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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 163 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading
Likes Putting in great effort
Dislikes Being out in public
Character Release
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 16歳
Height 163cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書
Likes 努力
Dislikes 人前に出ること
Character Release
Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, Captain.
Well, here they are: the tools for maintaining your weapons and armor.
This is high-grade stuff, so I hope it comes in handy.
Phew, I'm so glad you like it.
Huh, you want to hear me sing?
Thank you for everything! You are my most cherished—hey! Haha, stop laughing!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I want to celebrate with you. Can you hold my hand?
I pray that the future will be full of great things—
With a prayer in our hearts...
I offered you a prayer using my maiden powers. Hopefully we get to do this next year too!
I thought long and hard about a good present for you, and I figured this would be best.
Ahaha... Okay, I'm gonna let go now. Happy birthday again, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Haha. It looks like my prayer came true.
Don't you remember? From last year? Aww...
I offered you a prayer using my maiden powers. Don't you remember my song? "I pray that the future will be full of great things—with a prayer in our hearts..."
The fact that you set aside some time to spend with me means my prayer came true.
So... I just want to thank you for being with me on such an important day, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday!
How many times have we celebrated your birthday together now, (Captain)?
I'm so lucky to be able to join in on a day that's so important to you every year.
That's why I'm going to sing you a little song to celebrate.
Here goes...
I smile at you to brighten your day.
You smile back, and I feel a tug at my heartstrings.
Well, how was it?
It's also a prayer that I'll be able to celebrate this important day with you for a long time to come.
And to let you know that I'll always be around for you no matter how hard things get.
Here's hoping that I'll be able to support you even better in the days ahead.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Feels like it was only yesterday that we last celebrated your birthday...
Every day we spend together is so much fun, time just flies.
The time I spend with you is like the summer sun.
It flashes bright and sears itself into my heart.
Hehe. We've made so many memories together, and they're all here in my heart.
Every minute, every second that I spend with you is so precious, and encourages me to keep going in life.
I want to create many, many more memories with you from here on out, (Captain).
Next year, and the years after that, and even when we're both old and wrinkly.
It's a miracle that I was able to meet someone whom I can feel this way toward. I'll never forget this.
(Captain), I'm so glad we were able to meet.
Thank you for coming into this world.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's New Year's already? Time has really flown by since I joined the crew.
Umm, Captain. I actually don't like fighting all that much, and I just hope it's not becoming a problem.
It's okay? Thank goodness. I wasn't sure what I'd do otherwise.
My priestess studies, instrument practice, and skyfarer duties... There's so much to do, but I'll give it my best this year too!
Here's to another great year, Captain!


Mrgh... The sun's not up yet?
Hm? You're curious as to why I want to see the first sunrise of the new year?
Well, everyone in the crew is just... so... pretty... Yawn...
Ngh... It's so bright...
Huh? Ahaha, sorry for falling asleep. And thanks for putting the blanket on me.
Ah... The sunrise of the new year is so... beautiful. Making a wish while it's within view is the perfect timing.
Wanna do it together, (Captain)?
You want to know what I wished for? Hm... That's staying a secret.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Would you like to go to the shrine with me? I want to make a wish.
I could never muster up the courage before, but I told myself this would be the year I finally do it...
My wish? That's a secret. But you'll find out next month.


Wow... Look at all the people here for the New Year's shrine visit. I wonder what they're all praying for.
Me? I pray for the same thing every year—
That I'll continue to improve and become a better person than I was the year before.
Oh, and there's one other huge thing on my wish list.
You want to hear it? Well, too bad—it's a secret.
Don't even tell anyone that I have this secret wish, okay?
The thing I said before? Sure, you can tell people that much.
Because that's more like a personal vow I've taken on rather than a wish, really.
But if it should ever come true...
That'll be when I let you in on the secret, (Captain).


Hey, since we're here at the shrine already, why don't we try drawing our fortunes? I hear they're pretty accurate here.
Hehe, but I'm kind of scared. What if I get a bad fortune?
Oh! Look, (Captain). I got the best luck!
"Your wish will come true. Take action." Hmm...
Okay. I've decided on my goal for this year.
Hehe... Maybe it won't hurt to be a little ambitious. What do you think?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yawn... What? Is it morning already?
Ack... (Captain)! You didn't see what I was holding, did you?
No? Well, it's actually a gift for you.
Today's Valentine's, right?
I didn't have much time and stayed up late making it, so I ended up falling asleep here. Teehee...


Here, chocolate for you.
Hehehe... I made extra sure that you wouldn't catch me dozing off here like last year.
You see dark circles under my eyes? No way—I made sure to cover them up! Ah, n-never mind what I just said!
I left something in my room! I'll be right back with it!
(Better get my makeup in order fast...)
Sorry to keep you waiting! So, erm... I added a ribbon to the box of chocolates..
Hm? Something seems different with my face? Oh, don't worry about that.
Here, enjoy the chocolate.


Here you go, (Captain). I made treats this year too.
You know, I realized something really amazing after spending all this time with you.
It's not easy to tell someone you like them at first, but... I think I have a crush on you...
Haha. There, I said it.


Hey, (Captain)? Do you know what day it is?
Haha, right on. It's Valentine's Day.
So here's my present this time. I paid attention to every detail, even the wrapping. Go on, open it up.
Hm? What I said last year?
Haha, I still can't believe I had the guts to say that.
I... don't plan on saying anything like that this year. I mean, there are other ways to express my feelings.
So instead of going the verbal route...
I ended up carving the words directly onto the chocolate! It wasn't easy.
Honestly, it's something I'd rather tell you straight-up over and over again, but I wouldn't want you to get too used to it. Haha.


Oh, (Captain)... Here! It's your Valentine's gift!
Sorry I was late. Hehe... I was cramping up after rehearsal.
Wh-What! You thought I had forgotten? No way!
This day is the only days I get to really show you how I feel!
You're the most important thing to me in the skies, (Captain). That's why I would never miss a chance to give you a gift.
It's true. If I had to go back in time, and do it all over again, I would still choose to be a maiden.
Think about it... Otherwise, how could I get you to help me out so much?
Hehe, you're blushing. It's nice to see your captain blush.

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, (Captain)! G-good morning.
Nervous? Me? Ehehe, no way. I'm acting perfectly normal.
This is for me? For White Day?
Yay! Thanks, (Captain)! This makes me so happy!


Ah, (Captain). You're asking me what today is?
Hehe, as if I didn't know.
I know you're the serious type, so you'd have a present for me in return.
So I'll be giving you goodies for next year's Valentine's too and hopefully get another gift from you...
In any case, thank you, (Captain). I'll savor every bite.
Huh? My face is all red?
Oh, no it's not. Hehe...


Thanks for the gift. I really look forward to this day every year.
(Captain), you're a friend and captain to everyone in the crew...
But you chose this gift specifically for me.
It makes me feel really special. That's why I'm going to savor every bite.
It goes the other way around too? Aww, you're making me blush... Oh, what am I saying...


