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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 161 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Making sweets, visiting the theater, taking care of her hair ornament
Likes Tristette
Dislikes Holding back tears
Character Release
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 17歳
Height 161cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies お菓子作り、観劇、髪飾りの手入れ
Likes トリステット
Dislikes 泣くのを我慢すること
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2]


This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Cupitan was raised by a single mother who hated her and blamed her for every bad things that had happened in their lives. She also believed that it was Cupitan's fault that her lover had abandoned her. Her attitude began to change when she found out that Cupitan was accordant with one of the weapons called Horoscopes. Through the power of the Rainbow Bow, Cupitan was able to see and manipulate people's emotions; and as a result, people began to gather around her to seek her valuable advice and divine guidance. Her mother managed to use this opportunity to win back her lover to her side, and together, the couple began to exploit Cupitan's unique ability, and used it to rack up a large amount of personal gain for themselves.

However, due to the rapid increase of Cupitan's fame, her parents could no longer keep up with her popularity, and decided to leave her to the hands of the local authority, who provided Cupitan with a better living space and a better treatment. Unfortunately, she became even more isolated from everyone in her life, since the people around her were constantly treating her as nothing more than an object of worship.

It was only after her meeting with Tristette — a young girl who was the Accordant for the Horoscope "Slarnd" — that her life began to change. The two of them became good friends, and spent most of their time together, until Navis — an organization that is attempting to summon a certain primal beast by gathering all the Horoscopes — began to hunt them, incessantly. In order to protect themselves, they were forced to kill a man (spoiler warning) that was sent by Navis to capture them. This unfortunate incident became the trigger that separated them from each other for many years.

And now, Cupitan joins the Main Character's crew to continue her quest to reunite with her long-lost friend, even after she has found out that Tristette has become an Auditor — a member of the very same organization that has been hunting for them since their young age.

End of spoilers.



  • Cupitan canonically wields the Rainbow Bow from the Vintage Weapon series.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I helped with making this birthday cake, so I really hope you like it!
Oh, you don't have to thank me! I'm the one who... sniff... should be thanking you!
Sniiiff! Hic, I'm sowwy...
Just seeing everyone in the crew working so hard to make something that'd you like...
It made me very happy that I could be in a place that's overflowing with such warmth and kindness.
Of course, I'm also just glad to be able to celebrate your birthday, because you're a precious friend.
Hehe. I'm looking forward to spending more time with you from here on out, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, Captain!
You're always doing so much for me, so I thought I'd return the favor and help you feel good today!
I won't be needing any prism arrows—instead, you'll be getting a massage from yours truly!
Hehe... Ris always seemed to enjoy them.
She'd always say I was up in her "personal space" or whatever, but I could tell from her face that she really liked them.
So! Let's get started—Could you lie on your back for me?
Huh? Well, if you don't lie on your back, how am I supposed to see your face, silly?
Anyway, don't sweat the details! You're gonna love it. Ready?


(Captain)! Happy birthdaaay!
So today... I'm here to listen to all your troubles! Talk to me about anything!
Oh nooo! You already look worried. Do I really not seem like I'm a good listener?
Wait, I can handle it! I've traveled all around serving as a sacred maiden and giving advice.
Ah, but... I won't use my Prism Arrows. I'm just gonna nod along and listen.
You work so hard, Captain. I'm sure you're really tired, so...
Just let everything out. It's your birthday after all! I'm here for you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain)! Do you happen to have some time right now?
Actually, it's always been my dream to spend New Year's with friends... so I'd really like it if we could spend the day together today!
Choose: Sure!
Thank you so much! Then first, let's play the "Pin the Face on Ris" game!
It's where we try to pin all of Ris's cute features to her face, blindfolded!
Come on, let's get started! Here, you can go first—put on this blindfold!
(Captain) fumbles around, blindly pinning props onto a cutout of Tristette's face before removing the blindfold.
Hehe, it's a little crooked! But since it's Ris, she still looks so adorable!
Okay, what should we do next? I brought a lot of things with me, so we have a lot of options!
I've got a Ris kite, Ris chess... Oh, and a card game with quotes from Ris! I really like that one!
Hehe... Don't worry, we still have plenty of time until morning to get through all of these, (Captain)!


I'm guessing "good luck" is good when it comes to New Year's Day fortunes, right? Phew!
Oh, there's more stuff below too! Health, education, living situation...
Wait... There's nothing here for Ris!
That can't be right. It's gotta be here somewhere! New encounters, marriage, loss...
I'm gonna go ask the shrine workers about this! I'll bet they can help me get to the bottom of this!
(Captain) runs to stop Cupitan before she ends up making a scene.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Here, (Captain)! I made some Valentine's chocolate cookies for you!
You like them? I'm glad to hear that! You know, Ris loves these cookies too.
Hehe. Come to think of it, Ris was so cute when I gave her first Valentine's present...
She said she didn't want it, but I still gave it to her and told her she was a precious friend to me.
That's when she blushed bright red and told me I was "annoying" and "stupid"!
But she still ate all of the cookies! Isn't that so endearing?
Ooh... I hope I can give her chocolates again soon, just like before...


