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Official Profile

Age 41
Height 193 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Tending vegetable gardens
Likes Herbal tea, sandwiches
Dislikes Haggling
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 41歳
Height 193cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 家庭菜園
Likes ハーブティー,サンドイッチ
Dislikes 駆け引き
Source [1] [2]





  • His name could be based on the German word "Hasen", meaning "rabbits" in English.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I want to celebrate the day you came into this world, for without it, I would never have had the chance to meet you.
May the winds be ever in your favor, and the Astrals look kindly upon you.


Today is a glorious day worthy of equally glorious celebration.
Heheh... You've grown strong. Powerful. Brave.
The time will come when that sturdy foundation is tested.
So if you may allow me, I would be happy to provide support in just such an occasion, (Captain).


I'm just so happy to see this day come around once more.
With the way you overdo things, (Captain), it is truly a blessing that it's come once more.
If you've ever lost your way, please come to me for guidance.
Oh, do excuse me. I didn't mean to give you a sermon as a birthday present...
So instead, let me wish you well. Happy birthday, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
What a lively party this is. It goes to show your strength of character.
I helped with preparations too. We all happily discussed how best to please you with the arrangements.
(Captain). If you ever need someone to talk to, know that I'm here.
I'm a good listener, and of course, I care.


Happy birthday, (Captain). It's wonderful to see how happy this day makes everyone on the ship.
Just soaking up the atmosphere makes me happy every year.
I'm sure you have a lot of stops to make.
Enjoy it all, (Captain). This is your special day.
You want me to accompany you? Haha... Thank you.
I would be honored. I wouldn't trade the sight of all your smiling faces for anything in the world.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Allow me to provide the guidance necessary to make this year a good one.


A new year has arrived. Was this past year one of regret for you?
If so, repent, and devote yourself to making this year one you can remember free of remorse.
If you have no regrets from this past year, that is what matters most. May you enjoy this year as much as the last.
Let's make this another good one, (Captain).


Happy New Year!
But just because this is a festive occasion doesn't mean we should let our minds wander. Let's temper our spirits on this day as well.
Observing the first sunrise of the new year with you, (Captain)... It's a gift.
Oh, but let us not forget that the sun rises every day. We should be thankful for the blessing that is daily life.
And one by one those blessings shall come and go... until we have another wonderful year on our hands.


(Captain), happy New Year's.
The porridge is ready. Would you like to eat together?
I used vegetables from my own garden. I hope this suits your tastes.
Careful now... Eat too fast, and the mochi may get stuck in your throat. We wouldn't want that.
Anyway, I made plenty if you'd like seconds. Relax and enjoy.
The start of another busy year has come upon us... Taking it easy for a day surely can't be all that bad.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
It's been our custom to exchange these well-wishes every year, hasn't it?
But we shouldn't take such things for granted.
Let's do our best to make sure we're here to exchange greetings next year too.
But I'll be by your side making sure you don't work too hard, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, this is for me? How wonderful!
No guarantees about the taste, you say? Haha! Don't be silly. I was guaranteed happiness the moment you handed it to me.
I'll make sure to savor it. Thank you, (Captain).


Heheh... You got me something this year too, (Captain)?
No matter how old I get, presents always cause my heart to flutter.
It puts me so at ease. Such kindness... Thank you, (Captain).


They say that Valentine's Day is a battlefield.
But battlefields are nowhere near as sweet as chocolate!
Ahem... You'll have to excuse me. Seems I got a bit worked up.
Thank you yet again for the chocolate, (Captain).
The chocolate you gave me last year was even better than the year before.
So I'm looking forward to seeing how much you've improved this year.
But of course the fact that you have given this chocolate is far more important than any flavor.
I'm going to go back to my room to savor them. Thank you, truly.


You have some for me as well? Why, thank you, (Captain).
I appreciate these every year.
Rest assured that I never take if for granted. Your kindness humbles me, (Captain).
Hm? You believe I'm overreacting to such a small gesture?
Hehe... Perhaps you're right. Very well, I'll say no more.
I'll keep my gratitude in check until the time comes to repay you, which will be soon enough.


