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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Captain! Let's celebrate your birthday with everything we've got and make this a day to remember!


I went all out last year celebrating your birthday!
So this year... I'm going into overdrive mode to make this a birthday to remember!
Get ready for my super ultra commemorative celebratory message! Here I go!


I went firing on all cylinders to make this cake! All to wish you a happy birthday!
Of course there's meat too! The main course, the desert, the presents—Lyria and I made sure it's all ready for today!
Cuz I don't really know your tastes, you know.
But thanks to her help, we managed to put together a rockin' party for you!
C'mon, (Captain)! Everyone's waitin' on your grand appearance!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hey, how many times have I wished you a happy birthday anyway?
Whoa, we've known each other for longer than I thought!
I still haven't reached the heights you have, but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger just by sticking with you.
I'm super fortunate to have met you! This friendship's like my treasure, you know?
Aw geez, kinda makes the next time we chat a bit awkward, eh? But I'm still looking forward to it!
And just to be clear, we didn't skimp out on another great party for you!
Your crew members are getting restless waiting to wish you a happy birthday! Let's not keep them waiting!


Hey, (Captain)! So it's your birthday today!
Your progress knows no bounds... I really respect that, you know!
At this rate, someday you'll reach a level so high it'll go beyond even my imagination.
But I'm not just gonna stand around and watch you climb up there!
I'm gonna grow stronger myself so that I can stand beside you, tall and proud!
Even if I don't make it up to where you are, don't forget this guy here whom you once saw as your rival!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Looking forward to our travels from here on out!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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You ready for the first fisticuffs of the new year, (Captain)?
I've gotta let out all this excitement before I implode!


Here comes the new year! Are you ready for it, (Captain)?
I want to understand you better, (Captain)—and not just through fisticuffs either!
Let's make this the year we really get to know each other!
Kite flying's up first!


How's the new year treatin' ya, (Captain)? As for me, I can't get enough of the crisp morning air!
It feels like the new year is congratulating us on our first step into new horizons.
I went to give Randall my New Year's greetings just now...
But then he and I figured words are overrated.
I realized it the moment he visited my face with a high-flying kick.
I blocked it just in time of course, but a romp with him always gets me all fired up!
So whaddya say, (Captain)? Care for a romp with me? It'll be our first!
Actually, words are overrated. Our bodies already know the answer!


A new year has arrived, (Captain)! Make sure you grab it by the horns!
See, I realized something. I don't actually know all that much about you.
I figured we'd be able to communicate with our fists, that I'd learn everything about you that way. But, nope, part of you is still a mystery to me.
So I say we spend more time doing stuff together this year!
And I don't mean just brawling. We'll go for walks, shopping, whatever!
Now what better way to start than with a trip to the shrine?
We can draw our fortunes, have some sweet sake, and top it off with a round of badminton!


(Captain)! Let's have a battledore match!
I know we had one last year too, but something just didn't feel right. I finally figured out what was wrong!
We used rackets when we didn't need to!
This time we'll use our fists instead to hit the shuttlecock! How's that sound? Pretty good, right?
The power and speed of this match is gonna blow your mind and sting our knuckles! It'll be perfect for us!
Even if we're playing around, I still wanna have a serious face-off against you!
So (Captain), let's go! Hiyahhh!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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This is for me? Wow, thanks, man! Nom, nom...
Phew, I need to burn off some calories after taking in that much sugar!
(Captain), let's have a brawl—right here, right now! Huh? Whaddaya mean you don't get it?
There was a deeper meaning to your present?
Great, now I'm the one that doesn't get it... Go ahead and smack me, (Captain)! I'm sure it'll be crystal clear after that!


I'm so sorry about last year, (Captain).
But I think I now know the true meaning of the chocolate you gave me.
It's meant to be eaten after a match, not before.
What do you mean I'm getting this all wrong!
Punch me, (Captain)! Please! That's the only way I'm gonna figure this out!
Nooo! Please... Come back! (Captain)!


Can't believe it took me this long, (Captain)!
But I've finally figured out the meaning behind the chocolates you give me every year!
I know you've wanted to let it all out this whole time, but you've been trying your best to hold it in.
No wonder you've been angry with me. It's my fault for not realizing your feelings...
But relax. I won't run, and I won't hide. I'm here to take in every iota that you've got!
Go ahead—hit me with the pent-up emotions you've been feeling for the past two years.
Huh, chocolate? Wait, (Captain)! There's gotta be more to it than just chocolate, right?
C'mon, I know what you've been feeling. Hit me with everything you've got! My body is ready!
What's wrong? Your face is all red! You have a cold?
What are you running away for? (Captain)!


