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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I was simply following the wind, but it seems the wind has brought me to your ship.
I received news that today was the day you received life and were brought to these skies.
No matter the cricumstances [sic], it appears mortals always rejoice on the day of their birth.
Counting the number of years is a trifling concept to those of us who have lived for a long time.
However, it is different for mortals. You are creatures that are weak and delicate, prone to disappearing at any moment.
Why, then, do people throw themselves into battle despite the fragility of their lives?
No... Perhaps this conversation with you should be left for another day.
Today is a day of celebration for you. I shall put aside my melancholy and offer words of blessing instead.
I wish you health and the strength to persevere through any storm, so you may continue to grow and reach new heights.
May the wind grant you the wisdom you need for a fruitful journey ahead.


Ah, so you have come. I felt a disturbance in the winds, so I had a suspicion you would be arriving soon.
Today is the anniversary of your birth, correct? The others have been quite restless for the past several days.
You are a truly mysterious individual. Not only man and beast, but even the freely blowing winds desire to be near you.
It must be because your soul is pure and good, obscured by not a single cloud.
If all mortals were as noble as you, would this world have gone without ever knowing tragedy?
No, perhaps not. It is precisely because this world is riddled with chaos that a pure soul like yours shines with such radiance.
As long as you live in this tumultuous realm, you will always face hardship and despair.
At times you may be tormented by injustice, or your heart may ache with such overwhelming sadness that you feel it may break.
However, please do not let this cloud the goodness that you possess, or the brilliance of your soul.
No amount of hardship or despair can hope to stand in your way as long as your soul continues to shine.


Oh, good evening. The ship is quite lively tonight.
Yes, I am aware. Today is an auspicious day—the day that you were born into this world.
Curiously, the winds change whenever this day approaches. They become peaceful, yet somehow restless.
But I must say, a year slips by so quickly. From my vantage point, it seems to pass in the blink of an eye, yet so many things change.
The speed with which mortals grow is especially remarkable. Even over the course of a single year—or perhaps less—you are continually evolving.
In body, heart, mind, and soul—even should you do not wish it, you mortals cannot help but be transformed by your environment.
Nevertheless, you possess a unique radiance all your own that remains steadfast.
Perhaps that will change someday as well. I have observed such events countless times in the past.
However, I hope that you will stay the same.
It may prove difficult, but as long as you remain yourself, your companions will never abandon you.
I pray that someday the winds you create will bring a tranquil springtime to these skies.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Might you be... Ah, yes. Have you come to offer up your prayers as well?
Every year on this day, many people come to this place to pray.
Strangely enough, all who come here offer up similar prayers.
Though the specifics of their prayers vary, every person wishes for peace and protection.
Do you not find it strange? If people are indeed praying for the same thing, then conflict should not arise between them.
Still, conflict exists. And at the start of each year, people come to offer their prayers in hopes that these conflicts will cease.
What of you? What do you wish for? Is it peace, safety of passage, or perhaps the happiness of another?
Whatever your wishes are, simply praying will not change anything, and you will do well to remember that.


Ah, it is you. I felt a familiar presence, so I came to confirm my suspicions.
It is only just dawn, and you have already come to visit the shrine?
You came to watch the first sunrise?
Come to think of it... the people over there were saying the same thing.
What an strange custom. A sunrise is not exactly a unique occurrence.
Yes, I know. The dawn on the first day of a new year is special, correct?
A dawn means beginning... and rebirth.
Since the lives of mortals are fragile and fleeting, there must be something special about seeing the sun rise on a milestone of the calendar.
It seems I have prattled on for too long. I should be on my way before the crowd grows.
I pray that you will be able to view the sunrise here next year as well.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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We meet in a rather unusual setting. What occasion brings you to a place like this?
You come seeking ingredients for... a Valentine's gift?
Valentine's... Yes, I have heard of it—a day to express one's feelings, I believe.
The fact that you have come to gather ingredients must mean you, too, have those whom you would like to offer a gift to.
There are many forms of love—all of which are precious.
The love of people is like the arrival of spring, melting even the coldest of hearts. It is a beautiful concept.
What is this confection you are holding out toward me?
For Valentine's?
I do not have enough reason to accept such a gift...
Very well. The fault lies not in the confection, after all. Do not cast it away as if it had no worth.
Still, it does not give me peace of mind to simply accept this gift. Hm...
Since what you seek is hidden away in the corners of this forest, allow my wind to guide you to its location.
Now, go. Valentine's is only for a day, is it not?
A day passes by in the blink of an eye. All your efforts will come to waste if you do not hurry.


I had an inkling, so I followed the scent of blood... and here I find you covered in wounds. What has happened to you?
Your cuts are not deep. However, your leg is sprained and swollen, so you should rest for a time.
Now then—why were you lying injured here in a place like this?
I see. So you slipped off a cliff while trying to pick that fruit. That was rather reckless of you in such poor weather.
Yes, there is no need to explain. You came here to gather ingredients for Valentine's Day, correct?
I can understand your desire to present a loved one with a worthy gift, though it may be a bit foolhardy.
That being said, if something were to happen to you, it would defeat the purpose. Do you see?
Very good. For the sake of those who care for you, try to avoid such rash actions in the future.
Now, allow me to escort you back to the ship. With your injuries, it would be difficult for you to return on your own.
No need to thank me. If I were going to abandon you here, I would not have searched for you in the first place.

