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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Hm, a gift for me? But why?
White Day?
Ah, I see. So today is the day to reciprocate kindness preformed on Valentine's
Forgive me. I'm still trying to get accustomed to the world of mortals.
As for your gift, I gladly accept.
Ah, it's nothing.
I just found it a bit embarrassing to have my affections returned.
Thank you for this, (Captain).


Is this for me? Oh, that's right. It's White Day, isn't it?
Thank you, (Captain).
Is it all right if I open it now?
Tea? And of very high quality, by the looks of it.
I feel a bit bad accepting such a lavish gift.
Oh, I see... Well, in that case, let's invite everyone here for a tea party.
It would be a waste to drink such good tea alone.


(Captain), how are you feeling? Today's weather is just perfect for a vacation.
Did you sleep well last night? Please remember to stay warm, as it's been rather chilly lately.
Ah, sorry, I didn't mean to drone on... Well then...
Huh? Yes?
Oh! You wanted to show your gratitude for Valentine's?
Why, thank you, (Captain).
To be honest, I was waiting for this. I was so eager for it that I ended up speaking at length.
Oh, how embarrassing that was...
But... Teehee... You've made my day, (Captain).


Oh, (Captain). This is thanks for my Valentine's gift, you say?
Thank you very much. But (Captain)... I saw you earlier...
You were handing out gifts to others as well...
Please don't try and hide anything. Did you wait to hand my gift over last because I'm not as important?
Hmph! You can't fool me!
Hehe... My apologies. I was merely playing a little trick on you.
How was my acting? Gabriel suggested I put on a bit of a show.
She said sometimes you must put distance between each other in order to grow closer.
And that, if things went smoothly, I could capture your heart...
Well? Was I able to capture your heart?


Is this a return gift for Valentine's Day, (Captain)?
Forgive me for saying this after you went to so much trouble, but... I'm afraid I can't accept it.
Once I do, this special day will be over, and my remaining time will be hollow and empty...
On that note, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be willing to accompany me for the day?
I want to have you all to myself.
Actually... My apologies. That was selfish of me. Please consider my words to have been in jest.
My... Are you quite certain?
Thank you very much, (Captain). I have no doubt that this will be a wonderful memory.
And when this day comes to an end, please give me that gift.
I'm sure I will accept it with great emotion. Ah, I simply cannot wait!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), is everything okay? It's surprising to see you come out to town alone.
Me? I'm shopping for the party later.
Anyway, would you believe how lively it is out here today?
Is this how it usually is during the holidays?
I find it a bit noisy, but not altogether unpleasant.
What I do like is the smiles on everyone's faces...
It's quite a beautiful sight in its own way.
There is so much charm to be found in this world.
Just as Gabriel and the supreme primarch told me.


Look, (Captain). The town is positively glittering. These kinds of decorations only come out around the holidays.
They're so lovely... What a wonderful way to celebrate.
I can understand skydwellers' desire to spend such a special occasion with someone they care about.
That wish has already been granted for me—here I am, walking side by side with you after such a pleasant shopping trip.
Haha... I suppose we should get back to the ship. I'm sure preparations for the party are finished. Everyone must be waiting on us.
Still, there's no need to hurry...


(Captain), take a good look around. There is a distinct lack of snow, despite the approaching holiday.
I've heard that the celebration is improved drastically by the addition of snow.
I am inclined to believe it true. A world covered in pure white is a beautiful sight to behold. It puts the heart at ease.
And yet not a single snowflake is in sight...
Perhaps I should use my power and gather snow around the town myself...
Though leaving the matter to nature might be a better course. I'll place my faith in the skies.
Besides, there is a certain charm in waiting for snowfall together, don't you think?
Would you like to join me this evening, (Captain)?


(Captain), look outside. See? It's snowing.
At this rate, I have no doubt it will accumulate and paint this special night a brilliant white.
By the way, are you alone right now?
Could you lend me your ear for a moment? If you don't mind, that is...
Would you like to disembark from the ship together for a while?
Hehe. I'd like to try strolling through the snow-covered streets, just the two of us.
But I wonder why it is... When I get close to your face like that, my body feels like it's on fire...
Surely going out in the frosty weather will help cool me down.
Now, (Captain)—please rescue me from this blaze. Quietly...