Oh, thank you, (Captain)! It's so kind of you to think of me every year.
Recently I've started looking forward to Valentine's Day.
I should be ashamed, getting excited like a schoolboy at my age...
But that's how much I enjoy the chocolate you make for me, (Captain).
I'll marshal all my skill to make a White Day gift you can look forward to the same way.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Never thought I'd be making something special for someone else at my age! There you go. It's yours.
Hahaha! I know it's good, but don't eat it all in one go, now!


Thanks for everything, (Captain).
Heheh, looks like you've been getting sweets from the entire crew. Precisely what an upstanding person like yourself deserves.
No need to overexert yourself. If anything comes up, I'm there to discuss it.
I'll always be there to support you. If you ever need help with something, just ask.


We'll just add a little love... And there! Delicious!
Haha. 'Tis the custom in these parts to give a gift in return.
Whether you receive a gift or give one, it brings smiles to both parties.
So... Here. This is for you, (Captain).
They should be delicious. I put a lot of love into making them.


(Captain), this is thanks for Valentine's. Do you accept?
It's a special blend of herb tea... and candy that goes exquisitely well with it.
Surely there are times in your arduous travels when you feel the need to take a breather.
I'm sure the tea and candy will come in handy on such occasions.
But if you ever have something more pressing you'd like to discuss personally, I'm always available.
I promise to use all my life's knowledge and experiences to alleviate any concerns you ever have.


Hey, (Captain). I brought you a gift to thank you for your Valentine.
This year I have another packet of my special herbal tea blend for you...
And I baked some cakes that go well with tea.
This was my first attempt at baking sweets. I only managed with the guidance of the Raduga staff.
So no need to hold back. I'd like to hear your frank opinion.
I've sampled one myself, of course. They aren't inedible, at least.
But I want to offer you something more than just "edible," so I'll be working to improve the recipe for next year.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
5th year:
Sweetheart Fudge Cake square.jpg Sweetheart Fudge Cake

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Even though it's Halloween, let's show some restraint.
A trick taken too far is no fun for anyone after all.


Today is a day when every mischief can be forgiven, so long as it doesn't impede on the happiness of others.
To make others laugh. To make others happy. That is the mischief you should set your mind to committing this day.
Let us celebrate this rarified occasion. Which is to say...
Let me subject you to some mischief of my own... Wait. You're not scared, are you? Heheh...


Oh, (Captain). I was thinking of something.
What do you say to donning a costume and walking around gathering treats? And without making mischief.
What a peaceful candy celebration. Sounds wonderful to me.
Haha. I do understand this day isn't meant to be peaceful.
Fine, but let's not forget that our tricks are meant to bring joy to everyone.
I bet you're excited to see the tricks I pull this year too. Hehehe...


(Captain), you appear lost... Is something the matter?
You thought I'd get angry over a trick and considered playing it down?
Hehe... I'm not the type to flare my nostrils over a mere prank, especially not on a day like this.
And besides, this is you we're talking about. Whatever silly trick you've cooked up is sure to lead to a good time.
Go on then, (Captain). Trick me funny if you please.


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
Last year you seemed so conflicted over whether or not it was appropriate for you to play a trick on me.
I wanted to leave you with no doubt this year, so I thought I'd show you I have the Halloween spirit, myself.
What? You don't have any candy on you?
Does that mean... that I should play a trick on you?
No... Best not. You look like you're still recovering from the shock of my greeting.
Now it's your turn, (Captain). No need to stand on ceremony. Unleash the pranks.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Today is the day good little boys and girls get presents.
(Captain), have you been good this year? If so, you get a present.
And if not, you get a nice big fist to the... Hahaha! No problem this year, right? Well then. Here's your present.


Another year of good behavior, (Captain)?
Heheh. I've been observing your actions. You've been the very model of decency.
I made sure to get you a present befitting such a bastion of virtue. Here. It's yours.


What am I doing in these red clothes with this white bag?
Haha. Why, I'm fulfilling the wishes of the local tikes.
Actually I was with those children just moments ago. And to be honest, I'm a little tired.
But don't worry, (Captain). I haven't forgotten your present.
You've been a bastion of virtue this year as well, so go ahead. Take it.


(Captain), happy holidays!
Hahah, the children clung to me this year as well.
I was just traipsing around town in my red outfit and hat.
No worries of course. I made sure to prepare you a present as well. Here, it's yours.
Hm? You, too, have a gift?
Hehe... I guess we can definitely cross you off the naughty list.
Thank you. I appreciate it.


