room to surprise her!
I want Tweyen to enjoy Halloween too, so I thought about what I could do to prank her, but since she has such sharp eyes...
It was really hard to think of something she'd like that I could also hide from her. We gotta hurry while she's still out!
I prepared some sugared flowers too! Cammy and Silva are wrapping them up nicely right now.
I'll give some to you later too! They're not only pretty to look at—they're sweet and go well with tea, so try putting one in your cup!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), (Captain), it's almost time! Santa Claus is on his way!
I love that big bearded guy almost as much as I love my dad!
Why? Well, I wrote a letter to Santa way back when.
What did I ask for? A kind older sister, and a cute younger one. And Santa delivered!
That's why I stopped asking the guy for presents. Gotta make the rest of my dreams come true on my own!


Hmm... Will it snow today? What do you think?
You know what'll happen if it snows, right? Santa Claus will have such a tough time delivering his presents.
I'm going to leave something by my bed. But it'll get cold...
What if I stay up all night making soup and then serve it to him when he comes?
Hm? Yeah! I always make something for him when he comes.
I have to show my appreciation! He's the reason I have a little and big sister!
I just gotta leave him something to say thanks. Hehe!


(Captain)! Sorry, I've gotta go out for a little. I'll be back before the eve though!
Camieux and I are mailing a gift to our parents.
Because Santa only gives presents to kids, right? So we thought we'd make sure they get a present too!
We really struggled to think of something to give them up until the last minute...
But now we're going to have Siero deliver this.
I hope it gets to them in time. Rats... We really waited till the last minute...
Okay! Gotta go!


I'm back from my trip, (Captain)! Phew, I can't believe I actually made it in time for the holy night feast with the crew!
Thanks for letting me, Camieux, and Silva spend our island's holy night with our family though!
Dad, Mom, Uncle Dan, and all the other gunsmiths working at the alloy foundry were super happy to see us!
I have some snacks that Mom and Dad gave us too, but I'll share those with everyone during the feast.
Oh! Before I forget! Me, Camieux, and Silva made some party crackers while we had the chance!
Let's crack them open at the start of the feast and get things started with a bang!


Cammy! Happy holidays! Come on, give your big sister a hug! Ooh, I might just give you a little kiss too!
Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays to you too!
What am I doing, you ask? You see... I heard about a certain custom for the holy night when I was on another island for work.
They say if a loved one kisses you on the cheek under the mistletoe, you'll have really good luck!
See! I'm holding this mistletoe above Cammy so I can kiss her under it!
Okay! Next is Silva... Hm? What's the matter, (Captain)?
Oh dear, what's this? Did you want a hug and a kiss from me too, (Captain)?
Sure thing, come on over! Of course I want you to be happy too! Come now, don't be shy!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Gunsmith's Heir

Cucouroux, a gun expert, offers to repair (Captain)'s damaged gun. When she finds out that the crew's destination is Estalucia, she asks (Captain) to let her join them on their journey.

