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Official Profile[edit | edit source]

Age 22
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Theater
Likes Fish, potato, and egg salad
Dislikes 踊り以外を見られること
元来、恥ずかしがり屋ではあるが、舞の才能に恵まれ、演舞の最中は普段とは打って変わり自信に満ちた笑みで肢体をひねり観客を魅了する。類まれな技術で宙をなぞる剣舞は、達人が扱う剣技のそれに勝るとも劣らない。 かつて、演舞の相棒としてエルーン族の男性ヘルナルと旅をしていた。恋仲ではなかったものの、その軟派な態度に辟易してコンビを解消している。
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy Birthday!
What's the matter, (Captain)? You don't look very happy about your special day. Come now. You have to cheer up, (Captain)!
If I'm the only one that's happy for you, well, I'll start to blush!
Very well. Let's have some fun, shall we?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Um... If it's all right with you, could I have a moment of your time?
I thought I might perform a sword dance for you to celebrate your birthday.
Sword dances are usually done on stage for a large audience.
But today this dance will be for your eyes only.
Now, right this way. Here's your front row seat!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
What do you say we... slip away from the party for a private dance together? You can hold me close.
It won't be a fierce sword dance but instead a slow calming waltz.
Rather than waste my breath on pretty words, this how I choose to tell you how I feel!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! La la la!
Oh, you want to know what I'm doing?
You can't tell? Why, I'm so filled with cheer, I can't help but dance!
Yes, it's true. Hey, are you saying my dance looks silly?
This is my dance to bring in the new year! You don't like it? Well, excuse me...


A top? Is this a new year's tradition where you're from? I spin it like this?
Ooh, how interesting. And look at how straight it stands. What a beautiful spin.
Mmm... I can't lost to a toy!
We'll see who has the more beautiful spin, me or that top!
(Captain)? Why are you laughing like that?
You gave me that because you knew I'd do this? I've been had!


Happy, happy New Year!
There's tons of fun to be had at the start of the new year!
Kite flying, paddle games, cards, dice, pin the tail on the donkey... And I just learned how to spin tops!
Maybe I'll even hold a group session for sword dancing sometime!
You're worried about people getting hurt from the swords? W-well... If they simply practice really hard, then it won't be a problem!
I mean, I've heard of kids doing cross-sword puzzles before, so dancing can't be that bad!
Huh? Crossword puzzles have nothing to do with swords?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What? Valentine's Day?
Why, what is that? I don't believe I've ever heard of it...
Oh, I see. Once a year, girls give chocolate to the boys?
I think I understand now. So, I should be giving you some chocolate now, right (Captain)?
Very well. Here you are.
What's that? You want to know why I had some chocolate ready even though I didn't know about Valentine's Day?
Um... Well...


Today's Valentine's Day it seems.
Last year you told me it's the day girls give chocolates to the boys.
But today I'll give you a dance instead!
Hehe. Only joking.
No need to make that face; same as last year I've made you some chocolates myself.
Hm? Well, yes I did say I didn't know what Valentine's Day was last year, but...
Ahem. Let's not dig up the past. You really should learn to give up.


Happy Valentine's Day!
I'm glad you're always there for me, so I put those feelings into these chocolates I made for you.
I just hope you actually like how they taste...
A-are you trying not to laugh? What's so funny?
Wait! You saw me asking Lyria about your favorite kind of chocolate, didn't you!
Th-that's... That's clearly harassment!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hello, (Captain). Happy White Day!
What's that? You want to do something nice for me?
Well, I wouldn't normally accept.
But, if you insist...
Oh, I know! (Captain), how about if you dance for me?
It's okay, you don't have to know any fancy moves. Just feel the music and show me your energy.
Hehe. I think I might dance along with you! Let's begin!


Eep! What're you kneeling for! Y-you're not proposing, are you?
Huh? A dance? With me?
Why, it'd be my pleasure!
Ah, could this be in return for my gift a month back?
Hehe. One would expect no less from a gentleman like you.
Yes, of course. Take the lead, my (Captain).


A little something for me? Why, thank you.
Oops, something fell from the package... It looks like an invitation card.
"You're invited to a ball."
"To be held on the deck of the Grandcypher." And it's supposed to happen today...
Er, huh? It says the only attendees are you and me... Oh! Now I get it!
Haha, this is in return for Valentine's, yeah? Oh, how lovely it'll be to have a dance for just the two of us.
I graciously accept your invitation.
Come. Won't you take my hand?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Well, it seems today is the one day you can cause all the mischief you want!
So, (Captain), are you going to stir up trouble? Or will you let the trouble come to you?
Hehehe... I suppose we'll just have to see!


D-don't look at me like that!
You were trying to play a trick on me, you say?
Hehe. Well, it is Halloween after all. Go ahead then, I don't mind.
Why are you looking so embarrassed?
N-now you're making me feel embarrassed!


Happy Halloween!
Hehe, my sword dance will be on display for all to see during tonight's parade!
I'll be whirling and twirling atop a parade float in my devilish costume!
I do hope you make it out to watch me, (Captain).
And if you do, certainly feel free to jump in and caper with us!


