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Official Profile

Age 38
Height 187 cm
Race Humans
Hobbies Reading, tend his vegetable garden, playing with cats
Likes Cats, vegetarianism, establishing his own rules
Dislikes Orders, crowds, restrictions

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 38歳
Height 187cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書、家庭菜園、猫と戯れること
Likes 猫、菜食主義、己の定めたルール
Dislikes 命令、群れること、束縛されること

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]





  • "Freiheit means" "freedom" in German.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Today is a special day, isn't it? Well then you ought to stop by us for a visit.
Lord Riviera, in particular, would like to wish you a happy birthday. You wouldn't want to disappoint him, would you?
And Lord Mukuta says he'll let you play with his paws. You've left quite an impression on those guys, you know.


Your birthday has rolled around once again... Well then, let's head to my room at once. Lord Rivera and the others are waiting.
Heh heh heh! You should be pleased! This year, Lord Vapaus has given you permission to play with his paw pads!
As far as I know, Lord Vapaus has never let anyone touch his paw pads before...
Congratulations. You have been rewarded for a full year of hard work!


The time has come! It is your birthday and we shall celebrate!
Please follow me to my quarters where Lord Rivera and the others await...
Hm? Oh, my apologies. I suppose I was getting a little ahead of myself. I was surprised to learn this, you see.
It would seem that for this year's birthday gift, you shall get to play with Lord Aselia's paw pads and tummy!
It's wonderful! It truly is... We've been watching you this past year and your effort has not gone unnoticed.
Please keep it up!


Happy birthday. What do you say we head to my quarters?
Hahaha, I'd like to ask for your careful attention. Lady Rivera and the others would like you to act as their pillow today.
There's no need to be nervous. All that you need to do is lie on your side and delight in your time together.
You'll be filled with true satisfaction, a feeling to reward all your efforts and dispel your frustrations.
That's excellent, (Captain). May this serve to help you through the next year.


Happy birthday.
Once again, Lord Rivera and the others have prepared a gift for you. I pray that its contents do not shock you!
Seeing the lengths you go to for every mission and how well you take care of all of us...
The cats have decided to combine all their might into giving you a massive backrub.
When I learned of their intent, I stood there dazed in utter shock.
The mere thought of those soft and fluffy paw pads tending to your fatigued body must be so endearing.
(Captain), please come to my room as soon as you've finished changing into appropriate attire!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
Have you seen a... hand warmer? They're a mystical object from a distant country, I've heard.
According to rumors, it warms up right in your palm with just a gentle squeeze. And in any weather!
Heh... I'd love to lay eyes on one. That kind of magic is fascinating indeed.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I've done it! I've obtained a heating pad!
Its warmth will penetrate even the coldest of hearts... Heh! I can't wait to experience it!
Hm? Why haven't I used it yet, you ask?
Because Lord Rivera is curled up on it right now, of course! I wouldn't dream of letting my legs intrude on his space!


Hm... Yet another challenge to overcome in my training...
Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year. May the upcoming year together be full of blessings.
I know! Why don't you join us for a game? Lord Rivera and the others are playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey with me. But as you can see...
(Captain) looks over to find Lord Rivera and the other cats rubbing against the drawing on the wall, occasionally pawing at the picture.
How can one properly attach an appendage in such a state as this? Perhaps that answer is the key to discovering inner freedom!
Without a doubt... I, Dante, shall show you how to master this metaphorical game!


Dante is curled up on top of his bed.
Oh, if it isn't (Captain). You have a puzzled expression on your face.
Are you familiar with how cats sometimes curl up into balls?
Lord Rivera and the others expertly make their bodies round and then sleep in that position.
I'm attempting it myself now... It puts one's heart at ease and brings a feeling of peace quite unlike anything else.
It seems that Lord Rivera and the others particularly enjoy curling up into balls when there's a heater around.
Perfect timing. Would you like to try it out together, (Captain)?


