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Official Profile

Age 72
Height 245 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Battles of fists
Likes Meat, meat, meat, strong people
Dislikes Rational thinking

Final Uncap

Character Release

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Age 72歳
Height 245cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 真拳勝負
Likes 肉、肉、肉、強いヤツ
Dislikes 合理的な思考

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Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Many happy returns on this, the day of your birth. You are gradually getting bigger!
Train your body, train your soul, and become the person you want to be!
Once you have accomplished this... The day of your rebirth will come... Your true birthday.
I look forward to that day, but for now, happy mortal birth anniversary.


The day has arrived at last, (Captain)! Happy birthday! Bwahahahaha!
Oho? What be this now, (Captain)? Why do you pull on my beard?
Gah, you leave me no choice but to let you have your way.
You must be exhuasted from your duties as captain.
Very well. Enjoy my beard to your heart's desire. It is yours for the day.
Bwahahahaha! Yet another peculiar present for you this year!


Most joyous of birthdays to you, (Captain)!
I have not much to give, but I do have something for you.
Come, come. Closer. Be not shy.
Rest upon my lap that I may massage your back and relieve you of the weariness of your daily responsibilities.
A tapping massage cures many ails, it is said.
Quickly now, you need not be shy. Simply sit on my lap.
Hmm? Why do you do this? There is nothing to fear!
What! You sense lethal intent emanating from my fists?
Bwahahahaha! My apologies, (Captain)! A bad habit of mine! I do it whenever I make a fist!


(Captain), a thousand congratulations to you!
The opportunity to celebrate with you in this way is the ultimate joy.
Compared to when we first met, your face brims with determination.
(Captain), I will continue to exercise my power so that you may one day reach Estalucia.
On the glorious day when you do...
Begin studying the Eternal Rage Style as my disciple so that it may continue oooon!
Ah, my apologies... I got overly excited.
Today is your birthday, (Captain). Eugen and I will toast to you together.
Oh, but you are still too young for that, aren't you? We'll have to wait a bit longer.
Gahaha! The day when I can toast with you, (Captain), cannot come soon enough.


Today is the day on which our captain was born. Many happy retuuurns!
Aye... You're coming into your own, all right. Look at that jaw, which grows more set with the passing years! And that musculature, forged by hard training!
Truly! You're the spitting image of greatness, the likes of which the world has never seeeen!
Er... Sorry for going off again... It's just that when I see you growing into a grand captain, I get worked up.
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm supposed to take you to the feast.
What! Is something wrong with me accompanying you?

  • Choose: Yes, if you're going to make me train.
    Gahahaha! No worries there. I'll be sure to hold myself back today, so you can enjoy the festivitieees!
  • Choose: No, I'm ecstatic!
    Nuhahaha! Trying not to hurt the feelings of an old man, eh?

Ah! I've fogotten to say something very important.
(Captain), happy birthdaaay!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A most auspicious new year to you! If you want to become a master of the Eternal Rage Style, listen very carefully.
Think not of the start of the year as a time of rest, but as a time to start training.
Practice and hone yourself each day, and one day you might just be worthy of being my greatest disciple!


(Captain)! You realize it's not the first day of the new year you're observing, correct?
I would forgive you for thinking so...
But, no, what you're really laying eyes upon is an illustrious fighter as he begins a new journey...
A journey to keep his Ghandagozolutions!
And seeing my favored pupil so early in the new year is a sign that I will surely keep them this time.
Bwahaha! So come—let us begin our training immediately!
I don't know what I've been told,
Eternal Rage is my whole soul!
Sound off! One, two!


Captain! A prosperous New Year to you! Prosperitaaay!
Gwahahaha! A most curious greeting indeed.
I recall the days of my training; I once gave that greeting to a martial master I had met in travel.
A fascinating island it was. Every single islander was adept in the ways of the fist. One learned something new at every turn!
Ah! And another fascinating thing!
The islanders would partake of a certain soft, chewy food to celebrate the new year.
It was made from the meat of pigs or fish and wrapped in a skin of thin flour dough. They would then boil it until ready.
How delicious it was! My mouth waters at the thought...
Hmmm. What did they call it...
Go... Gyo... za...
Gwahahaha! The name escapes me.
But no matter! You hunger do you not? Then prepare it for you I shall! I call it...


