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Official Profile

Npc f 3020006000 01.jpg Farrah
Age 15 years old
Height 151 cm (allegedly)
Race Human
Hobbies Bug collecting, running
Likes Katalina (her superior)
Dislikes Going to class
An energetic and spirited young girl, Farrah is one of the new recruits of the Erste Empire. She trains in the sword arts day after day to become a great soldier like her superior, Katalina. Her boisterousness belies her great skills around the household, which she happily used at one point to take care of the otherwise helpless Katalina. Many years later, Farrah finds Katalina again, but by that point she's already left the empire to protect Lyria.
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3020006000 01.jpg Farrah
Age 15歳
Height 151cm(自己申告)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 虫取り、走ること
Likes 先輩(カタリナ)
Dislikes 座学
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3030037000 01.jpg Farrah (SR)
Age 15 years old
Height 151 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Bug collecting
Likes Katalina (her superior)
Dislikes Going to class, standing still
Source [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030037000 01.jpg Farrah (SR)
Age 15歳
Height 151cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 虫取り
Likes 先輩(カタリナ)
Dislikes 座学、ジッとしてること
Source [3]

Npc f 3030248000 01.jpg Farrah (Summer)
Age 15 years old
Height 151 cm (allegedly)
Race Human
Hobbies Bug collecting, running
Likes Katalina (her superior)
Dislikes Going to class
Source [4] [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030248000 01.jpg Farrah (Summer)
Age 15歳
Height 151cm(自己申告)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 虫取り、走ること
Likes 先輩(カタリナ)
Dislikes 座学
Source [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Since you're working so hard and all, today Katalina and I are going to make today very special for you!
Oh yeah! We've also made plans for dinner! You get to try the sweet potatoes grown near my family's house!
Hehe! We're gonna have a great time!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
These things only come once a year, so we have to celebrate them in full force!
Hm? Of course I'm all fired up about it! After all seeing you happy makes me happy!
I just want to you pay for all the kindness you've shown me! Eheheh...


So I heard it's your birthday today. I'm going to celebrate everything about you hard!
Take a seat! Because I'm going to rub your shoulders real good! I do it to Katalina all the time, so believe me when I say I can pull off a mean massage!
(Captain), your shoulders are so stiff... But don't worry—that's what I'm here for!
Katalina says it feels so good when I apply pressure on this part of her neck. How about you? Do you like it too?
You know, she really talked you up—said we're lucky that you're our captain.
I just want you to know that I really look up to you too, (Captain).
Okay, give me your hands next! I'm going to put you in such a good mood, you'll be so happy to hop right back into captain duty tomorrow!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'm always here for you on your special day!
Is there anything you want? Go on and ask for it! I'll do my best to carry it out.
I'll take good care of you. I'll throw a party, cook delicious food, and everything!
Hmm, I gave you a shoulder rub last year, didn't I? Do you want another one?
Hehehe... Just you wait. My shoulder massaging skills have gone through the roof!
Anyway, I'm getting a little off topic here. Look, just leave it all to me and everything will turn out perfect!
It's going to be a celebration of epic proportions!
Here's another "happy birthday" to tide you over until then! Happy birthday!


(Captain)! Happy birthday! Teehee, we all chipped in to help make this party a blast! Having fun so far?
Yodarha caught a huge fish for the main dish, and Juri gave cake-making his best shot.
Me and Katalina handled the decorations to the room! We did our best to make it all shiny and glittery!
The two of us got to talking about how you're always watching over us with such warmth.
It's only fair that we returned the favor!
Thanks a ton for being our captain! But enough about that—let's get back to partying the night away!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
I wish you happiness in the year to come!
Of course, there's no time to dilly-dally. I'm gonna work harder than ever to catch up to Katalina.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
There's something I've been meaning to ask you...
Should I train harder so that I can one day stand beside Katalina? Or should I keep going as am I now so that I can always look up to her?
Katalina was telling me about the importance of New Year's resolutions, but I'm stuck between these two...
Ohh, what to do...


After racking my brain for the longest time last year, I came up with the resolution of training harder to one day stand beside Katalina...
Maybe that was too ambitious of a goal, because I'm fresh out of ideas for this year...
You think I should look at it from another point-of-view? That's a good idea coming from you, (Captain)!
You think I should work on my groove as a girl? I'm not sure I get it... Tidy up my wavy hair? Stand up tall? I don't quite get that either...
Oh no, what do I do? I just want to be more like Katalina! Really, that's all!
Hmm... Aiiiee-hehe!
I think I've got it! Yeah, this'll do it!
Wanna hear about it? Fine, I'll make a special exception just for you! Hope you're ready for it...
"Train even harder to one day stand beside Katalina..." Time to get this down on paper and hang it up on my wall!