You got me chocolates? Aw yeah, I got chocolates! Thanks!
All right! I'm prepped to stop your barrage!
This year... This is the year I'll figure out the meaning behind your chocolates, so hit me with your best shot!
What? It has something to do with the shape of the chocolates?
Think about why they're heart-shaped? Hmm... Oh!
It's a riddle! Right?


(Captain)! I thought all year long about why your chocolates are heart-shaped!
Well, here's my answer! I have no idea!
I asked some girls on the airship to see if they knew the answer, but they just told me only you know!
It makes sense, I guess. It's an original riddle you made for me, so of course only you'd know! That's pretty amazing!
And I... I couldn't solve it and wasted all the effort you spent thinking it up!
And I'm pretty sure no matter how much I use my head, I'm never gonna find an answer... So please let me use my fists instead!
If I beat you in a brawl, you'll have to tell me the answer! How's that sound!
...! Why are you turning away? Don't tell me you're actually mad at me?

White Day Cutscenes
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This is for you, Captain! I ran out and bought 'em! Go ahead—they're yours!
I'm grateful for everything you do for us on a day-to-day basis, Captain.
Anyway if you want to spar afterwards to work off the calories, you are totally on!


(Captain), thanks for watching out for me all the time! I've got something for you today!
We need to understand each other better... Not through our fists, but through gifts!
I know I gave you some last year too, but I just had to show my thanks!
Aww man, this is making me feel all tingly inside... You know what? I think we should fight it out after all!


(Captain), I'm always grateful for White Day every year.
Not this year though! Cuz I know what White Day's really all about now!
It's about giving back! That's why we usually give back three times that of Valentine's!
I know I haven't been able to hear you out...
But it's time to change that... with a payload of five times!
I'm ready for a hotbed of activity with you! Don't matter if it lasts for hours on end!
I want to rock you to the very core of your being! Until we know each other inside out! Because that's how much I respect your strength!
Huff, huff... How about it? You startin' to feel me now?
This box of chocolates should sum up my feelings pretty well. Here you go.


Today's White Day, and I'm gonna return the gift I got from Valentine's Day threefold!
That is to say I'd like to, but I still haven't figured out the answer to that riddle you threw at me!
I can't let you leave empty-handed though! I'll just have to figure out the riddle for next year!
In the meantime here's a gift stuffed with my feelings of appreciation!
These sweets'll give you an idea of how I feel!
Thanks as always! I'm lucky to have your kindness! Let's brawl anytime!
Hahaha! Can't wait to tussle!


(Captain)! Happy White Day!
I'm sorry about Valentine's! Believe me, I still regret what I did!
This isn't much of an apology, but it'd make me happy if you accepted these sweets!
I can't really do anything else besides give you things and say what I mean! So please forgive me!
I appreciate you a lot, (Captain)! I've got nothing but appreciation for you in my heart!
Thanks for everything! You're the best! I'm so glad I met you!
Heh! I got it all out!
It'd sure be nice if you felt the same way too!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
I heard it's the day you get to scare people so they give you candy!
I'm going all out for this event!
All right, Captain... Whoever gets the biggest haul wins!


You're on, (Captain)!
Last year it was a contest to see who could get more candy, but this year...
Let's see which one of us plays the better pranks!
May the best person win!


Halloween's on, (Captain)! And so am I!
I've given up on treats for this year. I made a bet with the kids on the crew to see who could pull off the best trick!
I know they might just be kids, but the ones in this crew are really something else! The odds might actually be stacked against me.
Can you do me a solid, (Captain)? I need you to play tricks on me.
I seriously need a warm-up, but no one wants to play ball!
So I need your help, (Captain)! Come at me with every trick in the book you've got!


Trick or treat!
Phew, the onslaught of trickerations seems to be kicking off everywhere!
You can feel everybody's enthusiastic fighting spirit!
And now our own match is about to begin, (Captain)!
Let's get ready to Halloween rumbleee!
Say what? Your hands are too busy with treats?
Fine, I gotcha. We'll scarf down all the candy, and then we'll rumble!