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Did you know? Chocolate tastes better when you think about who you're gonna give it to while you make it!
I thought about you alllll day while making this!
Ta-da! Your very own 1/6 scale replica (Captain) made out of chocolate!
Ahaha... I might've have gone a little too far, huh?
That's what happens when I think about someone too much, I guess.
B-but don't worry, it's still good to eat! Please try it!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Last year I thought about you too much when I made the chocolates, so this year I tried thinking more about myself!
So I present my creation—a canvas of chocolate painted with my soul...
Ta-daaa! It's rainbow chocolate!
It's a shiny rainbow of colors all marbled together... Don't you think it just screams "me?"
It was super hard to get all these colors! I had to pick paints that wouldn't give you food poisoning or anything!
And the shine comes from mixing in some light from my Prism Arrows!
It tastes way better than you'd think. Go on, try some!

2nd year: 1/6 Scale Choco-Captain
3rd year: Mixed Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, (Captain)! Thank you sooo muuuch for the White Day preseeent!
Sniff... I'm sorry... I was just feeling so anxious.
I kept thinking, what if I didn't get anything in return on White Day... That'd mean we weren't real friends, right?
The more I thought about it, the more worried I got...
I just couldn't sleep. So once the date switched over to today, I sat beside the door to wait for you.
I'm really happy you actually came! Though, my legs kind of fell asleep...
Thank you, (Captain)! I hope we can become even better friends from here on!


Sniff... Weeeugh... Thank you sooo much for the White Day present, (Captain)!
Sowwy... I got a little worried that you weren't coming.
It's fine though. I had your White Day present from last year to look at to calm myself down.
(Captain) is taken aback, as the cookies the captain made last year for Cupitan have surely gone bad by now.
Hehe, don't be silly. There's no way I was gonna eat a gift from you—that'd be the same as throwing it away!
I've already preserved them. See? This way they'll last forever!
And don't you worry, I'm gonna do the same for this year's too!


Captaaain! Sniff, I'm sooo habby to get a pwesent agaaain! Thank youuu!
But... wait, is this a handkerchief? You thought I might need one?
Aww, (Captain)! Sniffle, you're the most conswiderate person eveeer!
I'm sooo habby! I'd hate to ruin it, but I'll try it out right now!
Sniffle! Snooork!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain) is walking through town when Cupitan suddenly approaches the captain, looking excited.
Yaaay, (Captain)! Trick or treeeat!
Give me a treat or I'm going to play a prank on you! Whoooo!
I'll pour buckets of paint in different colors over you and make you all rainbow—
Suddenly, Cupitan puts her hands to her head and collapses.
Choose: Are you okay!
Nngh... (Captain)... Hurry, you have to run before I play a prank on you...
To be honest, I've never played a prank on a friend before... and it's making me so nervous...
That's why... I tried to get myself excited for it with a Prism Arrow.
But I think I went too far... Now my body's just itching to play pranks!
This is going to last for a few more hours... so you need to make a run for it!
Yaaay! Or else, I might end up doing something crazy, (Captain)! Whoooo!


Cupitan approaches (Captain) in a particularly jaunty mood.
Cupitan: Hic... (Captain)... Habby Hawwoween...
You havin' fuuun? I'm feelin suuuper good right now...
Let's live it uuuup and get our trick or treat ooon!
As Cupitan flaps her arms merrily, the captain notices a letter drops to the ground.
Cupitan's Letter: If you're reading this letter, it most likely means that I'm feeling a bit zonked.
Don't worry, it's not what you think. I just thought I'd use one of my prism arrows to get me in a lighter mood for Halloween...
But it looks like I might've overdone it again.
Could you do me a favor and shut me in my room before I do something really embarrassing?
I'll make sure to thank you later. Much appreciated.
Cupitan: Whatcha doooin', (Captain)? Geez, if you keep lookin' at me like that I'm gonna bluuush...
(Captain) takes Cupitan back to her room so she can safely spend the night there without incident.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ooh, this scarf is so cute! Maybe I could get one for Ris and one for myself so we match...
Huh? (Captain)?
Oh no, I'm sorry I didn't notice you there! Are you here shopping for presents too?
Hehe, actually, me too. I came to buy a gift for Ris!
Every year, Ris and I have a party together to celebrate the holiday, and we exchange presents.
I gave her a really warm hat last year and she loved it, so this year I wanted to give her a scarf that'd look good with the hat!
What color do you think would suit Ris, (Captain)?
Choose: Um, does Ris actually...
Come to the party? Nope! I always have the party with the Ris that lives in my heart!
She's really excited for the cake I made today too! It's a chocolate cake, just like she wanted!
Hehe. I can't wait to show her everything! She's going to be so happy!