White Day Cutscenes
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What are you doing?
I simply noticed your strenuous efforts to gather fruit and wondered what your reason for doing so could be.
I see. So you received a request to gather fruit to use for White Day gifts.
It is to my understanding that White Day is an occasion on which people can return the favor to those who sent them a gift for Valentine's.
Such a large amount of fruit will be enough to produce an excessive number of gifts.
What? Return gifts should be equal to three times the amount received?
Mortals are greedy creatures indeed. To think you would grant someone a gift for the purpose of receiving more in the future...
Hm? This, too, is a form of love? I see...
How much more fruit will you be needing?
The sun will be setting soon. Fierce monsters appear at night in this area. You may be skilled, but still it is too dangerous for a single person to take on alone.
What? Your fruit-picking is far from over?
Then I will lend you my assistance.
After all, my heart is not so cold that I would leave someone I know—mortal or not—to be prey for wild monsters.


We certainly seem to cross paths often. It must be coincidence, or perhaps a twist of fate...
So, what have you been doing? It seems your companions are not with you again today...
You are crafting a bouquet of flowers as a thank-you gift? Come to think of it, White Day is just around the corner, isn't it?
Ah, yes. I know the perfect flower for a Valentine's Day return gift.
I believe I saw some on my way here. Please wait just a moment.
I have returned. This is a flower called sweet violet. You are welcome to use it.
Word has it that you should drip the drops squeezed from its petals onto your sleeping loved one's eyelids.
I heard this rumor long ago, so I cannot confirm its legitimacy... but I thought it might be fitting as a thank-you gift for the day of love.
Oh, one piece of advice.
Since it is said to be an "aphrodisiac of love" among fairies, I recommend that you do not make use of it without considerable thought.
Conflicts regarding love are some of the most common disputes that can occur.


Oh? I certainly did not expect to cross paths with you here.
It is rather early in the year for seaside recreation. So what brings you to this place today?
Shells, is it? In that case, there appear to be any number of them strewn along the shore...
You are hunting specifically for a wish-granting shell? To give as a White Day gift? I see...
A pale blue, tear-shaped shell...
Take three steps toward the ocean from where you are currently standing, and then dig at the location four steps to your left.
I believe that is the shell you were searching for?
No, there is nothing remarkable about it. I was merely guided by the fairies who initially dropped it.
Oh, I suggest you exercise great prudence in selecting the recipient of that shell.
If you break an oath of love pledged to it, you may have your very soul stolen away, just like in the ancient legends.
Heh. I jest.
But love and hatred are two sides of the same coin, so please be careful.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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A peculiar choice of attire today.
A costume for Halloween? Ah. That would explain the likeness of your appearance to a monster.
Yes, I know of the occasion. Every year during this time, the wind grows stagnant and spirits come to visit these skies.
Monsters, evil spirits—there are many things that brew trouble, but there is one more fearful than the rest.
I believe... you have acquaintances in the form of fairies.
The power of their innocence makes them simply unmanageable, especially during this season.
Their idea of a prank is to inflict damage on anyone, mortal or beast—though their tricks stop short of producing fatal results.
I have even heard that the costumes of monsters on Halloween are to evade the unwanted attention of the fairies.
However, I do not believe appearances matter to their kind. I advise you to stay clear of them when possible.
Otherwise, you may end up with not only confections, but outlandish gifts you will most certainly regret ever laying your hands on.


Ah, it's you. You certainly appear to be in high spirits today.
Yes, I can tell from your expression. You must have received a larger haul than you anticipated.
In this day and age, Halloween appears to be a lively event where children dress in costume and receive sugary treats from their elders...
But long ago it was a far more solemn and ceremonious affair.
I cannot claim that one is superior to the other. However...
When you consider we have entered an era where children begging for food is a charming sight, all the commotion is quite enjoyable.
Trick or Treat?
Heh... I never imagined I would be in a position to hear those words.
I know it pales in comparison to the dazzling confections you possess, but here you are.
I came across a magnificent fig tree and decided to pick some as a gift for Geo. But not to worry—there is plenty to go around.
Now then, I must be on my way. I hope you enjoy this special night to the fullest.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, it's you. A rare occasion for us to meet in a place like this.
The wind is calm tonight. The smell of smoke and the sound of clashing metal have been drowned out by the snow.
This night is called the holy night, is it not? Since long ago, the holy night has always been blessed with a peaceful breeze that brings warmth to the skies.
It is like a spring breeze, blowing from the future I dream of.
Ah. Snowfall has begun once more.
You should go. There are those who await your return, are there not?
You, too, are one who suffers much strife. But I pray that you may forget battle and find rest, if only for tonight.
I wish you a joyous holy night.