My goodness, what a divine sight I behold...
Lady Aselia picked up a ball of yarn that rolled out of the basket and onto the ground. She now unwinds atop the bookshelf with the yarn on her forehead.
The consummate juxtaposition of white and orange, the exquisite form of her slender waist and its ivory texture...
Is indeed quite a sight for any feline-loving eyes!
But why... Why does it tickle my fancy so?
I must understand why! (Captain), won't you observe Lady Aselia by my side so that we can uncover this mystery together?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So Valentine's Day is here...
Hm? You've brought chocolate? Indeed, I thank you for your kindness.
However... I'm afraid this is bad for the health of Lord Rivera and the others. Which means I shall have to consume it alone...
Oh, what shall I do? Is this conflict in my heart yet another trial I must overcome?


Chocolate, you say? Hrm... It is that time of year again... The annual challenge...
I'd like to give some to Lord Rivera and the others, but I cannot. It's bad for their health... But I cannot eat it by myself, either!
Nonetheless, I must not let your kindness go to waste!
What should I do? What in the skies should I do?


The time has come again... To face the trial known as chocolat, where the flavors of sweet gratitude and bitter conflict clash!
Looking back, it has plagued me every year... To indulge in the snack all alone, as Lord Rivera and the others are unable to consume it.
But I have finally found a solution! I won't shy away anymore. Bring the chocolate to me...
What? Not chocolate, but a chocolate-flavored snack? Made of ingredients that even Lord Rivera and the others can partake?
How liberating!


Ooh! More chocolate-flavored snacks this year...
I wouldn't expect any less from you, (Captain). Your fearless thinking has paved you a path through this trial by chocolate.
I'll make it my duty to pass this on to Lord Rivera and the others.
Hm? Me? Of course I'll have some. After Lord Rivera and the others are through, that is.
I plan to savor them while reading. I really must thank you.


Dante: You have treats for my feline friends this year as well, (Captain)?
Words alone cannot express my gratitude.
You're free to dine ahead of us, Lord Rivera.
Rivera: Meow.
Rivera dips his head into the bowl Dante places before him and begins chewing.
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: My goodness! Lord Rivera is absolutely overcome with gratitude!
Her joy is my joy! Aaah, a truly mirthful day has come upon us!
Thank you so, so, so very much, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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Heheh... In return for your steadfast dedication, I have chosen a most appropriate gift.
Hairballs. Bequeathed by Lord Rivera and company.
Is it not a most exquisite honor? I once crafted a scarf from these. May you too find some use in them.


Hehehe... You should be happy, (Captain). Lord Mukuta chose your gift this year.
Now then, please accept this mouse as a reward for your hard work lately. Heh! Even I'm a little jealous.
Honored, aren't you? You're free to use it however you like. I hope it helps you in your travels!


Ha-ha... I've been waiting for you, (Captain). I have a gift for you again this year.
But to think Lord Vapaus would be so generous... In anticipation of this day, he prepared an item that even I have not had the privilege of using.
So please accept this cardboard box. The large hole on the side is a window that you are free to use.
You must feel so honored! I know there is danger waiting on our journey ahead, but I know this box will help lift your spirits.


Ah, it's you, (Captain). I have this year's gift for you here in my hands.
Hmm... I'm actually a bit nervous. But in fact, the elegant Lord Aselia unfailingly give this as a present every year.
Please take this bag, and handle it with care. Inside is...
Hah, it seems that even you, (Captain), are speechless before it. I suppose that should come as no surprise.
This is the ultimate honor, isn't it? The path ahead of you is long. So when you're feeling down. don't hesitate to have a pinch of matatabby.


(Captain), the lords and ladies have something for you this year as well.
I have every faith that you'll love it. You're the only person to receive this gift other than me.
It goes to show how much respect they have for you. Of course, it is no different for me.
Ah, sorry. I don't mean to preface the act with such a long spiel.
Without further ado, I present you with Lord Rivera's whiskers. As he has grown new ones, these old whiskers have fulfilled their role.
Perhaps you will find a use for them.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Today is Halloween? So that's why my friends are wearing costumes.
But I live by my own rules. I have no interest in following everyone else.
A wet blanket, you say? No, I just do things my way. That's all!


