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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. We must do something special to honor this wonderful day.
It's thanks to you, my captain, that I have been set upon this path.
I intend to repay that debt, even if it takes me the rest of my life.


Congratulations on growing another year wiser, (Captain).
I look forward to seeing you continue to forge your own path into the future.
I believe the justice I seek lies in whichever path you decide to tread.
But I'm just a rambling old man.
Above all else, you should do whatever feels right to you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, Captain. It is an honor to continue to protect and serve you.
We people are infinitesimal things. Even though people are capable of much, true accomplishments are not achieved alone.
It is only through working hand in hand that we can realize grander victory.
So I give you my hand to forward your own goals, Captain. I am looking forward to seeing how you progress throughout this year.


I'm delighted that you have successfully endured another year of life.
Making it through a year safely is a more difficult endeavor than one might imagine.
Many challenges can stand in your way as you pursue your goals.
I'm so pleased that you have overcome those hardships and stand safe and sound before me.
Happy birthday.
You can count on my assistance until you've accomplished your goals—no, even afterward.
I will do all I can to ensure that we will be able to celebrate your birthday like this each year.


(Captain), I cannot be more glad to celebrate your birthday with you again this year.
Actually, I have prepared a present for you on your special day.
Haha, did it surprise you?
It's a sake I prepared when we first met several years ago.
It's something that gets better with age, and should be of the finest quality by the time you reach adulthood.
I pray for your health and safety until the day we can drink this together, and every day after that.
I, too, will put in my best efforts so that I can celebrate with you again next year, and the year after, and in the years that follow.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. May this year be just as good as the last.
Now then, enough formalities. Let's eat!


Happy New Year, (Captain). You can count on my support this year too.
Know that I'll be right behind you to the ends of the skies and beyond.
Ha-ha. A little too formal, huh? I just thought I'd say it formally to mark the new year.
We can enjoy the fun times only because there are times when we must focus. Balance in everything is what counts.


A splendid new year to you! I hope that our crew continues to prosper.
I intend to work just as hard as before so that you may successfully find your way to the end of the skies.
Haha... I suppose I'm being overly formal for the first day of the new year. But not without good reason.
A fresh year presents a unique opportunity to begin anew. It truly is a splendid time to change one's attitude.


Happy New Year. Here's to another year of journeying together.
I intend to do my utmost to be an asset to your crew, Captain.
Ha-ha. I apologize for being so formal every year.
But I believe it's important for me to put my feelings into words. I appreciate you being willing to hear me out.
Now then, all this formality is exhausting.
What do you say we replenish our energy by enjoying a delicious New Year's meal!


Auguste's fishermen swim through winter waters as a way of praying for a year's worth of large catches.
I was thinking of doing the same thing to pray for our crew's health and good fortune.
Haha, don't look so worried. I'll come back unharmed.
The cold never bothered me anyway. On the contrary, taking in cool air and cold water is quite refreshing.
It's a good training opportunity too!
Now, I must be off.
... Heave-ho!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Today is Valentine's Day... That must be why Sara and Volenna gave me candy.
Wait... you too? I am unworthy! Thanks, (Captain)!


Huh? This chocolate's for me?
No, I... Um... Ha-ha. I am grateful for this.
Oh, no, no! I'll gladly take it.
I'm just a bit embarrassed to be getting Valentine's chocolate from such a lovely young lady.
Sorry if I seem hesitant. I'm just a bit awkward when it comes to these things.


What! Valentine's chocolate for me? I... am indebted.
I rely on your help day in and day out, so it comes as a surprise that I would be the one receiving a gift.
Ah, sorry. Focusing on my flaws over your generosity seems uncouth.
Thank you for your kindness, (Captain). I will savor them.


Captain? What is this?
I see, so today is Valentine's Day. Thank you for going to so much trouble. I respectfully accept your thoughtful gift.
Ha-ha. That's odd... Suddenly I feel a bit nervous.
I am a man after all. I am not without my pride.
If I didn't receive anything for Valentine's Day, I suppose I would feel rather depressed.
But thanks to you, I didn't have to feel that disappointment. I'm grateful for your courtesy each year.
Thank you again, Captain. I will savor each bite.