(Captain)! I'm just itching so bad right now!
Look at all this candy I have in both hands!
Apparently my intention to play tricks was so obvious that everyone who made eye contact with me just handed me a bunch of candy!
Getting candy's great, of course! It's great, but...
You know what I'm talking about, right? Like the feeling you get when you meet a formidable opponent! It's exactly the same!
So, (Captain)... Will you let me play a trick on you? Please!
You're the only one who'd be able to take on the full extent of my tricks!
Come on, I'll give you all of this candy, so help a friend out here! Please, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
I heard an old man in red is coming to visit the kids in town today!
Sounds like a true warrior... I'd love to fight him some day!


What's wrong, (Captain)? You're feeling cold?
Then I'll warm you up... by making you quiver at the sight of these fists!
You should feel warmer once you start shaking... I hope!


Hear me out, (Captain). I've got a wish to make.
We're in holiday season—the perfect time to spend with our loved ones. You know what I'm sayin', right?
I want to spend the time off with you. Because you're the only one who can do me this solid.
So you'll hear me out then?
Thanks, (Captain)! You rock!
All right, here goes! I took out a few monsters just now, but I'm still itchin' for more!
Let's you and I heat up these ice-cold festivities with a good ol' fashioned romp!
Ooh... (Captain)! You're makin' me feel warm all over!


Deck those halls, (Captain).
I still can't forget that powerful punch you landed on me last year...
The fire within you hit me hard and spread throughout my body!
I want to get stronger, (Captain)!
Scratch that, I have to get stronger!
And I need you to get me there! So if you'd indulge me...
I challenge you to a holiday deathmatch!
Basically we're gonna bust it up all night long without getting a wink of sleep!


(Captain)! Do you hear that! The bells are ringing!
And those battle gongs are telling us to have a rematch! I'll get my revenge for last year!
This must be the blessing of the holy night! You hear them, right?
We're gonna settle this tonight!
Let's see your furious fists! Your screaming soul! We're gonna rock this holy night!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Reckless Seeker

After taking Ghandagoza's words to heart, Feather spends the months following the Grandsky Rumble sparring with fighters from different dojos. None of the opponents he fights gives him the thrill he seeks. By chance one day, he runs into an elderly woman who throws out her back, and aids her by working the farm instead. Her grandson returns hurt and asks Feather to deliver a package in his place.