While visiting a nearby island, (Captain) and company are stopped by a girl in the middle of town.
???: Hey there, skyfarer! Got a second to chat?
Vyrn: What can we do for you?
???: Sorry for stopping you in the middle of the street, but I'm worried about that gun you're using. It looks pretty beat up!
???: I betcha haven't taken it in for repairs recently. That's no good!
Vyrn: Huh? But (Captain) tunes it up after every major battle!
???: Everyday maintenance isn't enough. Sometimes you need a specialist. I mean, look at that.
???: Here, see the grip? It's really worn down. Gotta get that replaced.
???: And on top of that... yup. Oil everywhere. This thing needs a full teardown.
Lyria: Wow... I guess we really do need to take it to a specialist.
???: And I know just the one! Mind letting me tune it up before you head off again?
Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) nod their heads in agreement.
???: Follow me! I'll show you to my family's workshop!
Cucouroux: Good thing we ran into each other, eh? Just let ol' Cucouroux here give your firearm the overhaul it deserves!
Lyria: Thank you so much! Does that mean you're a gunsmith, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Yep! If someone's brandishing a rifle, pistol, or blunderbuss, I can't keep my eyes off it!
Cucouroux: Anyway, sorry for surprising you earlier. I'll drop a little bit off the repair costs to make it up to you, okay?
Cucouroux leads (Captain) and company to a gun workshop located at the edge of town.
Vyrn: You were in a crew until recently too?
Cucouroux: Yeah, I wanted to see how my gun designs fared in actual combat. It wasn't for very long, but it was a good experience nonetheless.
Vyrn: Wasn't very long? Why?
Cucouroux: Well, the captain was getting along in years, and the crew was set to disband after his retirement. I stayed with them till they did.
Lyria: So that's what happened...
Cucouroux: You're skyfarers, right? What's your captain like?
Lyria: Well, um...
Cucouroux: A really scary fellow, huh? Is he gonna blow a gasket when he finds out you ran off on your own?
Lyria: Oh, no, no! Nothing like that!
Vyrn: Actually, our captain (Captain)'s over here!
Cucouroux: You're the captain? You must be even younger than I am! Wow, that's incredible!
Cucouroux: A hardworking kiddo like you deserves an even bigger discount!
In high spirits, Cucouroux welcomes the crew into the workshop.
Cucouroux: Mom, Dad, I'm home! And I brought customers! Huh? Guess they're out right now.
Cucouroux: Oh well, I'll go ahead and get started then. Take a seat and make yourselves at home!
With (Captain) and company comfortably seated, Cucouroux goes to work, dismantling the gun in moments.
Lyria: That was incredible, Cucouroux! I only looked away for a second, and the gun's already in pieces!
Cucouroux: Aw, thanks! It's not often I get to show off, Lyria!
Cucouroux: Hm, this grip might be a little too big for your hands, (Captain).
Cucouroux: Let's get it swapped out. I wonder if we have anything lying around that could work...
Cucouroux continues the overhaul process, commentating as she goes.
Cucouroux: Whoa, this section's been magically strengthened against heat and rust! Not exactly cost-effective for non-skyfarers, though.
???: Hey, what're you doing in there?
Lyria: Eep!
Cucouroux: Welcome back, Dad! I'm just overhauling a gun for these skyfarers!
Master Gunsmith: Glad to be at your service! Watch it, though, Coux. I don't want to see you talking while you work!
Cucouroux: Erk. Sorry, Dad...
Master Gunsmith: Sigh. Putting on a show for the customers is fine, but guns are incredibly dangerous. Don't treat them lightly. Is that understood?
Cucouroux: Yeah. I got carried away. Sorry.
Master Gunsmith: Good! You're my pride and joy, Coux. Just don't go crazy when all a gun needs is a little repair work, okay?
Cucouroux: I'm not going to do anything weird to the customer's gun, Dad! Just mine...
Cucouroux, no longer speaking, begins working even faster than before. She soon finishes the repairs.
Cucouroux: All right! Let's take this baby out for a spin!
Lyria: Wow! Bullseye!
Cucouroux: I made the trigger a little lighter. How's it feel with the new grip?
Cucouroux: Oh? Glad to hear it!
Cucouroux: A gun's just a big hunk of metal. Every time you fire it, the heat from the chamber's going to result in degradation.
Cucouroux: That can mean the difference between a bullseye and an embarrassing miss. Which is why you need to go in for an overhaul from time to time.
Vyrn: Gotcha. Guess we should pay you a visit more often, then!
Cucouroux: Any gun, any time!
Lyria: You're a lifesaver, Cucouroux! Except... if we cross the Grim Basin, we won't be able to visit you again.
Cucouroux: You're planning to go to other skydoms?
Vyrn: Yeah, actually, (Captain)'s dad is in Estalucia, so...
The crew explains their situation to Cucouroux.
Cucouroux: I see... I see! You guys really are amazing! I can't believe your destination is Estalucia, of all places.
Cucouroux: There's nothing I love more than high adventure! Consider this repair job on the house!
Cucouroux: But, wow, Estalucia, huh? There's definitely going to be some awesome technology I've never seen before in other skydoms.
Cucouroux: It all just sounds so incredible!
  1. You should come along with us!
  2. It sure does, doesn't it?

