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Official Profile

Age 36
Height 170 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Ramen
Likes Ramen
Dislikes Bad ramen

Character Release


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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 36歳
Height 170cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ラーメン
Likes ラーメン
Dislikes マズいラーメン

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • The Luminary Knight mentioned in Ippatsu's fate episodes, who took the legendary ramen master from Phantagrande to another skydom, is the Violet Knight.[5][6]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Tonight everyone's getting ready for the surprise party and... Cough! Cough!
Never mind. How 'bout you and I head out and get ourselves a bowl of ramen!


A very Happy Birthday to you, Captain!
You know, if you have 60 years left to live and eat three times a day, that makes...
Only 65,700 more chances to eat ramen!
So, always remember to treasure each day and every bowl.
You only live once, after all!
Too preachy? Haha! Well, what are birthdays for!
You didn't think I'd give you an earful and forget about your present did you? Here you go!


Ramen's best when it's hot out of the pot, you know!
Half-cooked noodles are no good, and over-cooked noodles won't do either.
Boiling noodles, like most things in life, counts on timing to get it right.
So don't try to rush things. Or take too much time either...
Ha-ha, (Captain)! You always seem to be rushin' around over this and that.
That's why I saved this tidbit of advice for your birthday!


Happy birthday!
Ramen truly is fascinating cuisine, don't you think?
Even from the most minute of circumstances, the flavors change and transform—you could say that no two bowls are exactly the same.
Each and every bowl of ramen is a culinary piece of art—a marriage of noodles and broth.
That's why I have to make sure I'm truly ready before facing a bowl of ramen.
And just like ramen, there are no two hearts in the sky that are exactly the same.
Regardless of who you meet or what you encounter along the way, (Captain)...
You're always true to your heart, facing it all head on, just like a ramen bowl.
I hope that you'll continue to stay true to your heart during our travels together.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We sure ate a lot of ramen together this year, didn't we?
Each and every bowl was unforgettable in its own way. They're all precious memories.
Happy occasions, fun activities, and delicious ramen are all the same—
Without a healthy mind and body, you can't fully appreciate any of them.
So in order to enjoy your ramen, and your life, to the fullest...
Make sure to take care of yourself every day, and don't push yourself too hard.
And join me for some ramen again too!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Now just how many bowls of ramen will I get to eat this year...
The anticipation's killing me!


Happy New Year, Captain! Listed out your new year resolutions yet?
Me? Of course! I have but one! Taste all the ramen I can find!
Ah yes, and exercise it all off.
Ramen always tastes better when you're in tip-top shape!


Happy New Year! Let's make this year a good one!
I tell you, there sure are a lot of good cooks in this crew!
And the stuff they serve up for New Year's celebrations is really scrumptious!
But, you know... Pampering your taste buds like that refines the tongue.
That means I'd better choose carefully which type of ramen to start off the new year with.


Happy New Year! Here's to another year of travels together.
By the way, (Captain). Are you a fan of mochi?
Did you know that mochi actually goes quite well on ramen?
I thought we'd have some ramen with mochi to ring in the new year.
So what do you say, (Captain)? Let's share our first bowls of the year together.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Boy, I sure encountered a lot of outstanding ramen last year.
When I think of all the new encounters to come in the next year, I get so excited it feels like my heart's about to burst.
What's that? My stomach should be the one bursting?
Ahaha! That's a good point, (Captain)!
Eating so much delicious ramen that your stomach bursts sounds like living the dream...
But if I screw up my health, I won't be able to eat ramen anymore.
I'm going to eat in moderation and keep an eye on my condition so I can enjoy ramen forever!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, Captain! Oh! Chocolates? For me?
Well, I'm absolutely flattered! I'll be sure to take care of them... What? Eat them now?


You called, Captain?
What! Why, this map here leads to a ramen restaurant on a nearby island!
You got this just for me?
Oh, thank you! Bless your little heart! Let's go right now!
Please come along! It'll be my treat!
And here, take this. We'll save it for dessert!


Well, well! It's this year's map of ramen shops!
Huh? All the shops are listed but their ratings are blank...
I see! We go around together and rate them ourselves!
All right, let's go then! I'm ready when you are!
And why don't we share this chocolate on the way to the first shop? Okay?


