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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
Here. A birthday present for you.
Choose: Thanks!
Don't mention it. It was necessary for me to get closer to my target.
Changing the subject, but don't we have your celebration to attend? This will be my first birthday party.
Watching you grow for a full year, it makes it clear how much mortals really change. A wonderful thing.
Hehe. Continue your path and grow big and strong for me, okay?
Once you've reached your peak, then the true games begin... Hehe...


Happy Birthday, (Captain).
Oh, don't mind me. I'm merely pleased to see you slowly reaching your true potential.
Perhaps your time may come sooner than I had initially calculated.
I can hardly contain my excitement. Hehe...
Ah, of course. I've prepared a little something for you today.
Here. It's a pendant of my very own creation.
Whenever you are in danger, it will respond by summoning Kydoimos to your aid.
Choose: Thank you.
But of course.
I've already told you before, haven't I? It would be problematic if you were to perish at an untimely moment.
I'm the one who will be there to trample you, usurping you of your life.
So please do take care of yourself until then. Hehe.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). Here's to another year hunting you.
I've prepared the traditional New Year's spread for the occasion. Care to partake?
Of course it's homemade.
I saw this type of food while walking around a village with Athena a long time ago. But this year I thought I would try my hand at it.
Why did I make it, you ask?
Because I want you to be as happy and healthy as you possibly can be.
When I finally destroy you, it won't do if you're in anything but perfect shape.
Well, won't you dig in?
Hehe. Fine. We'll take some to the mess hall and share with Athena.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
My resolution for the year?
I suppose I want to better suppress my nature as a Primal Beast.
Enjoyment can be derived from misery and grief only when accompanied with feelings of great loss.
But alas, such a lofty goal is out of my reach for now.
So I will try and abstain this year.
It seems the time to hunt you is still a ways off.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), may I borrow you for a bit?
Today is Valentine's Day. I'm told it's a day where we offer chocolates to those we hold dear.
When in the skies do as the skyfarers do, as they say, so I made some chocolates myself.
Would you accept them?
Hehe. After all, you are my most precious prey.
Who's more deserving of my chocolates than you?
Hah. These other chocolates? They're for Athena, naturally.
She's also my most precious prey. Hehehe.


Enyo: I've made you chocolate this year as well, (Captain). I hope you find them satisfactory.
The indisposed Kydoimos behind me? What about them?
No need for concern—they've simply had too much chocolate for a day.
I tried using a new type of chocolate this year, but I couldn't get it quite right the first few times.
I couldn't let the failures go to waste, so I fed them to the Kydoimos.
Chocolate is poisonous to dogs?
Not to worry. They aren't dogs, but familiars that I can endlessly summon.
As you can see, they're fine.
Kydoimos: ...
Enyo: Hehe... Keep looking at me like that and I'll just want to feed you even more.
Kydoimos: ...!
Enyo: Just kidding—I'll find another way to dispose of the failures next time, so don't look so frightened.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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What is this, (Captain)?
White Day? Ah, is it the opposite of Valentine's Day?
I see. In that case, I will gladly accept this offering.
You are just as eccentric as I.
Giving a gift to the very primal who hunts you... That can't be normal, can it?
All the same, I am grateful for the thought.
Hm? You find it strange that I'm grateful?
Is it truly so odd? I've always been—and I will always be—upfront with you.


I can't believe you've had me wait this long for something in return for Valentine's Day, (Captain), you little sadist.
Hehe, sorry. I didn't mean to offend. Thank you for the gift, Captain.
Are these... cookies?
Different sweets can have different meanings?
And cookies are supposed to represent everlasting friendship? I see.
Hehe... You really are quite twisted—no, foolish, really.
Very well. I'd be happy to be your friend... until your time has come.
By my hands, of course. Whenever that day may be.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat? This means, give me candy or I'll prank you?
Haha. What a fun custom.
So, (Captain), how far does one take these pranks?

  • Choose: It's just for laughs...
    Hm. Well, there is value in humor.
  • Choose: Nothing extreme!
    Very well, I'll settle for making you scream in terror.
    It won't be nearly entertaining enough, but one must obey the spirit of the season.

More importantly, do you currently have any candy on your person?
You guessed right. Here it comes: trick or treat.
Hehe, which will you choose?