It's gotten quite chilly. Are you cold, (Captain)? Do you mind if I touch your hand?
My, it's freezing. I'll use my own hand to warm it up, so let's continue on like this for now.
By the way, what are your plans for this evening?
Oh, of course... There's going to be a holiday party on the ship. How silly of me...
Er... I'm very much looking forward to the festivities, but I plan to excuse myself early.
If possible, could you come to my room by yourself after everything winds down?
I'd like to celebrate this night together in private, just the two of us... if you would be willing.
Knock three times, nice and slowly...
Hehe. That will be our secret signal. I'll make sure to tidy up my room, so I look forward to seeing you.
I plan to entrust the entirety of this special night to you, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

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A Present to Give

Hoping to participate in holiday traditions, Europa tries to think up a gift for (Captain). She goes to Vyrn and Lyria for advice and is told to gift what she wants to. Later, Gabriel also gives her own bit of advice, which helps Europa figure out the perfect gift. Europa creates herself a holiday outfit, then spends the next few nights in the mountains working on her present.

On a day like any other, (Captain) and company walk through the Grandcypher.
Along the way, they spot a familiar figure lost in thought.
Europa: ...
Lyria: Oh, it's Europa.
Vyrn: Hey there! You doin' all right?
Europa: Ah... Hello, everyone. I'm perfectly fine. I was simply contemplating the slight change in atmosphere on the ship...
Lyria: What do you mean?
Europa: Crew members have been restlessly moving here and there, muttering about "presents" for reasons unknown to me.
Vyrn: Heheh, is that all? It's just the season for it!
Lyria: Yeah, the holy night's almost here!
Europa: The holy night? I see... I'd completely forgotten about it.
Vyrn: Everyone's talkin' about presents because they're figuring out what they want to gift to people!
Europa: So these presents are gifts for others...
Europa: But who are they giving presents to?
Lyria: Well... That depends on the person.
Vyrn: Yeah, normally you just gift to whoever you want to.
Europa: Interesting. Thank you for answering my questions.
Europa smiles and nods, seemingly enlightened. When no more questions come their way, (Captain) and friends bid her farewell.
Just as the trio turns away, Europa gently grabs Vyrn and Lyria by their shoulders.
Vyrn: Whoa!
Lyria: Oh! D-did you still need something?
Europa: (Captain), please excuse us. There's something I'd like to speak with Vyrn and Lyria about.
Acquiescing to Europa's request, (Captain) nods and departs.
Vyrn: So uh... What is it?
Europa: I'm sincerely sorry for surprising you in such a manner. I wished to ask for your advice.
Europa: What would make a fitting present?
Vyrn: What a question...
Lyria: I think as long as you choose something heartfelt, anyone would be happy to receive it!
Vyrn: Think I'd hafta agree there. Most important thing is the thought behind the gift, not the gift itself.
Europa: Is that so...
Europa: (I suppose I would be overjoyed to receive any manner of gift from Gabriel or (Captain).)
Europa: (But would the opposite be true? Would any gift from me bring joy, regardless of its contents?)
Europa: (I'd like to learn more about these gift-giving customs, as they are part of mortal holy night tradition.)
Europa: (Or rather... I simply wish to give (Captain) a present.)
Vyrn: U-uh... Earth to Europa?
Europa: (I also wish to do something in return for the beautiful flowers that the captain gave me before.)
Europa thinks of the bouquet that (Captain) gifted to her when they visited Auguste. She treasures it dearly even now, having preserved it in ice.
Lyria: Um... Europa?
Europa: (However, is someone such as myself capable of selecting a heartfelt present?)
Europa: (If it's to be heartfelt, it should be from the heart... But how would I manifest something from there?)
Vyrn: Hey!
Europa: Vyrn? Is something the matter?
Vyrn: That's what I wanna ask. You've been spacing out on us, y'know.
Europa: My apologies. I started pondering the nature of one's heart.
Vyrn: The heck... Do I even wanna know why?
Lyria: Haha... Europa, you sure have changed since you first joined our crew.
Vyrn: Heh, guess that's true. You were a lot harder to approach back then.
Vyrn: Now you're pretty loosened up enough to be seen as one of us.
Europa: Do you truly think so?
Lyria: I do. It's like you've relaxed since then.
Europa: I never would have expected you to say as much...
Europa: Given how many times I've caused trouble due to my lack of knowledge on common mortal customs. Even now I take care to watch my behavior.