It's always such a joy to get these gifts from you, (Captain).
It feels like I've added another treasure to my collection.
I take good care of everything you've ever given me.
Because, well, the thoughts going through your head each time you give me one are different, I imagine.
It's the same with me. I have much stronger feelings for you now compared to when I first met you. My feelings grow with every passing year.
In other words, I like you more today than I did yesterday.
And I find myself wishing it's been the same for you...
Haha, don't mind me. I'm just talking to myself...


Welcome back, (Captain). Did everything go okay? Did you finish the job? I'm glad it went well. You had such a depressed look on your face, I was worried.
Huh? You were too busy on the mission and didn't have time to get a White Day present?
Hey, that's no biggie. You don't have to make that face. Okay?
Let's see... I know how you can make it up to me! You can give me your time instead, (Captain)!
As long as we can spend time together, that's all I need.
You've been worn out with all these quests, right? Let me spoil you for a change, huh?
But it wouldn't be right for you to receive something today?
Haha. Don't think like that. You give me the gift of your presence every day, (Captain).
It's only fair that I return the favor and spoil you rotten today.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
Harie? Oh, it's you, (Captain). Which costume do you think I should go with?
When I get stumped, I'm really stumped. Just an old habit of mine.
Talking to Harie usually solves the problem, so sorry about that little mix-up. Teehee.


Say, (Captain)! Which of these Halloween costumes do you think suits me better?
Black robe with pointy hat, or this doggy fur getup?
I always thought they were kinda cute, so...
Well, which one of these do you think would look better on me? I just thought I'd get your two rupies on this.


Hey, (Captain). Will you be dressing up this year?
Still undecided? Then how about you try...
A furry costume to look like Xolotl, for example!
Haha, you can't really picture it? Well then...
You know, a costume's nice too, but I'd also like to see you try dressing up prim and proper.


Wow! That costume looks great on you, (Captain)!
Haha. I don't know if you noticed, but you and I are actually wearing matching costumes.
That's why I wanted you to wear that one so bad. Sorry if it seemed a bit selfish...
Hm? You were having trouble picking out a costume, so things worked out perfectly? I'm glad to hear that.
I was actually really worried about what to do if you had turned me down.
Ehehe. I'm blushing just thinking about how we're wearing matching costumes... You really made my day, (Captain).
Can we just chat for a bit?
Because I want to take a really good look at you tonight.


Look, (Captain).
Isn't this bunny puppet so cute? It was in one of the boxes for my costumes.
Ooh, I just came up with a good idea!
(Captain), trick or treat.
You don't have any candy? Then I guess I'll have to play a trick on you.
Close your eyes. No peeking, okay?
Hehe, were you surprised? That was all Mr. Bunny's doing!
Ahaha, you're getting so red. Guess the trick worked!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wow, the city lights are so beautiful tonight.
Teehee, spending the day with you makes me feel like a rebel.
Why? Well I was always decorating the altar this time of year when I was still a maiden.
But here I am enjoying the day with you, Captain. I wonder how everyone's doing at the altar.
Anyway, I have a present for you. I hope you like it!


I made cake for the holiday party, but I accidentally burned my hand a bit when I was taking it out of the oven.
Hehe... Guess I should've been more careful.
Ah, it's all better now... So you can use curative magic, huh? Thanks, (Captain).
Hm? You want to know what kind of cake it was? Nuh-uh, too early for that. Teehee, you'll have to wait until the party.


Okay, the sponge is about to cool down.
(Captain), what toppings would you like on the cake?
Apple, cherry, and orange? Okay, I'll add some strawberries for myself. Let's see, how should I cut this...
First, I need to place the fruit and apply whipped cream. Hehe, just a little bit longer.
Hm? Whipped cream? Of course I can make it.
Like this...
Okay, I cut the cake into three pieces of the same size. I've been practicing this recipe every day, you know—
Wha! Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to take a look at it before biting in, (Captain)? Sigh...
So how is it? Should I make another one? Haha.


I love seeing all the holiday decorations in town. It never gets old.
Sparkly lights, jolly music, and people in a merry mood...
Brr, it's getting cold. I wonder if it'll snow.
Um... Is it okay if we hold hands?
My fingertips are freezing...
Ah, much better.
Thanks for keeping me warm, (Captain).


Diantha: Oh... Look, (Captain). It's snowing.
(Captain): A...
Diantha: A?
(Captain): Achoooo!
Diantha: Whoa! That was a big sneeze... Are you okay? It is pretty cold today.
All right, guess I'll...
Hehe. Surprised? I've always wanted to give you a hug like this.
I really love snow, you know. It's beautiful and all, of course...
But when it snows, you can stand close to someone you love and warm them up, just like what we're doing now.
Hehe... Feeling better? Your face is a little red.
(Captain)... Hug me tighter, will you?
I wish it'd snowed all year long like this...

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

New Skies

Diantha and the maidens alight on a new island, where a prophecy bids them to perform. They learn the island bears some connection to Xolotl and fall asleep pondering this information. But they are roused by a powerful presence and realize that the surrounding town has disappeared.

Diantha: ...
A woman dozes in a small inn.
Diantha: (Okay... I need to scout out the place and plan the schedule...)
Diantha: (There's not much time left until the show, the one in the prophecy, but... don't panic. Just do your best.)
Diantha: (I can't mess up. I can't let... the Head Priestess... down...)
Sleep creeps over Diantha, and the voice in her mind fades.
New colors and sounds fill her head as she slips into the world of dreams.
A long time ago, back during the War, there was one particularly big dog that fought alongside the skydwellers.
He was a fine canine... So strong and so clever that he could compete with dragons.
The dog's best friend was a skydweller warrior, and together they fought bravely and even defeated primal beasts.
The Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
Audience: Whooo!
Years rose and fell, and a calm settled over the skies. Colorful customs and cultures bloomed on its countless islands.
Xochitl Island became a place of music. For generations, five maidens united the people through song and dance—and brought unto the land peace and prosperity.
No one knew, however, that there was one more reason behind the island's blessings: it lays under the protection of Xolotl, who had slumbered there for many years... Soon, he would awake.
Each maiden had followers, known as ichnia, who were split into five clans. When strife and discord grew between them, it roused Xolotl. In a rage, he wreaked havoc on the island.
One day, a young traveler named (Captain) docked at the harbors of Xochitl. The traveler lent aid to the five maidens, restoring harmony to the hearts of the people.
Xolotl's wrath, too, died out. They learned that the beast longed to be welcomed back among skydwellers as a friend—and that he hoped never to be forgotten again.
The maidens vowed to grant the wish of this kind and lonely beast... And so they began to sing and dance not only for the island and its people, but for Xolotl as well.
Diantha: (The ichnia... Xolotl... We won't... let them down... We'll take... the island by storm...)
Diantha: (What? Who's... that?)
Diantha: (Oh. (Captain)...)
The images in Diantha's mind swirl.
Memory carries her back to the Grandcypher, an hour before they reach port. The sun is high overhead.
Diantha: I'm fine, (Captain). Just a little nervous, that's all.
There is a letter in her hands, which tremble slightly.
Diantha: It's from the Head Priestess. She can't make it.
Diantha: She writes, "I've recovered from the food poisoning and, frankly, am feeling quite well. But the doctor says I must rest."
Diantha: "It really is regrettable. After all, I was so looking forward to this show away from Xochitl Island. But you will be fine without me."
Diantha: "There shall be no change of plans. You are to be Head Priestess some day. Think of this as part of your training."
Diantha: I'm happy the Head Priestess is feeling better, but still. I can't stop worrying about the concert.
Diantha: Like, I know we're here because of Xolotl's prophecy, but why? Why a different island?
Diantha: And then there's rehearsals, stage prep, and all this other work to be done... I'm starting to think I can't be Head Priestess after all.
  1. Relax. You'll be fine.
  2. I smell disaster.