Oh? What a strange coincidence for us to meet here again on the holy night.
So what brings you alone to such a remote place? Is this not a special evening?
You wish to know why I am here? I cannot say that I approve of answering a question with a question.
There is no particular reason. If I had to say... it is because this place is full of silence.
This night brings with it a great clamor. Much of it is positive, filled with joy and happiness. And yet...
Even if it is but a moment of peace, that jubilant radiance is far too dazzling for me.
Now then, I have given you my reason. Why have you come here?
For a similar reason?
I see... So there are days when you need to escape from the hustle and bustle as well.
Then it must be some kind of fate that we have met here. Let us surrender ourselves to the silence until we are both satisfied.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Never-Ending Night

Freyr moves from battlefield to battlefield to save his fellow primal beasts from skydwellers. One day, a primal beast is attacked by residents of a village it has always protected. Freyr rushes to save his kin but is too late, and the primal beast falls into eternal slumber. As Freyr mourns his kindred, a boy appears and says that he wants to save all primal beasts.

Broken fragments of glass lie among the mountains of glimmering gemstones that scatter the land.
Light flickers feebly across the pieces of glass as a single man kneels beside them, sorrow deeply etched on his face.
Freyr: Ah... The core has already been damaged beyond repair.
Freyr: Yet again, I was unable to make it in time...
A mere shadow of a beast lies buried among the scraps of metal and rock. The primal beast Freyr looks sadly at his fallen kin, slowly closing his eyes.
His elegant face contorts into an expression of pain as he reaches out to touch the vulnerable core fragment.
Nameless Primal: Mortals are... kind, warm, weak...
Nameless Primal: Because they can be broken... so easily... I thought, I need to... protect them. And yet...
Freyr: ...!
The voice flows into Freyr's mind, along with a memory of the fallen primal beast's last moments.
Burly Man: Whoooa! I've never seen such high-quality gemstone in my life!
Slender Man: A body of precious stone... Guess the rumors about primals were true after all.
A multitude of people surround an unresisting primal beast, baring their blades mercilessly.
These men belong to a village for which the nameless primal beast supposedly serves as a revered guardian.
Slender Man: And just like they said, it's not putting up a fight at all.
Slender Man: I mean, I know we're doing it for our village... but attacking something so one-sidedly doesn't sit well on my conscience.
Burly Man: We ain't got anythin' else we can sell. Without money, we can't even move elsewhere.
Burly Man: Besides, if this thing's really our guardian, I'm sure it'll understand. It's s'pposed to protect the village, right?
The primal beast gazes at the men with pleading eyes as sharp blades rush ruthlessly toward it.
Nameless Primal: It hurts... It hurts... Stop...
Nameless Primal: It hurts... Please, stop. I just want us to get along, like we always have.
But its voiceless cries never reach the villagers.
The primal beast is beaten, slashed, stabbed. Even so, it does not forget its role as guardian, refusing to lay a finger on its assailants.
As its life dwindles with each swing of a blade, crystals fall from the primal beast like tears.
Burly Man: Huh? What's this?
The men notice a glint from within the wounded body of the beast and stop their attacks to peer at it.
They see a glowing core—the very life of the primal beast.
Slender Man: A jewel? No, more like... a glass sphere.
Burly Man: Tch, no use for that. Guess we don't hafta be so careful then.
Nameless Primal: ...!
Burly Man: Augh! My... head! What is this?
Slender Man: H-hey, look up there!
Just as the man shouts this, a light abruptly falls from the sky and smashes into the ground.
Slender Man: What the... Is this guy a primal beast too? What's he doing here?
Freyr: You dared to wound my kin... Having you suffer even the cruelest of deaths would be too kind.
Burly Man: Wait! It's not what ya think... We had no other choice!
Slender Man: Y-yeah! This primal beast's our guardian! It's supposed to sacrifice itself for the sake of our village!
Freyr: How far will you continue to mock us? I shall bestow pain upon you, in the same way you have defiled my kin!