Europa: Perhaps you are overestimating my abilities...
Vyrn: You haven't caused any fuss lately, right? Sounds to me like you're getting the hang of it.
Lyria: Yes, you don't need to be so cautious. Like for the present—just do whatever you feel like doing.
Europa: Whatever I feel like doing... Thank you for the advice. If you'll excuse me...
Europa: Pardon me, (Captain). Could I have a moment of your time?
Europa: With the holy night approaching, I wished to ask you a question...
As Europa prepares to voice the question, she hesitates.
Europa: (I was told to do whatever I feel like doing, which is why I came to ask (Captain) what might be best...)
Europa: (But now that I'm here, I feel as if the gift should be kept a secret from the receiver...)
Noticing (Captain)'s puzzled expression, Europa quickly changes the subject.
Europa: Would you join me for tea? I'd like to spend some time conversing with you.
Europa: Rest assured, I know proper tea party decorum, as I've had much practice with Gabriel.
Europa: Hehehe...
Europa gives the captain her best smile, and the two proceed to enjoy the impromptu tea together.
Vyrn: Like we said, you just gotta gift something heartfelt.
Europa: I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't quite understand what that means.
Lyria: Well... I think you might be overthinking it.
Vyrn: Yeah, there's no need to be so serious about it.
Europa: But I am serious about it.
Vyrn: Er, right...
Lyria: Something heartfelt is like... Um...
Vyrn: Gifting something you wanna give, I guess?
Lyria: Right! As simple as that, probably!
Europa: Are you certain? That sounds like a fairly self-centered method.
Lyria: I don't think so... Whatever you want to give is something that you like yourself, right?
Lyria: So in a way, it's like saying, "I hope we can enjoy the same thing together!"
Vyrn: Let's put it this way—better to share something you like than something you dislike, yeah?
Europa: I believe I'm beginning to see... Your insight on the matter has proven to be extremely valuable. Thank you both!
In a quiet corner of the Grandcypher, Europa contemplates the advice she was given.
Europa: I should gift something I like... But what would that consist of?
Europa: I fear I may be hopeless in such matters...
Gabriel: What are you doing?
Europa: Oh... Good evening, Gabriel. It's very nice to see you.
Gabriel: It's been a while since I've seen you so lost in thought. Worried about mortal customs again, are we?
Gabriel: Come here, my dear.
Europa: Yes, Gabriel...
Gabriel wraps Europa in a comforting embrace, patting her gently on the head.
She listens as her disciple describes her struggle with finding a present for (Captain).
Gabriel: A present for the Singularity? I suppose the holy night is coming up, isn't it...
Europa: When I heard it was a skydweller custom, I wished to participate.
Europa: I thought I knew what to do after receiving advice to gift what I wanted to give...
Gabriel: But you haven't figured out what that is yet. Why don't I give you a little hint?
Europa: A... hint?
Gabriel: Follow your instincts, and act on your desires. They'll naturally lead you to what you're searching for.
Europa: I need to act on my desires...
Gabriel: Yes—picture what you wish to do with the Singularity.
Europa: What I wish to do with (Captain)...
Europa's gaze drifts away, before snapping back in realization.
Europa: I believe I know what to do!
Gabriel: Very good. You have an idea for a present then?
Europa: Yes, I plan to—
Gabriel: Shh...
Gabriel places a finger on Europa's lips and shakes her head.
Gabriel: You'll have to figure out the rest on your own. Presents are usually meant to be kept secret.
Gabriel: But you can tell me about it later, once you've given it. I'll be waiting.
Europa: Very well. I understand.
Gabriel: I hope this serves as a good opportunity for you to deepen your relationship with the Singularity.
Europa: I hope so as well.
Gabriel: Hehe... Good luck.
Having finished what she came to do, Gabriel bids Europa farewell and leaves the Grandcypher.
Europa: I should also depart...
Europa arrives at the peak of a mountain buried in snow and completely devoid of any settlements.
Europa: This place is perfect. I'll choose here as my location.
Europa: Since the holy night is a special holiday, I should fashion myself garments to suit the occasion.
She traces her body with her hands, clothes shifting like flowing water into new material.
Europa: Hehehe... Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but I couldn't resist the urge to partake in the "holiday spirit."
Europa: Now to focus on why I'm here...
The ground rumbles as Europa gathers her power, before all the nearby snow sprays into the air.
For the next five nights, she works in secret at this location.