Happy holidays! Ho ho ho!
Of course I have a gift for you, (Captain). You've been so good this year!
Here you are. Did my sudden jollity startle you?
I'm rehearsing so that I can be an even better Santa Claus this year, when I hand out gifts to the children.
Oh, wait a moment now! I can't accept your gift yet, (Captain).
First I have to complete all my Santa Claus duties.
Would you save it for me as a reward once I've finished?
In that case, I'm off to spread good cheer! Have a wonderful holiday, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Gentle Soul

While resting in a town, (Captain) and company run into Hazen, a priest loved by the residents. After he hears the reason for (Captain)'s journey, he joins the crew to support them in their endeavors.

Hazen is a crew member

During his travels with (Captain), Hazen realizes how few good instructors there are in the world.
He wants to help lost souls and therefore decides to travel alone for a while to enlighten others.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Let’s take a break here!
Hazen not in crew

On their long journey, (Captain) and company stop by an island to rest.
They visit the island's largest city to do some sightseeing.
Hazen is a crew member

(Captain) and company visit a town to rest.
Vyrn: Huh? Look at that crowd.
Hazen not in crew

Vyrn is looking at the plaza, where tons of people have gathered.
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn is looking at the plaza, where a crowd of people have gathered.
At their center is a large man with a jovial smile.
Hazen is a crew member

Lyria: Huh? That guy over there...
Townswoman: Thank you. We once again owe it all to you, Hazen!
Hazen: No, it wasn't me. All I did was encourage you.
Hazen: You did it all on your own. There's no need to thank me.
Child 1: Hey! Guess what, Mr. Hazen! My teacher said something nice about me today!
Hazen: Ha-ha! Oh, I see! You're very smart, aren't you?
Child 2: Hey! Let's play, Hazen!
Child 1: No fair! I wanna play too!
Hazen: Ha-ha. All right. Why don't we all play together?
Hazen not in crew

Vyrn: Oh? Preacher Man is super popular!
Lyria: Yes! It's incredible how much the townspeople trust him!
Hazen: Huh? I don't think I've seen you lot before. Are you perhaps tourists?
Hazen: I'm Hazen, a priest. I'm on a journey to spread the teachings of the wind god.
Hazen: Nice to meet you.
Hazen introduces himself amiably, and the crew does the same.
Vyrn: Hey, this Hazen guy is crazy popular, huh?
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that Hazen? He's so popular!
Hazen: Huh? That voice... Oh! Lyria! (Captain)! And Vyrn as well!
With a jovial smile, Hazen waves his hand.
(Captain) walks up to him in response.
Hazen: It's been a long time, hasn't it? I'm glad to see you again.
Lyria: Yes! Me too! I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Vyrn: Yeah! You're crazy popular, aren't you Hazen?
Townswoman: Of course! He's saved so many of us!
Hazen: Hey now, stop that. All I did was to give you guys the encouragement you needed to walk the paths you're meant to.
Townswoman: But Hazen... Your very presence here has breathed new life into our town.
Townswoman: You're every bit as wonderful as the rumors say!
Hazen: Hey now... Ha-ha. Aw, shucks.
Vyrn: Wow. You're practically a celebrity, Hazen.
Hazen not in crew

Hazen: Well, I spend my days traveling the world, touching the lives of so many people. People started to recognize me before I knew it.
Hazen is a crew member

Hazen: Well, I've been continuing to travel since I left you, touching the lives of so many people. People started to recognize me before I knew it.
Vyrn: That makes sense.
Hazen not in crew

Vyrn: But I didn't know priests go on journeys. I figured you all lock yourselves up in temples or whatever!
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn: But I didn't know priests go on journeys. I assumed you all lock yourselves up in temples or whatever!
Hazen: Hmm... Who can say? Maybe we do.
Vyrn: Huh? But you're a priest! Can't you be more clear?
Hazen not in crew

Hazen: Ha-ha! Aw, don't be mad. I certainly spread the teachings of a god, but I originally served in the militar—
Hazen is a crew member