Oh, (Captain)! I have a super important favor I'd like to ask...
Would you... go see a play with me?
My favorite theater troupe is actually putting on a special winter production tonight! I have to be there!
(Captain) smiles in response, happy to accompany the young Accordant.
You really mean it? Thank you, thank you!
Oh! One more favor, if you don't mind. Can you hold on to this bag for me?
I'm definitely gonna be in my feelings... If the waterworks start going, just pop it over my head!
I always lose it during the emotional parts, but I don't wanna ruin it for everyone else.
It's actually super embarrassing, but I've been banned from a few theaters.
I could use a Prism Arrow, but that wouldn't sit right with me, you know? So I came up with this as a solution!
You don't know how much this means to me, (Captain). Oh, I just can't wait!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Rainbow Maiden

(Captain) and company have an unexpected reunion with Cupitan, whom they once worked with to fight against the crime syndicate Navis. Though Cupitan had been on a journey to look for her friend Tristette, she is now serving as the sacred maiden of a village, where she solves the people's problems with the power of her Rainbow Bow. After being freed from her duties at the village with the help of the crew, Cupitan decides to join the others on their journey.

(Captain) and company stop by a village in the middle of their travels, where they meet the village chief who tells them a curious story.
Village Chief: Actually, in our village, there is a sacred maiden who solves all of our problems.
Village Chief: It's thanks to her power that all of us are able to be liberated from our worries and live our lives in bliss.
Village Chief: Your coming here must be fate. Why don't you pay a visit to the sacred maiden before you go?
Interest piqued, the crew follows the village chief to a residence located slightly outside of the town.
Tikoh: Hm, a maiden who can solve any problem, huh? If only...
Tikoh not in crew