What are you doing here, (Captain)?
You should be in town with Athena and the others.
Me? I'm keeping watch along with my Kydoimos.
It's best I stay here. You see, sometimes I go a little overboard with my tricks.
I'm sure you understand. But don't mind me.
Trick or treat?
Hehe... You're a funny one.
Here. I've been holding on to this cookie, but you may have it... as a treat.
It's a shame I didn't know you'd come back. I would've had a trick prepared for you.
I'll get another chance next year, I suppose. If you're still breathing, that is.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, (Captain). To what do I owe the pleasure?
You came to see me? I've been enjoying this holiest of nights with Kydoimos.
Choose: You aren't going to the party?
No. If I attend the festivities, I would be putting everyone on edge.
Please return without me. I'll be fine.
Or would you prefer to stay with Kydoimos and I?
Hehe. Well, that doesn't sound too bad.
I would have you all to myself, until the first light of morning.
I imagine that would disturb the crew greatly if they found out...
So what will you do? Spend the night with me? I promise to make it worth your while.
We'll do things to make your crew members despair their lives away.


This "Santa Claus" character... He's supposed to be someone who brings presents to good children?
So you're saying if I were to trample him myself, the lamentations of children would be heard across the skies.
Hehe... Thank you for sharing this with me.
We ought to make haste, (Captain). If we don't find him by nightfall it'll be too late.
Heh. Imagine the grief on their faces after not getting anything from Santa Claus.
It's already put a smile on my face.
Do you get a present from Santa every year as well, (Captain)?
Is that so?
It seems then that I'll have to make a move soon.
I can't let this opportunity to see you suffer go to waste after all.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Destruction's Rebirth

Inside an ancient ruin, (Captain) and crew discover an Astral facility filled with copies of Enyo. The copies awaken and attack, and in the process, the seal on the original Enyo's core is broken. The true Enyo then takes over a copy's body and helps the crew defeat the remainder. Lacking her full power, Enyo claims that she has no intention of attacking the crew at the moment, so (Captain) and friends allow her to join them on the Grandcypher in order to keep an eye on the violent primal.

The crew has come to a far-off island for a mission.
An expedition of the local ruins has gone wrong and contact with the surveyors has been lost.
The crew has been charged with finding the missing party.
Vyrn: We've come a long way down, but we haven't found even a hair of those survey dudes!
Athena: They've gone even lower. Look at the footprints there. More than a few people passed through here.
Athena not in crew

Athena is a guardian primal beast, a shield to those who cannot protect themselves.
She joined (Captain)'s crew when she learned of their quest to recover Sky Map pieces.
She hoped that following this merry bunch would lead her closer to her own goal: locating a certain primal.
Vyrn: What gives with these ruins anyway? It's like they stretch on and on into oblivion!
Athena: Judging from the structure, they were used as some form of fortification. Or perhaps a research facility?
Athena: Though I admit, this is also my first time to see such depths.
Athena: Just what did the creators want to hide? What did they want to protect?
Vyrn: Scary thought, but... What if it's still down there somewhere?
Athena: Indeed. That is very likely.
Athena's words hang in the unmoving air, a final comment before the crew heads deeper into the dusty abyss.
Finally they arrive at the lowest floor.
There they find a gaggle of busy researchers studying a large sealed door.
Lyria: Ah, the survey team!
Athena: As far as I can tell, they seem unharmed. Perhaps there was no emergency after all.
Vyrn: Let's ask 'em what's been going on around here.
(Captain) nods in agreement, and the crew calmly marches toward the surveyors.
Surveyor: Sorry about that. We didn't mean to cause a panic...
Vyrn: You guys could've come up for some fresh air at least. Your bosses were real worked up, you know. Just what the heck happened?
Surveyor: It's that door.
The researcher's eyes drift to the imposing gate.
Surveyor: No matter what we do, it won't open. We've tried brute force, magic spells, explosives—but we couldn't even scratch it.
Surveyor: Surely gates like this must be hiding an amazing trove.
Surveyor: That's what led the whole expedition to stay down here. We were consumed by curiosity.
Surveyor: Not to mention we had rations to spare...
Vyrn: You got so carried away you couldn't send a message? Are you guys even professionals?
Lyria: Eheh... At least everyone's okay?
Surveyor: Forgive us for troubling you. We meant no harm.
Surveyor: We'll stop our attempts for now and return to the city. Does that sound fair?
Decision made, the surveyors begin packing up their gear.
Amidst this bustle, however, Lyria and Athena grow oddly quiet.
Lyria: What is this feeling?
Athena: I recognize it... But there's no possible way...
Vyrn: Something up? You guys look a little outta whack.
Lyria: I don't know how to explain it, but I sense something strange behind the door.
Athena: ...
Athena: (Captain), forgive me, but do you think we could spare some time?
Athena: I must know what this door is hiding.
Vyrn: Hm. Must be important if Athena's making a stink.
Athena: I understand this is a selfish request. But I cannot let this lie.
  1. Can it wait till after our mission?
  2. We have to get the surveyors home.