(Captain), that bell's about to fall from the shelf! Out of the waaaay!
Phew... Artfully evaded, (Captain).
I'm glad you rang in the new year safely.
Hm? You think I knocked the bell down just to make that joke?
Nuhahaha! Are you able to read my mind?
If you are, then you know my next question.
You think it's whether you've made a New Year's resolution yet?
Very good, (Captain). That is precisely correct.
Let us stay true to ourselves this year as in all years. Understood?
(Captain), Ghandagoza is here beside you!
Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yappy New Year!


So. You wish me to pound this mallet into that oojamaflip called mochi... And time my strokes to your beat?
Very well, I hear you! You offer me a battle that sets my soul and fists aflame! Here's ghanda-goes-a nothiiiiiiing!
Hi! Hi! Yaaaaaah!
Hi! Hi! Yaaaaaah!
Whuaaaat? Th-there seems to be something amiss. (Captain)!
This oojamaflip called mochi... The more I beat it down, the higher it stretcheeees!
What's more... It grows stronger and more pleasingly gelantinous with every blow.
Gaaaah! Is that why it is dubbed mochi? Because it has more-chi and more power... Than me!
(Captain), it seems you have bested Ghandagoza, and the last year has only just ghand-away! Nuahahaha!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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The Day of Valentine is once again upon us! Hm? A confectionery treat? For me? Oh, don't mind if I do.
My fists require sustenance and this shall do just nicely! I shall partake this with eternal gratitude!


Hnnng... (Captain), how jovial you seem today. Did something of fortune occur?
Hrm... I see.
Valentine's Day, when the hearts of young adolescents grow restless.
I too remember those days, when I was young and my bride would bestow unto me various confections.
Gahahaha! Indeed my skin was wrought by the woes of chocolate indulgence.
Hm? Do you not wish to hear of my skin's affliction?
Gwahahaha! Fear not, (Captain)! I merely jest!


Nnnaaaargh! Too sweet! Too sweet! Toooo sweeeet!
Too sweet are you and your chocolates!
Of course chocolates are sweet you say?
Gahahaha... A point you do have.
Tis Valentine's this day. One expects the good (Captain) to be busy during this season.
Surprising indeed that you could find the time to give even an old man such as me these chocolates. How sweet of you.
It should come as no surprise that the captain has out-sweeted his crew member...
Chocolate transcendence! Chococension!
My apologies. Mayhap I've gone overboard.
However, I shall not be defeated. I shall return unto you this joy no matter the cost!
Hrraaah! Ganda-gandaaaa-go!


Nuaaah! This unexpected gift of chocolate is the epitome of happiness!
But... Are you sure you're giving it to me at the right time?
Huh? (Captain), what I mean to say is...
Nuhaaah! These are not choco-lates... They're choco-on-tiiiimes!
Phwahaha! Gahaha!
Finally you've come to understand, (Captain).
Your wish to learn from the past masters of comedy is admirable.
We must hasten to practice the way of fists and comedy together!


Hm? Why, what's this, (Captain)? Why are you setting a banana peel in the middle of the corridor?
Choose: You found me.
Gahahaha! Who do you think I am? I am the unrivaled master of the Eternal Rage Style!
Lay out as many peels and traps as you wish. I will never slip! Rather, I will seek out every oooone! Nuhaha!
Oh? Are these chocolates for me? I thank you, (Captain).
Nuhaah! It couldn't be... I found you with a peel... I found you... a peel... I found you appealing! Do you mean to say that this was all one great Valentine's pun!
Gaah! To think I did not catch on right away... Oh, how I have blundeeered!

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! You favor sugary confections, do you not? Take this then.
I've spoken of this before, but nourishment is essential if you wish to attain the fist of the almighty.
Partake of it with gratitude!


Happiest of White Days to you, (Captain)!
You have my thanks for the gift of Valentine's. Today I have come to bestow a gift in return!
With my almighty fists I have wrought forth cookies unlike any other!
For three days and nights, I crushed wheat without rest! With which I forged unrivaled fist-cookies of ultimate flavor!
Behold! Their crunch is greater than that of rock! Their shine more brilliant than a gold brick! I have toiled much in their creation!
Gwahahaha! With the power of fists, anything is possible! Cookies stand not a chance!