This is Tikoh, a doctor well-versed in healing magic who is currently on the search for an organization called Navis.
Lyria: Tikoh? Is something wrong? Why are you looking at your thighs like that?
Tikoh: I-it's nothing! It's not like they're thick or anything! I don't have any problems that need solving!
Vyrn: What the heck are you talkin' about...
Vyrn: Wait, did you just hear that? It sounded like someone crying...
They draw closer to the mansion and enter the courtyard where a woman is sitting, deep in discussion with the maiden.
Villager: Hnngh... Oh, sacred maiden, please lend me your aid!
Cupitan: Sniff... Of course. Let's float up from this blue sea of sadness and break through the surface together!
Lyria: Huh? Isn't that... Cupitan?
Cupitan, a girl who wields the Rainbow Bow and can see the colors of people's emotions.
The crew had worked together with Cupitan before in their fight against the crime syndicate Navis.
Tikoh: You mean the sacred maiden's... Cupitan?
Surprised at the familiar face, the crew continues to watch as Cupitan talks with the villager.
Villager: Please! I've carried this burden for so long... I can't take it anymore!
Cupitan: It's all right. Just relax. I'll be here to listen when you're ready.
Cupitan: Rainbow Arrow... Let this be a prayer to the child of caprice, and link us to a dream of golden hue.
Cupitan: Now, take a hold of this arrow. You'll feel much better.
Villager: Ah... Thank you, maiden. I've calmed down...
Comforted by the power of Cupitan's arrow, the villager begins to speak what's on her mind.
Villager: The thing is... I've been thinking about breaking up with my long-time boyfriend.
Despite having once been an affectionate couple, the words the woman and her partner exchange and the time they spend together have been decreasing little by little.
Hearing about the deteriorating relationship, Cupitan nods empathetically as tears well up in her eyes.
Villager: Even if we stay together, it'll only be hard for the both of us... If that's the case, then it's probably better if we just broke up.
Cupitan: ...
Cupitan: Do you really believe, from the bottom of your heart, that you want to break up with him?
Villager: Huh?
Cupitan: The deep, red color of your love is still burning bright in your heart!
Cupitan: I can see it. You still love your boyfriend very much, don't you?
Villager: ...!
Cupitan: People change—your boyfriend, as well as yourself.
Cupitan: But there are some things that never change. And the love you feel is one of them.
Villager: Oh, sacred maiden!
Cupitan: You don't want to break up, do you? Don't you want to give your relationship another try?
Villager: Yes... In reality, I don't want to break up! He's all that I have!
Cupitan: Then first, you must have an honest talk with your boyfriend.
Cupitan: Have you told him how you feel? And have you taken the time to listen to what he has to say?
Villager: That's right... I've only been thinking about this on my own.
Cupitan: Another option is to talk to a friend about your day-to-day problems.
Cupitan: F-for example, you could consider talking to me, as a friend—
Villager: I think I'll be okay! I finally get it... and it's all thanks to you, sacred maiden!
Cupitan: Huh? Oh, that's... wonderful...
Villager: Once my boyfriend comes back from work, I'll have an open talk with him!
Cupitan: Yes, that sounds good. I hope that the two of you will be able to grow closer to each other again.
The villager leaves the courtyard, her steps lighter than before. Cupitan watches the woman go before letting out a small sigh.
Cupitan: Sigh... I couldn't make another new friend.
Cupitan: Ris... I really do need you.
Cupitan: I wish we could go back to how we used to be. I'm going to work hard so that it happens...
Tikoh: It's been a while, Cupitan. Great job just now.
Cupitan: Huh... Ti? (Captain)? Everyone's here!
Cupitan: Why? Am I feeling so lonely that I'm starting to see things?
Tikoh: Don't be silly. We were passing by this village when we heard something about a sacred maiden...
Vyrn: Whoa, talk about a surprise. Who'd have thought Rainbow Girl would be here!
(Captain), Cupitan, and company exchange smiles, glad to see one another again.
Lyria: But why are you here at this village, Cupitan?
Cupitan: Well, actually...
Cupitan: While I was passing through this village, I stumbled across an elderly man on the road who appeared to be having some trouble.
Cupitan: Turns out he was the chief of this village. He started calling me a "sacred maiden" and introduced me as such to all the villagers...
Cupitan: And when I started listening to everyone's concerns, they ended up welcoming me into their community as their sacred maiden...
Vyrn: So that's what happened... I guess you do sparkle a lot, and that power you've got is pretty amazing.
Cupitan: Right... I have to say this happens quite often, actually.
Tikoh: And you're okay with that? Weren't you traveling around so you could find Trisette and talk things over with her?
Tristette—a girl who was once Cupitan's best friend but now works for Navis.
Their friendship has since been broken by Tristette, causing much distress for Cupitan.
However, through meeting Tikoh and sharing her feelings with others, Cupitan was able to regain her determination to rebuild her relationship with Trisette.
Cupitan: Yes, like you said, I was on my search for Ris...
Cupitan: But I just can't leave someone alone when they're in trouble.
Lyria: You're so kind, Cupitan. You helped us before too.
Cupitan: I didn't do anything, really! I'm just happy there are people who need me, and it makes me feel that we could be friends.
Vyrn: I don't know... I think they've gone past the "need" point. They're practically worshippin' ya.
Cupitan: Ugh... Yes, I suppose you're right. That always happens.
Cupitan: You could say I have a tendency to be worshipped... I can never make any friends, and I always end up being by myself.
Cupitan: That's why the fact Ris and I were able to meet and become friends must've been fate.
Cupitan: We shared our pain and our sadness... and felt double the happiness!
Cupitan: We also liked to share the pancakes I made too!
Tikoh: Hm?
Cupitan: Ris had a sweet tooth, so I'd put in twice the amount of sugar and pour the syrup over the pancakes until they were—
Cupitan: Oh, I'm sorry. Where were we again?
Vyrn: Wow, er... You haven't changed a bit. It's still all about Trisette, huh?
(Captain) and company explain the situation to the village chief, asking him to let Cupitan resume her travels once more.
Village Chief: I see... If the sacred maiden has something she must do, then it is not my place to stop her.
Village Chief: You have my utmost gratitude for saving so many of us in this village.
Cupitan: I hardly deserve your kind words! Thank you for welcoming me in so warmly—it made me really happy!
When the villagers hear news of Cupitan's departure, they gather together to send her off.
Villager: Guess what? Thanks to you, sacred maiden, my boyfriend and I are back to being super lovey-dovey!
Cupitan: That's wonderful to hear! You've motivated me to do my best too!
Village Chief: Thank you so much for brightening up our village!
Cupitan: Waaah! Take care, everyooone!
Cupitan waves goodbye to the villagers, her eyes watering and nose dripping.
After some time, Cupitan finally calms down and turns to the crew.
Cupitan: Thank you again for your help, everyone. I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere...
Tikoh: Wait a second! You aren't planning to continue traveling on your own, are you?
Cupitan: Huh? Of course I am.
Tikoh: Are you sure that's wise? With your "tendency" to be worshipped by others and all, do you think you'll be able to get out of it by yourself next time?
Cupitan: Hnngh... I don't know...
Tikoh: (Captain), what do you say we have Cupitan travel with us?
Cupitan: Wha.. Whaaa!
Lyria: Actually, I was thinking how it'd be nice if we could travel together too!
Vyrn: Yeah. We're still on the search for Navis too, so it'd make sense for us to work together, right?
Cupitan: A-are you sure you want to... travel with me?
  1. Of course!
  2. We're sure.

Choose: Of course!
Choose: We're sure.
(Captain) nods firmly and extends a hand toward Cupitan.
Cupitan: Hnnngh...
Cupitan: Waaah! Thank you sooo much!
Tikoh: Oh gosh, there goes the waterworks! Your nose is dripping again!
Cupitan: Fsssh! Sniiiff!
Cupitan: Hic... I've been chasing after Ris by myself for so long I... didn't think that could change!
Cupitan: I'd be happy to travel with all of you! Thank you for having me, Capt!
  1. Capt?

Choose: Capt?
Cupitan: Hehe. That's your new name! Capt, short for Captain!
Cupitan: You're my travel companions—in other words, my friends. And I read in a book before that friends call each other by nicknames!
Vyrn: Whoa, that was fast... I guess not havin' too many friends makes it hard to know how to pace a new friendship.
  1. I don't know about "Capt"...