Choose: Relax. You'll be fine.
Diantha: You sure? All right, I trust you, (Captain). If you say I'll be fine, then I'll be fine.
Diantha: Thanks. Think I can do this now!
Linaria: Diantha? Where are you?
Diola: Hm... My gut's telling me... over here.
Linaria: Wow. Your gut was right.
Diola: Oh. Well, how do you do, (Captain)?
Linaria: What were you two talking about?
Diantha: Um, nothing important. I was just, you know, a little worried because this is our first concert on a whole new island and...
Diola: Oh...
Diantha: ...?
Diola: I think we may be unwelcome here.
Linaria: Oh. Ohh. I think you're right.
Diantha: What! I don't know what you're trying to imply, but just... no!
Diola: We should, uh, leave this to the young ones.
Linaria: Yep. Hehe. We'll get outta your hair now! Buh-bye!
Diantha: No! Wait! Dah!
Diantha: Haha... Ahem... So, uh, (Captain)... Just ignore those two...
Linaria: Oh! Just remembered!
Diantha: Wah!
Linaria: We're landing soon, so better get packing.
Diantha: Oh, okay... Thanks for, um, letting us know...
And, just like that, Linaria's gone again.
Diantha: Um...
Diantha: Oh, right! Packing! I gotta pack, and you gotta pack... So... bye!
With her face on fire, Diantha books it.

Choose: I smell disaster.
Diantha: Ugh... Breathe, Diantha, breathe... Haha...
Diantha: I've seen the Head Priestess do her thing a million times before. I've helped with the planning a million times before. I should know what I'm doing, but...
Diantha: I mean, the Head Priestess is just so sharp. She never misses a thing.
Diantha: And the more I try to be like her, the more I realize how much I'm not like her... I have a long way to go...
Diantha: But, well, I'm a sore loser. I'm not going down without a fight.
Canna: Yeah! That's the spirit! You show them what you're made of!
Diantha: Bwuh!
Harie: Canna! How many times do I have to tell you? Stop tackling people!
Diantha: You scared me...
Canna: Take this! Hug of happiness!
Diantha: I... can't breathe...
Harie: Hey, Diantha? I know you're worried, with the Head Priestess not being here, but don't be too hard on yourself, okay?
Diantha: Was it that obvious? That I was worried, I mean.
Harie: You might've been acting a little stiff, yes...
Diantha: Oh... Gosh. Sorry I'm so on edge all the time. But I'm fine now, I promise. (Captain) knocked some sense into me.
Harie: Good. You know, it's strange, but when (Captain)'s around, it really does feel like everything's going to be okay.
Canna: Psh! Yeah! There's not a mountain in all the skies (Captain) can't climb!
Canna: I remember when we first met... The captain just snapped those fingers, and poof! All our problems were gone!
Canna: I thought I was looking at a knight in shining armor...
Dreamy-Eyed Girls: Yeah...
Eyes distant, Diantha and Harie both sigh out the word. Then, startled, they look at each other.
Wide-Eyed Girls: ...
Canna: Uh? Something wrong?
Diantha: Huh? Wrong? No, nothing's wrong at all. I was just thinking, you know, wow, we've sure been through a lot together.
Harie: Y-yeah. We sure have! We surely really truly have!
Harie: So.... Oh, Diantha! We, um, got distracted, but I came to tell you we'll be landing in a few minutes.
Diantha: Minutes? I still haven't packed yet!
Harie: Haha... Calm down. I'll lend you a hand.
Harie: And I'm not just talking about packing. Planning, set-up, rehearsals... anything you need help with, I'm here for you, okay?
Diantha: Okay... Thanks.
Continue 1
The Grandcypher begins to descend. Slowly, its prow swings towards the harbor.
Diantha: Oh. (Captain), look. That mountain, it's shimmering... Wow...
Vyrn: Maybe it's ore or somethin'. Hey, Lyria! You seeing this?
Lyria: Yeah... It's beautiful!
The sun reflects off the rock, studding the island with flecks of gold.
It is dazzling, yet Diantha cannot help but wonder about Xolotl's prophecy. Why here?

New Skies: Scene 2

Diantha and the maidens alight on a new island, where a prophecy bids them to perform. They learn the island bears some connection to Xolotl and fall asleep pondering this information. But they are roused by a powerful presence and realize that the surrounding town has disappeared.

Vyrn: This is the town in the prophecy, right?
Lyria: Yep. Looks pretty normal, but...
Lyria turns her eyes towards a stone statue of Xolotl. It is identical to the one on Xochitl Island.
Vyrn: You noticed ol' rocky too, huh? Guess this place does have something to do with the five maidens and all that jazz...
Lyria: They wanted to know why Xolotl chose this island, right? Diantha and the rest, I mean. This statue could be a clue.
Vyrn: Yeah. Bet we could learn more just snoopin' around town too... But, uh, looks like the stars of the show aren't here yet.
Lyria: They should be dropping their stuff off at the inn. Oh, and they wanted to get changed.
Vyrn: Get changed? What are they—
Diantha: Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)! Thanks for waiting!
Chorus of Five: Ta-dah!
Lyria: Oh! You made new clothes!
Vyrn: Hey! Looking pretty snazzy there! Man, the cut, the fabric—y'all really decided to upgrade!
Linaria: I mean, it's our first concert away from home. We had to dress up. New place, new me, right?
Linaria: Hehe. So, (Captain)... What do you think of the new me?
  1. You look super cute.
  2. Could be wo—

Choose: You look super cute.
Linaria: Aww! Hehe. Aren't you a sweetie?
Linaria: I just wanna squeeze you, but... sigh... Can't with these three party-poopers.
Linaria: What do you mean, what do I mean? Lyria, Harie, and Diantha are right over there.
Wide-Eyed Girls: Eep!
Lyria: Huh?
Linaria: Hehe. Never mind!