Dante: Ah, Halloween... Last year I was called a killjoy, but regardless, I feel no desire to wear a disguise.
It goes against my code. Sorry, but let me live freely.
Rivera: Meooow!
Dante: What? I... I suppose that's true... I am indeed free to change the rules as I see fit...
Very well, Lord Rivera! I shall don a disguise next year! One that embodies the very spirit of freedom!


Agh... A costume... What do I do?
I cannot figure this out on my own...
But I promised Lord Rivera last year I'd stretch my creativity for a costume of true self expression!
I need to think. Think! But one who is not free cannot fully unleash themselves...
An evil spirit. Or an animal. Or a famous person. Or perhaps... Oh, it's no use! If only I can think of a something you don't see every year...


Dante: At last I've found it! A truly unconventional costume in which all of my abilities are manifest.
Do I appear the same as normal? I suppose I do, and that's the very point.
Costumes are meant to disguise one person as another. So the most real and innovative costume of all is surely one in which a person looks indistinguishable from his uncostumed state.
This is the best answer that I've devised—a masterful and original costume unbound by vulgar custom.
Rivera: Mrrrow.
Dante: Hm? What's most important about the holiday is to enjoy oneself and amuse others?
T-that may be true... I've been so focused on my costume that the festivities have all but escaped my mind!
My efforts are still sorely lacking... Next year will be the one in which I show you a truly impressive costume!


Dante: That's not it, (Captain)! I was most certainly prepared for today!
But when I went to change, my costume was nowhere to be seen.
I fail to see why anyone would want to upset my Halloween.
Rivera: Meow.
Dante: Ah! That's my costume... Where did you come upon that, Lord Rivera?
Rivera: Merow.
Dante: You hid it as a way of pranking me?
A prank, you say? What a profound notion!
So I see Halloween is about more than just costumes...
I could not foresee such freedom present on this day. I have much to learn.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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What is the meaning of this! What kind of person would do such a thing?
We prepared a holiday feast for Lord Rivera and the others, but it's all been eaten! We must apprehend the monster responsible!
Ah... Pardon me, Lord Rivera, but you have a little cream on your mouth. Let me get that for you.


Nrgh... What an outrage! What a folly!
Last year, someone ate the feast I prepared for Lord Rivera...
And I've been foiled this year as well! The gifts have all been stolen!
(Captain), we must apprehend the culprit!
Hm? Lord Rivera? What's that cushion in your mouth?
Oh my! You retrieved it from the thief already? You work quickly! I should take notes!


(Captain)... What should I do?
A few moments ago, one of the younger members of our crew gave me a special homemade cake...
But I cannot eat it! How could I possibly devour a cake shaped exactly like Lord Rivera's exquisite face?
But I can't allow my fellow crew member's efforts and good intentions go to waste! I couldn't bear seeing a frown on that precious face! What must I do to pass this torturous trial?


Agh! How terrible!
I went to decorate the tree to make the younger crew members happy...
But look under the tree. Someone's pulled down all my ornaments!
(Captain), help me search for the parties responsible! I'm sure that they're somewhere around here...
The scent of tree is coming from... If it isn't Lord Rivera and the others!
I can't believe... They're volunteering to serve as replacement ornaments? Aah, how merciful they are!


Okay, every window is shut. I also made sure to patrol the perimeter of the room as an additional safety measure.
That should just about do it. Now the youngsters in the crew can be assured of a safe holiday.
Hm? Lord Rivera? Why do you seat yourself before the fireplace?
You're watching guard to make sure no intruders come in from the chimney?
How gracious you are, Lord Rivera! Ah, your foresight never fails to impress!
Hm? You wish to take your rest now?
Worry not, for I will be here to stand guard in your place. Please enjoy your nap.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Black Cat, Freedom Beckons

Dante is training with a mysterious black cat in a remote area. He ponders their encounter and fondly recalls how the cat stood on two feet, ready to fight with the staff he possessed. This cat taught him to throw away his preconception that animals as majestic as the feline would not be able to wield such a weapon. It was then that Dante became the cat's pupil.