(Captain)! An auspicious White Day to youuu!
Gahahaha! (Captain), you would do well to prepare yourself.
In return for your Valentine's chocolates, I have created the ultimate gift!
Nuhahaha. With my own two fists I did forge it!
(Captain), are you familiar with the dessert known as Thunder?
A smooth cream placed in a choux pastry and coated in chocolate be it.
Like a bolt of lightning, the wonderful joy shall fill your mouth, and thus it was named Thunder...
Here, try. Be not shy.
Gahahaha! Tough is it?
For three days and nights I pounded the dough with my fists, thus creating a dough harder than rock!
And the cream within! No matter how hard one tries, one cannot chew through it!
It was no easy task kneading it until it was tougher than even the tendons of animals!
Nuhahaha... With fists, naught is impossible!


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
Thank you for giving me the gifts of chocolate and laughter last month.
This is the day when I pay you back, (Captain).
Here, would you take this?
It's a work of art that I produced through careful cooperation with an artisan confectioner.
It's a lollipop modeled after my fiiiist!
What! You think that this is simply an oversized lump of sugar?
(Captain), you must take a closer look.
See the blood vessels that rise when I clench my fist? The thumb folded perfectly around the neatly angled knuckles?
This is an absolute maaasterwork!
Nnnn... Your face suggests you don't understand.
Well enough. I've heard that art has often been subject to such reception throughout the ages.
May my fist carve out a new path though the world of art!


Today is the day on which we return Valentine's favors and express our deepest gratitude... That most magnificent of festivals, White Daaaaay!
Now, (Captain). I mean to talk to you about the fist-shaped lollipop I presented you last year...
I have heard that you found it to be such a novel work of art you hesitated to eat it and that, even now, it graces the walls of your room.
Your appreciation for art moves me deeply, but that is not how I intended the confection to be uuuused!
And so I thought and thought upon the problem of White Day and confections. Until I finally arrived at an answer. I must turn once more to traditioooon!
Come now, (Captain), hold out your hands! I have here heart-shaped chocolaaaates!
Nuhaah! How could I have made such a blunder!
I made certain to keep the confections on my person. But how could I not have foreseen that the heat of my body would reduce sweets to swamp!
What! You are still willing to accept my gift?
Oh, magnanimous (Captain)! I expected no less from you!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
4th year:
Punch Sucker square.jpg Punch Sucker
5th year:
White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! Now let's get one thing straight! I'm not putting on some silly outfit!
I'll take on any challenge as my true self!
Besides, a sneak attack on a sleeping enemy is a cowardly tactic! This is not a true strategy!
Huh? Halloween is not a military subterfuge campaign? Are you certain?


It looks like that auspicious day has come again! Happy Halloween!
Hah hah hah... (Captain), I was at a complete loss last year when it came to this bizarre tradition.
But as the greatest brawler in the skies, I'm going to make this year's Halloween the best you've ever had!
It's said that since ancient times, brawlers in the eastern lands have been mimicking the movements of animals to fight effectively.
From the snake, to the turtle, to the bird! Hiss, spurtle, cheep! Rah! These animal techniques are unstoppable!
What? Do you mean to say I have it all wrong?
Argh, I'll never get this Halloween thing...


Ghandagoza: (Captain)! Come at me if you dare!
Trick or treaaat!
(Captain), in the past my unfamiliarity with this peculiar tradition has left me at a disadvantage.
But no more! For I have discovered the secret of this mysterious day. Costumes!
For the moment, however, there is but one costume I have...
Bwahahahaha! Is it not perfect!
Behold, the master albacore agrees!
Albacore: Glub, glub...
Ghandagoza: Glub, glub... Glub, glub...
Ah! A close one that was. Though I may become fish in body, forbid that I also become fish in heart.
Yes. I am Ghandagoza of the way of the fist. In whatever form I may take, I must remember that.
Hotter than the summer! Wider than the sea! Peerless master and founder of the Eternal—
Albacore: Glub, glub...
Ghandagoza: Glub. Glub, glub...
Nooo! I am not Albagozaaa!


Trick or treat!
Last Halloween I dressed as Master Albacore, but that seems to have been inappropriate.
Perhaps I should have disguised myself as a jack-o'-lantern instead.
I cannot follow in the footsteps of others. My fists must carve a new path through the world of costumery.
(Captain), there is something I must ask you.
Would you join me in wearing a costume to make the others laugh?
Would that go against the spirit of the season?
The spirit of the season. Get it?
Spirit... Ghosts... Halloween...
Gweh... I had to explain my joke, didn't I?
How greatly I have faaailed!


