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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Writing music, playing with children
Likes Singing, tuning musical instruments
Dislikes Monsters, scary people, scary things
Character Release

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Age 17歳
Height 165cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 作曲、子供と遊ぶこと
Likes 歌うこと、楽器の手入れ
Dislikes 魔物、怖い人、怖いこと
Character Release

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  • In Rage of Bahamut, Elta received a character song, "Open your mind", which came with a serial code that could be redeemed for "Sing For You Elta" card (see "Other Appearances").

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear...
Happy birthday to you!
Congratulations on your special day. I hope the upcoming year will bring you lots of happiness.


(Captain), happy birthday.
Throughout the skies and across the ages, every culture possesses a song to celebrate birthdays.
And all songs are full of our feelings for others, so the simple act of singing brings us happiness.
I don't know when my birthday is, nor do I have memory of my parents.
But despite that, birthdays are wonderful days--celebrating them is a happy thing. That's what I truly believe.
What's more, (Captain), today is your birthday.
It makes me want to perform every celebratory tune I know.
But there's no time for that, I suppose, so I'll settle for just one. I'll make it a sweet melody.
Well, are you ready?


Oh, you're still awake, (Captain)?
I'm having trouble sleeping myself... I guess I still have adrenaline running from your birthday party earlier.
Did you enjoy the party today, (Captain)?
I'm glad. Everyone worked hard to throw you a great one.
And I was thrilled to celebrate your birthday as well.
Huh? You want to hear one more song?
Very well. I'll perform a song for you as a present to round off your special day.
But... some of the crew are sleeping already. Is it okay if we keep this performance a secret?
Heh... A birthday party for just the two of us. That's quite nice.


(Captain)? What's the star of the party doing back here?
Huh? You were worried so you came to check up on me?
Wow, thank you so much! I'm sorry I made you go out of your way to find me...
I was enjoying the party so much that I couldn't help but wonder...
If my family was here, how would I be spending my birthdays?
But I kind of get it now. Having someone come check up on me when I go off by myself...
That must be what family does. And now I understand, thanks to you, (Captain).
Well then, let's get back to where the others are. A birthday song for a special someone needs special accompaniment—and you can leave that to me!


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm going to play a lot of music to celebrate tonight!
I'm really happy that I can walk with you as you grow, and celebrate with you like this.
On the other hand, I don't know if I've been growing much myself... Monsters are still scary to me...
But you know, I've been thinking to myself lately that it's important to be scared too.
The feeling of being scared can allow me to sympathize better with those who might be experiencing pain and sadness.
That's why, I think I'm going to accept myself for being the scaredy-cat that I am...
And I was only able to think this way after spending time as part of this crew.
Everyone here is so unique and has a different way of living...
And now, they're all a part of my family.
Now, get ready for a wonderful performance from yours truly! I'll make sure everyone has a good time!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
I truly hope that less people will get hurt this year than last year.
I know that battles are unavoidable and traveling has its dangers... but do try to take care of yourself, (Captain).
Of course I'll do anything I can to help you, so let's make this year a great one!


Huh? Ah! (Captain)!
You startled me... I was just warming up my voice...
Don't you feel that the air is a little clearer thanks to the new year? It makes me want to sing.
It feels nice having you around. I never noticed it before.
This year, even if it helps only a little bit, I'll sing for everyone's benefit.
I look forward to where you'll take us, (Captain)!


Happy New Year! A brand new year is upon us!
Have you decided on a New Year's resolution yet?
My resolution is to finally be able to defeat mon...
S-sorry... Just thinking about monsters is making me dizzy.
But don't worry! I've... still got a lot of room to improve!
I know I have a long way to go, but I hope you'll put up with me for another year!


(Captain), happy New Year.
I'm sorry you had to rescue me from trouble so many times this past year.
But this new year, I'm going to try to be more brave like you and everyone else on the ship...
I'll d-do my best to, anyway.
It's kind of hard to say confidently... But this is my resolutionl, and I wanted you to be the first to hear it.
I actually made a song to help encourage me. It's about a fearless warrior who faces every kind of challenge head-on.
Would you mind having a listen?
Thank you very much!
Then without further ado, please listen to this song that's based on you!