Hazen: Ha-ha! Aw, don't be mad. I certainly spread the teachings of a god, but I originally served in the mil—
Child 1: Hey, Hazen! You done talking yet?
Child 2: Heh-heh. Let's play already!
Hazen: Hold on. I promise I'll play with you later. Can you wait until then?
Child 2: Hmm... Okay! I'll wait!
Hazen: Great. You're a good kid.
Child 1: Ha-ha! Well, I'll be at the park, Pops!
Lyria: Wha?
Child 1: Oh no! Um... I messed up again. Sorry, Hazen.
Vyrn: Come on! For a second there I thought that was your kid, Hazen.
Hazen: Ha-ha! Even I forget that I'm not really their father sometimes!
Vyrn: What? Seriously?
Hazen not in crew

Vyrn: Good grief... He really doesn't seem like he's all there.
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn: Good grief... You're as nutty as always, Hazen.
Lyria: Hee-hee! That's right!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Oh, I was just thinking that Hazen really does seem fatherly.
Hazen: Lyria...
Hazen smiles jovially and pats Lyria on the head.
Hazen: If you ever need a helping hand, come see me any time.
Hazen: I'll always be there for you.
Lyria: ...!
Thanks, Pops!
Lyria: Whoa! It just slipped out. Heh-heh.
Hazen: Ha-ha! I don't mind.
Hazen not in crew

Hazen: Still, you're very brave, (Captain).
Hazen: Leading a crew at your age... I imagine that's not something you do on a whim. What led to a decision like that?
Hazen looks concerned, so (Captain) gives him a simple rundown of the journey so far.
Hazen: Oho... Children like yourselves, braving such a dangerous journey alone...
Hazen is a crew member

Hazen: Still, (Captain). You have grown strong while we were apart. You look gallant.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! We've escaped from the jaws of death so many times!
Hazen: Hey now. That's nothing to be proud of.
Vyrn: What? Why not? What's the harm in it?
Hazen: Children shouldn't be flirting with death. Doing so might be brave, but it's awfully close to reckless. So you must never let your guard down.
Hazen: There's nothing wrong with having pride, but parading it around like that is a sign of arrogance.
Vyrn: Tch! I guess you might have a point.
Hazen: And yet I can see how hard you've all worked to get to this point.
With a jovial smile, Hazen gently pats both (Captain) and Vyrn on the head.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! You know, you really are like a dad, Hazen!
Hazen not in crew

Hazen: Speaking of dads, you started your journey after receiving a letter from yours, right?
Hazen is a crew member

Hazen: Speaking of dads, there's something I've been meaning to ask you for a long time, (Captain).
Hazen: You started your journey after receiving a letter from your dad, right?
(Captain) nods and describes the letter in detail.
Hazen: Hmm... I see. It sounds like he's putting you through trials to make you stronger.
Hazen: He certainly seems to have much confidence in you.
Hazen: But that doesn't mean I can condone what he has done. Putting your child in danger is wrong.
Hazen: Hmm...
Hazen: But you're dead set on trying to get to Estalucia even though it might not even exist, aren't you?
(Captain) nods resolutely.
Hazen: Hmm... If that's how it is, then I'll help you out.
Hazen not in crew

Lyria: Really?
Vyrn: But what about your own journey, Hazen?
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn: Really? But what about your journey to enlighten others?
Hazen: I've traveled through enough lands for now. It's time for a little break.
Hazen: And it would be good to help lost souls while traveling through the skies with you all.
Hazen: I'd also like to have a word with your dad.
Hazen: At any rate, I think we'll be able to do a lot of good together.
  1. All right!
  2. Um...

Choose: All right!
Hazen: That's the spirit! I've got your back!
Vyrn: Heehee, that's good to hear!

Choose: Um...
Hazen not in crew

Vyrn: Hey! What do you mean by that?
Vyrn: What? You think Hazen would be scary when he's angry?
Vyrn: Um... Is that the only reason you don't want him on the crew?
(Captain) nods with a serious expression.
Vyrn: Ha-ha! How childish!
Lyria: Hey! There's no way that someone as nice as him could be scary.
Hazen: Ha-ha! On the contrary, I'm plenty scary when I'm mad! I never pull my punches!
Hazen: But if you're good kids, I won't get mad, and no one will get whacked.
Hazen is a crew member