What are your thoughts on how last year went, (Captain)?
Lots of happenings, you say? That's the same for me!
My capabilities grew as I continued to chase after Katalina.
I think I was able to gain a step toward her, even if just a small one. It was a good year for me!
I hope this year will be just as good.
I've decided to add one more goal in addition to the one I had last year.
I just don't know what it should be yet...
Um... Hmm... This is tough...
Ah, I got it! I'm going to make this year better than last year! That's what my new goal will be!
You too, (Captain)! Make sure this year is better than the last!


(Captain), happy New Year!
Teehee, I guess I hit all the right marks this year because it was so much better than the year before!
That's gonna be my resolution this year too: to make it better than the previous year!
I'm gonna write it in even bigger letters this time and put it up on my wall!
If I can keep accomplishing this goal every year, I'll eventually be as great as you, (Captain)! I know I can do it!
Whoo! I'm all fired up!
I'm gonna go run off some of this excess energy! Care to join me, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
(Captain), I made some chocolate for you! It's all yours for the taking!
Now to get something for Katalina...
It won't be easy, but I'll make her something so good she can't refuse!


Katalina... I hope you understand how I feel about you!
Katalina... These chocolates are for you!
Here you go, Katalina.
Hm, that doesn't sound right either.
I was practicing how to give Katalina my chocolates. And now since you're here...
Tell me: what do you think would be the most memorable way for me to hand her these chocolates?
Huh? Now you're just poking fun at me!
Grr... I'm doing my best here! Would it hurt to give me a sincere, honest answer?
No chocolates for you this year if you're not gonna take me seriously!


Today's my chance to give thanks to people near and dear! (Captain), can I get your advice on what to tell Katalina?
"My Dearest Katalina,
Thanks for being good to me. Your smile is the best."
"But it'd be even better if you would hold me tight and rub my head like you do Vyrn! I love you soooo much—"
"More than anything else in the word! It's true! With hugs and kisses—mwah!"
I stayed up all-night thinking about it. I'm not sure which parts I like and which parts I don't like anymore.
Hm? You think it's okay as is?
Were you even listening! C'mon, gimme some real advice!
Hahah! I thought you were being restless, but you just wanted some chocolate, huh?
All right, consider this advance payment! Now help me with this letter to Katalina! You're not getting away until it's done!


(Captain)! I'm glad I caught you. There's something I'd like to discuss.
As you may know, today is the day I get to tell my awesome mentor, Katalina, how much I appreciate her!
Heh heh heh. I'm setting myself apart from everyone else this year.
Have a look at this. I've prepared a letter and chocolates!
The problem is do I give her the letter first or the chocolates?
Oh, you're right. I should just give her both at the same time.
Thank you. Well, I'm off to find Katalina now!
I'm busy-busy today! I have things to hand out to Lyria and the others... Even Juri is getting something!
Hehe. And of course I haven't forgotten about you, (Captain)!


(Captain), morning... I mean happy Valentine's...
Ahaha, I stayed up all night hoping to study up on chocolate that'd make Katalina happy...
And well... It was morning by the time I finished making a whole bunch...
Hm? You see confusion all over my face? That's because I can't decide which of these to give her...
Oh, I know! (Captain), you really like chocolate, right? In fact, I bet you're having a chocolate craving right this second!
Here, try some of this! I guess you could say this is a win-win situation!
We can start with my original recipe: mushroom chocolate!

White Day Cutscenes
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Whoa, this is in return for Valentine's? Thanks, Captain!
Tee hee... Actually I got something from Katalina too... Eheheheh...


Hey, (Captain). Good timing. I needed someone to talk to.
I just got this armor accessory from Katalina as thanks for Valentine's.
And guess what? It's a matching pair with the one Katalina wears... Aah, I am now in eternal bliss!
You have something for me too, (Captain)? Thanks...
Aah, Katalina...