Is... Is this Valentine's chocolate?
I am humbled by your kindness. Thank you very much.
The truth is, Soriz has been restlessly nervous for today...
And his nervousness must have rubbed off onto me. I was afraid I wouldn't receive anything this year.
Not that I doubted you would remember. Haha, it's a bit embarrassing to admit something like this at my age.
In all seriousness, I truly am grateful. Thank you, (Captain). I will treasure every bite.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today is White Day, yes? Won't you accept this, (Captain)?
I imagine the others have already given you sweets, so I went with something more savory.
It's thanks for everything you do... which I realize sounds a little matter-of-fact, but I had to make it known somehow.


Ha-ha. Looks like a busy day for you, (Captain). I'll try to keep this short.
Please accept this as a token of my thanks.
I wasn't sure what kind of gift would be appropriate for a young lady like you.
But I picked this out after consulting with Volenna and Sara. What do you think?
You like it? Whew, thank goodness!
I expect to be able to choose a gift on my own next time. I just hope you're not expecting anything too fancy.


(Captain), would you please accept this?
What? It's nothing strange. Just some sweets for White Day.
I went all around the market looking for something perfect, but I wasn't sure what to purchase.
Perhaps I should've consulted with Sara or Volenna before settling on something...
You're just happy to receive something?
Haha. That's our captain for you—as kind as ever. I just hope you actually like them.


Please accept this White Day gift, Captain.
By using what I learned from Volenna and Sara last year as a reference, I selected your gift all on my own this time.
I decided on this one because I thought it was pleasing to the eye... but what do you think?
I think the wrapping is quite charming, if I do say so myself.
Is that so? I'm delighted to hear it! Oh my, I'm so relieved.
That being said, they're sweets, so the taste is obviously important as well.
I hope you will find them to your liking, Captain.
Ha-ha. There are an endless number of things to worry about when giving someone a gift. But I suppose that's part of the fun.


O-oh dear...
Ah, hello, (Captain). Do you have business in the kitchens as well?
Oh, I came hoping make some tea to accompany my gift for you.
The other crew members have beaten me here, though, busy cooking and baking for today.
It's almost like walking into a warzone. I think I'd be better off giving up on that tea.
I do hope that's all right... Do you mind taking these treats without a drink?
I bought them at a well-liked confectionary. Not that these could compare to everyone else's heartfelt homemade treats, but...
I hope you can enjoy them all the same.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! Captain, you're not getting dressed up?
Oh, me? Well, I'm always kind of going as a samurai... That was a joke.


Since Halloween comes only once a year, I told Sara to try playing a trick on someone.
But she seemed troubled by it. I guess she's too shy at heart to be playing tricks on others.
(Captain), do you have any tricks in mind that could include Sara?
I think she'd feel more at ease with you and Lyria around.
I'll take the brunt of any trick you have as long as it makes Sara smile, (Captain).


Yawn... Ah, hello, Captain. I suppose you are heading out to retrieve candy?
Hm? I look tired? I apologize for my uncomely appearance. In truth, I was helping in the kitchen.
Halloween is a time for pumpkin, is it not? And thusly, I was cutting a large amount of it.
Even a man such as myself would tire after taking on a mountain of squash.
But as long as this brings smiles to the faces of children, then I am satisfied.


Water... Water!
Jin dashes up to (Captain), who quickly pours him some water.
Thank you!
Gulp, gulp... Ahhh!
What a relief... I apologize for causing a scene, Captain.
I never would have expected Volenna to play a trick on me. I played right into her hands.
It looked delicious, but... Well, I'd rather not think about it.
Hm? What's that, Captain? I should return the favor?
Ha-ha! That might be the appropriate response, considering it's Halloween.
Perhaps I'll come up with a little trick of my own!


All right, be careful out there. Sara, Graphos, Branwen! Happy Halloween!
Hm? Oh, (Captain). I apologize for not noticing you there. Happy Halloween!
Yes, I just saw Sara off. She said she wanted to take Graphos and Branwen into town.
I am most glad to see Sara and the others enjoying themselves so much.
However, I made the grave mistake of failing to notice your presence, (Captain). Haha, allow me to make it up to you!
Well then. Would you like to partake in a trick or a treat?
If it's a treat that you want, then I have plenty in store for you. And if you should choose a trick... I'll take anything you prepare for me head-on!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! It really warms my heart to see all the kids running around so happy.
May you have a wonderful evening, (Captain)!


I wish you happy holidays, (Captain)!
Tis the season for friends to gather and enjoy each other's company.
When I roamed the skies alone, I was so emotionally distant from everyone else.
So the opportunity to spend the holidays with close friends is a true blessing for me.
Everything should be experienced once—even loneliness. Of course I can only say that because I've moved past it.