Happy New Year, (Captain). Thank you for everything last year.
I'll work hard so everyone on this ship can really enjoy themselves and relax through my music.
I'm still afraid of monsters... but I'll try not to slow everyone down by jumping at every little thing!
I'll try... to the best of my abilities...
W-well, I guess I'll go ahead and play the first song of the year!
It's a new piece that I composed in hopes that we'll all have a wonderful new year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Wow, thanks for the present!
To think I'd be getting Valentine's chocolates from (Captain).
Haha, makes me feel all warm inside.
What? These are just chocolates between friends?
Oh... O-of course I still like them... Haha...
Wait, was that a joke? Now I'm confused. Which is it?
Even you have a mischievous side it seems.


You're giving me a present again this year? Thank you!
Did you feel like you had to get me one? You don't have to say it.
Haha. I'm just glad you thought of me.
Actually it's really nice to get something.
Hehe. I hope you look forward to what I'm going to get you for White Day!


Wow! Thank you, (Captain)! I won't waste any time digging into these chocolates!
Mm! They're delicious!
... I hear a delightful melody playing in my head...
I might be able to convey this deliciousness in a song!
Give me some time, (Captain)! I'll make sure to finish it!
And when I do, I hope you'll listen to it!


(Captain), I'm heading out now. I'll probably be home late tonight.
The town's music festival only comes around once a year, and I'm honored that I was invited to participate.
But I'm also a little nervous... It's a little disheartening that you'll be gone on a mission...
Huh? What's this?
Oh my gosh, today is Valentine's Day!
I completely forgot! I was so busy practicing ever since I was invited to perform...
Thank you so much, (Captain)!
I think I'm going to be able to play my heart out tonight! Time to get going!
Take care and come back safe! I'll play you a song when you return.


Wow, is this really for me, (Captain)? Thank you so much!
Allow me to put this feeling of gratitude into song...
Actually, I think I'll put it into words. I feel that's more appropriate for this particular moment. Let's see...
When I imagine how you thought about me and went out of your way to choose this present...
It makes me really happy! I'm so glad that I was able to meet you and join this crew...
Hehe. It's a little embarrassing saying things out loud like this. It's so different from expressing through music or lyrics.
But I really wanted to tell you how I feel with words this time.
Truly... thank you, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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I hope you don't mind, (Captain), but I'd like you to have this White Day present.
Heh heh. Gift-giving is such a wonderful experience!
Up until now I've usually spent my time alone. There weren't many chances for me to do things like this.
I never knew how much joy it could be to have someone by your side.


(Captain), today is White Day.
About thanking you for your Valentine's Day gift...
I'll sing a song! So listen please!
Ah... Um... I don't really know any songs for White Day...
What should I do... This really makes me nervous...
(Captain), honestly this is all that I wanted to give you.
Oh, I was all flustered trying to express myself.
But I'm happy I did! (Captain), are you happy?
Hehe. Thank you! Now, I feel like singing you a special impromptu White Day song!


(Captain), this is in return for Valentine's Day. Here you are!
Um... and the truth is... that's not all I have to give you.
I took the feelings I felt when eating the chocolates you gave me for Valentine's Day, and I put them into a song.
It's a bit embarrassing, but... I'd like for you to listen to it.
I'll pour my heart into singing it for you.


(Captain), this is for Valentine's Day!
Do you remember how I had to perform that day?
Thanks to your chocolates, I became very inspired and played like I'd never played before! The audience was so pleased!
I can't thank you enough, (Captain)!
Huh? It was all my own doing?
No, um... I've still got a long way to go. If I don't practice more, I'll never make it anywhere.
Which is why, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you join me for some practice?
Yes, that's right! I made a song for White Day this year as well. I'd love it if you'd have a listen!


(Captain), here is a gift from me in return for Valentine's!
I expressed my gratitude on Valentine's Day with words instead of music, but today, I'd like to present you with what I'm best at.
I composed a song just for today, to express how grateful I am to you.
A song of spring... One that sings of the kindness and warmth of people as they care for one another.
I hope you enjoy it.

Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

T-trick or treat!
P-please don't hurt me! I'll give you candy!
I-I don't like getting spooked... T-trick or treat!
Huh? But Rackam told me I needed to say those magic words to survive Halloween...
Wh-what! It's not supposed to protect me? I-I'm the one who has to do the tricking?
Oh no! I can't! I can't do it! Please, I'll give you candy! Just spare me!


Eek! (Captain)! N-no pranks! P-please!
I b-brought a lot of candy today.
But there were so many kids, and it's all gone...
I'm sorry, but I don't have any candy left!
No... (Captain), wh-why are you grinning like that?
P-please, I'm begging you... I d-don't like tricks...


Oh, it's you, (Captain)...
That's a very elaborate costume... It really gave me a fright. I thought you were a monster.
Everyone is enjoying Halloween, but the costumes are almost too lifelike...
When I think about the fact that a real monster could sneak in, I just can't settle down... It's a terrifying thought...
But as long as I have you with me—
Wait, (Captain)! Where are you going?
Leaving me behind is your Halloween trick? How could you!
I'll give you all the candy you want—just please don't leave me all alone!


Huff... Huff...
Sigh... (Captain), it's you... Phew.
Some children dressed up as ghosts pounced at me from around the corner, you see...
That got me so flustered I ended up giving them all the candy I had...
So since I didn't have any more treats, after that, all I could choose from other people were tricks... Sigh, why am I so clumsy...
Huh! We can stick together? You mean it?
Wow, thank you so much! I'd feel so much better with you here beside me!
Oh, but... please don't play any tricks on me, okay?


B-boo! I'm... I'm a ghost!
Huh? (Captain)!
What am I doing, you ask?
Well... When it comes to Halloween, every year, I get scared by something.
T-that's why I thought, maybe I could do the scaring this time instead... But...
It's so scary! I don't want to wait here in the dark all by myself for someone to scare... I'm really regretting it.
Sigh... I'm glad you came by, (Captain).
Um, by the way... Did I manage to scare you back there? I did, right?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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When you wander the streets on the year's most joyful night, you can always hear carols.
Whether they're inside where it's warm or out in the cold, everyone celebrates the occasion by singing.
I used to just sing along by myself when I heard caroling, but I want to sing with my friends this year.
Why don't we all sing a song, (Captain)? I'm sure it will be fun!


Happy holidays, (Captain).
Everyone's enjoying the festivities, aren't they?
And that's why, um...
If it's okay... During the party, there's something I'd like to sing...
It's okay? Hurray!
I'll perform my heart out so this sacred night is a festive one for all!


The holidays certainly are chilly this year... I wonder if everyone's finished setting up for the party?
I'd like to play a song as soon as I get back to the inn, but my hands are so frozen I can't really move them...
I'm sorry... Could you give me a moment? I won't be able to strum the strings like this.
Huh? My hands? But why?
Wha! Y-you want to hold them and warm them up?
Th-this is a rather embarrassing...
But your hands are very warm, Captain...
Suddenly I feel like I could give my best performance ever. I'll be sure to make this party a festive one!


(Captain)? What are you doing awake? Can't fall asleep?
Ehehe, I can't fall asleep either. Maybe I'm still a little too excited from our holiday party.
I'm glad I ran into you though. It's almost like an early present from Santa Claus.
Oh, speaking of which, how about I play you a song before the day's over?
Okay! I'll play something nice and soothing to help you go to sleep.


The holiday concert is about to start, (Captain).
I'm very honored to be able to play the first piece in the concert... I hope you enjoy it!
Hm? How come I don't seem nervous, you ask?
That's true, I usually am just before a performance...
But right now, I'm more excited to have everyone listen to it!
You think I've changed? Really?
Um, do you mean for the better... or for worse?
For the better? Haha, thank goodness!
Thank you for telling me that! It makes me really happy.
Hehe, what a great holiday present... I'll make sure to return the favor with my performance!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Kind-Hearted Minstrel

(Captain) and company meet Elta the bard during a monster attack on a certain village. They invite him to join the crew because his solo journey to spread the joy of his songs to others is proving hard for him.