Choose: I don't know about "Capt"...
Cupitan: Hm... All right. You can stay as (Captain) then!
Tikoh: Oh, if that's the case, getting called "Ti" is a little embarrassing so I'd prefer you just call me "Tikoh"—
Cupitan: Nope! Ti is always going to be Ti!
Tikoh: What!
Cupitan: Lyria is going to be "Lyr", and Vyrn... can stay "Vyrn," hehe.
Vyrn: Sigh... Whatever makes ya happy, I guess.
Cupitan breaks into a big smile.
Cupitan: (Wait for me, Ris! I'll definitely find you, together with (Captain) and everyone here.)
Cupitan: (Then we can become even better friends than before!)
Cupitan: Hehe. Hehehe...
And with that, the pure-hearted Cupitan joins the crew on their journey.
Her adventure continues, the road in front of her lit by the colors of the rainbow.

A Bridge of Colorful Emotions

Cupitan makes treats to hand out to the other crew members, but comes back crying when Tikoh and Fiorito won't accept the snacks. Convinced that the two don't like her enough to be friends, Cupitan rushes off to find a way to appeal to them. (Captain) and company run after her.

Several days have passed since Cupitan started traveling with (Captain) and company.
Cupitan is in the living room of the Grandcypher, enveloped by a most scrumptious smell.
Cupitan: Hehe, what do you think of my specially made pancakes?
Lyria: Mmm, they're so sweet and delicious! I love them!
Lyria: Do you think I could have... seconds?
Cupitan: Of course! I made plenty enough for seconds!
Vyrn: This is really good! No wonder you were so confident about 'em!
Seeing the crew savoring the pancakes puts a smile on Cupitan's face.
Cupitan: Hehe, this sure brings back memories... Ris used to ask for seconds too, just like Lyr.
Cupitan: Ris isn't good at showing her feelings, so she never tells me she wants seconds.
Cupitan: But when I add pancakes to her plate, she gobbles them right up!
Lyria: Hehe. The two of you really got along with each other!
Cupitan: We did! After about ten pieces she starts saying "I really don't need anymore" or "Are you stupid?"
Cupitan: But I know she's just not good at expressing her true thoughts! That's why I keep adding to her plate despite what she says.
Cupitan: And in the end, she'd eat everything up and roll around on the ground happily like she can't move anymore!
Vyrn: (I dunno if she really was rolling around happily... Sounds more like her stomach was in pain.)
But Vyrn can't bring himself to tell Cupitan, who is smiling blissfully to herself.
Vyrn: H-hey, Rainbow Girl, that's a whole lotta desserts you're makin' there... Is that all... for us?
Cupitan: Silly Vyrn! Of course not!
Cupitan: I'm making these to give out to the crew. I thought I'd say hi to everyone since I just joined and all.
Cupitan: Oh, but if you're not full yet, I can definitely make more for you—
Vyrn: N-no, I'm okay! I, uh, actually eat pretty little!
Vyrn shakes his head vigorously as Cupitan finishes putting cookies and other snacks into little bags.
Cupitan: Well then, off I go to hand these out!
Cupitan waves to (Captain) and company and leaves the room looking satisfied.
Cupitan: Waaah!
Lyria: Cupitan! What's wrong?
After some time, Cupitan returns to the living room in tears.
Vyrn: Hey, looks like most of your snack bags are gone. Was everyone happy with them?
Cupitan: Sniff... Yes... They all said the treats were delicious, and I think I made some new friends...
Cupitan: But... But...
Lyria: But?
Cupitan: Ti and Fiorito wouldn't accept their shaaare!
  1. Tikoh and Fiorito?

Choose: Tikoh and Fiorito?
With Tikoh worrying over her weight lately and Fiorito prioritizing nourishment for her muscles as usual, it is no surprise to the others that the two refused the sweets.
Cupitan: Hic... They must've said no to the treats because my likeability wasn't high enough, so they didn't want to be friends with me yet!
Vyrn: "Likeability"?
Cupitan: I learned it from a theatre show I saw before. You have to make sure your likeability's high for your relationships with others to grow.
Lyria: Um, Cupitan, I think Tikoh and Fio just have their own reasons for not being able to—
Cupitan: I need to work harder! I need to become friends with them!
Vyrn: Wh-whoa! Where do you think you're goin'?
Before the others can say any more, Cupitan rushes out of the room.
Lyria: I wonder what Cupitan's going to do now...
Vyrn: She just dives straight into whatever's on her mind, huh... I hope she's gonna be okay.
Vyrn: We should go after her just in case, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and begins to run after Cupitan.
As for where Cupitan is heading, no one is sure.

A Bridge of Colorful Emotions: Scene 2

Cupitan finds Fiorito training outside and begins to train with her. Seeing Cupitan struggling, Fiorito gives advice on how to properly exercise and tells Cupitan about the various names of her muscles, which leads to an enthusiastic conversation between the two girls.

