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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. We must do something special to honor this wonderful day.
It's thanks to you, my captain, that I have been set upon this path.
I intend to repay that debt, even if it takes me the rest of my life.


Congratulations on growing another year wiser, (Captain).
I look forward to seeing you continue to forge your own path into the future.
I believe the justice I seek lies in whichever path you decide to tread.
But I'm just a rambling old man.
Above all else, you should do whatever feels right to you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, Captain. It is an honor to continue to protect and serve you.
We people are infinitesimal things. Even though people are capable of much, true accomplishments are not achieved alone.
It is only through working hand in hand that we can realize grander victory.
So I give you my hand to forward your own goals, Captain. I am looking forward to seeing how you progress throughout this year.


I'm delighted that you have successfully endured another year of life.
Making it through a year safely is a more difficult endeavor than one might imagine.
Many challenges can stand in your way as you pursue your goals.
I'm so pleased that you have overcome those hardships and stand safe and sound before me.
Happy birthday.
You can count on my assistance until you've accomplished your goals—no, even afterward.
I will do all I can to ensure that we will be able to celebrate your birthday like this each year.


(Captain), I cannot be more glad to celebrate your birthday with you again this year.
Actually, I have prepared a present for you on your special day.
Haha, did it surprise you?
It's a sake I prepared when we first met several years ago.
It's something that gets better with age, and should be of the finest quality by the time you reach adulthood.
I pray for your health and safety until the day we can drink this together, and every day after that.
I, too, will put in my best efforts so that I can celebrate with you again next year, and the year after, and in the years that follow.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. May this year be just as good as the last.
Now then, enough formalities. Let's eat!


Happy New Year, (Captain). You can count on my support this year too.
Know that I'll be right behind you to the ends of the skies and beyond.
Ha-ha. A little too formal, huh? I just thought I'd say it formally to mark the new year.
We can enjoy the fun times only because there are times when we must focus. Balance in everything is what counts.


A splendid new year to you! I hope that our crew continues to prosper.
I tend to work just as hard as before so that you may successfully find your way to the end of the skies.
Haha... I suppose I'm being overly formal for the first day of the new year. But not without good reason.
A fresh year presents a unique opportunity to begin anew. It truly is a splendid time to change one's attitude.


Happy New Year. Here's to another year of journeying together.
I intend to do my utmost to be an asset to your crew, Captain.
Ha-ha. I apologize for being so formal every year.
But I believe it's important for me to put my feelings into words. I appreciate you being willing to hear me out.
Now then, all this formality is exhausting.
What do you say we replenish our energy by enjoying a delicious New Year's meal!


Auguste's fishermen swim through winter waters as a way of praying for a year's worth of large catches.
I was thinking of doing the same thing to pray for our crew's health and good fortune.
Haha, don't look so worried. I'll come back unharmed.
The cold never bothered me anyway. On the contrary, taking in cool air and cold water is quite refreshing.
It's a good training opportunity too!
Now, I must be off.
... Heave-ho!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Today is Valentine's Day... That must be why Sara and Volenna gave me candy.
Wait... you too? I am unworthy! Thanks, (Captain)!


Huh? This chocolate's for me?
No, I... Um... Ha-ha. I am grateful for this.
Oh, no, no! I'll gladly take it.
I'm just a bit embarrassed to be getting Valentine's chocolate from such a lovely young lady.
Sorry if I seem hesitant. I'm just a bit awkward when it comes to these things.


What! Valentine's chocolate for me? I... am indebted.
I rely on your help day in and day out, so it comes as a surprise that I would be the one receiving a gift.
Ah, sorry. Focusing on my flaws over your generosity seems uncouth.
Thank you for your kindness, (Captain). I will savor them.


Captain? What is this?
I see, so today is Valentine's Day. Thank you for going to so much trouble. I respectfully accept your thoughtful gift.
Ha-ha. That's odd... Suddenly I feel a bit nervous.
I am a man after all. I am not without my pride.
If I didn't receive anything for Valentine's Day, I suppose I would feel rather depressed.
But thanks to you, I didn't have to feel that disappointment. I'm grateful for your courtesy each year.
Thank you again, Captain. I will savor each bite.


Is... Is this Valentine's chocolate?
I am humbled by your kindness. Thank you very much.
The truth is, Soriz has been restlessly nervous for today...
And his nervousness must have rubbed off onto me. I was afraid I wouldn't receive anything this year.
Not that I doubted you would remember. Haha, it's a bit embarrassing to admit something like this at my age.
In all seriousness, I truly am grateful. Thank you, (Captain). I will treasure every bite.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today is White Day, yes? Won't you accept this, (Captain)?
I imagine the others have already given you sweets, so I went with something more savory.
It's thanks for everything you do... which I realize sounds a little matter-of-fact, but I had to make it known somehow.