Hoho! I see you've got yourself yet another amusing costume. I expect no less from you, (Captain).
Hm? Why haven't I got a costume on, you ask?
Nuhahaha! Actually, I meditated on the problem of costumery for three days and three nights.
Then, all at once, the answer came to me! On Halloween, I would intentionally not wear a costume. Intentionally!
It's like that thing kids say nowadays. "Psyyyche!"
So I too will say "psyche" to the traditions of Halloween. By laying bare this booodyyy!
Come, (Captain)! Show me your most ingenuous pranks! I will meet them with my fists!
This is yet another form of training! Happyyy! Halloweeeeeeen!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Hm? What's all this?
Red socks, red hat, red suit... Surely you jest...
I... I...
I'll never switch over to Holirage Style!


The day has arrived when I, Ghandagoza, scion of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style, roar louder than any other!
Bwahahahaha! With burlap sack in hand, I will bring cheer to children everywhere!
I will become the legendary martial artist of the holiday season! I hereby dub myself...


Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eeeve-ho!
Hrm? (Captain)! What hath happened! A troubled faced thou does have!
What? Me? Playing around?
Bwahahahaha! Not so, not so! Does thou think me an infant? I am the wizened master of the fistial arts!
But it is all well. Now come, join me in training!
Charge! Brace! Punch!
Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eeeeve-ho!
Think not this is child's play ever again!


Theeere! Puuunch!
Punch! Punch! Delicious holiday puuunch!
(Captain), there is no need to look at me so skeptically.
I have no intention of hiding my feelings anymore. I... love....
The holidaaays!
See over there? I brought a tremendous cake to celebrate!
(Captain), you must call in the others.
Their presence would surely be the icing on the caaaake!


Gahahaha! Finally... It is upon us... That which we have long awaited... The holiday seasooon!
Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-hoooo!
Last year, when I spoke of my feelings, I confess I felt some bashfulness...
But 'tis no longer so. Why conceal, when you can lay it all baaaare!
Come, (Captain). This is no country for old men! Let us frolick into the night like a pair of sprightly youths!
We shall feast upon gargantuan cakes and turkeys whole! We shall exchange presents with our peers, in the most amiable fashiooon!
Happy, merry...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Eternal Finship

Cailana is sitting on the beach alone when a merry Ghandagoza appears and asks her why she's feeling down. After hearing that she fell off of her surfboard, the martial arts master is determined to teach her how to swim—with an albacore.

A lone girl, her head cast down, sits on a deserted beach.
This girl has been traveling the skies with her one true love, her surfboard, to pursue her one true passion, surfing. Her name is Cailana.
Cailana: Sigh...
Cailana: Man, what should I do... How'd it come to this...
Cailana: Whimper...
???: You there, lass. What are you crying for?
Cailana: I'm not in the mood right now. Just leave me alone...
???: Oh, you're lost out here, huh? That's most certainly a calamity. Come—let's get you back to the beach house and get you something sweet.
Cailana: A-are you trying to hit on me!
???: What? My intentions aren't that crass!
???: It's not the art of love that I'm committed to...
Ghandagoza: It's the art of the fist—haaah!
Cailana: Aaah!
Cailana is a crew member

Cailana: Ghanda? Dude, you scared me! What are you doing here?
Ghandagoza: Cailana! I should ask you the same thing!
Cailana: Sigh... Well, I...
Cailana not in crew