(Captain) and the others find Cupitan hiding among the grass in a field outside.
The crew duck into the shade of a nearby forest, peeking out from behind the trees at their friend.
Vyrn: What's she gonna do in a place like this anyway?
Lyria: Oh, look! That's...
Fiorito: Aaah! There's the florigen! You're blooming, Rosa!
Fiorito: Yes, the scarlet petals are opening up! It's prime season for my muscle garden! Entrance fee's at 20,000 rupies!
Vyrn: Whoa, it's Muscle Lady! So this is where she's trainin'.
Cupitan watches intensely as Fiorito continues her solo training.
Cupitan: (Hehehe... Now I know where Fiorito usually trains at this time!)
Cupitan: (I'm feeling kind of nervous, but I'm going to try and talk to her!)
The rainbow-haired girl eagerly continues watching Fiorito, waiting for the right opportunity.
However, Cupitan can't help but see the color of Fiorito's emotions as she watches.
Cupitan: (The purple color of betrayal from before is gone now, replaced by a warm orange that symbolizes the trust in her friends.)
Cupitan: (But the grey color of conflict is growing stronger... Guilt, regret, vengeance, and other negative emotions are mixed in...)
Cupitan: (Ah, no! I can't intrude on people's feelings like this!)
The power of the Rainbow Bow could allow her to further examine the feelings harbored within Fiorito.
But Cupitan chooses not to do so, and instead decides to talk to Fiorito directly. When Fiorito finally takes a break from her training, Cupitan jumps out from her hiding spot.
Cupitan: Hello, Fiorito! Who would've thought that we'd bump into each other here! What a coincidence!
Fiorito: Oh, Cupitan. Sorry, about the snacks earlier—
Cupitan: Oh, that's all right! I know my likeability wasn't high enough for you yet!
Fiorito: Huh? Likeability?
Cupitan: Anyway, I actually came to do some training myself!
Fiorito: Really? I didn't know you liked to work out too.
Cupitan: I do! In fact, I'm super into working out!
Cupitan: (Actually, I've never done this before... but I can't miss this chance!)
Cupitan: (People meet by coincidence and discover common ground through similar interests. That's how a lot of friendships start in theatre!)
Cupitan: (Let's see... Fiorito was doing some kind of pose like this earlier...)
Cupitan gets down and plants her arms, elbows, and toes on the ground, lifting her body up slightly.
Fiorito: Going for a plank, huh? The basic for any type of training, especially when building core strength!
Cupitan: Huh? Y-yeah, that!
Cupitan: Eep!
Cupitan: (Wh-why is this so hard! I'm just holding myself up but my entire body's shaking!)
Her body screams in agony as Cupitan tries to maintain her position.
Fiorito: Um, Cupitan?
Cupitan: (Oh no! I don't think I can...)
Not being able to bear it anymore, Cupitan is about to collapse onto the ground when Fiorito steps in.
Fiorito: Make sure your butt's parallel with the ground. Remember that your body should be straight, from head to toe.
Cupitan: Huh?
Fiorito reaches out to support Cupitan's body, guiding her to the correct position.
Fiorito: Haha. It's obvious you're still a beginner. But no worries, I can help you get it right.
Fiorito: No, I'll make sure you get it right! I can't stand it when people are doing things the wrong way in a workout!
Cupitan: (I'm not sure what's going on, but this might be heading in the right direction after all!)
Fiorito continues teaching Cupitan until she is finally able to hold a plank by herself.
Cupitan: Huff, huff... Thank you...
Fiorito: Hey, that was pretty good! Next time, try focusing less on your arms and more on your abs to really strengthen that core.
Cupitan: It's hard not to put my strength into my arms and toes when holding myself up...
Fiorito: You should name your muscles, you know. I call my abs Rosa, and that really helps me focus on them.
Fiorito: Though... I guess that's really weird to other people—
Cupitan: That's a fantastic idea! It's like making muscles into characters within a show!
Fiorito: Huh? Wait, you can relate?
Cupitan: Definitely! I still don't understand completely, of course, but Rosa makes me think of a cute princess.
Fiorito: Ooh! Yeah, that's what I was going for! I was picturing a tomboy princess. I've actually got names for my other muscles too...
Cupitan: I'd love to hear about them! Theatre and stories are my passion so I really like imagining things too!
Fiorito: Okay, lemme tell you all about 'em! I can't believe I can finally tell someone the Muscle Love Story I've had in my head all this time...
Fiorito: Let's see, where should I start... Maybe my pecs? The name's Girasole.
Cupitan: Ooh, so like a sunflower! Were you imagining a dashing prince?
Fiorito: Exactly! Rosa has a crush on him, so...
The two sit down on the grass, deep in conversation.
(Captain) and company look on from their hiding place, relieved to see the two girls getting along.
Lyria: This is wonderful! I'm glad Cupitan and Fiorito were able to find something in common!
Vyrn: Yeah. Who knew a new friendship could start from the names of muscles?
Cupitan and Fiorito go on to act out an improvised play using various muscles, all the while enjoying their time together.
Though strange and unexpected, their encounter appears to be a fated one as the sun shines down on the two dreamers.

A Bridge of Colorful Emotions: Scene 3

The next day, Cupitan efficiently helps Tikoh with her medical work. Afterward, Cupitan learns from (Captain) and company that the reason Fiorito and Tikoh didn't accept her treats was because the two were on strict diets. Hearing this, Cupitan asks the crew for a favor.