I got a letter from Katalina! I've never been this happy in my life! It was worth all the effort!
She held on to me tight! Even gave me a head pat. Sometimes, you just never know until you try... Ah, the bliss of it all...
Hey, watch it! I'm the only one allowed to read it! Don't want my luck to run away now!
Wha? Now you're saying you'll never help me again if I get into trouble? Grr... I'd never get by like that.
I rely on you so much, (Captain).
Fine, I'll read you the very last part. Consider it a favor! Ready or not, here I go!
"Farrah, you are not alone in your thoughts. Trust me when I say you have no idea how happy you make me. I look forward to your continued companionship."
She said I make her happy... Ah, I'm in heaven! I'll treasure this letter forever!
What? Oh, this is to pay me back for Valentine's? I'll savor it together with Katalina's goodies!


Yahoo! Woo! Katalina gave me a gift for White Day!
She wrote me a letter and included lots of candy!
And to top it off, she gave me a bunch of head pats. It's become a thing. I can't wait for next year...
Sigh... Receiving all this adulation is like a dream come true.
I have you to thank for letting me join your crew, (Captain).
Oh, you have a White Day present for me too? Thank you so much.
I'm sorry if it might seem like I'm not all there right now...
It's just that Katalina's reciprocation is overwhelming... Today really must be a dream!


Katalina showered me with praise for those Valentine's chocolates!
She sent me a letter with some of her own chocolates today... It's all thanks to your advice, (Captain)!
I thought they all tasted great, but it didn't occur to me to package them together as a bag of assorted chocolates!
She wrote in the letter that it was great having a different one to choose from each day! This is a huge win for me!
Huh? You have a bag of assorted treats for me too?
Because you ate an entire batch of mine? Wow, you really take these things seriously, (Captain)! Almost as much as Juri!
Thanks for the sound advice all the time! You don't know how grateful I am!
There is one more thing I'd like your opinion on though...
About the chocolates from Katalina... It looks like she made them herself...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat, Captain!
Heh heh heh. When it comes to tricks, I know a thing or two.
So hand over the candy to Katalina and me, and no one gets hurt!


Trick or treat! Hehehe... I'm gonna make you cough up my candy this year too!
And if not, you've got a spine-tingling prank coming your way!
What kind of prank? Well, the most spine-tingling thing I can think of would be... finding bugs in your bed, I guess?
Huh? You'll tell Katalina if I do that?
Ugh... That's cheap, (Captain)! No fair!


I thought of a trick today with Katalina! In other words, we're co-conspirators!
And don't even try ratting me out to her like you did last year! It won't work again! Now accept your fate to be pranked by me!
This year's trick is somewhat different though. Prepare yourself!
Eeek! What did you just stuff in my mouth? This sweetness... is it candy?
Wha? I took the treat, so I can't trick you anymore? Is this supposed to be your ace in the hole?
Grr, seems like cheating!
All right, now I'm angry! I'm gonna tell Katalina, and she'll get revenge for me!
What? You have candy for her too?
Yay! I'll hand it to her!
Wait, this means you plan on using your ace in the hole against Katalina too. How can you be so cruel and merciless, (Captain)...


Do you remember what day it is?
It's the day we've all been waiting for! Candy Getting Day!
Wait, you forgot? Come on, (Captain), how—
Hey, hold on! I think you're just pretending to forget because you don't want to give me any candy!
That is not an option! You only have two choices: trick or treat. Which is it going to be?
What? You already have the candy ready to go?
(Captain)... You really pulled one over me! Well, I suppose I'll go share these with Katalina!


(Captain)! Wouldn't it be great if every day could be Halloween?
Hm? You're wondering if something special happened? Okay, I guess I can tell you!
Katalina told me "trick or treat" earlier, but I didn't have any candy on hand.
Since it's sort of the rule, I asked her to play a trick on me... And guess what!
She patted me on the head real nice and gentle!
I felt like I was in heaven! I want every day to be Halloween! Halloween's the best!
(Captain)! Can we keep up the Halloween motif on the Grandcypher for at least one more day tomorrow?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Hehe... Katalina and I have been exchanging gifts since our days in the imperial army!
But this year, I got you something too, (Captain)! I hope you like it!


Hm? You're wondering why I'm so happy?
I'm going on a date with Katalina today!
Katalina's all mine for the day! I couldn't have asked for for a better present! Eheheh...


Happy holidays!
What brings you here, (Captain)?
Katalina and I were making candles! Bunching together different-colored wax makes for really pretty ones!
Katalina's are the prettiest—as pretty as the seas of Auguste!
She said anyone is capable of doing it, but I have to disagree! I was almost moved to tears!
When night falls, I'm going to light up this handmade candle for a private chat with Katalina!
A dreamy fun time with Katalina awaits me tonight!
Oh, I can't wait!