Thinking of nothing but themselves, the men point their blades at their new target.
But soon, what escapes their mouths are not the hungry calls from moments ago, but howls of misery as the villagers meet their ends.
Freyr: ...
Freyr: Such tragedy... If only I had heard your cry sooner, kindred.
Freyr bites his lip regretfully. The faint light of the dying core in front of him flickers.
Nameless Primal: Mortals are weak. Their bodies, their hearts... Everything is weak. I have to protect them.
Nameless Primal: In exchange, they kept me company. They gave me flowers, and gifts of song.
Nameless Primal: I loved them. I was sad when they hurt me, but still, I...
The primal beast breathes its last words. The core's glow grows dull, and its crumpled body finally disintegrates until it is no more than dust.
The end of an allegedly immortal primal beast, as it falls into a wakeless slumber.
Freyr: ...
Freyr: You are just like him... How did you come to fall under such influence of skydwellers?
Freyr: My friend was the same. He fell into the clutches of skydwellers, and became blinded by them.
Freyr: Mortals are foolish, disgraceful creatures. This has never changed—not over hundreds or thousands of years.
Freyr: Just as conflict continues to rule these skies even ages after the War, when the Astrals have long left this place.
As Freyr whispers this to the core fragment in front of him, a distant memory surfaces in his mind.
Memories of an unforgettable day, long ago, when he lost an irreplaceable companion.
Freyr: It only took once. Over the many centuries in which we had been alive, he mingled with skydwellers just once.
Freyr: To us immortal beings, a single moment is shorter than a blink of an eye. And yet, it was such a short-lived moment that changed my friend forever.
Freyr: He told me he could no longer slay mortals, his majestic figure reduced to nothing more than a degenerated fool.
Freyr: A soldier has no worth if he cannot fight. Finally, my friend vanished one day, wrenched away from me.
Freyr: I could not forgive the skydwellers that deceived my friend and stole him away, nor could I forgive myself for having let that happen.
Freyr: My hatred faded not even after the War. I continued to fight on the battlefield, determined not to let the skydwellers take away another one of my kin.
Freyr: Kin who are being taken advantage of. Kin forced to battle, and kin who are continuously oppressed.
Freyr: I worked ceaselessly to save all of them from falling into the hands of skydwellers.
Freyr: Yet...
Returning to the present, Freyr casts his gaze down at his own hands.
Freyr: And what fruit has my labor bore? I was only able to save but a handful of my kindred.
Freyr: Much time has passed since. Now, conflicts arise between mortals, between mortals and primals—even between primal beasts.
Freyr: In order to save my kin, I must slay my other kin. In order to save my kin, I must also save skydwellers.
Freyr: Through the long passage of time, this neverending battle has warped my objective.
Freyr: Ah, my friend... You now lay in eternal slumber, far beyond my reach.
Freyr: Could this be my punishment? My punishment for having allowed the skydwellers to take you away?
Freyr: I left my lifelong companion to die, and now I must forever wander these skies—a place filled with nothing but avarice. That is my punishment.
His words drip with grief and despair as they fade into the silence.
Freyr: This road which I walk, within the dark where dawn never breaks... I can bear it no longer.
Freyr's long-contained thoughts spill out of him.
Still, with no one to answer to his cries, the primal beast has no choice but to continue his endless journey, until his very existence is one day reduced to ashes.
He closes his eyes resignedly.
???: Shall I put an end to it for you? This neverending nightmare.
Freyr: Who are you?
At the unexpected voice, Freyr turns to find a boy looking at him with a smirk on his face.
???: I can do it. I can save all the primal beasts in these skies. But in order for that to happen, I'll need your assistance.
???: If you agree to help, I promise that I'll erase all the pain and sadness so that no primal beast will have to suffer ever again.
The boy's confident words flow out of him like a song. His smile widens as he extends a hand toward Freyr, offering a way out of the darkness.

