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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Captain, allow me to wish you a very happy birthday.
My commander once told me there are two things in life that you must do with gusto: battles and parties!
Make sure you put your spirit into today's celebration!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
One must carry absolute conviction when charging into battle. The same can be said when congratulating someone. That's what my former captain taught me.
I'm ready to put my life on the line to bring you, the person I respect, a victorious birthday, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain). This is the third time I've been around for it, isn't it?
The number of crew members grows each time, and you can really feel how much this crew has grown.
But it won't stop there. I predict we'll keep gaining allies, and we'll surpass our imaginations.
And the dream of meeting your father on Estalucia will be a dream no more.
It's an honor for me to be a part of such a crew.
Haha, but I'm just rambling now. I wish you the very best on this special day, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday.
Is there anything in particular you'd like? Whatever it is, I'll do my best to procure it for you!
(Captain) points directly at Juri.
E-erm, well... Ahem... You want me?
(Wh-what does that even mean? Maybe MrSargent wants my clothing? Calm down, Juri!)
Choose: I want to continue adventuring with you.
Ah! So that's what you meant...
Of course! My thoughts exactly, (Captain)!
I hope to be around celebrating your birthday again next year too... No, I will be here celebrating it!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)! Keep up the good work!
My father, Lieutenant Galston, and now you.
If there's anything I can do to be of use to the figures I respect, I will happily push myself to the limit!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Can you feel the change in the air? My body is tense with excitement.
I'm going to do everything in my power to help you reach the island of the Astrals!
You can count on me, (Captain)!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I'm so glad to witness the rising of a new sun with this crew.
From the trust you've placed in me, to the promises I've made with my fellow crew members...
All of it has made me a better person. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I will devote myself to the betterment of the crew! Let's have another good year, (Captain)!


(Captain), happy New Year!
Hm... Judging from your clothing, you train during New Year's too?

Choose: Train with me!
Of course! I'd love to!
I wouldn't mind picking up a few pointers from you!

Juri and (Captain) start by warming up.

The New Year's breeze is so refreshing. It really heightens the resolve in me.
Well, then (Captain)... Here I come!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Valentine's... chocolate? And it's for me?
Thank you! Haha... I wasn't expecting this.
In return, is there anything you want for White Day, (Captain)?
I ask because my old military unit was all-male. I'm not really used to this sort of thing.


You called for me, (Captain)? Is there something you require from me?
Sorry, that sounded a bit too stiff...
(Get a grip, Juri! Don't jump to conclusions just because today is that day!)
(Ugh... I'm trying my best to act normal, but I'm just making it worse! I must look so awkward right now!)
Huh? What? I-it's nothing! Did you want to go fight some monsters?
Wait, is this valentine just for me?
Hah hah! T-thank you very much!


Good day, (Captain). How are you faring?
Haha, why, I do believe it is Valentine's Day.
Thank you kindly for this present you've given me and the thought that went into it.
(Calm down, man, calm down! Think back to all the battlefields you've escaped from to get to this point! At least your life isn't on the line right now!)
(Breathe! Keep a straight face! A military man is cool and collected in all situations! Clear the mind, clear the mind, clear—)
Ahaha... Uh, it's... I just... Thank you very much, (Captain).


Um...Is this for me?
Wait, don't tell me! This is for Valentine's?
(Darn it! I'll never get used to this! I can't think of anything appropriate to say!)
(Rgh! I might look insincere if I'm too relaxed! I must offer my thanks like any good soldier would!
(Yes, my thanks! Would that be better communicated through simple words or a clever joke?)
(Ergh, just go for it, Juri! Now's the chance to show the imperial spirit burning within you!)
M-my commander would always say...
To return enemy assaults and presents in kind! So...
Please look forward to White Day! That is all!
(Commander Galston... Thank you!)

White Day Cutscenes
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Captain... Um, I'd like to discuss the matter of... White Day with you.
I saw this in town, and I thought I'd give it to you in return for Valentine's Day. I hope you like it.
Hey, get out of here, Farrah! Don't mock me!