Vyrn: You're just scared of his fists, right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: And I can see why. Hazen's super-duper scary he starts throwing punches, and they hurt like heck.
Hazen: Ha-ha! Sorry about that! It's a bad habit I sort of picked up in my younger days.
Hazen: But if you're good kids, no one will get whacked.
Lyria: Yeah! Me, Vyrn, and (Captain) are always good, so everything will be fine!
Hazen: Ha-ha! That's right! You've got nothing to worry about!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Then let's hurry back to the airship!
Hazen: Can you wait just a little while longer?
Hazen: I promised to play with the children after all. Let's head out after I'm done.
Hazen: Why don't you all play with them too?
Lyria: That sounds fun! As long as you think it's okay.
The crew accompanies Hazen to play with the children until evening.
Hazen then heads for the sky with the crew even though the townsfolk hate to see him go.

A Foul Soul

While heading to a village to handle a job, Vyrn asks Hazen about his god. Hazen reveals that he knows little about his god and was actually inspired to leave the army and become a priest by a song written to praise the god.

Hazen and (Captain)'s crew receives a request from a village one day.
The client apparently wants to discuss some troubles with Hazen, a renowned priest.
The crew accepts and starts heading to the client's village.
Vyrn: Hey, Hazen! I was wonderin' about something.
Vyrn: What sorta god do you believe in?
Hazen: Hmm... I don't know. I wonder that myself.
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddya mean you don't know?
Hazen: Well, all I know is that the god presides over wind. I also know a song that praises the god.
Vyrn: Sigh... And you call yourself a priest.
Lyria: Um... Why'd you become a priest, Hazen?
Hazen: You see, when I was in the military, I heard a song that praised the god of wind and was deeply impressed.
Hazen: It really made me consider how important guidance is.
Hazen: And after thinking about it for a while, I left the army and became a priest. I wanted to guide as many lost souls as I could to the right path.
Vyrn: Interesting.
Lyria: Um... I hear you talking about the military sometimes, but were you really a soldier before?
Hazen: I was. But I didn't just fight in the front lines of the battlefield. I also...
Hazen: Hmm... I actually think I'd just scare you guys if I told you this story. I'll refrain.
Vyrn: Hmm... Hazen, an old soldier. I can almost see it.
Hazen: Ha-ha... It's fine. It's all in the past now. We're almost to the village.

A Foul Soul: Scene 2

The client wants the crew to deal with some agents who won't stop freeloading off the village. When Hazen finds out the freeloaders are actually some of his subordinates from his military days, he decides to discipline them for losing their way.

(Captain) and company reach the client's village.
The client shows up after a while with a gloomy look on his face.
Client: Welcome... Thank you for traveling all the way out here and accepting my request.
Hazen: You seem very troubled. Please tell us what's wrong, and we'll assist if we can.
Client: You see, a group of agents arrived in our village one day and asked us to share our food supplies.
Client: So we offered them some, but their demands didn't stop after that. I told them we couldn't afford to give them any more...
Villager: And they threatened us. They said they'd attack the village if we don't hand over our food.
Hazen: Hmm... That is quite terrible. To repay kindness with treachery...
Hazen: Your actions in contrast were very compassionate. To think you offered food to agents you've never met.
Hazen: You have very kind souls, and I admire your benevolence. We'll resolve this problem at once.
Lyria: Yeah! You can leave it to us!
Villager: Oh! It'd really mean the world to us.
Villager: Aahh! They're here! It's them!
Hazen: Speak of the devil, huh? Time to give these miscreants a lecture on—
Hazen: ...!
The moment Hazen sees the agents, he gasps and freezes in place.
Vyrn: Hey... Is something wrong, Hazen?
Hazen: What in the world are they doing?
Hazen: What the hell are you doing? You scum!
Agent 1: Huh? What are you squawking about, geezer? Outta my way.
Hazen: Have you really forgotten me?
Agent 2: Huh? That voice... I know it from somewhere.
Hazen: I'll ask just one more time.
Hazen: Have you empty-headed stains forgotten me?
Agent 3: Wha? Instructor Hazen, sir? You look so different...
Hazen: So you finally remembered? You shameless scum!
Agent 2: Eek! Hold on, sir! There's a reason for this and—
Hazen: I couldn't care less! Ready your weapon, (Captain)!
Hazen: These imbeciles have earned themselves some punishment!