Happy at her success in befriending Fiorito, the very next day, Cupitan starts thinking up a plan on how to approach Tikoh.
Cupitan: (Since Ti's a doctor, I'm sure she's busy. Inviting her out would be difficult...)
Cupitan: (But since she has so much work, maybe I can help her with it, and our friendship can blossom from there!)
Cupitan: And that's why I hope you'll let me help out!
Tikoh: What's why? I'm not following at all.
Cupitan is visiting Tikoh at a small medical office set up within the Grandcypher.
Tikoh often examines crew members and any patients that need medical attention wherever the ship docks.
Cupitan: There's going to be patients coming in from the port today, isn't there? I think you could use some assistance!
Tikoh: Well, I guess some help would be nice... but somehow that's making me more nervous right now.
Cupitan: It'll be fine! Maybe!
Despite Tikoh's uneasiness, she agrees to let Cupitan assist her in her work for the afternoon.
Tikoh: Right... So you slipped, then fell and hit your head. Just in case, we'll give you a full checkup and—
Cupitan: Magic light that shows the inside of the body! Here, I've retrieved the substance needed for that from the shelf!
Tikoh: Huh? Oh, th-thank you...
Tikoh: This wound will need surgery. I'll make the preparations now—
Cupitan: I've brought over the required equipment! They've all been sterilized!
Tikoh: Huh?
Tikoh's examinations of her patients go smoothly, largely thanks to Cupitan's efficient support.
Eventually, the afternoon visiting hours wrap up for the day, and Tikoh finally expresses her astonishment.
Tikoh: You're amazing! How do you know exactly what I need every single time?
Cupitan: Hehe, but of course! I've been watching you work from a distance, after all!
Tikoh: Wha! Since when?
Cupitan: Huh? Well, I just wanted to know more about you as a friend.
Tikoh: (It was really helpful, but... a little scary.)
Though slightly taken aback, Tikoh smiles at the innocent-looking Cupitan.
Tikoh: Well, that honesty of yours is one thing I appreciate about you.
Cupitan: Yaaay! A compliment from Tikoh!
Tikoh: Oh, speaking of which, a patient in the afternoon told me that there's a place high up near the port with an amazing night view.
Tikoh: Would you want to take a walk together and go check it out tonight?
Cupitan: I-I would love to! But are you sure you won't be too busy with going through your patients' records in the evening?
Tikoh: It's scary how you knew that too... But it'll be fine. I also want to treat you to dinner on the way back as thanks for today.
Cupitan: Treat me to dinner? Wow! Thank you, I'd love that!
Excited about her plans with Tikoh, Cupitan skips out of the medical office.
Cupitan: La-la-la!
Vyrn: Hey, Rainbow Girl. You're lookin' pretty happy there.
Cupitan: Yes, I'm happy I was able to have a talk with both Fio and Ti!
Cupitan: Now that we've gotten closer, I'm sure they'll accept my treats!
Lyria: Oh, actually, Cupitan... About the sweets...
(Captain) and company explain to the rainbow-haired girl that the reason Fiorito and Tikoh didn't take the treats wasn't because they didn't like her.
Lyria: I think Tikoh's trying to watch her diet for the next while...
Vyrn: And Muscle Lady's always careful about what she eats, so she just makes her own food.
Cupitan: Oh! Is that what it was? Here I was, jumping to conclusions...
Vyrn: Yeah... I thought you'd be able to tell, with your power to see the colors of emotions and stuff.
  1. Were you trying not to look?

Choose: Were you trying not to look?
Cupitan: Yes...
Cupitan: The past me would have tried to peek into their emotions to see what they thought of me, because I wasn't very confident.
Cupitan: But now that all of you have accepted me into your crew...
Cupitan's expression is shy as she struggles to put her thoughts into words.
Cupitan: If I rely on the Rainbow Bow, then it wouldn't be a fair relationship. That's how I often came to be worshipped instead.
Cupitan: I don't need to read emotions... or rather, it's better if I don't read the other person's emotions if I want us to be friends.
Lyria: Cupitan...
Cupitan: It's like looking at a beautiful night view. It may be dark all around, but that's what makes the lights shine brighter.
Cupitan: At least, that's how I'm imagining the night view will be tonight!
  1. We're already friends, Cupitan.

Choose: We're already friends, Cupitan.
Cupitan: Oh, (Captain)! Did you come to make me cry? I'm about to burst into tears! Loud tears!
Lyria: Ahaha... (Captain)'s right though!
Vyrn: Yeah! You're already our friend, so if there's anything you need, just let us know and we'll be there to help!
Cupitan: Something I need, huh?
Cupitan wipes away her tears and thinks for a moment.
Cupitan: Then, do you think I could ask for a favor?

A Bridge of Colorful Emotions: Scene 4

The following day, Cupitan presents Fiorito and Tikoh with special treats that she prepared—cookies made from tofu, and a low-calorie cake. As it turns out, Fiorito and Tikoh had also each prepared a present for Cupitan. Touched by the crew's kindness, Cupitan is determined once more to someday share this warmth with Tristette as well.