The Grandsky Rumble: a martial arts tournament between skilled fighters from all over Phantagrande.
It is here that Feather finally finds Ghandagoza, the martial artist that he has been chasing after.
The two exchange words through their fists. Feather then asks to become Ghandagoza's disciple, but the older man refuses.
Feather: Are my punches not up to your standards? If that's the problem, I'll train day and night until I can—
Ghandagoza: Not so fast!
Feather: Huh?
Ghandagoza: That's not the issue. It simply isn't in your best interest to become my disciple.
Feather: Why not? It's all I want!
Ghandagoza: Training under me would only narrow your horizons. It might even douse the flame that now blazes within you.
Ghandagoza: The fire that drives you to pursue your ideals.
Ghandagoza: I felt it in your fists, and so that is my answer!
Feather: You felt it in my fists?
Taking in Ghandagoza's advice, Feather decides to travel the endless skies in order to unlock his potential.
Ghandagoza: Keep fighting! Pit yourself against your rival and as many worthy adversaries as you can find in your quest for glory!
Ghandagoza: And if our paths should cross again as we journey across the skies, our fists will have much to tell one another!
Feather: Yeah! Yeeeeeah!
Many months have passed since the conclusion of the Grandsky Rumble.
Feather has traveled his way through various islands, stopping at every dojo he can find and requesting matches with their disciples.
Feather: Excuse meeeee!
Disciple: Hahaha! Lively one, aren't you? How can we help you?
Feather: Name's Feather! I've been challenging all the strongest fighters across the skies.
Feather: Which is why I'm here for the strongest person in your dojo! Please, would you let me fight them?
Disciple: So you're the infamous Feather that's been sparring with every dojo's best. Heard you're still on a victory streak.
Disciple: But not for long. I'll make you taste defeat!
The disciple fixes Feather with a piercing stare right before an irritated voice shouts from deeper inside the dojo.
Master's Voice: You fool!
Feather: Huh?
Disciple: Ah! M-Master...
Master: Do you not sense his strength? You have no chance of victory! Go back to training!
Disciple: Y-yes, Master!
Master: Feather, I apologize for my disciple's unbecoming behavior. It seems I haven't been strict enough.
Feather: Hahaha! Don't sweat it!
Feather: You're the master of this dojo, right?
Feather: Please! Would you cross fists with me?
Feather raises his clenched knuckles at the master and grins.
Master: Haha, I like that look in your eyes. I suppose it has been a while since I've had a blood-pumping match... Very well, let us fight!
Feather: Really? Thanks!
Feather: Woo-hoo! My fists are burning for some action!
The disciples all gather to watch, but the match ends in an instant, and Feather walks away with another victory.
Feather: I just wanna fight someone strong enough to make me feel alive!
Feather: But where am I gonna find someone like that? Gaaaahhhh!
Feather screams at the sky, frustrated that his efforts to become the ultimate fighter have met little progress.
As he gazes out into the rural landscape, his eyes catch sight of an elderly woman falling inside a muddy paddy field.
Feather: Hey, granny! You okay?
Old Woman: Ah...
Feather: Hold still! I'll help you out!
He dashes over, scoops the elderly woman into his arms, and sets her down onto solid ground.
Old Woman: Thanks, sonny. I must've hurt my back. Could've been in a spot of trouble without your help.
Feather: Oof, your back, huh? Could you lay down for a sec? I can massage the pain away!
Old Woman: Oh my... I'm not sure I can let a stranger do that for me.
Feather: Haha! But now we've met, so we're not strangers anymore! C'mon, don't be shy!
Unable to reject Feather's beaming smile, the elderly woman receives the offered massage.
Feather: I noticed there's nobody else around right now, but are you supposed to be plowing such a huge field by yourself?
Old Woman: My grandson usually helps, but today he left on an errand and hasn't come back yet.
Feather: Gotcha! I'll work the fields in his place then!
Old Woman: Now, now, I really couldn't impose on you to that extent.
Feather: Hehe, don't worry about it! Gotta watch out for each other in our times of need, right?
Feather: Plus this is the perfect chance for me to build up some core muscle!
Feather picks up a hoe, leaving no room for argument, and gets down to business.
Feather: All right! That's that!
Old Woman: You did the whole field by yourself? You're really something, sonny. Thank you so much.
Feather: Hey, you got anything else that needs doing while I'm still at it?
Old Woman: No, no, the rest of the chores are easy enough. The field was the only thing troubling me.
Old Woman: Come rest here. I've got tea and snacks ready for you.
Feather: Oh, I was starting to feel a little hungry too. Thanks, granny!
Feather: Munch, munch...
Feather: Wow! Whatever this is tastes super good!
Old Woman: They're baked from the sweet potatoes growing in that field there. Eat as much as you like.
Feather: Awesome!
As Feather chews away, he notices a young man limping in from the mountains.
???: Pant... Wheeze...
Feather: Huh? Is that guy hurt?
Old Woman: That's my grandson! He was fit as a fiddle this morning... What could've happened?
Uneasiness growing in the pit of his stomach, Feather rushes over to the man and grimaces upon noticing the blood staining his ankle.
Feather: Yikes, that's gotta hurt. Here, grab onto my shoulder!
Grandson: Th-thanks. Was attacked out there by monsters and took a beating, as you can see.
Feather: Most important thing is you're still alive to tell the tale!
Grandson: Haha, guess so. Who are you by the way?
Feather: I'm just a guy helping out your granny with the paddy field.
Grandson: Picked up my slack, huh? I really owe you one.
The elderly woman frets about as Feather brings her grandson home.
Old Woman: Oh dearie me, we need to get the doctor as soon as possible!
Feather: Granny, relax! He's fine for the most part. Nothing life-threatening, promise.
Old Woman: Are you sure? My heart just about stopped for a minute there.
Feather: I'm sure. Now where's that doctor?
Grandson: Wait! Hold on. Before that, can I ask you a favor?
Feather: What's up?
The young man holds up the sturdy package that was cradled in his arms.
Grandson: I was asked to deliver this before sunset, but I'm not going anywhere with this leg, so...
Feather: Haha! No problem, I'll do it for you!
Old Woman: You've been mighty kind, sonny. I don't know how we can ever repay you...
Feather: You don't have to do nothing! Anyone else would do the same in my shoes.
With the sun beginning to lower on the horizon, Feather makes for the inn that the package is meant to be delivered to.
A little while later, (Captain) and crew finish up a job.
They walk around looking for a place to eat and relax after a day's hard work.
Vyrn: This is pretty hard to choose, huh? Everything we pass smells so good.
Lyria: Mmm... It's like we're sampling every meal through the scents alone!
Randall: Ha! You guys sure have bottomless stomachs. Reminds me of a certain idiot we know.
Predator: Hehe, speaking of Feather, isn't that him over there?
Looking in the direction that Predator points to, the rest of the crew watches as Feather rushes by with a package under his arm.
Feather: Raaahhh!
Randall: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Predator: (Captain), should we stop him before he causes a scene?
Nodding in assent, (Captain) quickly leads the chase after their hasty friend.