Lord of the Castle

On a day close to the holy night, the crew arrives in town for a request to take out monsters, but is told instead to investigate a mysterious castle that appeared out of thin air. Europa builds the crew a bridge out of ice so they can travel quickly and safely up the mountain, where the castle awaits. When they arrive, Europa divulges that this is the castle she built.

Some time has passed since Europa spent several nights secretly working on her present for (Captain).
The date of the holy night draws near.
Europa: (Captain), what is your schedule for today? Do you have a moment of time you could spare?
Vyrn: We've got a request to take care of. That's why we're pullin' up to this island right now.
Lyria: Europa, is there something you wanted to do? Or somewhere you wanted to go?
Europa: Don't worry about me. My matter isn't urgent.
Though disappointed, Europa is not surprised at the rejection, as (Captain) has been busy lately.
Europa: (As much as I desire to show (Captain) the fruits of my labor, work does take precedence...)
Town Mayor: I'd like you to investigate a castle.
Vyrn: A castle?
The mayor of the snow-covered town explains further.
Town Mayor: We're not sure whether or not it's actually a castle, since it's a fair distance away... But it's a structure of some kind.
Vyrn: I thought your letter said you wanted some monsters taken care of...
Just like Vyrn points out, the original request was for the extermination of several dangerous monsters lurking in the nearby mountains.
Town Mayor: That was indeed the case. However, I'd like to change it so that we prioritize the castle.
Town Mayor: It's been causing a panic, you see, since it appeared out of thin air...
Lyria: Um... Where is this castle?
Town Mayor: If you'll look through the window... You can make it out on the horizon now that the blizzard's calmed down a bit.
In the far distance, an unnatural shape protrudes from the edge of the mountainside.
Lyria: That does look like a castle. You said it appeared out of nowhere?
Town Mayor: That's right. We would've searched through it ourselves if it weren't so dangerous to enter the mountains this time of year.
Town Mayor: Better somebody more capable do it before we worry ourselves to death...
Vyrn: I guess...
  1. We'll get right on it.
  2. Maybe we shouldn't rush into it.

Choose: We'll get right on it.
Vyrn: Hold your horses. The weather doesn't look so great, and the last thing we'd want is to get stranded in a snowstorm.
Lyria: Why don't we wait until it clears up so we can fly in on the Grandcypher?

Choose: Maybe we shouldn't rush into it.
Vyrn: Guess you're right... We'll probably get stranded in this weather.
Lyria: If it clears up, maybe we can fly in on the Grandcypher.
Continue 1
Europa: Are you concerned about traversing on foot?
Vyrn: Oh, uh, yeah. Those mountains are pretty steep after all.
Europa: Then I believe I can help.
Lyria: Huh?
Ice sprouts from the ground as Europa raises her hands toward the mountains.
Lyria: Oh, gosh, that's a lot of ice!
Europa: Much water exists in these lands. I should be able to manipulate all of it.
The icy particles rapidly clump together, stretching out into a solid path.
Europa: I can create a bridge of ice beneath our feet as we walk ahead. This should allow us to travel safely.
Vyrn: Whoa, this is awesome!
Lyria: We should have no problem now!
Town Mayor: Your assistance is greatly appreciated. May your journey go smoothly.
With Europa leading the way, (Captain) and company set out across the icy bridge.
Lyria: It's like we're walking through the air! This is so cool!
Vyrn: Cool, like chilly, right? But a shortcut's a shortcut, so I can't complain. We're gonna get there in no time.
Europa: I'll be certain to take us on the most direct path.
The group continues onward. Every step they take brings the mysterious building closer into view.
Vyrn: W-well... No two ways about it. That's a castle.
Large and resplendent, the structure towers over their heads.
Lyria: How could something this big appear out of thin air?
Vyrn: Not a soul around either, so who could've built it?
Europa: Oh... I built this castle.
Vyrn: Huh...
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddya just say?
Europa: I built this castle.
Lyria: What?