A Foul Soul: Scene 3

Hazen does his best to help the wounded agents get back on the right path. With the job complete, he confesses to (Captain) that he worries about one day losing his way as well and asks the captain to help him if that day ever comes.

Hazen continues to glare at the wounded agents, his face contorted in rage.
Hazen: What pathetic excuse for thinking drove you guys to do this?
Agent 1: Eek! I'm sorr—
Hazen: You're sorry all right! Is that any way to address your superior?
The moment Hazen says the words, the atmosphere becomes palpably more tense.
The agents immediately straighten up and stand in a line.
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! We are very sorry, sir!
Hazen: What did I try—and apparently fail—to teach you? Answer me!
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! You taught us to uphold justice, sir!
Hazen: That's right. And what is justice?
Agents: Sir! Yes, sir! Justice is what you can hold fast to without questioning yourself, sir!
Hazen: And what do your vile actions have to do with justice! Smile and say cheese, curs!
Hazen punctuates his yell by delivering a skull-shaking haymaker to each agent.
Lyria: Whoa... They're wearing iron helmets...
Vyrn: Yikes... They're dented iron helmets now.
Hazen: Does it hurt?
Agent 2: Ugh... No, sir. Not at all, sir.
Hazen: It's fine. Be honest.
Agent 2: Then, um... It hurts like crazy.
Hazen: That's right. It hurts, doesn't it? It hurts me as well. My fist... and my heart.
Agent 3: Wha? Instructor Hazen, sir? Are you crying?
Hazen: I love all of you, but you've strayed from the path of justice and committed such atrocities. My heart aches to think of it.
Hazen: But I left the army before guiding you to the right path. This is my fault.
Agent 1: Ugh... Instructor Hazen... You really care about us that much?
Agent 3: We were abandoned by our country and deprived of any way to buy our own food.
Agent 1: Yeah, we didn't know what we were doing anymore, and we ended up resorting to this... Sob.
Hazen: I'm sure that was tough, but what you've done cannot be forgiven.
Hazen: Never forget those tears. Learn from your actions.
Hazen: People shed tears. When we are sad, when it hurts... I cry, you cry, and so do the people of this village.
Hazen: Ask yourselves once more. What is your justice? Which path must you tread? I know each and every one of you, and I'm sure that you know what you should do now.
Hazen smiles softly and holds the agents close to him.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Um... I guess Hazen really was a military guy.
Lyria: But no matter what he is, soldier or priest, he's still a very kind person.
Vyrn: Yeah, you're right. But let's make sure to never make him angry.
Lyria: Ha-ha... Y-yeah.
The agents have a change of heart after this incident. They not only stop harassing the village but decide to help take care of the villagers' livestock and farms.
The villagers welcome them with open arms, partially due to Hazen's wishes.
On the way back to the airship, Hazen pulls (Captain) aside.
Hazen: There are times when people step off the right path, but I'll be by your side to make sure you can keep moving forward.
Hazen: Though I'm ashamed to admit it, I sometimes stray from the path as well. You saw what the soldiers I trained did.
Hazen: If you ever see me starting to stray, you must guide me back to the right path.
  1. Sir! Yes, sir!
  2. I'm not sure that I can...

Choose: Sir! Yes, sir!
Hazen: Ha-ha! I guess I deserved that.
Hazen: But I'm glad you understand.
Hazen: Heh-heh. I'm counting on you, (Captain).

Choose: I'm not sure that I can...
Hazen: Nonsense. If anyone can do it, it's you.
Hazen: And there's no need to think of it as a burden. I just want us to rely on each other.
Hazen: I'll do anything I can to help you walk the right path.
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Hazen gently smiles and pats (Captain)'s head.
(Captain) sees the depth of Hazen's trust in his kind expression.

The Truth Behind the Truth

While (Captain) and company relax near some hot springs, they hear Soriz has been arrested for peeping. It turns out that the other large man in their party, Hazen, had unknowingly startled some bathers while trying to save some baby birds, framing Soriz for a crime he did not commit.