Aha! There you are, (Captain)! I've been looking all over for you.
There's a party tonight, so I came to deliver your invitation.
Wouldn't I rather be spending time with Katalina, you ask?
Heh heh heh. I'm way ahead of you!
You see, the ones hosting the party are me and Katalina!
We're preparing everything, just the two us. So basically I'll get to spend the whole day with her!
It's going to super fun tonight, so I hope you come too.
Well, I'll be going now. I've got more invitations to hand out!
Then after that it's decorations and making foo—Oh no! Katalina! Don't start without me!


Hey, guess what! Katalina asked to me to go see the pretty lights in town with her!
An invitation from her is the best present I could ever ask for.
Ehehe, in a way she's my very own Santa.
Huh? You have a present for me, but it looks like I don't need it after all?
Ah, I just remembered! You're my Santa too, (Captain)!
R-really! Sorry, me forgetting was just a brain fart on my part... Besides, look at what I've got!
Ta-da! I made sure to get you a present too! Let's trade!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Got Plans for the Summer?

Farrah and Vira both approach Katalina with fun-filled itineraries they've created, but the former senior officer hesitates to show favoritism. Farrah and Vira then join a competition called the First Auguthlon to decide who gets to spend the day with Katalina.

(Captain) and company arrive in Auguste for a vacation.
Farrah: (Captain)! That sparkling blue sea is calling us to jump in!
Lyria: Teehee, you're a big bundle of energy today, Farrah.
Farrah: You betcha! This day at the beach has been a long time coming.
Vyrn: I'll say! I was so excited I couldn't get much sleep yesterday.
Farrah: I totally understand that feeling. My heart was pounding away at the thought of all the fun to be had!
Vyrn: It's not often we get to see this hyper, I-want-to-play side of you though...
Farrah: Heh heh heh. Well, that's because...
Farrah: I've devised a plan that allows Katalina and I to fully enjoy what the sea has to offer!
Vyrn: There she goes again with that whole "Katalina is number one" business...
Farrah: But she is! We'll go fishing, swimming, and I've already arranged for us to smash up some Custos Citrullus!
Lyria: Ooh, that's a nice list of fun activities. I think Katalina will be happy too.
Farrah: That's what I'm hoping for. Of course you and everyone else can join us too, Lyria!
Farrah's enthusiastic voice reaches the ears of another person lying nearby.
Vira: Not so fast. Are you positive that's how Katalina wishes to spend her time at the beach?
Farrah: What? That's a funny thing to ask! I've spent enough time with her to know what she likes!
Vira: Humph. A vainglorious boast. Katalina would much prefer my itinerary.
Farrah: Um... Just out of curiosity, what do you have planned?
Vira: First I'll let Katalina stretch out on the sands in peace so she can get some much-needed rest.
Vira: I made reservations at a superb beachfront restaurant where she can stimulate her taste buds to her heart's content, capped off by a night of stargazing.
Vira: Heehee. How's that? Don't I just make the perfect date for Katalina?
Farrah: Date?
Farrah: You don't mean to say you're planning to keep Katalina all to yourself, do you?
Vira: Whatever could you mean?
Vira: I simply wish to offer Katalina a more tranquil experience than she's used to. She's always so busy as it is.
Farrah: But, but my plan is definitely fun! And...
Farrah: I heard Katalina say she wanted to go fishing with my own ears!
Vira: What! She... said that?
Vira: Nevertheless! Katalina is anticipating a sumptuous meal followed by a night of seaside stargazing with me!
Farrah: Grrr! Katalina should have fun with everyone!
Vira: No, such a diversion will not be necessary.
Farrah: Just because you say it, doesn't make it so, Vira!
Vira: Humph. That's some impudent mouth you have on you!
Lyria: C-can I say something? I think both of your plans are very nice!
Vyrn: Yep. They're both good if you ask me. Thing is, that's not up to us to decide.
Farrah: Fine. Then let's just go ask Katalina and decide this once and for all!
Vira: Hm. Very well. I accept your challenge.
Farrah and Vira present Katalina with each of their plans and then ask her which she prefers.
Katalina: Huh? You want me to choose between your two plans?
Katalina: ...
Katalina: Ngh... How am I supposed to refuse either of my precious juniors when I know how much effort you put in?
Katalina is faced with a dilemma. The longer the decision goes unmade, the more time ticks away.
Vyrn: How 'bout you decide with some kinda challenge? All this thinking is gettin' you nowhere.
Katalina: Oh, I see... Whoever wins will be the one I choose, you mean.
Farrah: I think that's a good idea! I'll definitely best any challenge there is so that I can show Katalina a good time!
Vira: Victory is as good as mine. Soon Katalina and I will be spending quality alone time together.
Lyria: Huh? A challenge? Fighting is not allowed!
Farrah: Don't worry. There won't be any fighting. Just a good, clean match.
Katalina: But what exactly would make for a good, clean match?
Farrah: Well, we can just... Um...
Vira: Hm... It must be something fair and impartial...
The two rivals think in silence, finally shaking their heads when no ideas come.
Vyrn: Guess it's not that easy to come up with something. I'll try to think of something too since I suggested it.
Farrah: Thanks. It would be great if everyone helped us brainstorm too!
Vira: Yes, please. I'd like to hear your ideas.
  1. Pistols at dawn?
  2. Rock-paper-scissors?