The Stars Shine Not

The boy tells Freyr that annihilating all skydwellers is the only way to bring peace to primal beasts, and that to do this, he is gathering the power of all primal beasts within himself. Having witnessed much cruelty and sorrow up until now, Freyr decides to work together with the boy—Geo—in hopes of someday fulfilling the dream he has for his kin.

???: Shall I put an end to it for you? This neverending nightmare.
As Freyr is lamenting beside the core of his fallen kin, a mysterious boy suddenly appears behind him.
The stranger offers an invitation to Freyr, claiming that he can save all primal beasts. Freyr looks at the boy with doubt in his eyes.
Freyr: Who are you? The air around you indicates that you, too, are a primal beast.
???: I'm the same as you. Someone who wants to rescue primal beasts from the pain brought by these skies.
???: I want to make the skies a place without war or conflict—only everlasting peace.
???: A place that will never cause primal beasts grief, sadness, or pain ever again.
Freyr: A place without war... or conflict.
The motivation in the boy's words brings a sardonic smile to Freyr's lips.
Freyr: Such a place is but a fantasy.
Freyr: The War may have come to a close, but the strife in these skies will never cease.
Freyr: No matter how many battlefields we quell or how many seeds of destruction we destroy, the day we find perfect peace will never come.
Freyr: Even my kindred who lived in lands unplagued by conflict, far from the battlefield, could not escape the loneliness and suffering.
Freyr: I have wandered these skies for hundreds—thousands—of years and witnessed much. And I can state with complete confidence...
Freyr: A place of peace... It does not exist in reality.
???: An inescapable suffering, huh? It's true that there are many causes for pain and sorrow in these skies.
The boy closes his eyes sadly and nods.
???: Still, it's not enough for you to make such a conclusion. After all, it's one primary factor that is bringing all of this misery on us.
Freyr: A primary factor?
???: Yes... The skydwellers.
Emotion disappears from the boy's voice as it turns cold and unforgiving, catching Freyr off guard.
???: They are weak. Because they are weak, they fear the unknown and whatever has power.
???: The nature of the weak is to avoid things that are stronger than them. But skydwellers are different.
???: They are creatures that gain power in number, taking up weapons in order to defend themselves as they learn and evolve.
???: Just as they once did when they triumphed over the Astrals in the War.
???: And that's not all. There are a select few even among skydwellers who possess enough knowledge, destructive force, and courage to stand against immense power.
???: You know what I'm talking about, don't you? You understand from having seen primals deceived, mocked, and destroyed by skydwellers.
Freyr: ...
???: Haha, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to eavesdrop earlier.
???: Mortals are a threat to these skies. They are the ones who sow the seeds of conflict.
???: And when those seeds grow, primal beasts who dwell in the same land become caught up in the tragedy and suffer the same fate.
???: In that case, simply eradicating the cause of conflict should bring the ideal peace we yearn for to these skies. Isn't that right?
Freyr: I understand your logic. However, it is not plausible.
Freyr: Unlike us, skydwellers are not destined to take up their swords from the moment they are born.
Freyr: Though some may be born strong, others obtain strength with growth or through extrinsic factors.
Freyr: Even if mortals are born harmless, time and external environments eventually plant the seeds of conflict in them.
Freyr: Even if we eliminate the strong, as long as skydwellers exist, there is a possibility for conflict in any situation.
Freyr: Unless... you mean to extinguish skydwellers in their entirety.
???: I believe that's the best and only means to attain peace.
???: Think about it. Where there are skydwellers, conflict will also exist. It'll never disappear.
???: With conflict comes pain and suffering, tainting the skies with not happiness but sorrow.
???: That won't do. The skies are a scale that must maintain its equilibrium.
???: That's why I'm going to gather the power of all primal beasts within myself and extinguish the skydwellers once and for all.
???: That is the only way we can achieve a perfect state.
???: An eternal peace that will never be destroyed. The sky wills for the materialization of this perfect state.
Freyr: The sky's will...
Though a part of him agrees with the boy and his ideals, Freyr feels himself wavering.
His inability to simply agree to the eradication of skydwellers, despite his hatred for them, lies in his awareness that all creatures have a life of their own.
Freyr: It is as you say. There will be no peace in these skies as long as skydwellers exist.
Freyr: But for us to annihilate even the innocent lives of those who have committed no crime...
???: Right... But it can't be helped.
???: For skydwellers, their very existence is their crime. According to the sky's will, they are unnecessary for upholding the equilibrium.
???: Besides, it's not a bad deal for the skydwellers either.
???: There will be no more bloodshed. They will be released from their pain and sorrow, and will have no need to fear the unknown any longer.
???: Everyone will benefit from this peace. You, too, will be able to finally wake from this nightmare.
???: And for that, I'd like you to entrust your everything—your core—to me. Let us obliterate the sadness and nightmares in these skies together.
Once more, the smiling boy extends his hands toward Freyr in a welcoming gesture.
Freyr gazes at the boy's outstretched hands, thinking quietly to himself.
He imagines what agreeing to this stranger would entail.
Freyr: (Even if vengeance is justified, skydwellers, too, are precious forms of life that were brought into these skies.)
Freyr: (However, as this boy says, skydwellers continue to give birth to tragedy. I have witnessed the cruelty of mortals myself.)
Freyr: (Is it truly possible to eliminate all skydwellers from existence? Will we truly be able to attain peace by doing so?)
Freyr: (I do not know. I cannot determine what is right. All I know is that... I have a wish.)
Freyr: I want to dream. I want to see not a nightmare, but a dream for our future that is filled with happiness.
Freyr: If your proposal means all of my kin will be able to have that same dream, and see it come to fruition someday...
Freyr: Then I accept. Even if it means trampling on the precious lives born to these skies.
???: Thank you. I knew you would understand me.
The boy's smile widens like a blooming flower as Freyr takes his hand.
Freyr: One more thing. Tell me, what is your name?
???: Ah, that's right. I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?
Grand Order: Grand Order.
That is what I'm called as a primal beast.
Freyr: Grand Order... It is my first time hearing of this name.
Grand Order: I don't throw my name out there very often, and it is a rather peculiar name, so I've been trying to think of a possible nickname.
Grand Order: Would you happen to have any suggestions? I think we'll be working with each other for quite a while, so something that's easy for you to remember might be nice.
Freyr: Very well. Then perhaps... something that sounds like the initials of your name. For instance... "Geo."
Geo: "Geo"... Yeah, I like it. I think I'll use this from now on when I introduce myself.
Geo: Well then, shall we be on our way, Freyr? To end this nightmare.
Freyr: Yes. We shall.
Freyr nods, his hesitation gone. He closes his eyes, entrusting himself to the darkness.
The long-haired primal beast feels himself drifting away as he dreams of a gentle glow that lights the shadows.

The Stars Shine Not: Scene 2

Freyr and Geo travel across the skies in search of other primal beasts. Geo forces even primal beasts who do not agree with his idea of peace to submit to him. Seeing this, Freyr begins to question if his choice is truly for the best. One day, Freyr follows Geo's instructions and goes to capture the primal beast Snow White.