One-Hit Boy

Feather brings the package to a large man. The large man greedily opens it to reveal a golden weapon known as the Lion Khan Claw. As he does so, a young man arrives, ready to kill for the claw. Feather, sensing great power from the young man and unwilling to let him take a life, excitedly throws himself forward for a fight, but is taken out by a single strike.

Feather: All right, made it in time!
Bursting into the inn, Feather holds the package above his head and searches for the recipient.
Large Man: Hey, that box you're holding...
Feather: Is this yours? The guy who was supposed to deliver it got hurt, so I came in his place.
Feather: But I forgot to ask who it's meant for.
Large Man: Yeah, it's mine. No doubt about it.
The large man snatches the package from Feather's hands and rips the sturdy box open, revealing a gleaming golden claw inside.
Large Man: Hehe... Hahaha! Finally! Finally it's mine!
Feather: Whew... That's kinda cool. Is it a weapon or something?
Large Man: With this, I should be able to become an Auditor...
Overcome with eagerness, the man grins to himself and pays no heed to Feather.
Feather: Uh, hello? Man, you're a weird one.
Feather: But whatever! Package is delivered, and that's what matters!
Feather turns on his heels to leave the inn, but suddenly stops in his tracks.
Feather: ...?
Feather: What is this aura? It's crazy strong... and super ready for a fight!
He looks at the entrance in time to see a young man kick the door open and glare into the room.
???: Sigh...
Feather: Haha! So this guy's the culprit!
Large Man: Tch, if it ain't Ragazzo. Figured you'd show up sooner or later.
Ragazzo: Sheesh, who said you could go ahead and open the box?
Ragazzo: You do know what'll happen to you if you soil it, right?
Ragazzo: Wait, don't tell me... You really stupid enough to think you can wield it?
Large Man: Shaddup! We won't know until I try, eh?
Hearing all the shouting and fearing the worst, the innkeeper and patrons flee the lobby.
In the midst of the chaos, Feather yells at the young man, unable to contain his excitement.
Feather: Hey, you! Wanna cross fists with me?
Ragazzo: Huh?
Feather: You've got a killer fighting aura! What kinda battles have you been through?
Ragazzo: Geez, you're loud... Pipe it down. I can hear you just fine.
Feather: So you'll fight me right now?
Ragazzo: How the heck did you come to that conclusion? Read the room.
Ragazzo: I'm a little busy here!
The overwhelming pressure of Ragazzo's aura freezes Feather in place.
Feather: Gah...
Ragazzo: Now, let's get back to business. Well, Messenger?
Large Man: Tch...
Ragazzo: I get why you'd try to rise in the ranks, but rules are rules.
Ragazzo: Though... a warning like that is a little too late for you, eh?
Ragazzo: For breaking the rules, this Auditor rules you...
Ragazzo: Out!
Ragazzo: Hehehe! Too bad!
Ragazzo bounces on the heels of his feet, before settling into a strange fighting stance.
Ragazzo: Time to get to work!
Feather stiffens as he senses the killing intent coming from Ragazzo.
Feather: Hey, are you seriously trying to off the big guy?
Ragazzo: Oh, for the love of... Can't you let me work in peace?
Feather: You gotta run, big guy! You're no match for him!
Large Man: Quiet, brat. The Lion Khan Claw'll give me the power of a hundred warriors!
He slaps the golden claw onto his fist and faces Ragazzo.
Ragazzo: Oh, I love it when they fight back.
A faint smile hanging off his lips, Ragazzo settles into his strange stance once more, then leaps at the large man.
Ragazzo: Die for me!
Feather: Stooop!
Ragazzo: Tch!
Ragazzo, fed up with the interference, adjusts the trajectory of his attack toward Feather.
Ragazzo: Out of the damn way!
Feather: Argh...
Large Man: Eek...
Ragazzo: What a pain in the neck.
With a single hit using a mysterious technique, Ragazzo sends Feather to the ground.