Choose: Pistols at dawn?
Lyria: That's way too dangerous! Someone will definitely get hurt.
Katalina: Yes, we can't push this in such an extreme direction.
Vira: Thank you, Katalina, for worrying about our well-being.
Vyrn: Hmm... Something as serious as a duel, but obviously not as dangerous...

Choose: Rock-paper-scissors?
Farrah: You could call that a match, but... I was hoping for something more... thrilling.
Lyria: But it's safer this way.
Katalina: Mm, I think it's fine too, but I know these two won't accept that.
Continue 1
The crew continues to pitch options, but nothing sticks.
Farrah: Never a good challenge around when you need one.
Vira: True. However, if I'm going to be Katalina's date, we'll need to think of something.
In the midst of their brainstorming session, Vyrn suddenly notices a signboard.
Vyrn: Hm? Wonder what that sign says?
Katalina: Where?
Oh. It says "The First Auguthlon is open to all! Sign up now!"
Lyria: What do you think this Auguthlon is?
Vyrn: Never heard of it.
Farrah: It kind of sounds like a competition, doesn't it?
Katalina: Yes. It mentions that the winner will be presented with a magnificent prize.
Vira: It appears the details of this competition are unspecified.
Katalina: All it says is to use your strength and style to get to the top.
Farrah: Hehehe. This is it! It doesn't matter what the details are—I won't lose in a battle of strength!
Farrah: Let's settle our debate with this Auguthlon thing!
Vira: Fine by me. My affection for Katalina runs deep, and no one can match my style.
Farrah: I'll go enter right now. Shall we go together, Katalina?
Katalina: Haha. I'm afraid not. I don't want to interfere with your challenge.
Farrah: Understood! I'll be right back!
Vira: I shall return shortly as well.
Farrah: I'm all registered and ready to win!
Vira: Oh dear, you're getting ahead of yourself. Make no mistake, the only way you'll win is if I graciously hand you the victory.
Farrah: I hope you're ready for this, Vira. I'll do whatever it takes for Katalina!
Vira: Hehehe, you should be worried about yourself. Aah, my love for Katalina will be on full display. Waiting for tomorrow feels like an eternity.
Vyrn: Gulp... I think we've released two monsters. I'm shakin' in my scales.
And so, Farrah and Vira will decide who gets to spend time with their senior amid the cheers of the First Auguthlon.
Two brilliant flames are about to clash. Which will extinguish the other?

Red-Hot Summer Battle!

The grand prize of the First Auguthlon is a plushie, a prize that Farrah and Vira are both vying to claim in order to present to Katalina. After easily clearing the swimming section, the two contestants encounter a monster on the race course and begrudgingly team up to fight it.