(Captain) and company stop at a certain island and meet a bard named Elta.
They decide to work with him to save a village from monster attacks.
Villager: Thank you all so much for helping us!
Villager: I know it's not much in the way of thanks, but I've prepared a meal for you all. Please help yourselves!
Lyria: Yay! Thank you! It all looks so delicious!
Elta: Agreed! And I can never make elaborate dishes like these when I'm traveling.
Lyria: Wow! I didn't know you could cook, Elta! Could you teach me sometime?
Elta: Sure thing. I'm not super talented at it or anything, but... Hmm?
Vyrn: What's the matter, Elta?
Child: ...
Elta: You there... what's wrong? You look kinda down. Oh! Are you hurt?
Child: Nah. It's just... It's not safe with all the monsters around, so I can't go outside and play... and I'm so bored.
Elta: I see... You want to run around and play outside, huh?
Child: Yeah... I just want to do something fun.
Elta: Something fun, huh? Oh, I know! Do you like to sing?
Child: I sure do!
Elta: Great! Well then, since we can't play outside, let's sing a song!
Elta: I'll show you how it's done first.
Elta: ...
Child: Wow! You're really good at singing, mister!
Elta: Heh-heh! Thanks! Now you try singing with me, okay?
Child: Sure thing!
Lyria: Wait! Please wait! I want to sing too!
Child: Whew... That was so much fun! Let's all sing again sometime, okay, mister? You too, lady!
Elta: Sure! See you later! Well... I'm sure glad I could make him smile.
Lyria: Hee-hee! Who wouldn't smile at your singing?
Elta: Thanks, Lyria. You know... I can't do much else besides sing and play my instrument, so compliments like that mean a lot to me.
Elta: The whole reason I became a bard was to try to make others happy.
Lyria: Wow! That's a wonderful thing to aspire to!
Elta: But things aren't working out so well... I'm always running into monsters during my travels, and I need an airship to go to other islands...
Elta: I just wish there was a way I could avoid being attacked all the time.
Vyrn: I see... Traveling alone must be tough when you've got monsters to worry about.
Lyria: I know! Would you be interested in joining our crew, Elta?
Vyrn: Good idea! That way he'd be able to visit all kinds of places! What do you think, (Captain)?
Elta: What? But... I mean, I appreciate the offer and all, but I'd just get in your way.
  1. I want to hear you sing more.
  2. I want to help fulfill your dream.

Choose: I want to hear you sing more.
Elta: Really? You like my singing that much?
Elta: As a bard, nothing could make me happier! I'll sing for you as many times as you want, (Captain)!

Choose: I want to help fulfill your dream.
Lyria: Exactly! If you want to make other people happy, then I want to help you too, Elta!
Elta: You guys! I don't know what to say... Ha-ha! I'm so happy to hear that!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Aw... Elta, you look like you're about to cry.
Continue 1
Elta: Um... Since you guys feel that way, I'd be happy to join your crew!
Elta: I'm no good at fighting monsters, but I'll do anything you ask of me! I'll help wherever I can!
Lyria: Welcome aboard! Hee-hee! Looks like things will be a lot more fun on the airship from now on!
Vyrn: Hey, Elta! Why don't you celebrate with a song?
Elta: Very well! I'll sing with all my heart and soul.
Elta: ...
And so Elta decides to travel with (Captain) and company.
Though inept at fighting, Elta is a kindhearted soul. He will go on to spread happiness to many different people in many different places.

Bonds Woven by Song

Elta reunites with some children he taught to sing and tries to teach them a new song, but a boy he's never met says songs are stupid and runs into a nearby forest. Since (Captain) and company have heard that monsters are lurking there, they hurry after him.