Lord of the Castle: Scene 2

As a present for (Captain), Europa created the castle so that it could become a special place for everyone to enjoy. However, she built it without securing permission from the town, and the crew reluctantly tells her that the castle might have to be destroyed. After seeing how much the place means to Europa, (Captain) decides to ask the town if they can keep the castle instead.

Vyrn: You seriously tellin' me you built this castle?
Europa: Yes. There's no doubt about it—this is the one I created.
Vyrn: Okay, first of all, why didn't you say so sooner? Did you really not notice until now?
Europa: I'm afraid not. I've never traveled here by foot before, which is why I thought this castle must have been the work of another...
Vyrn: Uh, pretty sure most castles don't just pop up in the middle of nowhere...
Europa: I see. I shall be sure to remember that.
Europa: Since we are here anyway, would you like to head inside? You can take the chance to warm up.
Vyrn: It's like you're inviting us over for tea or something...
Lyria: Amazing... Did you really build all this by yourself, Europa?
Europa: I did. Everything is made out of either water or ice.
Vyrn: For real? I never woulda known if you hadn't said anything.
Europa: As long as I use water as my base...
Europa: I can create many things, The clothes you see now will never become wet or feel cold.
Lyria: You look so pretty!
Vyrn: That's amazing and all, but could you tell us why you made this castle in the first place?
Europa: Of course.
Europa: I desired to construct a unique space that (Captain), Gabriel, and everyone else could enjoy together.
Europa: With an idea in mind, I came here alone and built it over the course of several nights.
Europa: This location is very beautiful in the evening, as it overlooks the lights of the houses below. I had hoped to share the sight with you all.
Lyria: O-oh... I see...
Vyrn: Uh... You know a weird building appearing outta nowhere scares most people right?
Vyrn: I bet you didn't get permission to use this land here either...
Europa: I needed permission?
Vyrn: What the heck was going through your mind the entire time you were working...
Europa: ...
Europa takes a moment to reflect as (Captain) and company stare at her.
Europa: My thoughts were filled with the wonderful time I would spend with (Captain) and Gabriel...
Europa: Other than that...
Vyrn: Talk about living in the moment.
Lyria: Part of me is impressed by what you've made, but... did you really need to make it so huge?
Vyrn: Yeah, the Grandcypher's more than big enough for everyone.
Europa: That would normally be the case, but this castle serves another additional purpose.
Europa: It's a holy night gift for (Captain).
Vyrn & Lyria: Say what now?
Europa: (Captain), please become the lord of this castle.
Europa gives the captain a sunny smile.
Vyrn: I can't believe what I'm hearing... A castle's more for a rich person or something...
Feeling just as conflicted as Vyrn, (Captain) frowns.
On top of being built in a distant, unknown location, the structure was made without the permission of the local residents.
(Captain) explains as much to Europa.
Europa: Oh... I've made another foolish mistake, haven't I?
Vyrn: As much as I hate to ask... Is it possible for you to tear the place down?
Europa: Returning something to nothingness will be no issue, but...
Europa: I'm sorry. Could I be left alone for a little while?
Without another word, Europa turns and runs deeper into the castle.
Lyria: Europa!
Lyria: (Captain)! Vyrn! I don't think we should let Europa be by herself. She looked very sad.
Vyrn: I'm with you there. Maybe we were a little too harsh on her. It's not like she made a mess on purpose, yeah?
Vyrn: Besides, this whole thing might honestly be our fault, considering we're the ones who gave her advice on gift-giving.
Lyria: Oh yeah... We probably should've helped her out a little more back then.
  1. Let's follow after her.
  2. We should give her some space.

Choose: Let's follow after her.
Lyria: Yes, let's!