Happy Valentine's Day!
I see you've prepared another ramen map and chocolates this year for Valentine's Day... Thank you kindly, (Captain).
So! Will we be touring more ramen shops together this year as well?
Wait... This one right here—could it be? Aha, I knew it!
I heard the ramen from this shop here on the map actually goes well with chocolate!
Since it's Valentine's Day, what do you say we go order a bowl and dip these chocolates in brothy goodness?


Huh? What's the apology for, (Captain)?
You weren't able to prepare a ramen map this year?
No big deal! I know you're busy, so don't worry about it in the slightest!
Just the fact that you gave me these chocolates makes me incredibly happy.
And besides! While it's fun visiting shops we've researched and building up our expectations...
It's exciting trying shops we know nothing about too. That's nice in its own way.
And when you have someone to share the excitement with, that makes it even better!
So let's have ramen together again sometime, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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Wanna go get some ramen? There's a really good place nearby!
Delicious! The flavor explodes in your mouth! I hoped this would make a perfect thank you for all the things you do.
And it's White Day, so this one's on me! Go ahead and dig in!


Ta-da! Sweets for my sweet (Captain)!
Bet you were expecting ramen again, weren't you?
Well, I never tire of ramen myself of course. But I've the sense to know that not everyone feels the same.
Yes, I can be quite the gentleman sometimes!
What? This would be great after a bowl of ramen?
Oh, you don't know how happy I am to hear that! Let's go! I know an excellent place around here!


Heh-heh-heh... This year's plan is perfect!
All right, (Captain), let's go to my favorite ramen shops!
I even found a place that serves sweets right at your table!
Have all the bowls of ramen or plates of sweets that you want!
After all, it's White Day!


Happy White Day!
Heh-heh... I found quite the peculiar ramen shop this year.
They call it "confection ramen."
Confection ramen has a sweet broth base and fruits for toppings on the noodles.
I thought it'd be my own unique way of getting you something in return for Valentine's Day.
I guarantee that you'll love it. Let's go!
Nothing quite as thrilling as the discovery of new ramen, right?


You're not too cold, are you, (Captain)?
You know, I heard this shop was getting pretty popular recently...
But I never expected the line to be this long. Sorry for making you tag along.
Since it's White Day and all, I just wanted to take you to a first-class shop.
Oh, that's true! A nice conversation will help pass the time in an instant.
I've got a cold body, an empty stomach, and (Captain) by my side!
The ramen today is sure to taste amazing!
I hope you feel the same way, (Captain)!

Ippatsu's Choice square.jpg Ippatsu's Choice

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
I want to give trick-or-treaters ramen as a treat...
But all of the ramen shops around here are actually pretty good.
There's salt broth, soy sauce broth, miso broth, chicken broth, sardine broth, pork broth... How to choose!
Hmm... Ah! Why don't we eat first, then decide!


Ah, Captain! Perfect timing!
I'm bringing these little trick-or-treaters out for some ramen.
You know what they say: all sweets and no ramen makes Jimmy a very dull boy!
I might have paraphrased... But the point is that it'll be my treat!
How about you, Captain? Care to join us?
Is there a catch, you say? Haha! I'll treat you if you don't trick me! How's that?


It's a real shame... I wanted to treat the kiddies to some ramen, see...
But wouldn't you know it! The line of ramen shops on the island next door are closed today!
Ahhh... It's times like these when I wish bowls of ramen were easy to carry around...
Not enough magic in the world to make something like that... Ramen for the road...


Happy Halloween!
Say, (Captain)... Would you be interested in a ramen shop that appears only on Halloween?
I hear they only offer two toppings. You can choose "trick" or "treat."
I don't know exactly what each choice entails, but I've heard they're quite good!
Let's invite some of the children and go have a taste for ourselves, shall we?


Hmm... I wanted to give out ramen to the kids as treats...
But then they'd have to walk around with a hot bowl, and it'd be terrible if any broth spilled on them.
I thought about leaving out the broth, but the bowl would still be a pain to carry.
Portable ramen... Hmm... I wonder what the best method is...
Actually, this isn't the sort of problem that can be solved right away!
For today, I'll treat you to some ramen at a shop nearby!
Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't heard you say the magic words yet!
Go ahead and say it—don't be shy! Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Santa must get mighty cold traveling alone in winter.
But it's nothing a warm bowl of ramen couldn't fix!