Cat with Cane: Meorw...
A cat's small cry echoes on a mountain path far from any society.
The mysterious black cat grips a staff that extends far beyond its own height and sets its sights on a matatabby tree.
Cat with Cane: Meooorw!
The skilled cat swings its weapon and strikes a branch from the tree.
Dante: Well done!
Cat with Cane: Meorw...
Cobra: Hiss!
Dante: Urgh!
Dante strikes down a cobra behind the black cat.
Cat with Cane: ...
As if to reward Dante for ending the snake's life, the black cat gives the matatabby branch to him.
Dante: I humbly accept this gift...
Boar: Oiiink!
Dante: Hm?
Cat with Cane: Hiss! Meorw!
Dante: My, my... Incredible as always, Lord Freiheit!
Dante turns to see an unconscious boar.
Dante: Caught me off-guard that one did... Thank you again.
Cat with Cane: Meorw.
The flawless battle partaken in by the man and cat gives rise to a strong mutual trust.
Weeks earlier.
The Grandcypher drifts through a cloudless sky.
Dante walks on the deck carrying food for the cats in his room.
Dante: The ladies and lords are surely hungry. I must make haste...
???: Meorw...
Dante: Hm?
Dante is taken by the sound of a cat crying. Then he sees a small black shadow dash by him.
Dante: Is that...
The black shadow is actually a cat Dante has never seen before.
???: Hiss...
Dante: And who might you be?
Dante: Gasp! That chicken breast!
Dante realizes that the chicken he had prepared for Rivera and the other cats is now gone.
???: Meorw.
With the white meat in its mouth, the black cat swiftly makes its escape.
Dante: Wait!
The Grandcypher is currently high in the skies.
Dante looks at the great blue, and a chill runs down his spine.
Dante: That cat may not know how far we have risen into the air. He might even try to jump off...
Dante: I must do everything in my power to protect him!
Dante takes the remaining food with him as he gives chase to the mysterious black cat.
Dante: So this is where you hid... As long as you're safe, that's all that matters.
The black cat has fled into the ship's pantry to feast on its stolen meal.
Mysterious Cat: Hiss.
The cat is on guard and appears poised to enter into battle should the necessity arise.
Dante: Do not worry. I will make no claim to the food you've taken.
Dante: But may I ask... what circumstances have brought you onto this ship?
The cat ignores Dante and continues eating.
Dante: As you may be aware, we are on an airship flying very high in the sky.
Dante: It may be dangerous for you to be alone, so if it suits you, I will lead you to my room...
Dante speaks gently as he draws closer to the cat.
But what happens next is beyond anything Dante expects.
Mysterious Cat: Hiss...
Mysterious Cat: Meooorw!
Dante: What!
The black cat stands on two feet and, as if daring Dante to take another step, demonstrates his mastery of the staff.
Mysterious Cat: ...
Dante is left speechless.
Dante: ...!
Mysterious Cat: Meorw!
In that moment I became aware of just how little I knew.
There was no way a cat could do such a thing. That is what my narrow mind had decided, and I was ashamed of myself for such preconceptions.
That is how I met my new mentor and friend, Lord Freiheit.

For Cats, Liberty, and Dante

The master of freedom, Freiheit, approaches Dante as always, but with troubling news: he will be leaving the Grandcypher when it lands on the next island. Dante asks to accompany him and leaves his collections of cats behind with (Captain).