Are you busy right now, (Captain)?
I just wanted to return the favor for Valentine's Day...
(Ngh... Get a grip, Juri! You're supposed to be the mature one here!)
(Argh! So why do I have this you-see-right-through-me smile on my face?)
S-sorry about my forced smile. I'm kind of nervous because I'm not used to doing these kinds of things.
Please stop laughing at me, (Captain)!


Funny bumping into you here, (Captain).
Thank you again for the present you gave me last month. This time I'd like to return the favor.
What? This is going smoother than last year? Um, well, I...
A-ah, I wouldn't say that. I'm still awkward as ever... Haha...
B-but, ahh, I mustn't let fear get in the way of expressing my affection and gratitude.
(Oh crap! That didn't come out right, did it? Argh, I can't even remember what it was I just said!)
(Hey! Stop overthinking! Focus on what you came to do today!)
Anyway, it's for you! Please take it, (Captain)!


Juri: This is to repay you for Valentine's... Would that be too trite?
I offer reciprocation for Valentine's! Would that be too stiff?
With my utmost gratitude, I present to you—
No, no, no! That's a line straight from the novel I was reading the other day!
Whaddya think of this gift, bud?
Uh-uh, that's way too casual! I wouldn't want to be seen as insincere!
Captain: ...
Juri: Aaagh!
(Captain)! How long were you there?
Captain: From the start.
Juri: F-from the start? Oh how embarrassing... Forgive me!
Erm... Anyhow...
(Calm down, Juri! Think back to the lines you were just practicing!)
(Not too trite, not too stiff, not too dramatic, not too casual... The perfect—)
(Argh! That doesn't help at all!)
(Forget it! Just focus on giving some kind of response!)
Here you go!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Hahaha. I used to go around the whole neighborhood doing this when I was a kid.


You know, when I was a child, my parents would get me to put on costumes.
For some reason my mom always tried to dress me up in girly costumes. Haha...
You'd like to see me in one of those getups? No way! I'm not telling you about this just so I can dress up as a girl!
Anyway, time to go shopping for clothes in town... Wait, (Captain)!
Uhm, you see how well-built I am?
That's right! Girly costumes would look outrageous on me!
So how should I put this...
Oh, you were only kidding? Ah, one of those Halloween tricks, eh?
I guess that's what Halloween is all about. Haha.


So you want to know about pranks we played in the imperial army? Hmm...
A soldier's day begins at the crack of dawn, so on Halloween we'd have to get up even earlier in order to catch our victim in bed.
Whoever woke up first would tiptoe into the other room where the captain was sleeping.
Then they'd shout trick or treat and toss in a smoke bomb.
Our missions were dangerous affairs, so this was our chance to let loose. Um, this was probably something only my unit did though.


Okay, no traps here. Let's proceed.
You may find my attitude toward our trip to the candy store a bit overdramatic, but...
On Halloween you never know where a trick might be lying in wait!
Snares, projectiles, falling objects, smoke bombs... We must keep every trick in the book in mind as we move...
Halloween is otherwise known as the trick-and-trick war!
That's what they taught us in my unit!
But be at ease, (Captain). I'll make sure that you, at the very least, make it to the candy store safely!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Leave the decorations to me!
I learned all about the logistics of cutting down and shipping trees when I was in the military!


Ah, looks like more empty plates! I need to keep the food coming. Oh, (Captain)!
Yes, I know I should be relaxing instead of running around, but...
Haha, well, when I was in the military, it was my responsibility to do all the menial tasks at banquets. Not that I wanted to...
Okay, I'm going to take your suggestion and rest for a change. Thank you.
By the way, (Captain), can I get you any—Oops, there I go again.
Haha. I don't think I'll ever be able to rid myself of my commanding officers' influences.


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Today I'll be lending my expertise in the kitchen too.
What, you didn't think I could cook?
Back in the military, we each took turns preparing meals for the unit. I wouldn't say I was the best or anything, but they ate what I served at least.
Out in the field, a hearty meal is imperative for maintaining morale. That was another lesson I took to heart.
Hmm... Are you trying to sneak in bites before dinner?
Haha, I won't stop you.