Jolly holly holidays, Captain!
Care for a little stroll before ol' Santa drops by?
A piping-hot bowl of ramen should be a fine, festive delight on a cold winter day!
My treat of course! Take it as my holiday gift to you!


I'm telling you, ramen tastes great when the season turns chilly!
The longest winter night is the best time to sit down with a few bowls of ramen!
So how about it, (Captain)? Let's grab a bite while we wait for Santa!
Ha-ha! If he shows up while we're eating...
I'll treat him to a bowl of ramen too!


'Tis the season!
Brr... It sure is cold though. Looks like it'll snow tonight.
There's a ramen cart around here that I've been meaning to try. How about we check it out?
They say this one only shows up on the most holy and silent of nights.
Oho! So you're interested? All right. I'll lead the way.
There's something magical about ramen on a snowy night, don't you think?


I'll be making ramen for this year's holiday dinner!
My piping hot ramen is sure to warm you up and give you the strength to make it through the winter!
That being said, if you eat a big bowl of ramen, you won't have room for anything else.
And that'd be a waste, considering the huge spread of delicious food at the feast.
So I did a little brainstorming, and I came up with this!
I call it... cup ramen!
This way, light eaters can have one cup, and heavy eaters can have refills!
I hope you'll eat to your stomach's content too, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Ramen at the Beach

After their fun in the sun, (Captain) and company go to the beach house for some ramen. There, Ippatsu finds that a bowl of ramen could be too hot for a young girl like Sara. He wonders if there is some way to solve this problem.

Ippatsu not in crew

Ippatsu. A voracious fanatic and connoisseur of a dish known as ramen.
He once traveled all of Phantegrande in search of ingredients for a ramen master.
But that master has gone to a skydom beyond. Ippatsu now seeks to cross the Grim Basin to find him.
Ippatsu: I've gathered all the ingredients I could, but I've yet to find an airship that can take me to the ramen master.
Ippatsu: And attempts to contact the Luminary Knight that took him there have been... unfruitful.
Ippatsu: But! By travelling with you, there's hope to meet the master yet!
(Captain) welcomed Ippatsu with open arms, taking him in as one of the crew.
(Captain) and company head to Auguste for some rest and relaxation after their adventures.
After checking into Siero's beach house, the crew wastes no time heading to the beach.
Lyria: Ah!
Ippatsu: Lyria! Are you all right?
Lyria: Hehe, I'm okay! That wave was just bigger than I expected!
Lyria lies on the soft seashore, looking all too delighted for someone who just lost balance. (Captain) helps her to her feet.
Vyrn: Whew! I don't know about you guys, but I'm whipped! I need a break from all this fun.
Ippatsu: I'll second that. All this swimming's made me a tad chilly.
Lyria: Oh! How about we head back to the beach house then!
No version of Sara in crew

Lyria: Sara and Volenna said they'd meet us there once they're back from Kaz's place.
Ippatsu: A splendid idea, Lyria!
Ippatsu: This sounds like the perfect opportunity to try the ramen there!
Vyrn: Whoa, they have ramen? I never even noticed. You're good!
Ippatsu: Heh! I'm always on the lookout for ramen! No time better spent than on ramen, after all!
Ippatsu: Well then, what are we waiting for!
Ippatsu: Ramen! Ready or not, here we come!
No version of Sara in crew