Ha-ha. Looks like a busy day for you, (Captain). I'll try to keep this short.
Please accept this as a token of my thanks.
I wasn't sure what kind of gift would be appropriate for a young lady like you.
But I picked this out after consulting with Volenna and Sara. What do you think?
You like it? Whew, thank goodness!
I expect to be able to choose a gift on my own next time. I just hope you're not expecting anything too fancy.


(Captain), would you please accept this?
What? It's nothing strange. Just some sweets for White Day.
I went all around the market looking for something perfect, but I wasn't sure what to purchase.
Perhaps I should've consulted with Sara or Volenna before settling on something...
You're just happy to receive something?
Haha. That's our captain for you—as kind as ever. I just hope you actually like them.


Please accept this White Day gift, Captain.
By using what I learned from Volenna and Sara last year as a reference, I selected your gift all on my own this time.
I decided on this one because I thought it was pleasing to the eye... but what do you think?
I think the wrapping is quite charming, if I do say so myself.
Is that so? I'm delighted to hear it! Oh my, I'm so relieved.
That being said, they're sweets, so the taste is obviously important as well.
I hope you will find them to your liking, Captain.
Ha-ha. There are an endless number of things to worry about when giving someone a gift. But I suppose that's part of the fun.


O-oh dear...
Ah, hello, (Captain). Do you have business in the kitchens as well?
Oh, I came hoping make some tea to accompany my gift for you.
The other crew members have beaten me here, though, busy cooking and baking for today.
It's almost like walking into a warzone. I think I'd be better off giving up on that tea.
I do hope that's all right... Do you mind taking these treats without a drink?
I bought them at a well-liked confectionary. Not that these could compare to everyone else's heartfelt homemade treats, but...
I hope you can enjoy them all the same.

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! You're not getting dressed up, Captain?
Oh, me? I'm always kind of going as a samurai... That was a joke.


Since Halloween comes only once a year, I told Sara to try playing a trick on someone.
But she seemed troubled by it. I guess she's too shy at heart to be playing tricks on others.
(Captain), do you have any tricks in mind that could include Sara?
I think she'd feel more at ease with you and Lyria around.
I'll take the brunt of any trick you have as long as it makes Sara smile, (Captain)!


Ah, hello, Captain. I suppose you are heading out to retrieve candy?
Hm? I look tired? I apologize for my uncomely appearance. In truth, I was helping in the kitchen.
Halloween is a time for pumpkin, is it not? And thusly, I was cutting a large amount of it.
Even a man such as myself would tire after taking on a mountain of squash.
But as long as this brings smiles to the faces of children, then I am satisfied.


Water... Water!
Jin dashes up to (Captain), who quickly pours him some water.
Thank you!
Gulp, gulp... Ahhh!
What a relief... I apologize for causing a scene, Captain.
I never would have expected Volenna to play a trick on me. I played right into her hands.
It looked delicious, but... Well, I'd rather not think about it.
Hm? What's that, Captain? I should return the favor?
Ha-ha! That might be the appropriate response, considering it's Halloween.
Perhaps I'll come up with a little trick of my own!


All right, be careful out there. Sara, Graphos, Branwen! Happy Halloween!
Hm? Oh, (Captain). I apologize for not noticing you there. Happy Halloween!
Yes, I just saw Sara off. She said she wanted to take Graphos and Branwen into town.
I am most glad to see Sara and the others enjoying themselves so much.
However, I made the grave mistake of failing to notice your presence, (Captain). Haha, allow me to make it up to you!
Well then. Would you like to partake in a trick or a treat?
If it's a treat that you want, then I have plenty in store for you. And if you should choose a trick... I'll take anything you prepare for me head-on!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! It really warms my heart to see all the kids running around so happy.
May you have a wonderful evening, (Captain)!


I wish you happy holidays, (Captain). 'Tis the season for friends to gather and enjoy each other's company. When I roamed the skies alone, I was so emotionally distanced from everyone else. So the opportunity to spend the holidays with close friends is a true blessing for me. Everything should be experienced once, even loneliness. Of course, I can only say that because I moves past it.


Impersonating Santa Claus and passing out presents to children—that is the reason for the season.
And speaking of, I've just come back from fetching a present to put on Sara's pillow.
But entering the bedroom of a sleeping girl seems quite ungentlemanly.
What should I do? Perhaps I shall enlist the help of Volenna. Mmm...