Freyr: Hah!
Savage Primal: ...!
When Freyr strikes the creature in the middle of its gigantic body, the primal beast lets out a piercing howl.
Freyr: ...
The beast's large body disintegrates into particles of light, the glow of its core shimmering in the midst.
As Freyr gazes at the flickering light, from the corner of his eye, he sees a hand reaching out toward the core.
Geo: Rest well, Zaoshen. Now you're finally free from pain and suffering.
Geo: There will be no more need to cry. May you have a peaceful slumber, within an eternal dream of happiness.
Geo whispers these words affectionately before picking up the core and absorbing it into his own body.
The battlefield now silent, the boy lets out a sigh before raising his eyes to look at Freyr.
Geo: Thank you, Freyr. I appreciate it.
Freyr: No need to thank me. I have sworn to fight until your wish has been attained.
Geo: But you don't like fighting with our kin, right?
Freyr: ...
Freyr: What use is it to lament now? I have been crossing blades with many others of our kin since before you and I met.
Freyr: But unlike myself who can grant nothing but shallow slumber, you offer them salvation beyond that.
Freyr: The pain in my heart now is nothing compared to when I merely swung my blade aimlessly at my kindred.
Geo: I see... That's good.
Geo: The number of primal beasts resting inside me has significantly increased, and I'm sure I'll be needing their strength from here on out too.
Freyr: ...
Geo: As well as yours, of course. After all, you're my closest comrade in our quest for the same goal.
Geo: Now... It's time I went to see a certain someone.
Freyr: An acquaintance?
Geo: Not so much an acquaintance. More like... I accidentally let her escape the last time we met.
Geo: I wasn't able to locate her for a while, but now that I have the specific whereabouts, I think it's a good opportunity for a visit.
Geo: When the time comes, I will need your power.
Freyr: Very well. I shall prepare myself for when my assistance is required.
Freyr closes his eyes, letting himself drift away once more into a tranquil sleep.
Freyr: I fell into the depths of slumber.
Freyr: I rested in a cradle for primal beasts where there was no sky or land, and where reason did not exist.
Freyr: The only things there were flickering specks of light, like that of a firefly's.
Freyr: The fragments of light were the souls of my kin who, like me, had entrusted themselves to Geo.
Freyr: When I first came here, there were but a sparse few. Since then, the number of lights has increased severalfold.
Freyr: In the beginning, most of my brethren here had only just settled into a deep sleep. Nothing of significance happened.
Freyr: But this changed—perhaps from some sort of encounter, or perhaps from the sheer number of our kin now present.
Freyr: Gradually, multitudes of echoing voices began to sound, like waves on a shore.
Regretful Primal: The smiles of people were like warm sunshine to me. It was there that I found love... That's my ideal form of peace.
Resentful Primal: Not only did he confine me in this hell of nothingness... He's using me as if I were a mere puppet. Unforgivable... Unforgivable!
Freyr: Those were the cries of my kindred who had refused Geo's proposal and were forced into submission.
Freyr: The soundless voices of my kin whom Geo and I have "saved" since I agreed to lend my power and travel the skies with him.
Freyr: I had despaired and entrusted myself to Geo out of my own will. But such was not the case for everyone here.
Freyr: There were those who had found their own place in the skies. Those who had loved ones to protect. Those who wanted freedom, or those who craved to battle endlessly.
Freyr: Reasons varied, but many primal beasts could not bring themselves to accept the peace that Geo offered to bestow.
Freyr: Conflict resulted from these differences. I exercised my power to stop such disputes, and forced many brethren to yield.
Freyr: Eventually, Geo no longer depended solely on my power, but utilized the power of other primal beasts as well.
Freyr: I had prepared myself to serve such a role when I took Geo's hand. But I know not of the feelings of my other kin.
Freyr: Even if one were to despise conflict and battle, or did not agree with Geo's ideology...
Freyr: Every primal beast within this cradle had no choice but to answer to Geo's call when needed, bending their power as Geo wished.
Freyr: I began to wonder if such a fate was crueler than continuing to live under the skies.
Freyr: One must make sacrifices in order to achieve something. That is the natural way of things—or so I had believed.
Freyr: But each time I hear the gradually increasing cries of my kin, I begin to doubt my judgment.
Freyr: Is my choice—Geo's plan—really the best for all primal beasts?
Freyr: Even if we were to someday achieve peace, would that justify our actions now?
Freyr: I deprived myself of consciousness, as if to put a lid on my own misgivings.
Freyr: Any further thought would be a betrayal of Geo, and a rejection of my own actions. That was how I began to feel.
Geo: ...yr.
Freyr is pulled from his slumber, drifting into consciousness as he hears his name called.
All of a sudden, he feels himself taking a solid form and dragged to the outside.
Geo: Freyr. Sorry for waking you so abruptly.
Freyr: I do not mind. What is it?
When the bright light around him fades, Freyr finds himself on a snowy mountain, an intensely cold wind blowing over a multitude of monster bodies littering the ground.
The smell of an intense battle lingers in the air. Freyr frowns and looks at Geo in question.
Geo: I didn't expect the girl to resist to this extent. While I was distracted by her underlings, she managed to escape.
Geo: If she disappears, it'll be difficult to find her again. We have to reach her before that happens.
Freyr: Understood. Then I will go and capture the girl.
Geo: Thank you. I'll need to rest for a while. As soon as I've recovered, I'll catch up.
Geo: The girl's name is Snow White—the queen of ice and snow who rules this land.
Geo: She has a large number of monster retainers accompanying her, so be careful.
Freyr: Fear not. I will bring her back.
With a nod, Freyr closes his eyes, as if following the flow of the wind blowing within the severe blizzard.
Freyr: (This snowstorm itself is a part of the girl's power. This may prove difficult. Still...)
Freyr: She will not escape me.
Freyr's eyes fly open and he kicks into the air, hovering above ground.
He brushes the doubts harbored in his heart aside, his eyes glinting like a beast about to hunt for its prey.

The Stars Shine Not: Scene 3

A fierce battle ensues between the two primal beasts. Snow White says that having her individuality robbed and succumbing to a deep sleep is not her idea of happiness. Freyr is hesitant upon hearing this, but still asserts that it is impossible for primal beasts to find happiness in their current state. Freyr defeats Snow White, and Geo absorbs her into himself. With pain lingering in his heart, Freyr continues his journey with Geo to save their kin.