Sara: Lyria! (Captain)! Sorry, hope we didn't keep you waiting...
Volenna: Apologies. We lost track of the time.
Lyria: No, no! Great timing, actually! We just got here too!
Sierokarte: Ooh, customers! Can I get you anything?
Ippatsu: Ramen! Ramen for me, please!
Sierokarte: Okie dokie! One bowl of ramen coming right up! You sure do love your ramen, Ippatsu!
Ippatsu: Guilty as charged. Broth is my blood and soup is my soul!
Vyrn: Aww, now I wanna try some too... Siero! One more for me, please!
Sara: I've never heard of this ramen dish before, but um... I think I'll give it a try too.
Ippatsu's enthusiasm ends up convincing everyone that they want some ramen as well.
The first bowl of steaming hot ramen hits the table. Ippatsu pounces on it and slurps it with gusto.
Ippatsu: Mmm! Ooh, mmm!
Ippatsu: Ahh! Amazing!
Ippatsu: Stock from free-range local fowl! Seasoned to perfection with sea salt!
Ippatsu: Served hot enough to warm you up from the inside out.
Ippatsu: I can't say it trumps the ramen master's work, but it certainly is a most delightful bowl of ramen.
Ippatsu: After a long swim, it's just what one needs!
Ippatsu: This is what I call ramen!
Sara: Wow, is it that good?
Ippatsu: Why, of course! Go on, try for yourself!
Ippatsu: Big slurps, now!
Sara: Oh, um... like how you did just now?
Volenna: Careful, Sara. Make sure it's not too hot for you.
Sara: All right, I will... Here goes nothing!
Sara: Wow! This is great! You need to try this, Volenna! Open up, here comes the yum yum train!
Volenna: Haha, now what have I told you about spoonfeeding your elders, young lady?
Lyria: It's good, right? And we all have Ippatsu to thank! If not for him, we'd never have known about—
Ippatsu: ...
Vyrn: Ippatsu? You okay? You're usually goin' crazy when you find a new ramen buddy.
Ippatsu: Huh? Oh! Of course! Of course!
Ippatsu: It's a fine day for me indeed when a new soul discovers the joys of ramen!
Ippatsu: However, I believe I've come to realize its weakness.
Lyria: Um... You mean, ramen's weakness?
Ippatsu: Yes. You see, ramen is best eaten when it's absolutely piping-hot.
Ippatsu: And while one can cool it, blow on it before each bite, or slurp...
Ippatsu: For the uninitiated, ramen can be a touch too hot for comfort.
Lyria: Hmm. Yeah, I guess so! It was pretty tough for me when I first tried it.
Ippatsu: Precisely!
Ippatsu: If only there was some kind of ramen that wasn't hot...
Ippatsu: Would it be possible to create such a dish?
(Captain) and the others exchange glances as Ippatsu drifts deep into thought.
Ramen that anyone can enjoy... Can Ippatsu give life to this impossible idea?
Ippatsu's journey, as he shall soon find, has only just begun.

A Man and His Ramen

Much to Ippatsu's horror, the beach house is unable to serve ramen due to a delay in a shipment of ingredients. Ippatsu, (Captain), and the crew set out to find the delivery and right this terrible wrong.

(Captain) and company continue to relax in Auguste.
Today, Ippatsu once again brings the crew to the beach house for some ramen.
Ippatsu: Siero! A round of ramen, please!
Sierokarte: I'm sorry... I'm afraid ramen is off the menu for today.
Ippatsu: Wh-wha-what?!
Ippatsu: Why... How... What in the sky is the meaning of this!
Sierokarte: Well, I expected my ingredients to come in today, but the skyfarers in charge of the delivery still aren't here yet.
Lyria: Oh my. Is something wrong? I hope they're okay.
Sierokarte mentions that she needs someone to find out what happened.
Ippatsu: I got that! Let me take care of it.
Ippatsu: I can't live without ramen! If you don't get your delivery...
Ippatsu: It's as much my problem as it is yours!
Ippatsu: We'll find your skyfarers and your ingredients!
Sierokarte: Are you sure? I mean, you're all here on vacation...
Ippatsu: Please, (Captain)! We have to help!
Vyrn: Oh boy, there's no stopping him when he gets like this. Siero, don't worry! We'll go with Ippatsu and see what we can find out!
Sierokarte: Oh, thank you so much! I'll get you some goodies when you get back!
Ippatsu: Say no more, Siero!
Ippatsu: Come on everyone, there's no time to lose! We've got some ramen to catch!
Sierokarte hands (Captain) a map of the delivery route and the crew heads out to begin their search.

A Man and His Ramen: Scene 2

(Captain) and company find the missing deliverymen and help them carry their payload to the beach house. Despite their good fortune, Ippatsu's elation is short-lived, as they hear that a crucial ingredient was lost in a monster attack.