The beach is packed with attendees of the First Auguthlon.
As the start of the competition approaches, the participants feel the adrenaline begin to course through their bodies.
Farrah: It's almost time to go! I'm not going to lose today!
Vira: Hehe... I'll make this quick and show you what separates a woman from a girl.
Vyrn: Hoo-boy, those two are fired up. This is gonna be spicy.
Lyria: Uh-huh! Do your best, you guys!
Katalina: This looks like a tough competition, but I'll cheer on the both of you!
Farrah: I'm on it! First leg is swimming, followed by running. Physical endurance is what I've trained for!
Farrah: But the last event is... um, sand art? I have no idea what that is.
Vira: Sand sculpting. It's typical of Auguste to include an event like that.
Farrah: So I just have to create something out of sand?
Farrah: Not a problem!
While the participants go over the list of events, an emcee introduces the grand prize.
Emcee: Yes, yes, yes, I see none of you can wait any longer. Then allow me to introduce... the grand prize!
The emcee pulls off a cloth that had been covering a pedestal to reveal... a plushie.
Farrah: What is that? It looks a little like a bird and a little like a lizard...
Emcee: This here's Auguste's very own ambassador of tourism, Guston!
Emcee: It was made expressly for today's competition with the help of a certain sorcerer.
Emcee: Heh-heh-heh! And how magical it is indeed! Just give it a squeeze to win the heart of any cuddly-wuddly creature in the sky!
Farrah: Is that true? Sounds fake to me...
Emcee: See for yourself! When I press Guston's schnoz like so, it releases a scent that animals love, and voila.
Dog: Bow wow!
Cat: Meow!
Farrah: Animals really are attracted to him! He's surrounded by dogs and cats!
Tourist 1: Whoa... I don't know why, but I want it! If only I'd entered...
Tourist 2: Wow, what's the price tag on that thing? You could make mad money if you sold it...
Katalina: Oooh... It attracts cuddly animals, hm?
Vyrn: Uh... What're you lookin' at me for?
Lyria: Teehee. Do you want it, Katalina?
Katalina: Er, well, it belongs to the winner of this competition. I'm just a spectator, so...
Farrah: Katalina...
Vira: Katalina...
Sparks are already flying between Farrah and Vira by the time they take their positions.
Farrah: I'm going to win this competition, and give Guston to Katalina as a present!
Vira: No, no, that's my job. I will be the one to present Katalina with that plushie.
A hush falls over the beach once everything is set. All ears await the starting whistle.
Farrah: I can't lose this!
All the contestants take off from the starting blocks, leaping into the sea to swim for the first marker.
Vyrn: Check it out! Farrah and Vira are at the front!
Lyria: They sure are! They're tearing through the water!
Farrah and Vira round the large rock marking the halfway point of the swim in near unison.
Lyria: Amazing! Those two are already on their way back to shore!
Vyrn: You gotta hand it to both of 'em. The other contestants haven't even gotten to the rock yet!
Emcee: Holy shamoley! Two ultimate athletes have already hit the beach! The next leg is the foot race!
Lyria: Go, Farrah! Go, Vira!
Farrah: Huff, huff... Thanks a bunch, Lyria! I've still got lots of fuel in my tank!
Vira: I appreciate your support, Lyria. I will be the first to cross the finish line!
The two rivals sprint with all their might, neither gaining much ground on the other.
Their drive shows no sign of wilting, only growing by the second. Soon the other contestants are lost in the horizon.
Farrah: Huff... Puff... Running in the sand after swimming is no joke.
Vira: Huff... Huff... You sound short of breath. Have you reached your limit?
Farrah: I could ask you the same thing. Feeling tired?
Farrah: Why don't you take yourself out of the race? Let me handle the winning.
Vira: Oh, that was a joke, right? Do you think I would ever hand you Katalina on a silver platter?
Farrah: Grrr... Struggle all you want. In the end it's going to be me and Katalina splashing around in the sea!
Vira: Don't count on it. She and I will be the ones spending quality time together.
Farrah and Vira are so lost in their bickering that they lose track of their surroundings.
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: A monster?
Farrah: Oh no! When did we get off course?
Vira: Tch... How could I let this happen... The course is back that way.
Farrah: Wait a minute! What about this monster?
Vira: Humph. Just leave it. If we run away now, it won't chase after us.
Farrah: W-wait!
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: Darn it. I don't have time to mess around with you!
Farrah: Listen! You better not cross this line I'm drawing in the sand! For both our sakes!
Arzentaum: Grooar!
Farrah: That monster won't give up! I didn't think it'd still chase after us...
Farrah: I can't let it enter the contest area! I'll have to stop it here!
Vira: Well, you've got a lot of spare time on your hands, don't you?
Farrah: It's not like I have much of a choice. On the other hand, if I drive it away...
Farrah: "Victory was in your grasp, and you selflessly threw it away to guarantee everyone's safety. I'm impressed, Farrah!"
Farrah: "You deserve all my head pats for a job well done!"
Farrah: Teeheehee...
Vira: ...!
Farrah: Hm? Why did you stop all of a sudden?
Vira: I'll have you know that receiving Katalina's praise is my reason for existing.
Farrah: Humph. Whatever floats your boat!
Farrah: That'll save us time! Let's go!

Red-Hot Summer Battle!: Scene 2

Farrah and Vira are about to finish off the monster, but it escapes when the two girls start bickering. Returning to the competition, they each build sand sculptures of what they consider to be the best thing about summer: Katalina. The monster from before returns and destroys their works, causing the girls to rally together again.