Hrrgh! Argh!

Juri lugs around a heavy box.

Ngh! This sure is heavy... I could use a break.
Ah, (Captain)! Happy holidays!

Choose: What's up?
Erm... I thought I'd get this ready for tonight's gift exchange.
I have some of my favorite books in here. Mostly revolving around tales about knights...
I had trouble singling it down to just one, so I brought a whole box of them.
Ah, that's right! I should give you one too, (Captain)!

Juri opens up the box and begins looking over its contents.

I wonder which one you'd like best... This one's a classic knight-in-shining-armor-saves-the-princess story.
But it's got a unique twist on things. Despite being a knight, the protagonist isn't too great with a sword. It's full of thrills, and...

(Captain) simply listens with a smile.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Puzzled Imperial Soldier[edit]

Juri, a young imperial soldier, infiltrated the Order of (Captain) in order to lead Farrah and Katalina back to the Empire. Juri intended to convince the two of them when he found the right time, but as he got to know everyone in the Order, something began to arise in his heart that had not been there before.

Juri, a young imperial soldier, infiltrated the Order of (Captain) in order to lead Farrah and Katalina back to the Empire.
While acting together with everyone in the order, he had intended to convince the both of them when he found the right time, but...
Juri: Farrah! Be careful!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Farrah: ...!
Juri: You think I'd let you?!
Monster: GYAAAH!!!
Farrah: Thanks! That was a close one!
Juri: Did you see that?! We’re even now!
Farrah: Ungh! Lend it to me and I will make as many as you like!
Katalina: Good grief... I don’t care if you two compete like that, but try to conserve your body strength.
Juri: Aha! Thank you! I’ll be careful from now on!
Katalina: Hahaha, you’re so military. You don’t have to kowtow to me like that. I’m not your lieutenant anymore.
Juri: Understood, ma’am!
Vyrn: Haha. You’re still kowtowing to her!
Farrah: Hahaha, Juri is not one to bend that easily!
Juri: Ahhh.... .
Juri: (How mysterious. Why do both Lieutenant Katalina and Farrah look so indifferent to what is going on?)
Juri: (They are not at all ashamed of running away. I though that Lieutenant Katalina was an imperial military woman through and through...)
Juri: (I feel rigidly bound even though I am under no orders. Even more so than under the imperial military. )
Vyrn: Hey, dude! You got something on your mind again?
Farrah: Relax, will ya Juri? Your face has been all scrunched up...
Juri: N-no.... Mr. Vyrn. The atmosphere in this order... It seems so congenial.
Juri: It’s fresh to me. That is because all that I know is the imperial army.
Vyrn: Yeah I think that’s pretty obvious! You can’t be acting stiff like that with us! In this order, we do what we like!
Juri: Such freedom...?
Vyrn: Ah, the freest one of us would have to be (Captain)!
Katalina: Hahaha! Indeed. Well, he does have the goal of going to Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals.
Juri: Estalucia!? The place where the Astrals are said to live, a place where a treasure like none other seen before sleeps?!
Vyrn: Damn right! Our ambition is to make it to Estalucia!
Juri: Hahaha... And what an ambition that is!
Farrah: Wait! Juri, you are acting like a bit of an idiot!
Juri: No, that’s not it, Farrah! I don’t laugh at the dreams of others!
Juri: I was just surprised because Sir Vyrn was saying something preposterous with a straight face!
Vyrn: What did you say?! Boy, you really are acting like an idiot, aren’t you?!
Juri: Oh, no! N-not at all! Sir Vyrn? Absolutely not! A figure of speech, perhaps...
Juri: Primal beasts, Sky Map fragments... If they exist, then the Island of the Astrals must also...
Lyria: Yes, that's it! I feel the same way!
Vyrn: Whahaha! Boy, I thought you were more thickheaded than that!
Juri: (An Order heading for the Island of the Astrals...)
Juri: (I wonder why... Somehow I get the feeling that if I had not enlisted in the military I would have been a part of this Order...)
Juri: Aha!
Juri: (What on earth am I thinking about! I am a proud man of the imperial military! Would it even be possible for someone like me to not be in the military?)
Vyrn: Hey hey... Why are you so red-faced?
Juri: N-no! Cough cough! It's nothing, really! Cough!
Juri was a young imperial soldier. He had infiltrated the Order for the imperial army, but...
As he got to know everyone in the Order, something began to arise in his heart that had not been there before.