Dance or treat! If you don't have candy, you'll have to join me for a dance!
What in the world are you doing? Guzzle sweets like that, and you'll choke...
Ah, so you wanted to go for a caper, but you had candy left to give. And now you're trying to get rid of it.
Oh, I'm also simply itching for a twirl!
(Captain), hand over some of those treats! We'll eat them together, then dance till dawn!
Nibble nibble... Munch Munch...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
What, (Captain)? Do I look like I'm having a good time?
Hehe. Yes, I'm enjoying myself.
After all, on this airship, there is always fun to be found!
Allow me to add my sword dance to the entertainment list!


Happy holidays!
(Captain)... I have something to ask...
There's a special holiday performance tonight with one of my favorite dance troupes. Won't you come with me?
Don't worry, we should be able to make it back to the ship in time for the party.
Hehe. Thank you! I'm so happy! Why, I could dance for joy!
Oh, don't be like that; I won't actually dance for joy.


You want me to give the tree a pruning with my sword dance?
I can't really say it'll turn out well though...
But since it's to pretty-up our crown jewel of the holiday season and a direct order from the captain, I'll give it my best shot!
Um, if I pull this off and make the tree look great, there's one favor I want from you.
Could we have a mini-ball around the tree during tonight's party?
If we do, I want you to be my dance partner.
Is that a yes? Yay, thank you!
Now stand back and witness the awe of my sword dance!

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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A Shy Dance[edit source]

A fight suddenly broke out at a rather crowded stall.With a series of graceful flourishes, the dancer had made short work of her opponent. She set her eyes on our heroes, mistaking them for friends of the fallen man.She told them of the partner she'd abandoned, a good-for-nothing skirt-chaser. She decided to join the Order in hopes of finding a better one.

(Captain)'s party arrived on an island, finding themselves in a bustling marketplace.
The party is having a grand old time. It seems as if each stall is better than the last. But the amiable atmosphere is soon broken by a voice. A voice that sounds rather irate.
Riffraff: Hehehe...It's fine by me. What's so wrong with me?
Gayne: Enough, already! There's nothing worse than a man who simply doesn't know when to call it quits!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's the deal? Are they fighting?
Riffraff: Whazzat? Here I was trying to be a nice guy...well no more o' that!
Vyrn: Whoa!

He's taking out his sword!

(Captain)! We gotta stop her!
Vyrn: Hey, guy! You'd better not lay a finger on he?
Riffraff: Nngh! Oooooowch!
Gayne: Are you done yet? How can you expect to fight me if you don't even understand my techniques?
Gayne: I'll give you my name, least. Come back when you're ready to put up a proper fight!
Vyrn: Not bad!

She's got some serious skills!

Who is she, d'you think?
Gayne: Gasp!
Gayne: And who are you lot? The shameless staring! Some would take that as harassment!
Vyrn: Er...I don't know what you were expecting flashing your sword around like that.
Gayne: Oh, be quiet! I'm quite done with excuses!
Gayne: Hold on...there's something quite off about you. Perhaps that man is a friend of yours...
Lyria: Wait! Wait just a minute! (Captain) is one of the good guys!
Gayne: Ack! A g-girl, of all people?!
Gayne: Wh-what...what on earth is going on?! What did they do to you?!
Vyrn: You got it...some things happened and, uh, (Captain) and Lyria kind of went in halfsies on a soul.
Gayne: I see...shared souls, flying lizards. Quite the fascinating tale...
Gayne: Hm...perhaps they're not the evil bunch I thought they were...
Vyrn: Er, lady...would you mind speaking up...
Gayne: Well that's that! (Captain)! Lyria! Er...Mr. Lizard!
Gayne: I beg you. My sword is ready! Join me!
Lyria: Buh?
Vyrn: What'd you say?! Hey, wait a minute! Why d'you gotta call me a lizard?!
Gayne: I couldn't have found a more perfect match!

Let us go.

We shall climb to the very heights of dance!
Vyrn: Whoa, there! What d'you mean, partner?! And climb?
Vyrn: Try talking some sense! We don't even know your name, lady!
Gayne: ...!

Oh, how rude of me.

I got a bit ahead of myself.
Gayne: I am Gayne, the traveling dancer. I'd actually been traveling with a partner of mine. A swordsman...
The dancer Gayne began to spin a tale. She and her partner had set out on a journey, dreaming of being a household name on every island.
But this partner of hers had quite the serious problem. When it came to the ladies, he just couldn't help himself.
One night, he'd been at a tavern and had managed to blow every last bit of the money they'd saved up on the local ladies. Once Gayne found out she'd, well...
Gayne: So I gave him a thump and threw him out.
Vyrn: Er...a thump, you say...
Gayne: I'd never felt so good! That sword of his was the only thing he had going for him, anyway!
Gayne: Though he was quite the partner. I'll give him that...
Gayne: A-anyway. Since then I've been looking for someone to join me in my sword dancing.
Vyrn: you thought you'd roll out the carpet for us.
Vyrn: Hey, lady. We're kind of in a situation...right, (Captain)?
  1. We're busy
  2. Dancing, you say?