Choose: Can it wait till after our mission?
Athena: Very well. I can accept that.
Vyrn: Then let's hurry and get these people home!

Choose: We have to get the surveyors home.
Athena: Ah, of course. You are correct, (Captain).
Lyria: In that case, could we come back here later? I wouldn't feel right without checking the door...
After a brief moment of consideration, (Captain) quickly acquiesces.
Vyrn: Now that everything's settled, let's get these people home!
Continue 1
They quickly escort the surveyors back into town before returning to the mammoth gate.
Lyria: Come forth, Colossus!
Colossus presses its iron fingers into the crevice of the doors.
But not even its substantial might is enough to make them budge.
Lyria: Aww, that didn't work...
Vyrn: Good gravy, and Colossus is as strong as they come... What is this dumb door made of?
Athena: Perhaps we could find a clue to opening it?
Athena rests a hand on the giant entryway.
A flash emerges from Athena's armor, and the door begins to grind open. Athena inspects the glow to find Enyo's core shining and active.
Vyrn: Whoa, Athena... You coulda told us you had the key this whole time!
Athena: I, I didn't know...
Vyrn: If you say so. At least the stupid slab is open now, so let's take a look around inside.
They step cautiously into the chamber.
Vyrn: You guys... I don't like this...
Athena: ...
Countless water tanks fill the room. Tanks which hold what appear to be sleeping copies of Enyo.
Lyria: That's Enyo, isn't it? But, Athena... I thought you had that fight with her, and...
(Captain) grimaces, remembering the cruel battle.
Enyo: But we're not done yet! I can still—
Athena: No, this is the end.
Enyo: Gaha... I was born... to destroy... So why... was I destroyed... instead?
Athena: Good night, Enyo.
Athena: It's true. She fell by my hand.
Athena: I still have her core, proof of her defeat.
Vyrn: That's fine and dandy, but look around!
Vyrn: How do you explain all these other Enyos?
Suddenly, a shockwave rumbles through the chamber.
The tanks begin cracking and burst open, causing the copies of Enyo to spill onto the floor.
Lyria: Ahhh! What's going on!
Enyo: Must destroy...
Enyo: All skydwellers...
Athena: ...!
The army of Enyos make a furious assault against the crew, their eyes hollow and lifeless.
Athena: You've left us no choice. We will defend ourselves!
(Captain) and Athena ready themselves to face the horde.

Destruction's Rebirth: Scene 2

Inside an ancient ruin, (Captain) and crew discover an Astral facility filled with copies of Enyo. The copies awaken and attack, and in the process, the seal on the original Enyo's core is broken. The true Enyo then takes over a copy's body and helps the crew defeat the remainder. Lacking her full power, Enyo claims that she has no intention of attacking the crew at the moment, so (Captain) and friends allow her to join them on the Grandcypher in order to keep an eye on the violent primal.