Excuse me, Captain, could I trouble you for a moment of your time?
Thank you. You see, I've been trying to decide on a holiday gift for Sara.
I've been to toy stores, general stores, and clothing shops, but I'm not sure what she would like...
I'm at an utter loss, and now the day is already upon us. How disgraceful...
Volenna is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, so I can't ask for her advice...
Would you perhaps be willing to accompany me on my shopping expedition?
You have my deepest gratitude. With your assistance, I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out!
And I'll have time to find something for you as well!
That was supposed to be a secret... What a blunder...
Well, the surprise may be ruined, but please let me know if you see anything that catches your eye.
I've set aside funds just for this occasion!


What's this? Santa Claus is almost here, and you're still awake, (Captain)?
I was drinking with Eugen and the others, but now I'm sobering up here on the deck.
I'm not a lightweight by any means, but there's just no keeping up with them.
But that's enough of that. It wouldn't be good for you to become interested in drinking too.
Drinking can be fun, of course, but there are plenty of downsides to be careful of.
You're free to find out only after you've become an adult.
Not that someone like me should be the one telling you that.
Let's head back inside. We don't want to catch a cold right before we head into the new year, after all!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Famed Apprentice

Remembered as the man who pulled off the legendary pole and line catch of a bonito, Jin is invited to join the ranks of the fishermen. Jin turns them down, but is still presented with a fundoshi—classic fisherman gear—as a parting gift.

No version of Jin (Event) in crew

The crew once stopped by an island of sand that was in a struggle with a primal beast. They decided to lend a hand in resolving the conflict.
A misunderstanding led to fighting between the crew and a samurai named Jin. Fortunately, they quickly realized they were on the same side.
Jin was taken with (Captain)'s upstanding personality and decided to join the crew.
Sara, a priestess they had met on the island, became ill and Jin briefly parted with the crew in search of a cure.
Jin: I'm sure there's a bounty of healthy food here in Auguste that I can bring back. You know what they say: you are what you eat.
Jin: Fish caught from the seas of Auguste are an absolute delight!
At one point, Jin had collapsed in the streets of Auguste but was saved by a fisherman named Kaz.
This led him to take up the challenge of catching a bonito for Sara and Kaz's sake.
After running into the crew again by chance, Jin managed to catch a bonito with their help.
Jin receives an invitation from Kaz asking him to come to Venera Beach of the Auguste Isles. The crew decides to tag along.

Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Jin receives an invitation from Kaz asking him to come to Venera Beach of the Auguste Isles. The crew decides to tag along.
Once there, Kaz takes him to visit the Venera Beach Fisherman's Guild.
Jin: Is it really okay for an outsider like me to be at one of these meet-ups?
Kaz: Bwahaha, you're a legend among us fishermen.
Continue 1
Jin: Huh? Am I that famous?
Seasoned Fisher: Oh, Kaz! You finally made it!
Kaz: Is everyone here yet? I brought Jin with me today.
Jin: Please excuse my sudden intrusion. My name is Jin.
Proud Fisher: Jin? Did you just say Jin?
Jin: Yes. I'm staying at the beach house run by Kaz.
Proud Fisher: Ah, so you're Jin!
Jin: ...?
The elderly fisherman pokes Jin's shoulder.
Seasoned Fisher: Gahaha! He's just excited to meet the man in person.
Jin: Huh? Whatever for?
Proud Fisher: Anyone who catches a bonito with a pole and line commands our respect.
Jin: But it's not like I caught it myself. I couldn't have done it without the help of (Captain)'s crew.
Jin: I'm sure you can tell I'm still new to this fishing thing. I don't deserve such—
Proud Fisher: Whoa, slow down there bud! This is a bonito we're talking here! How can we not respect you?
Seasoned Fisher: Playing it down would only have the young'uns lose faith. Be proud, Jin!
Kaz: And don't forget you learned from me. All the more reason for you to be bold about it!
Jin: Kaz!
Kaz: I've only taught you the very basics, to tell the truth.
Jin: No, it was more than that! From a fisherman's mindset to the multitude of techniques, your lessons have never left me Kaz.
Jin: It was your tutelage that allowed me to take on the bonito with the crew's help.
Jin: You saved my life and taught me so much. I'm forever grateful to you, Kaz.
Seasoned Fisher: Kaz, you make me jealous nabbing all the good apprentices.
Kaz: Hah. Well, I sure am glad to have met him.
Jin: I feel the same.
People change for better or for worse depending on who they meet.
Jin: People see me as a good person only because I've met so many good people in my life.
Seasoned Fisher: You've really thought things through for someone so young. You'd be the pride of our guild if you joined us.
Proud Fisher: Jin joining our guild would be too good to be true!
Jin: I...
Kaz: No.
Kaz: Jin already has a set path. He can't stay here with us.
Jin: Kaz!
Jin: As Kaz mentioned, I've made a promise and I intend to keep it.
Jin: I intend to continue on (Captain)'s adventure and see it to the end, wherever that may lead me.
Jin: And that means I can't follow the path of a fisherman. I hope you can see where I'm coming from.
Seasoned Fisher: Well, when you put it that way, I guess it would be rude of me to push it.
Jin: I appreciate the invitation, but I'm sorry...
Seasoned Fisher: Hey, no need to apologize! You're too much of a good guy, Jin. Kaz, we need to get him one of those.
Kaz: Haha, you think so too? Oh boy, Jin is gonna be so surprised.
Jin: Huh?
Seasoned Fisher: Gimme a second here. I'll bring it right out!
The fisherman rummages through the drawers and hands something over to Jin.
Jin: What is this?
Kaz: That is no ordinary loincloth. We call it a fundoshi; it's classic fisherman gear.
Jin: Fisherman gear?
Seasoned Fisher: The fishermen of Auguste wear this as a symbol of pride.
Seasoned Fisher: We wear new fundoshi on difficult catches as a gesture of respect to our prey.
Kaz: Know that when you fight from now, we'll be right beside you in spirit—through the fundoshi of course.
Jin: Superb!
Jin: The people of the Fisherman's Guild are too kind! I gladly accept your gift!
Jin goes into the dressing room.
Jin: ...
Kaz: Ooh! What a sight! A true man among fishermen!
Proud Fisher: You look unstoppable, Jin!
Jin: Although I can't stay, I'll never forget the lessons learned here in the great seas.
Jin: I promise to wear this with pride as I tread the path of justice!
Forging bonds deeper than the sea itself, Jin finds new friends among the fishermen of Venera Beach.
With the fundoshi wrapped around his waist, Jin is determined to walk the path of justice—one as pure and white as the fundoshi itself.