Choose: We're busy
Gayne: Busy?
Vyrn: Heheh! We're on a world tour! We're trying to find the Sky Map!

Choose: Dancing, you say?
Gayne: Truly?! The steps don't take long to learn...
Vyrn: Damnit, lady! Did you hear what I just said?! Sky. Map. World. Tour!
Continue 1
Gayne: So you're saying you're world travelers?
Vyrn: Exaaactly...same as you. That means we're doing a good bit of journeying on our own.
Gayne: Well, then! (Captain)? Perhaps you'd allow me to come with you and your friends?!
Vyrn: Wait a second! What happened to the dancing?
Gayne: Well, I can't exactly do it without a partner...
Gayne: So I'm thinking, the world's a big place. Maybe I can find a new one.
Gayne: And I can be around if you decide to change your mind, (Captain)! You'd be great!
  1. There's no way I'm saying no
  2. Fine, fine...

Choose: There's no way I'm saying no
Gayne: Truly?! Oh, thank you!

Choose: Fine, fine...
Gayne: ...! Oh, thank you!

Continue 2
Gayne: As you like. Prepare yourself a for a lesson in the true beauty of the sword dance!
Continue 3
Lyria: Wow! I can't wait!
Vyrn: (I'm pretty sure we already know who her partner is...)
Gayne: Did you say something?
Vyrn: Whoa! Who, me? Nothing! Nothing at all!
And so our heroes continued their journey, finding a new friend in a rather passionate sword dancer.
Though whether she found her selfish former partner is a story for another time...

For Whom the Blade Dances[edit source]

By Gayne’s request, the company had stopped by the city of art. But the Azalea Dance Troupe, which they’ve been looking forward to, canceled their performance due to a monster attack. Gayne draws her sword before thinking first and stands up to the monsters.

Lyria: Wow...! I can’t wait! Gayne!
Gayne: Yes! I’ve always wanted to see them...!
Gayne: The stage of the Azalea Dance Troupe! Now let’s hurry! I must watch it at the best seat there is!
Vyrn: Oh, brother... How many hours do you think it is until it starts?
The company had descended upon a graceful town known as the city of art.
There is supposed to be a performance of a famous dance troupe in that town.
Upon hearing that, Gayne requested that the company go to the performance. However...
Receptionist: Like I said earlier... The performance is canceled...
Lyria: What? That’s terrible...
Gayne: And I’m asking you why that is! I was looking forward to it!
Receptionist: Please, just trust me! It’s for your own good to run away while you can!
Katalina: ... Huh? Run away? What do you mean...?
Lyria: Look! (Captain)! Monsters over there!
Vyrn: Whoa! There’s a lot of them! This is in the middle of town! What’s going on?!
Gayne: We’ll work that out later! Let’s defeat them!

For Whom the Blade Dances: Scene 2[edit source]

The reason why monsters started appearing in this town was due to a wealthy man that lives in the outskirts. Out of a greedy desire to keep the dance troupe for himself, he sent monsters to town in order to have the performance canceled. Gayne is furious when she hears this, and resolves to fight the monsters sent by the wealthy man.

Rackam: Hm... I heard it was a peaceful town, but monsters have begun to appear here. Is that why the performance was canceled?
Receptionist: N-No. That’s not it...
Receptionist: Well... To tell you the truth. A very wealthy man has moved to the outskirts of the town.
Receptionist: And he has taken a very strong liking to the troupe. He said that he wanted to keep their performance to himself.
Receptionist: Anyway... He threatened to send monsters unless the performance was canceled everywhere except his manor...
Katalina: What? That’s outrageous!
Gayne: He wants to keep it for himself? That can’t be allowed!
???: Why, you...! Nnnnnnrr!
Katalina: What was that scream?
???: Grr! My... My precious monsters!
???: Hey! Are you the one that bullied my precious monsters?!
Receptionist: Ahhh! It’s him! The guy with the money...!
Greedy Rich Man: How dare y-y-you defy me! My precious monsters! Tear them apart!
Receptionist: Eek!
Gayne: You will pay for this...
Vyrn: Eek?! Gayne...?
Gayne: For trying to keep the performance all to yourself and ruin everyone else's fun...
Gayne: For not thinking about how the dancers feel... You will pay!
Gayne: Let’s go, (Captain)! My blade will cut through you and your heartless greed!

For Whom the Blade Dances: Scene 3[edit source]

After punishing the greedy wealthy man, the company watches the performance from the front row. After the performance, Gayne regretted ever leaving the stage. But she had sworn to herself that she will not return until her partner was found. Her sword skills will be used for the sake of her friends for the time being.