The captain and the guardian primal land blow after blow on the Enyo copies.
But their numbers prove to be too much, and they eventually overwhelm the defending pair.
Athena: There's too many of them...
Vyrn: Oh no! Watch out, (Captain)!
An Enyo, sensing a momentary gap in (Captain)'s attention, launches her destructive spear at the captain.
Athena: ...!
Not on my watch!
Athena makes a dive for (Captain), pushing the captain out of the way at the last moment.
Athena: Ungh... Aaaaaargh!
Lyria: Athena!
The spear pierces her abdomen, pouring its destructive power into her frame. She doubles over, howling in pain.
The Enyo copy smiles at her handiwork and swings her spear in a celebratory flourish.
Athena: Ngh... Is this how I meet my end!
???: Athena is my prize. I won't have her taken away from me by a mere imitation.
A familiar voice resonates from Enyo's shining core.
It begins to float away from Athena's grasp. Then, it accelerates, flinging itself into the Enyo who pierced Athena.
Enyo: ...
Enyo: Hm. Though it's an imitation, I suppose it will do...
Athena: Enyo?
Enyo: Haha. Well met, Athena. Shall we catch up later? First, we must put these fakes in their place.
A placid grin forms on Enyo's lips as she stares at a horde of identical siblings.
Enyo: They lack the ability to call Kydoimos nor do they have significant destructive power.
Enyo: But their numbers alone mean they make a solid front.
Enyo: Of course they would be a threat to your tiny force, attacking from every feasible angle.
Enyo: But what do a few extra infantry mean to me?
Enyo: Absolutely nothing. Come, Kydoimos.
At Enyo's command, her shadow crawls across the ground, spawning a sprawling pack of Kydoimos in its wake.
Kydoimos: Grrr...
Enyo: Hehe. Shall we show these copies the power of their progenitor? This shall be a glorious battle.
The pack of Kydoimos leaps in unison at the horde of Enyo.
Stunned by this turn of events, (Captain), Athena, Lyria, and Vyrn watch in silence.
Enyo: Now for the finale.
Enyo: ...
The true Enyo, unnerving smile still plastered across her lips, thrusts her spear into the last imitation.
Enyo: Sigh... I know they were fakes, but I thought they would put up a fight at least. What a bore.
Enyo: No matter. I can finally talk to you, Athena, so all's well that end's well.
Enyo places the butt of her spear on the ground and turns to Athena and (Captain).
Athena: What is the meaning of this? Enyo, is it really you?
Enyo: Hehe. Why, of course. This vessel is one of my clones. A pathetic replacement for my real form, but alas...
Athena: So we saw... And why do you have so many imitations?
Enyo: For practicality's sake. My destructive potential combined with my ability to summon infinite Kydoimos makes me the perfect infantry.
Enyo: Or so a few intrepid Astrals thought, when they created these clones during the War.
Enyo: Their experiments, however, were an abject failure.
Enyo: They ended up possessing only a fraction of my capability. And zero capacity for thought.
Vyrn: Dang, they must've been busy trying to get your formula just right... All those copies...
Enyo: Indeed. After their failings became apparent, the project was halted and the facilities destroyed.
Enyo: Yet here we stand, in a lab that I believed long gone... It seems I was misinformed.
Athena: It's easy to believe the Astrals would want to clone you for warfare.
Athena: But there is one thing I still don't comprehend.
Athena: How did you inhabit that body?
Athena: I took great care to seal your core.
Enyo: Yes, and quite the seal you made.
Enyo: But when that imitation struck you, it created an opening.
Enyo: Destructive energy was able to flow into my core, allowing me to regain consciousness.
Enyo: I claimed that energy for myself and used it to possess this frame.
Enyo: Hehe. Oh, Athena. This was only possible thanks to your incessant need to become a shield for those around you.
Enyo: Had you not protected (Captain) with your own body, I would not have been freed.
Enyo: You've given me life once more.
Athena: ...
Athena grimaces.
Athena: So what is your end game?
Athena: Will you fight me again?
The protective primal raises her spear, but Enyo reacts only with her trademark grin.
Enyo: Gladly. But not today, I'm afraid.
Enyo: This body doesn't possess the power I require.
Enyo: Utterly exterminating you and your companions will require far more.
Enyo: Besides, Athena, I don't think you have it in you to strike me down. Not when I have no intention of attacking you.
Athena: Hmph. You're right. I won't fight without reason.
With a huff, Athena lowers her spear.
Enyo: Hehe. You always were softhearted. This was your chance to be rid of me.
Enyo: But I should be thanking your weakness now, shouldn't I?
Lyria: Um... So what should we do about Enyo?
Vyrn: Oh no, I don't like where this is going...
(Captain) looks upon the worried faces of Vyrn, Lyria, and Athena before coming to a decision.
  1. Let's bring her with us.
  2. We'll do whatever Athena wants.