Vyrn: Hey, look! Some dudes are haulin' a busted up cart!
Ippatsu: By the eggs of Odin, you're right! We've found our missing men!
(Captain) and company rush toward the two weary cart-pullers.
Ippatsu: You there! Are you two all right?
Skyfarer Sam: Huh? Who are—
Ippatsu: You may not know us, but we certainly know you. Siero sent us to check on her delivery!
Skyfarer Bob: Oh, you must be from the beach house! I'm so sorry we're late. We were on our way here when monsters came out of nowhere...
Skyfarer Sam: We managed to get out alive, but I can't say the same for our haul. The cart's on its last legs, and we lost one of the crates to those fiends.
Lyria: You poor things... It's all right. We'll help you carry your boxes. The important thing is that you're safe!
Skyfarer Bob: Oh, I can't thank you enough. I didn't think we'd ever make it. It's a miracle that the cart got this far at all.
Ippatsu: Hah! Our captain here eats those little beasties for brunch!
Ippatsu: Speaking of meals! Let's get back to the shack and have ourselves some ramen, shall we?
Skyfarer Bob: Um, about that... I don't think you'd be able to make that ramen stuff even if we got this back to the beach house.
Ippatsu: What?
Ippatsu: No, no, no, no! What are you saying?
Skyfarer Sam: W-well, you see, the crate the monsters took contained one of the ramen ingredients. I think it was consu or kanzo or something.
Ippatsu: Wha!
Ippatsu: Kansui? Was it the kansui?
Skyfarer Sam: I'm sorry. I did an inventory check after the attack and there's no mistaking it.
Ippatsu: No...
Presented with this grim fact, Ippatsu crumples to the ground, a forlorn look on his face.
Ippatsu: It can't be...
Vyrn: Aw, crud... I knew this would happen. C'mon Ippatsu, let's get you back to the beach house. You can lie down there.
Ippatsu: My ramen... My ramen!
Monster: Grrrrrr!
Lyria: Oh no! Ippatsu, watch out!
As Ippatsu wobbles to his feet, monsters slowly close in, attracted by the scent of the cart's contents.
Ippatsu: ...
Monster: Grrrrrr!
Ippatsu: Silence!
Ippatsu: I'll have you know, I'm ramen-deprived and not at all in a good mood right now!
Ippatsu: Why'd you take it away! Why!
In a fit of rage, Ippatsu continues to bark furiously at the beasts.
Ippatsu: I've been looking forward to it all day, and you just had to ruin everything!
Ippatsu: You're gonna pay for this! All of you!
Ippatsu: Give me back my ramen! Give it back!
Vyrn: He's gone ballistic! Guys, after him before he gets hurt!

A Man and His Ramen: Scene 3

Ippatsu, (Captain), and the crew attempt to make their very own ramen with the ingredients they have. By a stroke of luck and Ippatsu's guidance, a brand new type of ramen is born: reimen, or cold noodles.