Choose: You should come along with us!
Vyrn: Hey, here's an idea! How about you join our crew? Then you could fix our guns all day, every day!
Cucouroux: H-hold on, you sure? You really want me to tag along?
Vyrn: We're game if you are! We already know you've got skills, Miss Gunsmith!

Choose: It sure does, doesn't it?
Cucouroux: Seriously! I... I just gotta ask!
Lyria: Ask away! Anything to thank you for the overhaul!
Cucouroux: I want you to bring me along! I won't get in the way! Promise!
Cucouroux: I just have to know what's in other skydoms! Someone might even want my gun designs!
Cucouroux: I'm begging you! I've got some skyfaring experience, so I can at least pull my own weight!
Continue 1
Cucouroux's expectant gaze is tough to ignore. (Captain) nods in assent.
Cucouroux: Really? Oh, that makes me so happy! You won't regret the decision, Captain!
And thus, the firearm designer Cucouroux joins (Captain)'s crew.
Master Gunsmith: We finally get Coux back and she goes running off on another adventure. Sob...
Gunsmith's Wife: No pouting, dear. Cucouroux, take care of yourself out there, okay?
Cucouroux: Right! Mom... Dad... I'm off!
Cucouroux: I can't believe Dad was actually crying back there!
Cucouroux: He always talked about guns as these amazing things. Even his daughters could defend themselves against monsters with them.
Cucouroux: So he held his head high and promised to create weapons fit for his precious little girls.
Cucouroux: He was always a goof, but he had his moments, too.
Lyria: You really respect your dad, don't you, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: I guess! Whatever the case, I'm always gonna be Daddy's precious little girl.
Cucouroux: Which means if you've got gun problems, just leave 'em to me! Looking forward to working with you, Captain!
With a smile on her face, Cucouroux once again lends her skills to a crew of skyfaring adventurers.
The considerable firearms knowledge of this straight shooter will no doubt prove useful to (Captain) and company in the journey to come.

Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!

Cucouroux is revealed to be afraid of centipedes during a routine cleaning of the ship. Her sister, Camieux, brings a letter from their parents requesting they collect sulfur from a nearby island.

(Captain) and company spend day after busy day handling requests across the sky.
When a moment of free time finally arrives, the crew eagerly dedicates itself to some much-needed cleaning of the ship's interior.
Lyria: How did dust end up in a place like this? Well, here goes!
Cucouroux: Watch it, Lyria! You'll get your hair dirty if you go under the table. How about we move it?
Cucouroux: Mind grabbing that end for me, (Captain)? Thanks! On my mark!
Vyrn: Anybody seen the dust cloth? I was planning to wipe up some of the shelves, but I can't find it anywhere!
Cucouroux: Aw, sorry Vyrn! We were using it earlier and I left it in storage. One sec, I'll go grab it!
Cucouroux: Aieeee!
Vyrn: Whoa! Did you guys hear that?
(Captain) and company head to the deck to investigate, where they find a very flustered Cucouroux rushing out of the storage room.
Lyria: Are you okay, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Ew! No! Gross!
Vyrn: Something wrong?
Cucouroux: Centipede! There's a c-centipede in there!
Cucouroux: If there's one thing I can't stand, it's c-c-centipedes!
(Captain) enters the storage room in Cucouroux's stead, clearing it of the multi-legged insect.
Cucouroux: Whew... Sorry about that, (Captain). Everything okay? It didn't bite you, did it?
Vyrn: Guess there are things that give even you the heebie jeebies, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: Of course there are! Just looking at a centipede makes my hair stand on end!
Cucouroux: I've gotten over a lot of stuff like this, but these things just... bug me.
Suddenly, a voice is heard calling from outside the ship.
No version of Camieux in crew

???: Good afternoon! Um, is anyone there?
Cucouroux: That voice... Camieux, is that you?
Cucouroux's sister Camieux has come to visit the ship.
Cucouroux: This is my little sister Camieux! Isn't she just adorable?
Lyria: Nice to meet you, Camieux! Just wanted to pay Cucouroux a visit?
Camieux: Well, you see... Dad has something he wants us to do, and... Oh, right! He gave me this letter!