Choose: Could be wo—
Linaria: Rah!
Before (Captain) can finish speaking, Linaria circles behind the captain and leaps.
Linaria: You better not be trying to say "could be worse!"
She clasps her hands over the captain's mouth.
Diantha: Linaria? What are you doing to (Captain)?
Linaria: If the captain doesn't have anything nice to say! Then the captain shouldn't! Say anything! At all!
The other girls gather around Linaria and try to tear her off, but she's stuck to (Captain) like a starfish to a rock.
Linaria: Hehe. I'm not letting go.
Linaria: So, (Captain)... Tell me what you really think.
Linaria: Oops.
Harie: What! (Captain)! Are you okay?
There's no response. Linaria's steel-wire arms must have cut off some windpipe, because the captain is out cold.
Vyrn: Man... Can't believe she squeezed the living daylights out of you... Literally.
Linaria: I-I didn't mean to... but I'm sorry...
(Captain), who is busy patting away dust, looks up at Linaria and smiles.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Aaanyway, what's got y'all so pumped this time?
Diantha: Remember how the prophecy said we'd use wind tunnels to get here? I just thought there was some meaning behind that... behind everything.
Diantha: There's also the line, "Farther from Xochitl, but closer to Xolotl. New beginnings call for new array."
Lyria: What do you think it means?
Diantha: No idea. But at least we're here. Come on. We should explore while it's still light out.
The crew wanders through winding streets and little shops, drinking in the sights.
Canna: Wow, I've never seen any of this before! Is this a fruit? Is that a vegetable?
Diola: It's so round and green... Wonder what it tastes like.
Canna: Can't imagine... So guess I'll have to try it!
Street Vendor: Ah. That is called ahuacatl. It's very rich. It'll go well with any dish.
Diola: Mm... Rich...
Diantha: Lyria, look. There's a funny looking animal, swimming around in that tank.
Lyria: I see it... What do you think it is? It kind of reminds me of a fish... or a lizard...
Diantha: Could be either one... Apparently, they're called axolotls.
Diantha: Wait... Axolotl...
Overhead, the sun passes slowly westward. As the last of its light fades from the sky, the crew return to the inn.
Diantha: Hm... Ahuacatl... Axolotl... Then there's xoctli, which means pot...
Diantha: These words... They remind me of a language that was spoken long ago in Xochitl...
Diantha: Then there's Xolotl's statue... This island must have something to do with him. But what?
Diola: I feel like there's something else... something special.
Harie: Special? To Xolotl?
Diola: Yeah. And my gut's telling me we have to figure out what it is—before the performance.
Linaria: You may be right. There has to be a reason he chose this island.
Diantha: The prophetic day is coming, and it's coming fast. But we have some investigating to do.
Diantha: We should also search outside of town.
Diantha: Remember Xolotl's rampage? And how Linaria found answers at this out-of-the-way place?
Diantha: If we don't comb every inch of this island, we'll miss something important. Or, at least, I think we will...
Vyrn: I don't got a problem with expandin' our search, but it's gonna take time. Maybe we should split up.
Diantha: Yeah. Actually, that's... what's been bothering me.
Diantha: We all look at things from different perspectives, so I wanted to stick together, but... Hm...
Diantha: Hmmm....
Harie: Aaand stop! If you overheat your brain any more, you won't be able to sleep.
Canna: Get some rest, okay? We'll try again tomorrow.
Diantha: Yeah. Sounds like a plan. Sleep fosters fresh ideas, right?
The companions wish each other good night, then return to their rooms.
Diantha: (Okay... I need to scout out the place and plan the schedule...)
Diantha: (There's not much time left until the show, the one in the prophecy, but... don't panic. Just do your best.)
Diantha: (I can't mess up. I can't let... the Head Priestess... down...)
Sleep creeps over Diantha, and the voice in her mind fades.
There is a silence. Then a door in her head opens, and the young woman passes into the colorful world of dreams.
A long time ago, back during the War, there was one particularly big dog that fought alongside the skydwellers.
He was a fine canine... So strong and so clever that he could compete with dragons.
The dog's best friend was a skydweller warrior, and together they fought bravely and even defeated primal beasts.
Diantha: (What? Who's... that?)
???: ...
A looming presence casts its shadow over the world of sleep, growing bigger and bigger until... (Captain) sits bolt upright, breathing heavily.
Vyrn: L-listen to this... I'd just fallen asleep when some big shadow-man or somethin' invaded my dreams and...
Lyria: I saw it too. And I sensed its power... It felt like a primal beast.
The three look at each other, their eyes wide.
They turn and see figures approaching, but it is only Diantha and the maidens.
Vyrn: So. While we were sleeping, someone or something must've brought us here... But where is "here?" And what the heck happened to us?
Lyria: I don't know... And we can't ask the primal. I can't sense it anymore.
Diantha: There's no inn, no town, no nothing... It's like we're on a whole other island. I'm... at a loss...
Linaria: Ugh! I don't care who did this! They should've known: never mess with beauty sleep!
Canna: Haha... We'll be fine. If there's a way here, there's a way back, right?
Canna: We just have to figure out where we are and where the inn is. Then we plan our route home and voila! Bed sweet bed!
Vyrn: I mean, you're not wrong... But easier said than done. What if this island's deserted?
Diola: Hm...
Canna: Something eating at you?
Diola: Again, this is my gut speaking, but...
Diola: What if this was all planned? By the "something special" we were talking about.
Harie: Okay, sure, I'll bite. But even so, why whisk us to the middle of nowhere?
Diantha: Let's recap. We traveled to an island somehow... connected to Xolotl. We were going to hold a concert there. But before we could, something spirited us away.
Harie: To keep us from performing, maybe?
Vyrn: Maybe, maybe not. But if that is true, then we really need to get back and start prepping.
Vyrn: Think about it. If who—or whatever—does want to stop the show, they'll have to come and try to get us again.
Vyrn: But next time, we'll be ready for 'em! We'll catch that "something special," and learn just what our doggy friend wants.
Canna: Wow! Vyrn! That's brilliant!
Vyrn: Heh! You're talkin' to a veteran skyfarer here!
Canna: All righty then. What next?
Vyrn: Well... woods get pretty scary at night. We should try to find some civilization, you know? Look out for lights or somethin'.
(Captain) agrees. The crew bunches up and begins to roam the island.
Vyrn: I don't see anything... No town, no house, no hut, no nothing....
While Vyrn mutters to himself, (Captain) is strangely silent.
The captain looks out over the terrain and feels a prickle of deja vu.
A mountain looms in the distance. The moon reflects off the rock, studding the air with glints of silver.
Diantha: (Captain)? Is everything okay?
(Captain) takes a moment longer to think, then begins to expound a theory. As the rest listen, they almost forget to breathe.
The mountain... Its shape, the tracery of its veins... It is identical to the peak they glimpsed from the Grandcypher that very afternoon.
If the crew assumes it is the same mountain, then they can use it to deduce their location... and come to one startling conclusion.
Diantha: What? So you're saying we weren't spirited away, but...
Harie: The whole town just vanished from the island?
Lyria: And these woods... are where all the houses should be...
Chorus of Five: ...
It sounds crazy, but the more they think about it... the more it seems like the truth.
As the darkness grows deeper, the crew can do nothing but huddle a little closer together.

Bonfire Ballet

Vyrn scouts out the island, confirming that the town has transformed into a forest and that neither people nor the Grandcypher are anywhere to be seen. As the crew awaits the dawn, a strange woman appears before their campfire.