Choose: Let's bring her with us.
Vyrn: Huh! You can't be serious! That's just invitin' trouble!
Athena: I agree with (Captain).
Lyria: Really, Athena?
Athena: It's too dangerous to leave Enyo to her own devices.
Athena: I would feel safer having her under our constant observation.
Lyria: That's probably true and all, but are you really okay with this, Athena?
Lyria: After all... You've been through so much with her...
Athena: I won't lie and say I'm fine with it. But, considering the circumstances, I think it would be for the best.
(Captain) nods in agreement with the primal.

Choose: We'll do whatever Athena wants.
Athena: I want...
She hesitates, piecing together her complex feelings. Once her decision is made, her voice is earnest as she speaks.
Athena: Enyo needs to come with us.
Vyrn: What! That's crazy talk!
Athena: It's too dangerous to leave Enyo to her own devices.
Athena: I would feel safer having her under our constant observation.
Lyria: That's probably true and all, but are you really okay with this, Athena?
Lyria: After all... You've been through so much with her...
Athena: I won't lie and say I'm fine with it. But, considering the circumstances, I think it would be for the best.
(Captain) voices soft agreement with the primal, settling the matter.
Continue 1
Lyria: Ah... I guess... Maybe you two are right.
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah... Who knows what she would do if she were free to tear up the countryside?
Vyrn and Lyria cast a suspicious glance toward Enyo.
Enyo: Hehe...
Lyria: Athena... If she does anything, you'll let us know as soon as possible, won't you?
Lyria: We'll help you however we can.
Athena: I appreciate the offer.
Enyo: Let me guess. You're going to take me on your little journey?
Athena: Yes. If you won't come peacefully, then—
Enyo: Don't you worry. I'll gladly join you.
Enyo: I'm grateful for the opportunity to travel alongside you and yours.
Vyrn: Grateful, huh?
Enyo: You're all my precious, precious prey.
Enyo: I can't have anyone else claiming your lives before I do. There would be no greater tragedy.
Athena: So you'll aid us till that day comes?
Enyo: Indeed. But the very hour I have my powers back...
Enyo: Hehehe. Well, you know the rest. I look forward to our voyage, (Captain), Athena.
Her grin, mellow but unnerving, stretches into a wicked smile.
Veteran heroes though they are, (Captain) and the others can only recoil in horror at her ominous jubilee.

Trampler's Aspirations

In the middle of a request to exterminate monsters near a village, (Captain) and friends survey the monster horde from afar and grow nervous at the sheer number of foes. Enyo confidently informs them that she and Athena have faced hordes twice as large, though she would prefer letting the monsters have their way with the village. Blithe to the crew's horrified reaction, she nevertheless gleefully rushes in to trample the monsters.