The blizzard rages on, and the heavy snow obscures everything from sight. Something glints, followed by the sounds of a furious battle.
Freyr: Accept your fate!
Snow White: Nothing is capable of smashing my ice.
Freyr: Yes, it appears this will not be so easy.
Freyr: However, do not underestimate me, Snow White. I will use every method available to bring you to him.
The sound of a sharp crack can be heard as the wall of ice crumbles, revealing the primal beast Snow White.
She wraps her arms around herself in defense, looking at Freyr with sorrowful eyes.
Snow White: I see... It is just as I feared.
Snow White: You say it is for the peace of all primal beasts, yet you only see us as pawns for reaching your objective.
Freyr: No. Geo truly wishes to bestow peace upon us, and works for that very reason.
Freyr: There is no place for us in these skies. We are feared and hurt, our sleep disturbed.
Freyr: As long as we exist in the Sky Realm, we will never be able to obtain happiness. That is why—
Snow White: Who has the right to decide whether we can obtain happiness or not?
Snow White interrupts Freyr with a sharp retort.
Snow White: I still vividly remember the War against skydwellers, and all the lives that scattered like petals of a flower.
Snow White: Indeed, there may be many saved through the execution of your plan. That much is true.
Snow White: However, this will not be the case for everyone. After all, we are not a whole, but individuals with wills of our own.
Snow White: In having a heart of our own, we also have our own wishes, ideas of happiness, and forms of salvation. They differ from person to person.
Snow White: I do not believe the salvation you offer is the happiness that I seek.
Snow White: To be deprived of my individuality, only to exist as a part of the whole in slumber...
Snow White: To me, that is a much crueler and wretched fate—much more so than living in these skies.
Freyr is taken aback by Snow White's strong resolve.
Freyr: There is truth in your words. Still, there is no guarantee that the happiness you seek exists in the future.
Freyr: Many years have passed since the end of the War. And we have since spent countless days in these skies.
Freyr: I realize that there are many who believe themselves to have found their happiness or way of life here.
Freyr: However, that is but a transient dream. Happiness that is only temporary can be easily destroyed in the blink of an eye.
Freyr: The pain and sorrow from suffering the betrayal of something you loved and believed in are incomparable to anything.
Freyr: If we must suffer this betrayal over and over again, until our hearts are torn to pieces...
Freyr: Then giving up your self and yielding to dreaming within a placid slumber would be much closer to happiness.
Snow White: Everyone wants to dream and wishes for happiness.
Snow White: Just as everyone experiences pain, loneliness, sorrow, rage, and hatred.
Snow White: If only we could live without feeling any of these emotions, life would be much easier.
Snow White: That is why I am not rejecting the salvation that the both of you are attempting to bring to these skies.
Snow White: As you say, there may be those who find happiness in resting within a pleasant dream.
Snow White: Just as there are those who find happiness even among the pain and conflict they are burdened with.
Snow White: That is why I will not allow you to deny our way of life, our efforts, and all the blood and tears we have shed up until this day!
Freyr: ...!
Snow White's words bring back the many voices of their kin to Freyr's mind.
The echoing cries of his kindred who fought against them to the very end, refusing to be "saved."
"Don't deny me my life," they say.
Freyr: (Ah... So she is the same.)
Freyr: (Despite the suffering, she is able to love the moment she is living now. Still...)
Freyr tightens his grip on the sword, his eyes downcast as if to restrain himself.
Freyr: If the happiness you have obtained here was eternal, I may have accepted your decision.
Freyr: But that is not the case. It was never the case.
Freyr: I have seen too many tragedies unfold in front of me, and have come to know the heartlessness of reality.
Freyr: Peaceful times exist only to be destroyed by violence and battle.
Freyr: As long as there are differences between people, true peace will never come upon these skies.
Freyr: I do not want to experience having something precious wrenched away from me again.
Freyr: I do not want to experience a fear so intense it changes you, the despair of losing a friend, nor the pain that crushes the hearts of my kin!
Freyr: For this reason, I must deny your ideals. No true happiness exists in ephemeral harmony.
Snow White: ...!
Then I will resist you until the very end, for my own sake.
Snow White: Even if I will have to forever bear the burden of slaying my kindred!
The next moment, a powerful torrent begins to whip around Snow White, until Freyr can see nothing but white.
Snow White: You shall be buried in snow and freeze to your death!
Freyr: ...!
Freyr: My conviction and my resolve burn bright. They will not be frozen so easily!
Snow White: Ugh... Then I will engulf them entirely with my snowstorm!
The swirling snow intensifies, cold enough to freeze even the slightest breath. The blades of ice and snow shatter into a piercing wind.
Flecks of red dance in the snow like petals, the only color among the endless white.
Freyr: Hope does not exist in these skies! Only pain and despair!
Freyr: As long as individuality exists, as long as you have a heart—no matter how much you dream of happiness, you will never be able to escape this nightmare!
Snow White: But in exchange for the elimination of pain and sorrow, we must offer up our individual freedom and succumb to an eternal sleep...
Snow White: What, pray, is the difference between such a fate and death itself?