Dante: Days have passed since meeting Lord Freiheit.
Dante: His freedom was something I could not keep my eyes off of.
Freiheit: ...
Mewmew: Mew, mew.
Dante: Clear skies...
Dante: Lady Mewmew seeks warmth and has come to curl up against the resting Lord Freiheit.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Lord Freiheit does not permit such action and leaves.
Dante: Freedom. There is nothing that fetters them.
Freiheit: Sniff, sniff...
Dante: Cloudy skies with a chance of rain...
Dante: Lord Freiheit comes into my room and shows an interest in my electric heater.
Dante: He observes that Lord Mukuta is already nestled warmly beneath it.
Mukuta: Mi-ow.
Freiheit: Meorw...
Dante: The choice to respect others is a necessary one in order to avoid needless strife and live a life true to oneself.
Dante: Freedom. There is nothing that fetters them.
Freiheit: Nom... Nom...
Rivera: Meow.
Dante: Rain...
Dante: Lord Rivera pays Lord Freiheit a visit in the pantry where he is dining.
Dante: There is nothing to be said. They both exist together in one place at one time.
Dante: Freedom. There is nothing that fetters them.
Some time has passed since Lord Freiheit and Dante have come to know one another.
As usual, Dante is preparing meals for the cats.
Dante: Here you are.
Dante: For Lord Rivera, a meal served with dried bonito shavings.
Rivera: Meow.
Dante: For Lady Aselia, turkey breast as requested.
Aselia: Mrow.
Dante: For Lord Mukuta, crispy turkey skin.
Mukuta: Mi-ow.
Dante: For Lady Mewmew and Lady Afaka, minced chicken breast with milk.
Mewmew: Mew, mew.
Afaka: Mrow.
Dante: For Lord Vapaus, a popular boiled dish with shaving and a hint of albacore.
Vapaus: Reow.
Dante: Please partake.
After introducing each of the dishes, Dante readies one last meal in hand and prepares to head off.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Hm?
Dante: Lord Freiheit!
Dante: So you were with the others. I was just on my way to the pantry to deliver your food.
Dante: Will you be dining here today?
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Well then... Here is your tender chicken breast as requested.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Freiheit: ...
Rivera: ...
Mewmew: ...
Dante: Heh heh... It looks like everyone is eating well.
Dante: To see the looks on your faces as you feast with pleasure on the food prepared by my hand is reward enough.
After eating, each of the cats take to their respective corners to rest.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Freiheit approaches Dante after he finishes his meal.
This is a rare occurrence, as Freiheit typically disappears after finishing his food.
Dante: Lord Freiheit, how may I help you?
Freiheit: Meoorw...
Dante: I see...
Freiheit: Meoorrw...
Dante: What! Your mother... And siblings...
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Oh... The tragedy that befell your home...
Lord Freiheit goes into great detail, and Dante displays a range of emotions as the many ups and downs of his story unfold.
Dante: I... understand...
Dante: Then... You will seek your freedom on the next island we land on. Of course, that is your prerogative...
Dante: What manner of vile ailurophile would I be to even try to stop you... Nay, I would never—
Freiheit: Meorw, meorw.
Dante: Gasp! Your kind words are wasted on me...
Dante: I am truly in your debt for all that you have taught me through our daily training.
Dante: But...
Rivera: Meow.
Dante: You... mean... It's all right?
Vapaus & Mukuta: Miii-ow.
Mewmew & Afaka: Mew.
Dante: What a wondrous gift!
Dante: I am unworthy of such kindness. But I will push forward with all of your support.
Dante: Lord Freiheit... I wish to learn what freedom means to you!
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Teach... Teach me your ways!
Freiheit: Meorw.
Having decided on something larger than life, Dante makes his way over to (Captain).
Dante: And with that, I will be leaving the ship when next we land.
Vyrn: You're leaving no matter what?
Dante: Yes. I cannot afford to pass up an opportunity to learn another way of freedom.
Dante: The tale to unfold with my lesson will no doubt be one of peril.
Lyria: And... Will you be taking Rivera and the others with you? On such a dangerous mission...
Dante: That's exactly what I've come to discuss, Lyria.
Lyria: Huh?
Dante: (Captain), may I implore you...
Dante: To watch after my family until the day I return?
Vyrn: What!
Vyrn: Hold up! You're gonna leave all the furballs behind? Are you kidding?
Dante: I cannot endanger their lives for my own selfish gains...
Dante: But they have given me their blessing to go on this journey...
Dante: (Captain), there are few who I would entrust them to. But I know you would look after them with the upmost care.
Dante: I beg you.
Lyria: So... the cats know you're going to leave them behind?
Dante: They do. They understand my circumstances and have given me full permission.
Lyria: I see... Well, I'll be sad to see you go...
Lyria: But I understand why you have to leave!
Lyria: Just... come back as soon as you can, okay?
Vyrn: What she said.
Dante: Lyria, Vyrn. I thank you for your kindness towards my ladies and lords.
Dante: (Captain)...
Dante: What say you?
Dante bows in respect.
(Captain) understands that there is no greater show of trust than for Dante to leave his beloved cats in the crew's care.
  1. Okay.
  2. Meow.