Impersonating Santa Claus and passing out presents to children—that is the reason for the season.
And speaking of, I've just come back from fetching a present to put on Sara's pillow.
But entering the bedroom of a sleeping girl seems quite ungentlemanly.
What should I do? Perhaps I shall enlist the help of Volenna. Mmm...


Excuse me, Captain, could I trouble you for a moment of your time?
Thank you. You see, I've been trying to decide on a holiday gift for Sara.
I've been to toy stores, general stores, and clothing shops, but I'm not sure what she would like...
I'm at an utter loss, and now the day is already upon us. How disgraceful...
Volenna is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, so I can't ask for her advice...
Would you perhaps be willing to accompany me on my shopping expedition?
You have my deepest gratitude. With your assistance, I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out!
And I'll have time to find something for you as well!
That was supposed to be a secret... What a blunder...
Well, the surprise may be ruined, but please let me know if you see anything that catches your eye.
I've set aside funds just for this occasion!


What's this? Santa Claus is almost here, and you're still awake, (Captain)?
I was drinking with Eugen and the others, but now I'm sobering up here on the deck.
I'm not a lightweight by any means, but there's just no keeping up with them.
But that's enough of that. It wouldn't be good for you to become interested in drinking too.
Drinking can be fun, of course, but there are plenty of downsides to be careful of.
You're free to find out only after you've become an adult.
Not that someone like me should be the one telling you that.
Let's head back inside. We don't want to catch a cold right before we head into the new year, after all!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Warmhearted Warrior

Lyria and company look after the bedridden (Captain) while Jin visits a waterfall to meditate on the captain's behalf. Jin thinks back upon his adventures with the crew up to this point, and Vyrn and Lyria arrive to let him know about the captain's full recovery.

(Captain)'s crew continues its journey toward Estalucia.
During a stop at a nearby island, however, Jin grows concerned over (Captain)'s health.
Jin: (Captain), are you all right? Your face is quite flush.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, you're right! Let me feel your forehead, (Captain)... Eep!
Lyria: This isn't good! You have a serious fever!
Jin: Egads! You must rest, (Captain)! We'll call a doctor!
(Captain) is taken to a local inn and quickly falls asleep.
Lyria and company watch over their sickly captain until nightfall, but (Captain)'s fever only grows worse.
Lyria: Oh no... (Captain) is tossing and turning in bed... I wonder if they're going to be all right...
Vyrn: Sigh... And all the doctor told (Captain) to do was take some medicine and rest.
Jin: Sleep is the best medicine, they say. However...
Jin: (Is there nothing else I can do?)
Jin: (Ah! Of course!)
Jin comes to a realization and quietly leaves the room while Lyria and the others continue watching over (Captain).
Jin: Pardon me, shopkeep, but there wouldn't happen to be a waterfall nearby, would there?
Shopkeep: Hm? A waterfall? There's one in the forest just outside of town. I can draw you a map if you'd like!
Jin: A thousand thanks!
Jin: Very well! This waterfall should do nicely.
Jin: Waterfall... I challenge thee!
With a splash, Jin plunges beneath the freezing waterfall.
Jin: Ngrah!
Jin: This... is... nothing!
Jin is taken aback momentarily by the shocking drop in temperature but quickly corrects his posture and closes his eyes.
Jin: (I will drive away misfortune with the purifying cascade of this waterfall... May (Captain) enjoy a speedy recovery!)
With the sound of the waterfall filling his ears, Jin dedicates his body and soul to wishing (Captain) back to good health.
Jin: (How curious... I can hear nothing else from within the waterfall...)
Jin: (I can't help but recall my past adventures with (Captain) and the others...)
Jin: (During my youth, I was saved from a monster attack by a wandering swordsman...)
Jin: (Inspired by his actions, I chose to walk the path of the sword so that I could one day help others in the same way...)
Jin: (But reality is harsh. One must put food on the proverbial table.)
Jin: (I had to ask for compensation from those I saved in order to survive...)
Jin: (Conflicted over my way of life, I accepted a request to supposedly save an island.)
Jin: (I was asked to spirit away Sara, Priestess of the Dunes, a girl burdened with a fate most cruel...)
Jin: (It was at this time that I encountered (Captain)'s crew, under which Sara found protection...)
Jin: ((Captain) travelled the just path I sought to follow so long ago.)
Jin: (Offering a hand to those in need without so much as thinking about personal gain, and delivering swift punishment to those who would inflict harm on others.)
Jin: (To bear witness to their actions was a revelation.)
Jin: (When all was said and done, I offered to help (Captain) as they travelled that path.)
Jin: (We faced each other as foes at first. But (Captain) forgave me and allowed me to join the crew as an equal.)
Jin: (Another revelation awaited me during my travels, as my eyes were opened to the joys of fishing.)
Jin: (Facing the dangers of Auguste's grand ocean provided me with the answers I'd been seeking.)
Jin: (How insignificant we are in the face of such vastness! And yet... that is precisely why the decision to help others is so worthy of reverence.)
Jin: (I no longer had any doubt. I wished to dedicate myself, body and soul, to the cause of helping others.)
Jin: (We may be on a journey to the end of the skies, but my resolve is unshaken.)
Jin: (I only hope this purifying act can return (Captain) back to health!)
Jin: ...
Jin continues his steadfast efforts through the night. Soon enough, daybreak arrives.
Jin: Hm? Voices?
Vyrn: Whoa! Hey, Lyria, I found Jin! What're you doin' in there, buddy?
Lyria: Oh! You'll catch cold if you stay in that waterfall, Jin!
Jin steps out from the waterfall to speak with his friends.
Vyrn: We were lookin' all over for you, Jin!
Jin: Terribly sorry. I should have left a message with the innkeeper.
Jin: But if you're here...
Does that mean (Captain) is—
Lyria: Yes! (Captain) recovered this morning, and with a big appetite too!
Jin: Oh ho! That's certainly reassuring.
Vyrn: Heheh. (Captain) wanted to eat with the whole crew, so we came to look for you!
Jin: Much appreciated. Let's return to the inn at once!
Vyrn: Before we head back, you mind telling us what you were doing out here? Nearly shocked me senseless when I found you in that waterfall!
Jin: Oh, uh... Just uttering a little prayer.
Lyria: A prayer? What fo—
Jin: Hahaha! Realized for yourself, I see. Keep it a secret from (Captain), will you?
Lyria: Hee hee... I bet the reason (Captain)'s fever dropped is all because of you, Jin!
Jin: Hardly. Your devoted care is what saved the day.
Buffeted by cheerful conversation, the crew returns to (Captain)'s room.
It is at this time that Jin realizes how grateful he is to have such precious friends.
That sense of gratitude will lead Jin to support (Captain) and the crew forever and always... even if (Captain) doesn't realize it.