Some time has passed since Enyo's questionable entry into the Grandcypher crew.
(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, Athena, and Enyo stand atop a small hillock, surveying a sprawling horde of monsters. They've been charged with eradicating the pack.
Lyria: Wait, those are all monsters?
Vyrn: We knew there would be a lot, but this is ridiculous!
Tension rises as the crew prepares to face the droves.
Athena: Judging from their pace, it's only a matter of time before the monsters reach the village.
Athena: There's no way they possess sufficient fortification for these numbers.
Vyrn: Great, now we have to speed run a monster extermination...
Lyria: Oooh... I feel my knees shaking...
Athena: It will be all right. (Captain) and I are here to protect you.
Athena: And, for what it's worth, Enyo is here as well.
Enyo: Hehe.
Vyrn: Somehow that doesn't make me feel better...
Vyrn: What if she turns around and stabs one of us while we're trying to herd those monsters?
Athena: I won't let—
Enyo: Hehe. Don't worry. This isn't the time for that.
Enyo: Reap the harvest too soon, and you spoil your crop.
Lyria: Um... I guess we'll be okay then.
Vyrn: We've got no choice but to trust her. We need her powers to shave these numbers down.
Lyria: You're right. Without her help, we won't be able to stop the monsters before they reach the village.
Enyo: Ah, I'm more fond of letting the monsters have their way with the village.
Enyo: Then I could watch the aftermath, to see the fear and terror of the villagers as they realize help was too late.
Vyrn: Hey! Are you with us or against us!
Enyo: What? You don't adore watching the weak endure agony?
Enyo: It's so thrilling to watch them cling to their meaningless lives.
Enyo: The screams, the tears... Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.
Enyo: Oh, but my favorite part is when they start using each other as bait.
Enyo: The despair and anger of the sacrificed... The regret and relief of the unscathed... Oh, how I love the spectacle.
Enyo: Though, such carnage is often predictable, and it usually ends up boring me by the end.
Lyria: That's horrible... You shouldn't take joy in violence! It's sad when people get hurt!
Athena: Enyo, you are the only one who revels in pain.
Enyo: Ah, what a shame.
Enyo: I had hoped sharing the joy of destruction would liven up this journey.
Enyo: But, try as I might, I see you won't be convinced.
Enyo: Then again, nor was I—not until I fully accepted my nature as a primal beast anyway.
Athena: And how did you feel before understanding yourself?
Enyo: Almost the same as you lot.
Enyo: Rather than inflicting suffering and pain, I thought happiness and gratitude more worthy pursuits.
Vyrn: You did a complete one-eighty, huh? Do all primal beasts completely change personalities like that or what?
Athena: ...
Enyo: Hah. Oh, Athena. Wondering how you'll turn out after you understand your role?
Athena: ...
Enyo: Don't trouble yourself too much.
Enyo: You should be focusing on exterminating this swarm.
Enyo looks down at the hordes; her unnerving grin shifts to a sadistic smile.
Enyo: It's going to be magnificent to trample all those insignificant lives.
Enyo: Ahh, I can hardly wait to watch them suffer!
Vyrn: Yeesh, someone's raring to go. And just how are you going to fight all of 'em, hm?
Enyo: We have two secret weapons: Athena and myself. Such riffraff shouldn't be a problem.
Enyo: In fact, the pair of us have taken out twice as many before.
Vyrn: Double this number? That's insane!
Athena: It's the truth. But, Enyo, with your powers as they are now...
Enyo: Fret not. I know I don't compare to my former glory...
Enyo: But I assure you I'm stronger than a bunch of mindless beasts.
Enyo: Now, shall we get to the main event already? I hunger...
Sadistic smile still plastered on Enyo's face, she makes a mad dash for the monsters.
Vyrn: Gah! Wait! Don't attack them alone!
Athena: She never changes...
Lyria and Vyrn stand with mouths agape at Enyo's sudden assault. (Captain) turns to Athena just in time to see the primal's wry smirk.
  1. Maybe we should leave her to it?
  2. C'mon, we better follow her.

Choose: Maybe we should leave her to it?
Lyria: Aheh... Doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it?
Vyrn: What's with you guys! We have to catch up—and quick!

Choose: C'mon, we better follow her.
Vyrn: Yep. No way she can handle that many by herself.
Continue 1
With a nod, (Captain) directs the others to enter the fray behind Enyo.

Trampler's Aspirations: Scene 2

Despite her display of impressive strength, Enyo's movements are hampered since she only has access to a fraction of her power. Athena jumps in to protect Enyo just as a monster attacks, explaining that she can't let anything happen to Enyo before learning how the primal changed after accepting her true nature. Enyo repositions herself to fight back-to-back with Athena, claiming that no one else can kill the crew before she does.