Onward to the Whitecaps

Jin is determined to catch a bonito and share its incredible taste with Sara as a means of helping her overcome her tragic past. (Captain) and crew decide to help, starting with a krill hunt.

The crew is enjoying their summer vacation to the fullest while relaxing at Kaz's beach house.
Even Sara, who faced much hardship as Priestess of the Dunes, delights in kicking back with the crew.
Lyria: Hey, hey, Sara! Let's go see what's over there! You too, (Captain)!
Sara: Okay! Let's go, Graphos!
Graphos: ...
Jin watches from the beach house as Sara plays with the others.
Jin: She looks so happy. I guess I was right to invite her out to the beach.
Jin: But I still have to let Sara know...
Jin: (Captain), I'm thinking of going out to sea tomorrow.
Vyrn: Huh? For fishing?
Jin: Yes. It's about time I caught another bonito.
Vyrn: What! Another bonito? Don't you remember how much trouble it was last time?
Jin: True, it's no easy feat. I'm well aware of that.
Jin: But I want Sara to experience that incredible flavor for herself.
Jin: I want her to be happy after all she's been through.
Jin: And a bonito is one thing that will help me achieve that.
Jin has a serious look on his face. (Captain) and the others draw closer.
Jin: Sara's physical health has greatly improved. So much so that we no longer need to prepare any special medicinal foods.
Jin: Besides, Sara wouldn't want to trouble others with her own problems.
Jin: Consider this my own selfish request.
Vyrn: Hehe, good thing you're not the only one that's selfish!
Jin: Hm?
Vyrn: Yeah, (Captain) can't wait to show Sara the tastiness of bonito either!
Jin: Thank the seas! So you'll help me catch another bonito, (Captain)?
Jin: I can't thank you enough! It bears repeating but this is all just a selfish whim of mine.
Jin: Knowing how eager you are to see Sara happy makes me proud to be your friend, (Captain).
Jin: That bonito will soon be ours!
The two exchange a firm handshake.
The crew heads out the next morning to catch a few crawdads to use as bait.

Onward to the Whitecaps: Scene 2

Sara grows worried upon seeing Jin trying to land the bonito all by himself. But when Volenna tells Sara that a true friend believes in others, she cheers Jin on.