Frigid Waves, Blazing Hearts

(Captain) and the crew visit their old fisherman friend Kaz to commemorate the new year. Kaz invites everyone to participate in a local custom by swimming in the frozen waters.

Soon after the advent of the new year, (Captain) and the crew pay a visit to Auguste.
They're here to wish all the best to Kaz, a local fisherman who looked after Jin in the past.
Jin: It fills me with joy to see you in good spirits, Kaz.
Kaz: Haha, worried about me? Bet you were half-expecting me to be collapsed on the floor, huh?
Lyria: Hee hee... We always want you to be well, Kaz! So don't overdo it, okay?
Kaz: Gracious, Lyria's ready to box my ears too? Spare me the punishment!
Kaz: Reminds me, though. I'm just about to go for a swim in the cold waters. That's gonna be rough.
Vyrn: Huh? You're not seriously gonna go out there right now, are you? It must be freezing!
Kaz explains that it is customary for fishermen on the island to swim out in the cold water to wish for good, safe catches during the year to come.
Lyria: Huh? Are you sure it's safe to go in the water right now? It's so cold!
Kaz: Sure is. Heck, that's exactly why I'm going!
Jin: I see... A trial by ice, as it were.
Jin: Kaz. Is it possible for visitors from outside the island to participate?
Kaz: If you're interested in taking the challenge, I'm sure the other fishermen would be delighted!
Jin: Indeed! I will be undertaking the trial as a skyfarer, wishing for good, safe catches—I mean matches—in the coming year.
Jin: For the sake of the crew, I plunge into those icy waters with an open heart and open mind!
Vyrn: Haha! That's our Jin! How about you, (Captain)?
Lyria: Um... I can't swim, but we'll be cheering for you and the others, Jin!
(Captain) nods at Lyria, and the crew quickly heads to the beach where the frigid challenge is about to begin.

Frigid Waves, Blazing Hearts: Scene 2

Local villagers and the crew gather at the beach to watch Jin and some other villagers begin their swim in the frigid waters. After getting used to the water temperature, Jin notices two villagers helplessly floating in the water and helps fight off attacking monsters.