Farrah and Vira push the monster to the brink.
Arzentaum: Grrr...
Farrah: Phew... You're a tough nut to crack... But one more strike should do it!
Vira: You should take a step back and allow me to deal the finishing blow.
Farrah: What! So you can hog the glory? Not gonna happen!
Vira: How hypocritical. What makes you think you can have it all to yourself?
Monster: ...
Just as they're about to wrap up the battle, Vira and Farrah go for each other's throats, allowing the monster to slip away.
Farrah: It's not here anymore! Where could it have gone?
Vira: Tch... It escaped. Its tenaciousness is admirable.
Farrah: Is it safe to ignore it? Shouldn't we go after it?
Vira: Hmm... Unfortunately I have no idea where it went.
Vira: And I have a competition to return to.
Farrah: What should I do... I don't have any idea where it went either...
Farrah: But then again, it's probably learned its lesson after the licking we gave it...
Farrah: Hm...
Farrah: Oh well! I need to get back into the race too!
Meanwhile at the beach, the spectators have been eagerly waiting for the contestants. Finally a figure runs into view.
Vira: Huff... Huff... I finally made it...
Farrah: Huff... Huff... I'm just a little bit behind...
Emcee: Aaaand the top two leaders are back! Which leaves only the last event: sand art! Here's the theme!
Farrah: Theme? There's a theme?
Emcee: Heh heh heh! You better believe it! The theme is the "brightest glimmer of summer!"
Farrah: Brightest... wha?
Emcee: Hahaha! Here's a hint for you. Don't think too hard and just follow your heart!
One by one the other contestants straggle in. They receive the same instructions and begin to sculpt.
Vira: Hmm... Brightest glimmer, huh...
Vira: Ah!
Farrah: Let's see... What would I say shines the brightest...
Farrah: Gasp!
Whatever idea pops into Farrah and Vira's minds causes them to start scooping up sand simultaneously.
Lyria: They finally got started.
Vyrn: Yep. But is it just me, or did they look our way for a second?
Katalina: I do believe I caught them looking this way as well. Was it some kind of signal?
Other contestants are also hard at work on their sand sculptures.
Emcee: Time's up! Let's have a gander at today's sand creations, shall we?
Emcee: First up we have Farrah's work—whoa! Simply astounding! Care to explain it to us?
Farrah: I made the person I admire most, the one I wish to emulate! Katalina!
Farrah proudly presents her sculpture of Katalina, whose sword is poised to take down any foe.
Katalina: W-wait a minute! How do I fit the theme of "brightest glimmer of summer?"
Farrah: It doesn't matter what season it is—you're always my guiding light!
Emcee: It truly is a work of art. A masterpiece even. Why don't I just go ahead and crown you as the champion?
Vira: Please don't tell me you've forgotten about me.
Emcee: Oops, where are my manners! Please show us what you have, Vira.
Vira: Hehe. The brightest glimmer of summer is, beyond a shadow of doubt, Katalina!
Katalina: Huh? Just what are you two getting at?
Vira's sculpture is of Katalina in a swimsuit lying on her side.
Not only is the craftsmanship excellent, but the beauty of its subject draws oohs and aahs from the crowd.
Emcee: This. Is. Amazing! It feels different from Farrah's sculpture. Almost... sensual!
Katalina: S-stop! I've never posed like that in my life!
Vyrn: Hmm... Don't think she can hear you over the chatter goin' on in the audience.
Lyria: Ahaha... Everyone's really getting into it. That's a good thing, right?
The emcee goes around to the rest of the sculptures.
Emcee: Yeah, I think the winner is pretty much down to Farrah or Vira—
Emcee: Egad!
Vyrn: What the? Where did that monster's roar come from?
Lyria: Over there!
Farrah: It's the same one from before, and it brought friends this time!
Vira: I see... It can't call itself a monster if it doesn't come back for revenge.
Participant: Aaaugh! Monsters! Run!
Tourist 1: Nooo! Save me!
Katalina: Oh no, everyone's panicking! We must ensure their safety!
Farrah: Understood! Allow me to take care of this!
Vira: If that is your order, it shall be done.
Farrah and Vira guide the participants to safety away from the approaching monsters.
But then one of the monsters turns its attention to the works in the sand.
Arzentaum: Grrr...
Farrah: Ack! Stay away from there!
Vira: Stop! Don't you even—
Arzentaum: Groooar!
With a fearsome swipe, its monstrous arms pulverize the fragile sculptures of Katalina.
Farrah: What have you done to my superior?
Vira: Hahaha... Now you've done it. How dare you touch my dear Katalina!
Katalina: Huh? I'm not made out of sand, you know!
Farrah: We should have dealt with this beast earlier.
Vira: Indeed so. It would have been better to have finished it off back then.
Seeing their beloved Katalina (or at least her image) in sandy pieces, the two rivals' emotions are as one.
Farrah: Let's go, Vira!