Choose: We should give her some space.
Vyrn: I dunno if that's the right call. She looked pretty shocked back there.
Lyria: Yes, she'll be worse off if we don't give her some company!
Continue 1
Decision made, the group attempts to follow Europa's path deeper into the castle.
(Captain) leads the way, but their search proves to be more difficult than originally expected.
Lyria: Um, (Captain), where did you go?
Vyrn: Didn't (Captain) just turn this corner? How the heck is there a dead end?
Lyria: Should we retrace our steps? We could've taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Vyrn: But we went straight forward... It's more like the hallways turned on us, not the other way around.
Despite losing track of Vyrn and Lyria, (Captain) continues to look for Europa.
Europa: (Captain), are you searching for me?
Periodically, Europa's form appears, then vanishes, like a phantom leading (Captain) astray.
The captain eventually arrives at the roof, where Europa awaits.
Europa: Thank you for coming all this way to search for me, (Captain).
Europa: I've worried you, haven't I? But it's all right. I am well, as you can see.
Europa: Hehe, it's like we were playing a game of tag. I had a lot of fun...
Europa: Vyrn and Lyria are still on the first floor. They're a little confused, as they haven't realized I can rearrange the castle at will.
Europa: Perhaps this trick was a little mean. I'll apologize to them later.
Europa attempts a cheerful smile, but (Captain) sees right through it.
Europa: I can't hide anything from you, can I?
Europa: I've caused you trouble again. It seems there's still much for me to learn about the world of man.
Europa: I'm both pained and vexed by this...
Europa: Forgive me, I'll tear down the castle soon. But allow me to first say...
Europa: I'm glad we were able to have a moment together here, even if it's our first and last.
Europa: My efforts building this place were not in vain.
Europa: Despite my failure at the holy night tradition of gifting, I'm satisfied.
Europa: Thank you for joining me, (Captain).
Europa: I have no regrets.
Watching Europa gaze out into the distant mountains, (Captain) comes to a decision.
  1. Let's negotiate with the town.

Choose: Let's negotiate with the town.
Europa: What?
The captain suggests asking the mayor for permission to preserve the castle.
Europa: If... that's possible... certainly we could try?
Vyrn: You wanna ask 'em to keep the castle around? You sure about this...
Lyria: I think it's a good idea! Let's give it a shot!
Vyrn: Guess there's no harm in trying... Still, don't get your hopes up.

Lord of the Castle: Scene 3

The town mayor allows the crew to keep the castle once Europa reveals that she already eliminated the monsters threatening the town. On the day of the holy night, a party for town residents and the crew is held inside the newly named Europa Castle. Europa makes (Captain) lord of the castle, then brings the captain inside a secret room so she can give her true present. However, the gifting is interrupted by Gabriel's arrival, and Europa decides to save it for another time.

Town Mayor: You'd like us to preserve the castle? I'm not sure we can agree to such a request...
Vyrn: I get that we're asking a lot, but is there anything we can do to change your mind?
Town Mayor: I... suppose that it's far away enough that it won't interfere with day-to-day functions in town.
Town Mayor: We don't belong to any kingdom, so there's no danger of anyone mistaking it for a fort either.
Vyrn: So then...
Town Mayor: However, the monsters nearby might get riled up because someone's invaded their territory.
Town Mayor: No telling how any of the local fauna are gonna react to such a big change in their habitat.
Town Mayor: Taking the risks into consideration, the castle's not worth it...
Vyrn: Those monsters you're talking about... Are they the same ones you originally asked us to deal with?
Town Mayor: Yeah. There's quite a number of them, and they're all large and vicious.
Vyrn: What if we took 'em out for you? Our reward'll be permission to keep the castle!
Europa: Vyrn...
Town Mayor: I'd be mighty obliged if you did... Could I ask why you're so set on preserving it?
Lyria: It means a lot to Europa, our friend here, which is why we'd like to make sure it's taken care of.
Europa: Lyria...
Vyrn: Guess there's no way around it. Let's head back to the mountains and take care of some pests!
Lyria: We were supposed to do that in the first place anyway! This'll be no problem!
Europa: I'm sorry, everyone...
Vyrn: Hehe, don't worry about it!
Europa: No, allow me to clarify. I have already met with the monsters you seek.
Lyria: Huh?
Europa: The exterior is nearly done. Most of the remaining work will be furnishing the inside...
Europa: Hehe... I'm eager to see (Captain)'s reaction once everything is finished.
While Europa works diligently on the castle one evening, she detects several presences from behind.
Monsters: Groooar...
Europa: Oh, my... I didn't expect visitors so soon.
Europa: Good evening. My name is Europa, and I'm currently building a castle.
Monsters: Grooaar!
Europa: If you cannot contain yourselves, please leave.
Monsters: Graaawr!
Europa: How unfortunate. I gave you ample warning. This place is a precious gift—one that I will protect with my life.
Europa: It appears I will have to forcefully remove you from the premises.
Monsters: ...?
Europa: I froze them all and sent them rolling into the valley. They should have shattered into pieces on the way down.
Europa: I'm sorry I did so without consulting you beforehand.
Town Mayor: O-oh.
Vyrn: Well, less work for us, I guess...
After exchanging a few more details, the mayor confirms the frozen monsters were the same ones terrorizing the town.
With no more safety concerns left, the crew are granted their wish.
Lyria: Europa, I'm so glad your castle gets to stay!
Europa: I am as well. This wouldn't have been possible without everyone's kindness.
On the day of the holy night, both crew and townspeople are gathered inside the castle for a holiday party.
Europa: (Captain), the people from town have begun to call this place Europa Castle.
Europa: Once again, I would like to offer it to you as a present. Please become the lord of Europa Castle.
Vyrn: This might take the cake for craziest gift ever, honestly...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Smiling awkwardly, (Captain) prepares to give an answer.
  1. I'll become the lord.
  2. I accept this castle.