Any version of Camieux is a crew member

Camieux: Hey, it's me, Camieux! I'm back!
Cucouroux: Come on up, Cammy!
As it turns out, Camieux left the ship to visit Sierokarte for an errand.
Camieux: Um, (Captain)? My dad wrote a letter with a request for you guys.
Continue 1
Cucouroux reads the letter from their gunsmith father.
Cucouroux: Hm, looks like he needs us to transport some sulfur used in gunpowder mixing. You definitely need someone you can trust for a job like that!
Camieux: Are you okay with taking the job, (Captain)?
Vyrn: No problem! Right, (Captain)?
Cucouroux: Thanks, you guys are a lifesaver!
Lyria: Okay, let's get going!
Cucouroux: Right on!
(Captain) and the crew head to the island specified in the letter to find some sulfur.

Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!: Scene 2

When the crew arrives at the island, they find the mine has been taken over by bandits. The crew vows to fight to save the mine.

Monster: Groaar!
Camieux: Eeep!
Cucouroux: Watch out!
Monster: Graaargh!
Cucouroux shoots down the monster right before it attacks Camieux.
Cucouroux: You okay, Camieux? Nothing hurts?
Camieux: Phew... That was scary. Thanks, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Nice work, everyone! I don't think monsters are going to be bothering us anymore. We can rest easy.
Vyrn: Heh heh, your big sis really looks after you, huh, Camieux?
Lyria: You two get along like two peas in a pod!
Camieux: Yup! I couldn't be more proud to have Cucouroux as my big sister!
Camieux: She's the coolest! There's nothing she can't do!
Cucouroux: Aw, you deserve a hug after all the hard work you put in getting me up on that pedestal!
Camieux: Hee hee, then I'm gonna hug you right back, Coux!
Cucouroux: Oh, so that's how it's gonna be? In that case, I'm gonna hug Lyria, too!
Lyria: Haha, that kinda hurts!
Cucouroux: Wanna get in on this too, (Captain)? Sure you do! C'mere!
(Captain) and the others continue their pleasant journey, eventually arriving at the sulfurous island.
Vyrn: Is it me, or does it stink here? Like rotten eggs, but... worse.
Cucouroux: That's sulfur for you. Any place you can find sulfur usually smells like this.
Soriz (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: Now that you mention it, it smelled like this when we went to the hot springs, didn't it?
Cucouroux: Yeah, hot springs are usually pretty close to sulfur-rich areas. I bet a lot of miners visit this island, too.
Cucouroux: Let's go pay a visit to the local mining authority and see if we can find some sulfur!
Camieux: Yes'm!
On the way to the mining authority, (Captain) and company encounter a panic-stricken local miner.
Camieux: Eep! Th-the mine's been taken over by bandits?
Miner: Afraid so. I managed to escape, but I haven't found anyone willing to help.
Cucouroux: That won't do! We have to bust you guys out of this jam, and quick!
Cucouroux: Let's sock it to these bandits, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: There they are! Let's use these boulders to cover our assault!
Cucouroux: They're a little far away, but that's nothing a few well placed bullets can't fix!
Cucouroux: Everyone ready? Here we go!

Ol' Cucouroux's Got This!: Scene 3

Cucouroux asks (Captain), Camieux, and the others to evacuate while she disarms a time bomb set by a bandit, but they refuse. After successfully dismantling the bomb, she notices a centipede has been on the bomb the entire time. This puts something of a damper on the celebrations.