Enyo, intent on exterminating the horde of monsters by herself, stands bravely before a flank of beasts.
Enyo: Come, Kydoimos.
Her shadow creeps along the ground, summoning an unexpectedly humble number of companions.
Enyo: This is all I can manage now?
Enyo: (I've lost even more power than I thought.)
Enyo: I hoped to annihilate them with an overwhelming pack of Kydoimos, but these silly limitations...
Enyo: Fine. I'll lay waste to them the old-fashioned way.
Enyo's eyes shine with sadism and glee as she charges for the swarming foes.
Monster: Grrr!
Enyo: Haha. Yes, let me hear your dying screams.
Enyo: Hah... Ahahahaha!
Beast after beast falls to the onslaught made by Enyo and her Kydoimos.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria stand back, scared of their foes but horrified by their ally.
Vyrn: Yeesh, this is her powered down?
Athena: I'm afraid so. This is perhaps only half of her true capability.
Lyria: Really? How did we manage to beat her the first time around?
Athena: Fortune favored us. We won because the palladium returned to me.
Athena: Had it not, we surely would've fallen to her cruelty.
Monster: Grrr!
Vyrn: Eep! Let's save the chitchat for later. We've got monsters on our tail too!
Drawing their weapons, (Captain) and Athena stand ready to face the encroaching beasts.
Enyo: Haha... Ahahahaha! How I've missed this! How I've longed for this!
Enyo: To trample life, to destroy it—nothing makes me feel more alive!
Ecstasy consumes Enyo as she hacks through another wave of monsters.
But despite her unfettered joy, she still feels a hollowness within.
Enyo: (It's not enough...)
Enyo: (To hunt skyfarers again, now that would be truly rewarding.)
Monster: Groooar!
A lone monster takes Enyo's lapse in movement to descend upon her.
However, just before its fangs come into contact with her flesh, a barrier encases her and sends the monster reeling.
Enyo: Protection? That was unexpected.
Enyo: Had those monsters destroyed this vessel, you would be rid of me.
Athena: We still haven't had a chance to properly discuss the past.
Enyo: What's there to discuss? The way I see it, we've nothing left to—
Athena: Enyo. Despite the time we spent together, I still know nothing of you.
Athena: I would like to understand who you were before you met me—before you came to accept your nature as a primal beast.
Athena: What makes you tick? What made you succumb to a lust for brutality?
Enyo: ...
Athena: You once told me that you understood your role as a primal after repeatedly eradicating the Astral's foes.
Athena: But there must have been a pivotal moment? Some sort of turning point that unlocked the darkness?
Athena: If I don't understand your path... Well, I must know what led to your current state.
Athena: So, until the moment I have answers, I won't let you fall.
Enyo: You concern yourself with the most trivial matters.
Enyo: But what will change when you get your answers? Nothing.
Enyo: What's done is done.
Athena: Still, I wish to know.
Enyo: Sigh... Since you've made up your mind.... Fine, have it your way.
Enyo: Though be warned what you hear might cause you to despair and suffer more than now.
Enyo: I promise to tell you everything. But after we've finished our work here.
Athena: Good. I can agree to that.
Enyo: Ah, but one good turn deserves another, so listen well.
Enyo: Athena, you and your companions are mine to trample over.
Enyo: You nor the others are allowed to be felled by other hands.
Enyo: Don't you ever forget that.
Enyo: Until I can kill you all myself, I'll protect you with all that I am.
Having said her piece, Enyo turns her back to Athena.
Enyo: Athena. Trust me with your life. And I shall trust you with mine.
Athena: Very well... Enyo. I'll trust you for now.
Enyo and Athena stand back to back, their spears raised.
The monsters cautiously close in on the pair.
Enyo: (Hehe, this takes me back...)
Monsters: Grrr!
Enyo: There's more than I thought. And they've got us surrounded.
Athena: Enyo, protect my flank. I'll do the same for you.
Enyo: Are you sure? Do you trust me with such an important position?
Enyo: What if I betrayed you and fled?
Enyo: Or, even better, ran you through with my spear?
Athena: Funny joke. You would never do that.
Enyo: Hah. You say that so confidently.
Athena: We've been through thick and thin together.
Athena: You would never betray me. Of this, I am certain.
Athena: Allies... friends do not betray one another.
Enyo: ...
Enyo: Hehe. Well, I can't help how you think of me. But I shall accept the burden of your trust.
Enyo: (I'm a friend, am I? What a fool. She has no idea who I truly hunt.)
Enyo: (But that will make our conclusion all the more interesting.)
Enyo: (Hehe. I wonder what expression she'll wear upon the moment of my betrayal.)
Enyo: (Despair? Sorrow? Simply imagining the possibilities has me jittery.)
Enyo: (No, betrayal and death are not enough...)
Enyo: (First, I will eradicate everything Athena holds dear.)
Enyo: (And, finally, when I deal with her last...)
Enyo: (Hehe. It's going to be the best day of my life.)
Enyo: (Yes, betrayal and death are not enough for you, Athena.)
Enyo: (That's when I realized it. Haha. I can't believe I'd almost forgotten such a fond memory.)
Enyo: (Now that I think about it, Athena has filled my thoughts since that day.)
Enyo: (But this is how it must be.)
Enyo: (After all, I've yet to find a plaything as fun as her.)
Enyo: (Now, just how will I trample over her next?)
Enyo: (It will prove difficult, with (Captain) and the others at her side...)
Enyo: Hehe. Oh, I can't wait...
Athena: Enyo?
Enyo: Ahem, excuse me. Let us execute these monsters with haste.
Enyo: (Captain) and the others are handling more monsters on their end, and it wouldn't do to keep them.
Athena: Agreed.
Athena and Enyo fight as one, spears flashing in a brilliant dance.
After a few moments of this martial display, the pair stand surrounded by the deceased fruits of their labor.