Choose: Okay.
(Captain) gladly accepts Dante's request.
Dante: Thank you...
(Captain) and Dante exchange a spirited handshake.

Choose: Meow.
Dante: Perfection.
Dante: Thank you, (Captain).
That Dante leaves without showing any sadness stings just a little bit.
Continue 1
When the crew arrive at the next island's port, Dante and Freiheit say their goodbyes.

For Cats, Liberty, and Dante: Scene 2

During their training, Freiheit recounts his tragic past. He explains that the permanent loss he feels in his heart over his late family and his need for a safe place have caused him to perpetually seek somewhere he can call home.

Dante: Let us go!
Freiheit: Meorw...
Dante: As a child, Lord Freiheit lost his family to famine.
Dante: His mother abandoned his too-weak-to-survive younger siblings and put everything she had in protecting Lord Freiheit to the end.
Dante: To fill the void left by his family, Lord Freiheit went in search of more peaceful lands.
Dante: He went from island to island by stowing away on public airships and ultimately became a vagabond. But the tragedy that was his life was not over just yet.
Dante: Deceived by humans, tempted by cat toys, dragged into other cats' territorial disputes...
Dante: Yet he continued his quest.
Dante: One of his trips to a new island led to a fateful encounter.
Freiheit finds himself on Micenos Island.
Young Freiheit: Pant... Pant...
Torajiro: Hm...
Bad Kitty 1: Boss... We failed you...
Bad Kitty 2: He's a... monster!
Young Freiheit: Spit... Huff... Huff...
Torajiro: No stranger to a claw fight, I see...
Young Freiheit: Humph... You didn't think these losers could take me out, did you?
Torajiro: Ha. What a hot-blooded animal you are.
Torajiro: But I wonder how long you'll last.
Throw him in the cage.
Torajiro: Oh... There's no one left to do that...
Young Freiheit: Do... it your damn self!
Torajiro: Let's not rush things. When you've had a chance to rest, I'll show you what I can do.
Torajiro: So save the swagger until you can prove that you can beat me.
Young Freiheit: Humph...
Torajiro: Hahaha. You went crazy out there.
Young Freiheit: They asked for it, trying to make off with my dinner like that.
Before Torajiro and Freiheit lay many bested goons.
Young Freiheit: This world is eat or be eaten. If you wanna try to take what's mine, I'll be happy to fight you, too.
Freiheit consumes his food with pride.
Torajiro: You're no better than when you first arrived on the island. Still just a hothead.
Young Freiheit: Hurry up and get to the point, old man. I ain't got time for speeches.
Torajiro: Of course not. Have you reconsidered my proposal? Will you join us?
Young Freiheit: Ugh. That again?
Young Freiheit: How' bout you stop chasing my tail and go find yourself a honey or two instead?
Torajiro: C'mon, I'll make it worth your while. And Butch Catsidy will give you a name.
Torajiro: With talent like yours, you'll have hundreds of cats under your bidding. Whaddya say?
Young Freiheit: What? You think I care about that kinda crap?
Young Freiheit: And another thing, every time you open your mouth all you ever say is "Butch Catsidy this" and "Butch Catsidy that." What, you got a thing for older women?
Torajiro: Whatever you say about me is fine, but if you dare speak ill of her...
Young Freiheit: Ain't nobody said nothing bad about her. You delusional old fart...
Torajiro: So what will it be?
Young Freiheit: Geez... I like the air here, so I plan to stay a bit longer.
Young Freiheit: But I ain't joining you! I'm a free feline, and I do what I want.
Torajiro: Chuckle... The nerve...
Torajiro decides to leave the powerful and charismatic Freiheit to his own devices...
Although he was never officially a part of their group, through various interactions their bonds grew deeper.
Bad Kitty 1: Hey, mate! Hehe! Have some of these mice we caught out east.
Young Freiheit: Huh? These should be for Torajiro, right?
Young Freiheit: Don't be giving me stuff meant for other cats.
Bad Kitty 1: But I look up to you! So take these! But don't tell Torajiro!
Young Freiheit: Right... Thanks.
The bond between Freiheit and the local gang temporarily helped mend his broken heart.
But those pieces would not stay together for long.
Freiheit began to feel that the blind loyalty which Torajiro the Cat paid to Butch Catsidy, and the effect that had on the group, was not right.
Young Freiheit: A family... shouldn't need to be ruled by force...
Young Freiheit: This place... can't help me fill this hole either...
A fateful day soon comes, when an airship traveling to another island arrives.
Freiheit says farewell to Micenos Island and to Torajiro's group.
Just before he departs, a voice calls out to him.
Torajiro: You're leaving?
Young Freiheit: Yeah. Sure am.
Freiheit does not turn to face him.
Torajiro: Right...
Torajiro: But tell me... What drives you? What makes your gears turn?
Young Freiheit: Are you seriously asking me that now?
Torajiro: You're needed, you're respected, and you could lead.
Torajiro: Any cat would gladly marry you too!
Torajiro: Why... are you throwing that away?
Young Freiheit: ...
Torajiro: If you were by Butch Catsidy's side... You could have it all... So why?
Young Freiheit: That ain't who I am.
Young Freiheit: I'm not a follower. I don't ask permission to live.
Young Freiheit: So what do I live for, you ask?
Young Freiheit: I live to live.
Torajiro: ...!
Young Freiheit: This world is do or die.
Young Freiheit: And... I choose to do whatever the hell I want! I choose freedom!
Torajiro: Freedom?
Young Freiheit: I owe you one. And Butch Catsidy too...
Young Freiheit: But I can't let other cats tell me how to live my life!
Young Freiheit: Forgive me.
Without ever turning to face Torajiro, Freiheit leaves Micenos Island.