The crew has come to an unfamiliar island, gilded in ore. The maidens are to perform here, but the town—and their audience along with it—has vanished.
It is as if someone rewound time, turning the wooden houses back into trees. In this strange and unkind wood, the crew awaits the dawn.
Diantha: Wow, (Captain)... You got a fire going in seconds. With only a few sticks!
Linaria: Now that we have light, things aren't so scary anymore.
Harie: Just imagine. If it'd been the five of us... we'd be so lost.
Diola: Mm... S'mores sound good right about now...
Canna: Hey, (Captain)! How'd you do that? Teach me!
Lyria: You want to try, Canna?
Canna: Yeah! Thought it be cool! Just think... Things get dark, when... bam! I bust a fire out of nowhere!
Lyria: It's not easy. I tried once, but all I did was hurt my hands...
Canna: Please... My middle name is "challenge."
Canna: (Captain), could you pass me the tools?
(Captain) loops a stick into the string of a makeshift bow, before handing it off to Canna.
Canna drives the stick into a fireboard. With sawing motions, she moves the bow back and forth, turning the drill.
Canna: Grr...
Chorus of Four: ...
Diola: You can do it!
Canna: Grrr!
The crew gathers around Canna, whose face has turned red with exertion.
Canna: Gr... Ugh!
Canna: Nope, not gonna happen. Heh... Couldn't even get a little wisp of smoke.
  1. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Well, you're energetic.

Choose: Practice makes perfect.
Canna: Yeah. If you think I'm giving up, you've got another thing coming! Once we get home, I'm going to practice like no one's practiced before.
Canna: Wonder what I got wrong though... Probably not putting enough strength in. Then there's speed and the angle of the stick...
Canna: Let me try again!
Harie: Oh, no you don't. You'll tire yourself out.
Linaria: And you'll get scrapes and splinters... How will you wave to the fans like that?

Choose: Well, you're energetic.
Canna: Heck yeah! If you've got energy, you can power through anything.
Canna: But the second you run out of steam, it's game over.
Canna: It's, uh... Oh! It's like starting a fire! You keep it burning, 'cause once the fire goes out, it's ain't easy to bring back.
Canna: Same with people. You've got to keep energy levels high! 'Specially when things get bleak.
Continue 1
The blaze dances among the silent trees, and the crew gazes into it as they speak. Moments later, there is a rustle. Vyrn, who has been out scouting, flutters down.
Vyrn: Man, was I glad to see this fire. Almost got lost.
Harie: Sorry, Vyrn. We shouldn't have made you go alone.
Vyrn: Nah, I offered! Besides, it's safer if y'all stick together.
Vyrn: Anyways, I wasn't up there too long, but...
Vyrn: Pretty sure the Grandcypher's gone. Along with the town.
Lyria: Oh no...
Vyrn: I get the feeling the island's uninhabited. But I did see some shifty shadows runnin' around in these woods.
Vyrn: Don't know what they are, but we best keep an eye out for trouble.
(Captain) asks, but it appears the shades were not drawing towards the fire. An ambush, then, seems unlikely.
The captain guesses they are no more than woodland creatures, flitting aimlessly between the trees.
  1. Let's wait until dawn.

Choose: Let's wait until dawn.
Vyrn: So... you're saying we should stay put? Yeah, makes sense. Better than wandering out there in the dark.
Lyria: Then I'll take first watch. (Captain), get some rest, okay?
Lyria's eagerness brings a smile to (Captain)'s face. The captain nods and sinks onto the ground.
Soon, the glade is quiet, save for the crackling of firewood and the whispering of leaves.
Lyria: Mm... Zzz...
Diantha: ...
Harie: Guess they were all tired.
One by one, the crew have succumbed to sleep. Soon, only Harie and (Captain) are awake, seeking the dawn in the velvet skies above.
Harie: What about you? Aren't you going to rest?
Harie: I'll watch the fire... I don't think I can fall asleep.
  1. Are you okay?
  2. You should try anyways.

Choose: Are you okay?
Harie: Heh... Well, to be honest, I'm scared.
Harie: We don't know where we are or why we're here. And if anything were to happen to one of you... I can't get these dark thoughts out of my head.
Harie: But you know... I think things will turn out in the end. I really do. Xolotl is watching over us, and well, you're right here...
Harie: Sorry. I didn't mean to get so morbid. It all kind of... spilled out.

Choose: You should try anyways.
Harie: Yeah, you're right... I heard it helps to close your eyes, even if you can't drift off.
Harie: And I did try, you know. But then all these thoughts started swirling in my head, and... I just feel safer, looking at the fire.
Lyria: Mm...
Lyria sleeps with her head on (Captain)'s lap. She stirs slightly, but soon her breathing grows deep and even again.
Harie: Hehe. She looks so peaceful. It must be because she trusts you.
Harie: She must believe, from the bottom of her heart, that as long as you're here, nothing can happen to her.
Harie: Oh. I trust you too, of course.
Harie: But I was always the big sister, you know? I spent so long taking care of people that I guess... I forgot how to be taken care of.
Harie: Heh... Listen to me, going on about myself.
Continue 2
Harie: But talking to you like this... it makes me feel secure.
Harie: I hope we return home safely...
(Captain) looks at Harie, and the light and shadows cast onto her face by the fire.
At that moment...
Harie: What? Did you hear that?
There is a sound that is neither the shushing of wind or the susurration of leaves. It is a sharp crack, as of a twig being trodden underfoot.
Sword in hand, (Captain) rises up.
Harie: ...
Harie: Do you think it's the shadows? That Vyrn was talking about?
???: Do you dwell in the sky?
Harie: Gasp!
Harie: Ahhh!

Bonfire Ballet: Scene 2

The woman introduces herself as Citlali and leads them to a hidden camp. There they speak to a girl named Leere and learn they have traveled to the age of the War.

Vyrn: Wha? What happened?
Harie: Ah... Ah?
???: ...?
The crew leap to their feat at Harie's scream. They scramble to put campfire between them and the intruder.
(Captain)'s heart thumps, like a scared animal trying to escape a cage. How had this woman crept so close, neither stirring the air or making a sound?
???: Ah... Ahem.
???: I am not the enemy. We are the same; we dwell all in the sky.
This speaker of strange tongues smiles and spreads her hands.
Citlali: My name is Citlali Yaotl. You will call me Citlali.
Citlali: Come now. We will go to a safe place, which Tabane has made.
Chorus of Five: ...
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
Harie: Um... Are you saying... there's other people?
Citlali: There are, but none are the enemy. We dwell all in the sky.
The crew look at each other, each of their expressions hovering between hope and fear.
Vyrn: So... what do you want to do? Way I see it, we don't got much choice, but...
Diola: Hm...
Citlali: Will you come?
Diola: Hmm... Sniff, sniff...
Citlali: Haha! Are you a dog? You greet not with the tongue but with the nose?
Diola: Do you like dogs?
Citlali: Yes.
Diola: I think she's all right. Smells clean too.
Citlali: Haha! Mark me with your noses all, if you must. Yet I say again, I dwell in the sky.
It is as Diola says. Citlali laughs and smiles freely, and she does not smell hostile or like a liar.
The crew decides to follow her.
Citlali: ...
Diola: Hmm...
Diola watches Citlali's back in front of her, her eyes glinting in the dark.
  1. Something wrong?
  2. So, what'd she smell like?