Like Father, Like Son[edit]

Some time had passed since Juri, the imperial soldier, had joined (Captain) and the skyfarers. As he and the party walk through a forest, Juri senses a threatening presence nearby. The presence is none other than his former captain in the imperial army. And so, Juri crosses swords with his former comrades.

Some time had passed since Juri, the imperial soldier, had joined (Captain) and the skyfarers.
The party walks through a forest on a mission. As they advance through the forest, Juri senses something odd about their surroundings.
Juri: (I sense something... animals?)
Katalina: What's wrong, Juri? Is something bothering you?
Juri: No... I just thought I heard a sound.
Vyrn: You worry too much!
Katalina: Actually... I've been wondering about it too. It's as if there are people around us...
Juri: (... Again! This is...!)
Juri: This formation... It can't be!
Juri: Everyone! Get ready for battle! We're surrounded by imperial soldiers!
Captain: Hmph, I commend you for noticing our ambush, young Juri.
Juri: Captain! And you guys!
Captain: I see you've grown. How's your swordsmanship?
Juri: Sir! I've been keeping up my training as usual.
Juri: But captain... why are you in battle formation?
Captain: Ha! We can't simply watch as a deserter tries to walk by.
Captain: Men, draw your swords!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!
Captain: Listen men! He may be our former comrade, but there's no need for mercy! Attack!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes! Sir!

Like Father, Like Son: Scene 2[edit]

Juri defeated his former comrades in combat. The captain praises him for improving his skills, and declares that he will be the next opponent.

Captain: Ah... You weren't lying about keeping up your training! You've been honing your skills I see.
Juri: (I can't feel too happy about compliments when we're surrounded like this...!)
Captain: It's been a while, but I'll be your next opponent! Prepare yourself, young Juri!
Juri: (He's serious... He wants to kill me!)
Juri: Very well... I'll show you how much stronger I've become!

Like Father, Like Son: Scene 3[edit]

The captain is defeated by Juri in combat. To commend his skills, the captain dubs Juri "The Fiery Soul of the Empire", a title formerly held by his late father. Juri unexpectedly receives a memento of his father. It would become a part of him, and support him as he continues through the path he believes in.

Captain: Ugh... I see you've become quite the swordsman...
Juri: I... I won...
Juri: Captain... Why...?
Captain: Hmph, no reason in particular. Come, men! You scum! We've wasted unnecessary time!
Soldiers: Sir!
Captain: Juri... From this day forward, I grant you a new title.
Captain: Juri, the Fiery Soul of the Empire!
Juri: That name...! You know of it, captain?!
Captain: Hmph! Oh yes. Yes, it's the title that once belonged to your father! I pass it onto you!
Juri: C-Captain!
Captain: I commend you... you've become a skilled swordsman. I'll report back to your father resting in his grave and tell him how much you've grown.
Captain: Come, men! Back to the mission! We don't have much time!
Captain: You! Have you confirmed our current location?
Soldier: Sir! Our location is still unknown!
Captain: Very well! Then we advance forward! We do not retreat!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes! Sir!
Captain: Farewell! Young... No, Juri, the Fiery Soul of the Empire!
Juri: There he goes...
Katalina: Hmph... Boisterous as always...
Vyrn: Hey, so what did that guy come here for, anyway?
Farrah: Hmm... Maybe he came here because he was worried about you!
Juri: I don't know about that... That squad got lost all the time...
Juri: The Fiery Soul of the Empire, huh.
Juri unexpectedly receives a memento of his father. It gives him confidence.
Although he lost his father and his place in the army, the imperial soul will live on inside him. Juri continues to proceed on the path that he believes in.