Greedy Rich Man: Waaaah! My precious monsters...!
Gayne: Now then... I’ll have you pay for trying to keep the stage to yourself.
Greedy Rich Man: Eek! W-Waaaah! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!
Greedy Rich Man: Gasp! Your dress... Miss, are you a dancer? You’re beautiful... Please come to my manor and...
Greedy Rich Man: Ahhh! Urg...
Gayne: Phew... I hope you learned your lesson and will never try to do this again!
Receptionist: Thank you! Thank you so much! Now the show can go on!
Receptionist: Um... This is a small token of our appreciation, but we've made some room for you on the front row.
Lyria: Hooray!
And thus, (Captain) and company enjoyed the graceful performance of the dance troupe.
Lyria: That was a really beautiful dance... I want to be a dancer, too! Twirl twirl!
Lyria: Uh oh! Urg... My head is spinning...
Katalina: Haha. Are you all right, Lyria?
Gayne: ...
Vyrn: What’s the matter, Gayne? You look like something’s bothering you. Let me guess. You want to go back on stage?
Gayne: No. Actually... I guess that's a lie... I do want to... just a little bit.
Gayne: But I’m fine. The only time I will return to the stage is when I find the best partner for my sword dance.
Gayne: Either that, or when that idiot changes his mind and comes back.
Gayne: Besides...
Child: Hey! It’s the sword lady! Miss!
Child: Thank you! You went and punished the selfish rich man, right?! Please come back anytime!
Gayne: Being thanked for fighting like this isn’t half-bad.
The time for the strong and beautiful dancer Gayne to charm the audience on stage will come at a later time.
Until that day, her sword will be wielded for the sake of her comrades.

A Tale of Two Dances[edit source]

During their travels, the crew stops in a town one night for a bite to eat. There, they find two feuding villages in preparation for a dance-off. Seeing Gayne's beautiful moves, men from both villages ask Gayne for help. The conversation quickly escalates, and the entire restaurant erupts into a brawl.

In search of a new sword dance partner, the beautiful Gayne travels the sky with (Captain) and company.
During their travels, the crew stops in a town one night for a bite to eat.
Rowdy Guy: Heh heh... Wee! Woah! Hey hey!
A disorderly man tries to entertain his friends at dinner. He dances around wildly, moving left and right.
Annoyed with the man's poor dancing skills, Gayne stands up to put an abrupt halt to his foolishness.
Gayne: I can't take it anymore. Hey you, you need to pay more attention to your core!
Rowdy Guy: Huh? My core?
What the heck are you talkin' about?
Gayne: Like this. Here, I'll show you. Watch closely, now.
Rowdy Guy: Dang, that is somethin'! And you're so gorgeous, too. I think I'm in love...
The men who were rambunctious only moments ago are now completely entranced by Gayne's dancing.
Gayne: Hehehe. Come now, that was nothing! Just some proper dancing!
Rowdy Guy: Wow, that was so beautiful! I've never been so impressed in all my life!
Young Man: I can't just sit here anymore! Please, you've gotta dance with me!
Rowdy Guy: What? No way, kid! I got first dibs. You stay outta the way!
Young Man: Why you—! You were staring off into space! You snooze, you lose.
Gayne: Oh dear. Not this again...
Gayne: I know my dancing is beautiful, but I can't dance with just anyone.
Vyrn: Hey twirlie girl, I don't think that's what they're after.
Gayne: What? That's not... what they're after?
Gayne: But isn't it? You want to be my partner, don't you?
Rowdy Guy: Huh? Whaddya mean, your partner? I don't care about that.
Lyria: Well, umm, if that's not what you guys are after, then why are you fighting?
Rowdy Guy: You don't know? We want you for the annual harvest dance-off, of course.
Vyrn: What? A dance-off? The heck is that?
Rowdy Guy: Every year, the two villages choose their finest dancers to go head-to-head before the great spirit.
Young Man: The village that wins gets to use the best soil in the land for a whole year.
Mountain Villager: Hey riverside! Don't go cuttin' to the chase like that! I'm talkin' here!
Riverside Villager: You watch your tongue, mountain troll. While you were off starin' into space, I was setting up our village to win again this year!
Mountain Villager: Hey! You can't talk to me like that. I'll put you in your place!
Riverside Villager: Oh yeah? Bring it on, old man!
As a sign of their ongoing feud, other people from the two villages join the fight and the restaurant erupts into a brawl.
To make matters worse, the villagers appear to enjoy the fighting, with no desire to calm down.
Vyrn: Cut it out, you guys! Settle down!
Lyria: Oh no! We better put a stop to this before someone gets hurt!