Choose: Something wrong?
Diola: Wrong? Not really, but...
Diola: I can't tear my eyes away.
Perhaps Citlali is a warrior. The muscles in her back ripple like waves in an ocean. The captain senses that though she is calm now, there is potential for a great storm.
Diola: There's something about her...
Diola: Oof.
Citlali: Come again to mark my back? You are a dog! Come, lend me your head!
Citlali: Haha! Take that!
Diola: Oh, my hair...
Citlali catches Diola under one arm and, with her free hand, musses her hair.
A few seconds later, Diola staggers away, balancing what looks like a bird's nest on top of her head.
Diola: Lost my train of thought... I was on to something too.

Choose: So, what'd she smell like?
Diola: Hm... Kind of sweaty, but in a sexy, sultry way...
Diola: Reminded me of someone... Think it was you, (Captain)...
Diola: Sniff...
Diola: It was. The scent's completely different... but there's some quality that's the same...
Continue 1
Diola: I can feel it, but I can't say it... Guess I don't have the lingo...
Citlali: Lingo? I do not know the word. Is it a tree? Brother of the linden, maybe?
Diola: No. Lingo means unfamiliar speech.
Citlali: I see. You teach me new words in your tongue. I thank you.
Diantha: Um... So this isn't your first language?
Citlali: Yes. My tongue, I learned from my mother. Your tongue, I learned from Tabane and Leere. Two rivers of words run within me.
Citlali: You will meet them soon, Tabane and Leere. We draw near the camp.
Citlali says something beneath her breath. And in the twinkling of an eye...
Linaria: Wha... What! Where are we?
Citlali: The camp of Tabane. Tabane cannot fight, nor can he fell trees. Yet he commands art of a different kind.
Girl: Citlali... Who are they?
Citlali: Folk who dwell in the sky. Leere, lead them to the others. I go to seek my friend.
Leere: All right.
Citlali bounds away and is soon lost to sight. Leere turns to regard the crew.
Leere: Your clothes... they aren't travel-worn. I suppose you haven't been on the run for long. So there are still islands that haven't been hit.
Vyrn: Hit? By what?
Leere: ...?
Weren't you forced to flee here?
Leere: Follow me. Citlali spoke of Tabane. He's our leader. I'll take you to him.
The crew follows Leere deeper into the cave.
Silent Folk: ...
Silent crowds watch them pass by. They are stained by travel and bowed with weariness.
Canna: Looks like they've been through a lot...
Leere: They were fugitives for months before our leader found them. You were lucky.
Silent Folk: ...
Not one of the silent folk is left standing. They sit and lie motionless, as if carven from the rock. Their eyes glint like ore.
Harie: Um, Leere. Might I ask... what is everyone running from?
Leere: ...?
Leere's eyes are as troubled as the crew's.
Harie: Okay. I can see that my question seems... strange to you. But we need to get on the same page here.
Harie: You're in danger, right? And multiple islands are being evacuated. But where we come from, it's peaceful.
Leere: How is that possible? Are you from a different skydom? Then how did you reach Phantagrande?
Diantha: Harie... Do you think...
Harie: Yeah... I think I've figured it out. Leere, I'm going to ask you one more time.
Harie: What are you running from?
Leere: Astrals and primal beasts.
Lyria: Wha... What?
Vyrn: Nothing special 'bout primal beasts... but Astrals?
Leere: They're everywhere. But our leader keeps us hidden with magic.
Vyrn: No way... Astrals haven't been around for...
The pieces are starting to come together to form a very strange whole.
Diantha: I must be dreaming... 'cause that would mean both Leere and Citlali are...
Diola: From a different age? Yep. But it's the most plausible explanation.
Linaria: Wait a minute. Diantha, Diola... what do you mean, a different age?
Linaria: (Captain)? When is this?
(Captain) stares at Linaria for a second, swallowing hard. One more time, the captain evaluates the situation.
Gran is the Main Character

Right now, terror sweeps like wildfire across the skies. People left and right flee like helpless woodland creatures from Astrals, who should have vanished generations ago.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Right now, terror sweeps like wildfire across the skies. People left and right flee like helpless woodland creatures... from Astrals, who should have vanished generations ago.
There is only one way to explain this, one answer to Linaria's question. The crew is in the time of...

    Vyrn: What?
    Leere: The... War?
    Leere asks how "a war" can be an age.
    She does not know that the War is what historians call the period of strife between the Astrals and the skydwellers.
    And that is because, the captain realizes, she is living in the midst of it, before the War ever had a name...

    Bonfire Ballet: Scene 3

    Leere reveals to Diantha that she is in love with the camp's leader. However, because she is not an exceptional warrior like Citlali, she fears he will never look her way. Suddenly they are interrupted by bells warning of a primal beast attack.