Cucouroux: Not a problem! Camieux, (Captain), you're all fine, right?
Camieux: I'm fine, sis! Looks like the miners are safe, too.
Cucouroux: Okay then! Let's get these guys untied and get 'em outside!
Bandit: Not so fast! I've got a time bomb in here, and I'm the only one who knows how to disarm it!
Camieux: Eep! A t-t-time bomb? Wh-what should we do?
Cucouroux: Calm your horns, Camieux! Your big sister will figure this out.
Bandit: Heh! I'd like to see you try! I had it specially made to be impossible to defuse!
Cucouroux: Yeah, well, I'm a gunsmith! Which means it doesn't matter how that thing's put together! I'm still taking it apart at the end of the day!
Cucouroux: Hey, (Captain). You get the miners and these idiots out of here, okay?
Cucouroux: (I can talk big, but I don't really know what I'm up against.)
Cucouroux: (The explosion will probably cave-in the mine, but if I can get everyone outside nobody but me will get hurt.)
Camieux: Sis...
Cucouroux: What's wrong, Camieux? There's no time to dawdle! You and (Captain) need to get out of here!
Camieux: Sis, you dummy! You don't think you can disarm the bomb, do you?
Cucouroux: N-no, of course not. I just—
Camieux: I'm not letting you die alone in here, sis!
Camieux: For cryin' out loud! We're gonna work together to make sure that bomb gets disarmed no matter what, sis!
Lyria: That's right! We're not going anywhere!
Vyrn: Darn right! The miners will bring the bandits to the local authorities in the meantime!
Cucouroux: Oh, (Captain)... Sigh. Not like I've got much room to argue on my end.
Cucouroux: Okay, fine! I get the picture! Just leave it to ol' Cucouroux here!
And with that, she springs into action to disarm the bandit's time bomb.
Cucouroux: Let's see here... Looks like this section's magically reinforced... And this hourglass is the timer.
Vyrn: Gulp!
Cucouroux: Uh oh, looks like this switch controls gunpowder ignition. What about over here?
Cucouroux: If I remove this metal fitting here, it shouldn't be able to detonate... Okay, there we go!
The sand in the hourglass drains completely, but the time bomb remains silent.
Cucouroux: Whew...
Lyria: So it's... not going to explode, right?
Vyrn: Hoo boy, that had me on the edge of my seat! Well, not literally, but... you know.
Cucouroux: I told you I had this!
Camieux: That was incredible, Coux! You were so cool! The way you moved your hands was just like Dad!
Cucouroux: You really think so? Being compared to Dad is a heck of a compliment!
While petting her excited sister on the head, Cucouroux finally feels like the weight's been lifted from her shoulders. That said...
Camieux: Eeeeep! S-sis! O-o-over there!
Cucouroux: Hm? What's the matt—
Cucouroux: Aaaah! C-centipede! Centipede!
Lyria: It was crawling around on the time bomb the whole time!
Cucouroux: No way! No way, no way! This isn't happening! Oh no, it's crawling this way! Help!
Vyrn: Wow, Cucouroux was so focused on defusing the bomb that she never noticed the bug!
(Captain) glances at Vyrn, and they both know what they have to do: get these arthropods out of here.
Cucouroux—suffering through the throes of chilopodophobia—is soon led out of the cave by the rest of the crew.
An expert gunsmith with a heart of gold, Cucouroux's only weakness crawls on many, many legs.

Big Sister's Big Sis

Silva and Cucouroux share sisterly bonding time as they express concern for one another. The day ends with Cucouroux tucked into bed and lulled off to sleep by Silva.