Freyr: ...!
Even so, it is better than to live within a nightmare for eternity.
Freyr: The past, the present, and the future holds nothing but suffering for us. Our only hope is to somehow free ourselves from this!
As he raises his voice in an irate cry, Freyr thrusts his blade into Snow White's chest.
Snow White: Augh!
Freyr: Victory is mine, Snow White.
Freyr: Someday you, too, will understand the futility in wishing for happiness within this realm.
Snow White: Aaah!
Freyr yanks his sword out, and Snow White lets out an ear-splitting shriek.
Deprived of her strength, Snow White falls to the ground, wavering as she glares up at Freyr.
Snow White: What you are doing is not salvation in the least.
Snow White: You are the same as the skydwellers that fear us, destroy us, and at times, subdue us.
Snow White: You are merely destroying your fears under the pretense of another's ideals...
Snow White whispers her last words before she vanishes, leaving only her shimmering core.
Freyr: ...
Freyr: Ah... It is as I had feared. To all of you, I am the evil.
His bitter words are gently carried by the wind, falling away into the snow.
At his feet, the core glistens silently.
Geo: Freyr. What happened to Snow White?
Freyr: She is here.
The sound of a voice and approaching footsteps interrupts Freyr's thoughts.
Without taking his eyes off of it, Freyr gestures to the core. Snow White's core begins to evaporate until not a trace is left.
Geo: Good work. It seems I've made you fight quite the battle.
Geo: But now, she will never have to suffer again. We were able to give her eternal peace.
Freyr: I can only hope...
Having absorbed Snow White's core into himself, Geo nods in satisfaction. He looks over at Freyr and cocks his head.
Geo: Hm. I don't know the details exactly, but I can guess.
Geo: She was content with her life as it was, wasn't she? And criticized you for trying to take that away.
Freyr: ...
Geo: As you know, there are quite a number of others who think the same way as her.
Geo: But their feelings are not absolute. They're prone to crumble and change at the smallest incident.
Freyr: Indeed. I have witnessed that moment myself, many times. Too many times in which I could not save my kin.
Freyr: But for those like Snow White, who believe themselves to have already found their happiness... is it right to enforce an unwanted slumber on them?
Freyr: Are we merely inflicting pain, in which they are left in a state of unfeeling? That is my concern.
Geo remains expressionless as he listens to his companion's doubts.
Geo: It's possible.
Freyr: ...
Geo: But think about it. Even if we're inflicting pain, it is only for a moment. They will never feel pain again going forward.
Geo: Compared to being hurt again and again through the neverending passage of time, a moment of pain is mercy, don't you think?
Freyr: Yes, perhaps for those resting in slumber. But what of those like myself who lend their power, and the pain that they feel?
Freyr: They must suffer not only the pain of having something robbed from them, but also the pain of robbing others in the same way...
Geo: I'm aware of that as well. I, too, feel the pain every time I ask all of you to lend me your powers.
Geo: Even so, doing nothing accomplishes nothing.
Geo: If I have to suffer in order to bring this nightmare to an end, then so be it.
Geo: If that's indeed the sacrifice required in exchange for what will last an eternity, then it's a small price to pay.
Freyr: ...
Geo: But I understand. You can't help but think about it.
Geo: Someone as responsible and reliable as you must be suffering that much more.
Geo: You've fought too many of your kin. You should rest somewhere deep inside for a while.
Freyr: No. On the contrary, please let the others rest in peace.
Freyr: After all, I made the choice myself and was prepared for this from the beginning. As such, I must carry out my obligations until the end.
Freyr: If this is the sacrifice you must make to attain your ideals, then I will continue carrying this burden with you and complete my duty.
Geo: Freyr... It is too big of a burden for you.
Freyr: No, I do not mind. This is my wish, and the path I chose.
Freyr: Even if my actions induce hatred from my kin, I cannot turn back on the road I have already chosen.
Freyr: If trial and suffering are what await me on the path I walk, then I accept the challenge.
Geo: All right. If that's what you truly wish.
Freyr: In exchange, Geo, I only ask that you save our kin who are hurt and suffering even now.
Geo: Of course. I will save all primal beasts—it is for this very purpose that I have manifested in these skies.
Satisfied with the resolve in Geo's words, Freyr nods in reply.
Geo: Well then, shall we? There are many cries of help we still need to answer.
Geo: Our journey will not end until all cries disappear from these skies.
Freyr: Indeed... For the sake of eternal peace.
With that, the two primal beasts turn and begin to tread through the snow.
Despite the tribulations that await them on their path, they will continue on until they reach their dream, where pain and sorrow are no more.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
迷いも、痛みも、全ては我が唯一の願いのために I must overcome the doubts and pain to achieve my wish.
この地の風は澱んでいる… The wind here is growing still...
穏やかな風と陽光に満ちたあの日々に… I dream of gentle winds and sunshine...
鉄と硝煙の匂い…忌まわしい風だ The smell of smoke and metal... An unpleasant wind indeed.
友は、この空に何を見て何を思ったのだろうか I wonder what my friend saw and thought when he looked upon these skies.
己が運命に抗う姿は、荒野の花のように美しい One who fights against their fate is like a wildflower.
どうか、全ての星の獣達に安寧が訪れるように… May peace be someday brought upon all primal beasts.
この道の果てには、何があるのだろうか What lies at the end of this path I walk?
我が剣は勝利を導く剣そこに敗北の曇り無し My sword will lead us not to defeat, but to infallible victory.
さぁ、参ろうか Let us proceed.