(Captain) and company take some time off in a hot-spring town famous for its open-air baths.
But one afternoon it seems that trouble has bubbled up from the murky waters.
Vyrn: What! Soriz has been arrested?
Lyria: Oh dear... And they said he made quite a scene as they took him away.
Vyrn: Unbelievable. He wasn't caught peeping or something, was he?
Hazen: Hmm... In any case we would do well to speak with the local officials about it.
So (Captain) and the crew go off to the security post where Soriz is being held.
Soriz: Hold on, now! How many times have I gotta tell ya? You've got it all wrong!
The moment the crew arrives they can already hear Soriz's shouts filling the air.
Officer 1: How much longer are you gonna go runnin' your mouth? You think we're just gonna believe you or somethin'?
Officer 2: Hmm. If we're not going to take him for his word, then we should just leave him here to rot.
Soriz: You scumbags. What's it gonna take for you to get it? Oh good, the reinforcements have arrived!
Soriz: I'm in serious hot water here. These guys think I've been gawking at people while they're bathin'!
Vyrn: That's rough. But... you didn't do it, right?
Soriz: Lizard... If I said I did something, then I did it. But if I said I didn't do it, then I didn't do it!
Soriz: Heh! I'm an honest man. And you darn well know it!
Vyrn: Yeah... I guess you're right! You're not one to go makin' up stories!
Soriz: Heheh! It's like I've been tellin' ya, officers!
Officer 1: Look here, lizard. We can't exactly take your word for it. You weren't even there.
Vyrn: What'd you call me? I ain't no lizard!
Lyria: Oh no... Now what do we do?
With the conversation at a standstill, Hazen decides to step forward and try his hand at speaking with the officers.
Hazen: I believe Soriz's account to be true. He's a man of good nature and would never attempt to deceive anyone.
Hazen: In other words if he's saying he didn't do it, then that is surely the truth.
Hazen: I can vouch for the innocence of this man.
Soriz: Thanks, Hazen. I'm lucky to have such good friends!
Officer 2: But I'm afraid not even the word of a priest is enough to set this man free.
Soriz: Why, you! You just don't get it, do ya? And now you're not even gonna believe a priest?
Vyrn: Hey, Soriz, Hazen's puttin' himself on the line here. So just try to stay calm...
Hazen: Hmm. Where does that leave us now? I suppose that means we'll have to capture the real culprit ourselves.
Officer 1: What? What are you talkin' about? The culprit is right here!
Hazen: No. From what we've just heard, it seems you didn't even catch Soriz in the act.
Officer 2: Yes, that much is true. We received word of questionable activity in the area. When we arrived at the scene, this man was standing around suspiciously.
Officer 2: And that is why we brought him here.
Soriz: Tch! You arrested me just cuz you heard some big guy was standing around looking fishy? And you call yourselves officers...
Officer 1: You got some nerve, pal! Then why were you standing around like that?
Soriz: What? That's every man's dream, ain't it?
Vyrn: Quit it, you two! You're givin' me a headache!
Hazen: Very well, then. I hereby vow in the name of the gods that we will find the real culprit.
Officer 2: I see. In that case I suppose we could give you a chance.
Officer 1: B-but boss! That's a little too generous, don'tcha think?
Officer 2: Though I do think this man is guilty, if a priest is willing to go so far as to vow by the gods, I'd say we can at least give them a shot.
Hazen: We are in your debt.
Soriz: Now it's time to find the real bad guy! I'll go show them how to get to the bath, so you two sit and wait right here!
With that the crew heads out to the rocky-mountain hot spring to find the true culprit.
As they walk through the mountain pass, Soriz enthusiastically slaps Hazen on the back.
Soriz: Hah hah hah! You really saved my skin back there, Hazen! I owe ya one!
Hazen: Soriz... You're always doing such strange things, it's easy for people to misinterpret them.
Hazen: I will help you to change your old ways.
Lyria: Wow... You're really putting your heart into this!
Vyrn: I'm sure you can do it, Hazen!
Soriz: Heh heh. If you think you can change my passion for women, go ahead and try!
Vyrn: Hey! Don't act so proud of that!
Soriz: Hah hah hah! If I see somethin' good, I've just gotta check it out! I'm just livin' the dream!
Vyrn: I guess some things might never change... Haha...
But just then Hazen stops dead in his tracks, putting everyone on alert.