Elta takes (Captain) and company to a church in a tiny village.
A smiling sister of the church and many cheerful children welcome the crew.
Girl: Look! It's Elta!
Girl: Yay! He's really here!
Elta: Yep! I have to keep my promises! I'm so happy to see you all!
Girl: Guess what! I've been practicing the song you taught me every day!
Elta: That's amazing! Then let's all sing together later!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Elta seems really popular with the kids, doesn't he?
Vyrn: He's always so jumpy and afraid whenever he's in public, but he seems fine in front of kids!
Sister: Ha-ha... Elta's the reason the children smile so much.
Before meeting (Captain), Elta came to this church and befriended the children through song.
When he had to depart, he promised them he would return.
Sister: And ever since Elta left, he has continued to send the children musical scores and instruments.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Elta must really love music.
Elta: I'll teach everyone a new song today! What kinds of songs do you like?
Cynical Boy: None! What's so fun about singing anyway? It's so stupid!
Elta: Um... I believe this is the first time we've met. Nice to meet you. My name is Elta. Do you not like songs?
Cynical Boy: What's the point of songs anyway? I'd rather study than waste my time with that nonsense.
Lyria: What? You like schoolwork more than singing? How shocking!
Elta: Studying is very important, but I'm just not very good at it. Ha-ha...
Girl: We should all sing together! It's fun! Come on...
Cynical Boy: What? I told you singing is stupid! You can't make me do it!
Lyria: Wait! Oh... He went into the forest.
Sister: What? But dangerous monsters have recently been sighted there...
Vyrn: What? We better move!
Elta: Yes! We have to go after him!

Bonds Woven by Song: Scene 2

Elta was shy even when he was young and always sang by himself. He wants to tell the boy who ran into the forest, who might be shy like he was, that his friends are worried about him.

Vyrn: Dang! Where did that kid go? I hope he's okay...
Elta: I'm getting worried... We have to find him soon.
Vyrn: Geez... Why can't he understand that singing with everyone is more fun than being alone in this scary forest?
Elta: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What's the matter, Elta?
Elta: This just reminds me of when I was young...
Elta: When I was a child, I was very shy and... Oh! I suppose I still am.
Elta: When I was little, I wanted to play with the other kids, but I could never find the courage to ask.
Elta: That's why I just sang by myself... Ha-ha...
Vyrn: I get it... So maybe that kid couldn't bring himself to ask either.
Elta: Maybe he's really lonely and is just putting on a front...
Elta: I want to tell him that he has friends that worry about him.
Lyria: Good idea. We have to find him quickly!
Monster: Grrr...
Elta: But there are so many monsters here... I... I...
Vyrn: Hey! This is no time to be a fraidy-cat!
Lyria: There seem to be more and more monsters around. Let's hurry!

Bonds Woven by Song: Scene 3

The crew finds the boy just as he's about to be attacked. Elta tells his crewmates to rescue the boy while he distracts the monsters.

Vyrn: There he is, (Captain)! Hey, kid! You okay?
Monster: Grrr...
Cynical Boy: Eek! Get away! Aahh!
Lyria: Oh no! The boy is going to be attacked!
Vyrn: He's too far from us... And there are too many of them!
Elta: Um... I'll distract them!
Elta: You guys go rescue the boy!
Vyrn: Hold it! What are you planning to do exactly?
Lyria: Yeah! What if you get into trouble too?
Elta: I might not be able to fight, but...
Elta: But... (Captain), you taught me that I can be useful to others.
Elta: So let me do this! I'll draw the monsters to me with my song!
Vyrn: All right... We're counting on you, Elta! You ready, (Captain)?
Lyria: Let's hurry! Try to stay safe, Elta!
Elta: I will! And I'll stop those monsters!

Bonds Woven by Song: Scene 4

After he's rescued, the boy talks about how lonely it was to be on his own while the other kids had fun singing. Elta is thrilled when the boy asks him to teach him to sing.