Trampler's Aspirations: Scene 3

Night falls after the monster extermination request is finished. Alone under the night sky, Enyo dreams of the day she will end (Captain), but her delusions are interrupted by Athena's arrival. The two swear to settle matters one day with a duel using all their might. Once Athena leaves, Enyo goes back to staring at the night sky, her expression full of ecstasy as she eagerly imagines the trampling she will do in the future.

After rebuffing the swarm, (Captain) and the others return to the Grandcypher.
Night falls and peace descends on the airship. With the crew fast asleep, Enyo visits the deck alone, savoring the breeze.
Enyo: Hehe, that last mission was quite enjoyable.
Enyo: Disappointing that we were facing mere monsters though...
Enyo reflects on the fight with the monster horde, a wicked grin curling across her lips.
Enyo: I found (Captain) quite charming, however.
Enyo: Unfettered trust, allows barreling toward a dream, flying ever forward...
Enyo: No matter the obstacle, the captain finds strength in the crew and prevails.
Enyo: Never one's allies, holding them dear...
Enyo: Aww, so lovely. I can't wait to eradicate them all...
Enyo: Hehe. I haven't felt this way since Athena.
Enyo: I wonder what (Captain)'s tears will taste like once I've dismembered the crew one by one?
Enyo: When I break the captain's body and mind, what sweet music will they wail?
Enyo: Hehe, I can barely contain myself...
Enyo: And when Athena finds I've destroyed (Captain), her lamentation will be all the sweeter!
Enyo: Joining this crew is the greatest thing that's happened to me!
Enyo: Hah! Oh, I can't wait! For that cruelest and most beautiful of moments!
Athena: It won't come. I'll destroy you before I allow it.
From the darkness behind Enyo, a voice chastises her.
She laughs jovially as she turns to answer her longtime prey.
Enyo: Hehe. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Enyo: To trample the dignity, the very being of those who resist me...
Enyo: What could be more fun? There's no joy to be gained from laying waste to an opponent who doesn't put up a fight.
Enyo: That's why, dear Athena, when we have our final battle, I want you to hold nothing back.
Enyo: Only then would I find satisfaction.
Athena: I intend to fight with all my might.
Athena: Our inevitable duel will settle this prolonged conflict.
Enyo: One would hope.
After I destroy (Captain) and the crew...
Enyo: When you pick up your shield to hold me back...
Enyo: We will find who's will is stronger; we will conclude everything.
Enyo: And to the winner go the spoils. They may do whatever they like with the loser. Agreed?
Athena: If it must be that way.
Enyo: Hehe. Then the oath is sealed.
Athena: Hmph. Then I'll take my leave.
Athena, austere and calm, turns to leave the deck.
Enyo: Hehe. The entertainment practically invites itself around this crew!
Enyo: Aaah! I can't wait for our duel!
Enyo looks up to the night sky, her placid smile twisting into carnal ecstasy.
She patently ignores the quaint twinkling of the stars, preferring instead to focus on the madness and blackness beyond.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふふふっ…… Hehe.
私を楽しませてくださいね? Entertain me. Or else.
貴方の慟哭を聞かせてください Let me hear your screams.
敵を蹂躙し破壊することそれが私の存在理由です I was made to trample my foes. To lay waste to them.
アテナは私の獲物です Athena is my prey.
抵抗しても構いませんよ? I prefer it when they put up a fight.
時が来るまでは力を貸しましょう I'll help you, but only until it's time to kill you.
おいでなさい、キュドイモス Come forth, Kydoimos.
(主人公)も私の獲物ですから…… (Captain), my precious prey...
今から(主人公)を蹂躙するのが楽しみです I can't wait to trample over you, (Captain).