The following day, (Captain) asks Fiorito and Tikoh to come to the living room.
Fiorito: What's the matter, (Captain)? You said you wanted to talk about something?
Vyrn: Actually, it's not (Captain) who wants to talk.
Vyrn glances behind him, which acts as a cue for Cupitan to make her appearance, holding two small bags.
Tikoh: Cupitan?
I can smell something sweet coming from those bags...
Cupitan: That's right! I made something new for the both of you!
Fiorito: Oh... Look, I'm really happy you're doing this for me, but sweet things just aren't good for the muscles—
Cupitan: No problem! I made sure these desserts are something that would suit you!
Tikoh: Something that would suit us?
Cupitan smiles and hands each of them a bag.
Cupitan: Hehe. Take a look inside them!
Fiorito and Tikoh exchange glances, then slowly open their bags.
Fiorito: Hm? Are these... cookies? They look good, but my muscles can't...
Rosa: ...!
Fiorito: Wait a sec! Rosa seems... happy with these!
Cupitan: Hehe. They're cookies made from tofu! I heard from (Captain) that tofu would be good for the muscles.
Tikoh: And mine's... a cake? Is this different from a normal cake too?
Cupitan: Yes! The cake is made from bananas and doesn't contain any sugar or butter! It's great for when you're on a strict diet!
Lyria: We gave them a taste earlier, and both were absolutely delicious!
Cupitan: All of us worked on these, and I'm quite proud of them. I'd love it if you gave them a try!
Feeling their mouths watering, Fiorito and Tikoh slowly take a bite from their desserts.
Fiorito & Tikoh: Aah!
Fiorito: What is this! It's so naturally sweet and delicious! Wouldn't you say, Rosa?
Rosa: ...!
Tikoh: This tastes amazing! I almost can't believe a treat like this could be good for my body too!
Tikoh: The wonderful feeling of not having to hold back on something sweet... I can't help myself!
Cupitan: Hehe, there's enough for seconds, so please eat up!
As the two girls happily munch on their desserts, Cupitan smiles contentedly beside them.
After eating, Fiorito and Tikoh go to their own rooms to retrieve something before returning to the living room.
Fiorito: This isn't exactly in return for the treat you made for me, but I've got something for you, Cupitan.
Cupitan: Huh?
Fiorito holds out a large box and hands it to Cupitan.
Fiorito: Here, a beginner's training set! Inside it are dumbbells, stretch bands, and other basic equipment.
Fiorito: It was really fun working out with you, so I'm kinda hoping you'll keep it up.
Cupitan: Wh-whaaa! Th-these are... for me?
Fiorito: Ahaha, look at you getting all flustered.
Tikoh: Me too. I wanted to give you a gift since we became friends and all.
Tikoh holds out a bag and wraps Cupitan's fingers around it.
Tikoh: These are tools for maintaining precious items. I noticed you clean the hair ornament you received from Tristette every day...
Tikoh: So I thought you might like some tools that could be useful for that.
Cupitan: Both of these presents... are for me?
Cupitan: Waaah! Thank you, both of yooou!
Cupitan: I-I... didn't think I'd ever receive gifts from friends like thiiis!
Fiorito: Wh-whoa, your nose is dripping!
Cupitan: Sniiiff! Fsssh!
Cupitan: Sniff... Thank you so much! I'll definitely treasure these!
Cupitan: I'll make sure to keep them in pristine condition—they're symbols of our friendship, after all. I'll need to buy a safe to store these...
Tikoh: I certainly hope you use them instead of storing them away!
Cupitan: Oh, all right... I'll do as you say and use them very carefully!
Despite her red, teary eyes, a smile spreads across Cupitan's face as the others gather around her.
Cupitan: (I thought a happy scene like this was only possible in stories and theatre...)
Cupitan: (I hope that, someday, Ris will be able to join us too.)
Cupitan dreams of a day when Tristette will be here, riding the Grandcypher with them on their journey across the skies.
Praying this dream will one day come to fruition, Cupitan sets her eyes on the path that lies in front of her and her new companions.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あの雲、リスちゃんの顔に似てませんか? Doesn't that cloud look kind of like Ris?
ふふ、リスちゃん、待っててね…… Hehe. Wait for me, Ris...
お友達を作るのって、難しいですよね…… Making friends is hard...
リスちゃんは優しくて可愛くてすごいんです♪ Ris is so kind, so cute, and just so amazing!
髪飾りは毎日丁寧に手入れしてますよ! I make sure to clean and take care of my hair ornament every day!
私、物心ついた時には虹の弓に適合していて…… I've been accordant with the Rainbow Bow for as long as I can remember.
フィオちゃんとの筋肉演劇楽しかったなぁ…… Muscle theatre with Fio was so fun!
お仕事中のティーちゃん、かっこいいんですよね~! Ti is so cool when she's working hard at her job!
(主人公)さんは大切なお友達です! You're a very precious friend of mine, (Captain)!
(主人公)さん、お菓子をどうぞ! Here's some dessert I made, (Captain)!