Indivisible Spirits[edit]

Seruel finds Juri on the airship deck, sighing under the weight of his problems. He worries that leaving the Empire may not have been the reasonable thing to do. Learning of his misgivings, Seruel admonishes him that all difficult decisions come with some degree of pain. Juri shows surprise at Seruel’s concern, and Seruel invites him to tea so they can get to know each other better.

As the airship glides through the sky, Juri stands on deck, gazing into the distance.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: What’s the matter? I’ve heard nothing but sighs since I stepped out on deck.
Juri: Uh, what? Sighs...you say? I didn’t mean any...
Seruel: Dear me... You hadn’t noticed? Might I ask you to forbear? You’re making MY heart heavy.
Juri: Oh, pardon my rudeness! I shall be careful.
Juri apologizes to Seruel, then retreats back into his thoughts.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: Humph. You pay me service with your lips, but I see your head does not yet understand me.
Juri: Oh, what? I was trying not to contain my sighs...
Seruel: Well? What is the problem? Standing around brooding will lead to nothing but wasted time.
Juri: Hrngh! Well... You might say... I am having second thoughts about my choices in life.
Seruel: Sigh... Explain—clearly, and concisely.
Juri: You see, before I joined this crew, I was diligently making my way through the ranks of the Imperial army.
Juri: But I found I could not justify the Empire’s methods, and so I left the army to which I had once sworn my fealty.
Juri: I did what I believed was right. And my captain not only supported my decision, but encouraged it.
Juri: But...I never repaid the men and women who made me who I am today... And I fear leaving my unit was akin to slapping them in the face.
Seruel: Rubbish. Is that all you were worried about?
Juri: Come, now! For me, it is not so trivial.
Seruel: You may have had friendship with people in the Empire, and those ties may not have been easy to cut, but sometimes pain is part of making a decision.
Seruel: You followed the path you believed to be right, and so have distanced yourself from the Empire. Why should you still feel so attached?
Juri: You make a good point. I suppose I have been clinging a little too tightly to the past.
Juri: And if I cannot abide the Erste Empire’s methods...then it is inevitable that I should be here.
Juri: I mustn’t stand here moping—it would be unfair to (Captain). (Captain) believes in me.
Seruel: I see. The problem was not reluctance to part with the past, but lack of faith in yourself.
Juri: ......!
Seruel: You’re just like Naoise. You are so eager to do right that you end up trying too hard.
Seruel: You have nothing to worry about. The future will prove that you made the right decision.
Seruel: Heh. Many problems are solved better with time than with thought. I hope you will remember that.
Juri: (Unbelievable! Seruel is even stricter than the captain! And he’s troubling himself...over me?)
Juri: ...You have my thanks. Er...
Seruel: What? Why do you have that odd look on your face?
Juri: It’s just that...well... I hadn’t thought you to be so friendly.
Seruel: Ha ha, is that so? I thank you for the compliment. ...And I am quite curious to know what you DID think of me.
Juri: Ack! I-I didn’t mean... It just slipped out... No! I mean...
Seruel: Hm... We are in the same crew, after all. Perhaps we should get better acquainted.
Seruel: Don’t you agree? Let us have a nice, long chat over a cup of tea.
Juri: (Curses! Th-that smile on his face... There’s no mistaking it–that is the face of an angry man!)
Juri: (Hrrgh... Tea would surely be awkward in these circumstances! ...I know!)
Juri: Let’s not be hasty! Since you were kind enough to suggest it, let us invite the others to...
Seruel: Oh? You mean to say you don’t want to be alone with me?
Juri: No! That’s not what I meant...
Seruel: Heh...ha ha ha! I speak in jest. You are more amusing than I had expected.
Seruel: Come. We must see if we can find out who has time on their hands.
And so they invited the rest of the crew, and enjoyed a pleasant teatime together.
Though his words were harsh, Juri felt Seruel’s concern for him.
Taking his doubts and fears into his heart one by one, Juri will move forward.