Choose: I'll become the lord.
Choose: I accept this castle.
Europa: Thank you. I'm overjoyed to hear it.
Vyrn: So what're you gonna do with your new piece of real estate, (Captain)?
Europa: Use it however you wish. It will never melt or crack. Its halls will remain pristine and sturdy forevermore.
Europa: Oh, I almost can't contain how happy I am... To think (Captain) is lord of a castle bearing my name!
Vyrn: Guess we all find happiness in different ways...
Eventually, the party is in full swing. While everyone else is occupied, Europa brings (Captain) to a different room.
Europa: I'd like to apologize again for the trouble I've caused.
Europa: I shall study harder than ever to make up for my lack of skydweller knowledge.
Europa: I'd also like to say... thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for saving the castle.
Europa: Your kindness safeguarded it from certain destruction.
"Don't worry about it. I wanted to," (Captain) humbly responds.
Europa: There is one thing I wanted to clarify. It's about my present.
Europa: The truth is that this place was only meant to be the stage...
Europa: As I gave my real gift.
Confused, (Captain) looks around, but doesn't spot any boxes covered in wrapping paper and ribbons.
Europa: I needed a private space, just for the two of us.
Europa: Which is why I constructed the castle to move according to my will. That way...
As if on cue, (Captain) hears two familiar voices pass by.
Vyrn's Voice: Where'd they go? I coulda sworn there was a door here earlier...
Lyria's Voice: I don't think there was... (Captain)? Europa? Where are you?
Vyrn's Voice: Maybe they went farther in? Worth a shot, at least.
Lyria's Voice: Okay!
Europa: As you can see, I can prevent any potential disruptions.
Suddenly feeling a strange tension in the air, (Captain) grows nervous as Europa steps closer.
Europa: Though I'm still ignorant in many subjects, I believe I've grasped at least one mortal concept...
Europa: Nothing is what it appears to be at first glance.
Europa gently pushes (Captain) down into a chair and leans in close.
Europa: This is a secret room just for us. No one else knows of it.
Europa: (Captain), please accept my true holy night gift.
Europa: You know what it is already, don't you? What I really want to give...
Europa: You may do whatever you like in this place. You're the lord of Europa Castle, after all.
Before Europa can do anything more than whisper in (Captain)'s ear, the mood is quickly shattered.
Lyria's Voice: (Captain)! Europa! Gabriel's here!
Europa: ...!
Europa: Oh dear... I'm ashamed to admit I forgot she was coming.
Europa: My thoughts were filled only with giving you your present...
Despite being flustered as well, (Captain) manages to stand up and extend a hand to Europa.
Europa: Oh... Is this an invitation?
Europa: I respectfully accept.
Europa takes the captain's hand firmly in her own.
Europa: I almost feel as if I'm the one being treated to a present instead.
Europa: Hehehe... Let us go together. I shall give you my gift another time.
Shyly smiling, (Captain) leads Europa back to the main hall. Together they welcome Gabriel to the party.
The festivities continue throughout the night, filling the halls of Europa Castle with laughter and cheer.

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