Cailana: I'm so sorry! Please don't eat me, Mr. Sea Monster!
Ghandagoza: What? Who's the sea monster?
Ghandagoza: I'm the fighter without rival, Ghandagoza! Haaah!
Cailana: Really? You're not one of those mean sea critters that sinks ships and stuff?
Ghandagoza: S-sink a ship? Absurd!
Cailana: You've got a point. Sorry... You're just so shady, and that head is so shiny, I straight up thought...
Ghandagoza: You too? Everyone I've met on this island has said that very thing to me!
Ghandagoza: Honestly, I find the whole matter to be quite a nuisance. One mustn't judge the strength of a fist by the gauntlet that covers it...
Cailana: Haha. You're a pretty funny dude.
Ghandagoza: So why were you crying? It'll help you feel better if you let it out—if you're comfortable telling me, of course.
Cailana: Okay, thanks.
Cailana gives the old man a shy smile and begins to explain.
She tells him about a big surfing tournament, one where she was wiped out while attempting to catch a tidal wave produced by Leviathan. She's been afraid to hang ten ever since.
Ghandagoza: A tie-dye way?
Cailana: No, it's pronounced tidal wave.
Ghandagoza: Ugh. The language of young lasses is mystifying.
Cailana: You've heard of surfing before, right? You hop on a board and just, like, catch the wind and let the huge waves take you.
Ghandagoza: Oh, so that's how it works!
Cailana: Yep! Finally get it?
Ghandagoza: I was expecting something a bit more complex. That doesn't sound very difficult.
Cailana: Whoa, Ghanda, really? You know a way to conquer such big waves?
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Where there's a will, there's a way!
Cailana: (Whoa. He's definitely got a fighter's confidence. Spend every day focusing your willpower, and I guess nothing seems impossible.)
Ghandagoza: You just leave it to me. I'll be back soon with a first-class floatie...
Cailana: A floatie?
Cailana: Haha, no! Ghanda, swimming's not the—
Ghandagoza: Don't fret, lass! You'll be back to sailing like an iron frigate in no time flat! Gahaha!
Cailana: What! Wouldn't that sink?
H-hey... Where did he go?
Cailana peers in the direction Ghandagoza disappeared. A small giggle escapes from behind her shy smile.
Cailana: Haha. Even though that dude is basically a walking hurricane, he made me feel a little better.
Cailana: And, yeah, he's scary and loud like a storm. But you don't get nice waves without a little rough wind.
Ghandagoza: Heeey!
Cailana: Oh, he's back!
Cradling something large under one arm, Ghandagoza appears on the other end of the beach.
Ghandagoza: Kept you waiting, huh, Cailana!
Cailana: Haha. Look at how huge that floatie is.
Cailana: It reminds me of the one my friend used to swim with. It was dolphin-shaped and as big as her.
Cailana: I was so jealous. But now I'll get my chance to swim with one just like it—thanks a million, Ghanda!
Cailana rushes toward her friend, but her smile begins to fade as she draws closer.
Cailana: Uh... I don't think that's a floatie...
Cailana: The heck! This is a real-life albacore!
Albacore: Glub, glub!
Ghandagoza: Hey, quit resisting! I told you already, sushi's not on the menu tonight!
Ghandagoza: I just want you to teach this girl a thing or two about swimming!
Cailana: Ghanda, are you serious right now! There's no way this'll work!
Ghandagoza: What do you mean, won't work?
Cailana: A-heh...
Ghandagoza: I remember when I was but a young fighter who hadn't found his fins yet. All the older kids would make fun of me.
Ghandagoza: It was so painful that one time I sat watching on the shore as the others swam.
Ghandagoza: But then some budding young women walked by!
Ghandagoza: They held these large fish as they walked to the water, then jumped into the ocean fish-first and rode toward the sun. They looked so elated as they swam!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! It was immediate enlightenment!
Ghandagoza: If you want to swim like a fish, then you've got to be one with the fish!
Ghandagoza: Behold! The secret in-fish-iation technique of the path of Eternal Finship. Are you ready to swim with the force of a whale? Gaaah!
Albacore: Glub, glub!
Cailana: The force of a what...
Cailana: Hold up, Ghanda! Why exactly are you making me, uh, hug an albacore?
Ghandagoza: Fear not! This is how I myself came to understand the ancient art of swimmery.
Cailana: Right, you yourself! Why do I—
Ever the stern instructor, Ghandagoza shoves the albacore into Cailana's arms and then mercilessly tosses the pair into the waves.
Cailana: Aaah!
After Cailana stops seeing her life flash before her eyes, she realizes the albacore is resting tamely in her grasp.
Cailana: (Huh? Don't these li'l guys usually thrash around a bunch? What's going on?)
In actuality Ghandagoza had previously wrestled the albacore into submission, forcing it to obey the fighter as its natural superior.
Now that another person has their arms wrapped around its body, the albacore dares not resist—lest it risk being knocked another rung down the animal hierarchy.
The pair begins to glide underneath the water, and Cailana slowly begins to feel something change inside of herself.
Cailana: (This is so weird. It's like it's trying to teach me that the sea isn't that scary. And I don't feel that afraid anymore...)
Cailana: (Which reminds me... I've heard of people swimming with dolphins before to heal their traumas and cure their fears, as if it's some kind of therapy.)
Cailana: (Hah, good grief. Ghanda must've known that all along...)
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Good hustle, lass! Look at you swimming!
From that day forth, stories spread about the beach and a certain huggable albacore.
People sought this fish to help their children learn to brave the seas. And, guiding the tadpoles in an eternal finship, it did just that for many years after.