A Tale of Two Dances: Scene 2[edit source]


(Captain) and company step in and put a stop to the fighting.
The villagers begin to calm down. They realize that they had acted rashly, and so they apologize to the crew.
Seeing that the two men are very passionate about helping their villages, Gayne smiles and proposes a solution to their problem.
Gayne: Hehehe, I get it now. If it's a dance you want, it's a dance you'll get.
Gayne: I'll teach you both how to dance. After all, if I only taught one of you, that wouldn't be fair, now would it?
And so, Gayne and company make their way to a nearby forest to begin practicing.
Mountain Villager: Sigh... I have no clue how to dance. I only got chosen to compete because of a lousy draw.
Vyrn: Hey, don't go sayin' that now.
Lyria: Vyrn is right! You're just about to learn some great moves, so think positive and do your best!
Mountain Villager: Yeah, but I'm not very athletic, and I don't think I can remember anything too fancy, and... and...
The villager goes on making excuses one after another. He talks himself down until he has no confidence left.
Though Gayne is annoyed with the man's attitude, she encourages him to try anyway.
Gayne: Don't get yourself all worked up now. You have nothing to worry about.
Mountain Villager: Really? Nothing to worry about? But I can't do anything right...
Gayne: Well, there are some kind of dances that require advanced dance skills.
Gayne: But you wouldn't need that for now. Just feel the music and dance.
Mountain Villager: Oh... Just feel the music and dance... Wait, but that can't possibly help me improve.
Gayne: Yes, it can. You live in this beautiful place blessed with the riches of the mountains, don't you?
Gayne: If you feel its majesty with all your being, then express those feelings before the great spirit. Would that not please it?
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. So that's why we came all the way out here.
Mountain Villager: Maybe you're right. But, all we've really got to be proud of here is our potatoes...
Gayne: But aren't potatoes beautiful? Just think of the potato. Be the potato. Bud, grow, and extend your roots! Burst and sprout forth...
Gayne: Okay, now feel the potato deep in your soul and... Hey, why are you just sitting there? Get over here and do it!
Mountain Villager: Uh... Okay! Like this?
Gayne: Yes, like that. That's much better. Keep it up!
Mountain Villager: Hey, this is gettin' fun! Moving around like this is kinda nice. I feel so free!
Though new to dancing, the man soon starts to enjoy himself. Watching him reminds Gayne of someone from a time long ago.
Gayne: Move freely. Just feel the music...
Gayne: Oh my. What's happening? The face of that terrible man just sprang into my mind.
Lyria: What? Who was it? Was it your old partner?
Vyrn: It must be! Hey twirlie girl, was it the guy you tossed out a long time ago?
Gayne: What? I... I never told you about that!
Lyria: Wow! Vyrn, look! There's a giant potato growing right over there!
Gayne: Hey Lyria, are you listening to me?
Gayne: Lyria, that's not a potato! Get away from that thing!

A Tale of Two Dances: Scene 3[edit source]

After Gayne teaches the man from the mountain village to dance, the man asks her not to help his competitor from the river village. She rejects his request in a dignified tone, stating that it would be unfair. The crew then heads to the riverside, where the other man awaits his lesson.

With some hard work, the man from the mountain village begins to feel the music, learning one of the core elements of dance.
In doing so, he becomes a little more confident, and even begins to look forward to the competition in the days ahead.
Mountain Villager: Thank you so much. After all your help, I think I can finally pull something off!
Gayne: That's great. I'm so happy for you!
Mountain Villager: So, now that that's done, I have a little favor to ask. Can you skip helping that riverside jerk?
Gayne looks slightly agitated for a moment, but then regains her composure. She responds to the man in a dignified tone of voice.
Gayne: That I cannot do. If I don't help him, too, that would simply be unfair.
Gayne: And if you ended up winning like that, you wouldn't truly be happy about it.
Taken aback by her response, the man freezes. He soon comes to his senses and lets out a chuckle.
Mountain Villager: Hahaha! You're right. I should have expected as much from you, dance master!
And with that, Gayne and company head to the riverside, where the man from the other village awaits.

Back in Step[edit source]

Gayne and the crew arrive at the river. They meet with the man from the village nearby, but soon find that he is embarrassed about the eel dance he has to perform. When he finally shows the dance to the crew, the lord of the river suddenly appears.

Gayne and the crew come down from the mountain and make their way toward the river.
They go to the riverside village, where a young man awaits his lesson with Gayne.
Riverside Villager: Oh boy, oh boy... What am I gonna do?
Gayne: Dear me, what seems to be the problem? You look so worried...
Riverside Villager: Crud, I just can't do it! That fish dance is way too embarrassing.
Vyrn: Huh? What are you talkin' about?
Riverside Villager: Ya see, we're fishermen so the only dance we know is the fish dance. Precisely, the eel dance.
Lyria: Eels? You mean those slimy snake things?
Riverside Villager: More like filthy snake things! And that eel dance, it goes like this. Squiggle squiggle, slide slide slide!
Riverside Villager: Hey, now look what you made me do! I told you it was embarrassing!
Vyrn: But you did that all on your own!
Lyria: Hehe, yeah, but it sure looked fun!
Gayne: Oh, I see. If you do that dance, you'll be able to catch a bunch of eels, right?
Riverside Villager: Well, actually... It doesn't attract eels.
Vyrn: Wait, what? Whaddya mean, it doesn't attract eels?
Lyria: Umm... Then, what does it attract?
Riverside Villager: The thing is, if you don't do it just right, it won't come at all.
Riverside Villager: It only appears if you can do the dance well enough for your prayer to get through.
Vyrn: Oy oy... I have a bad feeling about this. Are you talking about the—
Riverside Villager: Yes! The lord of the river!