By the time the crew arrives at the beach, a group of icy-water warriors has already gathered, young and old alike.
Lyria: Wow! Is everyone here going swimming in the freezing water?
Fisherman: Ha ha ha! Until we go out there and make our wishes, it just won't feel like the new year!
Lyria: Oh my gosh... You fishermen are amazing!
Jin: I shall do my best to swim the complete distance as well!
Fisherman: Well, how about that! The little guy Kaz fished up is gonna participate too? I don't want to hear any complaining about the water being too cold!
With the families of the local fishermen in attendance, the time to plunge into the icy depths arrives at last.
Kaz: Take care of yourself out there!
Lyria: You can do it, Jin!
Jin: Let us begin!
While Jin's body is shocked by the initial drop in temperature, he slowly begins to warm up as he swims through the frigid waves.
Jin: (Goodness... It's as if I'm one with the ocean!)
Jin: (The more I swim, the easier this becomes...)
Jin: (I see now... It only makes sense for fishermen to want to start off the new year with an experience such as this...)
Jin slowly makes his way through the water, aiming for the small island just off the coast.
Jin: ...!
Jin: (Is this... blood? Did something happen?)
Shocked by the sight of blood in the water, Jin swims to the surface and checks his surroundings.
A fisherman is floating nearby, hanging on to another wounded swimmer.
Fisherman: Ngh... Hang in there! It's just a flesh wound!
Jin: Whatever is the matter?
Fisherman: Well... About halfway to the island, a monster showed up and tried to eat us!
Jin: You're joking! I'll have to do something about that monster, then!
Fisherman: In these waters? You're nuts!
Jin: A fisherman bests fish. A skyfarer bests monsters. Allow me the honor!
Jin dives back into the water before the fisherman can respond.
Monster: ...!
He soon finds the monster that attacked the fishermen.
Jin: (You yourself need to eat to live. I know that all too well, and yet... If my wish is to be realized, I have only one choice!)
Jin: (I challenge thee, monster... Fair and square beneath the ocean waves!)

Frigid Waves, Blazing Hearts: Scene 3

Jin finishes off the monsters and resumes swimming through the freezing waves, eventually returning to the starting point at the beach. Jin dries himself off in no time with his masterful towel skills and teaches (Captain) and the other freezing fishermen his technique.

The fishermen sing Jin's praises, stunned at his victory over the monster.
Fisherman: Oh ho! Just what I'd expect from someone trained by Kaz himself!
Jin: I merely did what I could. Now... onward to the island!
Without skipping a beat, the fishermen resume swimming toward their destination.
The tradition complete, everyone begins returning to the beach.
(Captain) and the crew, much like the others present on the beach, welcome Jin with smiles and cheers.
Lyria: Hooray! Welcome back, Jin!
Kaz: Thanks for the help, Jin! I hear you helped save a few folks from monsters, so I'm just glad to see you in one piece!
Jin: Oh, it was nothing—
Jin: Achoo!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! You went out there to wish for safe travels and almost caught a cold in the process! Lemme grab you a towel!
Jin: Terribly sorry, Vyrn. Whew... Leaving the water's always cold, but this...
Lyria: Oh... I feel cold just looking at you. Make sure you warm yourself up so you don't catch cold, Jin.
Jin: Hahaha! No need to worry! I'll dry myself off in but a moment! Got another towel I can borrow?
Lyria: Um, if you say so... We've got plenty of towels, so help yourself!
Jin: Thank you, Lyria. There's no better way to warm yourself up!
(Captain) and the others look on in confusion as Jin thoroughly rubs himself down, generating a veritable towel tornado in the process.
Soon enough a crowd of astonished onlookers has gathered around him.
Fisherman: Wow, that's certainly one way of doing it! Keepin' it simple!
Jin: Indeed. I was taught this method in my hometown. It requires only the simplest of tools, and creates a robust, healthy physique in the process.
Fisherman: Is that so? I'm chompin' at the bit to get started myself!
Kaz: Yup. If it's gonna keep me from getting sick, I want to give it a shot too!
With the fishermen and Kaz leading the charge, a towel typhoon soon descends upon the beach.
Jin: You too, (Captain)! You'll have a body most robust in no time!
Lyria: Okay! Let's try it, (Captain)!
Jin and Lyria's urging soon prompts (Captain) to join the others in their towel-turning extravaganza.
With cold water wishes and warm towel wonders, (Captain)'s crew will surely enjoy a healthy and happy new year.

Other Appearances

Tales of Asteria