    Chorus of Five: ...
    Vyrn & Lyria: ...
    Urged on by Xolotl's prophecy, the crew has sailed the skies to a far away land.
    What they did not expect, however, was to sail the years to a far away time—to when Phantagrande was swept up in the winds of the War.
    Linaria: We're living through the War? Right now? What's going to happen to us? What do we do?
    Canna: Hm... How about...
    Canna: Nothing!
    Harie: Haha... Then we won't get anywhere.
    Canna: I meant, let's think first! Figure out what we should be doing... Then we can do it!
    Leere: ...
    Diantha: More than should... is there anything we can do?
    Diola: I think there is. My gut's telling me that this is all "according to plan."
    Canna: Let's start by figuring out the plan then!
    Canna: Right now, we've got no direction. So we should just sit tight and wait for a sign. Better than running around blind.
    Leere: You're very optimistic. Being lost is a scary thing, you know?
    Canna: Haha... I know. And I know we're in a lot of danger right now. But let's say things do take turn for the worse. Best to be calm, right?
    Leere: Right... Logically speaking...
    Leere stops suddenly. The crew looks up at a blank wall.
    Leere: Permission to report, sir.
    Leader: Erm... And you are? A new recruit, perhaps?
    A man's voice sounds from the charmed rock, resonating in the chamber.
    Leere: My name is Leere. I joined this camp long ago.
    Leader: Ah... Yes, yes. I apologize. I'm not good with names and faces. And your report?
    Leere: Several skydwellers have joined our forces.
    Leader: Ah. So they are the new recruits. And what can you do? Girl with the chestnut locks. You will speak for the group.
    Diantha: Huh... Me?
    Diantha: Well... the five of us can sing and dance...
    Leader: Good. Quite a useful skill. Keeps morale up. And your names are easy to remember.
    Leere: ...
    Leader: Just out of curiosity, would any of you happen to be the bard of the Nine-Realm Harp? Well... I suppose not. Rumors say he's an old man.
    Leader: In any case, allow me to formally welcome you to our camp. You will be safe here. Please, stay as long as you wish.
    Leere: All right. We can go now.
    Leader: Oh, just a minute. Erm... You, the one I thought was a new recruit.
    Leere: Sir.
    Leader: Is Citlali around?
    Leere: She's gone to look for her companion.
    Leader: Yes... She often does, doesn't she? But she is crucial to this camp. Please, tell her not to stray too often or too far.
    Leere: Understood.
    Leere: Will I ever find it?
    Leere speaks in a small voice, glancing back towards the chamber.
    Diantha: Hm?
    Leere: My place, my role. Right now, I'm useless, but if I wait... will a sign come for me too?
    Diantha: Useless? You guided us through the caves, Leere. You helped us.
    Leere: It's not enough. You saw what just happened. Our leader doesn't even recognize me. I am a nobody.
    Leere: But you and your crew... You're different. From me, from everyone in this camp... I thought you might have some answers.
    Diantha: Different in what way?
    Leere: How you think, how you feel? I don't know... You're from a different world, right? But you seem so... unfazed by everything.
    Diantha: Mm...
    Diantha: We think... we were called here for a reason.
    Diantha: You know, ever since I was young, I would just go where life took me. I did what it asked of me and accepted what it gave me... And one day, it led me to a very special someone.
    Leere: ...
    Diantha: It's tough being like a fish out of water, not knowing how or why you're here. But I believe good things come to those who wait.
    Diantha: I can't say why, but I really think things will turn out all right.
    Leere: I see...
    Leere: I also have a special someone. I'd lost my home and all direction in life... when he saved me.
    Leere: He's my hero. I want to repay his kindness... but with what? I have nothing.
    Leere: I can't properly wield a sword or spear. My magic is nothing out of the ordinary... I am nothing out of the ordinary. I'll never earn a name like Citlali Yaotl... like Star Warrior.
    Vyrn: Is that what her name means? Star Warrior...
    Leere: Yes. Citlali is powerful. Her strength rivals that of the stars. Even primal beasts are no match. That's why our leader remembers her.
    Leere: And I... will always be a shadow with no name...
    Diantha: ...
    Diantha leans in and speaks quietly.
    Diantha: Are you in love?
    Leere: Yes.
    Diantha: So am I. And when you're in love, Leere, you could give them the sun and the moon, and it will still feel like you owe them.
    Diantha: I... don't know if this will make you feel better, but can I pray for you?
    Leere: ...?
    Of course.
    Diantha walks shoulder-to-shoulder with Leere and takes her hand.
    Diantha: I pray that the future will be full of great things.
    I raise my voice on high and sing...
    Leere: Was that your prayer?
    Diantha: Yes. The five of us, we're the maidens of Xochitl Island. We pray for the people through song and dance.
    Leere: Xochitl? The island of flowers?
    Diantha: What? Is that what Xochitl means? But how did you know...
    Leere: Citlali told me.
    Diantha opens her mouth again, but before words can form, she is interrupted.
    Lyria: Oh!
    Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria?
    Lyria: Something's coming... A primal beast!
    Lyria's eyes are distant, as if she can see through the rock to somewhere far, far away.
    Suddenly, a bell sounds within the cave. Its frantic tolling beats against the walls.
    Leere: It's the alarm! The enemy's found us!
    Vyrn: Oh, heck no! Hey, (Captain)!
    There is a ring as the captain's sword is unsheathed.
    Lyria: Right now, I sense only one primal beast. But it's extremely powerful...
    (Captain) orders the crew to evacuate.
    Then the captain turns to join the flow of warriors rushing to the entrance of the cave.
    Lyria: Wait! Don't! Stay close to (Captain)!
    Diantha: Huh?
    Lyria: I-it's coming through the wall!
    Lyria points, and the crew looks.
    It starts as an imperceptible tremble. But the tremors grow more and more violent, and dust begins to spew from the rock walls like fumes off a waterfall.
    Primal Beast: Grr...
    The rocks shattered. The night air streams in, and the crew can see the forest, swathed all in darkness except for one pair of glowing eyes.
    Chorus of Five: Eep!
    (Captain) steps between the beast and the maidens.
    Primal Beast: Grrr...
    Diantha: ((Captain)! Please, Xolotl. Protect our captain!)
    Primal Beast: Roooar!
    Golden blades whirring, the primal beast bears down on (Captain).

    Bonfire Ballet: Scene 4

    (Captain) defeats the primal with the help of Citlali and her dear friend—a colossal dog named Xolotl. After they wake to find themselves back at the inn, the maidens recall the legend of Xolotl and his ill-fated battle against Citlali... and hope that their performance will help them make amends.