For Cats, Liberty, and Dante: Scene 3

Before Freiheit left the Grandcypher, he exchanged words with Rivera and the other felines. He told them that to have true freedom, he would need to break the shackles of his past. Now Freiheit finds himself on an adventure full of monsters with Dante.

Freiheit abandons his brief happiness and sets sail in search of power.
He never finds a permanent home, but one day finds the art of the staff.
Freiheit: I was so hungry...
Freiheit: And I wanted to get this thing... but it was so high...
Rivera: ...
Freiheit: To get something high up, you need something long, right?
Freiheit: And then it all just kinda came together for me with this staff.
Rivera: For what reason do you pursue strength?
Freiheit: Why do I wanna get stronger? To be free.
Rivera: Does that mean you are not free now?
Freiheit: I still feel like the kid trapped in that hole in the ground with my mom...
Freiheit: Until I can save that kitten stuck down there, I'll never be free.
Rivera: You seem to have become quite accustomed to life on this ship, or am I mistaken?
Freiheit: You're not wrong... There's nothing bad about this life, and I like Dante and everything...
Freiheit: I've been to a lot of places and met a lot of people, but no one like him...
Rivera: ...
Freiheit: And I like this "Freiheit" name he calls me by.
Freiheit: But I have to fight to live.
Freiheit: I need to know what it is that I'm missing.
Freiheit: That's why I've chosen to find my freedom on the next island.
Rivera: I see. Dante will be saddened by your departure. As of late, you are the one he pays the most attention to.
Freiheit: Really? That's always nice to hear.
Vapaus: Huh? I didn't peg you for the nice-guy type.
Vapaus: I wouldn'ta thought you'd let Dante go with you on your search for freedom.
Freiheit: I do owe him a lot. It's not like I could just say no.
Freiheit: Plus whether or not he comes is his choice anyways.
Aselia: Huh... You try to sound unattached, but that's not really how you feel...
Mukuta: Whatever Dante decides is his choice. We shouldn't have a say.
Afaka: But... Who's going to feed me?
Mewmew: He's not going alone! I'm hitting the road with him!
Rivera: Silence. It is as Mukuta says.
Rivera: We must respect whatever Dante decides. We must encourage him to make his own choice. Do you understand, Afaka, Mewmew?
Afaka: Roger... I'll get my meals from (Captain).
Mewmew: Aww... You're no fun!
But as long as you warm me up at night, I won't complain.
Rivera: Gulp...
Mukuta: Tragic...
And so Dante and Freiheit begin their perilous journey.
Though they seldom exchange words, the bond between them grows stronger.
Freiheit: Mraaaow!
However, Freiheit begins to show signs of extreme aggression and takes on a much more savage appearance.
He begins to attack even benevolent monsters and the smallest, most harmless of animals.
Dante: There is something close by...
Wind Rabbit: ...!
Dante: Now! Fight with me, Lord Freiheit!
Freiheit: Mraaaow!
Dante: No monster will get in the way of our freedom!