One-Hit Boy: Scene 2

Sent to the ground by the young man's mysterious technique, Feather only grows even more excited at the prospect of facing such strength. In the meantime, the young man prepares to strike the large fellow down, but is stopped by the arrival of an associate. He tosses her the Lion Khan Claw, then begins to drag the large fellow out the door. Feather desperately tries to stop him for a spar, but collapses unconscious.

Feather: Gasp... Wheeze...
Feather lies on the ground, taken down by a single strike.
Instead of being deterred, however, his heart races at the prospect of facing such a strong opponent.
Feather: Ha... Haha...
Ragazzo: Laughing while you're on the floor? You are one sick weirdo.
Large Man: Wh-when did you even hit him?
Ragazzo: Oh? Was my fist too fast for you to see?
Ragazzo: Hehehe! You're hilarious, big guy! And you think you have what it takes to be an Auditor?
The large man, realizing the sheer difference in strength between them, bows low to the ground and begins to beg for his life.
Large Man: I'm sorry! I'll never step outta line again, so please... Spare me...
Ragazzo: Weeell... What to do, what to do...
Ragazzo giggles to himself, then steps on the man's head and spits on him.
Ragazzo: Sorry, but there're no takebacks on audits already passed. Hehehe!
Large Man: I-I'm begging you!
Preparing to slam his fist down one last time, Ragazzo pauses as another person arrives onto the scene.
Ragazzo: What're you doing here? You my stalker now or something?
???: You know... If you make this big of a scene, the higher-ups aren't going to be happy.
Ragazzo: I know, I know, I knooow. Not like I wanna be told that by you, newbie Sesto.
???: Sigh... Give me a break. You keep pushing me, and I'll have to report you—and not just for this either.
Ragazzo: Fine! You made your point, spoilsport. I'll get the job done and we can go. Happy?
Clicking his tongue, Ragazzo yanks the Lion Khan Claw off the large man's hand and tosses it at his associate.
Ragazzo: You take care of that since I've gotta clean this up.
???: Seriously? You better make this quick and quit the dramatics.
Ragazzo: You are so annoying. Wait, don't tell me... You can't leave me alone because you like me, don'tcha!
???: Excuse me? You've got muscles, I'll give you that. But you're going to need a brain too if you want my attention.
Ragazzo: Hehehe! You're gonna make me blush!
Ragazzo: Anyway...
Ragazzo: Get up, you big lug!
Ragazzo forces the man up and drags him toward the exit.
Feather: Hold it!
Ragazzo: Huh? Did you say something?
???: Nope. It was that guy over there.
The associate jerks a thumb over at Feather, then walks out the door.
Ragazzo: For real? You trying to stand with your legs in that condition? Good luck! Do your best!
Feather: Agh... This isn't enough... to shut me down!
Feather: Raaahhh!
Pushing his damaged body to the limit, Feather bravely rises to his feet.
Feather: You... can really pack a punch! Got my blood pumping, and my soul aching!
Feather: Makes me wanna... break past my own limits! Would you mind punching me again?
Ragazzo: You are such a weirdo, you know that? I'm kind of into it.
Ragazzo: Tell you what. I've got places to be, but I'll play with you again next time I see you.
Ragazzo: Split your head wiiide open like a melon. It'll be fun.
With a snicker, Ragazzo lightly pokes Feather in the head. The touch is enough to send Feather to his knees.
Feather: Wh-wha...
Ragazzo: Hehe... See ya!
Feather: N-no... I wanna... fight now...
Feather reaches for Ragazzo, but unconsciousness claims him soon after.

One-Hit Boy: Scene 3

Feather wakes to the worried faces of (Captain) and crew. He recounts what happened, leaving Predator uneasy. She suspects that the young man and his associate are a part of a secret crime syndicate called Navis. Feather, eager to cross fists with the young man, jumps out of bed and goes searching through town in hopes of finding a clue to his location. The search proves fruitless, but Feather is not deterred. He swears to train alongside Randall for the day that he can meet the young man again.