Elta's song calms the fierce monsters, enabling (Captain) and the others to safely rescue the boy.
Vyrn: Good job! I can't believe you stopped the monsters with nothing but a song!
Lyria: That was great... We saved the boy and it's all thanks to you, Elta!
Elta: Are you hurt? Everyone at the church is worried about you, so let's go back together.
Cynical Boy: ...
Elta: Huh? Did you say something?
Cynical Boy: I'm sorry... for making fun of your song...
Cynical Boy: I just didn't like how everyone enjoyed singing at church.
Cynical Boy: It felt like I was all alone...
Elta: When I was a child, I was all alone too.
Elta: But I had my songs.
Elta: And thanks to singing, I have some incredibly dependable friends now!
Vyrn: Yeah! Elta's songs have helped us so many times!
Lyria: They really have. And they bring so much happiness!
Cynical Boy: Yeah... I think I understand now! So... can you teach me how to sing?
Elta: ...!
Elta: Yes... Yes! Of course! Let's go back and sing together with everyone at the church!
Elta: Once you sing with everyone, I think you'll finally understand that you're not alone!
Elta's song softens the boy's hardened heart, giving him the courage to face his friends.
It is time for Elta to depart once again. He promises the children that he'll return, and then takes to the skies once more with the crew.

Beachside Buddies

While rapping on the beach one morning, J.J. is captivated by a beautiful melody that turns out to be Elta's singing. Impressed by his musical talent, J.J. invites Elta to try rhyming some bars of his own. As the two bond and jam together, onlookers gather to listen to their musical mash-up.