(Captain) and company have taken a request to transport some cargo between islands.
Little did they know that it would turn out to be an extraordinarily tedious mission.
Vyrn: Man, that job was a pain in the tail. There must've been a million monsters back there!
Silva: Not to mention we had to cross half the island just to get that seal of approval.
Lyria: Oh, my legs... I can't walk another step.
Cucouroux: Whoa! Careful there, Lyria. Here, put your arm over my shoulder. Just hang in there till we get to the inn, okay?
Cucouroux: Heh. You're looking a little wobbly yourself, (Captain). Make sure you get some rest tonight, all right?
With the help of Cucouroux, the crew makes their way to the inn after a long, hard day.
After seeing (Captain) and the others off to their rooms, Cucouroux finally reaches her own bed.
Cucouroux: Urgh. Ol' Cucouroux here needs a good long nap herself.
Cucouroux: Dear me. I can't be goin' all soft when everyone's looking up to me.
Silva: Cucouroux! Are you there?
Cucouroux: Whoa! S-Silva?
Silva: Hey relax, no need to get up. Just lie down and rest.
Cucouroux: Is everything all right? Do you need me to tune-up your gun?
Silva: No, no. You just seemed really tired, I was worried about you.
Cucouroux: Guess the cat's out of the bag, huh? Yeah, I'm... a little tired.
Cucouroux: Just a teensy-tiny bit, though! It's no big deal, really! A quick nap and I'll be back in tip-top shape!
Silva: Oh, Cucouroux. You always push yourself too hard.
Silva lays a gentle hand on Cucouroux's forehead.
Silva: Hmm, no fever... yet. You'd better get some rest before you get any worse.
Silva: I know you want to put on a brave face when you're around Camieux and the others, but sometimes you overdo it .
Cucouroux: Yeah, you're right... I'll be more careful, okay? And I'll get some rest.
Cucouroux: But I don't want to hear that coming from you, Silva. You can't take the moral high ground here.
Silva: Huh? What do you mean?
Cucouroux: You've done the exact same thing since we were little! And you won't even admit it!
Cucouroux: Remember that time when we all got soaked in the rain?
Cucouroux: You rushed us home and were so busy making sure we wouldn't catch a cold that you didn't even stop to dry yourself off.
Cucouroux: You worked yourself so hard you collapsed.
Silva: Err, heh heh. Guess that did happen one time.
Cucouroux: That didn't happen just once. Remember when you were still learning from that marksman?
Cucouroux: When you hurt your hand from all the practice, you hid it. Mom gave you an earful when she found out.
Silva: I'm sorry. I didn't want you to worry about me, but I guess that wasn't the way to do it.
Cucouroux: Heh heh! See! I'm not the only one who overdoes it!
Silva: Well you're quite the talker, aren't you? I remember way back when I first met you and Camieux...
Silva: Camieux came back crying her eyes out. She said some boys at school had made fun of her.
Silva: You were so angry when you heard that. You stormed out of the house and really taught those boys a lesson.
Silva: Heh, it turned into quite the scene. Dad gave you a stern talking to after that.
Cucouroux: Argh, how do you even remember that!
Silva: Haha, just a reminder that you're not the only one who has some embarrassing stories up her sleeve.
Cucouroux: Heh. Well played, Sis.
Silva: And don't you forget it. You're outta your league if you think you can beat me at that game.
Silva: Well, look at the time. Cucouroux, you need to get some shut-eye.
Cucouroux: (Yawn)
Sure will, I'm beat.
Silva: Goodnight, Cucouroux.
Cucouroux: Goodnight, Sis.
Cucouroux lays down, shuts her eyes, and drifts off into bliss.
Watching over her beloved younger sister, Silva sings a calming lullaby that drifts through the air.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ククル姉ちゃんにど~んとお任せっ! Just let ol' Cucouroux here handle it!
銃のことならなんでも聞いて! If you've got gun questions, I've got gun answers!
お、綺麗な石み~っけ! Ooh, look at that beautiful gem over there!
ん~? お姉ちゃんに甘えたい? いいよ! Want me to spoil you? Sure thing!
何事も、まずは冷静に…ねっ! Whatever happens, you gotta stay cool!
お父ちゃん達、元気にしてるかな? I wonder if Mom and Dad are doing okay?
クムユ、泣いてないといいけど… Be strong, Camieux.
シルヴァ姉、無茶してないよね…? Don't do anything reckless, Silva.
(主人公)、銃のメンテ後でしようね Let's tune up your gun after this, (Captain).
(主人公)、無理しないんだよ? Don't get carried away, (Captain). Sound good?

Other Appearances


SV Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith.png SV Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith E.png
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Fanfare: Enhance (5) - Summon a Camieux, Gunpowder Gal. Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, deal 2 damage to the follower before it can deal any damage in return.

I'm sure we met for some reason or another. So just let ol' Cucouroux here give your firearm the overhaul it deserves!


Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, deal 2 damage to the follower before it can deal any damage in return.

Whenever you're sad, you can cry on ol' Cucouroux's shoulder! But, um, I think I know what you're thinking—my sisters, Silva and Camieux, would be much more comfortable to lean on. That makes me wanna cry too!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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