Ragazzo: Hehehe!
Feather: Wait! Hey! Cross fists with me!
Feather: Stop!
Feather: Fight meee!
Lyria & Vyrn: Ah!
Feather: Uh... Huh? Where am I?
Predator: The inn you passed out in.
Predator (SSR) not in crew

Ema—better known to the world as Predator—became an assassin to exact revenge on the Acier family for murdering her father.
With her long-awaited wish fulfilled, she travels alongside the crew to discover her next goal in life.
Feather: Where'd that guy go?
Feather attempts to leap out of bed, but (Captain) and Predator immediately push him back down.
Feather: You gotta let me up! I wanna find that guy and fight him!
Lyria: You can't! You're really injured, so please stay put!
Randall: Feather, who are you chasing after? I wouldn't mind smashing his face in for you.
Feather: You... wouldn't be able to take him down.
Randall: What?
Feather: Same goes for me... I probably wouldn't stand a chance either.
Randall: Of course you wouldn't! You already got slammed once!
Feather: Yeah... And in one hit too!
Randall: In... In one hit?
Vyrn: You sure you wanna rematch against someone that strong?
Feather: Heck yeah I do! Meeting him gave my fighting spirit a boost!
Feather: I just know that if we exchange fists, I'll be able to push myself to new limits! So you gotta let me go!
Placing a hand on Feather's shoulder, (Captain) asks him to calm down for a minute first.
Feather: (Captain)...
Predator: From what the innkeeper told us, it sounded like you were mixed up in a quarrel. Would you care to explain in detail what happened?
Feather: Sure...
He shares of what occurred with the package he delivered and the resulting chaos in the inn.
Randall: Not a day goes by without you getting yourself into trouble, eh?
Randall: Still... Can't say I ever expected some brat to have done you in with one strike.
Predator: ...
Lyria: Predator? Is something on your mind?
Predator: I just remembered a rumor I heard back when I was with the Acier family. It was about a secret crime syndicate...
Predator: Calling themselves Navis. I dismissed the whole thing as a conspiracy theory, but now I'm not so sure.
Vyrn: A crime syndicate? You mean something like the mafia?
Predator: No, not quite. Worse than the mafia, if the stories are to be believed.
Predator: They supposedly manipulate the economy using vast sums from illegal businesses... Manufacturing weapons, assassinations, you name it.
Predator: Some people even suspect that they are involved with every significant event that occurs in the world.
Vyrn: Haha... That's pretty crazy...
Predator: Keep in mind we're only discussing hearsay. There's no proof any of that is true.
Predator: But something about this inn altercation is bothering me.
Predator: The codenames they used, and how they seemed to be after a rare weapon...
Randall: What, you mean that Messenger and Auditor, stuff?
Predator: Yeah. Whether or not this is Navis, it appears as if there's infighting going on in some sort of organization.
Feather: Hmmm...
Vyrn: Hey, Feather! You're gonna fry your brain if you keep thinkin' that hard!
Predator: Ah... I'm sorry for making such a big deal of it. At best, it's only conjecture on my part.
Randall: We appreciate hearing it. Best we be cautious if we could be dealing with organized criminals.
Randall: Especially since some of us can use a little more thinking time before running headfirst into danger.
Feather: Whew...
Feather takes a deep breath, seeming to have calmed down from his earlier fervor.
Feather: I don't care what that guy's a part of! I'm gonna face his fists and come out on top!
Feather: Otherwise I'll never be strong enough to take down a primal beast with my bare hands!
Feather vaults out of bed, shakes free of his friends, and dashes out of the room.
Randall: You idiot! Where are you going?
Feather's Voice: Gonna ask the innkeeper a few things!
Vyrn: Haha... Guess there's no point tellin' him to be cautious.
Lyria: I actually like that straightforward side of him!
Randall: You guys are way too easy on that moron.
Predator: Randall, we'll leave him to you.
Randall: Why me?
Lyria: Because you two are best friends!
Randall: Ha! As if...
Despite his protests, Randall exits the room to chase after Feather.
Predator: I really hope I'm overreacting, but... (Captain), let's go do our own investigation.
(Captain) agrees, and the group sets out.
Feather: Hey! I'll take anything you can think of!
Feather: So tell me all you know about that big guy and the fellow who was using a weird fighting style! Do you know where they went?
No matter how many of the inn's patrons he questions, Feather finds not a single scrap of information.
Feather: Damn it! Where could he'd have gone?
Randall: The whole thing kicked off because of the package you delivered, right?
Randall: Why don't we pay a visit to the guy you got it from? Maybe he knows who sent it.
Feather: The sender, huh?