Ippatsu: Oh ramen... Dear sweet ramen...
Skyfarer Sam: Whoa! Hey, hang in there ramen guy! Look, we're almost at the beach house!
Sierokarte: What's wrong, Ippatsu? Are you hurt?
Lyria: He's feeling down because we can't make ramen now.
Sierokarte: Oh no! Did something happen to the ingredients?
Ippatsu: I'm afraid so...
Ippatsu: Oh dear, it's such an awful, dreadful tale.
With teary eyes and a shaky voice, Ippatsu tells of the events that transpired.
Ippatsu: Sob... Sob...
Lyria: Um, Siero? Can we make ramen without that kansui stuff?
Sierokarte: Hmm, only one way to find out! Go ahead and use the beach house kitchen! Feel free to use any ingredients we have!
Lyria: Wow, really? Thanks Siero! Come on (Captain), let's make some ramen!
Vyrn: Now we're talkin'! Let's get to work, Ippatsu!
Skyfarer Bob: Count us in, too! We lost the kansui in the first place. It's the least we can do.
Ippatsu: You guys...
(Captain) reaches out a hand to help Ippatsu up from the ground.
Ippatsu: Sniffle... Thank you, all of you!
Ippatsu: We can do this! Let's go!
Ippatsu and the crew set forth to create their very own ramen. What follows is a long process of trial and error.
Skyfarer Bob: Heads up! Another batch of noodles comin' in!
Ippatsu: Right, then! Let's see...
Ippatsu: Hmm, these are a little too crumbly.
Skyfarer Sam: How about these? Fresh off the boil!
Ippatsu: Hmm, the texture isn't quite right.
(Captain) and company try every combination of ingredients they can think of. But, the perfect recipe for noodles worthy of ramen continues to elude them.
Vyrn: We're nearly out of flour!
Lyria: Oh no... What're we going to do, (Captain)? We can't make noodles without flour.
After much deliberation, (Captain) decides to mix the flour with potato starch.
Lyria: Hey, these noodles become kinda see-through when you boil them! That's so weird!
Lyria and (Captain) exchange puzzled looks for a moment. They present Ippatsu with the strange noodles.
Ippatsu: Hmm? Well, I've never seen noodles quite like these before.
Ippatsu: White and translucent noodles. They're just beautiful. Let's see how they taste, shall we?
Ippatsu: Hm? Hmm!
Ippatsu: Why, this is amazing!
Ippatsu: What texture! What taste! It's smooth and soft, yet strong and firm!
Ippatsu: Ah!
Ippatsu: Captain! Run these noodles under some cold water!
Vyrn: Uhh, you sure you wanna do that? Won't the soup get all cold and stuff?
Ippatsu: Please, trust me!
Hesistantly, (Captain) does so, and pours the soup stock over the cooled noodles.
Ippatsu: ...
Vyrn: Gulp...
Ippatsu: Delicious!
Ippatsu: But, with such unique noodles, this broth just won't do!
Ippatsu: We need something with impact!
(Captain) and the rest of the gang take turns tasting the noodles and broth.
Skyfarer Sam: Hmm, it's true. The broth's taste just sort of fades away after a while.
Skyfarer Bob: Yeah, it feels like we need something really spicy or salty, something strong.
Ippatsu: Hmm... Strong...
Ippatsu: That's it!
Ippatsu: What this needs is some spice and some vinegar!
Ippatsu dashes to the spice cabinet and back and adds some new ingredients to the broth.
Ippatsu: Try it now!
He pours the new broth onto the noodles and places it in front of everyone.
Lyria: Here goes nothing! Mmm! It's a little sour, but the broth tastes a lot stronger now.
Skyfarer Bob: Wow! I've never tasted anything like this in my life! I could get used to this!
The combination of firm noodles with spicy and sour soup gives birth to a completely new type of flavor.
Ippatsu: (Captain)! Do you realize what we've done?
Ippatsu: This... This could change the world of ramen forever!
Ippatsu: Cold soup and cold noodles! Ramen the sky has never seen before!
Ippatsu: We need to give this discovery a name!
Ippatsu: Yes... We'll call it reimen!
Skyfarer Sam: Reimen! This'll be perfect for hot summer days!
Ippatsu: Right you are!
Ippatsu: And if ramen is too hot for someone, now they can have reimen!
Ippatsu: Thank you, (Captain)! Thank you!
And so, the cold broth and translucent noodle creation was named reimen.
After seeing it for herself, Sierokarte wastes no time in adding the new dish to the beach house menu.
The contrast between hot ramen and cold reimen allows the two to become extremely popular.
Sierokarte: Ippatsu, (Captain)! Here's your reimen!
Ippatsu: Yes! Finally!
Ippatsu: I'll have a bowl of ramen after this reimen, and then a bowl of reimen after that ramen!
Ippatsu: Perpetual joy!
Vyrn: Man, you sure can eat! I'm getting full just watching!
Ippatsu: You can never have too much ramen!
Ippatsu: I hope one day I can present this new dish to the ramen master!
Ippatsu: I'm sure the master would take this dish and make something completely unimaginable...
Ippatsu: Oh, I can't wait!
Ippatsu stares wistfully into space for a moment, then goes back to slurping his noodles with great enthusiasm.
All the while, he hopes against hope to see the ramen master once more. If they ever meet again, they might change ramen history forever.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.


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