Kaz gladly takes the helm after learning that Jin is heading out with the crew to catch a bonito.
Kaz: All I did was lie back and wait for the good news last time, but I'm seeing this catch through to the end!
Kaz steers the fishing boat away from the shore.
Sara: Hey Lyria. What kind of a fish is bonito?
Lyria: Teehee. Well, it's really big! It also swims really fast and creates these giant waves on the water!
Sara: I heard it's really difficult to catch.
Vyrn: Haha! It sure is. But it's totally worth it when you consider how tasty it is!
Lyria: It's so good that in Auguste they say you live longer just by eating bonito!
Sara: Wow. Is that really possible?
Jin and Volenna look on at how much fun Sara is having.
Volenna: Jin, I owe you my thanks.
Volenna: If we had never met you, Sara would never have mustered the courage to come out fishing like this.
Jin: Fishing is simply a hobby of mine. I actually feel bad for having you come along.
Volenna: Oh, come off it. I heard firsthand from Vyrn how difficult it is to catch a bonito.
Volenna: What I'm grateful for is the trouble you're going through just for Sara's sake.
Jin: It's nothing compared to everything you do, Volenna.
Jin: You can thank me after we've caught a bonito.
Volenna: Hah, I'm looking forward to it.
The ship has been sailing for a while when Jin suddenly points out to the waters.
Jin: I see it! Bonito!
Kaz: Those frothing whitecaps... It's a bonito, all right.
Jin: Can you get the bait ready, (Captain)?
The crew hastily prepares the crawdads.
Jin: Keep the bait coming!
Vyrn: Hold on now! Don't we need a few people casting lures?
Jin: No! I want you to leave that to me!
Sara: But it's dangerous! Graphos and I will—
Jin: Sara.
Sara: ?
Jin: I'll show you the catch of a lifetime!
Sara: Jin!
Volenna: Humph.
Let's just watch for now, Sara.
Sara: But, Volenna...
Volenna: A true friend believes in others.
Sara: Believe in others...
I understand.
Sara: Good luck, Jin!
Jin: I've got this! Heave-ho!
Jin's smile turns into a scowl as he casts the fishing rod.
Bonito: !
Kaz: It bit! Reel it in, Jin!
Jin: Heave! Ho! Heave-ho, heave-ho!
Jin's movements with the rod are methodical in reeling in the bonito.
Bonito: !
Jin: A clash of warriors on the high seas... Have at you!
An intense duel unfolds between Jin and the bonito.

Onward to the Whitecaps: Scene 3

Kaz takes in Jin's triumphant catch and prepares it for the crew. Jin is content to see Sara's smile as she relishes the rich, savory taste.

Jin: Heave... hooo!
Bonito: !
Kaz: Whoa!
Jin: Huff... Huff... I did it! Yaaah!
Sara: Amazing! That was amazing, Jin!
Jin smiles at the cheering crew while breathing heavily.
Kaz: Look at how plump and juicy this bonito is! Nice catch, Jin!
Kaz: That was some impressive technique you showed back there!
Jin: It's an honor to hear that from you, Kaz.
Jin: But I have everyone on the crew to thank for so expertly baiting the bonito.
Vyrn: Hey, stop selling yourself short! You were awesome back there!
Lyria: Yeah, Jin was so cool!
Kaz: All right, it's my turn. Time to serve up some bonito.
With fillet knife in hand, Kaz makes quick work of the bonito and gets to making sashimi.
(Captain) and crew all grab a piece for themselves.
Vyrn: Looks yummy!
Sara: Mm...
Jin: How is it, Sara?
Sara: ...
Jin: Is it not to your liking?
Sara quickly shakes her head.
Sara: That's not it! It's just so tasty I don't know what to say!
Sara: It's incredible, Jin! Don't you think so, Volenna?
Volenna: Definitely. This is my first time having it, but it's really good. Thanks for catching it, Jin.
Jin: I'm glad you're all loving it. There's more than enough to go around! Eat it while it's fresh, everyone!
Sara: Thanks! Mmm-mm...
Sara grins from ear to ear as she happily devours bonito with Volenna and crew.
Jin looks on proudly, savoring the taste of both victory and bonito.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
これまでの釣果?…五分五分、かな They're not really biting today...
海のように広い心を持ちたいものだな I prefer to keep my mind open like the seas.
そろそろ魚の調理法も学ばねば… About time I learn how to cook fish too.
海釣りも良いが川釣りも捨て難い Fishing in the sea is nice, but the river's not bad either.
刀も釣りも好きこそ物の上手なれだな Fishing and swordsmanship come naturally as long as you enjoy it.
サラ殿達が笑顔で暮らせる世であれば… I fight to see a world where Sara can always smile...
ソリッズ殿の好奇心、見習わねばな I need to see things more objectively like Soriz.
オイゲン殿程の方でも悩みは尽きぬのだな… To think that even someone of Eugen's level has so many worries...
(主人公)殿、某を存分に使ってくれ Use me to your fullest, (Captain).
(主人公)、魚は口にあうだろうか? Do you like fish, (Captain)?

Other Appearances

Tales of Asteria