Back in Step: Scene 2[edit source]

When the young man shows embarrassment about his village's eel dance, Gayne teaches him how to stop worrying and instead take pride. After overcoming his embarrassment, the man dances magnificently, catching the eye of something dangerous nearby.

Riverside Villager: Humph. What the heck was all that?
Riverside Villager: I mean, I know my dancing is crud, so I wasn't exactly expecting the lord of the river to come out.
Riverside Villager: Only pros with years of experience can even do that dance right.
Though it was unclear who or what the fish had responded to, the crew had warded it off valiantly.
With the danger eliminated, Gayne goes back to teaching the young man how to dance.
Riverside Villager: Like I've been sayin', that dance is just too embarrassing. I don't wanna do it!
The man goes on whining like a little boy. Seeing his reaction, Gayne tries addressing him in a more gentle tone.
Gayne: Now dearie, don't you worry about being embarrassed.
Riverside Villager: What? Yeah, right. You just don't get how embarrassing it is, do ya?
Gayne: Come now, it's not so bad. Here, watch me do it.
With that, Gayne strikes a beautiful pose, showing off her majestic form.
Gayne: To be honest, I don't usually like posing like this.
Gayne: But when I'm dancing, I don't worry about things like that.
Gayne: So, if you're bothered by such things when you're dancing, it could be that you're not focusing hard enough.
Riverside Villager: ...
Gayne: Hey! Are you listening?
Riverside Villager: ...
Gayne: Stop staring at me like that! It's creepy!
Vyrn: Hehe... I think he is focusing hard enough.
Riverside Villager: Oh, sorry. Eh heh heh... Now I see what you mean about focusing.
Riverside Villager: You know, you're right. That dance is the pride of our village. I shouldn't worry about being embarrassed by it.
Riverside Villager: Alright then! Time for you to watch me. I'm gonna give it a shot!
Riverside Villager: Ah ha ha ha! How's this? Squiggle squiggle, slide slide slide!
Vyrn: Wow, now you're slithering like a champ! That's way better than last time.
Lyria: Hehe, that looks like fun! You really look like an eel, too!
Riverside Villager: Yeah, and I wasn't embarrassed or nothin'! It's actually kinda nice, like I'm in touch with my true feelings.
Gayne: In touch... with your true feelings?
The man's earnest words suddenly resound throughout Gayne's heart, taking her by surprise.
However, those same words are soon drowned out by screams.
Riverside Villager: Ahh! Oh crud, it's back! Why does this keep happening?
Monster: Groarr!
Vyrn: I've got it! It's not the prayer that brings out the monster!
Vyrn: With those dance moves, it thinks you're actually a giant tasty eel!

Back in Step: Scene 3[edit source]

The day of the dance-off arrives, but the two men from the villages are outdone by a young man named Helnar, who appears suddenly. Long ago, Gayne threw Helnar out for his unfaithfulness, but after reflecting on his mistakes, Helnar asks for her forgiveness. Moved by his words and actions, Gayne forgives Helnar, and the two perform a beautiful sword dance that enchants all who behold it.

The day of the dance-off finally arrives.
Using what they learned from Gayne, the two men from the villages compete fairly, each putting their best foot forward.
But as it turns out, neither of them ends up winning. Another man bursts onto the scene and takes the competition by storm.
Helnar: Haha! How do you like these moves? And check out this bod!
Helnar: I suppose this proves I'm the right man to be your partner, Gayne.
The man dances beautifully, as if the whole sky were his stage. Seeing his graceful moves, Gayne is left speechless.
Gayne: Helnar... What are you doing?
Any version of Helnar is a crew member

Vyrn: Haha, you're late, buddy!
Lyria: Hehe, yeah. Vyrn is right! We've been waiting for you for a while now.
Gayne: What? What do you mean? Have you all been in on this the whole time?
Helnar: Hold on, now. They didn't do anything wrong. I'm responsible for all of this.
Gayne: I... I don't understand. I already told you we were through. But, I suppose I will listen to what you have to say.
Helnar: ...
Lyria: Hey Helnar, come on!
Though seldom nervous, Helnar finds himself tensing up. He takes a deep breath, then walks up to Gayne, looking deep into her eyes.