The morning sun peeks over the ocean waves, painting the beach in soft, golden rays.
A man stands with his toes in the sand freestyling the tightest lyrics with only the rhythm of the waves as his accompanying beat.
J.J.: Yo! Brought the swagger to the beach, living life like a rap beast.
J.J.: Yeah! Rhymes overflowing from my soul, up-out-and-over, watch 'em go!
J.J.: Yeah, word! He's a demon with a punchline, rollin' over the sea and takin' in some sunshine.
J.J.: Yo! Yo! Say yo! Hey...
J.J.: ...?
Just as J.J. really starts to feel the soul of the music, something catches his attention.
???: ...
The sound of sweet singing cascades into his ear drums, causing him to stop dead in his tracks.
J.J.: Whoa! That's dope!
The voice, clear and well trained, glides through a beautiful melody.
Finding himself vibing with the tune, J.J. can barely stop his feet from stepping toward the source of the music.
Elta: Hehe... It sure feels great to sing on the beach in the morning...
With the vast sea before him, Elta arches his back and takes a big stretch.
A figure slowly approaches him from behind.
J.J.: Yo, man! A crazy tune so early in the morning; talent like that should come with a warning.
Elta: Aaah! D-don't come any—
Elta: Wait, J.J.?
Even though J.J. and Elta belong to the same crew, they've never had an opportunity to jam together.
Elta: A-heh... You, um, didn't hear me just now, did you?
J.J.: Most def.
J.J.: Check it. It's my ears you can't underestimate. They catch songs at an Astral's pace.
J.J.: I can tell you've got music to protect, and that's why you've got all my respect.
J.J.: When two genres meet on the beach, it's angelic, baby—you better preach.
J.J.: The way you handle that cello, making everybody at the beach so mellow.
J.J.: Yeah, classical vibes so addictive, so delicious. Food for your soul—that's heart-nutritious.
J.J.: And, yeah, I feel that passion: a free bird, a cool cat, one helluva mash-up.
J.J.: You're the realest, dealest skyfarer that ever did fare. The meanest, cleanest cellist that ever did... cell.
J.J.: Props to you, bard! You da real MVB!
Elta: Um... Did you make that song for me?
Elta: Wow... Such a fiery performance! Th-thank you so much!
Elta's cheeks flush at J.J.'s show of zealous respect.
J.J.: Hey man, I just rapped what I felt, okay?
Elta: Um... O-okay?
Elta: So did you just improvise that tune?
J.J.: Yep. One-hundred. Freestylists just spit out their emotions.
Elta: Still, it's amazing you can come up with a rhyme at the drop of a hat!
Elta: And the rhythm—your music is so exhilarating!
J.J.: Hey, much love. If it vibed with you, then I'm more than happy.
J.J.: But it's not magic. Anybody can wield the power of hip-hop.
Elta: Huh? Really? I don't think I could ever...
J.J.: No worries, man! Hip-hop is freedom.
J.J.: Yo, like, your identity is the ship and the beat is the skies. You use 'em both to go when you need to reach new heights!
Elta: Um... Drive... with my identity? You mean say a self-introduction?
J.J.: Hey! We can tay-tay-take that for a first shot! Now turn to the sea and let the ocean know who you are.
Elta: Wait, no practice first?
Elta wilts at the thought of the lyrical challenge, but J.J.'s expression is serious.
J.J.: Elta, my man, it's your time! Let your soul loose and give us a rhyme!
Elta: Fine, fine! You've convinced me! I'll give it a fair shot.
Elta takes a deep breath before his first foray into the rhyme dimension.
Elta: Elta is my name! I don't know where I'm from, um, I exclaim!
Elta: No memory of my parents and all on my own, the only thing I have is a very old song.
Elta: Yo! Eventually I became a musician. Singing songs and playing instruments is my mission.
Elta: Yeah! Music is really fun, I can feel it in my heart. We may be different people, but we can play the same part.
Elta: Yo! Whether you're a kid in a church choir or an old man waiting to retire—
Elta: Everybody put your voices together, and let's spit some hot fire!
Elta: And um... Th-thank you very much!
Elta: Hahaha... That was fun, but it barely had a rhythm. I shouldn't quit playing the cello just yet, huh?
J.J.: Man, cut it with the negativity.
Elta: Huh?
J.J.: Yo, hip-hop isn't just about how slick your rhymes are.
J.J.: Hehe... What really matters is how much of your soul you put into it.
Elta: Soul...
J.J.: Yeah, man! Your raps, they pierced straight through my heart.
J.J.: You were enjoying the jam, or were my eyes deceived?
Elta: No, you're right! I loved it!
Elta: When I was trying to put the words together, the ideas for where to go next just kept coming and coming!
Elta: Hehe. I guess hip-hop—well, all music really—is pretty great.
J.J.: That's the stuff. Now let me respond properly!
J.J.: Yo, yo! Check it!
Moved by Elta's rap prowess, J.J. begins to return a verse of his own.
J.J.: J.J.'s back, rockin' on the track! Everybody movin', how 'bout dat!
J.J.: You and I, we're much the same. Childhood spent wandering in pain.
J.J.: Spent some days laughing, some days crying, but all that bad ish is behind us.
J.J.: Because, yo, once you've got hip-hop—whether for richer or poorer—the good times don't stop!
J.J.: Yeah! Music, resounding through the streets! A social movement made of sick beats!
J.J.: Put down the sword, do battle with lyrics; no matter if it's love or war, music is the mission.
J.J.: Yo! Cut bad ties, raise your voice loud; give 'em that beat, bring in the crowd!
J.J.: This is my vision of a world changed through rap. Laugh at a dream? Now who's wack.
J.J.: Your criticism is bricks on my road, and after everyone knows my songs, it'll be paved in gold!
J.J.: One man! One vision!
Elta bursts into reflexive applause, his eyes alight with glee.
Elta: Oh my gosh! "Put down the sword, do battle with lyrics..."—that's what you truly believe, isn't it?
J.J.: Yeah! Change beating for beats, you know what I mean? That's hip-hop. You dig?
Elta: Haha... J.J., I can tell you're passionate from your lyrics. I really felt the soul you were talking about!
J.J.: Much love, much love. Hearing you rap your truth made me want to rap mine too.
Elta: It did? I think I'm starting to understand you a little bit better, J.J.
Elta: At first I thought we were totally different people, but we actually have a lot in common.
J.J.: I feel the same way...
J.J.: It's like, your music digs its way into my heart.
Elta: Yes! Your songs really resonate with me too!
Elta: It just reminds me how big a part music has come to play in my life.
Elta: Not to mention how a big a part it's yet to play too!
Elta: Heh... Sorry... I guess that got personal...
J.J.: Hahaha! Nah, man. No personal talk? No personal rap. Just shows you've got what it takes to be an MC.
J.J.: Which gets me thinking... Why don't we have a rap battle?
Elta: Wha! A b-battle? I really don't like fighting!
J.J.: Sorry, bro! Was just joking.
A grin crosses J.J.'s lips.
J.J.: Man... It's like we've just become each other's inspirations. Kinda wild how it happened just like that.
Elta: Haha... If you say so.
Now that J.J. and Elta have exchanged raps, they find a bond rapidly solidifying between them.
And as they ride this same brain wave, a thought simultaneously occurs to them.
J.J.: Yo... Even though our genres are like night and day, we both wanna make music, yeah?
Elta: Absolutely! You can say so much more with song than words, after all...
Elta readies his instrument.
J.J.: Yep! I feel it! Here comes the beat!
J.J.'s grin gets wider even as his eyes lock into a focused gaze.
J.J.: Let's go!
Elta hits this cue playing a percussive melody, creating the background track for yet another improvised performance between himself and J.J.
Vyrn: Geez... Where'd those two get off to anyhow? We're gonna take off soon.
Lyria: Wait, do you hear something? It's coming from the beach!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria head toward the noise, where they discover a massive crowd.
Lyria: Whoa! I wonder if someone famous is here!
Elta: ...
J.J.: Say heeeey! Say hoooo! C'mon, c'mon, say oh-yo-yo!
Vyrn: Huh? Is that Elta... and Hip-Hop Head?
(Captain) begins to push through the crowd to chastise the pair, but the excited audience proves too enthralled.
Vyrn: Hehe... Look around! Everyone is lovin' Elta and Hip-Hop Head's show!
Lyria: Say, (Captain)... Why don't we enjoy their performance with the rest of the crowd too?
With the musical mastery of two crew members on display, (Captain) happily assents and pulls back to listen with Lyria and Vyrn.
Elta and J.J. finish their impromptu concert just as the sun starts to set into the sea.
Loud, unbroken applause erupts from their onlookers.
Man: Yo, yo! That was a dope show, rapper-guy!
Girl: Yeah! How about an encore, singer-man!
Eventually the congregation of new mash-up appreciators parts, leaving only (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn with their musical crewmates.
Vyrn: Seriously, you guys, you could've told us you planned to put on a beach concert...
J.J.: Whoa, not our fault. We just started jamming and people showed up.
Elta: I'm sorry. We must've forgotten about the time while we were playing.
Lyria: No, it's okay! It was wonderful watching you both perform!
Vyrn: Yeah, it was rad! Watchin' you guys have fun made us have fun too!
Elta: Haha... Well, thank you then.
J.J.: Yo, Elta! Let's make music with the church kids next time.
Elta: That's a great idea! And then we can go to your home turf and do the same!
J.J.: Yes! Best idea! Sounds like our next concert is set!
J.J.: Yo, DJ (Captain)! You better get off this airship and come watch us play again!
  1. You know it!