Duel of the Masters

Ghandagoza and Soriz run into each other on a beach. Eager to test the other's capability, the martial arts legends begin an explosive battle. But mid-fight Soriz decides a different type of competition would be suitable for men of their maturity.

Summer winds blow capriciously from time to time. But this time they carry the inviting scent of sand to the noses of two particular men, luring them to the same beach.
Ghandagoza: ...
Soriz: ...
As if to exchange a greeting, both men bellow a hearty laugh and raise their well-chiseled arms into boxing positions.
In one corner stands Soriz, the famed pugilist known throughout the skies. And in the other corner stands Ghandagoza, the founder of the Eternal Rage Style. The men charge at each other, their fists roaring.
Any version of Soriz is a crew member

Soriz: Haha! So you're the legendary fighter, Ghandagoza?
No version of Soriz in crew

Soriz: H'urgh... The force behind this punch. Yep. You're the real deal.
Ghandagoza: Let that teach you to never doubt the fists of the founder of the Eternal Rage Style, Ghandagoza! Gaaah!
Soriz: As a man of the fist—no, as a great and respected pioneer of battle, I've always wanted to take you on.
Ghandagoza: And it is my greatest pleasure to grant that wish. I can see you've been waiting a long time, Rock-Fisted Soriz.
Soriz: Oh, so you've heard of me!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! I've heard many a tale of your physical strength—the man whose punch can break through a boulder.
Ghandagoza: I shall test that strength.
Ghandagoza: Come. Show me what you've got.
Suddenly Soriz drops his posture and scratches the back of his head.
Soriz: You make a mighty fine offer, but before we have this contest of fists, there's a different gauntlet we should throw down, eh, Master?
Soriz pretends to hold a cup of sake and brings the imaginary vessel to his lips.
Ghandagoza: Well met. The path of libation is a noble one indeed.
Ghandagoza: Speaking of brew, I've heard tale of a fascinating martial art that incorporates irregular, almost drunken movements from a large country far to the east.
Soriz: So it's a type of Xing Yi Quan then? I've heard of styles that resemble the movements of a snake or monkey, but this?
Soriz: Tch, acting drunk won't make you strong. Sounds like horse crap to me.
Ghandagoza: And yet it befalls us masters to test the validity of these rumors.
Soriz: Heh-heh. So you're game for a bit of competition then?
Ghandagoza: Does the fearsome mongoose hunt the cowardly snake?
Soriz: Ha-hah! My first bout with the master himself! We're gonna have to break out the good stuff for this!
Soriz: I've heard a story of jugs of ancient brew that have been fermenting for a thousand years in a sea cave not too far from here. How about we split it all between us?
Ghandagoza: Your words spark my excitement! Let's head out—
Soriz: No. There's something else I'd like you to take care of, Master.
Ghandagoza: Something else?
Soriz: Heh-heh. Sake of exceptional quality demands appetizers of equal caliber.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Just wait—I'll be back with superb snacks!

Duel of the Masters: Scene 2

Ghandagoza heads off to find snacks, but the fruits of his labor prove unsatisfactory—he must have the best snacks for the best sake. A local fisherman overhears his complaints, and the two begin communicating in the only way hearty sea folk know how: with their fists.