No version of Helnar in crew

Vyrn: What the—! Helnar? Is that what she said?
Lyria: Yeah, it sounded like it! That must mean he used to be her partner way back when, right?
Though seldom nervous, Helnar finds himself tensing up. He takes a deep breath, then walks up to Gayne, looking deep into her eyes.
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Helnar: I'm sorry, Gayne. There's something I've always wanted to tell you, but I've just never had the courage.
Helnar: I treated you so wrong. And now, I would give anything for another chance to be your partner.
Gayne's expression eases for a moment. But then, a grim look begins to spread across her face.
Helnar sees the look in her eyes, and without a moment's hesitation, he begins to speak again.
Helnar: It's okay. You don't have to say anything. I already know your answer.
Gayne: Well, that's good to hear. It saves me the trouble of rejecting you.
Hearing her words, Helnar turns away. He then says something rather unexpected.
Helnar: The mountain man's potato dance... The riversider's fish dance... And a sweet little egg to top it all off.
Gayne: What? Potato? Fish? Egg? I'm not sure what you mean.
In that moment, Gayne suddenly recalls something very important.
Gayne: Oh... It's from that salad.
Helnar: Hehe. So, you do remember! I used to make that salad for you all the time. It always had your favorite things: potatoes, fish, and eggs.
Gayne: Wait a second. Why am I the egg? What's that suppose to mea—
It all comes as a surprise to Gayne.
To quell the confusion in her mind, Helnar gives Gayne a delicate kiss upon her forehead.
Gayne: H-hey! What do you think you're doing?
Helnar takes a long, loving look at Gayne, who becomes more and more flustered. He then whispers sweetly into her ear.
Helnar: Gayne, you have always been my sweet little egg.
Gayne: What are you saying! You can't just come up here and start saying things like that! Who do you think you are?
Helnar: Hehe. Just like your perfect forehead, your dancing is always perfect, without even the tiniest flaw.
Helnar: However, I am not that perfect. When I'm reminded of that, I begin to worry. I always thought I was never good enough for you.
As the words disappear into the air, Gayne finally begins to understand how Helnar feels.
Gayne: And since you thought you were never good enough, that's why you kept running away? Is that it?
Helnar: ...
Gayne: Ugh. What am I gonna do with you? Alright, this is the first and last time, but I can forgive you...
Helnar: Umm... So... You, uh...
Gayne: I have my flaws, too, you know.
Gayne: I have always been deeply enchanted by the beauty of your dance. You have always looked so free...
Gayne: Helnar, now that I finally understand, I should apologize to you, too.
Looking into each other's eyes, the two grow nearer, and in an instant, they begin to move together in beautiful harmony.
As if fulfilling a long awaited destiny, their two majestic sword dances flow together to become one.
Gayne: Helnar...
Helnar: Gayne...
The audience can only stare in awe at the beauty of their dance. It is as if their moves are veiled in magic.
Seeing their sword dance, the chiefs of the two warring villages smile and come to an agreement.
Mountain Chief: River chief. Beginning this year, let us set aside the competition.
River Chief: Yes, yes. I agree, mountain chief. Let us share the land between us.
The ultimate sword dance stirs not only the hearts of Gayne and Helnar, but all who behold its mysterious power.
And so it was that Gayne found her true partner. May they dance the rest of their days as one.

So Close, Yet So Far[edit source]

Helnar and Gayne has a most inauspicious reunion at a town’s harvest festival. Gayne was enraged at her erstwhile partner Helnar and tried to leave him. Though the pair were at odds again, as soon as monsters suddenly appeared they launched into a dazzling sword dance.

During their journey, the party crossed paths with a rather intriguing duo. Gayne the dancer and Helnar, the itinerant entertainer.
The party hoped to reunite the two partners, thinking perhaps they'd share another blade dance. They were missing a key ingredient, however. Helnar himself.
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd that dude get off to? You hear anything, Katalina?
Katalina: Hmm? Helnar, eh? I know he said something about a harvest festival they were doing in town...
Gayne: Bzzt. Wrong. You couldn't wait to leave me on the ship so you could go skipping off to the festival! You could at least look ashamed of yourself!
Lyria: Okay, okay. Just settle down... Helnar had no idea you'd be here...
Gayne: Well, then! Listen up, everyone! I'm going to go and find that chump!
Lyria: Hehe. I just know he'll be surprised to see her.
The party heads to town to find a harvest festival literally in full swing, complete with dances to celebrate this year's great bounty.
There was one circle of watchers in the throng that seemed even livelier than the others. The party decided to check it out.
Dancer 1: Wow! Check out those two! Just look at those moves! They're in perfect sync!
Dancer 2: My, my, my... you're quite quick on your toes.
Helnar: Hehe... the my-my's are mine, my lady. I've never had such a perfect partner in my life.
Gayne: Ugh... men. He leaves me alone to go galumphing around with some other woman...
Dancer 1: I. Can't. Even! Dance with me, Helnar!
Dancer 3: You were so dashing! Pick me! Pick me!
Helnar: Hehe... aren't you a bunch of sweet kittens. There's more than enough Helnar to go around... now let's form a nice and orderly line!
Gayne: Oh, dear... I must say this looks to be quite the lively affair! Would the gentleman perhaps condescend to dance with me?
Helnar: Oh, but of course! If you'd kindly just step to the back of the line...
Helnar: Wait, what? G-Gayne?! What in two hills are you doing here?
Vyrn: Gotta say... Helnar's internal clock must be busted. The guy has no sense of timing.
Gayne: Teehee. And how do you do, Helnar?
Gayne: You've helped me realize something, you know. I realized that I wouldn't want to dance with a hardheaded dandy like you if you were the last man on earth!
Helnar: Wha?! Wait, wait! This isn't what it looks like! Gayne!
Gayne: We're done here, (Captain)! Fool me once... I knew I should've known better than to trust him!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Dancer 1: Ahhhhh! M-m-monsters! Monsters in the town!
Gayne: Quite the ruckus this is! Hmph... they shouldn't known better than to come out when I'm ticked off!
Lyria: Th-this is bad! First they're fighting, and now monsters! We need to do something, (Captain)!
  1. Gayne's going to need some help!
  2. We can't let Helnar get away!