For Cats, Liberty, and Dante: Scene 4

Freiheit's blood pumps furiously through him like a true animal as he attacks anything in his way. But a cat of the opposite gender seems to tame him. Freiheit leaves with the female of his species and returns months later with kitties in tow. His true freedom found at last, Freiheit and his new family return to the Grandcypher with Dante.

Freiheit: Wheeze... Wheeze...
Dante and Freiheit work in a synchronized manner to slay the monster.
However Freiheit shows no sign of relent.
Dante: Pitiful bunny...
Female Cat: Mew...
Dante: Hm?
A cat of the opposite sex appears before Freiheit and Dante.
Her eyes fall on Freiheit, and she begins to walk closer to him rubbing her head against his fur.
Dante: Such a striking beauty for these forsaken lands.
Female Cat: Mew...
Freiheit: Meorw.
Female Cat: Mew...
Freiheit: Meooorw...
Freiheit is speaking intently with the female cat.
And then the two leave.
Dante: Are they...
Freiheit turns to Dante and says everything with one purr.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: ...!
Dante understands and accepts his reality.
Months pass.
In that time Dante trains in accordance with everything that Freiheit taught him.
The result of his effort is a new skill.
Dante: Muhaa!
Dante: Seyyaa!
Dante: Haaiyaa!
???: Meorw.
Although lost in training, Dante's mind registers the long lost voice.
He turns to face where the sound came from and finds Freiheit.
Dante: Lord Freiheit... I see you have been well...
Freiheit: Meorw.
Female Cat: Mew...
Dante: And my lady as well.
Dante: Meeting you both again is a great honor.
Dante then hears the cries of two younger animals.
Dante: Oh my! Could this be!
From behind Freiheit comes two kittens.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Lord Freiheit... you have found your freedom at last!
Dante lets a tear fall at the sight of new hope born into the world.
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: I... could not take all the credit...
Dante: Following in the steps of your training has led me to unlock another talent.
Dante: I owe this growth to you...
Freiheit: Meorw.
Dante: Are you sure?
Dante: Then let us return... together!
A series of mysterious encounters have led Dante to find new strength.
Having discovered a new form of freedom, and with new teachers in tow, Dante heads back to the Grandcypher.
Rivera and the others are among the first to happily welcome his return.
And Freiheit's new family finds a safe place to call home by Dante's side.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
増援が来る前に先へ進もう Let us proceed before enemy reinforcements arrive.
フライハイト殿、お食事の用意が出来ました Lord Freiheit, your meal is ready.
この程度、我らの敵ではない Not very fur-midable, are you.
な~ご…… Meorw...
フライハイト殿、次はどこへ参りましょう? Lord Freiheit, where shall we go next?
にゃあ! Meow!
フライハイト殿の毛並みは誠に美しい…… Lord Freiheit, the luster of your fur is beauty in its purest form...
(主人公)の生き方もひとつの自由の形か (Captain)'s lifestyle, too, is freedom in its own respect.
カリカリの新味……?急ぎ手に入れねば! A new flavor of bonito shavings? I must acquire some at all costs!
(主人公)には安心してリベラ殿達を任せられる I leave my dear lords and ladies in the care of (Captain).