    Primal Beast: Roooar!
    (Captain) struggles to control the raging tide of battle.
    (Captain): ...!
    But the foe has both hide harder than all the minerals of the earth...
    And agility greater than even the smallest insect, darting in and out of shadows to strike at the captain's weak points.
    Primal Beast: Grawr!
    Diantha: (Captain)!
    Its power rivals that of the greatest primal beasts. And (Captain) remembers...
    That this is the height of the War.
    Silent Folk: ...
    Silent Folk: ...
    To skydwellers of this era, primal beasts are very close, very solid, and very real. They are like a blade hanging over the neck.
    The fear of them is thus thick and full of energy—palpable enough for the beasts to drink so it courses through their bodies, filling them with strength.
    Diantha: ...
    Diantha: (Xolotl! Hear me! If there's a reason why we're here... if there's some role for us to play... then please, protect (Captain)!)
    Diantha prays for Xolotl to take shape, to shield the captain from the withering blows.
    Diantha: (We need (Captain)! Please!)
    Nothing happens.
    Diantha: Why can't... I reach him? Because we're in... a different age?
    Shock and despair has sucked all the life from Diantha's voice.
    Hope shrivels from her heart, and her prayers become wild, desperate begging...
    For someone... anyone...
    Citlali: Haaah!
    Citlali flies in like a cannonball out of the dark.
    Primal Beast: ...!
    The captain takes a deep breath and slides back into a fighting stance.
    Citlali: (Captain)! I see you too are a Star Warrior! You fought well!
    Citlali lifts her head. Putting two fingers in her mouth, she sends forth a piercing whistle.
    In response, there comes a rhythmic thudding, like the sprinting of giant paws.
    ???: ...!
    Diantha: Oh no... What now...?
    Diola: Don't worry. Seems your prayers got through after all.
    Diantha: Huh?
    Citlali: My friend is come! We will win!
    ???: Groar!
    Primal Beast: ...!
    A great beast bursts through the trees. Its bared fangs gleam like swords.
    Linaria: Diantha! Are you seeing this?
    Diantha: A giant dog? It can't be!
    Citlali: Come, (Captain)! Let us overwhelm the stars!
    Citlali leaps astride the great dog. They charge at their foe, (Captain) flying like an arrow alongside them.
    Primal Beast: ...!
    All three deliver a blow at the same time. The primal beast crumples...
    Primal Beast: ...
    There is a moment of silence.
    Then one voice after another is heard as the once-silent folk spill into the glade, cheering the miraculous victory.
    Leader: Citlali, where were you? We were in grave peril.
    Citlali: I have found my friend. He will save us from peril, twice over.
    Citlali: Xolo! Fetch our store!
    The great dog comes between the young man and woman, laying at their feet game and fruit of the forest.
    Citlali: We bring food!
    Clamoring Folk: Hurrah!
    Leader: Hahaha! So you do. Starvation no longer stands at our door. Citlali, you are a hero to us all!
    Citlali: Well! There is great love between us! Now I will light a fire. Come, Tabane! Eat until you are full!
    Leere: ...
    Soon the smell of roasting meat wafts lazily through the air, and the people begin to feast.
    Diantha: The dog that's with her... Is that Xolotl?
    Citlali: Yes. Xolo is Xolotl. My dear friend!
    Diantha: Oh!
    Citlali: It seems your name has spread, my friend. How mighty you are! Come! Let me pet you!
    Citlali buries her face and hands in the fur that grows like tall grass on Xolotl's stomach.
    Citlali: Ah. There was one among you who was like a dog, yes? I shall pet you too!
    Diola: Oof...
    Citlali: Hahaha!
    Diola: My hair... It's all tangled now.
    Diantha: I'd heard Xolotl was strong, but... actually seeing the legend... is a completely different experience.
    Citlali: Indeed. Xolotl is powerful. He has saved us many times. And he will continue to do so!
    Diantha: And the champion who fought alongside Xolotl... that's—
    Citlali: Now! Tabane tells me you can dance and sing! Well? It is a feast! Let us have a song to brighten the spirits!
    Clamoring Folk: Hurrah!
    Diantha: Wait. Here? Now?
    Citlali: We had our victory, and we have our feast. All we need now is a song to make the hour more sweet!
    Diantha: Um, it's all so sudden. What do you guys think?
    Diola: Why not? It's what the prophecy wanted, right?
    Harie: Haha... I guess. We're a few epochs off, but it's still the same island.
    Linaria: I say we do it. Show them how darling we are, and give them a taste of heaven.
    Canna: Me too! Something tells me we aren't going to get another chance to perform during the War!
    Diantha: Haha... Well, you aren't wrong there...
    The people look up from clean plates and half-eaten fruit with bright eyes, like hopeful children.
    Diantha sweeps her eyes over the glade, before meeting Xolotl's gaze. And in those deep eyes, she finds the courage she needs.
    Diantha: Okay... Let's do it!
    Chorus of Four: Yeah!
    There is some hasty preparation, but soon enough, the maidens are lined up before the campfire, skin glowing softly in the light.
    The Maidens: Ti Icniuhtli Xolotl!
    Citlali: ...!
    Xolotl: ...?
    Citlali: Those words ring similar to my mother tongue. I believe they call you their friend, Xolo. Heh.
    Citlali: Yes. You are a great friend. Not only to me, but to us all.
    Citlali: Ti Mocniuhuan Mo Xolotl...
    The Maidens: This is a fairy tale.

    In a world where people have forgotten how to believe,

    We've descended as stars of hope—
    Leere: She also has a gift. She moves hearts with her voice.
    The Maidens: I pray that the future will be full of great things.
    I raise my voice on high and sing...
    Leere: And I pray... to meet that special someone.
    Leere turns her eyes to Citlali and Tabane. They sit side-by-side against Xolotl, lulled by the soft rise and fall of his flanks.
    Leere: It doesn't have to be now. It doesn't have to be the way I always dreamed it would be... But someday... I want to feel like I mean something.
    The Maidens: Thank you for everything!

    You are my most cherished treasure.

    One, two, three—I love you.
    Diantha: Mm... Mph...
    Diantha: Yawn...
    Diantha: What? I'm... back.
    Diantha sits up. She can feel a springy mattress beneath her and cotton sheets bundling on her lap. She looks around her, and the wooden walls of the inn look back.
    Diantha: Wait. Was that all a dream? But it felt so real...
    Diantha stumbles to the lobby, trying to sort out the thoughts in her head. She turns a corner and sees four pairs of eyes staring at her.
    Diantha: Oh. Good morning, everyone.
    Wide-Eyed Girls: ...
    Wide-Eyed Girls: ...
    Diantha: Wait. Don't tell me...
    All the girls sit or stand in a daze. The coincidence is too strong to overlook.
    Diantha: Did you all have a weird dream?
    Linaria: Yes, you could call it weird... Vivid might be a better word though. So you too, huh, Diantha?
    Diantha: Yeah. Xolotl was in it and two women named Citlali and Leere...
    Linaria: Thought so.
    They start trading conjectures.
    Harie: The reason Xolotl chose this island was probably because it was important to him...
    Diantha: Yeah... I think so too.
    Canna: And that "special something..." it was the time he spent with Citlali.
    Linaria: Hey. You think her descendants are here? Citlali's. Or Leere's.
    Diola: That would make the island all the more special. Remember?
    Old Woman: The dog's best friend was a skydweller warrior, and together they fought bravely and even defeated primal beasts.
    Old Woman: But dogs are loyal to their packs, and he was no exception. He longed to go back home.
    Old Woman: So the dog used his own power to twist fate and escape the Astrals' clutches. He finally made it home to his best friend, but...
    Old Woman: His friend was frightened by the dog's new form, and she drew her sword on her loyal companion.
    Diola: Citlali's descendants may not know who Xolotl is. But if we can perform for them and convert them into ichnia...
    Canna: Then they can be friends with Xolotl again!
    Diantha: All right. Let's do this.
    Diantha: You know, I was scared and anxious because the Head Priestess isn't here. But now that I know why I'm singing, I'm feeling pretty motivated.
    Chorus of Four: Yeah!
    Diantha: Oh, (Captain)! Good morning! Hey, did you happen to have a strange dream last night...
    They get to talking about the dream again, that little slip through time, and whether it was all planned by some weaver of songs and love.
    Either way, the dip into the past—into the time of the War—has washed away Diantha's worries and given her new direction.
    She and the maidens crisscross the island, preparing for their second performance and hoping against hope that, this time, they can give Xolotl the happily ever after that he deserves...

    Side-scrolling Quotes

    JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
    遠征、緊張するけど楽しい Okay, a show far from home... I'm nervous—but also excited!
    (主人公)さん、 新しい衣装、どうかな (Captain), like our new clothes?
    んふふ、今日のあたしも かぁ~いいでしょ? Hehe. Don't you think I look extra dreamy today?
    (主人公)さんっ! あたしの事ほめていいよ? (Captain)! Time for you to praise me.
    島の外って、 こんなに広いんだ… The skies are endless...
    (主人公)さんの話、 もっと聞かせてください (Captain), tell me more about yourself.
    挑戦挑戦、 今日も頑張るっ! Practice makes perfect! Practice makes perfect!
    走る(主人公)さん とってもカッコイイっ! Squee! You look so hot when you sprint!
    ぼー…… Stare...
    (主人公)さんも ご一緒に、わんわん (Captain) won't ever leave us, right? Arf!