Choose: Gayne's going to need some help!
Helnar: Wait, (Captain)!
Helnar: Could you let me take care of this? I'm begging you...

Choose: We can't let Helnar get away!
Helnar: And sorry, (Captain)... Didn't mean for you to worry about me.
Helnar: It's decision time. Gotta show her how I feel.
Continue 1
Helnar: And I'll apologize... y'know, for what happened. And I'm gonna say it straight out! I want me and her to travel together!
Lyria: Break a leg! Helnar!
Vyrn: Anyway! Helnar! She's gonna see what a real man can be!
Monster: Grrrr...
Gayne: Psh. You call that dancing? That takes care of the monsters, at least...
Spectator: Wha?! There's still more hidden monsters!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Gayne: Eek?!
Monster: Grrrr...
Helnar: My lovely, lovely Gayne. I do hope you aren't hurt?
Gayne: Helnar... what are you...
Helnar: Hehe... who saves a princess in a pinch but her dear prince?
Gayne: Just stop talking, already. Quit being a clown for once in your life.
Helnar: Haha! Still the same Gayne. May I have this dance? Pretty please?
Gayne: Hmph... fine. But this is the last time! You'd better savor it! Helnar
In an instant, the two stood back to back and launched into a blade dance for the ages. Their steps were perfectly timed.
None could look away from their enchanting, liquid grace, and in that instant the monsters ravaging the festival were gone.
Vyrn: Lord have mercy...
Lyria: It's so... so beautiful...
For a single moment, all was silence.
The crowd quickly regained their composure, breaking out in ear-splitting cheers.
Gayne: Well color me impressed! Who knows when you'll hear applause like THAT again...
Helnar: Haha! Aw, shucks! You hear that? I think they're asking us for an encore? How about it?
Gayne: Don't get the wrong idea, mister. Your name is still mud...
Gayne: But you know, when we dance together... There's really no place I'd rather be. So sure. Just this once...
Helnar: Hold it! I'll let you finish, but there's something I need to tell you...
Helnar: I, er... I realize how much I let you down now... You're my partner, Gayne... my only partner. So, uh...
Helnar: Please... could you give me one more chance? We promised each other when we were kids that we'd be world famous. I want to see that happen!
Gayne: Oh, Helnar... me, too...
Mr. Oblivious: Hey! Mr. Helnar! You wanted to party with those dancers, right? Everything's up and running!
Helnar: What?
Helnar: That's strange. I don't believe I've ever seen you before in my life. Sure you don't got the wrong guy?
Mr. Oblivious: What? Surely you're joking? You are Mr. Helnar, aren’t you? The same Mr. Helnar who told me to gather, and I quote, “the finest jewels among dancers”?
Helnar: Okay, okay! Just. Stop. Talking! I’m begging you!
Gayne: ...
Helnar: Gayne... it's not what it sounds like, I swear! I did it before I knew you were here, okay? You gotta believe me... don't you?!
Helnar: Wha?!
Gayne: I think I've heard enough. All right, everyone!Let’s get back to the ship and leave this... man... to his precious jewels.
Vyrn: So much for making up... You all right, Helnar?
Helnar: Urk...
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Helnar! (Captain)! Do you think you can carry Helnar? I don't think Gayne is going to wait for us!
Just as it seemed Gayne and Helnar had finally patched things up, a man with an exceptionally poor sense of timing brought it all crashing back down.
But still the journey went on. Perhaps time would heal all wounds. Of course, that's a big perhaps.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit | edit source]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あ、あ、あなた!どこを見てますの!? Wh-where do you think you're looking!
私の剣舞いかがかしら? Did you like my sword dance?
舞の指導をしてさしあげますわ! Shall I teach you a dance or two?
あいつ…今ごろどうしてるかしら… What could he be up to right now...
剣の手入れも欠かせませんのよ! I make sure my sword's always in tip-top condition!
あ、あまり見ないでいただけます? I-it's embarassingTypo is in the official translation. (Should be "embarrassing.) when you look at me like that...
実力不足ですわね! You need more practice!
舞も戦いも基本が大事ですわよ! Be it dance or battle, the basics are everything.
(主人公)なら相棒にしてあげても… I'd gladly partner with you, (Captain).
(主人公)…練習は見ないで下さいます? (Captain), please don't watch me practice.

References[edit | edit source]