Lyria: Huh? Hazen, what's wrong?
Vyrn: Are there monsters?
Hazen: Hmm... Soriz, is the open-air bath you were talking about near here?
Soriz: Yeah. There are some stairs that head into the cliffside. The bath is just down below there, hehe.
Vyrn: You seem awfully relaxed about this whole thing...
Soriz: Gehehe. Just lean over the edge a little and you can get a nice look...
Soriz: Haha! Whaddya think? Isn't that the greatest?
Seeing the bliss in Soriz's face, Hazen turns ghastly pale.
Hazen: Oh...
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why're you goin' all quiet on us?
Hazen: Vyrn, just... trust me for a second.
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddya mean?
Hazen: Soriz, when exactly did those men catch you?
Soriz: Uh... Right before the sun went down! If you're gonna look, that's the best time after all!
Hazen: Ack.... Err... (What have I done?)
Lyria: What's the matter? If you're not feeling well, we can go back to the ship!
Hazen clutches his head tightly, unable to hear Lyria's kind words.
Hazen: (Aaahhh! Why me?)
That same sunny afternoon, Hazen had gone for a walk through the mountainside. However in the middle of his stroll he heard something unexpected.
It was the sound of crying baby birds.
Hazen: Hmm? What's going on?
Hazen lifted up his head to get a better listen. He realized the sound was coming from a spot by the cliffside.
Following the sound of the birds, Hazen soon spotted their nest.
Hazen: Hah hah hah. What manner of bird would nest in a place like this?
It was then that Hazen noticed the cracked rock face where the nest was resting. The massive fracture in the rock could send the nest tumbling down the cliffside at any time.
Hazen: Not to fear, my little friends. I'll move you to a safer location.
With a gentle voice and a steady grasp, Hazen reached out and carefully moved the nest.
Little did he realize that in doing so he had startled the women bathing in the hot spring below. He was so focused on his task that he hadn't heard a thing.
Soriz: Hah hah hah! I get it now... So when they said they spotted a large man, they were really talkin' about you, Hazen!
Hazen: What! I wasn't peeping! I was merely helping those poor little birds!
Soriz: Hah. There's nothin' to worry about! You should've just told us the truth from the beginning! You're a sly one, Hazen.
Hazen: Hold on now! I'm not that kind of person!
Soriz: Priest or not, a man's still a man! And every man just wants to enjoy his life!
Soriz: Hah hah hah! You're a stray little sheep, aren'tcha! To think it was you this whole time!
Hazen: Lyria, Vyrn. This is all just a big mix-up! You understand, don't you?
Lyria: Uh... Yeah!
Hazen: Oh no. You didn't sound too sure of that...
Vyrn: She's just tellin' ya to relax. We know what really happened. And while we're at it, we'd better go apologize.
Soriz: You're right. We found the real troublemaker. And that means I'm getting off scot-free!
Hazen: Hey! I said I didn't do anything! It's just a big misunderstanding!
Hazen's flustered outcry echoes across the mountainside. Soriz gives him a big smile and a pat on the back as they return to town together.
After arriving back at the security post, Soriz explains everything. Hanging his head in shame, Hazen apologizes for all the confusion and trouble he had inadvertently caused.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
人を襲う悪い子にはお仕置きだ! Those who harm others must be punished!
風の神を讃える詩は…とても勉強になったよ Songs praising the god of wind are truly enlightening.
そうそう家庭菜園を始めたんだ By the way, I started a home garden lately.
この前も知らない子にお父さんと呼ばれたよ A kid I didn't know called me Daddy the other day.
人を導くには優しさも重要なんだ Kindness is essential in leading others.
こらこら油断しちゃいけないぞ Hey, always keep a lookout on your surroundings.
色んな街を見て、色んな人に出会ったよ I've been to so many places and met so many people.
サンドウィッチを一緒に食べないか? Want to share a sandwich with me?
(主人公)無茶はいかんぞ Don't overdo it, (Captain).
(主人公)、私はいつでも君の味方だ I'll always be on your side, (Captain).

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I am Hazen, a priest of the wind. I travel the world to save the distressed. Maybe it's just because I was in the military, but I prefer boots on the ground over stuffy talks in a temple.


(Doesn't have Ward.)

You damn sinner! If words won't get through to you, then I'll make you see the light with fistfuls of love!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Hazen, Priest of the Wind
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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