Choose: You know it!
(Captain) promises the duo that come primal attack or high water, they'll have their captain in the crowd.
After that, J.J. and Elta continue practicing their act in the comfortable belly of the Grandcypher.
Although their styles may differ, their souls beat to the same drum and dance to the same tune—a tune that when they play together, they share with any who care to listen.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ひゃああ!ま、魔物だー! Gyah, m-monsters!
楽器は大切にすれば応えてくれるんです A well-kept instrument responds best.
あわわっ!調律がずれたかも… Hmm? This one might need some tuning...
歌には人を幸せにする力があるんです! Song brings us joy and happiness!
僕の歌で、他の人を幸せにできれば… Cheering on others with music is my greatest joy.
ラカムさんってお兄ちゃんみたいですね Rackam's like a big brother to us.
セレフィラさん、元気にしてるかな? I hope Selfira's doing okay...
キハールお爺さんのお話をまた聴きたいな I'd love to hear more of Keehar's stories...
(主人公)さん、一緒に演奏しません? (Captain), let's do a performance sometime!
一曲いかがですか、(主人公)さん! How about a song, (Captain)?

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


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Driven by a dream to put my heart into verse, I travel far and wide. But my dream just isn't doing anything for my stage fright!


Evolve: Give both leaders the following effect - Fanfare effects will not activate. (This effect lasts until this follower leaves play.)

Maybe I'm no good at singing, but I still want to share my heart with the world. So could you all listen to my verse just this once?

Class Neutral
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Wandering Bard Elta
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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