Feather: Okay! Let's head over to granny's then!
Out of other options, Feather and Randall travel to the elderly woman's home.
However, this lead proves to be a dead end as well.
Grandson: I was out shopping when a friend came over and asked me to deliver that box.
Feather: So you don't know who it's originally from?
Grandson: Nope. I was told when and where to take it. That's all.
Old Woman: I'm so sorry. After all you did to help us, we've got nothing to give in return.
Feather: Haha, don't be sorry! We can always look elsewhere!
Randall: We'd appreciate it if we could have a chat with that friend of yours though. Could you tell us where they live?
The two fighters learn of the friend's address and head that way. But questioning that friend reveals a similar story.
No matter how many people they interview down the line, the true sender remains shrouded in mystery.
Feather: Daaaamn iiiit!
Randall: Can't believe not a single person knew who sent that thing.
Randall: How long are we going to keep this up for? I'm starting to lose track of who we've spoken to and who we haven't.
Feather: I'll find him... No matter where he is!
Randall: Hey, where are you going? Running off blindly isn't going to get you anywhere!
Feather: Neither is standing around doing nothing!
Predator's Voice: Wait a moment, you two!
Randall: Huh?
Feather and Randall turn in surprise to see Predator behind them.
Feather: What're you doing here?
Predator: I went on my own search... Figured we should regroup and share what we've gathered.
Feather: Did you manage to learn something?
Predator: ...
Predator shakes her head, causing Feather to tear at his hair in frustration.
Feather: Whyyyyy!
Randall: If even you can't find anything, then that's that. We're out of luck.
Predator: We should give up our search for that boy, at least for now.
Predator: But we didn't come away completely empty-handed. I'm now positive Navis actually exists.
Feather & Randall: ...!
Predator: I don't have proof, but I'm pretty confident in my conjecture.
Predator: If we consider the violent man, the powerful boy, and the strange weapon known as the Lion Khan Claw...
Predator: We should have had at least one lead that we could've followed and gleaned information from.
Predator: But there's not a trace to be found of the incident. Far too convenient, don't you think?
Predator: Which means... Either nothing out of the ordinary happened, or we're dealing with the work of professionals.
Feather: I saw the whole thing with my own two eyes! No way that nothing happened!
Predator: Precisely. That's why I believe we're dealing with people from the criminal world who know exactly what they're doing.
Predator: The fact that we can't find the sender of that package also gives credibility to this theory.
Predator: I know it may sound like a conspiracy, but to me, the whole incident stinks of someone manipulating innocent people to do their dirty deeds.
Randall: So that's why we can't uncover the sender, huh?
Predator: The more we look into it, the less we find.
Predator: It's a shame, but I think this is far as we go. You won't be able to find that boy.
Predator: At least... Not until he wants to be found.
Feather: That means what I've gotta do in the meantime is...
Feather: Makes me wanna... break past my own limits! Would you mind punching me again?
Ragazzo: You are such a weirdo, you know that? I'm kind of into it.
Ragazzo: Tell you what. I've got places to be, but I'll play with you again next time I see you.
Ragazzo: Split your head wiiide open like a melon. It'll be fun.
Feather: Yeah! I gotta get way stronger for the next time we meet!
Randall: Ha! I want a chance at him too, so I guess we're training together!
Predator: (It would be best if we never got involved with those people again.)
Predator: (But it's impossible to stop Feather once he's set his mind on something.)
Predator: (The most I can do is keep an eye out like (Captain) asked.)
Feather: Just you wait! I'm gonna be an even stronger me! Nothing'll hold me back!
Feather almost vibrates with excitement as he anticipates the training of the coming days.
His mind is filled with only one goal: fight the mysterious boy again someday soon and emerge victorious.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
まだまだ求道者の足元にも及ばねぇか…… Still got a long way to go before I'm a match for Ghandagoza...
悔しさをバネに……かへへッ、その通りだぜ Use my frustration as fuel, huh? Guess that's not a bad idea!
蒼空は広いッ! There's so much to see in these skies!
この拳で星晶獣と渡り合ってみせるッ! I'll definitely beat a primal beast with these fists one day!
アイツは一体、何者なんだ? Wonder who that guy really was...
頼もおおおおッ!手合わせをしてくれ! Pleeease! Fight meee!
カッカと滾って来たぜッ! I'm feeling so pumped! Let's gooo!
二度と……同じ相手に負けやしないッ I won't lose twice to the same opponent.
なぁ(主人公)!肉食いにいこうぜ? Hey, (Captain)! Let's chow down on some meat!
へへッ、農作業も楽しいもんだなー! Hehe, farm work's kinda fun actually!