Red-Hot Summer Battle!: Scene 3

Farrah and Vira stop the monster once more, this time with Katalina landing the final blow, but the First Auguthlon is suspended anyway. Katalina forces the girls to shake hands, and though they appear cordial on the surface, sparks are sure to fly the next time they face off.

The monsters are no match for the united force of Farrah and Vira.
Farrah: We did it. We avenged Katalina.
Vira: Yes... She would have been proud...
Katalina: Um, the real me is unharmed, you two...
Monster: Kekeke!
One of the monsters, down but not out, gets to its feet and rushes the main tent.
Farrah: Crap! I'll stop it—bwah!
In Farrah's haste to give chase, she trips in the sand.
Vira: Tch... At least there's no one left in that area—
Lyria: Oh no! Guston is over there!
Katalina: What!
Katalina: Haaah!
Katalina unleashes a strike that puts the monster down for good, saving the plushie from impending doom.
Farrah: She's so awesome!
Vira: That's the Katalina I know and love.
Katalina: Sigh... Come now, let's not downplay the fact that no one was hurt.
Katalina: (Hehe. I managed to save Guston.)
The crew stays behind until sunset to help clean up the beach.
Vyrn: I'm just glad everything calmed down and the beach returned to normal.
Lyria: Yes. It's too bad they had to suspend the competition though.
Farrah: It sure is. I didn't get to give Katalina that plushie as a present.
Vira: Nor I. And here I was looking forward to our date together.
Farrah: Forgive me, Katalina.
Vira: I'm sorry, Katalina.
Katalina: Haha, it's quite all right, you two. Thank you.
Farrah: Katalina...
Vira: Katalina...
Katalina: I'm very happy. Do you know why? Because both of you, rivals that you are, put your differences aside to fell those monsters.
Katalina: Now, I would like it if you two shook hands in recognition of a good match.
Farrah: A handshake?
Vira: Between me and her?
Katalina: That's what I said. Come on, let's see those hands.
Farrah: Um... This is really awkward...
Vira: ...
Farrah and Vira extend their arms and grasp each other's hands.
Farrah: Well, I guess we can leave today as a draw. You proved to be a reliable ally.
Vira: Heh... I suppose you can pull your weight for Katalina's sake as well.
Katalina: Good. I'm glad entering this competition was able to bring you closer.
Katalina: By the way, Guston is up for grabs again in the Second Auguthlon. It should be exciting.
Farrah: Oh, that's right! Our little challenge from earlier hasn't ended with a winner yet, so...
Vira: So I still have an opportunity to showcase my affection for Katalina.
Katalina: What's gotten into you two? Aren't you squeezing each other's hands a little hard?
The two rivals have yet to relinquish their death grips on one another.
Farrah: Heh... Hehehe... I could do this all day... Nrrgh...
Vira: Humph. I wasn't even trying until now.
Katalina: (I can see the flame burning in their eyes.)
Katalina: (But if there's something you want, you must obtain it yourself.)
Katalina: I believe I'll enter myself into the next competition as well!
Farrah: Huh? Katalina?
Although one intense battle draws to an end, the embers of determination continue to burn in anticipation of the next.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
波音が心地いいっす The sound of crashing waves is so soothing.
砂の上って、意外と走りづらいっすね Running in sand is worse than I thought.
夏の暑さに負けてられないっす! I won't melt in this summer heat!
(主人公)も一緒に泳ぎに行くっす! Let's go for a swim, (Captain)!
たくさん泳ぎたい気分っす! I feel like swimming laps around Auguste!
海でも後輩力を磨くっす! Time to work out: beach edition!
先輩、次は何して遊ぶっすか? What fun thing should we do next, Katalina?
海に来たら、休むより遊びたいっす! I'd rather play at the beach than take a nap!
(主人公)も海は好きっすか? Do you like the sea too, (Captain)?
(主人公)は夏と言えば何を思い出すっすか? What does summer mean to you, (Captain)?


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