Ghandagoza has been diving into the sea and catching fish with his bare hands for a while.
He examines his haul with his head cocked to the side, unsure if any of it would live up to the luxury of Soriz's mythical sake.
Ghandagoza: Of course everything from this sea is delicious, but that's only when compared with the mediocrity of everyday sustenance.
Ghandagoza: With an unmatched classic libation as a rival, there's just no way any of this can compete.
Ghandagoza: Hmm... I've met my match. Is there anything that can hold its own against a thousand-year-old sake?
Ghandagoza crosses his arms and reflects on all of the famous food he's had since beginning his journey.
Ghandagoza: Sea dragon filet was a delicacy. Simple but delicious when grilled...
Ghandagoza: Or perhaps it should be sundried and drenched in warm sake... Gulp—an ascension of exquisite flavors...
Ghandagoza: That reminds me... Sundried albacore was hearty and savory.
Ghandagoza: Rigorous chewing and a cup of the good stuff really made the taste linger on the tongue—I could eat it forever.
Ghandagoza sighs and shakes his head.
Ghandagoza: But a flavor worthy of thousand-year-old sake—I cannot deny it might fail in that regard.
Ghandagoza: Trollkrabbe is sweet and nourishing, but it's out of season.
Ghandagoza: Prismaprawn has an exquisite flavor, but finding one is next to impossible.
Ghandagoza: Graviar, foie gran, and truffle are the usual delicacies, but even they wouldn't pair well with such an aged sake.
Ghandagoza: Hmm...
Ghandagoza: I'll give up on the bounty of the sea—but perhaps buying wild game or sweetcap mushrooms would be wiser.
As Ghandagoza continues talking to himself, he begins to take on the air of a tried-and-true epicure. Some rough passersby hear the old martial artist and approach him.
Rough Fisherman: Hey! You come to our island and talk about how you wanna eat that fancy, land-lubbin' crap? You're fishin' for a fist now, pops!
Ghandagoza: Hasn't this year's catch been poor at best? No matter which breed you go after, the fish haven't been biting. Am I wrong?
Rough Fisherman: Shut it, pops! Who knows what the fish are like in your stupid seas, but don't you dare compare them to ours!
Ghandagoza: Hmm, excellent point. Secrets of local flavor are known only to local people.
Ghandagoza: A fisherman may know a rare fish or two that I myself am not aware of.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Come—prove your knowledge of the sea. With your fists! Hraaagh!
Rough Fisherman: Tch! You're about to learn a lesson about the wrath of a fisherman, pops! Raaah!

Duel of the Masters: Scene 3

After bonding over the manly tussle, the fisherman tells Ghandagoza where to find a local treat, purported to be more delicious than all the world's delicacies combined. He travels to that location, where he finds Soriz still searching for the legendary sake.

For men of the sea, there is no brawl that doesn't end in some sort of kinship.
The fisherman, beaten black and blue, lets out a hearty chuckle as he converses with Ghandagoza.
Rough Fisherman: Wahaha! You're just lookin' for snacks to go with sake? Haha—Pops, you shoulda said so sooner!
Ghandagoza: Do you know of something good? Top grade albacore? Or bonito?
Rough Fisherman: Hah—we won't be catching any of that fancy crap. No, what we're after is even better.
Ghandagoza: What! There's something better than the highest grade of seafood?
Rough Fisherman: There's more flavor out in the ocean than that prissy chum.
Rough Fisherman: Like fish that don't sell, so they get thrown back to get fatter, or shellfish that look kinda weird—it's all good stuff.
Ghandagoza: Oh? You've piqued my interest. You're all experts who truly understand the secrets of your craft.
Rough Fisherman: Pfft. Expert-schmexpert. Anybody with a tongue can taste what's good.
Rough Fisherman: Heh, well, I guess we got at least one secret. Pops, ya ever heard of fishermen's delight?
Ghandagoza: Fishermen's delight? Can't say that I have.
Rough Fisherman: It's a legendary food we fishermen've passed on for a long time now. It's basically the best the seas have to offer.
Ghandagoza: What! Such a thing exists?
Rough Fisherman: You give me a good feeling, so I tell ya
what—I'll go ahead and tell ya where to find it!
Ghandagoza stands before the home of the fishermen's delight, the mouth of a large cave sitting on the edge of the sea.
Ghandagoza: He said fishermen's delight refers to the crabs that nest in this cave. Wonder if their flavor lives up to the rumors?
Recounting all of the facts the fishermen taught him about the crabs, the martial artist steps into the cave.
Brewcrabs, their innards renowned for possessing abundant flavor, are regarded as an exceptional delicacy. So much so that the local fishermen strictly guard their secret location.
Ghandagoza presses forward and sees something ahead, but it's not a crab he encounters.
???: Master? You came here too?
Ghandagoza: Soriz? What are you doing here?
Soriz: I believe I asked first. This here's a cellar of sorts housing the jugs of thousand-year-old sake. Didn't I tell you that earlier?
Ghandagoza: So you did, but what are the odds...
Soriz: Heh-heh, stop playing dumb. You just got antsy and decided to come.
Soriz: But I've got bad news. Looks like somebody's already helped themselves to a drink or two. All of the jugs here are dry as a bone.
Soriz: Why are you here anyway?
Ghandagoza: A local fisherman told me about some unique crabs that inhabit this cave.
Soriz: Crabs—perfect! Where are they supposed to be?
Ghandagoza: I'm afraid that's my bit of bad news. Haven't seen any yet.
Soriz: Hah—guess that makes for two crab-starved brawlers! Hahaha.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Seems you're right.
Their heartfelt, carefree laughter reverberates through the cave.
But then a strange scent wafts through the air, accompanied by a looming shadow.
Brewcrab: ...
Ghandagoza: Seems our laughter reeled in a blessing hook, line, and sinker.
Soriz: Cough—this thing stinks! I bet it's the twit who drank all the sake!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Saves us the trouble of tracking the culprit down. Two birds, one stone. Soriz, fists up—time to dance the dance of Eternal Rage!
Brewcrab: ...
Soriz: Rgh, it's stumbling all over the place! How the heck are we supposed to hit its weak spot like this?
Ghandagoza: There is no doubt this is a display of the fabled drunken martial art!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Come, dignified crustacean! Let me see the depth of your technique!

