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How to Play[edit]


J.J.'s frequent use of buff-type skills benefits certain characters greatly. While Npc s 3030182000 01.jpg Lyria (Event) can do the same, his high skill cooldowns are much lower than hers.

  • Npc s 3040150000 01.jpg Zooey: Reduces cooldown of Ability The Last Wish.png The Last Wish1000% Light damage to a foe (Damage cap: ~1,600,000).
    All Light allies gain Status Sign of Zooey.pngSign of ZooeyDamage dealt is partially absorbed to HP /
    ATK is boosted /
    DEF is boosted /
    (Can't be removed)
    Strength: 5% of max HP (Healing cap: 1000) / 100% ATK Up / 100% DEF UpMultiplier: NormalDuration: 5 turnsSpecial buff
  • Npc s 3040155000 01.jpg Robomi: Frequently supplies her with Status Power Cells (Robomi) 1.pngPower CellsThe power source of Robomi. Consumed when skills are used.
  • Npc s 3040162000 01.jpg Geisenborger: Can sustain his Ability I'll Bet My Soul.png I'll Bet My SoulGain Status Impregnable Fortress.pngImpregnable FortressDebuffs will be nullified / Jammed effect / Can withstand lethal DMG (Leaves 1 HP) (Can't be removed) (Effect duration extends upon being targeted by a light ally's healing skill or buff skill)
    Strength: 40%-120%Duration: 5 turns
    (Will be knocked out when effect ends.)
    (Effect duration extends upon being targeted by a Light ally's healing skill or buff skill.)
    practically indefinitely if his skill usage is not interrupted.
  • Npc s 3040256000 01.jpg Danua (SSR): Can extend Status Blood Sacrifice.pngBlood SacrificeAttacks twice each turn / HP is lowered every turn / Can't restore HP (Can't be removed / Effect duration extends upon being targeted by another light ally's buff or healing skill)
    , allowing her to have two attacks per turn at all times.

Extended Mastery Perks[edit]