Duel of the Masters: Scene 4

Even though Ghandagoza and Soriz are unable to obtain the thousand-year-old sake, they do come back with brewcrabs. They head back to the beach, and their merrymaking quickly attracts a few other like-minded chaps.

The two fighters carry a large haul of crabs back to the beach.
They line up their snacks and sake on the ground, plop down beside them, and dive into the first jug of sake. Their voices echo across the shoreline as they make a toast.
Lured by their merrymaking, two other men approach Soriz and Ghandagoza like fish to an appetizing worm.
Eugen: Thought I saw two geezers up to somethin' over here, and lo and behold, here you gentlemen are havin' a party in the middle of the afternoon.
Jin: Haha. Well there is a certain nobility in enjoying a fine beverage on the beach.
Soriz: Heh. Looks can be desheeving—hiccup—me and this ledge-in-dairy mashter are researching the fine art of the fist.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! The way of discipline is a path both long and delicious!
Eugen: Haha! Now that's what I call training! We wouldn't mind joining this little display of discipline.
Ghandagoza: Then make yourselves comfortable. Your seat's here, Eugen. And Jin, you're there. Now present your cup...
Jin: You have my thanks, gentlemen.
Th-this sake is quite exquisite—and the accompanying food... Just marvelous!
Soriz: Of course it is, Jin. Master Ghandagoza selected it all.
Jin: Hmm... This particular sashimi is made from a fish that inhabits only deep waters. It has a bit of a grotesque appearance, so you don't see it in the markets. But once you add a little sauce, it's superb.
Eugen: Yeah, that's what they say. Let the fish's innards soak in a bit of sake—that fermented flavor is the mark of a delicacy. You don't taste flavor like this every day.
Ghandagoza: Exactly. I can see you are all fine gentlemen of cuisine. But while we're on the topic of sake...
Ghandagoza: I present to you: the brewcrab.
Ghandagoza: This critter drank all of the thousand-year-old sake, but that means it's basically been marinating in the stuff, inside and out.
Ghandagoza: Don't be shy! Everybody, dig in!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha!
The circle of men continue their merrymaking on their little corner of the beach.
Surrounded by comrades, they all forget about daily stresses and enjoy their fleeting time together.
A life of training and diligence is an arduous path; however, it can also be a route to recognizing and appreciating truly happy moments.
And that is precisely the message the legendary fighter Ghandagoza communicates to his friends as he raises his cup of sake, lets out a boisterous howl of a laugh, and cheers to the health of his crewmates.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
海でも大拳豪…山でも大拳豪… Whether in the sea deep or the mountains tall, a fighter fights.
そんな顔をするなワシがついておる Fear not. I'm by you.
大物はおらんのか!歯応えのない奴だ… Something big's coming! Ah, but it's not much of a match for us...
ガハハハ…心配ないワシも迷うておる! Gahaha! Don't worry—I'm lost too!
斯様なところに栗が…んなぬぅ、ンニじゃと? Gold awaits those that—hey! Is that a sea urkin?
海は不思議だのう何故辛いのだろうか… The sea is a mysterious thing. Why must it be so harsh...
夏と冬、どちらにする?ガハハハ…修行の話だ Summer or winter, which would you choose? Gahaha! I speak of training!
海も山もよいものだ…何を言う、修行の話だ The sea or the mountains... Where to train next...
おお、(主人公)よぬるぬるに気をつけよ (Captain), take care. It's slippery here.
(主人公)よ海のような人間になれい (Captain), you must be one with the sea.